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10-29-2003, 12:51 AM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
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We recently started a Topic of the Day.

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10-29-2003, 01:12 AM
Hey everyone :)

Yup, I'm still alive! Both the computers in the house have decided to go wonky, and since I'm not supposed to use the internet at either job, I've been pretty stuck. :( DH is working on our main puter right now, and the instability this one has been having seems to have settled down a teensy bit for now. At least it isn't shutting itself down every two minutes. Because the post will probably be lost if I go on much longer, I'm just going to let you all know life is good here. :)

Judy, I'm so sorry for your loss. Your brother must have meant so much to you. I'm not sure how religious you are, but I've always believed those who go through this life with disabilities of one sort or another have a special spot reserved next to God. How precious they must be to have offered to come to this earth for us and teach us so much about living. *HUGS*


10-29-2003, 02:17 AM
Hi everybody! :wave: Well, I can't believe it's time for bed already! :yawn: I feel like I should have actually been there a long time ago. Oh, look at the time, I should have. :o

I have not read or written today and I hate to miss on my second day already. You'd think I could get through more than one day on my new life plan. Heck, I'm not following my plan to hit the sheets with honey tonight either. (But last night was worth it! :s: )

Honey has a friend that is a single mom and we went to her son's last middle school football game tonight. He's a really good player and looking forward to being in high school next year. The only trouble is, it was about 40 degrees with rain and wind. YUCK! I kidded her and honey that I used to go to football games all the time in high school and this was the most time I had ever spent on top of the bleechers during a game! :p Even though we took a queen size quilt to cover up our legs and wore winter clothes and gloves and took two :rain: umbrellas, we were frozen and wet coming out of the stadium.

Today has gone decent as far as food goes. I will not go so far as to say 'gone well', let's just leave it as 'decent'. I had White Castles for lunch, an apple for breakfast and we drove through Wendy's for dinner and got Mandarin Chicken Salads, mine was eatten without the crispy noodles, almonds and high fat dressing. The only REAL problem I had with the day was that I polished off that bag of PB cups that I started yesterday. The good thing??? Now they're gone and I don't have to eat some tomorrow! :D I'm not doing a food journal yet, but even when I count up in my head, I'm within my points, so I'm still feeling pretty good about myself. The PB cups are 1 WW point each.

Judy: Nice to know your REAL name. Now I have to get used to remembering that Judy is really J-Ann! :lol: * I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Boy, what a long life he had for not having a very good prognosis from the beginning. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

Andria: Hope you get your 'puter troubles over with real soon. Glad everything else is going well.

Barb: What a terrible time you're having. You must be alot like I am. When honey is away for the evening, I just don't function very well. It's almost like my life stops. Kinda weird, but that's how I am and when he's out of town, it's far worse.

Pam: Thanks for the song. I really love that one, as a matter of fact! :)

2cute: I'm glad you got some good sleep. It really makes a difference, doesn't it?

Mary: Sure wish you were coming up here with your honey. We could play while he worked! * Put the M&M's away! You do not need them and she is NOT MAKING you eat them. Remember what I said yesterday about CAN'T and WON'T??? It's not that you CAN'T say no, it's that you WON'T!!!! When you think about it that way, it really makes a difference. Unfortuneately, I didn't think in THOSE terms when I was reaching for the PB cups either. :(

Terri: You go on that stationery bike! You're doing great!

Kat: Where are you tonight? Working, I bet.

Tina: Time to get back in here, the weekend's over and Tony doesn't race every day!!!

Homebound/Joanne: Good to see you stopping in. I wish we could get you a computer at home so you could be here more often.

Lucky: You've got a real dilema for the Christmas party. But what a cool company to do something that special for their employees. Isn't there someone at work that has an eligible bachelor friend?

There are also a whole bunch of our friends missing. I hope you will find time to jot us a line and let us know you're ok.

I went to the dermatologist today to have a couple of spots checked out. She said they were all fine, no big deal, no trouble so I am one happy camper!

Max, the cat, has weepy eyes so I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow. Hoping it's nothing serious. They've actually been that way for about 6 weeks. Now, before you think I'm a terrible kitty mom I have to say that this started when everyone else in the house started with hayfever so I pretty much figured that it was some sort of allergies for him too. Now they are getting a film over them at night and I'm a bit worried about him. I sure hope that leaving it go hasn't done more damage than can be corrected. :cry:

Well, girls, I'm off and going to bed. I think I'll write in my journal tonight, but I won't take the time to read. Maybe I can read twice tomorrow. See you all later.

Terri in MO
10-29-2003, 08:48 AM
Good morning ladies!

I only have time for a quick post as I'm trying to get to work early today. Way too much to do. This is my Friday as I'm off Thurs & Friday. :dancer:

DH and I are going to Eureka Springs, ARK tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. We've rented a small cabin that overlooks Beaver lake - jacuzzi, private balcony, fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, 2 TVs with VCRs. I'm not sure we'll leave the cabin much but instead hang out and just relax. We plan on renting movies to take and we're taking our own food. I am determined to stay OP while gone. We cook better than what we can buy out so we're okay with that. We're taking shrimp, lobster from Sam's Club, steak, and several bags of salad.

Okay ladies, I feel the need to open a can of whup a$$. Its Halloween time and its a bad time for those of us who crave chocolate. Make it your plan of action to let ... other ... people .. eat .. the ... candy! Don't let a bag of candy and self-indulgence get the better of you. January 1st is only about 8-9 weeks away. And after that, about 16 weeks to the spring fling with 2Cute. Think how much we can accomplish in that short time period. BUT we have to leave the candy and all the holiday goodies alone! Get your behinds back to the gym or to Curves or whatever. Get your journal out. Get your menu plan going. No moping, no funkytown, nothing but CAN DO!

Okay, now you can talk about me while I'm gone.

Judy - I have always thought of you as being Joanne! Nice to meet the real you! I'm so sorry about your brother and this difficult time you have to go through. You're in my prayers. :grouphug: Take care!

I'll be back on Sunday! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

10-29-2003, 09:34 AM
JUDY, I am soooo sorry for your loss.
Isn't life amazing sometimes. They only have him 3months... and he had 47years. What a miracle his life was. I too am so glad you have a strong support system. HUGS

Thanks for helping with the name confussion too. :dizzy: LOL
Is your name "really" Judy or did you just pick one to help the confussion ?? Either way is fine... I am just curious.

Lucky... Hey girl... if you want one of our rugged Okla men... then get your butt down here before xmas so I can hook you up. LOL
I am glad you are not too picky about looks. :D

Barb ....I was MIA yesterday because my daughter and I spent the ENTIRE day hunting for where to have the wedding and reception and then I was asleep before 9:00 pm again. :eek: I NEVER go to bed that early.
Well... I was not in bed. I fell asleep on the couch. :lol:
I woke up at 1:00am and almost came in here to post.. but forced myself to go to bed instead.

Mary.... SPIT THOSE M&M's OUT !!!!
Get yourself busy checking in books. It sounds like you will be busy doing that for hours.

Terri... thanks for being such a good cheering section for me.
You are always there cheering us all on whether we deserve it or not. LOL
Enjoy your trip to Eureka Springs. Hubby and I stayed there not long ago. Have you ever been to Roaring River State Park near Cassiville ,MO.??? It is not far from Eurkea Springs... like an hour maybe. I spend LOTS of time there. If you want to take a day trip you may want to check it out. Be sure to check out their new lodge. It is sooo pretty. Maybe some day we could meet there. :D

Thin... thanks for starting a new thread for us. I wrote this at the end of the last thread and had to move it here. :o

We found a couple of nice places for the wedding... but ... $$$$$$
I cannot believe the cost of these places. And they think their food is made of Gold with the prices they charge. And of course... they won't let me bring my own. Grrrr

To everyone else... HELLO !!!!
I am on my way to Missouri today to visit my mom.
Hopefully tonight I can stay awake long enough to post. :lol:

10-29-2003, 11:26 AM
but not yet. ;) I'm at work right now and the boss will be coming in shortly and I don't want her to know REALLY how much work I do. :lol: I thankfully do not have anywhere to go tonight (can you believe it?) and I will give you all the updates as soon as I get home and settled in.

Oh by the way...... did I mention? TREY is going to the SUPERBOWL baybeeeeee!?

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

P.S. Judy, I have read enough to know that you have suffered a tremendous loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. :grouphug:

10-29-2003, 01:26 PM
Hello All,

I just have to come in quickly to share a very good recipe. I got this off of another group and it is so good and rich tasting and only .5 points a cup! Yes, I said .5 points a cup.

For those of us who like Hot Chocolate:

Subject: Hot Chocolate Mix

3 cups non fat dry milk
2 cups Splenda
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Put ingredients into a large bowl and mix well (I use a wisk). Keep
mix in a well-sealed container/jar. Mix 4 Tbls. into a lrg. mug of
hot water.
Per cup = .5 points A delicious guilt-free treat!

**I didn't know if I wanted to waste 3 cups of Splenda on something I hadn't tried so I halved the recipe the first time I made it. 1-1/2 cups of dry milk, 1 cup of Splenda, & 1/4 cup of cocoa powder.** It made a good amount and I personally love the stuff.
I bet you could add a little instant coffee in it to make it mocha flavored also.

I don't have time to write anymore just now, I am waiting for a ride to go to CURVES.

Hope you all are doing great at staying OP...and Judy, my prayers are with you and your brother....

10-29-2003, 04:43 PM
Hi chicks...

I'm just a poppin' in for a moment...I'll try to be back later. I have to bring the boy to CCD, so I usually get to sneak a nice walk in for that hour...I'm trying to decide if I should bring the doggie along...It poured all last night and most of today and now there's that late afternoon golden glow...dark blue sky against the brilliant leaves. Have I mentioned how much I love the FALL?? :yes:

Syn...I LOVE the cocoa recipe, and I have all the ingredients! Thanks for sharing!
Tina...can't wait to hear your weekend tales.
2cute...wedding plans....ahhhh, memories! I remember when we were looking at places (many moons ago) and my parents were appalled that the place I wanted charged $35.00 per person!!! :yikes: Good luck!
Terri...thanks for the reality check, :drill:!
Thin...Hey! A decent day is always better than a bad day! Hang in there.
Andria...I hope the computer gods smile favorably upon you! You always have such good posts!

Whew! That's eveyone so far...I'm going to try to get to chat, but I have to work tonight. If I'm not in bed my 8, my watchdog...er...my son harasses the daylights out of me til he tucks me in. AWWWWW.... Bribery usually buys me some extra time!

Hope to see y'all later!


10-29-2003, 04:51 PM
Afternoon Lovelies,

First time to post today. My good intentions this am, flew out the window.....but, I am here now!! You are some chatty kathy's....Wow does that date me or what????

Judy...my deepest most heartfelt sympathies. May you know the love of your family and the love of God now in your time of sorrow. May you come to us and say whatever it is you need to say, or not, you may come and just be with us. We love you:grouphug:

Tina, yippppppppppppppppppeee the superbowl!!! GO TREY, GO TREY!:cb: :cb: LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR POST TINA, NOT THE SAME WITHOUT YOU HANGING OUT WITH US;)

Syn, thanks for the cocoa recipe, I will be trying it...Getting very nippy around here at night already.:D

2 cute, hope you enjoy the visit with your mom.

Terri, have a great time, I hear Eureka Springs is beautiful, lots of Victorian Houses.....enjoy, hurry back and fill us in all of the details.

Thin, glad you liked the thought, Sting is one of my favorites!

Andria, aren't those computer glitches a pain in the *!@, hope it gets better soon.

All the rest of you chicklets....Catch you next time.

Oh, almost forgot! lost another 2.1lbs. I am now at 309! Twoterville, I can see you just over the horizon a wee bit!! :lol: Total of 46.8.....:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: (my goal for 10/31 was lose 50, don't think I am going to be losing any 3.2 lbs in 2 days:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: BUT, I AM FOR SURE PLEASED WITH MY PROGRESS...NOW, ONTO THE NEXT GOAL, YOU GALS WITH ME???? GET READY, GET SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) LOVE TO YOU ALL:D

10-29-2003, 04:53 PM
Wow, Pam! Way to go!!! :cp:

Stepping Out
10-29-2003, 06:00 PM
Still lurking :mag:

Thin: I AM at home-hence my name, Homebound (which I'm actually thinking of changing :chin: ). Sometimes sitting at the computer is difficult, but I'm here for as long as possible each day.
Sounds like you're doing well with your plan.

2 Cute: Wedding plans! :spin: I hope you and DD can find someplace special-and affordable.

Mary: STEP AWAY FROM THE MM's :drill:

Pam: On to TWOTERVILLE! You're doing great. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

Tina: Looking forward to hearing about your trip. And congrats to Trey and his team :cp: :cp: Our HS team made it to the playoffs at the Georgia Dome last year-they went all the way to the semifinals.

Barb, Terri, Kat, and everyone else :wave:

Have a great evening!

10-29-2003, 06:35 PM
Just a quick Howdy! :wave: Can you believe this is the first moment I've had all day to check in here! What a crazy day at work! I normally work at home on Wednesdays, but had to come in for meetings today. Now I am so ready to go home, but dreading the long drive....well, I gotta do it sometime so I better run!

I'll pop back in later!

10-29-2003, 07:14 PM
Hey guys.....

Well, of course you know I went to Atlanta this last weekend and what a race! I'm not sure exactly how many of you follow it (I know some do) but it got rained out on Sunday and had to be raced on Monday. Tony was the class of the field and led over 100 laps..... everyone knew he had the car to beat that day. They came into pit with about 35 laps to go and when the left front tire changer was trying to take off the lugs, one got stuck up inside the air gun. Well, because of Nascar rules, he couldn't grab another gun, he had to wait till the other one was finished using his before he could borrow it. All in all...... he went in 1st, came out 17th. In no time, he had worked his way up to 2nd and with 7 laps to go he was working hard and heavy on Jeff Gordon. Right as he got up to pass him, with only 5 laps to go, Earnhardt Jr. accidently (maybe) :s: hit Ryan Newman in the rear end and Ryan spun and hit the wall. That caused the race to go into caution. At this point, Nascar said that there weren't enough laps to red flag the race so the fans could see a green finish and let it finish under caution, which means no one advanced their position and frickin Jeff Gordon was given the race!! I was SO mad I could spit. Everyone knew it was right in Tony's hand and they gave it away. It majorly sucked.

I have lots of pictures to be developed, but I will include just a couple below.

Dh caught me in this one..... Do I look tired? :lol:


Here's one of Trey and Brian.... aren't they cuties?


So....... Trey had playoffs last night and we beat the Bucs and now on Saturday, we go to the Superbowl! I am very excited, but nervous about it. It's a pretty big deal around here and it is even going to be televised.

For the most part, I was very good and OP. Notice I said, "most part". I have had a rough time the last day or two, but I'm sure TOM is contributing to that too. :mad:

You guys have been busy little beavers while I was gone and gave me way too much to read. I am, however VERY impressed with all the efforts Thin and everyone has been making ladies. It is a daily effort and a struggle, but there is nothing we can't do if we do it together.

Take care and I'll try to tackle individual replies tomorrow!

Love you all! :grouphug:

10-29-2003, 09:02 PM
Hi Ladies!
How is everyone this Hump-day? I am feeling a little less frazzled at the moment -- I made it home from work, picked up a nice soup/salad dinner from Panera and now I am settling in for some tv on my comfy couch.

I had a good motivating moment tonight. I pulled out a pair of flannel pajamas that I haven't worn since last winter. They have a tie waist band. Well, I pulled them on without changing the tie and they were way too big in the waist!!! That was a happy moment.

I needed that because I've had such a hard time getting back on the wagon after vacation. That's been nearly 2 weeks! I haven't been really "off" the wagon, just riding in the sidecar. Lacking in exercise and not doing stellar in the food dept. I think I am this close (visualize - fingers held close together) to really getting myself back together.

One of my co-workers who is such a sweetie brought me a new lunchbox today -- one of the little cooler type. I was talking to her yesterday about how I need to get back to packing all my food and writing in my journal again and she thought her little gift would give me some motivation....and it did!! That was so sweet of her. :)

Terri --- Thanks for the kick in the pants on the Halloween Candy!! :drill: Guess what??? I haven't bought any yet!!! Normally I would have bags stocked up ready for the kids! Not this year :no: . I am not buying candy until Friday afternoon. And then I am not buying any of my favorites. I am going to hand it out to all the kids --- If there is any left before I turn the lights off I will give it all to the last child at my house. Most likely some teenager who is too old to Trick or Treat and I'm sure they'll think they have hit the jackpot!!! If, for some reason I am left with candy --- out comes the Rolling pin!!! :rollpin: :lol: How's that for being determined with the Halloween Candy??? I vow that not one piece will pass these lips!!

Andria - So glad to see you getting your computer running for long enough to post!!! Hope it's fixed soon so we can see you more often! :D

Thin - You are so motivating lately!! Good job on working out your schedule!!! (We'll just overlook that nasty PB cup incident!)

Terri (again) - Have a wonderful time in the cabin! It sound delightful!!! :cheers:

2cute --- ahhh, the wedding plans have begun! It's going to be a fun-filled few months!!! :) Have a safe trip to visit your mom.

Syn - Yummy! :T Thanks for the Hot Cocoa recipe!!! I am going to add the ingredients to my list!

Kat - Did you get to walk with the dog while your son was at CCD? It was still a yucky, wet day here! Luckily we are suppose to dry out for the weekend. I also love fall! Just wish I could enjoy more of the day --- it's pitch black by the time I leave work now that we've turned the clocks back. :dizzy:

Pam - WOOHOOO!!!!!! :mag: You are shrinking away!!! You've been working so hard and it's paying off!!!!

Homebound -- It's great to see you popping in from your lurking status!!! :cool:

Tina -- Bummer! Sorry to hear about Tony!!! Loved the pictures!!! I'm glad your back! :)

Time to watch Ed.....see you all later!

10-29-2003, 11:47 PM
Hey everyone :)

Oh man, it is soooo nasty outside! We live in the south western corner of the state, quite a few hours from California, but all this smoke and a horrid smell made it here early this afternoon. It is so bad out there now it is like driving in a fog. I can't help thinking that if it is this bad here, it must be unbearable there. :( Those people are in my thoughts and prayers.

I made a decision today. I'm sick of waiting! I went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of foods to start my diet this weekend. I bought a bunch of stuff on sale, and so what if I'm eating a lot of the same foods and not doing all the fancy recipes they suggest. I NEED THIS!

I've got to get outta here before the puter goes down yet again.

Oh, almost forgot www.thespectrum.com under opinions in the writer's group. I have a new column in today's paper. If you don't get this until tomorrow, make sure to check the 29th on the little calendar.

Have a great evening, everyone :)


10-30-2003, 01:43 AM
Good evening ladies. :)
I am really really tired so I am not staying.. just peeking in.

Andria... what a lovely artilce you wrote and an even lovelier place to live. My little new neighborhood seems to be the same way. At our homeowners association meeting several people signed a voluteer list to help fellow neighbors. Help put up xmas lights, mow, trim trees, babysit, and a few like myself just said we would help wherever needed. :D I liked that about our new home. :yes: Our old hometown was much prettier and BIGGER but this area seems very warm and friendly.

I am not even going to try and reply to everyone. I am going to bed instead. I have soooooooo much to do tomorrow. In fact.. I have so much to do I fell totally overwhelmed again. I HATE that feeling.

I did visit my mom... she is not doing well.
They have her way over sedated... but she has been in a lot of pain recently so I guess it is necessary. I sure hate it when they drug her up. Grrrr. She told me she asked for the pills because she was tired of hurting so I guess I should not complain.

I stopped on the way home and bought lots of veggies and fish and chicken. I REALLY want to follow in you losers footsteps. I have a LOT of reasons to stay on plan. Our get together, the wedding, and health. I have no excuse.... I have the food... now to just DO IT !!!

10-30-2003, 07:52 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

Wanted to get up and start my day right, with all of you!!!!;)

2cute, sorry to hear that your mom is not feeling well. You are right we do just have to DO IT!!! Seems like for years, I just thought about it, and paid "lip service to it"....then it hit me right between the eyes when my BP started going up, and I was sooooooooooooo tired all the time. It scared me just enough to decide to do something about it, which now I am most grateful for.

Andria, good for you too, taking action, that is what we need to do!!!:D


Tina, great pictures, glad you had a good time.

JoAnne, good to see you posting again, Take care.

All the rest of you gals, catch back up with you in a bit, I gotta go, cause I am :hun: REAL HUNGER, NOT HEAD HUNGER!!! IMAGINE THAT!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

10-30-2003, 09:18 AM
Every one's just rising and shining, and I'm about to head off to bed! Well, actually I'm not, come to think of it. I told a friend from work that I would meet her at another friend's house who just had knee surgery. We're going to see what she needs, help around the house a little and THEN I can go to sleep. Usually though if too much time has passed, then I'm WIDE AWAKE and just chalk up that missed sleep as GONE. Til I'm falling asleep at the computer.

...ooh! Gotta stay up tonight for Survivor! What do you think, Survivor fans? Are they going to create a new team with the past losers? This is gonna be interesting. I have discovered a new guilty pleasure show: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! I've been meaning to watch it since it started, and just caught it the other night for the first time...LOVE IT!!!!

Should I talk about dieting? Hmmm...well, the past two days have been good. I'm aiming for daily exercise...I think that's the only way I can justify and manage those occasional forays into the goodies. But I have been eating well too. Gonna ride my bike today...it's sunny and cold. Perfect.

Must take the boy to school...back later...

10-30-2003, 09:58 AM
Hi Gals!
Just a quick GOOD MORNING!!! :sunny:

It's going to be another crazy day at work. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Kat --- Tonight is going to be good!! Jeff Probst was on my radio station this morning...he said "the survivors that have already been kicked off will have a chance to return", "they will appear during a challenge", and "one survivor will do something very surprising". I can't wait to watch!!! It's a 2 part show - part 1 tonight and part 2 next week.

:) :) :)

10-30-2003, 10:18 AM
Good morning !!!! :)
No time to post... just peeking in.
My "to do" list is sooooooo long. I will try to get back soon.
I just wanted to say Good Morning. :D

10-30-2003, 10:55 AM
Hi Everyone! :wave: Just a quick good morning to you all. Yesterday my food issues were better. How could they help but be better, I was all out of PB cups!!! :spin: I did well during the day and then bought a routisserrie chicken for honey and I last night, made some instant potatoes and had big spinach salads for dinner. No after dinner snacking either, so all in all I did pretty good.

Didn't read again last night. Or write for that matter. I will have to work on THAT part of my program. I picked up the Dr. Phil book, but the next chapter was 20 pages and I just didn't think I had the time to put into it last night. I did manage to hit the sheets when honey did last night though and that's part of my goals too, so I just have to get it all to work together. I'm sure it will, it will just take some practice. :yes:

It was Wednesday and I did get in a trip to Curves so all in all not a bad day.

Wednesday's Accomplishments:
Trip to Curves
All my water
Bed at a decent hour
4 fruits/veggies

Andria: That was a great article!!! I love to read what you've written. It sounds like your town is just a great place to live. The little town we settled in in NC in the 80's was like that too. You never did anything out of doors that you didn't have several neighbors running over to help with. As a matter of fact, we were adding on to our deck the second summer we were there and we had bought all the materials. Well, honey went to work and the guy next door came over in the middle of the afternoon. He said, "do you mind if I take out some of my frustrations on your deck" and he had most of it built by the time honey came home from work that night. It was amazing!

2cute: I do hate that "overwhelmed" feeling. Take a deep breath. * Sorry your mom's not doing well. I know what you mean about being over medicated. Sometimes I felt that way with dad. But if she's asking for the meds because she's feeling that bad, then surely being comfortable is better than the pain. Keep your chin up, you're paddling as fast as you can! [[[hugs]]] I can just see you and your daughter running all over town trying to make a wedding happen in just 7 short months. YIKES!!! Just remember to have fun with it.

Barb: Good job on the jammies. Doesn't THAT feel good?!?! I've been pulling winter stuff out and it pretty much fits the same as it did last year. :mad:

Pam: Good going, girl! You're doing a GREAT job! And even not making it to the 50 "in time" look how far you've come and without that goal in mind, you may not have gotten this far. You keep up the good work!!!

Katrina: WOW, having all the castaways back should be real interesting. It sounds like their using a little imagination this time around. All the other Survivor shows have been fairly predictable. Not about who's going to win, but just like we would sit here and say, "oh, tonight's probably when they'll eat the gross stuff." Or "tonight's when they'll be seeing who can stand on the post the longest". Pretty predictable. We'll see what they have in mind this time. It should be interesting.

Joanne: I'm not sure why I thought you were using a library computer. My mistake. Hope you're doing well.

Syn: Did you get to Curves? I did!

Tina: Sounds like Trey is quite the little ball player! Good for him! * Sorry Tony got robbed! That's really the pitts!!!

Terri: I hope you and your honey are having fun at the cabin. That sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend you have planned. I'm a bit jealous. Honey and I didn't get OUR romantic getaway in this Fall. Instead we opted to go with friends to Shipshewana and next weekend we're going back up north for another Murder Mystery weekend. See ya when you get back home.

Mary: Where are you, dear??? Missing Peter, I'm guessing. Has your son been taking you out to dinner while he's gone. I waited in chat for you last night, well, for anyone to show up, but you/no one came. I was sooooo lonely!!!

Lucky: Where are you? Hanging outside raking leaves still, or are they all gone?

JoeAnne: We haven't heard from you in awhile? How is everything going in the Southwest???

Michelle: You haven't been around since all you East Coasters went off together. Did they wear you out??

There are a bunch of others that are missing too. I hope you'll all check in and let us know you're still alive and well and kicking.

Max liked his new vet and so did I. I have to put ointment in each of his eyes twice a day. So far, he is sitting still for me to do this. I have to do it for a week, so we'll see how cooperative he stays. :lol:

I'm going to run. I have one last report to do before too long. Hoeny's department is having a pot-luck lunch tomorrow and they have requested that he bring Syn's Apple Salad. I spoiled them once by making it and now they just have to have it. Then I opened my big mouth and said that Swedish Meatballs aren't that hard to do. Well, honey opened his mouth at work in return and they asked him to bring that now too. :eek: Now I have to cook for tomorrow. What a dope I am!!!!

Love :love: to all. I hope you have a GREAT day!!

"Never take life too serious. No one ever gets out alive anyway." - Jimmie Kimmel from Jimmie Kimmel Live

10-30-2003, 02:41 PM
Hi everybody; it's lunchtime and I hope you all are enjoying a healthy OP lunch today.

Well, I saw my dr Mon; all my numbers were good EXCEPT for the weight. I was up 6 lbs since my last visit in July. I was expecting more considering how I've been eating lately. So I am now working to get back on track - Wed I took a 20 min walk and ate healthy foods - no fast food, no sneaking in my co-worker's chocolate stash. I want to do this. I want to get this frickin fat off of me. I do not want to suffer complications from diabetes. I have got to learn to deal with my emotions in a different way.

Judy - so sorry about your loss; my thoughts are with you.

Well, the buzzer went off, so I'll catch you all later. Have a happy Halloween and STAY OUT OF THAT CANDY!!!

10-30-2003, 02:42 PM
THin I do miss Peter he will be home tonight. I took my son out last night so I wouldn't have to cook. I didn't even get on the computer last night. Read some and went to bed at 8:15.

10-30-2003, 07:18 PM
Thin I'm here...can you spell M I D T E R M S?? Yup...2 of em!

Have to get the boy fed and bathed, have to pack lunches for tomorrow, have to get clothes ready for tomorrow and costumes!

After we take the boy trick or treating I have to get ready for a costume party at one of the Dr.'s house! I am going to be a witch! I'll have to have John take a pic and put it up for you all to see...but only if I come out ok after trying to get the makeup on!

Gotta run. TTFN Michelle

10-30-2003, 08:39 PM
I was gonna post replies tonight, but I'm just too mad so I will vent instead. However before I do that, I have to ask:

Where the crap is Sandy?

Ok..... now I'm going to vent. I told my dh that he would have to drive Trey to football practice in his car (he usually takes mine) so I could go to WI tonight. So, he asks me why I'm going tonight instead of on Monday? I told him that I had to go before Saturday, or I'd have to pay another $12. So then he said, "You know, you need to get your WW $hit together..... all your basically doing is paying them $12 to weigh you and if I was doing that, you'd be all over me."

I cannot even tell you the range of emotions I went through.

:dz: :( :mad: :rollpin: :cry:

I am one of the MOST low maintenance women you will ever see. I don't get my nails done. I do my own. I don't lay in the tanning bed. I stay white. I don't buy or have to have jewelry. I wear my wedding ring....that's about it. I wear clothes till they either.... A. have holes in them, B. are completely threadbare or C. something actually falls out of the hole. I wear shoes till the toes poke through and even when I buy more, they're usually cheap. I only get my hair done when I can't stand it anymore and even then....it's usually only a cut. I always put myself last when it comes to things that are needed and am the original "put my stuff back that's in the buggy Queen". I have watched him buy every single mechanical gadget he could over the years whether he, A. needed it or not, B. would never use it again or C. simply because it looked cool. I have never asked for anything except my $12 measly dollars a week for WW and for him to throw that back at me was completely unacceptable. I am crying so hard right now I can't even see to type.

He just came in here and said I was worth $50 dollars a week, he just doesn't think I need to drive to Chattanooga. He says that it's too inconvenient and I should just go to the local meeting even though I don't care for the leader.

I just told him that I'm going to gain all the weight I lost back and I hope I get so big that they have to open both the back doors to get me in the house.

I am NOT going to my meeting tonight.

10-30-2003, 09:22 PM
Tina: {{{{{Big Hugs to you girl}}}}}} I wish I could give you a real one. Sometimes men just don't understand what is important to us. Their do dads and gadgets they buy seem to somehow dissappear and never to be spoke of again. Lord forbid we bring it up or they jump all over our butts that they work oh so hard. I tell mine he should walk in my shoes for a day. Ha....that will be the day. Anyway, you keep your chin up, you are worth the money!!! He will come around, he is one of the good guys....maybe just in a mood. I know you love him, but you just hate his attitude at the moment.

You and I are so much alike though it is not even funny. I wear no jewlry, currently not even my wedding band cause my finger is to fat for it right now. I do have a diamond but one of my prongs is bent and lord forbid I spend the money to have it fixed. I to will put my stuff back in the store so the kids or hubby can have what they want. And on the occasion I buy myself a new outfit I will wear it to threadbear too. I have clothes that are like 8 years or more old. I swear I have worn the same summer clothes for like 8 years. I only get my hair done (cut that is) maybe 2 times a year. God, am I pathetic or what. Sounds horrible when I type it out. But in all of this I have love......guess thats what counts. I love my man and kids more than anything. Sure I would love to have more money, who wouldnt', it sure would solve some problems. But all in all, I can't say that I WANT for anything that I NEED.....there is a difference in want and need. But like you even MY NEEDS are put last in this family. And sometimes we just sit and wonder what about me, why can't I have it..... So you see girl....I love ya and commiserate with you totally. {{{{hugs}}}}}

Now why have I been gone? Life.....so so so busy. Evan did end up having Pertusis (whooping cough) Alexis was negative. They were both out of school all week last week and I wanted to pull my hair out. Why do a 6 year old and an 11 year old have to fight all day long? UGGGGHHHHH:mad: :mad: :mad: . I was never so happy to go to my little office and work in my life. Then over the weekend I had to take the Brownie troop swimming, then a 50th bday party at night. Then on Sunday I went with my mom for the day on a bus trip to a Bingo thing....(she paid). Then this week it seems between drs appointments for followups, Brownie meeting, work, 1st grade family night at school.....I have just been way to tired for me time. My food has been blah blah blah this week and last too I guess. And once again I will climb back on that wagon....and will continue till I get it right.

I was gonna go back and read all the posts, but OMG there are so many, so please forgive me for not knowing all that is going on. I do know that we have a new person on the thread, I think I met her in chat on Sunday when I happend to pop on in for a few minutes. So you see I have not been totally away.

SO...to all the loosers.....HORRAY....keep up the good work. For those that need a good ole hug....here it is {{hug}} for those who need a smile....:) . And well just plain old Hello to everyone and please forgive the generalization of this post.

I have been online checking air fare prices.....Wow was I in for a shock. Havnt ever bought my own plane ticket for anything. Here was my eyeballs:eek: . But, I have mentioned it to hubby and he is like well we will see. So I am hoping I will make it. My brother in laws x lives about an hour from Tulsa airport, toward AK, if that makes any sence? Anyway, I can stay there for free, so just have to have spending money and car money and airfare. still a good chunk of change.

Okay gotta run......I am about sleeping on the keyboard.

Luv ya all,

10-31-2003, 01:14 AM
Oh Tina... {{{ HUGS }}} :grouphug: MEN !!!!!! Grrrr!!
I too can totally relate. I bet we have all been there.
Let me repeat. MEN !!!! :mad:

Copy that post you wrote us... and print it out ... then tell him to read it !!!

My family once complained about me spending too much time in here with you.
One of them made the "hint" that it wasn't doing me any good anyway.
I informed them... that I was NOT giving up one single moment of my internet time to please them. That you ladies have saved my butt and made my life worth living in times I wanted to just give up and die. And I just did not care if they liked it or not. It is the ONLY thing I do for ME... and I was not giving it up, cutting it back or apologizing for any of it. :drill:

Of course... when I was alone.. I sat down and cried my eyes out. :lol:
I knew they were right. I was wasting the support I recieved here.. and not utilizing my time and efforts.
My tears first came from anger... but then came from guilt... MY FAVORITE emotion.... or at least you would think it is my favorite since I feel it DAILY.

Anyway.... I did not mean to talk only about me... I wanted to offer you love and support. {{{ HUGS }}}

Sandy... good to see you back. What town in Ark does your brother in laws x live ?? I will ask my daughter where she finds cheap seats. She flies a lot. I hope to get us some good rates on rooms since I will blocking off a bunch for both the gathering and the wedding. :crossed:

Michelle... have fun trick or treating. In our old house we would only get 5-10 trick or treaters. I have been told at this new house to expect to hand out 15 bags full !!!! :eek: The neighbors said they bring them in by the van loads. I bought some crap I do not like so there will be no temptations. The good stuff I was eating constantly until I took the rolling pin to them. :rollpin: LOL

Mary... I wish you could have went with you darling husband.
Going to bed by 8:30 is early. I am glad he will be home tonight. I bet you don't get much sleep tonight either. ;)
Connie... I am glad your tests all turned out fine. :cp:
I too was found to be totally healthy... except that I am soooo fat I get around like an 80 year old. :^: My knees won't be able to carry this weight much longer.

Thin... I am having fun hunting for that special place for the wedding.. until they mention the costs. LOL
I think we may have found one. We actually have found many we liked... but most of them are already taken for Mayy 22. :rolleyes: You would think 7 months notice would be enough.. but not for the months of April- May or June. They are all three months booked solid. Grrr.

We really loved one place but it just can't hold enough people.
We thought about having an outside wedding... but May is a rainy month around here and that could be a disaster. There just isn't enough room inside for a backup. :(
My daughter seems pretty excited about a place we found today... but I have not talked to the coordinator about $$$ yet. But from what I have read... it looks promising. :crossed:

Okay... gotta go. Hope more come in and post by the time I am back tomorrow.

10-31-2003, 01:57 AM
Hey everyone :)

It is raining outside! 2cute will understand what I mean when I say it is doing a total OK downpour, not just a light pitter patter. It smells so good out there. If I wasn't having such a lousy time breathing after two days of that nasty smokiness, I would be standing outside right now enjoying it.

I did a tough thing this morning. I swallowed my pride and got down to Curves early for a WI and measure. Inches I lost a teensy bit, but weight was up 4.5 lbs. I knew it would be a little, but I was hoping for more like 2. Still, in my heart, I knew it was at least that much. I can really feel that weight. It is hard to explain, but it seems to be more like 20. I'm dragging around and when I try to go walking, my body just feels heavy and sluggish. I can even feel it when I sit down. There just isn't room enough to breathe deeply, and I'm getting heartburn and my ribs ache around my diaphragm. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

I am so ready to get back on my food plan before I lose all the ground I have gained. To tell the truth, I'm frightened by how much that small an amount of weight is affecting me. It is like having mortality knock on my door. I might not wait until Monday to restart my plan. Saturday is sounding better and better to me.

It is feeling really late here. The girls and I got back late from a concert. The Southwest Symphony here does a Spooktacular event every year, and my oldest had a free ticket to attend. The little one was free, but my ticket was supposed to be $10. With money still tight, I was kind of balking, but the girls both begged until I wilted. When we got inside to purchase my ticket, a lady walked up behind me and asked if I could use her ticket that evening. Her daughter was performing, so she didn't need that one. Cool, huh!

We had a blast. I was so proud of my 7 year old. She behaved incredibly well. In fact, she was a lot more polite than quite a few adults I saw in the audience. Everyone in the symphony was in costume as well as about half the audience. They played fun music with spooky kind of themes, and the three of us just really enjoyed ourselves. :)

DH made me a glass of warm vanilla milk, and I'm melting down fast. Have a great night, everyone :)

Oh, one last thing... if a government agency tells you the check is in the mail, do you take that with just as large a grain of salt as anyone else? It's been a week now since they told DH his check was sent. Hrmph.


10-31-2003, 08:57 AM
Morning Ladies,

2 cute!!! good for you, this is your time, it is something you do for yourself, and you do deserve it!!! I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself. Isnt that the greatest!!! I spent too many years not letting my needs be known, heck, not even allowing myself to recognize I HAD NEEDS!!! didnt feel worthy enough!!! that is what got me to 356lbs!!!!!!!!! so, not anymore!!! you girls have saved me too!!! Being here with all of you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! I am most grateful!

Tina, you tell him girl!! you deserve this too, sounds like it is time to put yourself at the top of your list along with everyonelse. I know your hubby is a good man, it is difficult for someone to understand if they have not experienced obesity too! and naturally it effects we women much more deeply! of course I dont know your husband, but sometimes those closest to us are somewhat threatened by our progress, may have some insecurities of his own. ie, "what happens when she reaches goal weight", will she leave me?" he may not even realize he is feeling some of that...but it is just a thought, may not be your situation at all. other folks do sabotage our efforts, but of course none more than ourselves!!!! WE ARE OUR OWN WORST SABOTEURS... OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES, NO ONE CAN BEAT US UP BETTER THAN WE CAN BEAT OURSELVES UP!! you keep going to WW, it is for you, and for them! I am right there behind you girl!;)

Andria, sometimes it takes a little slap in the face, a little wake up call to get us back on track!! YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT!! I KNOW YOU WILL. YOU ARE SUCH A STRONG WOMAN!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SO WORTHY OF A HEALTHY AND FIT BODY!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!:grouphug:

Sandy, glad to see you back here among us, I have missed you! :love:

Michelle, good luck on your exams!

Good Morning Mary, hope you have a healthful day;)

Connie, helllllllllllllllllllllllllo there!! good to see you! and you are absolutely right, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!:cp: :cb: :dance:


Good Morning Barb, and Kat!!! have a great day:strong:

later girls, gotta get breakfast so I can get this day started!! need nourishment!! :lol: (plus it tastes gooooooooooood :lol: )
I am so grateful to be able to eat for my nutritional needs now, instead of emotional ones!!! I look at food in a whole new way now, and let me tell you it feels wonderful! I am no longer trying to feel that void (you all know the one I am talking about!), I am filling my life up with other things, what a joy!!

10-31-2003, 10:37 AM
Peter got home Ok.
I am off today, Paying bills and such gotta run

10-31-2003, 12:04 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#434"

God Bless America!