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10-25-2003, 09:12 PM
I am trying a diet that is not mentioned or even known by most people. doctors don't know about it or if they do they aren't telling. The diet industry doesn't want you to know about it because it really addresses the real cause of obesity.

The real cause?? Well it doesnt cost anymore than the amount of money you normally spend on food. It has no formulas nor caloire restrictions.

second it doesn't require exercise to burn it off. exercise is good for other reasons but for fat burning, no.

It is from the following books. I can't stress this enough guys. it addresses the cause of obesity and shows too that eating disorders are physical not mental.


also I read a book called the FAT INSTINCT. good reading.

another is from an article I read in FOR WOMEN FIRST JULY 8 2002 ISSUE. also I did alot of research on obesity and found alot of information that doctors and researchers do not mention nor do they count it in their findings.

What is basically says is that while they understand the mechnisum of obesity such as the insulin spikes and other hormones that should be more or less in the body and their influence on the body fat.

they forget to take in consideration the body's programming. how the body is programmed. the body has full control of those insulin spikes and such and it would put a stop to it if there wasn't a physical need to aid survival.

they totally think the body does things arbitarily. that it is defective in controling food intake and fat storage, otherwise why would it make us fat??

but no one says that deer or bears are gluttons. yet the bear will gorge itself in the fall to prepare for the long winter where it won't eat until spring. deer will too in the fall eat and eat until a certain number of caloires are stored, just enough to survive winter no more no less.

do they eat out of emotions? no. they don't. they wont' consider that fat is for survival insurance against all the undereating we all do whether we are aware of it or not. sometimes we are so used to ignoring our hunger that we seldom hear it when is is quiet. that is until it hits us and we wonder why we downed a half gallon of ice cream.

ice cream makes excellent raw material for fat storage. you won't crave it if you were eating enough high quality food in enough quantity. in fact cravings for junk is your cue that you have not eaten enough caloirc wise even if the quality is high. the diet may be high quality but the body picks up the caloires are too low for it'sneeds. we cannot fool our bodies.

people whose body wants to recover from famine (diets undereating for any reason) craves ice cream not salads. people who eat enough high quality food who have reached their set point and plateau will seldom crave ice cream. I would never in my life think I would crave vegies once a day let alone several times including craving salads as a snack. this is not something I am forcing. I would have never ever craved vegies had I been on a lower caloire diet.

undereating leads to overeating. except for the rare individual who is not attuned to the food supply's quality or quantity. these people can actually starve themselves to death from dieting and restricting without the binging.

10-26-2003, 01:31 PM
Great info here...thank-you!...I will check out the books too!

10-26-2003, 01:32 PM
oohh yeah?...I am just curious..Can you remember how long it took before your cravings went away?..and you started DESIRING more healthy fuel for your body like the veggies?

10-26-2003, 07:48 PM
well I started the naturally thin thing about 18 months ago. I started out on the feasting stage. everyone whose been dieting on and off for alot of years ends in a feast.

I would say after about 2 months of eating high quality with there still being cravings for the junk too the cravings gradually changed to where I would buy a half gallon of ice cream and 3 months later it would still be there unopened.

I was still eating junk at first, the difference I would try to fill up on high quality first like cereal 1 percent or 2 percent milk, peanut butter, leaner meats spegetti was one of my favorites.

if the craving was still there then I would indulge and go on.

once I reached my highest weight, weight that was stopped at the set point ( I could tell I reached the set point because my appeitite changed, i craved ice cream very little, I was then starting to eat normally amounts of food, but still frequently through out the day.

I was craving the higher quality foods, but vegies cravings didn't happen until I would say a year of eating the other higher quality foods.

HIgh quality real foods Peanut butter and all the nuts and seeds all dairy and leaner meats. all breads the whole grains are better, soups whatever your body is craving that is not a pleasure food like pie and cake.

though you can eat them too it just is better to get over with the weight gain and plataue to keep the quality high as you can and never ever count caloires or measure or use any portion control. your hunger tells you whether to stop, not your diet training.

the point is you have to show your body that famines do not occur. this can only come about with satisfying the hunger whenever it strikes regardless of the time and not waiting over 10 minutes or so after the hunger hits to eat .

excessive hunger must be avoided at all times. this type hunger is a desperation and it signals famine to a famine sensitive individual.

craving vegies and not having cravings for junk is my cue that I am getting ready to start the losing phase. my body is starting to get the message that I will feed it whatever it wants ins the amount is wants and the cravings for junk only occur if I don't eat enough of the real foods.

So I am waiting patiently. so it took about a year of plataueing before the cravings for salads became very intense, I mean not a mild craving here but an intense I got to have it or I will diecraving. also junk food has lost most of it's appeal and I hardly think about junk anymore.