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10-24-2003, 12:27 PM
:flow1: "WELCOME!!!" :flow1:
This Thread is for anyone wanting to join us in sharing about their "CURVES experiences" or if you are thinking about joining and have any questions.

I have really enjoyed CURVES! Loved the people and the music! And what it does for my Spirits! I began on Sept 17th, 2003 and cannot say... 'Thanks' enough!!!

10-24-2003, 12:50 PM

Hello gang! :wave:
I am so sorry I haven't been around to help out, but it looks as if everyone has been there for one another - so cool!

First off ~ I wanted to let you know that my mother pulled through her surgery like a trooper! I spoke to her this morning and she is in allot of pain and discomfort (need I say), but she is up and around and at home.

Thank-you so much for all your thoughts and prayers!

:dizzy: Me --- Well, I have been so very ill the last week and am still on the mend, but so much better today. I had a very bad Diverticulitus attack and had a low grade fever as well. The spasms were pretty bad, so I could not sit at the computer for any length of time. I was flat on my back. I did go back to Curves on Monday thinking I just had a short bout with a flu bug but in reality - I was at the beginning stages of an infection that only got worse after I worked out. You are suppose to be as calm as possible during one of these attacks - woops - I didn't recognize it this time, because it had been so long since my last one. We came to the conclusion that it was all the tomatoes I had been eating from our garden... the seeds got all stuck and then infection set in. And now I have a urinary track infection I am being treated for - because it always happens after an attack.

I am doing so much better now. Been drinking allot of herb teas and tons of water (I think I have lost some weight too). But I should be back in the swing of things this coming Monday. I thought I was well on my way this past Monday and got so excited, but alas... it wasn't meant to be.

I was thinking that this Monday (10-27) I would begin the morning by another weight and measure and then I will look at it as if I am starting anew. It just has been one long and hard three weeks!

:flow1: Wish me Luck!! :flow1:

10-24-2003, 01:14 PM
KARI ~ Joe & I give blood often and the only time I have seen that happen (like your arm! - OUCH!) is when you use it too soon after you have given ORRR when the person taking the blood has gone through the vain. Did you feel a burning sensation?? That means that he/she punctured through your vain. They should have either backed it out a bit or restarted. And they don't usually restart (they will send you home first). But it does look like their error and not anything you did. Maybe you should call the number they give you on the sheet, just to be sure you are caring for it the right way. It looked so nasty.

As far as your weight & measure - don't you or BEV be discourraged... muscle weighs much more then fat and as far as the inches go that could also be a gain in muscle mass. I was told by the instructor here NOT to take the first weight & measure to heart (or too hard) and to look forward to the second one... it is different with each person and how often you work out or watch your diet, but by the second month you should begin to see some possitive changes ;) Both you and BEV should :D

And... :wave: "BIG HELLO'S" :wave: to

I cannot thank you all (KARI & BEV TOO ;) ) enough for all your love and support! I am so happy that my mom is doing so well after her surgery - I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my sholders!

10-24-2003, 04:15 PM
SunnyD57 - thanks for starting a new thread :) The other one was getting pretty long..lol.

First your ankle, and then the Diverticulitus attack. I'm happy you are feeling better though! I couldn't imagine dealing with all that within the time period that you have! You're such a trooper! (((Hugs to you)))

When I donated blood, I don't think the lady went through the vain. She hit it on the first try, and the blood was flowing good into the bag. Once they got their pint, they had the fill up a few more tubes, and that is when the blood stopped.

I think the bruise was because the nurse who was trying to get the blood into the tubes (who was a different nurse, than the one who got it started) was moving the needle around a lot. There wasn't any pain, or burning, just some discomfort because she kept moving it. Maybe that's why the bruise is there. It may also be because I went to curves the following day and worked it too hard. I noticed it was turning a deeper red after that. The bruise has lightened up a little and doesn't hurt quite as bad, but has since moved up my arm a little. It's weird. I suppose I wasn't really cut out to be a blood donor...lol.

Though yesterday I was bummed about my measurements, I am not going to take it to heart. I am going to give it a few more months, and work hard on changing my eating habits. I should see a difference then. :)

Well - I'm off to work! Hope everyone has a beautiful fall day!

~ Kari ~

10-24-2003, 05:57 PM
Hi, I had my first weigh in a few days ago and I am so proud of myself. I lost a total of 11 1/2 inches and 4 pounds!!! Needless to say I was quite excited. Didn't get a shirt :( . Guess they don't give them out at our center. I love going to Curves and I am so thankful that I decided to join. Thanks for all the great posts. I love reading about all you great ladies. Keep up the good work. Tina

10-24-2003, 06:15 PM

Hi TINA ~ :cp: WoW! You did a wonderful job!!!! :cp: I am so looking forward to getting back after being away for three weeks ill. I have really missed going... not only to lose the weight and inches, but to feel great again. I am so very happy for you and your results! What are you doing other then the Curves? Or are you going everyday? Are you following the Curves Diet also? Just interested in how you have reached such great results ;)

Come back and let us know, okay.

10-24-2003, 06:20 PM
Hey there KARI ~ I forgot something...

:flow1: Just love the new pictures on your web-site. Are you going to add some more current pictures of you soon... bet you look great! You DBF is a very handsome man, hope he takes good care of you ;)

10-24-2003, 08:17 PM
Someone was looking for Sports Bra's for large breasted ladies on the last thread... here's the site that MrsK suggested below:


10-25-2003, 12:06 AM
Just because you asked, I did add some new pictures of me today. :) I actually posted two full body pics (that I took about an hour ago). Whenever I find my battery charger for the digital camera, I'll post more. I just barely got these on the computer because my batteries were so low...lol. I also changed my site a little. :) So here's the link to the photos! (The one's with the red type next to them are the ones I just added.)

Before & After Pictures (http://www.geocities.com/kari_hager@sbcglobal.net/BApics_kari.html)

Well, I'm off to bed now. I have to wake up early tomorrow and go buy a new thermostat for my vehicle. If I don't do it early, I'll find an excuse as to why I should go! lol. *gee...am I lazy??*

Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

~ Kari ~

10-25-2003, 09:19 AM
I'm wondering if I should even bother getting re-measured, as I was weighed & measured with a few extra inches and pounds of period bloat. Probably I won't bother at all.

You guys were talking about bras? What I do is wear a comfy (but too big, really, at 42D) cotton bra I got from Lane Bryant's sales rack for $7.00. The cotton wicks away any sweat. Then overtop I wear a shortie aerobics top thingie. I don't move an INCH, and I'm now at about a 36E or something stupid. Just layer it up and you don't have to spend $60 on a sports bra.

10-25-2003, 10:01 AM
well I didn't make it to Curves yesterday. On the way my car started smoking so I turned around and went home. When I got home it stopped so I just stayed home and worked out. Bev

10-26-2003, 10:25 PM
Hi Sunny, I had started out following the South Beach diet but I have adapted it a bit not following it exactly. Just eating low carbs and very little sugar. I try to go every day but if
I don't I do Walk away the pounds 3 miles. I have eaten really bad this weekend. Gotta get back on track. I feel so much better when I eat right and work out. Thanks for the for the Congrats. Tina

Cassandra B
10-27-2003, 06:55 PM
Well, It started off Saturday morning. We got up and went out side to feed Squirty (my cat/baby). She didnt come when we called her but that is not really unusual. We just figured that she was out playing and catching chipmunks or squirrels. We went to Todds dads house to build her a house for the winter (it even has berber carpet). We got home still didnt see her. We went in and got ready and went to dinner, came back home and still no Squirty. We walked all around the house and called. We were going in the house and Todd just happened to see her laying behind the bushes. We picked her up and took her in the house and put her down and she fell over. We paged the vet and a hour and 1/2 later they still havent called. We ended up rushing her to a 24 hour hospital about 30-40 min away. Come to find out she had been hit by a car. Her left hip was dislocated and has some cuts and had a punctured lung. We got her back today. They popped her leg back in place but they dont think it is going to stay. The ligament is some how damaged to the point the bone is not wanting to stay in the socket. If it comes out our only option is a 300-400 dollar surgery, but thats ok because she is like my baby. Well, just wanted to give you all an update and ask yall to keep your fingers crossed. I just feel bad because we dont know how long she layed behind those bushes in pain. If we had just seen her sooner!!!!!!! Uggg....well, Im going to love on my kitty...I will make Todd post a pic so yall can see how sad she looks...

Cassandra B
10-27-2003, 08:48 PM
Here are some pics of our recovering baby...



10-28-2003, 07:12 AM
(on Curves #2-I gave her direction to find us here)
hi my name is beenie, ive been going to weight watchers and wanted to join curves so if you can give me any advice i would like it very much and i was wondering if they have night hours sine i work during the day ty beenie.

:wave: Good Morning Ladies... I will be on sometime today to post and catch up with you all. I haven't been well the last two weeks, so I am far behind.

Awwe CASSANDRA, you baby looks like I feel. I'll be back later.
God Bless!

10-28-2003, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone, well I hope everyone is doing ok. Cassandra, i hope your cat is doing better. Well my dr wants me to watch my processed carbs ( I have IBS and he is hoping this will help). Besides white bread and pasta what else are processed carbs?


10-28-2003, 08:27 PM
I havn't been on much, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello.
Cassandra, Im so sorry about your Cat. I hope she has a speedy recovery. and that she heals well.

Ok, well I'll come back to post another time, just to busy to post right now.
Hope everyone is doing well.


10-28-2003, 09:21 PM
Hi Curvers!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...was in Boston for work last week and have been super busy with work...had a great time in Boston though!!

Going on my 5th week at Curves. Not sure if I am losing weight...hate not weighing myself, plus Auntie Flo is in town and I am feeling BLOATED!!

Was doing great with the hypnosis until my time of the month came with the cravings...lol...does anyone else know what I am talking about? I feel like each month I just get this desire to eat, and eat, and eat...lol!!

ANyways, trying to get back on track...How is everyone else doing?

10-29-2003, 01:27 AM
Hey everyone :)

I haven't been here in what feels like forever! Both the computers in our house died last week. DH managed to get the older one up and running at least sporadically, so I zoomed in here to say hello. :) Don't dare stay long, though, because the thing is still just shutting itself down without warning. It is having stability issues. Wow, can I relate. :lol:

I made it to Curves 3 days last week and have one day so far this week. One of the regulars there stopped me tonight to say she can tell that I've lost a lot of weight and was impressed with my progress. I've been kind of down on myself lately for not doing more, so she was a total pick me up. I've been trying to share positive words with other women who are obviously making progress there, because I know how terrific it makes me feel when someone gives me the same gift.

I'm really afraid the computer is going to shut down and I'll have to redo this, so I'm going to run away now. I still have some catching up to do, and a lot of replies to make.


10-29-2003, 08:03 PM
Hi girls!!

Andria - It is amazing how comments can lift your spirits...I am starting to learn more and more about how being positive and thinking positive can have such a greater influence in your life than negativity - not a new thought but sometimes it is harder to feel it. lol!!!

Have gotten to Curves 2 days this week. Took today off because my muscles were feeling like they needed it...going back tomorrow morning.

Went to the hypnotist today for my last session. Went about a half hour early so I could talk with him. Told him that I haven't been eating so well this past week and I didn't know if it was Aunt Flo or what and he told me that it could have something to do with Aunt Flo and then he asked me a bunch a questions. After talking to him for a while I did admit that I have been telling myself this week that this isn't working...basically thinking that this was too easy and sabotaged my mind!! Basically he got me back on track and thinking positive again and I know that I am going to lose all my weight!!

Anyways, hope everyone is doing ok - SunnyD - hope you are having some better luck this week!!

10-30-2003, 10:10 AM
Good Morning!
Whew! Don't know if I can ever catch up with you ladies. I have been very ill the last few weeks. I had a diverticulitus attack that was pretty severe this time - I think it was caused from too many tomatoes (the seeds). I was enjoying the last of them from our gardens a little too often and I got sick. But that's all behind me now - I am feeling so much better! After being in so much pain with the gut and then a urinary track infection (always happens after an attack) I feel so good. I got so much done yesterday... I caught up a bit with my house cleaning and had some pieces of replacement furniture delivered and did some laundry. And caught up on another thread I have been a part of for a long time and today wanted to pay a visit with you all ;) Sorry I stopped posting... but I was told not to sit for too long while I was infected, adds insult to the injury, I missed you guys.

The weather here has been cloudy, very cold and rainy on & off, but today we are suppose to have temps into the high 60's and sun! And in the 70's by Saturday... Yeah!! We have so much yardwork to do!!!!! Me not feeling well, I had not been able to get out and empty our pots or cut the plants down for winter or get the leaves picked up. So Joe & I will do that this Saturday together... big job. And the warmer temps are just in time for the children to enjoy Halloween and not be cold when they go out. Joe and I don't celebrate Halloween - per say, oh I put up corn stalks and put out pumpkins but haven't carved any for years cuz I want them to last through Thanksgiving Day - but we so enjoy the children when they come to our door in their cute costumes. We get allot of smaller children, because we live in a Manufactured Home Park and allot of grandparents bring their grandchildren around... which we always enjoy! We get to meet the neighbors and visit with their grandkids - FUN!

I begin CURVES again on Monday (11-3) as if I were beginning brand new... October was such a bad start for me and I haven't been there in two weeks now with this illness. So when I go back I am going to ask to be weighed-in and measured as if I were just beginning again. I need to do that. I hope I have lost some when I go back... I feel as if I have. I will let you all know whether it is good news or bad news, okay. Either way I know you'll be there to keep my chin up.

TINA ~ Me too! The SBD, but have modified it as well. I just needed a bit more carbs but still making them high grained carbs when I do eat them or it's in fruits. The toughest part for me will be the holidays!!!! This family (Italian) can cook & bake like you cannot believe!!!!!!! We have to help one another during the holidays so we can at least keep up our exercises, so we can have a bit of goodies. Yes?

ANDRIA ~ You are so correct when you spoke about the power in possitive thinking!!! I so believe it that - we must keep up that in one another. Help guide each other when we begin to fall into slumps. Especially now as it is darker sooner (at least here in OHIO) and getting colder. I know that by JAN - I always get the winter blues and feel very closed up... so going to Curves will really help.
:cp: Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

KARI ~ Where are you kiddo???? Miss you too...

Hi APRIL ~ So glad that you went back to the hypnotist and are now getting back on track. It is just too darn easy to fall off the track sometimes. Just have to keep focused!!! And that is a conscience decision - dont you think so?! Keep up the great work too! I am not going back till Monday (11-3) - wish me well!!! ;)

CASSANDRA ~ How's Squirt doing??? Any better? I am so sorry to hear of the accident - and just hate to see an animal in pain. Hope all goes well for you and your little Squirt! Keep in touch. How are YOU FEELING??? You kinda left us hanging after your last post. Allot of people are concerned!

You are all doing wonderfully!!!!!

Hi BEV! - Hey there LYNDIA - Hello's to GAYLE - Where are you ROSIEE? - Yo SHERI - Hey MIA - REVELY sill visiting? - Hi VOW... you all come back now --- hear ;)

Hope you all come back!!!! I really miss seeing you!!!

10-30-2003, 10:20 AM
Here is a link to where I posted two pictures of our brand new baby niece, MIKALA ROSE. Scroll down about half way & you will see my hubby Joe holding her and then a second pic of a close up of Mikala... she is so adorable - if I do say so myself! I cannot wait to see her myself! Haven't yet cuz I haven't left the house!


10-30-2003, 10:20 AM
Hi everyone, well SunnyD I think I will be joining you on the SBD but I will need to also add some more grain carbs. I went to my GI dr ( I have IBS) and he wants me to watch my processed carbs but he said I could have this special grain bread. I have been on phase 1 this week and I have felt really nausaus, especially with the egss, ( also a symptom of my IBS) so I am going to add alittle grain and see how that works out for me.

well everyone have a good day

10-30-2003, 07:12 PM
SunnyD - Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think that you are right to start fresh...no point in getting down in the dumps over a period where you were sick and injured...how is the ankle by the way? I am hoping that you will remain healthy now...
Feel really bad you had a bladder infection - those are the worst!!

Cassandra - How is it going?

Keri - I just love your pictures!! Please keep posting...I am finding them very inspiring!!

Got my third workout in today. Starting to really feel my leg muscles...can just imagine myself all buffed up!!

Got my eating back in control - it is a miracle what positive thinking can do for you!!

Been so busy at work this week that I am shocked it is Thursday night already!! I love it when work is like that!!

Ok - hope you all are getting your workouts in...they are going to be especially important with the holidays coming up!!

Cassandra B
10-30-2003, 07:47 PM
hey everybody... I have been doing a little better. I have been really busy taking care of the kitty. She has only gotten up 3 times since Monday. She refuses to eat or drink. We have had to give her fluids with a medicine dropper. We told the vet about this and they sent something called Nutri-cal. It is supposed to give her the nutrition that she needs until she feels like eating but it still bothers me. Does anyone have any input on why she wont eat? We have even tried tuna.

We bought her a new bed and put it in Todds play room. Todd has been sleeping in here with her and I have been sleeping by myself. I will be glad to get my snuggle partner back! :) We even have a sitter staying with her during the day.

Its good to know yall are so concerned about me and the kitty.

I will write more later!!

10-30-2003, 09:18 PM
:wave: Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, my husband happened upon this website and knew that I would really appreciate it! I have been a Curves member for just about 6 months now and I totally love it! Although I must admit the weight loss has not been as successful as I would wish ( falling off track lately :moo: ). I am excited about having found this site and look forward to making a bunch of great new friends.

10-30-2003, 10:45 PM
Hello everyone - sorry I haven't been around. Been so busy lately. I've been trying to work as many hours as I can. My vehicle is unfortunatly breaking down...and if I don't start saving some mooolah ($$$$) than I'll be without a car! As soon as I sell the one I have, I am putting the money towards something a little newer. My father offered to co-sign for me. (Thank God!) Hopefully I can get something by December.

Unfortunatly I have not been to Curves in about a week! :o I want to go...and I think about it...but I am in one of those "funks" where I really don't want to do anything. And if I get a newer car, I definatly won't be able to continue Curves, because I won't have the extra $40 a month. We'll have to see what happens though. I've also gone back to eating bad. Okay...not "really" bad but not like I should be. I haven't had any fast food, but I've been eating a ton of carbs, and beef. I've been away from beef for quite some time now, but lately I've just craved it. I need to get things back under control. It's so hard. I've just been a little stressed lately about my car...wondering if it's going to get me to work or not, and my mother is having a little bit of a situation too. So I find the food comforting. It's almost like when I'm eating it - I'm not thinking about anything else, except how much I am enjoying what I am eating. Now only if it were something else, like a carrot stick...lol. Oh well - I just have to keep trying.


CassandraB - I am SO sorry to hear about your kitty!!! I'm sure the reason that your kitty is not eating is because she is probably still in shock. Usually when something like that happens to a cat or dog, their body goes into shock. I'm sure it will take a little time until she starts to heal. Hopefully she will make a quick recovery!

Sunnyd57 - Glad you are feeling much better, and are able to get back to Curves soon! I'll bet you are excited to get back! Also, your niece is a cutie pie!!! My fiance' Ricardo's sister is due to have her baby THIS week. I am SOOOO excited...I cannot wait! She is having a girl. Her name is going to be Raquel Raine Meggison(First Name Pronounced Rock-el)

Aprilbride04 - I'm glad that you were able to get back on track with your hypnotist! You will get to your goal! :)

Kuuipo - A BIG WELCOME to our Curves thread! Glad you are here! As you can see, we talk just about anything here :) Feel free to join in whenever you get a chance! :) You've been with Curves for six months now? What types of results have you seen so far? Well - I look forward to seeing you around here again!

Well - I'd better get going to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.
Hope all you chicka-dees have a nice evening!

~ Kari ~

10-31-2003, 07:38 AM
Good Morning fellow Curvers :)

What a wonderful evening for the little Trick or Treaters last night... the temps were perfect 65* and blustery. Just perfect for the kids and their parents. The sad thing is that we don't get many children anymore :( I so miss the days when you were bombarded with children in the streets and at your door. Now they all go to private parties.

I did have the pleasure of having the company of my best girlfriend, Peggy. She & I had not seen one another in over a week & a half because we usually meet on Thursday's for lunch and grocery shopping (and some fun shopping too), but with me being ill all this time I haven't been out. So she brought me lunch and we visited all afternoon and caught up with each other - FUN!

__________________________________________________ _

KUUIPO ~ We hope that you make this place your homeplace... I think we are a great bunch of people here and are truly interested in your health and well-being. As KARI stated... we talk about allot of things as well as Curves here, so if there's something you need to get off your chest - this is the place to do it :)

What are your stats? After going to Curves for 6 months - have you seen some physical changes you have really noticed in yourself? I am just beginning again (long story) on Monday and am so looking forward to going. I really enjoy my time @ Curves - not only for the exercise but especially socially! I feel it's great for the body and for the mind.

KARI ~ I am so looking forward to getting back to Curves - I just cannot put it into words... I just hope I do okay. My ankle is still pretty tender and now I get spooked about possible falls. Would you believe I had fear thoughts and could visually see myself falling again - I just don't want to hurt myself like this again! I will definately have my ankles wrapped before I begin on Monday.

I am glad you enjoyed the pictures of our little Mikala... I cannot wait to see her "in person" and hold her. Isn't new life so exciting and precious!!! Keep us informed on your DF sister, okay...

CASSANDRA ~ So glad to hear that you are doing a little better, but am sorry to hear that Squirt isn't. I think KARI is right - that she is in shock. What have your vets said????! Cats are especially senitive to any trauma. I hope she begins to eat real soon, but maybe you should call your vet - she shouldn't go much longer then a day or two without eating. She neds to eat to get better. Have you tried to hand feed her little bits at a time talking with her? That's how I got my 'Tang' to eat when he got real sick. Just talking gently and placing the soft food up on the roof of his mouth. He finnally got the taste of food again and that evening began to eat on his own. I wish you all well!

APRIL ~ Thanks so much for the encouragement! Yep, I cannot go back, but I can move forward... and I am so happy to be getting back. The ankle is still very senitive - especially now -the swelling has really gone down and now I feel the bruising allot more. I really did allot of damage this time. So I will always have it wrapped when I go to work out even after it gets all better. I feel better about doing that - just don't want to do this again!

:cp: So glad to hear that you are getting your workouts in!!!
Good for you! :bravo:

BEV ~ IBS is very difficult to nail down... I hope that you will be able to figure things out. I have had that for years now (very painful!) and still find new foods that will set it off. I do take Lactaid tablets now which really helps me with all dairy products - they don't bother me like they use to at all! Also... portions make a huge difference... keep them small, so you don't overtax your intestines. And water is very important too. Whenever you have any kind of intestinal problems allot of fluids go to your gut, so you need to keep hydrated. What I did is make a list of foods that I noticed made me ill (or thought it did) - would not eat it for at least three days, then try it again. If I became ill I knew to stay clear of that food. I wish you well, BEV, and am so sorry to hear that you have IBS.
__________________________________________________ _

My hubby, Joe, has taken today off from work and we are expecting some great weather! 75* high predicted for today :cp: We are going to try to catch up with some outdoor clean-up that has to get done before winter.

What about those fires in CA!!! My heart goes out to all those who have lost so much! I couldn't imagine!

Take Care all!
And have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!!
I will be in touch for sure on Monday after Curves if not before... :)

10-31-2003, 07:58 AM
Oh KARI ~ I wanted to mention something to you about the dumps... it is really okay to go there once in awhile - it happens to us all - it's just not okay to stay there and get stuck. Sweetie you have come such a long way... don't let anything get in your way and stumble now. Instead of letting that something trip you up - use it to grab on to & pull you out. You have worked so very hard to get this far and have done so well. You can have a day or two of 'slump' but try hard not to stay there, okay.

Even if you cannot afford to go back to Curves (bummer) - there are so many other things you could do to exercise. Keep us informed on how things go with you & your car situation.

I must admit... I do that too!!! When I get stressed by anything at all the first place I go is to food! That's why it is good to keep exercising... it helps to relieve it. I guess all I am saying with all this jabbering is that I care about you and want to see you continue to believe in yourself.

God Bless... (((Hugs))) :grouphug:

10-31-2003, 05:53 PM
KARI - Don't quit!! You have come way to far to go backwards!! You are an inspiration to us all and I really believe that you will get back on track!! Right now, while you are contemplating whether or not you can still afford Curves, start thinking about some other forms of exercise that you can do. That way, if you have to stop your membership, you will already know how to continue on your path.

I have played the yo-yo so many times, I know how depressing it is to gain back what took so long to lose...YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!! You cannot stop now.

IF you are craving red meat, then maybe you should try a low carb diet (I don't know if you are doing that now or not), but try to turn the negative into a positive.


DON'T QUIT!! Let us know if we can help in any way!!

SUNNYD - Glad you are getting back on track!!

10-31-2003, 05:55 PM
Kari - One more thing, we all have pitfalls, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is what we do to get back on track!!

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassandra B
11-01-2003, 11:22 AM
Thanks for the info on Squirty. We are fixing to try to get some tuna in her mouth. I just dont understand. She will sniff of it but then turns her head. Her leg is doing well. She can get on the futon all by herself. We are still keeping her in Todds room because Tabby can get a little rough when she plays. Friday was a week since she has ate anything solid.
oh well, wish us luck!!

11-01-2003, 02:07 PM
Thanks to all of you for such a warm welcome! I must shame facedly say that I have not been to Curves in a week :o I myself have been in quite a slump and yes it is so very difficult to pick yourself up again. Monday starts a new week again and a chance to get right back on track. It is a beautiful day here and I am not sure what we will do today... definetly something though we absolutely cannot afford to let this warm weather ( 70's ) go to waste, winter will be here soon enough!

I had lost a little bit of weight before joining Curves by doing Slim Fast... I started at 235 and currently weigh 208. Physically I feel much stronger and have a great deal more energy. I have not really come up with a set goal weight... I would just like to be able to shop outside of the plus section, and to fit comfortable in my seat at the movies :corn: without feeling totally squished and worrying about who will end sitting next to me and if they will feel squished because of me!:stress:

Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend... talk to you soon.

Cassandra B
11-02-2003, 02:07 AM
Oh my gosh....Squirty just ate 2 pieces of meow mix all by herself. I am so happy...I know its not much but its a start. Sorry for the short post but I couldnt help myself!!!!

11-02-2003, 01:25 PM

I go to curves too. I haven't been there for a month. I had sprain my foot playing soccer with my son. DUH!!! Anyhow I could really use someone to light a :flame: under my butt and get me back in there again.

11-02-2003, 04:38 PM
Hey everyone :)

Just barely caught up on post reading. There have been quite a few since my last one. Wanted to let you all know I've just started back on Phase 1 of the Curves diet. I am soooo ready to get losing again! The really exciting part was that Phase 3, the maintenance phase, worked for me. I was eating for real and not gaining. What a difference for me. Anyway, I'm really excited, if you can't tell.

I decided to go in and buy a new member guide for my new start. I'm so glad I did. The new free foods and a few changes around to the menus really freshen things up. Plus, the way you add things up for your carb and calorie totals is a lot easier.

Cassandra, I was so excited to read your kitty ate a little! I lost two of my favorite fur babies last year in short succession, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone else.

Sunny, it is so good to hear you are feeling better! October was a really tough month for you. Good job keeping up your spirits. I'm looking forward to hearing about your triumphant return to Curves. :)

Welcome to Kuuipo and Need :) It is always fun to have new people to share their experiences and cheer for each other as those inches and pounds work their way off!

April, sounds like the hypnotist helped you get right back on track. Also, thanks for the great advice you offered Kari. I think we all need to be reminded at times that even if we fall there is good reason to get back up.

Kari, I'm putting out good car deal vibes for you. Everyone here is right. Even if you do have to quit Curves, you don't have to quit exercising. And you might not have to quit once you realize the money savings of having a newer car. Yes, the payments are there and higher, but maintenance costs are usually a lot lower and for a long time. You might end up spending lots less on gas as well. And if you do have to stop Curving, you don't have to stop writing here. Your progress is really motivating!

Bev, low carb seems to help out a lot with my IBS symptoms. I do have to watch out for drinking enough water and getting in plenty of fiber though. Hope SBD works for you. :)

Time to get outta here and eat lunch. I've got a yummy smelling veggie soup on the stove. I was experimenting a bit with trying to make it creamy by blending up a whole bunch of cauliflower instead of potatoes, which is of course instead of using half and half or cream. The things we do... :lol: I'll let you know how it worked. I hope it does, because this is a really huge pot of soup!


11-03-2003, 12:51 AM
Hello Ladies,

SOrry I havent been around for a while. It feels like a really long time. So much going on over here. My dad has been sick an din the hospital, so I havent really been coming online to 3fc. Hopefully now that he is doing better, I'll be able to start posting again. I guess i have just bee so stressed out about him being sick that I just havent been motivated to do anything. I cant even remember the last day I went to curves,. It has probably been around 2 weeks. Im planning on goin gback tomorrow, and Im goign to try to go every day for at least the next 2 weeks. I need to get motivated again.
Cassandra, Im glad to hear that your kitty is doing better.

Welcome Kuuipo and Needtoloss

ok well I just watned to check in and say hello, And let everyone know that I am still among the living.

ok, I need to go get ready for tomorrow. hope everyone is doing well


11-03-2003, 10:55 AM
It's a Good Morning Ladies!!!! I went to Curves this morning and got measured and weighed-in and it was all good! Especially being that I missed so many days while out with the ankle and ill.
Here are my stats :cp:
Not great but GOOD for me :)


Good huh? :) I was so frightened to go this morning because I didn't want to be disappointed... I am so glad you all encouraged me to go! I cannot tell you how happy I feel right now. Now to keep it all up --- I am still in size 18 jeans and so want to get into the 16 and ultimately the 14's. We must continue to encourage one another ~ I know it makes all the difference in the world to me! And I hope to you as well.

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_3_36.gif to LYNNE (Needtoloss) ~ We always enjoy seeing new faces (so to speak ;) )
Lynne, I too sprained my ankle the second week of October - a Phase 3 sprain! And I went back for the first time today (well actually I tried to go back twice already and it was too soon). I am so glad I went back!!!! I encourage you to go back also... when you stay away too long you have a tendency to stay away period! I am feeling so much better after going back and being so welcomed. "They missed me- they really missed me" ( :lol: joke - Sally Fields at awards night - remember :lol: ) Even if they had not missed ME - I MISSED them and my workouts! I am so glad I went.

Morning MIA ~ I am so glad to hear that you will be going back to Curves - it will really help you with the stress of your DF being ill --- you, He and your family have my http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_10.gif prayers! If you don't mind me asking --- What is wrong with you DF? I hope it isn't too serious :(

I am so glad you stopped back!! :) Don't forget to touch base with us again, okay?! We missed you!

Hey there ANDRIA ~ Yes, I agree with you! I really like the Curves book and the program too. It is very similar to the SBD... both good! :cp: I am so happy for you!! I am happy for anyone who has success in any area of weight loss --- it is so tough! Have to be so mindful of everything you do till it becomes a part of your life... I have been told that if you stick with a program faithfull for three weeks you can stay with it for life - hope so! :) Cuz I too am giving it another go. Thank you so much for your encouragement as well! It means so much to me - I cannot begin to tell you!

Hi KUUIPO ~ Such WONDERFUL stats you have :dance: !!! I too am so very happy for you! I and the others hope you come back to us and keep us up-to-date on how you are doing.

CASSANDRA ~ How's Squirt doing today??! I hope she has eaten more for you and is getting stronger! It's so hard when you have an injured animal to nurse - takes allot out of you. Come back and fill us in on her and on how you are doing as well... you still going to your Curves???

Hey there BEV ~ Where have you been lately :?: Have you still been going to your Curves??? How's your IBS?? Finding out what causes your flare-ups? Don't forget to take your fiber... it really does help. I was never bothered by eggs, I have them every morning - you might just be allergic to them - many people are and don't know it... but I know that the SBD really helps me and so does the Curves program - they are very much alike. Glad it's helping you too. And yes, taking fiber is great for fat absorbtion, but it has really helped me with my badly scarred intestines to take fiber and not to over-eat at a meal. *TIPS: Eat slower and chew well and stop the moment you feel full. The food will be there later when you get hungry again. I am thinking of you and wish you well. IBS is very painful.

AND then there's KARI ~ You gonna make us all beg??? Well, I am beggin'!!! I would love it if you would come back and let us all know how you are doing and if things worked out for you and your car. I really miss seeing your posts, KARI - please come back and fill us all in... :^:

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_4_45.gif I'm worried 'bout you!

Well, I really must be going for now.
So very glad to see everyone!!!!
And to have somewhere to share my great news!!!!!
God's Blessings for you all!!

11-03-2003, 02:28 PM
Hi everyone, well I just got back from curves and know it is almost time to pick up the kids. We just received the glute machine and you can really feel it. I really had to push myself to go today because I was really tired but hey I went.

well everyone have a good day


11-03-2003, 02:32 PM
Hi BEV ~ Us too! That is the machine we just got, the glute machine - love it!
So glad to hear you went to Curves this morning - sometimes we have to push ourselves, I have days lke that too.

You went!!!! :cp:

11-03-2003, 04:33 PM
SunnyD, thank you

I was just getting ready to leave work in a few minutes to go see my dad. He was admitted to the hospital with Kidney Failure. His kidneys were noly working at 10-15% he seems to be doing better today though. I will know more when I get there.
I will check back later tonight if I can.


11-03-2003, 05:17 PM
MIA ~ How old is your DF? My DFIL had kidney failure and came through it - he was 82 when that happened (he has since passed at 87). I am so sorry... you take care now.


I began a new thread - just in case anyone here is interested in checking it out ;)

Link below...

11-03-2003, 08:31 PM
Well am in a major major funk and have been overdosing on carbs which has made me feel sluggish but will start back on curves tomorrow.

11-03-2003, 09:46 PM
Hi ROSIEE ~ I'm sorry that you had a crummy day today... you will feel so much better after you go and work off those carbs you ate.

I do the same thing! Don't you wonder why we do that when we feel so good before? I do! I cannot believe I do that to myself!! But at least tomorrow begins a 'new day' and you can make better choices. I too had a higher carb day today then usual and am exhausted right now... feel like I have been drugged - ugg.

We will have a better day tomorrow - you'll see ;)
My thoughts are with you... go to Curves, okay.

Hey Jude
11-03-2003, 11:23 PM
Hi fellow Curvers! I have been going to Curves for 2 weeks, and I am really enjoying it. Actually, I have surprised myself by how much I like it, and the fact that I have not missed once. I have never joined any kind of gym before, and I think that Curves is a good fit for me. I go at 7 a.m., before work.

I have a question. We just got the glute machine too, bringing the total at my center to 10 machines. Now they are telling us to only do the circuit 2 1/2 times. I don't get it. 10 machines plus 10 recovery stations at 30 seconds each = 30 minutes. If you only do the circuit 2 1/2 times, you are only doing some of the machines twice! I still do it 3 times most days, but they even published it in the November newsletter to only go around 2 1/2 times. How many machines do your centers have, and how many times do you do the circuit?

Anyway, exercising regularly is making me feel great - mentally and physically. I am so glad I took that first big step.

11-04-2003, 07:11 AM
Hey JUDE ~WELCOME! We have 10 machines also, as of yesterday, and we were told the same thing - just go around 2 1/2 times... but allot of us girls just quietly said to ourselves that we'll just do our three times around. They are so busy at our place that they cannot count what each person has done. So that's what we are doing too - a full 3 times around...
I say, "Go for it girl" :cp:

Don't forget to stop back and let us know how you are progressing. Do you go 3 times a week or more? I am still going just the 3 times a week, but I plan to go more after a month or so.

Cassandra B
11-04-2003, 08:20 PM
hello everyone...
Well, Squirty is doing very well. She has started eating and drinking all on her own. I am so proud. She can even jump on most of the furniture to sleep. She still has trouble balancing every once and a while.
I went to the Dr today because I have had a severe headache for 5 days. Come to find out I have a sinus infection. They gave me plenty of meds but it still hurts like crazy. I dont guess I have ever had a sinus infection but I do know I dont want another one. I also told her of how I had been feeling depressed. She put me on Lexapro. I think it is supposed to be pretty mild. The box says you should feel a difference with in week or two but will get the full effect in 4-6 weeks. She didnt mention going to a counselor or anything so I guess we will just try this out. I have to let her know how Im doing in about 3 weeks.
I still havent been back to curves but I cant wait to get started back. Glad to hear everyone is still having a great time working out. talk to you soon...

11-05-2003, 02:27 AM
Hello everyone....I am still here..lol. (Didn't mean to make you worry!) ;) Thanks for all of the support, and concern you have all shown for me. It really means a lot that I have people (no scratch that out...FRIENDS) here who really encourage me, and care :)

I didn't mean to stay away, or stop posting for this amount of time, I've just been in one of those "funky" moods lately, and haven't done much of anything, except eat. :jeno: I could blame it on a lot of things, but ultimatly, I have to get back into the swing of things. Even if I cannot afford to attend Curves anymore, I will definatly still find someway to get exercise in. :strong: And I will DEFINATLY still post here at the boards, because ALL of you are wonderful! (((HUGS))) :grouphug:

I'm still working on getting a newer car. I was talking to my dad about it the other day, and for some reason, he asked me if I had asked my mother to help me out. But in the beginning, he told me that he would help me out by co-signing. So now I'm a little confused as to what is going on. :shrug: I have such a hard time talking with him. But I have to. I need a car. I did manage to sell my cruddy old mini-van. :cp: So that's a good thing. So I've had my eye on a Ford Focus. They are affordable, and I like the look of them. This is probably what I will get....eventually.

Bad news...today I quit my job :( Not because the people I work with made me mad, or because the job is too hard, it's because I cannot STAND getting yelled at all the time on the phone. I'm not a telemarketer, I just set up blood donation appointments, but some people just don't like us calling, and take all their frustrations out on the person on the other end of the phone. :headache: (And those people from New York can be vicious!) :lol: Sure, I shouldn't take it personally...and I usually don't. But there comes a point where you just can't deal with it anymore. So I quit. That is VERY unlike me to just quit a job like that - but I have other options right now, and a few interviews for the next few days. Hopefully *something* good will come of it.

I did find out some good news yesterday. My sister Alicia who lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan found out she is pregnant! :bb: She's only about 4 weeks along, but still exciting. And my fiance Ricardo's sister is due to have her baby girl any day now! :bb: I'm pretty excited about being an aunt again. :)


SunnyD57 - congrats on your loss so far! I think that is really good, after all you have been through! Way to go!!! October really wasn't a good month for you, but what a way to start November! How awesome! Keep up the great work!

CassandraB - I am so happy that your kitty is feeling much better! A little time is all she needed to come around. :) How have you been doing?

A big hello to Aprilbride04, Kuuipo, qsilver, angel4real, its_my_life, rosiee, and anyone else I may have missed. :)

And a huge WELCOME to needtoloss and Hey Jude

Well - Before I make a paperback novel out of this post, I better go hit the sack. It's almost 1:30 a.m. here and I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. to babysit. Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. I will post more when I get a chance. :) Talk to ya'll later!

~ Kari ~

P.S. - Because I no longer like Geocities, I changed my website...again. Clicking on the link below in my signature will take you to the new site. There's not much there at the moment, but I think it's a lot easier to look around now. :) More will be added when I get the chance :)

11-05-2003, 10:20 AM
http://home.att.net/~scorh2/Animation3p.gifHi there KARI ~ It's WONDERFUL to see you back, so glad you haven't left us. But I am sorry to hear that things aren't working out for you and the car and now to lose your job. Not many will give you a loan without a job. I will say a special prayer for you that you get a job real soon, so you won't have to wait too much longer for that car. I hope you can get back to some form of exercise soon ~ it will help you out of your funk. I was in one yesterday - late in the afternoon - but am feeling just fine now.

I got in my Curves workout this morning (just got back) and went a FULL 30+ minutes. They are telling us to go only 2 1/2 times around (with the 10 machines) but I did a full three and it came out to like 32 - 34 minutes... I just stay quiet (well, as quiet as I can be :lol: ) about it and go around 3 times! I paid for it!! And I really feel the difference not only physically but emotionally. I get the funky's too when I don't workout.

Well, I hope you have a good day Kari!!!
Love your new website!!!! I may make one of my own through them too --- not before the holiday's, but maybe in January when it gets quiet here in the dead of winter. Looks like it will be simple for me to do through them. I always wanted to have my own website, but didn't know how.
Glad to see you back :^: http://home.att.net/~scorh/Animation1f.gif


I don't know what I am going to do today, I have tons of projects to finish, but don't feel like doing them right now. Maybe if I just begin one... ;)

PS>>> Where's everyone???!!! :?:
:wave: Hello's to ~ALL~

11-05-2003, 10:28 AM
http://home.att.net/~scorh3/Animal1t.gif Oh my goodness!! How did I not see you CASSANDRA! I am so glad to hear that Squirt is doing so much better... she just needed time to come out of the shock she went into from being hit by the car ~ poor baby. Sounds like you are taking better care of her then yourself! :^:

Are the meds kicking in?? Feeling any better? My mother was just put on meds for the same thing - sinus infection. Very painful. Hope you are doing much better today!

Take Care and stay in touch!

11-05-2003, 01:22 PM
Just thought I'd pop on real quick and let ya know that my fiance's sister is having her baby today!!! :)

She actually went in last night - but didn't call us until this morning. She isn't making much progress - they may do a c-section on her.

So I'm off to the hospital now to await the arrival of Baby Raquel :bb:

~ Kari ~

11-05-2003, 01:42 PM
Yeah KARI ~ :dance: How exciting!!!! I forgot to say CONGRATS on the pregnancy of your sister - WoW, within a year you have have two new babies :bb: :bb: to spoil! Mikala was born C-section... hope all goes well today! Stay in touch!!!

11-05-2003, 01:46 PM
Here is a link of two pictures I took just this Sunday of Mikala...
Just scroll down till you see my post of the pictures :)
She is just so beautiful!! I wanted to take her home with me!


11-05-2003, 08:08 PM
Well Hello Ladies,

Good News, My dad is out of the hospital and he is home now.
Hes recovering quite nicely.

SunnyD; My dad is 68yrs old. He had us scared there for a while, he wasnít doing too good but is now doing 100% better.

Kari, I tried to look at your website, but my pc is running as slow as molasses today, it never loaded for me. Iíll try it from home. Also congrats on the birth of the new baby today, if sheís here yet.
And on the pregnancy of your sister.

Ok, well I should get back to work
Oh before I forget Sunny, remember I was telling you about a movie (I think it was you)
About the babies in heaven.. was it you I was telling? Well anyway, I posted a message on the Internet movie database message board, and someone answered me. They seem to think the movie Iím referring to is The Blue Bird with Shirley Temple. Iím still trying to get a hold of a copy to see if thatís the movie I remember. Have you seen this movie? I believe its from 1949

Ok now I really need t get back to work.


11-05-2003, 09:13 PM
Hi MIA ~ Yes, it was me you were talking to about the movie. I have seen allot of Shirley Temple movies, but I would have to see it to know for sure. Maybe I too will see if I can rent it.

I am sorry if I repeated myself from this thread to the other. Your father is the same age as mine! My father turns 68 this Nov 11th. How old is your mother? Mine just turned 66 on Halloween. I am so happy to hear that your father is doing so much better --- did they say what caused the kidney failure??

Good to see you again - on both threads :lol:

11-06-2003, 12:39 AM
Hi! :)

You are probably thinking, "Who is this lady???!" I have been a lurker on this Curves thread. I am not even a member at my Curves, but I did check it out. It just didn't fit my schedule, but I really think it's a great idea.


Mia, I found "Blue Bird" with Shirley Temple. Here's the link to the website where you could purchase it if you're interested:


If that doesn't take you directly to it...and for some reason it doesn't look like it is going to...just enter "Blue Bird" into the search engine. They have it at this site and it's $7.49.

Just thought I'd pass that along.

Keep up the great work, Ladies!! I hope that your Dad is doing well, Mia...and that Cassandra's cat is continuing to improve and that Kari's fiancee's sister has had a healthy baby.

Take care!

:) MaryBeth
Sahm of 3 boys

11-06-2003, 08:05 AM
:wave: WELCOME MARYBETH ~ I went to check out the link you left for MIA, but it didn't work. Here's one that will take her to it. I went through Google.com search engine and typed in Shirley Temple Blue Bird and it took me to this site. I may order the film myself and take a look see :)

Hope you come back and post again... ;)


11-06-2003, 08:41 AM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry that I haven't posted in a week or so - my father had a stroke this Sunday and I have been helping out - he is at home now, which is good, but he has to use a walker because when he stands he falls to the right. I just hope that his physical therapy will get him back to normal!!

I haven't been able to work out this week because of it, but I did finally get back to Curves this morning - felt great! I am hoping that I won't have to go to my parents till Friday (my parents live a few hours away from all of us kids and my sister is busy going through cancer treatments with her husband and my brother is too busy for anyone except himself. My mother works at the hospital on second shift and my dad can't be left alone so I am hoping that my mom gets put on-call tonight and that I can go workout tomorrow and Saturday I will take a guest pass to their Curves in their town.) So hopefully I will still get my 3 days in.

Speaking of which - I need to vent for a moment. My sister and I are so pissed off at my brother. He knew for 2.5 hours that my mom was at the hospital with my dad and he didn't call us or go their right away. He said that my mom told him not to call us because she didn't want us to worry, but I am sorry, he doesn't have the right to play God and decide if we get to know if my dad is in the hospital or not. Plus, how dare he sit at his house for 2.5 hours and let my mom sit there by herself...My sister and I finally found out because my mom called and asked if my brother had called us. Then when we got to the hospital my brother got there and only stayed an hour. It just makes me so mad!!

Ok - gotta go - thanks for letting me vent - gotta get to work today.

11-06-2003, 09:25 AM
Morning APRIL ~ I don't blame you one bit for being upset with your brother! If you recall that's what happened to me as well!!! My father and brother (my family lives in MAINE & I am here in OHIO) were to call me after my mother's surgery to let me know how she came through. My sister lives right across the street and my father was home for nearly four hours after my mom's surgery and he called my brother right when he got home but NEVER called either one of us girls!!! And my brother was to call me if he heard anything from my Dad. I finally couldn't take the wait any longer & called my brother - he was laying down and wouldn't come to the phone to talk to me, so I spoke to my nephew briefly... feeling frustrated I called my sister and she still had not heard anything... so she called the hospital and then called me back with a number I could reach my mom at. What a frustrating mess!!! All my father had to do was call my sister, so she could call me --- that was our agreement when I last spoke to him. So neither my father or my brother came through for me or my sister :( I totally could grasp what you must be feeling and I am so sorry that it had to happen!

I will hold you and you family in my special prayers that he will fully recover from his stroke!

Huge (((Hugs))) April!!!
And good for you that you went to exercise, it will help you with your emotions right now. Luvs...

11-06-2003, 12:01 PM
this is my first time to post here, but i to am a curves girl! i love it! that is my time....i love my trainer...

right now we are doing this weight loss challenge, and you wear 9 braclets on your right arm, and each time you eat a fruit and veggie you move the bracelet to your left arm..it starts monday, so i am hoping it works! have to wait and see!:strong:

i have been going to curves since march, and since i have been there i have lost 40pds, but have lost 100pds total, i lost the rest before i started going, but i still have a way to go!


cw-316:jig: i want to lose alot more! hope to hear from someone! have a good day and god bless...hey i a question how do you get those cute pics one your postings?

11-06-2003, 12:09 PM
I cannot stay on - have to go get ready for the day, but just wanted to WELCOME DARCY!! So glad you found us!!!

:cp:Again I CONGRATULATE YOU for your 100# loss!!!! :cp: WoW!!! What a wonderful job you have done so far!! An inspiration!!

Gotta get going now - later!!!

11-06-2003, 12:40 PM
Well - Ricardo's sister had the baby yesterday. Healthy baby girl, weight 8 lbs & 18 inches long! She is such a Cutie Pie!! :bb: Luckily, she didn't have to have a c-section, and I'm sure she is thankful for that! She is coming home later today, so we are all going to see the baby. I'll bring my digital camera and take some pics to post of Raquel.

My sister Alicia is pretty excited about being pregnant again. She's been wanting another baby, but she was having some health problems. Now that things are better, she is expecting! :) I love being an Auntie....it's a bummer that they live so far away though.


Good news!!! I got a job. I had been sending out resumes before I had quit my other job, and I got a call from a company today. I will be doing "billing" in their office, and the pay is awefully nice! At my previous job I was making $8.25 an hour to call people, and get yelled at all the time..lol and this billing position pays $11.50 an hour - full time - and doesn't involve people yelling at me on the phone. :dancer: How nice is that? $3.25 more an hour than before! :) Plus she said that they do like to give out over time too. That will work to my benefit. :) The down fall? It's quite a hike to work. 30 miles one way. It's all the way on the other side of Detroit. :fr: It's not a bad area, just such a long drive. I can deal with it though - as long as I get my new car soon. :crossed:

I talked with my dad last night about the car. I think what he is going to do is, sign for the car like he is buying it. And when he insures it, the insurance will be in his name, with me added on as a driver. It would be a lot cheaper that way. Then I could just make the car payments, and pay my insurance. Then once the car is paid off, he can sign it over to me. I don't have good credit, and the dealership will laugh if I were to apply for an auto loan. Hopefully though, I can get something this week - since I should be starting my new job next week.


SunnyD57 - Mikala is such a doll! Love the pictures!!!
So your curves added some equiptment, and now wants you to go around the circle 2.5 times?? Confusing if you ask me. I'd much rather just make it around three times then. And really, it's not like they could say "no". You pay for the membership. I know the Curves I've been attending, we go around three full times. (By the way - I did finally go to Curves today :hyper: maybe that's why I'm feeling better?? lol

angel4real - Glad to hear your dad is doing better :)
Thanks for putting up the info for that Shirley Temple movie. I want to rent it one night. I love old Shirley Temple movies. And that particular scene with the angels sounds beautiful. :angel:

mbzig (a.k.a. MaryBeth) - WELCOME! :cp: Lurk no more! :) Even though you are not a member of Curves yet, you are very welcome to hang out with us here! It's always nice to see new people reading our threads, and wanting to participate. All of the ladies here are absolutly wonderful, kind, caring, inspirational, and MOTIVATING! Hope to see you around here often :)

aprilbride04 - (((HUGS))) I am so sorry to hear about your fathers stroke! With some time, patience, and some therapy, your father will be on the right track. I will say a prayer for you and your family tonight. Hopefully you'll be able to get back to curves after all of the things that are going on. It will help you clear your mind. And please feel free to vent here whenever you need to. Keep us updated whenever you can...(((Hugs again)))

darc - WELCOME! :cp: Can I just say...WOW WOW WOW!!! What amazing results you are getting! To lose 60 lbs by yourself, and then another 40 lbs from joining Curves! How wonderful that must feel!!! YOU GO GIRL! Are you doing anything else besides Curves, any kind of food program you are on?? Tell me your secrets! ;)


Well - I suppose I'd better go. I have a sink full of dishes, and a bedroom that is screaming at me to clean!!! lol

Have a wonderful day everyone, and HAPPY CURVING! :)

~ Kari Berry ~

11-07-2003, 03:01 AM
MaryBeth, thank you for the info but that link didnít work for me either. I'm going to go to Kmart this weekend. I think they might have it there, if not I know I can order it on Amazon, or maybe even eBay.
Donít be such a lurker Marybeth, come in once in a while. We like having new people join us.

AprilBride, I'm sorry to hear about your day, I will be praying for his speedy recovery. My dad was just in the hospital with Kidney Failure, and my brother called me to ask me for my cousins phone number so that he could tell her he was in the hospital. Not worrying about me, but wanted my couldnít and my aunt to know. I was furious. His reasoning, was that he didnít want to upset me. What? Like he didnít think Iíd find out?
Men are idiots, they arenítí programmed right. If you know what I mean?

Darc, welcome
Iíve heard of that before, I forget what they call it though. Unfortunately I canít do that because Iím on Atkins, and I have to stay away from fruit for now. But I'm interested to see how it works for you, so please stick around so you can keep us posted on your progress. Congrats on the 100 pound loss. What an awesome accomplishment.

Kari, congrats on the birth of the new baby. Iím glad that everything worked out and she didnít need to have a c section.
Also on your new Job, see the job situation worked out for the best, now the car situation will too.

Ok, well Itís late, and itís past my bed time.
Till tomorrow


11-07-2003, 12:49 PM
Good Morning!

I got in my workout at Curves this morning and came home and ate a serving of lite cottage cheese with a bit of fruit (blueberries) on it - yummy! And a full glass of pure water... gotta hydrate. I really did miss going to my workouts and it feels so good being back. But the people in the mornings @ 8:00 are so quiet!! I was going at 9:00 before they got the new hours and they chatted more. I am a chatter-bug :blah: and a morning person, so I am dying to get them to talk. I even take some time to listen to topics on the radio or read the paper before I go so I have some points of interest to get them going :lol: It helps some, but they are obviously not morning people and probably hate people like me! Oh well... ... I enjoy the workout and the owner, Sue, chats with me :)


DARCY ~ How are you doing today? Keeping on track? I enjoyed chatting with you yesterday and don't mind that you ask questions or may need a pick-me-up once in awhile. That's what we are here for!!! Did you go to your Curves today? Did you drink your water? Very important you know to weight loss and so is fiber.

http://home.att.net/~scorh/Baby01a.gifCONGRATS AUNTIE KARI!!!!!! So happy to hear that she did not have to have a c-section... she'll be up and about so much quicker now. I just cannot wait to see the pictures of the baby!!! Bet she's beautiful!!!
http://home.att.net/~scorh/Baby01g.gif Come back soon with pics!!!

:dance: And I just couldn't be happier for you that you not only got a job, but you got a better paying job!!!! God is so good - isn't he! Now to get that car!!! I am still praying for you... you need that car to get to your new job. I am so happy for you, KARI! :cp: PLUS you went to Curves!!!! Yes!! :D

Oh... as far as Curves goes - I just go three times around and no one says anything. Most the other ladies do too. If you don't go a full 3x's you don't get all the machines in or the full 30 min. So it's working out okay.


Well ladies... I hope you all have a super day on your journey of health and well-being!!
God's Blessings!!!

11-07-2003, 02:27 PM
SunnyD and Angel - I totally know how you two feel - what is it about men that they think they have the right to decide what we get to know and what we don't get to know? Bizarre...the thought would never even cross my mind...Thank you both for sharing your stories and your kind words. Sunny - I totally forgot about your situation until you reminded me!! Angel - I am glad your dad is doing better - I will keep you all in my prayers!!

Kari - Congrats on your new job - Now that you are making more does that mean that you are going to keep your membership??
Congrats on being a new aunt!! That must be so exciting!!

Darci - Welcome to the group!! Congrats on your HUGE weight loss success!! Keep it up!!

Went to Curves this morning - pulled into the parking lot and sat in the car for five minutes debating whether to go in or not - has that ever happened to anyone before? I haven't had that happen before. I sat there and debated with myself and finally made myself go in. (I am just so exhausted from everything this week that I was really contemplating going home and lying in bed all day.) I finally went in and got my workout done. I asked the owner if I could have a travel pass and she asked if I was going somewhere fun and I told her that my dad had a stroke - she immediately gave me a hug...It just amazes me how nice Curvers are! I didn't know that I needed one but I think I did because I decided to keep on trucking and get the heck to work. Went in till noon and now I am at home getting ready to go to my parents.

My father had some physical therapy yesterday and they told him that he will probably recover fully - I hope they are right - it just kills me seeing a 52 year old man carrying a walker!! So that is good news! Of course, the way life is going lately it is no surprise that my mom called me and told me that my aunt has a hereditary disease that is in the eye and causes tumors in the eyes, liver, kidneys, along with blindness and cancer. I have to get checked immediately because they can tell if you will get it and try to do things to prevent the onset. There is a high chance that several others in my family have it because our family is so big. I called my dr. office for a referral to an opthemologist and they told me to call back Tuesday.

Anyways, I am on that nice emotional rollercoaster and am ready to get off of it!! I am going to continue working out though because I find that life is just a little bit easier when I do.
Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers...this is what makes this group so special!! Keep working out and have a great weekend!

11-08-2003, 10:50 AM
Hello everyone - how are you all today?

I just got back from Curves :) And guess how I got to Curves today??? In my NEW CAR!!!

I am soooo excited! Last night - my mother and I went to the dealership to look at a car that I've had my eye on. I test drove it for quite a long time (45 minutes) and I LOVE IT. It's a 2000 Ford Contour Sport. We went in to sign the papers, (my mother decided to co-sign for me instead of my dad). She was approved, they just don't know what bank they will be financing through, because it was really late, and the banks were closed.

The guy was nice enough to let me take the car home with me so I can drive it some more, and see if I really like it...and I DO! :) It's awesome!

Later, after my digital camera charges, I will post some pictures of the car. :)

11-08-2003, 07:29 PM
Here is the link to the photos of my new contour :)

Kari's 2000 Ford Contour Sport (http://www.geocities.com/kari_hager@sbcglobal.net/contour_body.html)


11-09-2003, 12:23 AM

I just discovered this site and have been reading for a day or two. I just joined Curves this past week -- ours just opened up and I joined on the third day it was open.

So far I have had the chance to workout one time, for my instructional visit. I joined because I currently do no exercise, and I am hoping that by establishing a routine by going first thing in the morning after my kids are off to school -- I can stick to it.

I have about 65 lbs to lose. I've lost weight twice before -- 50 lbs on WW and 60 lbs on Jenny Craig, but over the years gained it back both times. My diet approach will simply be to eat healthily -- following WW type guidelines.

I am anxious to go to Curves again, but I found out I can't go on Monday. I hope to go Tues thru Friday though! Ours is not open on Sat.

11-09-2003, 05:56 AM
aprilbride04 - I hope that your dad is doig better. I just saw my dad last night, and he is almost back to his normal self. Hopefully your dad will be soon too.

Kari, Congratulations on YOUR new "baby" (the car) You see everything is working out for you. Im so happy for you.

Amy, welcome to our thread. we always like newbies here. Post often so that we can get to know you. Once you start going to curves on a regular basis you will love it. After your curves has been open for a while and membershp increases they will probably open on Satudays for a couple of hours.

ok, well it's way past my bed time. hope everyone is doing well.
Hi to everyone that i didnt mention by name.


11-09-2003, 10:06 AM
Welcome Amy - to our little corner of the world! lol. This site, and Curves is DEFINATLY the best place to get started! I know you are going to just LOVE Curves! When I first started doing it on my own - I was thinking..."What have I gotten myself into???" I had hardely ever excercised before that, and to tell you the truth, I was absolutly winded! So as I was still getting used to the equiptment, I would take my time, and make sure I was doing everything correctly. (If you ever feel like you are doing something wrong, or you are hurting while doing an exercise at Curves, just stop and ask one of the instructors. They will make sure you're doing it right) ;)

As I felt myself getting stronger by working out at Curves, I pushed a little harder, and a little faster, and I could FEEL my body changing. Now I'm not so winded when I work out, but I can still feel my muscles working. Recently I started feeling a little down and avoided curves for about a week and a half. I suppose maybe I just needed the break, but now I'm back in full action. So if you ever become tired, and don't feel like going, just step back for a few days - take a break. Just make sure to go back! :)

This site and Curves is such a great place to make friends, get motivated, and inspire others! Guaranteed!

I hope to see ya around here often Amy :) And congrats on starting Curves! :)

~ Kari Berry ~

11-10-2003, 09:19 AM
Kari - Congrats on your car - very cute!! You must be so excited...I know I was when I got my new car...although I am hoping to be in a position to get a new one in a year or so...
Did you throw your favorite CD in and drive for an hour or so yet?
Is your payment low enough that you are going to be able to keep your Curves membership?

Hi AMy! - Welcome, welcome, welcome!! This is a great board and I think that you will love it - everyone here is so great!! I know what you mean about working out in the morning - I have been getting up at 6-6:30 every morning and going to Curves for about 7 weeks now. I am going to get my measurements taken Tues or WEd this week so hopefully I will have some good results to tell you about!! I can tell that I have lost though! And I feel so much better!! Plus, now that I am in the habbit I don't want to miss my workouts - I just don't feel right throughout the day when I miss one!

Angel - I am so happy that your dad is feeling better! I saw my dad this weekend and I can't believe what a few days can do - he looks so much better than he did when I last saw him on Tuesday!! I think that he will be alright. Sounds like your dad is going to do great too - keep me posted!

Got my Monday morning workout in today. Had to scrape my car and couldn't warm it up because I forgot to go fill up my car and the gas gauge was the lowest I have ever seen it! Froze my butt off and then had to pump gas....finally got to Curves though. (Actually, I was glad that I made it to the gas station!!) Anyways, decided that I really need to add some cardio into my workout since all I have been doing lately is just Curves....need to be more committed to getting on my Elliptical a few nights a week - I think that I will see some fast results with a few extra workouts. Get to weight and measure myself Tuesday or WEdnesday...haven't in 7 weeks since I got hypnotized so wish me luck...I am thinking that I will tomorrow...

Talk with you all later - happy Monday!

11-10-2003, 10:57 AM
Today I go to finish signing the papers for my new car. I am so bummed about the insurance though. :( My insurance is $290 a month!!! My car payment will be around $150 a month. That $290 is what really kills me! I *thought* that I may be able to stay with Curves - but now I'm not sure. I've been budgeting all morning, and Curves just doesn't fit in well after groceries, bills, car payment, and insurance. :( If my insurance were cheaper, I'd be okay - but because of my age, and no health insurance, they want to charge me a fortune! Blah...

Oh well - I'll manage. I WILL get to curves...some how ;)

- Kari

11-10-2003, 12:49 PM
Kari..$290 a month sounds outrageous. I pay $380 a month for my husband, myself and my two kids and one of them is an 18 year old boy which is almost $100 for just him. Course that is for liablility only but still that is crazy high for you. I have never been asked by my insurance company if we have health insurance which for years we didnt. Might pay to shop around.

11-10-2003, 03:47 PM
I called around all morning....got quotes from everywhere.

AAA was the best so far - they now want $230 a month. Everywhere else it was $320+ And everyone I called asked if I have health insurance. I know that's part of it - and because of my age (21).

I have no tickets or accidents. I'd hate to see what it would be if I did! :O

Insurance Company's are horrible...they practically rob you.

11-10-2003, 05:43 PM
Kari- Wow!!! That is outrageous!! How much liability are you getting? You might want to check that - I know that when I was in college a few years back I was getting raped because I was under my parents old policy which had too much liability for me, who has no assets! Are you in college? I know that there is health insurance for college students through most universities that tends to be pretty affordable...maybe that could help....

Cassandra B
11-10-2003, 07:33 PM
hello everyone..

Well, where to start??? I went back to curves today. I havent been in sooo long. When I got there and got started I could have kicked myself for being so lazy for so long. Atleast I went today. Tomorrow is a state employee holiday so it will be a challange to go work out. I know I will want to watch talk shows all day.

My Lexapro seems to be doing ok. I havent had many of the side effects.. I asked my husband if he thought it was working... I told him that I made it all weekend with out crying and he agreed. So I guess that is a good sign.

My kitty cat is doing so good. She is becoming your regular pig. She is eating like crazy and tries to run. Sometimes she forgets that leg doesnt go as fast as the other 3 and stumbles but atleast she trying.

Kari- Your car is very pretty. Im glad you found something that you like. Insurance is really crazy. We have Geico. You may want to give them a call just for a quote. I hope you find a way to keep going to curves. Oh yeah... 1 more thing.... I looked at you web site and you are really pretty... Keep up the good work.

Ok. enough jibber jabber...gotta go find out whats for dinner. I always forget to thaw something.

talk to yall later..

11-10-2003, 08:46 PM
Kari...I am still amazed about the insurance. Maybe it is different in Texas or something. I dont know if this will work for you but our daughter is 22 and is buying a lincoln l/s and we have her hooked onto our insurance with full coverage for her car but it is under her name and she pays about $95 a month. Of course we have been with the same insurance for about 25 years and they tend to work with us pretty well. It just makes me sick when insurance tries to take advantage of young ppl especially with your good driving record. Sometimes they have you where they want you and there is nothing you can do. Hope it all works out...

11-10-2003, 08:47 PM
oh and cassandra...I have been married for 25 years and still forget to thaw something for supper...hmmm... but mine could be from old age lol

11-11-2003, 12:44 AM
Hey everyone :)

I only got to Curves once last week because I spent the rest of the week down with a nasty cold. But I stuck to the diet plan the whole time, and I lost 7 lbs! I was up 4.5, so that is taken care of, plus another 2.5. :D I was so thrilled! It felt really good to be back and working out. A little too good, I guess, because I had to keep slowing down because my heart rate was too high. Oops?

Kari, I'm agreeing with everyone else. That sounds like an insane price for insurance if you have a good record and have been insured all along. One thing I learned early on about insurance companies is that some start out lower and the rate stays the same forever. Others drop in increments the longer you stay with them. It might be another question you want to ask while shopping around? I've never, ever been asked if I had health insurance. I wonder where that figures in?! :dizzy: Sounds like you did get a great car payment, though, and the car is really cute :)

Cassandra, sounds like things are all heading the right direction for you. :) I'm so glad your kitty is doing well. Even happier to hear the meds are doing their job.

April and Angel both, I'm glad to hear your fathers are doing better. :)

Where's Sunny?

I'm still playing household catchup (dishes, laundry, etc.) because I was down so much last week. Got to go get back to it now. I've been reading and posting for too long!


11-11-2003, 12:56 PM
Morning everyone :) Whew, I agree with CASSANDRA - where to begin :?: I know, I will start with welcoming our newest person...

"WELCOME CATSPLAY!" It's always wonderful to see a new someone join us and hope that you continue to come back and post... keeping us up-to-date on your journey.


Me, my weekend was just plain busy and yesterday I spent the last day reviewing my diet and re-reading the South Beach Book. I have gone off-track and have been feeling like my energy has left me. So Yesterday & this morning I have taken the time to prepare my day of meals. I did not go to Curves yesterday and won't be going today... but I WILL be going Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to make up for it. It is too hard for me to work-out when I begin (just cannot do both on the first day). So I ask for your prayers & support that I will be able to do all I have intended to do. You all have so inspired me...


I am beginning again (!) on the
South Beach diet...

A glass of water
Cup of coffee - 1/2 decaf & 1/2 reg with non dairy creamer & Splenda
2- Vegetable Quiche Cups (made in muffin tin... 3/4 cup Egg Sub.-Spinach-Red pepper-Onion-bit of Ham-Lite Cheese & Seasoning) Baked at 350* for 20 min.

2-Deviled eggs
Water & Herb Tea

Grilled Chicken Breast sliced on a bed of Romaine with Balsamic Dressing

Celery stuffed with Lite Cream Cheese
Water & Herb Tea (the tea seems to keep my tummy quiet)

Grilled Salmone with Rosemary
Steamed Veggies
Tossed Salad (Greens, Seedless cuke, Red Pepper & lite Cheese)

Maple Flavored Ricotta Dessert (I usually mix the whole 15oz container of Part Skim Ricotta -makes 4 dessert cups- w/ 2 packets of Splenda, 1 tsp of Maple flavoring - that's it... yummy!) Serving size 1/2 Cup.

Herb Tea before bed

PS> I also take two fiber tablets a day.


I am sorry I am not able to post individually as usual, I have been sitting here for so long to try to catch up with all the thread I belong to and it's very hard on the back :o

Warm "Hello's" :wave: to KARI (Love your new car! Fits you ;) ), BEV (Where have you been?), APRIL & MIA (So happy your father's are doing well and getting better with each day), ANDRIA (I'm here ~ Aren't you sweet...), ROSIEE (So good to see you posting, does that mean you a feeling better now? I hope so.), CASSANDRA ( So happy to hear that Squirt is doing well and that you are going back to Curves again :) ), DARCY (Where are you sweetie?), PRECIOUS, LYNDA, GAYLE, FERN, SHERI, REVELY, VOW, TINA & LYNNE (Hope you all come back ad touch base with us on how you all are doing... Miss you!)

God Bless You ~ALL~ Always!


11-11-2003, 01:00 PM
Here is a link to a couple of pictures I took on Sunday :) I posted them once and you cannot post again - so I just thought if you like to see... Ta!


11-11-2003, 08:33 PM
just wanted to briefly come online and day hello. have been super busy, but I just wanted to touch base. Hope everyone is doing well.


11-12-2003, 01:10 AM
Sunny, you are off to a great start on SBD, from the looks of it! I borrowed one of their recipes, the Lemon Peel Ricotta Cream for a treat the other night. It was really yummy. :) The pictures of your guys were absolutely adorable. I even made my DH come in and see the pic of Domino and his heart. :)

Mia, glad to hear from you, no matter how brief.

I got in my second day of Curves for the week. Trying to decide if I should take off tomorrow. I think I'll try to hit it in the evening on my way home from work.

Did everyone's owners go to the convention thing in Las Vegas last week? Mine did, and she picked up a lot of great tips. We were already thinking about doing a fashion show in the spring, but they did one there, and she said it was incredibly motivational. All the women came out while they showed a before picture of them up on the screen. They told how many inches they had lost, what size they were and what size they are now. Judy loved it so much she has 2 other Curves getting together to plan the show now. It should be a blast!

They also posted up new pics of our own Curves success stories. One woman I used to work out with all the time in the mornings (can't with my new job schedule) has now lost 67 inches, 53 lbs., 39 of which is body fat. WOW! I was so happy for her! Now I'm trying to get up the guts to do my own before picture after seeing hers and Kari's. :)

Time to get myself off to bed. Still feel like I'm running days behind in the house and work, but I should be back on top of it soon. Wish me luck!


11-12-2003, 09:15 AM
I am pretty bummed right now. I have worked out for 7 weeks straight now and never gotten measured because I was waiting for my hypnosis weeks to be up. When I went in this morning to get measured they lost my first set of measurements from 7 weeks ago!! I guess it got lost in the shuffle when they transfered my measurements. The girl wrote it on a sticky note instead of in the book because she wanted my old Curves gym to send my sheet, even though I told her that I didn't have one there. I am so bummed! I have waited for 7 weeks to weigh and measure myself and now all I know is I lost 9 pounds but don't know anything about my inches!! 7 weeks is such a long time to wait!!

Ok - - sorry for not getting back with anyone but I need some pity right now. (Plus if I don't get into the shower and get to work I am going to miss my first appt - will write to you all tonight!)

11-12-2003, 10:16 AM
:( Awwweeee APRIL... That would have bummed me out too!!! I am sorry. Did you happen to post it on any of the Curves threads??? Maybe you could go back and look it up. Maybe this would be a good thing to chart on here - learning from THEIR mistakes.

How about we chart our measurements when we get weighed and measured from here on in?!? That way if it gets lost like what happened to you - you can recover it? What do you ~ALL~ think?

But losing 9#'s girl! :cp: :dance: :bravo: that's nothing to be bummed about! ;) Try real hard to keep your chin up and stay on that OP side... you are doing so well and have given me the incentive to keep on truckin' (((Hugs)))

Morning ANDRIA ~ No... my owner, Sue, did not go to the convention, but knew about it when I mentiond it to her. I bet it was neat to hear all the OP stories!

Go - go - go to your Curves class - no thinking about it :lol: I know when I do that I talk myself out of it... like the Nyke commercial: "Just Do It" ;) Let me know if you did :lol: You'll feel better for it. Take Care of yourself!

MIA ~ Always good to see you even if it's brief :)


I did well today... got in my Curves class as I said I would even though Joe is home today (it's hard to follow my routine when the hubby is home, but I did it ;) ) They do Wacky Wednesday's and go in reverse and usually at one of the recovery stations have a game... like last week it was basketball at a recovery station & this week it was hop-scotch... fun. You get to put your name into a drawing for a gift. I will go tomorrow too to make up for not going on Monday. I stuck to my diet yesterday and will try real hard to today.

Gotta go - hubby is waiting.
God Bless!

Have an OP day Ladies!!!

11-12-2003, 02:13 PM
Hello all :) Haven't posted in a few days, because I've been out and about enjoying my new car :D

Things ended up working out pretty good for me. My mom put the car in her name, and she put the car in her insurance, and added me on as a driver, which brings my monthly insurance to $155 a month. I can live with that. :)

I was stressing pretty bad about the insurance before hand. I knew I could afford it - but it just was SO high.

Now that the papers are signed, and the car is actually mine, I feel better. It's nice being able to drive around, and not have to worry what part is going to fall off of your vehicle :lol:

I went to Curves yesterday, and worked my butt off. I know I gained weight. I can feel it. I just need to steer myself back on track. This morning, I ate

1 hard boiled egg
1 slice toast
1 banana (which I was craving, or else it would have been an apple) lol

Haven't decided on lunch or dinner. Guess I should start planning.


CassandraB - Glad that you got back to Curves, and that YOU are feeling better. I've been on antidepressants before, and indeed they do help. I had days where I would watch T.V. and cry for no reason. I was never like that before, but I would just start crying, and have to get up and go into the bathroom. It's good that you are not having any side effects of the meds. I was once on Paxil and had BAD side effects - to the point where I actually thought I was going crazy...not good. I was then switched to Celexa for quite some time, and it worked great for me. Everyone is different though. I am no longer on meds. Sure I get "down" at times, but I don't feel that I need them when I'm feeling a little sad. You can usually tell when depression is at it's worse, and that's when you know to get help. That's exactly what you did, and I commend you for seeking help. Some people are afraid, or ashamed to admit it, and never get the treatment that they need. Thankfully, you did. And getting through the weekend without crying...shows that it is already helping. (((hugs))) :grouphug: to you, and if you need anything, I am always here.

qsilver - sorry to hear about your week of sickness! Glad you are feeling better, and got back to Curves! :) 7 lbs down!!! How awesome! :) You are doing a great job!

SunnyD57 - the South Beach Diet doesn't sound bad at all. And the menu you have planned sounds yummy, (especially that Maple Flavored Ricotta Dessert...mmm.) I've gotten a ton of stuff in the mail about joining the south beach diet, I just cannot afford to join it...lol...so I've been *trying* to do my own thing. I don't think it's been working, because I haven't really been *on plan* lately. I need to *Focus Focus Focus* lol :) Also loved the pictures you posted of your Husband, and kitties! Your Husband looks like he is FREEZING lol. But your kitties look quite content! :) I want a kitty just like Domino! Love the little heart on his side!

aprilbride04 - I would be really bummed about Curves losing your first set of measurements. Not cool. But for every bad thing that happens, there is something good too! You lost 9 LBS!!! :cb: :cp: :cb: Way to go!


Well - looks like I'd better get going. I have a little bit of running to do today, and because it is a beautiful sun shiny day, I'm going to wash my car, and make it shiny(er) lol.

Have a great day ladies!

~ Kari Berry ~

11-12-2003, 10:45 PM
Hello everyone!!

I had some questions for you about curves and if you already answered them through this thread... I apologize... (I didn't read all the post!)

I just found out they have a Curves in the town I'm in, not that far from where I live. My questions are:

*What is curves all about?
**How much is a membership? (I know if must vary from place to place but a rough idea would help)
***And what types of workout machines do they have?
****Is it just weights or more of a cardio type thing?

I have a membership on hold in another town and was getting ready to restart it, until I saw the curves. I just wanted some input about the place. I've heard good stuff. But it sounds small. So I'm just curious.

I'd appreciate the information.

11-13-2003, 10:30 AM
Hi Marti,
Curves is a great gym. I find that it gives me structure, because you know what you have to do, and when to do it. At a regular gym, I find it hard to decide *what* to do.

Basically, Curves is a gym based around "Circuit Training". All of the equiptment at Curves is set up in a circle. What you do is, start at a "Station" as it is called. You walk, march, run, or jog in place for 30 seconds. Then you switch to a machine. After 30 seconds on that machine, you switch to the next "station" where you walk, march, run, or jog again. Then the pattern continues.

Depending on the size, and number of stations, you will go around the circle 2 or 3 times to make an entire 30 minute workout.

Curves is not just weight training, or cardio. It is both. Your cardio is when you are walking, marching, running, or jogging on the stations. Your actual muscle work is when you are on the machines. The nice thing about curves is that you do not have to move ANY of their equiptment, or mess with heavy weights. Everything is "Hydraulic" meaning that there is water in parts of the equiptment, and that is what makes your muscles work. You are pulling against that force. And it's great, because if you are a begginer, you can just do it easily, until you get used to it, and then start working harder at it. The faster you work on the equiptment, the harder it gets.

I find at my curves, they set up the machines so you get an "even" workout for your body. They will rotate from your arms, then your legs, then your abs, ect... every Curves is set up different though. My Curves has A LOT of stuff, so we go around the circle 2 times which equal 30 minutes.

Plus I find I like Curves because I don't feel "rushed". You get 30 seconds on each machine, and you KNOW that when you are done, it is 30 minutes. No rushing to do all the the machines, and try to get out of the gym on time.

As far as pricing goes, you are right, each Curves varies.

Normally you have to pay a Start Up Fee ($175) BUT they USUALLY have it half price! (So definatly ask them!) Then you can decided to pay for an entire year upfront (and they will give you a discount - but not sure how much.)

Or you can pay $29 a month. The ONLY way to get it for $29 a month though is if you allow them to take it directly out of your checking account. This is a nice, easy, and affordable way to do it.

And the other way is just to pay month to month - which is $39. This is how I do it - makes it easier for me, even though I'm spending $10 more.

When I signed up I ended up spending around $114 for the first month (with start of fees) and then $39 a month there after.

For some reason, some people refuse to believe that a 30 minute workout at Curves can get someone in shape, but they are wrong! I have seen so many women have GREAT results. Including the women on this board! :) Not only does it helo change your body in a good way, it also helps your mind! Many of us here find that when we are having a bad day, we can go to Curves, and "Work Out" our bodies, and minds! :)

I hope I've covered "most" of what Curves is about. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! :)

Hope you find something that works good for you Marti!
Have a great day! :)

~ Kari Berry ~

11-13-2003, 11:23 AM
:wave: WELCOME Marti!

Kari did a wonderful job explaining Curves - hope you will think about joining! I too really enjoy the workouts and "DO" feel a huge difference. Especially since I was doing 'nothing much' before!

Oh... there is one more thing about paying the entire year up-front that Kari mentioned - they don't usually offer that right out to you, you will have to ASK about it. Otherwise, she did an excellent job explaining it all to you :) :cp:

Don't forget to stop back and let us know what you decided to do, okay :)

KARI ~ So good to hear you so happy :lol: !!!! I am glad to hear that you got the insurance all figured out and got a great price abd will be able to stay with Curves!!!!! I think allot of your cost was the make of the car as well as everything else. I know that our Jeep is high to insure because it is a jeep!

As far as the SBD goes --- I don't pay anything??? I just bought the book and have been following it. That's all and I feel so good when I follow it!! Don't know why I choose to go off like I do- strange isn't it - human nature. So hard to understand sometimes... anyway, right now I am feeling wonderful and sticking to my exercise and food program.

Glad you enjoyed my pics - love my boys - all of them and yes (!) Joe was cold when he first laid down, he had been working outside raking leaves in the cold and came in to get warm ;) so you were right.

PS>> I got the SBD book at Wal-Mart ;)


Good Morning everyone!!!!!
Hope you are ~ALL~ have a OP day today!!!
So far so good for me - sticking to my SBD and feeling fine :)

God's Blessings!!!!

11-13-2003, 01:19 PM
SunnyD57 - Thanks for telling me where to get the SBD book! We have a wal-mart right down the street, so when I get some extra $$$ I'm going to stop off and buy it. :) I keep getting all of this "junk" in the mail about the SBD. It's a packet they keep sending me. (I'm not sure who "they" are...lol) But the packet is full of health reasons to follow the SBD and they are basically selling their "program". It comes with a book, and some other junk. I know it was stuff that I didn't need, and didn't need to pay for...lol. But now that I know I can just buy the book, that would work better for me. :)

Thanks again for the info!

~ Kari Berry ~

11-13-2003, 03:40 PM
So glad I could be of some help KARI ;) I also bought a SBD book at Amazon.com (for a friend who wanted one) and got it in three days! And have seen them at Barnes & Knoble.

"Luck!" So glad I could be of some help to ya...

Oh, wanted to let you know that I adopted Domino from the humane society... he was at a pet store and he was from a litter of three (had two sisters). The two girls were way in the back of the cage trying to 'stay away' from everyone and then there was Domino... ... he was reaching out of the cage with his paw trying to touch people ~ adorable! I whispered to my hubby, so noone else would hear and nab him first, "go get him!!!" Then when I picked him up I saw his heart and he won mine ;) He has been my buddy ever since. We call him our "Little-man".

11-13-2003, 04:14 PM
I just cannot get over at how adorable Domino is! :) I've been wanting to get a cat - but Ricardo doesn't approve. We already have two miniature dachshunds, and in Feb or March we are getting an American Bulldog. Yay...lol.

When I get some time today, I'll take a picture of "my boys" Jack and Chip. :)

11-13-2003, 09:56 PM
Hi KARI ~ :lol: Thought you would get a kick out of my post on the "Giving Thanks" thread... link below:


11-13-2003, 11:42 PM
Marti...alot of Curves offer a free week to try it out to see if you like it. You might ask if the one near you offers it also.

11-14-2003, 02:44 AM
I want to thank you for all your input!! It is greatly appreciated. I will stopping by there next week to talk to them. I'm cramming my brain right now studying for exams!

I will definately keep you posted on what I decide. And Rosiee---I will bring up the free week!

It's so nice getting information from this site!
Thanks again!!


11-14-2003, 09:47 AM
Marti - Glad we could be of some help for you :) Rosiee is right - sometimes they will offer a free week :)

SunnyD57 - That was cute! The 12 days of Thanksgiving..lol. This year we are having Thanksgiving at my mother's house, so I am printing that out, and bringing it with me! lol

~ Kari Berry ~

11-14-2003, 10:06 AM
KARI ~ I knew you would get a kick out of it :lol: Joe & I have been invited over to our niece's home for Thanksgiving Day --- there will be about 10 adults and two new babies to hold :)

*Speaking of babies :^: how is that new little baby doing? (I am sorry - I have forgotten her name). Is mom home and getting all settled? Where is her picture? Sure loved to see her...


:o Where is everyone?!?
It sure has been pretty quiet these days... hope everyone is staying on target with the holidays coming up... keep up your Curves! :^:

11-16-2003, 03:02 PM
Hello - sorry I haven't been able to post. I have been SO SICK. On Friday I woke up with what I *thought* to be a sore throat. By Friday evening, I had a stuffy nose, and was sneezing.

On Saturday, I had to wake up EARLY and spent the entire day with my cousin Becky from traverse city. (8 a.m. until 11:30 p.m.) last night. Needless to say I was sick all day Saturday too. I had a horrible headache, I was hot, cold, hot, cold. My nose was running like a broken faucet, and I my sinuses had become infected. All that pressure, I thought my head could have come off!

So last night, I brought my miserable, sick self to bed, late of course, and woke up this morning at 7:00 a.m. still sick. Then I managed to make some bisquits, gravy, and eggs for everyone who was here (Ricardo's family comes over on Sundays).

After breakfast, I choked down two tablespoons of some kind of nite time cold/cough suppressant, and sat there, waiting for it to kick in. By 10:00 this morning, I was dizzy, and SUPER tired from the medicine I took, so I fell into bed, and I was OUT. :faint:

I just woke up about 20 minutes ago, I don't feel REALLY bad, but I don't feel really good either. :( I hope this ends soon. I think it's a cold/sinus infection. Blahhh....

Oh well - thanks for listening to me complain - you are all wonderful!

More when I feel better,

~ Kari Berry ~

P.S. - I promise to get pics of the baby soon. I've only seen her twice so far. The new mom & dad haven't been getting much sleep as the baby's sleep schedule is pretty messy right now, so when they get free time, they have been sleeping. ;)

11-16-2003, 04:52 PM
Kari - sorry to hear that you are sick!!!

Can anyone say "Oink"? I have been such a pig this past week...everything was going fine until Wed when I went to Curves and found out that they lost my measurements. It took all I had to go on Thursday morning. Today is Sunday and I haven't worked out since...just EATEN all day long!!

I am planning on getting on my elliptical tonight. I meant to start doing 3-5 30 minute sessions a week along with my Curves workouts and I have been so bummed about these darn measurements that I have been screwing up royally! I feel like I have gained at least 10 pounds in the past 5 days!!

Anyways - I need to get motivated again!! I don't want to quit, and I don't want to regain what I have lost! Is anyone up for a challenge? I am thinking that a short term challenge would be the best...that way we can regroup in a few weeks and start another one!!

I think that a two week challenge would be great to start with. I am not going to measure it in pounds or inches, but in exercise and how I feel I am eating. If anyone is interested, please post your goals here!

My goals for the challenge of Sunday November 16th to Sunday November 30th:

1) Curves 4 days a week
2) 30 minute cardio sessions 4 times a week
3) 3 meals a day that are healthy!

I hope that there will be others of you willing to do the challenge with me...please write your goals so we can all be held accountable. I really think that with the holidays coming up we need a little extra challenge to keep us all on track!!

11-16-2003, 05:39 PM
Ok - Just got done with a 30 minute workout on the elliptical. I went 2.1 miles and burned over 400 calories. Feeling good...nice to get the blood pumping again...

1 of 4 done for the week!!

Oh yeah, going to work on getting my water in too. Been awful at that lately and I actually LIKE water!!

Talk with you all tomorrow!!

11-17-2003, 12:37 AM
Hey everyone :)

April, I'll take up that challenge!

1- Curves 3 times this week.
2- Stay OP on my diet (still doing the Curves one and loving it)
3- Drink my water! (I never drink enough when the weather finally cools down)

I have a super busy week ahead of me, so the goals might not sound really challenging, but just getting to Curves 3 times will be rough.

Kari, I'm so sorry you are under the weather. Really happy with how the car deal has worked out, though. Grats to you!

Sunny, I haven't had a chance to read the link yet. Must be good from the responses.

Marti, glad you are giving Curves a look. Let us know what you think after your visit. I love the scaled back gym setting, and I've NEVER had results like this from any other workout besides water aerobics.

Ok, there is still laundry to finish and it is already 9:30 at night! Where has this weekend gone!


P.S. Sunny, just read the list, and it is really funny! :lol:

01-07-2004, 11:19 AM

I have Begun another CURVES #4
LINK: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34620