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10-19-2003, 12:28 PM
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10-19-2003, 12:30 PM
Okay, fresh new week, new thread, new beginning! I'm going now to whip up a decent post, but I wanted to start the new thread...so come on out and post, chickies!

10-19-2003, 12:45 PM
I KNEW you would have the book, Tina but I wanted to make sure everyone else was aware that this "Nascar Disease" is SO serious that there is a need for a Chicken Soup for the Nascar Soul book!!!!! It will help everyone to understand!!!!! (hehehehehehe) :lol: ;)

I have to watch the Vikings (football) today and hopefully get some yard work done since I goofed off all day yesterday at the craft fair.

10-19-2003, 01:14 PM
Hey girls!

Okay, I'm ready to get serious again! I almost feel silly saying that, because I've said it SO many times before, but there it is. I will never give up. I will keep starting over til I get this right! So I took my WW stuff out and recorded the points of my healthy breakfast, made sure I got my fruit and my protein and my milk in...plan on getting back on the bike later today. I know what to do...it's just a matter of doing it!

The boys are off to the Giants/Eagles game...We went to West Point yesterday to watch Army get their butts kicked by East Carolina University...It was a nice day though, sunny, warm (when the sun was out) but not too chilly when it wasn't. It was fun, but I really need a weekend to catch up on everything around here! Maybe LUCKY will come help me rake some leaves...pretty please???? ;)

Welcome back, Barb! I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Michelle, I will PM you when I'm done here, so that we can firm up plans for Saturday. :cp:

Syn...Yay for your loss! Keep going, kiddo!

Tina...I loved the pics! You have every right to be the proud football mama!

Andria...I just caught the last train out of funkville flats! I feel the need to visit there periodically...BTW...fondue? :T :T Gonna share any recipes?

J-ann...thanks for the good advice! You've inspired me to take a ride to our local farm market. How do you fix your butternut squash?

Terri...Happy Anniversary!!

Pam, the wedding sounds wonderful and good for you for resisting not one, but two! wedding cakes!

Thin, how was your arm in arm stroll with hubby? Nice to have that time alone together!

Mary, I hope your weekend went well and that you lost that "gorilla" somewhere between Little Rock and home!!

Sandy...How are things? Any word? Hugs and Prayers to you, hon.

Okay...as usual...I've spent WAY more time here than I had planned on...To everyone that I missed, HI! I'll catch up with you during the week!

love to all...

10-19-2003, 02:36 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: I have exactly 20 minutes to post. That's when the timer goes off to run and change the laundry and then I need to be out of here. Think I can do it????

I feel like I've been gone forever....from here and from doing anything good on WW. I skipped last Monday knowing full well I had gained and I just am having a hard time thinking about going tomorrow as well. :(

I haven't eatten anything good in such a long time, except for a grilled chicken salad at the market on Wednesday. I'm feeling really horrible about myself and my eatting lately. Maybe it's the "funkville" thing that's going around, but some of you are doing so great....maybe if I get my butt HERE more often, you girls that are doing well will rub off on me. :crossed:

Honey and I had a wonderful time Thursday. We went to Greenfield Village which is about 40 minutes from here. It is actually an accumulation of old houses, workshops and factories that have been moved from various areas because of their historic value.

The Ford world headquarters is here in Dearborn and all that property is/was all owned by the Ford family. The Village and Henry Ford Museum were all started by the Ford's years ago and it just keeps growing and growing.

The Village has a whole loop that is the Farm. Then there's another loop that is industrial with the Edison, Wright Brothers, Ford and other workshops. Then there's a loop that is all old homes. They have a railroad roundhouse that is really cool. There is a loop that is mostly craft type workshops: glassblowing, printing, spinning, weaving, pottery, etc. It's really quite a place.

Honey and I were only able to get through a portion of it because we got there late in the afternoon. But we had slept in in the morning and then went out to lunch, so we did spend the entire day together. It was nice.

Sandy: Any word on the missing? My heart goes out to you and all involved.

Pam: You are just shining in your last post about the wedding. Good for you!

Mary: I hope your trip to Little Rock gets you out of the dumps. I'm worried about you!

Barb: Glad to see you back from your trip. It's great that you had a nice time.

Katrina: Good to see you getting back out of the slump. Maybe we can both pull those boot-straps up one more time. How bout it?

Andria: You sound great lately too! I just loved doing shows for my 'favorite' hostesses. So much fun!

2cute: I can't wait til your company leaves so we get to see you more often.

Jen: Good to see you too.

Joanne: The more you play with the stuff here, the better you get. You'll learn, but we don't mind even the plain stuff. :lol:

JoeAnne: Your thankful lists are always the best!

J-ann: How was the wine tour? I bet you had alot of fun.

xDas7x: Nice to see you. Stop back anytime.

Terri: Happy Anniversary! I know, a little belated, but it's the thought that counts, right??? Sounds like you had a really nice evening.

Tina: GREAT pics, girl! You've got yourself quite a little ball player there!

Syn: CONGRATS on the BIG loss! You're really showing us how this is done lately!!! Good for you!

Michelle: That WAS a really good price on the pork. Don't ya just love it when someone stickers something wrong and we get to profit by it??? I love :love: when that happens.

Lucky: I just love craft shows and this is definitely the time of year for them. I just don't have anyone to go with :( so I haven't been in a long while. Do you want to come by one day and we'll go together??? BTW, I actually bought that Chicken Soup for the Nascar Soul for honey for Christmas. :lol:

Ok, I think I'm caught up. If I missed you, I'm terribly sorry. It wasn't on purpose. I really have to run. My timer for the wash has gone off and then I need to get out of here. It's time to put together goody bags for all the 'Frat' boys for Halloween and I've got to pick up a couple more items for them.

I'll talk to you all later. Love :love: ya bunches.

10-19-2003, 03:26 PM
Originally posted by thinthinker

I feel like I've been gone forever....from here and from doing anything good on WW. I skipped last Monday knowing full well I had gained and I just am having a hard time thinking about going tomorrow as well. :(

THIN: I want you to go to your meeting tomorrow. It never helps to stay away, even on a gain week. You can go with me (cyberly) if you want. I try to go on Monday afternoon. I skipped last week cause I was on vacation and ended up spending the afternoon gabbing with friends and really, truely forgot:dizzy: to go. We CAN do this if we all help each other.

10-19-2003, 04:29 PM
I'm back Check in later

Terri in MO
10-19-2003, 06:03 PM
Hi ladies!

Good to see so many great posts. Sure brightens my day. Mom has headed home and I've had a short nap. I'm downstairs now with the laundry going and trying to work on paperwork. Geez, that stuff never ends.

Its a gorgeous day. I'll have to get a dog walk in for sure. Mom and I had a great visit. I'm so glad that she wanted to come up and go to church with us. She's been through so much since dad's passing and she is wanting something and she knows its from taking that step towards faith. It breaks my heart to hear her talk of regret about things that happened between her and Dad in the past. How if she were able to understand his insecurities and his emotions, maybe she could have felt differently. The message today ended with the Pastor talking about how as parents, aunts, uncles, etc that we have to give kids our blessing - that they want our acceptance; to know they are understood; to know that someone cares. He talked about how kids that don't get that and how they will grow up continually striving for that acceptance in all the wrong ways. That hit home very hard to mom and I because none of us kids, nor her, ever felt like we did things right for dad - he just didn't know how to show us that we were okay, that he did know of our achievements. That he loved us. I think back to the years of wanting someone to accept me for me; to see me for me and being so afraid to put myself out there in fear of being rejected and hurt. Mom said that Dad never felt accepted by his own father and that his mother was a demanding, controlling woman. What really touches my heart is that I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about why I have the problem with food and with accepting of myself - and to have that as our church message has helped me to understand so much. Maybe now I can heal that part of me.

Barb - Waiting anxiously to hear about your vacation and see pics!

Tina - Congrats to the up and coming football star! Great pics!

Kat - Good to see you back and kicking the funk out of town!

Thin - You too - No time for funk either!

Pam - You had it right - Terri is my name. The wedding sounds lovely and good job with all that cake around. You rock!

Mary - Also, waiting to hear about your trip.

Syn - I think it was you that was down 7 pounds. Great job!

J-Ann - You're so right about facing the scale no matter what. I'll get back on track and going every other week again.

Lucky, Andria, Connie, Joanne, Joeanne, 2Cute, Natalie, and everyone else - have a great weekend and be strong!

10-19-2003, 09:41 PM
Hey there girls,
Sorry I have been lax on the posting, but just so much going on here, and on top of that I caught the kids cold and have been miserable for last 2 days, then TOM decided to add insult to misery. Things can only go up from here I would think.
Food is so/so, but plan on being back on Plan tomorrow. There is always a new start, and like Kat....I will start and start till I get it right. Thanks in advance for letting me restart with you KAT.
Tina: What great pic's of Treys team and the one of you was great too. Good job on the food.

I am not doing personal replies to everyone, cause I just can't remember it all, I will pick up from here and hope that you will all understand. With this blonde head all clogged up, it's hard to remember who said what. But Congrats to all those who have been OP and those who have lost and those who have stayed the same. Hugs to all that need it and all that don't for that matter, I just love hugs.....

I'm off to check chat out.


PS) No word on the missing men, they gave up the search and have listed them missing at sea. My mom went to visit the mom of the man that is my husbands cousin and she was doing pretty good, and still hanging on to hope that they are at an island or something? But, the more days that go by and the colder it gets hope seems to be dwindeling. I pray for her that she is right, but I fear the worst. But like even the mom said, we have to live for what we have to hold on to and not to what we have lost. We can't live in the past, it does us no good.

10-19-2003, 10:33 PM
Hi Girls,
The day has just flown by and I still have tons to do. I wanted to at least try to share a few of my favorite pictures with you....

10-19-2003, 10:35 PM
And another....This is at dinner the first night on board.

10-19-2003, 10:36 PM
And this is one of our Formal Night portraits....

10-19-2003, 10:44 PM
I am just starting to go back and read the threads I missed...

I just had to tell Tina that the picture of Tony winning cracked me up...If you look at it (back on # 424) It looks like he is wearing Mickey Mouse ears.


10-19-2003, 10:57 PM
Just for giggles

and PS) Had to go back and check out the Mickey Mouse ears....that is just too cute.

10-19-2003, 11:01 PM
If you are interested...here is the link to a little cruise review I did for a cruise message board....
Barb's Cruise Review (http://messages.cruisecritic.com/2/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=927093444&f=969097554&m=1013084157)

10-19-2003, 11:04 PM
Sandy - I am so sorry to hear of your husband's cousin. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Tina - Loved the football pictures. :) What a proud mama.

Hugs to all! :grouphug:

Night all. See you tomorrow. :)

10-20-2003, 12:34 AM
Wow .. I feel like I have been MIA forever.!!!

I love my family and I love my company... but ... I almost feel like I have been punished by not being able to come here and read and post when I wanted to. I am going to have to reconsider where I keep my computer if I keep having so many live-in company.

I would be polite and visit with them... but then when they went to bed I wanted to come here and my computer was in their bedroom. :rolleyes:
Anyway... hopefully I can get a few days in now. :)
I am going to go back and try to catch up some reading.. but I am soooooo far behind I won't get it all in.
Be back later. :wave:

Barb... great photos...
Sandy .. cute cartoon. :lol:
Of course I had to look at pictures. LOL

Terri in MO
10-20-2003, 08:48 AM
Good morning!

I'm not going to stay long because I'm going to go do my 20 minutes on the stationary bike before work. I'm not real excited about it but I'm going to try not to whine.

Barb - Great pics. Thanks for sharing! So glad to see you back and that you had a good time.

Sandy - Good to see you again too. My thoughts are still with you and the families. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

2Cute - Wow, you've been inundated with family. I love my family but fortunately they come and stay one night and GO HOME! :lol: Yep, you may have to move the computer because we sure miss you!

Everyone else - GET UP and get moving. Hybernation is soon upon us to we need to get back in gear; get refocused; dust off the exercise shoes/equipment/tapes, whatever; throw out the comfort food and most of all - not undo all the good we've done this past year. We want to hit January 1, 2004 lighter than when we started and motivated to keep making progress. The holidays will be a challenge so let's get prepared. That's my Motivation Monday moment. :drill: :drill: Hop to!

Take care and have a great day!

10-20-2003, 09:28 AM
Well girls I am glad to be home. I love going to the seminars but I love sleeping in my own bed.
We went out to a great resturant Sat. night Cajuns Warf(sp)
it was on the Arkansas River. Food has been terrible the last few weeks but I saw myself naked in the mirror at the hotel and I almost cried. I am going to start fresh this morning (pray for me).
I know I am up several pounds.

I promise I will try to get in here more and post.

Well its back to work today so I better run catch a shower

10-20-2003, 09:32 AM
Morning Chickies,

Been up since 4 am! Getting some major cleaning done, I have been procrastinating so long, it was quite the daunting task, but, naturally now that I get started it is not so bad after all. And talk about exerice. I have been doing some moving:lol: I am so very grateful to be able to do it.

Sandy, cute cartoon. Thanks!

Barb, great pictures, looks you had a wonderful time! (always a bit of a let down to come back to ther "real world" uh, but there is always a next time, right?

Terri, you are up and at em' early too. Have a good day, keep that momentum going chick:wave:

Hi Mary, :grouphug: J-Ann, Terri, and all the rest of you chickies, love to you all:love:

10-20-2003, 10:41 AM
Good morning ladies. :)
I can't believe I got to come here and read some this morning.
It has been soooo long. I havent read since thread #423. :eek:
I got to peek a few times. but not really read.
I went back to 424 to see our Tony in Mickey Mouse ears. :lol: I thought they were Mickey ears for real. LOL .. I figured he was racing near a Disney park. LOL

Lucky and Tina... "Chicken Soup for the Nascar Soul" .. how funny!! :lol: I LOVE IT !!!

Terri.. I hear I missed your birthday... Belated Happy Birthday !!!

J-ann...You are such a great support person. {{ HUGS }}
You are always so positive. I remember the good ole days when I was too. LOL
I just wanted you to know I really appreciate you.

Pam .. I hear you did a great job refraining from two wedding cakes.
Way to go girl !!!
And doing some MAJOR cleaning too... you are my idol for the day. :D

Sandy, I hope you get over your cold quickly. When I get my first sign I take overdoses of Vit C and zinc and that usually nips it in the bud.

Tina... oh how I could relate to your Travis Tritt story.
It broke my heart thinking of you being down on yourself.
You keep getting out there and ENJOY you life to the fullest. !!!

Mary.. I hope your spirits are up. How could you ever think we would avoid you !!!! We love you and wish you would post MORE.
I am past the shock of me NAKED in a mirror. LOL .. but I remember the first time I really looked at myself naked. It was disheartening. Now... it is just me. I don't know if that is good or bad. ???

Andria... how dare them not post YOUR article online. LOL
And the nerve of them wanting to sell their magazines. LOL
Just be sure to always share them with us when you can.

Barb... I read you cruise review... very good.
It sounded like you had a WONDERFUL trip.
I have never been on a cruise and I learned a lot too.

Thin... glad your trip went well. Did you find a curio cabinet ??
Your mini vacation with hubby sounded nice too.

Kat... reading all of your replys made me realize how much I truly missed ... because I did not know about anything you talked about. LOL

I know I have missed a lot more of you... I am so sorry.
I still have 423,25,26 to catch up on. I just am out of time for now.
I love you all and missed you terribly.

I do have a question to ask. I know I can't meet everyones needs.. but
Which month is best or worst for you for our Spring Fling.
Late April, May or early June.??
Are kids in school going to be problem ??
Any dates definitely out for anyone?? I wrote one date down as a no for someone... I think Barb .. but I have misplaced that date. Who and when was it??
Okay.. I am going. It is great to be back... see you later. :wave:

10-20-2003, 02:01 PM
A quick Good Morning to all...You know...it really was morning when I started this post!

I just had to tell Barb how much I enjoyed your pics! Especially "formal night," you looked lovely!

Welcome back, 2cutie! Perhaps it was just ME that was confused! A distinct possibility.

Mary...don't cry about what you see in the mirror. Use it as a starting point and tell yourself you won't look like this for long! Welcome back to the wagon!

Sandy, same to you! I hope you feel better soon.

Terri, GREAT motivational speech! Just what I needed, thanks!

Pam, some of my best cleaning is done in the middle of the night...hey, whatever works! It always seems much worse than it actually is, doesn't it?

Thin, sounds like you and hub had a wonderful time. This is a nice time of year to get away. :love:

J-ann, I wanted to join you in a cyber WI (not Wisconsin) too but the timing was all wrong: I already ate this morning, I have clothes on, I haven't slept yet...I'll have to try this again tomorrow...cuz I really didn't like what I saw!!! (I just refilled my water glass, in a desperate attempt to flush away what must SURELY be water gain!)

I haven't been to WW for the past three weeks. Yes, I know...very bad...but so typical. Start up. gung ho for a few weeks. cheat a little, (cuz I'm doing se well)...cheat some more... skip WI, thinking I'll do great this week to catch up. do worse. gain back what I had lost. skip meeting again. keep promising myself that this week will be better. hate myself for being a failure....AGAIN.


So here I am again. What is going to be different this time?

I had an interesting revelation last night, on my way to work. Now, I am late for work every single night. No matter how early I get up, how prepared I am ahead of time, I am always 15 minutes late. Eating too much isn't my only bad habit! For instance, last night I felt the need to fold the clothes that were in the dryer as I was getting my pants out. Had I NOT done that, i would have been on time. BUT...I realized that somehow my brain has been programmed to do what it can to get me to work at 11:15. In the same way, perhaps, I'm also programmed to eat the way that I do to maintain this weight. Because really...I'm just treading water here...lose a few, gain a few, lose a few, etc...

So basically, I need some re-wiring done inside my head! :yes: Well, of course...I knew that! How to go about doing just that is what I need to work on. With that in mind, it's back to basics:
Baby steps, consistency, repetition, re-programming. I know exactly WHAT to do. Just a matter of doing it, huh?

Well, that's it for me today...I'm off to re-fill my water jug, fix a salad for lunch, and get on my bike for a ride on this CHILLY, but nice, Fall day.

So everyone go have a great day for yourselves. Pick at least one good thing to do for yourself today. You are worth it!

10-20-2003, 02:21 PM
Hello all from the Library
I ate a slim fast bar and skim milk for breakfast.
At lunch I drank a slim fast that I had put in the freezer till slushy. then I got out and walked around the Court House Square a good 25 minute walk it was nice. I may do it again. I am determined to do this.:D

10-20-2003, 02:54 PM
GO MARY GO!!!!!!!

Good to see you getting back into rhythm Mary. Lace up those sneakers and walk those sox off. :)

10-20-2003, 03:24 PM
Does anyone read the Skinny Daily Post? (different thread here at 3fc) The author (JuJu) has successfully taken off a large amount of weigh through good nutrition and exercise...she offers daily musings on weight loss, exercise, life and such and then you can comment on the thread if you wish.........


I was just catching up on a few that I've missed and this one just really seemed to hit home today...Juju spoke of setting goals and what it takes to achieve them...

When you have the clear and compelling picture of your preferred future state written down, drawn, painted, or set to music, you have a tool to use for all decision making in your day. Big decisions and small ones. You simply ask yourself: Does this action or activity contribute to or hinder the realization of my vision? And you make your choices with a clear goal ahead of you.


Made a lot of sense to me...(pertaining to that "mental re-programming" that I need to work on!)

I just wanted to share...

10-20-2003, 04:20 PM
Hi ladies - hope you all are having a wonderful Monday.

The weather here is soooo nice - sunny, low humidity, almost 80 degrees.

I am so behind in reading the old threads. I will try to catch up some later.

Like Kat, I also need to do some major re-wiring in my head. I have not been eating healthy, not drinking enough water, not exercising. Like Kat said, I'm treading water too. I'm upset with my dad right now, actually furious and I just don't want to deal with him anymore. My sister and I just don't have a real father-daughter relationship with him at all. He never has spent time with us and he has no idea what we are all about. It really hurts our feelings to see him hug other people and tell him he loves them and he has NEVER shown us affection like that. He never asks how we're feeling or anything like that. He just calls when he wants or needs something. I just feel used.

What a drag, I've been AWOL and when I do get in here I start whining. Please forgive me.

On a more positive note (drum roll please) --------- I BOUGHT A TREADMILL!!!! Yes, miracles do still happen :lol:. I ordered this one from one of the shopping channels. It is not motorized and has a little computer so you can see how many cals you've burned, how long you've walked, how far you've walked. The only thing I don't like is it on an incline and you can't adjust it. But I can order a kit so I can change the incline. No excuses now.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to back track through the threads now. Barb - loved your cruise pics! See you all later.

10-20-2003, 04:36 PM
PAM ---- down 45.7 lbs; you go girl. Congratulations. You are proof that effort pays off.

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

And, great job on not indulging in the wedding cakes!!!

:cp: :cp: :cb: :cb: :strong: :high: :high:

10-20-2003, 05:17 PM
I just keep turning up!

I just had to respond to Connie. Unfortunately, you cannot change what has already happened. For whatever reason, your father can't act the way that you want him to. I know how that feels. I just want you to keep something in mind:


You have done nothing wrong. I hope that you can let go of those feelings of sadness and regret and anger. It won't change anything and does nothing but make you feel bad about yourself. You are a good and decent person, deserving of love and respect. If he can't give that to you and your sister, then give it to each other.

It took me a long time to realize that I have no control over how other people act, I can only control my own actions. For years I despaired at how my parents did not treat me fairly, (still don't at times!) but I no longer think that there is something wrong with me because of that.


Oh yeah...one more thing...come here and whine away, anytime! It's a great place to vent where nobody can interrupt you with a story about how they're so much worse off than you are! That is a total pet peeve of mine. I hate when people ask, "How are you?" only to launch into a long spiel about how rotten their day/life/year is!

Last thing...I swear! Good luck with the tread mill! You just may surprise yourself with that incline...just do as much as you can...increasing a little each time you use it! You will do great.

Really leaving now....

10-20-2003, 05:51 PM

10-20-2003, 07:29 PM
Originally posted by Grannie39074

Mary, If you are really hungry, and not bored hungry or stressed hungry or fill in the blank hungry, .....

GO EAT YOUR DINNER ... or at least an apple or some yogurt or something to get you to dinner.
:) :) :) :)

10-20-2003, 07:38 PM

WHEE.....down 2.5 and thrilled to be in another century. :cb: :cb: :cb: :cloud9: :high:

I know I've been there about a week or so but I feel like it's been validated since I went to my meeting.

Off to get my feet back on the ground. Dirty dishes are calling me.

10-20-2003, 07:41 PM
Hello again. :D
I only have a minute but I wanted to share that I went swimming today. :cp:
It is a 15 mile drive there and again back home ...30miles
My old gym pool at the old house was only a 4 mile drive so that part I did not like. :no:
But I sure do enjoy working out in the water.
There weren't very many people there either. :D The only problem is ... I have to go around 1pm to get an almost empty pool. The entire morning is full with water aerobic classes and such. I am just not comfortable enough to go in a large crowd.
I liked waking up and exercising in my pool first thing and then getting my day started... I am not very disicplined to do other exercise first thing. The 1pm breaks up my entire day. BUT... it is obvious that I am going to have to retrain myself.

My food has been pretty good too today.
I want to thank all of you that shared how you will start over AGAIN and never give up.
I was feeling pretty hopeless and YOUR WILLINGNESS to try again rubbed off onto me too. :) I will try again. I will improve my food choices. I will exercise daily. I will hang in there. THANK YOU ...thank you ... thank you for sharing your hard times as well as your good. Thank you for sharing your willingness to try again. Thank you for posting and giving me a home. :grouphug:

Kat... I loved your story of people who ask how you are and then comense to tell you their stories. LOL I think that is why writing here is so theraputic... no one can interupt you. LOL You get a chance to say what you want/need to say.
There is a new show on Friday night called Miss Match. One trick they used was you had to be holding the stone to talk. If you did not have the stone.... you had to listen. I liked that idea.
Welcome back Connie.... we missed you.
Mary... drink that water... then if you are still hungry in 20 minutes.. eat something healthy.
I will get back to the rest of you later. Hubby just walked in.

10-20-2003, 08:25 PM
Me again...Mary, if all you have had all day is Slim Fast, OF COURSE YOU'RE HUNGRY! Make sure you have a balanced dinner, with veggies a protein and some kind of fat. Don't let yourself get too hungry! Would eating smaller, frequent meals be easier? Just a thought...

2cute, I'm glad you got to go swimming! Why not check out one of the classes? Just once. I'll bet that you wouldn't be the heaviest one there! And once you're in the water, no one can see you anyway!

J-ann!!! You AWESOME woman you!!! Hot diggety dog! No turning back now!!! You are on a roll, baby!

oops...my honey just came in...gotta run!

10-20-2003, 09:01 PM
Stop! Do not post here....follow me to 300+ and ready to try again #428!
:cool: :D :)