Carb Counters - A couple of things.... and some ramblings...

10-18-2003, 04:23 PM

If I eat another hardboiled egg, I'm just going to die. I'm totally SICK of hardboiled eggs for breakfast on the run at work. Any other portable egg ideas for eating at your desk??

And, I know Atkins says to limit sweeteners to 3 packets a day, but how do I measure how many "Packets" are in a can of Diet Rite? And, I'm trying to wean down to 3 packets in my Decaf Venti Americano, but it still takes 6... with cream.

Bought some Ketostix today and tested when I came home. DARK purple color - 2nd to last color on the chart. So, definitely in ketosis (whew!!) but need to drink more water. I'm relieved, after this last week's fiasco with the cookie dough and the resulting plateau, I was afraid my body had just given up. I'm back down to 10 pounds gone total which is still nice for me.

It's nice to see the test strip. Makes me know that I'm not doing it all wrong... and that was after the coffee this morning.

Just a few ramblings... We had a family dinner last night with roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, asparagus, rolls, regular jello, salad, and a few others things I couldn't eat. I had a plate full of beef and salad. I didn't have my own salad dressing with me so I took a chance on the house blue cheese. Don't know about the carbs in that so I didn't use very much. I was SOOOOO good... so why is it so easy to be good in the face of all that good food but I can't hold my own with a bowl of homemade cookie dough??

Okay, enough for a Saturday.

I didn't have to chuck any more nuggets this week!!

10-18-2003, 09:29 PM
Thank god the freeways are safe tonight as I hear the nuggets are laying low!

As for the decaf americano...instead of the "packets"...get a splash of sf vanilla syrup in it (this is what I do)....adds more flavor and sweetness and I don't think you'll need six packets???

Good for you for resisting the dinner temptations....sometimes it's just timing I guess, and how hungry we are feeling? I know when I am hungry it's much harder to resist things I should NOT be putting in my mouth.

As for the Diet Rite....depends on the carb count? I believe each packet has 1 according to Dr. A. only 3 carbs/packets per day. I know my can of diet splenda soft drink is 1 carb.


10-19-2003, 02:19 PM
I thought Diet Rite had 0 carbs because they use liquid splenda? No ?

Hey bravo on the dinner, passing up potatoes and rolls.... :bravo:

Lisa, I'm glad the cookie dough taught you a lesson.....every day is a learning experience on atkins. My hubby who is at goal (brat) told me he enjoys eating like this, he feels really good, and that makes me stay with it too. He weighs 146 :yikes: @_%&#~~

10-19-2003, 02:28 PM
Remember, even if it says 0 carbs, labelling does not require nutrients to be listed if they are less than 1 carb! You could ingest a lot of .9 carb items and think you had eaten no carbs!
Sneaky buggers!