General Diet Plans and Questions - Eat right 4 Your Blood Type... Anyone?

Misti in Seattle
10-17-2003, 09:08 AM

I've just been studying this plan and know someone who is on it, with huge success. Anyone here tried it? I'm reading up on it, and a lot of it does make sense.

I have an appointment with a health store which does personal testing for food digestion, metabolism, etc.

Anyone here tried it?


10-21-2003, 11:07 AM
I have heard of this plan, but I do not know anyone who has tried it. For those who are unfamiliar, it has you eat foods based upon your blood type, stating that certain foods are better or worse for certain blood types...

Misti in Seattle
10-23-2003, 02:50 AM
Thanks Aphil... so far I am impressed... have lost 5 pounds the first week and feel great!!! Hope it keeps up :)

10-27-2003, 07:32 PM
I read the books a year ago. In fact. I bought every one of them.

I found it interesting and logical. But far too hard to follow. I'll be watching your progress however. I am curious.

10-30-2003, 05:23 PM
Hi there! I am a newbie, this is my first post! :)

I worked with a woman who was on this. She was thin and wasn't trying to lose weight, but she just wanted to be eating as healthy as possible. She said that the diet helped her feel energetic, but not in a peak-and-crash way, more like a calm energy that lasted all day.

I thought that sounded pretty neat, so I borrowed the book from her and read it. I took some ideas from it but didn't try to follow it exactly. Because I usually fail miserably if I try to follow something so organized/strict. :) I thought it had a LOT of good ideas though. I am type A and it said (for example) that buckwheat is good for type As. I've found that when I have buckwheat at breakfast I feel awesome all day.

So that's what I know about the diet, hope it helped :)

11-12-2003, 10:02 AM

I got the book at a rummage and skim read it. I am AB and there are a lot of restrictions for me. It is interesting but I never really tried it. I will go back and take another look. I have been doing Southbeach during the week. I just eat what I want on weekends. I have lost 10 pounds which I am OK with. If I really want to lose 5 or ten more I will have to be more restrictive on weekends. One of my problems is I love wine. This week I am having 1 glass of red wine in the evening and I am going to see if it affects my weight loss. Also the holidays are coming up and I will not pass up a party. I just try not to eat stupid or overeat. The first bite tastes just as good as the last so small portions help. I try to stay away from sweets except once a week and small portions if that. I am a carboholic but have learned to control that with Southbeach.

11-14-2003, 04:13 PM
Hi all!

I saw this thread so I thought I'd post my experiences on it...

I've been on ER4YT for about a year. I had a bad water retention problem, gaining and losing 16 pounds per month with my cycle. It was horrible, I couldn't see my ankle bones! So my naturopath started me on this diet. I felt better after the first two weeks. I'm a type O and I'm not supposed to have wheat. Well, that's pretty hard to do, but I find that when I avoid it, I do feel much much better. The bags under my eyes are gone and my ankles are svelte again.

In July, I started a Body for Life 12 week challenge. I kept to the principles of the ER4YT but ate like the BFL says to - i.e., protein, carbs, veggies, well, I'm not going to write the whole book here but you can see what the plan is. Instead of eating whole wheat bread, I eat Ezekiel bread or Ezekiel tortillas. That's the big one - that, and I'm not good with dairy, so the cottage cheese was a no-way for me.

Anyway. I lost about 10 pounds just on the ER4YT plan. When I did the Body for Life, I lost a lot more and really started losing inches. So far this year I have lost 30 pounds and 20 inches. Yes it is amazing. But it works and the best part is I feel wonderful, I'm not retaining water very much any more. I truly think the ER4YT plan has helped me a great deal.

ER4YT is not easy. Body for Life isn't easy either. The thing about both is they teach you what healthy eating and working out are like so you can make them habits. I had to say that I have to do this NO MATTER WHAT. I had to really commit to it. I still do every day but it gets easier when you see results like this.

Another book I really like a lot is Deepak Chopra's Perfect Weight. You might find a lot of parallels in it.

I hope this post helps someone who's thinking about the plan.

Best of luck,



11-15-2003, 09:33 AM

What is a Naturopath? Sounds like you really found the culprit in your case. Makes me want to research it even more. I like the idea of combining diets. I was on WW all of 2002 and lost 20 pounds but it was slow going. Now I have combined that with other diets and it works faster. The main thing for me is I don't like it when I can't have something so eating plans that are not so restrictive work better for me. I have really learned a lot about what I can eat to make eating more fun and not so restrictive. The only regiment that I could ever follow about eating was not at all, lol. I am a recovering anorexic. I never even think about that anymore thank God! It also helps me that I loke most every kind of food. Not picky at all. Glad you found something that really works for you and thanks for posting about it.

Misti in Seattle
11-16-2003, 11:19 AM
Hello and thanks for all the replies since I've been here! Moved unexpectedly recently so got a bit busy.

Since I began the ER4YT about 3 weeks ago I have lost 9 pounds and feel great. But I am NOT following it as a strict diet but more of a lifestyle change... and have found it surprisingly EASY to follow with some experimentation. I am type O... and really like the Ezekial 4:9 bread... and there are lots of good substitutes for dairy products. I actually gave up coffee for the most part, which I wasn't sure I could do. But I FEEL great and have tons more energy than usual.

As I said I incorporate it as a lifestyle change... so if I go to someone's house or out to eat I may adapt.

Aicha... welcome! And as far as it being so strict... well the way I am doing it, it *isn't* that strict... because I do NOT believe in "dieting" but rather just eating healthfully. I too don't want something that is so rigid I can't live with it... but with creativity this works GREAT.