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Stepping Out
10-16-2003, 12:13 AM

We want to invite everyone to join us on our journey.

We share laughter and tears.

We share what work for us and what doesn't.

We recently started a Topic of the Day:

Motivation Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Weigh-ins
Thankful Thursday
Friday Facials, Fingernails, and Fun
Sit up Saturday: any physical activity
Soup and Salad Sunday: receipes

We Chat on Wednesdays and Sundays: 8:30 ET/7:30 CT

These are not required topics...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share hearaches and fears..joys and celebrations. :)

Stepping Out
10-16-2003, 12:18 AM
Sorry for the plain post :^: I still haven't figured out how to do extra large colored fonts.

Sandy: I'm still praying for the families and crew of the boat.

Andria and Joe-ann: I'm sorry to hear you're both going through a rough time emotionally. Keep posting here-we're here for each other :grouphug:

I didn't make my TOPS weigh in Tuesday night-long story.

Have a good night everyone! :moo:

10-16-2003, 03:42 AM
Hi girls!! :wave:

It's been a super busy week and I haven't had time to read or post. I've got to rush off again today, but just wanted to pop in real quick and say HI!!

I'll talk at ya later,


joe anne
10-16-2003, 10:16 AM
I am very Thankful for all of these:
My Husband, and my children
My furbabies who loves us unconditionally
My teachers at school who are understanding
My sisters and brother
I am thankful for being able to have one more day to do what GOD wants me to do.
And I am most thankful for you my Friends:grouphug: who are always here when I need you:)

10-16-2003, 10:44 AM

Off to spend the day visiting wineries in the Finger Lakes. We postponed the trip yesterday cause of the high winds and rain. Today is breezy, brisk and sunny. Perfect for a day trip. I'm the DD so it'll be H2O and grape juice for me. I'm taking the camera but I'll probably forget to use it.

I put my journal right with my wallet as a reminder to be good. :)

See ya later:wave:,

10-16-2003, 12:21 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: I'm back in town. Got in late last night. The rain beat us to death on Tuesday. Most of the vendors at the Market were not there. We walked around a couple of the little gift shop type places and went out to dinner, but that was about it.

Wednesday we woke up and it was beautiful. The sun was shining, but it was very windy and cold. We went back to the Market and there were quite a few vendors open. But there certainly wasn't anything like there is in the summer months, about 1/3, maybe. Still we walked, and walked, and walked. I'm kinda glad it was cool or I would have been miserable.

Our friend has an electric cart because he can't walk very well and so we loaded it down with a bunch of our purchases so we didn't have to carry so much. Our van was pretty well loaded on the way home. All in all, we had a great time. Not too much DRAMA!

I haven't had a chance to read, and we're leaving here in a minute to go to Greenfield Village. It's a really cool village of historical homes and they always have cool demonstrations going on and stuff. It's pretty big and will be alot of walking again. :( This time honey and I are going alone. It will be nice stolling around arm in arm. :D

Hope you all have a great day. I'll talk with you later.

10-16-2003, 12:31 PM
Good morning everyone. Just have time for a short post. I still have not caught up reading yet. :o
I had a dream about our Spring Fling thing last night. :)
It was so cool. But I expected just our small little intimate group to be there... and 100's of people showed up. :eek: They were EVERYWHERE !!! :lol:
And Andria ... your name was everywhere too. LOL .. And each and everyone of them pronounced it different. :dizzy:
I could go on for hours. LOL
There were sooooooo many ladies. We looked like a million ants. :lol:

Okay... I made a vow to myself to get my utility room clean today.
It has become a catch-all and I am tired of it. I want it clean.
Once I have accomplished that mission I will return. A double reward.. 1. having a clean utility room. and 2. getting to come post again. :D

10-16-2003, 09:12 PM
Hi girls,

Sorry to miss chat last night Mary, I did think of you, but we had no electricty. We had a bad storm blow through here that took down wires and lines everywhere. We lost our power about 10 am on Wed. and finally at 4:30 today got it back. Makes you appreciate the electricity.....

Glad to see everyone seems to be doing well. Glad you had a good time Thin, even with the rain, glad no big Drama....

Off to catch up on all my mail.

Again, thanks for all the prayers.

Love ya,

10-16-2003, 09:51 PM
I wanted to check in before we left for Little Rock in the morning. We will be back on Sunday. Sorry I have been missing a lot lately but food has been bad and I don't have the strength to get back Op. I love all of you and hope I can get this gorilla off my back soon.
I'll talk to you all later

10-16-2003, 10:20 PM
I just happened to stumble onto this thread.. (well really #425).. Sandy, I read about your husband's cousin, and please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know first hand the agony of not knowing if your loved one is ok. A dear friend of mine was murdered December 1, 2002 (his memorial page is below).. and even though I had to wait most of the day (i found out around 2pm there had been a shooting at his place of work..... it wasnt confirmed until 7-8pm that evening that it was him..) And it is very.. very hard.. as I'm sure you know.... but I am (as we all are) hoping for the best for your husband's cousin. My prayers are with you. And if you need to talk feel free to PM me on here.. and I too am praying for the best. Please do keep us posted. *HUGS*

10-17-2003, 01:06 AM
Good Late Evening Chicks,

Didn't get to post at all this am, and today was hectic, but got off work at 8 tonight and did get to go out to dinner with a friend (I was a good girl though, soup and salad):lol: Got news on the weight loss front:D I am down another 5.3 lbs, so that brings my total to 45.7!:strong: :cb: :jig: :dancer: , not so much because I am fixating on the #'s (though it is nice to see them going in the other direction for a change:lol: ), but because of my feeling of accomplishment, and the discipline that is spilling over into all the other areas of my life, I am most grateful. I know without a doubt that I couldn't have acheived all that I have without the love and support of each of you. I am so blessed to have found this forum and ALL of you. You are all angels.

Bless you xDas. Thanks for stopping in, come visit us anytime.

Mary, have a safe trip.

Sandy, we love you too.

2 cute, great to see you chickie!! You still working on a date for our get together, I am going to start saving up!:lol:

Thin, sounds like you were planning a nice day out, hope you had a good time:D

Howdy J-ann, hope you have fun too.

Joe-Ann, your posts are always so thoughtful, and gracious, as I know you are. Take care of yourself.

All the rest of you girly girls, check you tomorrow!

10-17-2003, 01:49 AM
Hey everyone :)

This was town council meeting night, so it has been a really long day for me. I came in here for a quick pick me up before heading off to bed, and I was definitely rewarded.

2cute, you just make me laugh! I'm not sure why, but everyone has a hard time pronouncing my name. The worst is the group of people who insist on saying it like Ondraya. Oh, maybe those aren't the worst. There are those who insist on calling me Adrian. Hrm. Say it like the city Alexandria and you'll have it right. :)

Pam!!!!! You are melting away before our eyes! Your post left me longing for the day when I can post a weight loss of that magnitude. It also reminded me it is possible! I am so excited for you! :D

Mary, *HUGS* to you. What can we do to help? We know you are strong and capable, so maybe we just need to keep saying it until you believe it again yourself. Hope you enjoy your weekend. :)

Sandy, glad you got power back. Makes you wonder how they used to survive, doesn't it?

Thin, the market sounds fun, but Greenfield Village and being alone with your honey sounds even better. Glad you didn't have a drama replay!

J-ann, the trip sounds dreamy, even if you are the designated one. Hey, without the alcohol, maybe you'll remember to use that camera? ;)

Joanne, you always leave the best Thankful Thursday lists. Hope things are much better for you today. :)

Jen, good to see you as well, you incredible shrinking woman!

Homebound/Joanne, thank you for starting the thread. I didn't even notice it wasn't all fancied up, was just grateful someone else did it so I don't have to remember how myself! :)

Ok, I think I caught everyone posted on this thread so far...? I'm beginning to wobble in and out a little, so it is hard to tell. Oh, one good thing happened tonight that I want to share. The agenda for tonight's meeting had an item about choosing a committee to do the hiring for the job as town clerk assistant. I was pretty stressed over having a committee deciding on my fate, but evidently so were a few other townspeople. They pushed it back onto the town council, and they will begin reviewing our applications and interviewing soon. Please wish me luck! I've been looking around a little bit for other work, but nothing is jumping out at me. This is one of the problems of living in a small area. Work flipping burgers isn't even easy to come by, but a real job is a rarity.

I'm heading to bed now. Hope everyone has sweet dreams. :)


Terri in MO
10-17-2003, 08:44 AM
Good morning ladies!

Not much to report this week. I've been journalling faithfully on both the new WW Log with flex points and Balance Log on my palm pilot. It may seem like overkill but I'm seeing which I like better and I want to break through this plateau. I am kinda liking the new flex points system. Food has been good and I've been doing more exercise in the mornings. I have been doing 20 minutes on the stationary bike in the mornings as well as what I was normally doing. I'm going to make that my routine for the fall/winter/early spring. And I'll work in what I can in the evenings and as always, walk the dog for 1-1/2 miles at night. Surely that will be enough! It seems like lately, that I have very few evenings where we either don't have something going on or its 6-6:30 before I get home from work. Its been so hard to keep caught up around the house because of that.

DH had a trip last night and I didn't get home until almost 6 pm. But I did manage to vacuum the main floor and do some carpet shampooing. It was raining hard so the dog and I had to stay inside. I caught up on Dr. Phil and Oprah's and relaxed.

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. Five whole years - seems like yesterday and seems like 20 years ago sometimes. :lol: We're actually going out on a Friday night! We're going to try a Greek restaurant I've been wanting to try for a long time.

Pam - I can only say :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: I am so thrilled for you because it is such a wonderful feeling knowing the improvements you've made for your body. I remember that you started out slow on the WATP and look at you now doing the 2 milers. :D :D

Thin - Good to see you back and gone again! Hope you enjoyed your time with DH.

Mary - Have fun in Little Rock! Hang in there and don't give up. You can do this. We just have to learn how to handle life's difficult situations without letting go of the good habits we try to develop for our health. Its hard but you're worth it!

Andria, 2Cute, Sandy, all variations of Joanne!, Tina, Amanda, KAT my inspiration, and all you wonderful friends - have a great Friday! I need to go to work so I can be off early.


10-17-2003, 12:52 PM
Hey everyone :)

I'm running later than I planned for work, but this thread was dangerously near the bottom. Is everyone that busy, or are there that many of us struggling? Sound off chicks! Where are you?


10-17-2003, 05:09 PM
Hello Girls,

Not much time, we are all in a "fizz" with the wedding being tomorrow, Jane's neice is getting married tomorrow afternoon, and needless to say there is a lot of activity!! Check in maybe on Sunday....you girls take care.


Stepping Out
10-17-2003, 09:42 PM
Either we're all very busy, or in a funk :( .

I haven't been doing that well eating wise. Battling a lot of negative feelings right now. I'm just feeling sorry for myself I know. I'm so glad I can come here and "talk" to people who've been there, done that, and who understand. :)

Pam: You're doing FANTASTIC! :D Enjoy yourself at the wedding!

Thin: I'm glad you're mini-vacation went well. Good to see you back!

Andria (anDREEah {?}): Did I pronounce it right? :?:

Tina: Where are you? :mag:

Mary: ((((HUGS))))) Have a wonderful weekend!

Good evening everyone:moo:

There is no joy in Mudville....:stress: :( :cry: :mad:
Oh well, maybe next year!

10-18-2003, 12:27 AM
Hey everyone :)

We've been having a fun evening. Red Bull Rampage is in town through the weekend, and they hold a free dinner for the town on the Friday night before the competition gets serious. www.redbullrampage.com has some pictures of past competitions. Basically these guys get on super heavy duty mountain bikes and ride them off the mesas. Sound a bit insane? Sure it is. Looks like an amazing adrenaline high as well. Plus the purse is $10,000. The top guy in this sport lives just up the street from me. He is a totally down to earth sweetie and holds the free riding record of a 60 ft. jump. :dizzy:

I had to come home early from the party because my gut is acting up. When I get stressed out my body can react badly, and frankly, I've been under a lot of stress lately. I think the barbecue going away party for one of our coworkers at work today really set it off, though. I ate a lot of vegetables and salad, but I also had a burger, potato salad, chips and a piece of cake. It didn't seem like it at the time, but that kind of sounds like I made a piggy of myself. We ate almost two hours later than planned, and I didn't pace myself very well.

The other thing that might have set it off was some news that just blew me away. Remember when I had a flat tire a couple of weeks ago? Well, we sent the tire in for a road hazard adjustment because it was ruined. They got back with me today about it, and it wasn't a road hazard, someone sliced my tire. I know and trust this guy, he is our main tire supplier, and he says someone put something long and sharp in the sidewall of my tire. It was a clean cut.

I just don't know what to think. I am really hurt and sad to think that someone hates me enough to do something so potentially dangerous. The tire didn't go until I was about a mile away from a really dangerous set of twists and turns going down the mountain.

I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend trying to relax and just let all this stress go. I can't control how people feel about me. I can't control the actions of others. What I can control is how I react to situations. I can find a lesson in this and move on.

Even though I wasn't feeling too great by the time I left work, I at least went to Curves. We also walked up to the town park instead of driving. I don't make all the right choices, but at least I am not compounding the bad ones.

homebound/Joanne, do you think some of the negative feelings right now have to do with the changing seasons? Ever since Pam suggested this to me, I've been checking into it. Also, you are pretty darn close with the name, from what I can tell. Don't stress the middle bit, and you have it just right. :)

Pam, oooh, I love weddings! I hope the day is absolutely wonderful for everyone involved.

Terri, Happy Anniversary! :cheers: I hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful evening celebrating. :)
I'm impressed how you are moving straight into a winter exercise schedule instead of wandering around feeling lost like I tend to do when the weather shifts. And BTW, you are the journaling queen!

I think I've caught everyone who has posted since my last one? I'm going to start getting a complex here soon... But then, there are quite a few of you who already said you had plans for the weekend. I'll have to get over myself. ;) Catch you all tomorrow!


10-18-2003, 12:37 AM
I'm here, but unfortunately.... I only have time for a quick post. :mad:

Work was kinda crazy today, so my internet time was very limited. I won't be on till late tomorrow evening because I will be gone just about all day tomorrow. Trey is on an All Star football team that will be traveling to Knoxville tomorrow to participate in two games. He will not only be kicking all the field goals.... he will be playing his position (lineman) on offense and defense, doing all kickoffs and punt returns. In short, he will be a busy little man tomorrow. I hope I am prepared. :dizzy: Don't get me wrong though. I LOVE being a football Mom.

I am still OP and plan on going to WI on Sunday. My regular day IS on Monday, but Trey has a game on Monday, so of course I won't miss it....so I'll go to the Sunday WI this week. I've been wanting to try it out anyways..... so I'm killing two birds with one stone. At least I think so. :lol:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll check in tomorrow nights with all the news!

Love you! :grouphug:

10-18-2003, 08:10 AM
Hey there...

Busy AND in a funk! That's me! I haven't had ANY time to come here to try to sort things out...tomorrow things will slow down...then I'll be back.

'til then...

10-18-2003, 10:58 AM

Andrew and I took the babysitter out to breakfast (she spent the night last night) and then we went to the meat store and got lunchmeat and cheese and bread and some meats! I got a steal on the pork! It has 4 beautiful boneless porkchops, 9 beautiful bonless ribs and a nice boneless porkloin all for $8.96. It was suppose to be $2.99 a lb but someone keyed the wrong number on the tag so it was only $1.99 a lb. The rest of the pkgs were marked correctly! I dug and dug looking for another mistake cause I would have gotten more at that price! Their lunchmeats are wonderful and only like $2.99 a lb each, va baked ham, gourment turkey breast, lean roast beef Can't beat those prices!

Anyway...as some of the rest of you...that funk is floating from state to state. I have no motivation whatsoever right now...but...I am motivated to hook up with Barbara again and meet Kat at Peddler's Village...its been over a year now we have been trying to get together!! And Natalie too if you are still up to it!!

So Kat...do you have a time in mind for the 25th...you have to drive the furtherest...and also an idea of where you want to meet once we get there? Are we doing lunch? You give us some ideas...

OK I gotta get some school work turned in so and some laundry to get folded and some to wash still...never ending job!! I'll catch you all later!

TTFN Michelle

10-18-2003, 12:45 PM
Hey everyone :)

This is going to be such a gorgeous day! Weather is supposed to be in the 80's and there isn't a cloud in the sky.

I'm doing a party this afternoon and we are making fondue. It is with my favorite group of customers. They always serve up margaritas and just kick back and enjoy themselves. I don't drink and they totally respect that without giving me a hard time, but they also make up some pretty, foofy little drink for me to enjoy along with them. Cute, huh :)

When I get back tonight we'll probably be heading up to watch the bike competition. If that doesn't prove interesting enough for everyone, I think we'll keep driving up the canyon and enjoy the color higher up. Actually, that might be a lousy idea. There is a special deer hunt this weekend up there. The national park doesn't open up often to hunting, but the deer population has been huge the last few years and causing a lot of accidents along the highway, plus with the lack of vegetation after 5 years of drought, they might all starve this winter.

Michelle, you are just the cutest bundle of energy! The first line of your post did make me smile. :) I have to admit I miss being near meat stores. There is just something cooler about going in to a place where you have a butcher who actually knows about meat instead of some kid who looks at you funny if you ask a question about a particular cut. Also, the rest of us are waiting for that Peddler's Village visit almost as much as you guys! We want pictures!!

Kat, I'm sorry you are in funkville flats as well. I'm laughing a bit as well, though, because as I typed that out, the line to that song came flashing through my head... Won't you take me to Funky Town... How do words end up having such different meanings?

Tina, you LOVE being a football mom? We didn't notice! ;) I think it is absolutely cool that Trey is doing so well and that you are there watching him succeed. Even with 6 busy kids, at least one of my parents managed to make it to every one of our activities while we were growing up. It made a huge difference to me. Also, grats to you for remaining OP even with your busy schedule! I'm rooting for another great WI for you!

I'm kind of lazing about here (is that even a word?) in my big fleece robe and fuzzy butterfly slippers and planning on enjoying the last remnants of this morning. Just finished an article in O magazine (MIL sent me a subscription for my birthday :) ). It was about getting back on track after a setback. If any of you get the magazine, make sure to check out that one. There were some great motivational bits in there as well as some practical advice.


10-18-2003, 02:27 PM

I've been to the local farmers market. Picked up acorn squash, a lovely califlower the size of a basket ball, some red and yellow peppers and home grown popping corn. Oh and mmmmm fresh pressed cider. Came home and let the dogs run while I filled bird feeders and now it looks like rain is on the way so I'll do some paperwork this afternoon.

I'm, for once, not in the funk :s: that seems to be haunting some of you. I even managed a week off from work, and therefore away from my eating routine, without any blowouts. :D What can I say to help you?? How about, maybe it's time to make a list (or pull out the one you already have) of all of the things you do to help yourself get thru the tough times and picking one thing each day to use as a crutch? Like "today I'll have ice water w/lemon and apple slices rather than soda and that bag off cookies." or "Today I'm only going to eat sitting down in the kitchen or dining room." I try to use that one a lot. Remember I'm the one with a note on the dash board that says No one is forcing you to sit in line at the Drive Thru ... Keep on going it says drive-thru NOT Stop!

ANDRIA: Have fun. I love froo froo drinks.

MICHELLE: Your wake up call was great. We all need cheerful shoves in the morning. :lol:

Well, I started this at around noon, stepped away for what was supposed to be a couple minutes and now it's 1:00 and time to sit down and finish it. :dizzy:

KAT: We're here for you when you get time to vent.

TINA:Good luck to you on Sunday. Glad to see you sssso OP :) and I'll be rooting for Trey!

TERRI: I'm impressed with your dedication. I wish I could get back on the exercise track but I can't yet put together even two day in one week.:o



Terri in MO
10-18-2003, 04:12 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

My it is quiet. Well, at least I can keep caught up that way! :lol:

DH and I had a lovely time last night for our anniversary. We had authentic Greek. Okay, we're wusses. We don't like everything that is Greek as we found out. We love the olives..the feta cheese...the gyros...the dalmathes...but not the casserolie type stuff. Too earthy tasting and mushy texture. But we had a great evening together.

Today, we're cleaning house. We have so many things started and not yet complete - the domino effect ya know? We're tackling one room at a time. It won't take long if we just don't get sidetracked.

I need to get back to being busy. Mom will be here soon. She's staying the night and then going to church with us. We're having shrimp, salad, and they are having garlic bread (but not me). Tomorrow will be homemade taco's but I will limit the shells.

Michelle - Score! Don't you just love a good bargain!

Andria - Have fun! Sounds like you've got a busy weekend planned. Busy helps with funk.

J-Ann - Good to see you too. Great ideas on the funkville. Reading about letting the dogs run made me smile. I love to see the dogs run and have fun. Thanks for the kind words on being dedicated. I'm keeping at this and it sure is hard when the scale won't budge. Fat lot of good all the exercise is doing me - but I know, I KNOW, I can't quit because I know in the long run, its doing wonders for me. Its the short term that's hard to hang in there some times. But..must remain positive.

Uh oh. I hear DH's butt hit the couch and the TV come on. Better scoot and keep him busy.

Have a great day!

10-18-2003, 09:24 PM
Hi Girls!
I'm Back!!! :sunny: :faint: :hat: I am so sad that they made us get off the ship this morning! We were having too much fun! :D
I am way too tired right now to post or read, but wanted to pop in for a quick hello. :wave:

I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to catching up tomorrow. The cruise was Fantastic!! I'll share stories and pictures later!!!

Talk to you soon!

10-18-2003, 10:07 PM
Exhausted!!!! went to a craft sale today and am I tired. Had fun, bought a lot of stuff.


I came home and was looking up books on the internet for my nieces because that is what they want for Christmas. One wants some Chicken Soup books. Well, imagine my surprise there are Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul books.

Who would have thought, Oh, yeah, Tina!!!!!

10-18-2003, 10:31 PM
Hello All,

I haven't been on the computer much, sorry not to be responding to individual posts..

I am exhausted...:lol: Far to out of shape to be chasing after a toddler and a 6 year old.. The 6 year old didn't have school Thursday or Friday, and the little one's day care provider was ill...so Grandma R to the rescue... My goodness, now I know why God wanted us to have our kids when we are young!!:)

I was so disgusted with myself last week when I gained 5 pounds, I got my blood pressure pill med prescription renewed and was very careful about staying OP this week, and I showed a whopping 7.4 loss at Friday's weigh in. I am pumped..that is nearly a 17 # loss since September 12, when I joined WW.

So if I lose even after all my mess ups I am thinking maybe I can do this thing. I have to remind myself it is OK to slip up now and then the main thing is to remind myself that the glass is half full :halffull:

I promise to try and respond to individual posts later in the week.. Love to all....

10-18-2003, 11:12 PM
Ok....I'm BAAAACK! First off, this will not be a huge post, because I am exhausted :faint: and sunburned :hot: and I want to do nothing more than fall in the bed, but I wanted to report in first.

FIRST off..... I'd like to mention, it is SO hard to eat OP when you're flying by the seat of your pants! My first challenge was to try and get something for breakfast at a convenience/gas store. I bought a General Mills strawberry cereal bar (3 pts) and a bag of baked Lays chips. (2 pts) No, not the healthiest breakfast in the world, but certainly better than gravy and biscuits, right? :yes: Ok..... for lunch, we found a little place called Harry's and while everyone else was chowing down on hamburgers and onion rings..... I ordered a roast beef sub with nothing on it but lettuce and added my own LF mayo. (individual packet saved from Chik Filet) AND.... I didn't eat the whole thing. Dh helped me out with it. ;) I figure it could NOT be anymore than 8 pts. THEN..... here came the real test. Dinner at Golden Corral. I had a baked chicken breast, green beans, steamed rice, steamed squash and some corn! Wooo Hooo! Major victory day for me! I stayed within my points and with all the running around I did today, I KNOW I got in plenty of exercise.

On another note, I exercised four days this week. I did the 2 mile WATP 3 days... and the 3 mile WATP 1 day. :smug:

Now..... onto my football story:

How this all started was that Trey's team was challenged by the Knox Powell 9-10 year old football team in Knoxville Tennessee. Whoever won this game between the two would be the East Tennessee Bowl Champions. Now, first off.... I'll be honest. We were a little apprehensive about this, because some of our local teams have played Knox Powell and have been skunked, so we weren't looking real forward to driving almost 2 hours away just to get killed.

Well..... long story short, and I guess you've read the title, so you know we beat them. What you don't know however is that we not only played one game..... but TWO. The reason we played two is because another one of our county teams were supposed to play but to be honest......were afraid they would be beat, so they backed out. We played the first team and beat them 18-0. We got about a 45 minute rest/food break and then had to play the second team. (which I'd also like to mention, WERE undefeated)

Notice I said WERE. We beat them 12-8 and because we did, we are now the East Tennessee Champions. Here are some lovely memories of our day and we thought we'd just share them with you!

I know some of these will throw the board off, but we almost ready to start another thread, so I thought you wouldn't mind. ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Little men in action. (We are the team in black and Trey is on the end to your right) #54


This is during halftime


Here are the Champions with their plaques! (WILL be in the newspaper)


And of course me..... the proud football Mom. :lol:


BY THE WAY LUCKY.... I HAVE "Chicken Soup for the Nascar Soul"... Thank you very much! :lol:

10-19-2003, 12:54 AM
Hey everyone :)

Wahoo! Lots of posts to come home and read! I'm really exhausted, but had a super fun afternoon. Oh man, the two fondue recipes we made were yummy! I'm about to fall asleep right here, so I'll come back tomorrow and make personal replies. Can't skip this one, though...

SYN!!! Congratulations on the 7.4 down! :bravo:

Sleepy girl heading to bed now... :faint:


10-19-2003, 02:34 AM
HI all... I have snuck in here while my company is in the bathroom. :s:
I really miss everyone... two more days and hopefully I will be back.
i miss all of you.. but I also miss having my house to myself.
See you soon. :crossed:

10-19-2003, 09:52 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Tina...Trey is the cutest! I know you are so proud of him! :) Great picture of you by the way.

2 cute: thanks for sneaking in, I miss you when you are not here.:D

Hello Andria:wave:

Syn...:strong: :cb: :dancer: :dance: YOU ARE DOING GREAT CHICKIE.

Lucky...glad yesterday was a good day. I (because of my history with isolation), know how vital it is to get out and do things. I am doing so much more these days, and I have to keep it up. (It would be so "easy", some days to revert to old ways, but I know where that leads, more isolation, depression, and very soon I would be in the grips of compulsive overeating again. This way is much better!!!! Anyway, glad you enjoyed the craft show:lol:


Determined...(Terri, forgive me if I got your name wrong), sometimes my mind just draws a big blank on some of our alias'), Happy Anniversary to you! Glad you and hubby had fun...please enlighten this old weary mind.....of what your real name is...duh!!!:doh:

Michelle, Katrina, Homebound...and all the rest of you chickadees (Thin, where are you sweetie?) have a healthful day.

Oh...the wedding! It was beautiful! We all had a great time. AND I SKIPPED THE WEDDING CAKES!!! BRIDES CAKE WAS BUTTERCREAM!!! I COULD SMELL IT ANYWAY, AND RECALL THE TASTE:lol: , AND THE GROOM'S CAKE WAS CHOCOCALTE DECADENCE OR SOMETHING OF THAT NATURE. SMELLED GOOD TOO, BUT I WAS A GOOD GIRL. I was able to limit myself, I had decided ahead of time (that is always helpful to me), and besides plates were those small desert plates), IT'S A GOOD THING UH?:D
The bride was gorgeous, and the groom so handsome, and all the kiddies had a ball. And you know what?? I LOOKED GOOD! It was so nice to be able to dress up and feel good about myself again. (Makes me want to do more of it). If someone complimented me, I just said thank you. Imagine that!!!! Not feeling as if I had to "qualify" with some kind of "yeah but comment". I hope as I continue on this journey that becomes easier.

Okay sweeties, gotta get moving, talk to you later :wave:

10-19-2003, 12:22 PM
See you at 300+ And Ready to Try Again, #427...