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10-10-2003, 01:15 PM

We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous lbs Down Friday We get to crow about loss or ask for help
Saturday: Sunny Thoughts Saturday We share stories and jokes to help us smile
Sunday: Silly Poll Sunday A new poll to give your thoughts to every week





10-10-2003, 01:17 PM
Brother, I had something I wanted to tell you and out the brain it went!

I do want to remind you not to forget about our WTG's!!! We can use all those we can get!

Well, if I remember, I will let you know!


happy dance dot
10-10-2003, 01:42 PM
Good morning girls!

Today is a beautiful day:) . I am off on Monday and Tuesday and this makes me very happy...enough to :dancer: . Big selfish plans for this weekend...including going to the Columbus Day parade, working on my computer(fun graphic design stuff), working on a photo album, spending time with the pets, starting exercising with the balance ball(got 2 tapes), and I think Andy comes Monday so we'll be having Japanese on Tues...yummmmy;).

Anyway, yesterday I stayed o/p, drank my water, but no exercise...was kinda tired and drained...TOM is here:headache:. Today I am doing good too so that also makes me happy.

Oh, oh I have a funny nephew story...
He walkes up to his mom and asks, "So mom whatcha think?"
My sister responds,"ummm what do u mean"
and he answers, "I shaved", he is only 7yrs old :lol:
and then he adds,"oh and look I shaved my legs too...nice job right?":lol: :lol:
My sister tells him, "Carlos, boys don't shave their legs only girls do"
and then he says"Gee, thanks a lot mom...you should have told me that before!":lol: :lol:
Plus my sister told him he's not supposed to use his daddy's or anyother razor that's not his and he doesn't need to shave until he is older.

Sandyb: Glad to hear your feeling better...My brother passed away on Aug 8, 1997. Way to go! 3lbs good for you!;)

Pam: Oh that nephew story really cracked me up:lol: sooo cute. I always remember my brother when I hear the songs, "I'll Be Watching You", Sting and "I'll Be Missing You", Puff Daddy, remake of the previous song.

Faye: your nephew story was cute too.

Okay girls TGIF!!:dizzy: I'll check in later.

10-10-2003, 02:42 PM
Lisa: YOU GET A: :grouphug: for points! You are doing fine! BTW, I never told you what a beautiful pic of you as your avatar! Also, I want everyone to know that I was NOT upset with you guys only teasing. I have to juggle so much stuff that I kind of get lost in a haze sometimes!

Dorothy: Actually, my story was something my daughter told her class, though my GRANDSON has been known to come out with some pretty outrageous stuff too. Your story was so cute. Blame it on MOM of course she is supposed to have eyes in back of her head!

It is a blah day here and I have been keeping late nights watching the CUBS play and I am pretty tired. I am an early morning person and am NOT a late nighter so even 10 pm is late for me.

Hope you all are planning a fun weekend for yourselves!



10-10-2003, 02:47 PM
OOOPs! :o I accidently posted on 31 before this. Sorry.:^:

I'm sawee Faye if I upset you. You got the Bravo right though,
Thanks. Faye that one was for the 8th. It takes me all day to drink my water so I usually post late that night or the next day. As for the 9th I get points for exercise, and water only. I'm so sorry I'm letting you guys down, I will try harder on the next challenge I promise.

Sharing my daughters mixed words story: She was probably about three. I used to buy her tons of costume jewelry and "fancy" dresses from thrift stores and yard sales so she could play dress up. She loved it and would spend hours dressing and undressing, anyways one time she comes out in this dress with a belt around it and all these sequins everywhere, she hadn't had her hair done yet and she had a lipstickall around her lips, with yellow high heels and about 30 beaded necklaces. She looked hysterical. She came out and said "look Mommy",grinning from ear to ear,you could see in her eyes how beautiful she thought she looked. Grinning from ear to ear and in my most sincere and proudest voice I said to her, " Ohhhh Brittany! You look soooooo tacky!" She grinned so big and twirled around for me. She didn't know what tacky meant, but the way I said it made her think it was wonderful/beautiful. Some time later she told my mother how "tacky" her dress was. :lol: I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard!! Needless to say I had to do some explaining.

Y'alls stories were so dern cute that it reminded me of that, thanks for the smiles.

As for pounds down Friday I lost 3.6 pounds this week.

Sandyb congrats on your loss too!! 3pounds whooo-hooo girlie!!! :)

Have a fun Friday!

happy dance dot
10-10-2003, 04:08 PM
Wow Lisa way to go girl:cb: good for you I am proud of you.

WTG: I have a corduroy skirt I loved to wear, but it didn't feet anymore, I even tried it a week before I started dieting and it was sooo tight I just pulled it off and put it in the bottom of my drawer. Yesterday I remembered about it again and took it out...I was curious and woooohoooo it fits now! Really happy about that and also my jeans fit like they used to. I had stopped wearing a lot of clothing because it didn't fit or was too tight, but I also refused to buy bigger sizes and that's how I ended up dieting again- I had nothing to wear! ANyway, my other dress pants fit now, but a little too tight still, so I am hoping in two or three more weeks they'll fit though.

Okay that's all for now, oh and Faye I was only teasing too about the bravos...I understand you have a lot going on, but even so you still manage to do great...you rock!So here it goes for staying on top of things :bravo: :balloons:

Take care girls.

Amanda Panda
10-10-2003, 04:40 PM
Hello everyone

Just popping in - sorry I've not been here for a bit but Nige has been really busy on the computer and I've been busy filling in job application form for a great job in Ireland. And I've still got PMS ....it's been over a week now! Aaaaaah!

I'm doing better than I was but I'm still not completely back on programme - I'll sort myself out though and will have a really good week next week! (and I'm on programme today)

Thank you everyone for your kind words!

Love Amanda xx

10-10-2003, 07:46 PM
Evening Ladies,
Just got home and thought I'd check in with you all. I totally blew it today......my friend made a big bowl of carmel popcorn and I ate a ton of it! Most sugar I've had in ages.....

So, I have the weekend to fit in 2 more 4 point days and I'll still make the challenge. Hmmmm, wonder if I can manage it???

No exercise today either, but I"m soooooo gonna work hard tomorrow! PROMISE!!

Well, nighty night ladies........see you in the morning.


10-10-2003, 10:49 PM
Hi all,
I'm very tired. I get points for O?P,water and lots of exercise.



10-10-2003, 11:58 PM
Hello ladies!! i get all 4 again today!! Even did my pilates as well as the other exercises... Hope everyone had a great day... I will check in again tomorrow!! Night and sweet dreams!!


10-11-2003, 08:23 AM

SandyB: :bravo: and a BIG :hat: for your weight loss!
Dorothy: :cp: and a BIG :dance: for getting into that skirt!
Lisa: :grouphug: for Thur and :bravo: for Frid and a BIG :hat: for your loss too!

10-11-2003, 08:36 AM
SATURDAY: Sunny Thoughts Saturday! We shared funnies yesterday, but does anyone have any other happy thoughts?

What a mess Jack's birthday dinner turned out to be, but it ended up ok. The wait at Olive Garden (which was where he picked to go) was over 70 minutes and we just felt it was unfair to make Thomas wait that long. That would have made dinner almost 8 pm and Jack had not eaten since 11 am so we went across the street to Hueys, which is a local Hamburger/bar kind of place. We had a good time though. Of course, T always thinks my food looks better than anyone elses so he ate all my mushrooms! He is such an imp, he would lean over and snatch one, look at me with devil in his eye and say, "I took one of your mushrooms." How many three year olds eat, mushrooms, dill pickles, smoked sausage, pepper jack cheese etc. She has him eating pretty much anything, but he hates bananas. Oh, btw, Jack liked his poem. I got big "smoochies" (what t and I call kisses) for it!

Today we are going to see Good Dog and I don't know whether he is going to like it or not, but we will have fun anyway.

**Sunny thought** From the annals of "dumb grandma stories" I bought him a present last night of a Halloween coloring book with stickers, a strip of other Halloween stickers and a box of washable markers to take to the restaurant to keep him busy and THEY DID! I thought I was being a smarty pants and bought him markers that "puff up" as they dry. NEVER LOOKED AT THE EXAMPLE! The $%^& stuff was PAINT not really markers though it did SAY markers. He was squirting paint everywhere trying to get it out of the tubes. It's a wonder everyone in the restaurant didn't go home polka dotted! What a mess you guys and of course HE LOVED THEM! We had to hide them in Jack's gift bag when his food came so he didn't take them home.

I have lost 3 lbs from the stuff I gained over my birthday, but I am still not back to my 317 to work from there. At least tomorrow is grocery day and I can get on my menus!

Have a good day ladies


10-11-2003, 09:08 AM

My sunny thought for today is that I am sore all over. I did floor exercises for 45 minutes last night as well as did the 1 mile WATP video and 28 crunches. Then I got up at 6am today and did 30 crunches and the video again. I'm glad I'm sore, because then I know I'm doing something right. Kind of an odd sunny thought, but I have to take what I can get. :lol:


10-11-2003, 10:18 AM
WTG For Lisa and for Faye!! I am up ealry as well... DS woke us up at 7 or so...lol he was playing cars on us... we were the roads...LOL Stinker! Then once he knew we were awake he started singing Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine... hes such a hoot! Doctors appmt went well yesterday... i like her. She also set up an appointment for me with a plastic surgeon for my uneven breasts... Its gotten to the point that i wake up and cant breathe sometimes because of the pain. Hopefully we can get this fixed. She asked me if i had ever thought about it b4... i told her yes but i wanted to have my children first because i felt so strongly about breastfeeding... she commended m e for doing that... i thought that was rather nice... to be commended for your beliefs...lol anyhoooooooo... All this exercising is making me feel great!! I still need to get a tape measure so i can check inches and such but my body feels good...
OK... now i am babbling... lol sorry.
I will check back later dearies... love u all and take care of u!

oh yeah Faye CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! LOL

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

ps... Lisa i love your pic!!!

10-11-2003, 10:48 AM
Well, I got 4 points for yesterday.. yay!

Sunny thought:
We were at McDonalds a couple weeks ago and I had a flurry and some fries (I know.. naughty naughty..) but I was giving my daughter test tastes of the flurry off the tip of my finger. Of course, she loved it. Then Dave (my hubby) told me to try the sauce I was dipping my fries in.. You can imagine the face when she expected ice cream and got bar-b-que sauce instead! I never laughed so hard! I tried to make up for it with another taste of ice cream, but her look was so ttentative and worried I burst out laughing again. :)

CW:156 still

10-11-2003, 01:10 PM
Lee! I thought you would have learned about tricking a baby from the "apple pie incident" with Ben!!!!! my dh gave ben apple pie, then switched it with some kind of vegetable. My son to this day doesn't trust us when we tell him something is good.....ANd he won't go near a vegetable!

Anyway, food is on track for today and we're all going ice skating in a little while! A friend of the kids' is having a birthday party at the local rink......woo hoo, I can't wait!!

Congrats to Faye and Lisa on your losses! :clap:

We have an Olive Garden here, but they don't take reservations and it's ALWAYS at least an hour wait.......even at like 2:00 in the afternoon!!! I haven't been there in ages....used to be addicted to their salad dressing when I was pregnant!

Well, gotta go dig the skates out of winter storage.


10-11-2003, 01:17 PM
Thanks Sandy. :)

10-11-2003, 04:35 PM
Lisa you are very welcome!:sunny:

Sandy:flow1: :dance:

10-11-2003, 06:46 PM
LeeAnn: YOU GET A: :bravo: for points

I WOULD JUST LIKE TO COMMEND YOU LADIES THAT BREASTFED YOUR BABIES. Like I said before, I wasn't that big a proponent until my grandson was born and was told all the info by my daughter INCLUDING the fact that hospitals and doctors discourage mothers from breastfeeding in poorer countries and instead provide formula to them. Why not give the mothers veggies and good food and have them BREASTFEED? Unfortunately, the formula companies in this country keep a lot of pertinent info from moms about what the heck is in the stuff and the worst part is that DOCTORS in THIS country discourage mothers from breastfeeding. My daughter has had no less than 4 pediatricians because none of them thought a baby should be breastfed longer than 6 months max and most thought 3 months. That is disgusting! If God gave us the things to feed our children why should we think someone other than God knows better? Ok, off the baby soapbox now!

Any of you with kids over about 6 should take your kids to see Good Dog. Very cute movie. T was a little young for it to understand some of the funny stuff, but the little boy in front of us who was about kindergarten age giggled through the whole thing. We still had a ball and T eventually wanted to snuggle with Nonny so that right there made the movie worthwhile!

Cubs game is on in about an hour and a half and I need to get us some supper. You all have a great evening!


happy dance dot
10-11-2003, 09:20 PM
Hi girls

Amanda- glad to hear your feeling better and are getting yourself back on track.

Julie-Caramel popcorn...yummmy;) ...glad to hear your on track after the popcorn. Ice skating...can't wait to go again myself especially since its been years, I will probably fall on my bottom a few times, but it'll be fun. Hope you have fun Julie.

Faye- happy to hear your hubby loved the poem. Oh and the markers / paint ...very funny hehehe did the people at the place say anythng??? Oh and congrats on the weight loss.

Lisa- your doing great girl! Very happy for you.

SandyB-Good to hear your doing good and wow you really stick to the working out...good for you. I wish I were more active. Oh and I am for breastfeeding, I've heard that the maternal milk contains good "stuff"for the baby's immune system, which formula doen't provide. It's been known that babies that are breastfed tend to have stronger immune systems. I know when I have a baby I definatey will breastfeed til I run out:lol: I always wonder how good of a mom I will be because Giz, Kit, and Nemo are just my pets, but I spoil them love 'em, Imagine with a baby:D . I love all my nephews too. Oh and Kit I basically raised since he was about 3wks old so I had to feed him with a bottle and help him deficate and urinate....was weird in the begining, but I read up on it and now he's stronger than Nemo, who was raised by his mom:lol: .

Okay girls I think I have lost weight, but I'll wait til tomorrow to let you all know. Take care.

10-11-2003, 11:55 PM
Good Evening,

How are ya? Me, loopy!! I have been awake since yesterday morning at 5:30a!!! :faint: :tired: :yikes: :encore: whats up with that you ask? Last night I worked till 10:30p, too wound up to sleep, tighter than a drum :dizzy: , :lol: then I didnt get to bed till 2 ish, knowing I had to awaken at 5:45a, naturally just laid there...then I got up got dressed at 3:00a and went and spent rest of am with a friend, then work at 6:30ish, now here I sit at almost 10 p.m., where are the men with the straight jackets?? you know sleep deprivation is, what's the word? oh, well, you gals know what I mean...going home in just a bit and crawl into my bed, do not work till 11a.m. , I'll be sawing some logs..will dream about all of you chickies.....we are tough , we are awesome, we are invincible!!!! :spin: :strong:

okay gotta get outta here, before I say something I cannot be held responsible for, you chicks will think I have really lost it!! :lol:

Talk to you tomorrow!!!:wave:

10-12-2003, 09:01 AM
Sunshiny Sunday To ya's!

I am still sore. Yesterday i get points for my exercise,satying O/P but I still have about 6 ounces of water left in my water bottle from last night. So no water points. I just have this whole mental thing about water. If I don't have it all drank by like 6pm , I subconciously stop drinking it. I just sip it barely. I am just realizing this and I know why it is, I get up like 4 or 5 times to potty if I drink after 6pm. I end up so tired the next day from all the interrupted sleep.

PKJ - You get any sleep yet?? I'd be major loopy too.

Happy - What kind of pets do you have? That's so sweet how you took such care of kit, what happened that you had to do all that?

Faye- How did your Cubs game turn out?

Have a great day everyone!!!

10-12-2003, 09:50 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday. You are in the mall and you have LOTS of cash to spend. Where is the first place you would stop to get rid of some of it?

Wilson's Leather goods, love that smell of COW!, Eddie Bauer, your significant other needs new duds, Macy's, you just love their clothes, Rack Room Shoes, cause you can never have TOO many shoes, Zales jewelers, they have a too die for ring you want, Yankee Candle, the smell from the out in the mall is heavenly, Best Buy, the have a big screen tv on sale, Bath and Body, their scents are devine, Dunkin Donuts, you have to have sustinance to power shop!

Have fun with it girls!

Lisa: YOU GET A :cp: for points.



Everytime I do a silly poll like this, I finish then look at it and discover I would have a hard time choosing! I would probably buy something at the first store I come to that has something I want. If I were in the mall here in Memphis, that would probably be Yankee Candle. Jack would hate it because he is NOT fond of scents in the house or car but I put them in there anyway! I have a CAT, need I say more? I love, shoes, handbags and jewelry and fragrance so sooner or later I would get around to them too! :lol:

Grocery shopping day girls! Later!


10-12-2003, 10:37 AM
Oooohhhhhh! I just am sooooo mad. I just let rip on someone who had the audacity to be throwing stones about someone who they saw in a restaurant binging! Please feel free to give this person your imput too! She really p*^^%# me off. It is a thread called "overeating and I mean overeating" I just want to punch the lights out on people like this one!


10-12-2003, 10:44 AM
Good Morning Lovelies!!! Got all 4 again yesterday... and i even did my iron horse! LOL i just couldnt get thru the day without it...lol so last night around 9 i was out in the garage doing my iron horse...LOL this IS addicting! I walked alot while i shopped... i finally went out and got my self some new white tshirts. Bought 4... they were clearanced down to 3.98! LOL For those of u wondering... i usually wear white shirts... not too many shirts with colors... dont know why but thats just me. LOL
Actaully i need just one more thing ot complete my "uniform" as i like to call it... just a pair of black penny loafers. My uniform is simple... white shirt(of course), jeans, white socks, black shoes and black suit jacket. I love mens suit jackets... they are so comfortable and so easy to wear.... and thanks to my MIL i have a gorgeous black leather one thats my favorite...lol
So, in answer to the silly poll?? I would hit most of the stores but most likely go to Wilsons first. Can always use a leather suit jacket...LOL or a purse, or a wallet, or ... u get the idea... LOL IO am rather loopy this morning... but its just a GREAT mood!! I am sooo thankfull that i came here and started posting again... i have made such progress... and its because of all of u wonderful ladies!! U keep my going... u inspire me and let me know i am NOT alone... thru everything... not just the weight loss... but life!
You are truly the best freinds a girl could have... Isnt it amazing that we do this for each other unconditionally... i wish more people loved and lived like this....
Okay.. i have gotten all philosophical... (had to ask hubby how to spell that oneLOL) but it comes from my heart and soul. rmember to take care of u today... and i love u all...

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

10-12-2003, 10:55 AM
One more thing ladies.. i have a recipe that i wanted to share. Its easy, versatile and very good. My kids call it pizza bread. But i make it with what ever i want ...lol
Take frozen bread dough... let it thaw. Foll it out into a long rectangle. Once its rolled out u can fill it with whatever u want. Pepperoni and cheese is what the kids like. But i have put ham and cheese, groung turkey and swiss... use your imagination. Just dont fill it too full. Once you have what u want in it just roll it up. pinch the edges and bake at 350 for 30-40 mins. Thats it! I made it yesterday and the kids love it... i made one for me with ground turkey browned with onions and lowfat swiss cheese. It turned out fabulous... just thought i would share this...In a pinch or for something good and u know the kids will eat. Its also good for pot lucks. Okay enuf! Have a great day all!!

Amanda Panda
10-12-2003, 11:07 AM
Faye, I just read that thread before I popped in here - I agree with you! As soon as I read it, I began to feel uncomfortable with what she had written - why are people (fat or thin) so caught up with being 'better' than someone else ? - trying to find someone who is 'worse than us'. I'd hate to have complete strangers monitoring what I eat (and then posting it on the internet!) and I'm sure she would too! I think you did right to comment - I read your response and thought 'yeaah, go Faye'!!

I'm busy applying for jobs at the moment - quite a few opportunities are cropping up in Ireland which is great! I know alot of you are Christians, so I'd like to ask for your prayers that I will get one of these jobs and that God will remove all the obstacles in my way. (I lost my last job through ill health and my last reference won't be particularly great). It seems impossible to me that anyone would want to employ me (think I need to build up some self confidence!!), and I was praying about it the other day, and I distinctly heard God say ' I will make the impossible possible'. So I'm putting all my faith in him - but I'd really appreciate a few extra prayers!

Thanks Girls!

I'm starting my diet with a vengeance today so will post my points from tomorrow. You ladies are all doing so well - you put me to shame!

Love Amanda xx

10-12-2003, 11:43 AM
I will post points when a few more of you have posted, but I have to comment to Amanda:

Amanda: First off, thanks for responding to that person. The more of us that let her know that is NOT acceptable the better. Secondly, I will give prayer time for your job search and I selfishly ask for the same in return! I just applied via e-mail to a job. I am stymied by the fact I don't even get calls for a first interview and do not know what to do about that. I have good to excellent references even though I left the last one without notice and was only there a little over a year. They do not know that though, because I do not give references on my resume and the company has been bought out and is a completely different name. So, with that being said, who knows why? I know God has something spectacular for you! He has always provided for us so patience and waiting on him is the key! (ok, I saw what I typed so I guess I should take my own advice!)

Post later!


10-12-2003, 11:51 AM
Good Morning Chicklets,

Yes I am revived now, slept good. (had no other choice, I had betrayed my body, deprived it, and it bounced back though!!!) I am thankful, a little more alert now, my coworkers will appreciate that uh? :lol:

pts for yesterday: 2 pts for program, 1 for water, 0 exercise, but I am going in a few! I promise ;)

Faye, I love your polls. oooh $ to spend, (what's that?):D , I love bath and body, (some of the other shops you mentioned, we do not have), but Williams-Sonoma, thats one of my favorites, only been once when they first opened in Huntsville, all kinds of kitchen gadgets, and culinary goodies, (I know, I can still dream), the bookstore of course would be my first stop!! and the Hallmark store. Thanks for the little fantasy trip Faye....:lol: :lol: :lol:


Sandyb, recipe sounds easy, that is what I like.:D

Faye, will have to ck out your post on that thread, I am sure you let them have it with both barrels.

Lisa, sounds like you are doing good! yes the water does a # on you for sure, but you will get use to it, I am in the bathroom all the time

Well girlies, gotta go, have to get ready for work. I put in to be off next Friday and Sat, Jane's neice is getting married, but in order to be off I am scheduled for 10 consecutive days, there are just a few of us, but she recently hired 2 more, so maybe they can do fill ins when we are out, on vacation, or so we can have a set schedule. That would be lovely.

Hope all of you have a great day. Stay strong, you can do it!

10-12-2003, 11:58 AM
Pam.. it is SOOOOOOOO easy...lol and like i said u can do what u want with it... And its so very good... u could even use frozen wheat bread dough...lol I am glad u got some sleep... i hope the time off works out for u and they get things in a schedule... makes life so much easier...lol
Faye... i read that post after reading here... and i too posted there. I think that what she witnessed hit a bit to close to home and she doesnt know how to feel about it... so she choose anger. At least thats my instinc on it. She should have thought about what she was writing b4 she wrote it. I will check back later lovelies....


10-12-2003, 01:31 PM
Well, gooood afternoon ladies!

I've actually come on here twice this morning, intending to post.....but I decided to go and have a really good sweat first so I could say I "did" my exercise today (FINALLY) instead of I'm "going to".

Points for yesterday was just one for exercise. The ice skating was great! It was unseasonably warm outside (70's!!!) and it felt great to be in the colder temps on the ice. HOWEVER, that whole social eating thing got me again! We went home with the birthday boy's parents after the party and had dinner. We ate incredibly healthy, wholesome, most-likely organic food--big salad, turkey and bean soup, squash soup, blue corn muffins. Nothing was even slightly bad about any of the food, except that I kept eating it! and eating it!! oh, and the leftover birthday cake which I ate more than I should have. Not terrible, but I just keep letting myself slide. Like Faye says, gotta have a serious talk with myself!!

So, today's a new day. Had a great workout (guess I already said that) and am ready to head outside for a while. Should be a 4 pointer today. :crossed:

Sandy, I wonder how those pizza bread thingies would freeze? Pretty well, I would think. I'm always looking for new things to put in the freezer so I don't go out to eat when I don't feel like cooking. Neither my body nor my wallet can afford to go out anymore! Thanks for posting the recipe

Amanda, I'm praying for your new job....I know you'll get there, just keep faith! It took my husband four years of constant search to get a job in Maine. We so wanted a change from the Southern city life we had in Raleigh....and it happened! We just didn't stop trying. Now, we have to keep fighting to stay here! DH is a civil engineer and he relies on development to fuel his industry. As you can imagine, there's not a whole lot of development in Maine.
That's why we like it here! Go figure.

Pam, I'm glad you're back among the living!! Just think how your body would have reacted to that little spell a few months ago....probably would have gotten sick, grouchy, maybe set off a week long binge?? I'm so proud of you for just getting through it and getting yourself back together (seemingly without any problems). That is a total testament to your new body, new committment, and new attitude! Way to go! :cp: :cp:

Faye, I know you too will get the job you were meant to have. It may take until you have reached your ultimate goal, but I think God has big plans for you somewhere in the weight loss field! I can totally see you as a nutrition counselor or personal trainer. You have such empathy and are a great motivator........I don't think you'll be doing too much administrative assistanting in your future.

So says Swami Julie :lol"

Ok, gotta go.......the girls want to play on the internet.

Love to everyone.......stay :strong:

10-12-2003, 06:28 PM

Sandy B::bravo:
Pam: :cp:
Julie: :flow2:

I only have a minute as the game is on, but I wanted to make sure I got smileys out to you all.

Julie: Boy, wouldn't I MUCK things up working for something like LAWL or Jenny Craig telling the clients healthy stuff to do like exercising which most of those programs don't do! :lol:

Got my groceries so now I can start my menus tomorrow. I expected to spend a bazillion dollars, but actually spent less than usual!

Gotta get back to the game!


10-12-2003, 09:00 PM
Hi all,

Faye- I saw that post too and it really irked me as well. I also commented to her. You were great! You'll land a great job soon don't you worry, all things happen for a reason. he watches over us all. That goes for you too Amanda!

Sandy_ I'm thinking that with all your "LOL"'s you must be one smiley gal! LOL I love it your post always make me laugh. LOL Thanks. Thanks for the recipe too. LOL :lol:

Mirabelly- Ice skating sounds like a ton of fun, I went once when I was so young I had to have a babysitter, so all I remember is that I fell a lot! I have never had the opportunity since and I doubt that I could do it if I did. It seems fun though, maybe when I get some of this weight off I'll be brave enough to give it a try. That and I want to rollerblade one day too when I am much smaller. :)

As for the silly poll.... Bath & Body I love so much of their stuff, but never buy it. definitely and then Macey's!! Fun poll Faye

I haven't been feeling well today so points for O/P only. I did 35 crunches today but that's it and my tummy aches to drink too much water.


happy dance dot
10-12-2003, 11:19 PM
hi girls.
Just checking in quickly, to let you know I lost another 2.5lbs and about the poll I would spend it at Pier 1, Bath & Body, Ann Taylor Loft, Lord and Taylor, Sephora, Computer Store, and of course Petco or Pets on Lex.

Take care girls and have a good evening..g2g I am a busy bee today...oh and BTW I got all points today and yesterday in case I forgot about it.

10-12-2003, 11:55 PM
Lisa u made my day!! Thanks for the compliment... and yes i am usually very upbeat and happy! LOL!(HA) Your welcome for the recipe... its sooo easy and versatile. My whole family loves it! WTG Happy on the weight loss... U GO GIRL!! I made all my points again today... yeah!! Going strong.... Did my yoga this morning and walked while i shopped with my daughter. Well.. i am going to finish up on here and get to bed... take care of u... and love you all...

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

10-13-2003, 01:25 AM
Evening Girls.

ooooh Dot, I forgot about Pier I, I love that store! :D congrats on the loss!

Just popped in for a sec to read about your day all! getting late so I will say goodnight, sweet dreams, my chickies!

10-13-2003, 10:21 AM

Lisa: :grouphug:
Dorothy: :bravo:

10-13-2003, 10:31 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday and our mission this week is to help someone else with a problem instead of ourselves! In doing that, we actually help ourself!

Good morning ladies! I start my menus today. I will let you know how the recipes taste! I haven't used recipes before so it should be interesting. Oh and btw, Sandy, that IS a great idea. You can also make a nice not too fattening dessert, by using fresh or frozen fruit mixed with slenda and rolled into the dough or purree fruit with splenda first and roll into the dough. Top with ff cool whip.

Well, I need to get some exercise started and all the other stuff I do in the mornings.

CUBS lost last night. The kid who pitched for Florida was really good, but he made me mad in about the 3rd inning. He pitched close to Sammy Sosa's head and Sammy fell and came up MAD (he got hit hard in the head early in the regular season). Luckily, the Marlins catcher calmed him down, but when Beckett struck out the last batter of the inning and was walking off the field I read his lips. He looked at Sammy and said, "Take that, MotherF&*(^%. So , I was hoping we would have creamed them, but Tue and Wed are the last two and we only have to win one of them and our best two pitchers are up.

Gotta go girls!

Faye :)

10-13-2003, 10:41 AM
Pam and Faye - Thanks for the welcoming words back...I may not be posting often but I will check back and forth as I lurk around, ha!
I actually have been doing what Faye was talking about in an earlier post, I have been giving myself more and more days of doing badly and then before I know it I am losing and gaining the same 2-3 pounds - it has been frustrating to say the least, I need a good kick in the pants! :D
So with Faye's Monday mission in mind I need a few encouraging words from you guys to help me get back started and excited about losing again....
Sounds like most if not all of you are doing so great!!!

PAM!!! :) You are doing so wonderful - you yourself have encouraged me more than you will ever know...Keep yp the great work!

Talk to you all later,

10-13-2003, 11:21 AM
Morning Ladies!
Yesterday did end up being a 4 pointer.....yay! Hubby and kids have the day off today,so I think we're gonna go hiking somewhere. Also have dance class tonight.

Dorothy, Congrats on the loss!! You must feel so proud :cp:

Faye, everyone around here is Red Sox crazy....but since I don't give a crap about baseball--I'm secretly rooting for the cubbies. I just grin to myself when anyone brings it up :s:

Well, gotta go.
Check back later.

10-13-2003, 12:36 PM
Carri: The world if FULL of quitters. They quit because they don't have what is needed to succeed. You have everything you need to succeed. You have the desire, you have the support and you just need to work on the commitment. We are going to help you any way we can to commit to getting back to square one. You and I can do it together. I wrote in my journal this morning that to me today is just like I am beginning my first day of my program. I got up and started with my vitamin and citrucel, started with my water and ate the breakfast of yogurt and blueberries that was listed on my menu. I did one round on my glider and am going down to do the next one. If I were you, I would "start over." Look at it as a beginning and begin again all fresh and new! You can do this and we are here to help you!

Julie: YOU GET A: :bravo: for points! I would LOVE for the 2 underdogs to play each other in the world series so I root for the Sox too! I am not sure they have it in them to beat the Yankees, but I sure hope so!

I am going to do a bulk "help someone" this morning.

It takes courage to start something so daunting as weight loss. If you drink, you can't unless you bring it home or go to it, smokers can't smoke unless they buy cigarettes, drug addicts can't shoot up unless they go and get it from the dealer, but where does that leave people who have food addictions? We all have food in the house. I have heard of strange things people eat when they are dieting and don't have snacks etc in the house. With that being said, I want us to make a list of "stupid foods" In other words stuff we eat when there isn't anything in the house! I want us to look at it today and laugh at how ridiculous it is to ruin our health by eating these foods!You can list stuff other people have told you they eat or stuff you have eaten yourself. We are stronger than the food that compels us and we are all going to succeed!


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



10-13-2003, 01:05 PM
Faye... u r right about the fruit in the bread dough... that would be yummy... I LOVE PEANUTBUTTER ON A SPOON! LOL the only other way i eat peanut butter is with apples. But i do NOT go overboard... I got all 4 yesterday as well. I upped my exercise and am lowering my calories to 1600. Actually ... i want to see how it goes... I put a call into my insurance about the plastic surgeon visit... I set up the appmt with him for Oct. 30 but i need to know if my insurance will cover the visit.
I tried posting earlier but my puter froze so i am trying to remember all that i had said...lol
I tend to be like you Faye in not using a recipe... i follow one but add my own touches and tweek it a bit! LOL Both of my grams cooked that way so i learned from the best. I have a wonderful recipe for pumkin soup that i make every year for Thanksgiving... i am making it lowfat this year so i can have more of it...lol its that good! Smooth and a bit spicy. If anyones interested i will post the recipe... just let me know. Okay... i did my iron horse already this morning so once DS leaves for school i will do my yoga. One more round of the iron horse later and exercise is done for today! Take care of U..


10-13-2003, 04:30 PM
I am helping a group of ROTC stidents at my daughter's high school get their community service hours they earned. I hope it works. A bunch of us got together every Sunday the past 6 weeks to work on a haunted acres for Halloween and portion of the proceeds were being donated to ROTC. That is how they have been earning their hours. Building sets, painting, stuffing dummies,working on costumes, making signs, and a lot more. Our meetings lasted 2 -3 hrs every Sunday and they worked in the heat too. Well, we just found out we won't be able to do the Haunted Acres at all due to road construction, leaving us no parking at all. The kids are all bummed, not only were they really excited about putting on the haunted acres, but all those hours they put in , they might not be credited, because supposedly the rule is that you have to be working for something that helps a cause or donates to one. I don't think this is fair because these kids couldn't help what happened in this situation. I am going to talk to the Dean and the Kernel to see if there's anything they can do about this.

Secondly- I am working on going into business for myself in the next couple of years or so. There is a lot of preparing and planning I still have to do though. It will be a weight loss program and I have recruited someone to participate in it for free in exchange for being able to use her testimonies/videos/story/pictures as advertising. When we are successful we will be a slam hit! I am helping her and I to lose weight and it's working, so that's 2 for my mission. It feels so good to see her enthusiasim.(sp?) Anyways, I tried to tell you just enough to let you know I am working on that mission too, but that's all I can really say about it for 2 reasons. The first and most important one is that I am in no way shape or form trying to advertise any service or program of any kind and I don't want anyone to think I am. This site and all of my friends on here mean way too much to me. Secondly, like I said ealier I'm not in business yet. I have a lot of kinks to work out. When I do, I think it will be the next level of weight loss programs and you can bet your bottom I will be making 3FC well known too. I think this site is one of the best tools out there for people who need to lose weight, I wish I had found it much sooner. If it bopthers anyone that I brought this up, please say so and I will delete it immediately.

Satine- Think about how far you've come. Did you know that when you lose only 4 more pounds you will be one quarter of the way to your goal!!! That's exciting! Don't look at what you haven't done, look at what you have done and what you are doing. Think about how you will feel in a year if you go off program. Then think about how you will feel in year if you stay on program!!! Check out my signature, it really helps me to break things up and have something visual to look forward to, maybe it's something you would want to try, it might help. :) You seem to smart to just give up girlie, the best thing you did was ask for help and we're here for ya!

As far as weird foods: ( where do i begin)

lettuce sandwhich
mayo sandwhich
buttered bread w/ sugar on it
bread w/ peanut butter and chocolate syrup on it
cool whip by the spoonfuls
that's all I can think of right now.

Sorry this got kinda long,

10-13-2003, 05:35 PM
Faye - Thanks for the words of encouragement and you are right, I did go back on today after a few weeks of eating whatever, and I am going to walk tonight with hubby so I will start a fresh today...makes sense...

Lisa - and thank you for the way that you put it, it is always hard to look down the road and think "wow, I have 90 pounds to lose"
it seems like it will take forever, but what else would I be doing? Might as well spend the time trying to be healthier....looking at your signature does help put things in perspective...and you are right I have lost quite a bit and there is no need to go back to that weight ( although I am sure that I have gained a few pounds back recently ) :)

Thanks again to you both, I will make a small goal this week and just try to stay OP for 5 days...exercise or not, I think just need to concentrate on staying OP for a while....

Hi to all of you and have a good evening....


10-13-2003, 06:38 PM
:cp: YAY!!! :cp: Yay!! I'm so happy for you Satine!!! :cp:



10-13-2003, 07:17 PM
SandyB: YOU GET A: :bravo: for points!

Ok, first recipe I used turned out to be really good. It is Beef Lo Mein and is in the recipes here at the site. I was able to eat 2 servings and that was a whole plate full and it was very tasty. I also have enought linguine and sirloin cubes to make another meal.

Have a good evening girls and I will check back later!


happy dance dot
10-13-2003, 08:22 PM
Hi girls hope everyone is happy and dandy:) .

Yesterday was a busy day for me. i was helping a good friend from childhood celebrate her daughter's birthday party at McDonalds. I had been helping her all week with the favors and preparation. The little girl was really happy and it was kinda like my reward. See my friend has gone through a lot and this was the first b-day she has been able to celebrate for her daughter (she turned 5), with a b-day party.

As far as the mission I guess that would fit into it. I always try to help out my family with babysitting (at no cost:D ). I was also thinking of helping my niece this year, she will be going out on Thanksgiving and handing out sandwiches, and other food to the homeless people in the city. My sister came up with this idea, which I think is pretty cool. Her intention is to help my niece value what she has and not to take it for granted. I need to keep this one in mind for when I have kids. I have a big family (siblings) and my parents always struggled with finances as we grew up. Now they are doing a lot better, they have a house of their own, etc. But my mom especially has always made it a point not to forget the rough times and is always helping others...that's always been stressed in my family. We are always giving her our clothing, and other stuff we don't need or want anymore and she hands them out to theless fortune others. The best reward is to see the smile you helped bring out in someone....anyway sorry if I got carried away there. Great mission idea Faye.

Carrie- the girls are right. I used to think about the whole # of pounds i had to loose, but you know what...little by little I know if i keep at it I will get there. It takes time to gain it thus it will take time to loose it. Even if it 1 lb a week-hey at least your not gaining. Good luck in your weight loss and know that we're all here for ya.;)

Lisa- good luck with your missions and hope it all works out for the students. It is unfortunate and they should at least get some credit because it isn't their fault. They have no control to what is happening.

As far as the silly foods...some of them are funny. Hehee

-Mayo Sandwich- they are pretty tasty I guess or the sandwich spread(orange type).
-The "cup of noodle sandwich"-Andy came up with this one.

that's all i can think of.

Okay girls take care.

10-13-2003, 09:03 PM
Hey guys, I can't talk much. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. SUndays are always my absolute Busiest!! Saturday I did just ok.. I got 3 points.

Sunday I got 3 again. No exercise.. running around w/ baby to church grandma's, etc etc etc..

Today I did great even though it was Canadian Thanksgiving. I got 4 points and even did yesterday's crunches to try to make up for missing them.

I have to go to work (I work nights..) and I'm late. I"lll write more later.

sw: 160

10-14-2003, 01:17 AM
Good Evening,

I need to be in the bed, but, no, loooooooooooook where I sit, but I just couldnt go without catching up on what my fav gals have been up to, You are all such an integral part of my routine, my program, and my life, and I thank each of you for that.

crazy food, you name it (practically and I have done it,) I have put many things between 2 slices of bread, (use your imagination on that one girls!!:lol: ), and if it had cheese on it as well, well, that is all the better. I may have told you all this already, but, I had a friend once who told me I would eat s@*! if it had cheese on it, YEP SHE SAID IT!:dizzy: I HAVE EATEN JUST ABOUT ANYTHING THAT WOULDNT EAT ME FIRST! I will admit I have eaten off of other family member's plates when I would "volunteer" to clean up the kitchen, yeah right?? but, I know I am not alone there, and I will honestly say I have eaten off the floor when I dropped something, there were times I think I would have eaten out of the garbage, (right off the top of course), but I didnt (gratefully), in my past life...(and it is my "past life", I am no longer that person, and I feel so blessed), I would "mindlessly eat"...to the point of literal lethargy, I was in a food stupor most of the time. It was my friend, my lover, (well not exclusively, but the sex was not the substitute I needed, it was love I wanted), as I am sure some of you can identify with, it was my ever-faithful companion, and it betrayed me ultimately, no, I take that back..all of that compulsive overeating finally did something right for me, it brought me to this place in my life, and I can honestly say it has never felt better!!! If I said it before, it was so short lived! I cant explain it, it is just something I know to be true now, I will continue on this journey, I will become that healthy, strong, fit person I long to be. The best is yet to come, and I know it, because the good is "good right now":spin: :dance: :dancer: :encore:

goodnight chickies, SU, great to have you back by the way!

10-14-2003, 09:18 AM

LeeAnn::cp: :cp: :bravo: for points over the weekend and yesterday.

10-14-2003, 09:48 AM
TUESDAY: Target Tuesday. I am trying to kind of follow the folks on Dr Phil Weight loss challenge so this weeks target is to examine what in your life caused you to start this self destructive path. Feel free to post at length about this. We are here to listen and learn too!

Since I have been "clinically" overweight since I was in grade school, though not obese, I can hazard a BIG guess. First of all, I had a dysfunctional family when I was growing up. My dad was an alchoholic and mom was a controlling cold woman. Not much love. Nothing the oldest sister or I ever did was good enough. I worked my behind off to get good grades but they never quite reached the mark. I wasn't the only boy/youngest like my brother and wasn't "frail" like the sister that is two years younger and was not married and out of the house like the oldest so I was the one she harangued at about everything. When I was in jr high/high school my mom was having an affair with a disgusting man and stayed with him until her death 7 years ago. We were abused by him until I had had enough and walked out taking my siblings one night. (I already told you this story at one time) You know me and I am not one to hold things back even embarrassing things. I sucked my thumb until AFTER Jack and I were married. My take on that was that IT kept me from becoming obese. It was my comfort and when I when I was in my marriage long enough to feel protected and loved, I stopped. I was a BIG kid not really fat, but by there little medical charts I was overweight. I took off weight wise during/after first pregnancy. Jay weighed nearly 10 lbs and no one back then encouraged you to exercise and get back into shape so it stuck. Four years later I was pregnant with the next one (which at the time I was upset with another pregnancy because the first one had been so horrendous) and again didn't take the weight off. Because my marriage was so stable, that was definitely NOT the issue, but our financial situation was. I chose to stay home with the kids to give them one parent at home with Jack being in the Navy and gone a LOT and that meant living just above poverty level. Let me tell you ladies, military people DO NOT LIVE high on the hog! I still have nightmares about places we lived and things we had to put up with, things my kids did without, churches that gave us stuff to keep us going, Navy Relief and our bank who loaned us money, checks I bounced to keep us fed, etc and the list goes on and on. THAT IN MY OPINION IS WHERE IT REALLY LIES. I THINK I FEEL I FAILED MY KIDS BECAUSE OF THE LIFESTYLE THEY HAD TO LEAD. I tried to make it normal for them, but we had to shop discount so they never got the name brand stuff, they were military brats in military towns and looked down on, they didn't have a dad a lot of the time so they missed out on that and when he was home he didn't know how to react with them so basically he didn't except for discipline and I overcompensated there, and I know they were embarrassed we had to take charity a lot.

I cannot go back and fix any of it. I can only go forward and fix myself and develop my relationship with my kids as adults. One child holds a grudge about it big time and the other one not at all. I have to face that fact that we as parents make mistakes and that we did what we thought would be best for the children even when we made mistakes. I don't think I am past "not being good enough" and I think that dd has taken over where my mother left off with that. In some ways I am still made to feel inferior and I am always struggling to prove her wrong, which is STUPID! Unlike with other people, I am always on the defense with her because she would use Thomas against us if we "made waves" so to speak and I adore that little boy so much! On the other hand and this is just recently since my son announced his engagement, she has turned a corner and I am having a lot more access to T and she is much more pleasant and I BELIEVE it is because she feels threatened that she will no longer be the big cheese having the BIG prize we desire (Thomas). There will be another camp heard from when ds has children.

Well, that is it ladies, the crux of why I think I overate and came to this point. I have been working on letting the past go once and for all and making the present the best I can!


10-14-2003, 10:04 AM
Morning Ladies,
4 points for yesterday......just barely got my water in, though.

dh lost another 3 pounds. Won't know about myself until Friday. He just keeps weighing whenever he feels like it. We weigh almost exactly the same right now, so we are very competitive about it. We both want to end up in the same place, too..

As for our mission this week.......the people I'm most trying to help right now is my family. I'm trying to make our home a more peaceful place. Less yelling, less stress in my own life to be heaped onto them out of frustration, more order, less laundry. I've always told myself I was a terrible housekeeper, even though as a sahm it is part of my job. But now I love how my house looks and feels when I care enough to work on it.

I'm also spending alot of private time with my son, 4 years old. He goes to kindergarten next year, but doesn't know his alphabet or numbers very well. He spends so much time emulating his older sisters, that his basic educational needs are being totally glossed over. So, I'm spending time with him working on letters, numbers, shapes, etc. I've spent 13 years focusing on things outside my home, now I"m finally working to improve my life from the inside.

Well, gotta go.....I think I"ll work on some menus today. That beef lomein sounded great! Another recipe on 3fc that's really yummy is the spinach/artichoke casserole. I love both of those veggies, all you do is mix them up with some cream of mushroom soup. Oh, and I add bacos to it after it cooks.

Stay :strong: everyone!


10-14-2003, 10:30 AM
Oooops, I said I was going to go.......but I just read the target tuesday post Faye put up, and had to think about it and now I want to respond.

I was from a poor family as a child, too. Nothing as noble as being in a military family, though, my dad was simply a freakin' lunatic!! Bipolar and religious--I joke about the day he quit smoking, quit drinking and found Jesus all at the same time, something in him just SNAPPED and he became a nightmare. After my mom divorced him, he refused to send child support, never called on our birthdays or Christmas, you know--the usual. So, we lived on food stamps and welfare and the God sent help of my grandfather (my mom's father was a doctor, and helped us out ALOT). My mother went back to college so she could get a job to support us, and she did a great job! But it was very difficult on all of us. We also didn't ever have the name brand clothes, the right haircut, the right foods in our cold lunches. Thank God my grandfather paid for my ballet classes! Dance was the only thing that kept me sane during those years.

I remember when things got especially stressful, my mother would try to compensate for our lack of money with food binges. I don't know if she was trying to make US (me and my brother and sister) feel better with treats or if she was just bingeing because she needed to feel loved. Probably both, but I remember she would send us to the corner store with a fistfull of food stamps and tell us to get ice cream, oreos, and a Pepridge Farm coconut cake. Then we'd all sit down and polish it off at once!!! It makes me cry to think of it now, she must have felt so unbelievably lonely and stressed out. She didn't really have friends that she hung out with because she had to be home with us. We did live in the same apartment building as her sister, so our extended family was very close. We had sundays together with my grandparents. But her sister was morbidly obese and smoked like a chimney....and she died from it. Sadly, she had finally figured it all out and lost a couple of hundred pounds. But her lifestyle had been going on too long, and it just killed her.

I had so much love from my mother, and I still do...but I guess those years (from 11 to 17) were so hard for all of us. I wanted my family life to be "normal", like my aunt & uncle whom I idolized. He was a pilot, she was a stay at home mom with a country perfect house, always clean. She cooked awesome meals, sewed for her kids, she was thin and beautiful. In my eyes she was freakin' Martha Stewart! Now that I think back on it, the only time we ever saw them was during the holidays....and of course everything was "Perfect" while they were entertaining. She has since set me straight on the whole deal, like what reality was (she was severely depressed and ended up on Prozac for years---she's all better now)

So, over the past 13 years of my "family life"...I've cooked huge, fattening meals. Baked cookies, and cakes, and hand dipped chocolates. I've never denied my kids things I would have wanted (McDonald's wayyyyy too much!). I've not only ruined my body, but I"ve overspent our way into debt trying so hard to provide a picture perfect home. I now realize what I've done and am trying desperately to reverse the process before it's too late. I'm trying to get my kids into healthy habits, reward them with love-not food!, teach them about money and credit and how it can destroy you. We can have a peaceful, harmonious, stressfree "perfect" home without twinkies and ice cream. I don't need to go to Walmart twice a week to buy more STUFF! Our house looks nice with less stuff!

Wow, I've rambled on.........but this is the first time I've really made the connection between my childhood and my eating and spending behavior. Thanks for giving us so much to think about Faye!!!

I'll sum up.......FOOD DOES NOT EQUAL LOVE! STUFF DOES NOT EQUAL LOVE! LOVE EQUALS LOVE!!!! All you need is love...la la la la la :)

Later chickies!

10-14-2003, 11:33 AM
Wow... thats a biggie... First let me get the other things outta the way so i can then focus on the tuesday goal. I got all 4 yesterday... even upped my iron horse workouts and lowered my calories to 1600. Okay, i hadnt really thought about who i was helping or going ot... then i read Julies post about helping her family. And that exactly what i need to focus on. Less yelling( i am a yeller) and more quiet understanding. I really think that once i get back on my bcp i will be better... TOM is due today or tomorrow and i am kinda all over the place emotion wise. I have struggled to make my home a beutiful place as well... i have repainted almost every piece of thrift store furniture i own. Just last year my husband and i bought our first new peice of furniture... a new couch. Everything else in our home is hand me down or bought second hand... which is fine. I love my home. It is finally becoming what i want it to be. A place where anyone who comes immediately feels welcome. A place where every room in the house is open to everyone. My kids and there friends come into our bedroom after sleepovers and crawl into or on the bed with us and we talk and laugh. I never had that... my parents room was off limits...even if i had bad dreams... i was told to go back to my own bed. I cook good meals to show my love as well... altho i cook healthy... i overeat and eat emotionally. or i should say i did. I have had many realizations since starting this journey this time... and i can soooooooo realte to u Pam. This time its 'different'. Cant really explain that other than to say that something just "clicked" in my brain. It makes sense now... Does that make sense?? LOL I grew up not really knowing if we 'had' money or not... i didnt want for much that i can remember... i know that i felt that i never quite measured up for some reason... i was constantly trying to get my fathers approval. My mother was a typical stay at home mom and had the same feeling of being "trapped" at times... Just wanting some time for yourself but then feeling guilty when u make it for yourself. Kids are great at that... i was, and so are my own kids now. I have a sister that while we were younger was fragile... skinny and i was always "big" god i still hate that word when its applied to how a girl or woman looks. My mom actually told me once that if i would just lose some weight i would have more boyfriends like my sister. Nevermind the fact that i didnt really want a boyfriend... i had plenty of male friends and that was fine for me then. I didnt really ever "date" If i found someone i reallu liked and they didnt feel the same i would remain friends... and vise versus. I didnt feel the need to waste time as i thought of it by dating just to say i was dating. Once i met my husband, i found someone who loved me for me... good, bad and ugly...lol
we struggled trying to keep ourselves afloat constantly. HE was still in school, so we both worked full time. Then when law school began he couldnt work so i did. We always worked it out so that one of us was home with our children... we didnt believe in day care and couldnt have afforded it even if we did! So i started eating because it was something i could control. I started gaining... i began a new job and lost 35 lbs in a matter of 3 months because i was working my *** off... and smoking again... i lived on diet coke and cigaretts for most of that year. well that is not a good life... We moved to Wisconsin for a law job for hubby and things started ot get better... but its not until we moved here to Eau Claire that i can honestly say that we have a good life. We still struggle with money, hubby doesnt like the company that he works for(neither do i) but for now it pays the bills and we love living in this community. the kids are happy and very well adjusted... all in all a happy family. So i guess i ate to stuff the feelings of not having control... and i wanted to make sure that my children always felt loved and appreciated. I love both my parents immensly... and life was different then... but i am raising my kids differently than i was. No subject is off limits... if they have questions they can ask... anything... i would rather they feel comfortable asking us than going somewhere else to get the answer. thats something i couldnt do with my parents... Oh i tried... believe me i did... but it was met with either angry silence or "you have a smart mouth" kinda thing...LOL Both my parents are proud of me.. and of who i have become... they ahve both commented on how empathic i am and how i am always willing to see the good in others... It was a revelation to me that they were surprised about it...lol i had always been that way, then again being a parent myself now i can see how sometimes life just gets in the way of seeing sometimes. Okay... i have babbled on enuf... I have a wonderful open and honest relationship with my parents, children and husband. Actually with most of the people i know. I am truely BLESSED to have found you wonderful women to share my struggles with. If theres anything i can ever do for any of u just ask... I am here.
Take care of U... love you all


10-14-2003, 11:48 AM
Good morning ladies.
Long time no see!

Looks like everyone is doing well!

Here.. well things have been extremely hectic. My sister had a baby on the 3rd. I am officially an aunt with a blood related nephew now. Hes just the sweetest thing! I am going to try to post his picture to show him off a bit! No guarantees that I will succeed tho.

Havent been on the scale so no weight loss to report. Everyone here has been incredibly sick for 2 wks with the stomach flu. I didnt catch it, but I've had to be the caregiver for everyone. Kids are finally back in school and I only have one that still has a cough.

Anyhoo.. I missed you all! :grouphug:

Ethan Wayne
7 lbs 0 oz
19 inches long
born 10/03/03

10-14-2003, 12:23 PM
Good Morning Ladies......we went out of town for a few days to my Aunt's house[my mom's sister]she lives about an hour away,and she has an old classic truck that my husband is buying...while we were out of town we went to the theme park called wild adventures,we took some time out to relax and have some good ole family fun...we went out to eat ,went to the movies and saw spy kids 3d...went to a melon patch where it seemed they had zillions of pumpkins,all kinds ,even white ones...they had a haunted house ,hay rides ,face painting,pick and cut your own pumpkin,all kind of activities...then a big all day trip to the mall...it really did all of us some good to get out and have some fun..we also saw a funny haunted western show....my husband had 3 days off,and with the kids being off...it just felt great....anyway I'm back and I am ready to get going...my son has a soccer game this afternoon,and we are going to go to the park and walk...I am really trying to promote exercise and good eating habits with my children...so I involved them in the exercise as much as possible...Faye,I too grew up military...my Dad was Airforce...which he retired from....we never traveled though...my mom was terrified of travel,so we stayed put in a town in Georgia,where we owned our own place...we didnt grow up poor,as my Mom and Dad always worked,Daddy even worked two Jobs,he would leave the day job[military]and run a cleaners/store at night til closing...my Daddy was a go getter,always doing something...he was also a cubscout master as well...they were from Virginia and we always made 2 or 3 trips back there a year...my mom came from a very poor family[coal miners and they had 11 children and mom was the next to oldest...she married my dad at age 14...and they were transfered to mississippi ,where they stat till after my oldest brother was born ,then they went to Savannah Georgia,where mom and Dad lost a child[stillborn]which Dad was overseas,as he was a lot during our growing up...when he came back he was transfered to Albany Georgia,where we stayed and grew up....we were not poor by far as we were practically raised by nannies ,as Mom and Daddy working all the time ...buy Daddy took time with the kids alot to teach us about life...took us camping with the boy scouts...Indian ceremonies,as my Daddy was Cherokee,so he was really involved with the indians,he even did lectures at schools and Colledges...I was a Daddy's girl from get go,being the only girl,I never was fat as a child ,in fact always skinny,but I think where my promblems really stem from is the fact that I always felt my mama never really cared for me,and she had mentioned to me on several occasions that when I was born that she told them that she didnt want a girl...and growing up she always seemed distant towards me..always critisising me about something,and daddy always called me his "Doll"..that was his name for me.and she would say she is no doll,so dont call her that...I had 3 brothers,and they could do no wrong in her eyes,she never hit them ,but me,all the timeI remember once when i was 17 ,i was working at the local movies,and before I had to go to work at 1:oo pm,I had to have the house spotless,and in sweeping the house,I stepped on a wasp that had gotten in the house ,first time i had ever been stung,so i didnt know that I was highly allergic to them ,so I went on to work,and later that evenin' my leg begin to throb,I ran the ticket booth,so I thought standing had made it hurt,but when I pulled my pants up ,I could see that it was swelled and red all the way to my knee...my boss called my parents and my daddy took me by the house to let my Mom know that he was gonna take me to the dr,and do you know she came in the bathroom where i was and beat the holy he__ out of me..I mean pulled half of my hair out ,busted my mouth and nose...slapped my face till it looked horrible...and to this very day...I can not firgure out why...I always felt like I wasn't good enough for anyt hing or any body,even though I was often told by others how pretty I was,and I had long beautiful hair and was offered to be sponsored for for a local beauty pagent by my boss ...of couirse that was out of the question for my mamashe took me out of school when I as 16..I really felt pinned up...she took me to work and picked me up...so when I met my 1st hubby at the movies...as soon as I was 18..I married him....it was not the greatest..as with him I still felt Like i wasnt good enough no matter what I did,and he was very abussive,and I tried to keep it hid and put up with it for 15 years...4 kids later ...I got wiser and tougher and left him...I now am married to a wonderful man,and we have a wonderful life together,and a wonderful child of 7....he makes me feel good about myself everyday ..and tells me how beautiful I am...but I really let myself go all those years because i always felt that i was not worthy of anything .....NOT ANYMORE THOUGH....I AM WORTHY AND I DO COUNT...it just took some understanding of whyI felt that way...why all the adult years when i was having babies and all ,why i didnt care about me...all I cared about were my babies...doing all for them and forgetting who I was...so that is why I wound up where I was...sorry it has been so long,but Faye thank you for this...somehow it felt good to talk about it...I loved my Mama dearly ,and i think in her last years she really tried to make up for all of it..I lost my Mama a year ago today..i still miss her terribly,as i do my daddy,who has been gone from this ole earth 10 years ,but certainly notfrom my heart...well ladies ,I love all of you and thank all of you for being here ...it really is a comfort to know I have friends to share my deepest ,most inner thoughts with....big hugs to all...will post later...need to go and walk...:) Joy

Amanda Panda
10-14-2003, 12:29 PM
Firstly, I am very pleased to announce that I got 4 points yesterday!. That means alot to me after 2 weeks of going completely off track. Today, I walked to the shops to buy some milk and I saw the cheese sandwiches on display.......but I just walked right past them - that is significant to me as I've been eating a cheese sandwich every day for the past 2 weeks and it's been hard to put a stop to it. I've found it very hard to get back on track - every day I've said 'oh I'll do it tomorrow' and we all know where that leads! Checking in here has really helped - seeing how well you are all doing has helped me to get back on track, despite a craving for fat! So thanks to you all for being here, I'm pretty sure that if I didn't belong to this group of lovely, kind and supportive ladies, I would never have got back on track.

Thanks to Faye, Julie and Sandy for sharing their stories. :grouphug:

Here is mine..... I have always had a self image of being a fat and ugly person - from the earliest age I can remember (about 4 years old). Throughout primary school I was bullied and ostracized, and called fat and ugly. My mum is not an assertive person, so never addressed it with the school. It's important to stress here that I was NOT fat or ugly......I just wasn't a skinny 'prom queen' type. I look at photo's of me as a child and I am filled with sadness for the cute little girl who was constantly told and believed that she was fat and ugly. My parents are very emotionally repressed and I am very open and sensitive - they could not cope with my crying and sadness, so usually chose to ignore it. My parents also have a real issue with food and are very intolerant to overweight people - (even though they have both struggled with their weight in the past) - I was about 14 pounds overweight as a teenager, but my parents constantly monitored whatever I ate, even though I rarely ate in between meals. Dad's comment was usually 'are you eating again?'- even if it was just my normal set meal. I was a very unhappy child and teenager, which led to clinical depression when I was about 19 - again something my parents cannot cope with, so choose to ignore. I left home at 19 to go to university and that is when the weight really piled on - I no longer had my parents watching and commenting on everything I put in my mouth - so I went a bit mad with the freedom of it all . Also I was suffering with depression and low self esteem, so food was my comfort. My weight has piled on even more now that I am with Nigel - I have suffered some really serious bouts of depression and times have been really tough for us both - which has led to us both overeating and both putting on about 60 - 70 pounds over the past 2 years.
But in August I decided that enough was enough!. Me and Nigel have talked about getting married and starting a family, but I know that i will not get married until I am happy with how I look (I freaked out when I was my sisters bridesmaid because I didn't want everyone looking at me - I was about 150 - 160 pounds then and thought I was disgusting!). The thing is I'm 30 now and time is running out! I want to get married and have healthy pregnancies - so now is the time to lose weight. NO MORE EXCUSES - I am going to do this!

Love Amanda xxx

10-14-2003, 12:57 PM
My story.. boring but still mine.

My family is a robust "we believe in feeding you" kind of family from the south. When you go visit.. you eat. When someone visits you.. you feed them. Always! My grandmother was heavier, several aunts and uncles are as well. Currently my mother is quite heavy at 235 /5 ft 1 inch,and is waiting and training for her for gastric bypass surgery due to such poor health.

When I was a child I was always sickly. Everyone always pressured me to eat eat eat. I never gained, so they pressured more. By the time I was a teenager.. I could eat a horse and not gain an ounce / weighing in at 105 on a heavy day - fully dressed at age 18.. but training told me to keep eating to gain.

I got accused and had rumors spread that I was anorexic.. devestating me so I ate more.. trying to put on a few lbs. I never could gain and I was miserable. This vicious cycle continued until I was 24 and pregnant with my 3rd child. I gained weight up to 172 lbs.. baby came and I dropped instantly to 140.. but less than 2 months later I was expecting again so I stopped losing. This time I got up to 232 ( all that training to gain gain gain kept me eating) I just had NO self control when it came to food. Baby number 4 came and I didnt lose the weight. I kept eating because I had always just done that. I stayed around 175 or so until I was expecting my 5th child. Then shot right back up to 232. He was born via c/section with complications. I didnt lose the weight. I was a size 18 and miserable, but I couldnt stop eating.
One day it hit me.. something has to change. My life is different and I am no longer that skinny, sickly kid who has to eat everything she sees to try to keep her current weight. I began eating healthy, exercising and dropping a little weight. I have been trying to lose since the birth of my last child in 1999. Its been a long slow process and I basically have had to retrain my way of thinking and eating habits that I had since early childhood.
I currently weigh approx 144.. possibly less. I havent been on the scale in awhile. I want to be 130-135.. but no less. Just as I do not wish to be heavy.. I do not wish to be overly thin again either.

10-14-2003, 12:58 PM
First off, I want to thank you ladies for all sharing. When you look at our stories, you find a common thread that goes back to childhood. I do NOT believe in blaming other people for food I put in my mouth so I do not BLAME anyone for my obesity but myself, but writing it out helps us individually see what triggered our need to comfort ourselves with food. Collectively, we see that we have a tight bond between us. We are NOT freaks or different. That we are very much the same even with different childhoods and lifestyles. We now need to empower ourselves to greater things! Those things are past and our lives are ahead of us. We can make of them what we will and what we want is better health and joyful life from being at a proper weight! I applaud your courage for sharing with us today!


Julie: :bravo:
SandyB: :bravo:
Amanda: :bravo:
Me: :grouphug:

I went over last night after dinner and I got hungry. I have adjusted my menu so that I have more of a filling snack after dinner and before bed to keep from overeating. I am well on track today!

Debbie: You nephew is BEAUTIFUL! Not all newborns are. He is just gorgeous. Can't wait for ds and future dil to start a family so I can have more grandchildren.

Joy: Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Well, I have messed around enough. I need to get the upstairs cleaned!


10-14-2003, 01:32 PM
It sounds to me like all of our stories have a similar thread... "I'm not good enough." I feel the same.

I have to admit that my mother came from a very wealthy family. Somehow I've always felt a little ashamed of that. But to the point, she came to America when she was 15 as a foreign exchange student, and stayed. All through her schooling her family paid for everything and she didn't have to work. So when she got pregnant by mistake, she was devastated when they cut her off.

By the time I entered the picture, she was living with the husband -who was forced upon her by his mother to do the "right thing". My earliest and only memory of him was when I was Very little, but walking (18mos? 2 years?) and I entered the livingroom of our trailer to see him throw a stereo at my mother in a drunken rage. We left.

Since then she has worked, scrimped and dragged our butts out of that lifestyle and back into the one to which she was accustomed. Needless to say, there were a LOT of babysitters (and sex abuse), and a lot of potential fathers who didn't stick around. When she finally met my stepdad (who I adore), she had dragged us up to middle class and ground the need to be debutantes into us. We used to have to walk with books on our heads, learn how to walk toe first in straight lines, which fork to use, how to fold a napkin, etc etc...

Her biggest disappointment in me was that I was the fat nerd in school. The one that the other kids laughed and pointed at. There was very little graceful or ladylike about me. My baby sister, like a lot of siblings, was the exact opposite: beautiful, graceful, athletic, and head of the honors society in high school.

The sex abuse continued into college where one of the dorm monitors raped me once a semester until I finally got enough $$ to get my own apartment with my own locks. Food was the least of my probs then, and I used it whenever necesary- which was constantly.

Personally, I was hiding behind food. I wanted to hide myself. I wore baggy clothes and ate everything that came my way. I was hiding from the shame that I had been used, that I wasn't the kind of girl my mother wanted me to be, that the other kids wanted me to be... because I was dirty. So I hid.

I continued like that until I met Julie and her husband (Thank God for sending them into my life!) How they had the patience to just let me barge into their lives and then continuously try to realign my screwed up notions of myself and the world around me, I'll never know. They showed me how to fight: physically, intellectually, emotionally.

So here I am, now happily married with a wonderful family, a good job and GREAT friends. I've worked out a lot of things over the last 7 or 8 years and now all that's left is to stop hiding.

I think I can do that now. I think we can all do it together.


WTG-I fit into my favorite pants again.
WTG2-My next door neighbor told me how great I look and that she wished she lost her babyweight so quickly.

-Lee Ann

Highest weight 200


10-14-2003, 01:38 PM
Beautiful baby!

Yesterday I get points for exercise and water that's all, been sick for 2 days, but I'm getting back on track today by means of liquid diet for a day.

As far as Target Tuesday goes, this is a tuffy for me. I am terrible at giving myself credit where credit is due and it's something I am working on. One thing I have learned over the past year or so is that I'm a great listener, but not much of a teller. I am a talker that's for sure, but it's really hard for me to dig deep and open up. I don't know why and the funny thing is if you had asked me 2 years ago if I was an open book I'd tell you I was and I believed it. With that said I'll do the best I can with this.

Some of each of your stories hit home with me. Faye's poverty, Amanda's depression, Jloo's abusive Mom, Sandy's eating to ingnore feelings, and Mirabelly's cooking huge unhealthy meals and going into debt. I have the dysfunctional family full of alcholoics and drug users even. I've been molested 6 times that I can remember, all by family members. I was physically and mentally abused as a kid. I was almost raped, thank god almost. I have depression and anxiety. I was/am the not so favorite kid of me and my sister. It's better now, but when I was a kid my sister was loved much more than I. I was brought up to believe that one man was my Dad until I was 13 and introduced to my real father. ( my mother couldn't understand why I was crying when she told me, my whole wlife was a lie in my eyes)I began taking care of my sister when I was 9 years old after school until 3 in the morning when my Mom finished working all 3 of her jobs. No child support obviously. The responsibility for my sister who was 4 years younger than I (she only thought of me as her sister so she never listened or did anything we were supposed to do because I wasnt her Mom and I couldn't tell her what to do) got to me badly. I beat the crap out of my sister and tormented her to try to make her listen to me so I wouldn't get in trouble if her chores weren't done, so I wouldn't get the big black leather belt because she didn't do her homework. It's something I have felt horribly guilty about it for years and it's something my sister has and still does resent me for. Not to mention that I called her names and picked on her for being fat. She wasn't, she was just built different than me, I was one of those stickly skinny kids. Now she's the size 3. ( if that isn't a "what comes around goes around" situation I don't know what is!) I did finally realize that I was just 9 and in a situation that I couldn't handle but had no choice about. I was a kid and I know that now, I still feel like I ruined her childhood and it still bothers me sometimes, but I also have forgiven myself on that finally. It took many many years, but I can't undo what's been done. I've apologized over and over again to her, but she hasn't let it go. I can't say I blame her though, if it affected me so much I can only imagine how badly it affected her.We were also stalked by my "father" who did a lot of crazy sh@! like break into my elementary school to find out where we moved to and break in our house to leave us notes. One time my Mom caught me opening all the blinds in the house at night and asked me why I was doing that when I know that she wants them shut all the time and she said I told her that my daddy asked me to keep them open so he could make sure I'm being a good girl. I remember laying in bed at night not being able to go to sleep because I was responsible for my sister, if anything happened to her it was my fault. I was so scared I would shake so badly it would hurt I was always afraid someone was in the house trying to get us. I would hold my eyes open so wide until they'd get dry and I'd have to blink and then I'd do it all over again. The house would be silent so I could hear every noise, when I did doze off it wasn't for long, because I'd hear something and I'd wake up and cuddle closer to my sister, trying to be as quiet as possible but scared to death not sure what to do if someone was there. I couldn't call the police because if I did they might take us away from Mommy because we didn't have a babysitter and we were too young to be alone. I remember sitting in the dark with my Mom and my sister in the hallway cuz it had no windows and we could hear Dogs down the street start barking and then they'd get closer and closer as my "dad" cut through the yards to get to ours. Whenever I got home from school I had to check every inch of our trailer looking for "someone" hiding in the closet or under a bed or in the shower, before I could relax. I grew up so paranoid from all this that when I did get married,( I was a teenage pregnancy statistic and married at 19.) I taped the sides of the curtains to the wall so that no one could see inside that little crack. It took me a long time to realize that some of the panic attacks I have are because of all this, but now I know and they happen a lot less.

Yet, I honestly don't believe any of these things are why I'm fat. I could be in denial or uneducated I'm not sure, but I feel like everyone in my life did the things they did because of the situation they were in. Either they didn't know any better due to a lack of information and or education or it was the best they could do at that time. I was wearing a size 3 when I got pregnant at 19.After my daughter was born I was a size 18. Until that point in my life I had never ever had a weight problem. People tried to kindly tell me that I was putting weight on too fast. I believe the reason I'm fat is because I was a young now- it- all teenager who couldn't be told anything and thought it couldn't happen to me.

That gave me chills writing all that and thinking about it again, but I think I did pretty good opening up. This is going in my journal too I think.

Thanks for sharing everyone.

10-14-2003, 03:00 PM