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10-09-2003, 10:50 PM
Christian Encouragers #175

If you are looking for encouragement during your weight loss journey and would like some wonderful Christian friends to support you in that journey then you have come to the right place. This is a wonderful bunch of Christians that pray for each other in hard times and praise each other in good times. So, come on and join us.

With HIM all things are possible.


10-09-2003, 10:59 PM
Hi MICHELE ~ Good... I am never sure about stepping on other's that have begun the threads.

A question for you? Why do you have Christian Encouragers #161 there?? I'm confused.

I figured it out ;) Thanks for correcting it...

10-09-2003, 11:42 PM

What's up with that Michele (as you said-161)? Must be boy crazy! I know she is lurking-- aren't you dear?!!

Just got a call from my friend in Washington, state, his daughter is coming down Saturday night on the plane from Seattle, I had planned to meet her and bring her home or take her to the base (she is going to San Diego to start her Navy boot- not sure if she stays here or ships out from here- I think they just ship out to Micigan? from here) Anyway he was late getting me the final plane # etc. but called tonight to tell me he had been in Oregon to be with his dad (70) he had a heart attack then a stroke after surgery-- not doing well but at the present expected to live. Prayers are asked. Angie and I just saw them all a couple of months ago when we went to Oregon-- I hadn't seen my buddies dad since 1975. My buddy had a mixed blessing out of it though- he saw his brothers for the first time in 25 and 20 years-- not what you would call a close family I guess.

Angie is on her way home from her mom's-- her mom just called to tell me (Angie couldn't get through as the call with my buddy was long) to tape Friends and Scrubs for her. We watch those then CSI (our favorite- next to Trading Spaces (homework night:D ) then she watches ER- sometimes I do sometimes I just go to sleep. It is the only night she stays up til 11-- and then takes Friday off from her exercises- otherwise Mon-Thurs she is in the gym from 5am until 6am then 6am Sat for her run- then Sunday off-- hey that is 2 days off- better get on her:lol:

Well the nephew lost his volleyball game again he hit the ball 8 times-- 7 times it went behind him-- not the most gifted athlete;) but he is having fun.

Glad you are feeling better SUNNY good to hear things are going better with your son MARILYN and SAMI certainly prayers go out for your DD and new SIL-- time to move your family out from under that black cloud!!! Prayers-Prayers-Prayers!

Well off to watch the rest of the ballgame- go Sox.


10-09-2003, 11:46 PM
O.K. I am taking a vote: how many of you think it is OK for Sunny to change the thread if it gets too long and Sami is AWOL? Sherry has dropped the ball (prayers for her) so here is my vote= YES (no Michele it isn't for arnold this time).

Guess the YES has it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-10-2003, 12:00 AM



10-10-2003, 02:26 AM
Well hello I just wanted to put my vote in YES everyone PLEASE fill free to start a new post if you think it is getting to long. I do it because of habit I and trust me I do not mind!

Well my poor SIL had a tough day today after all the stress of last night I call and checked on him when he got home from work and one of the dogs (my DD's) rockey started getting very sick he said the dog ate his blanket (he has a lot of character and gets into a lot of trouble for it) while they were gone and now he was very sick so they had to take the dog to the Vet and he has to be on this speical diet because he has cause himself to become very sick. I want to thank you for your prayers they need it right now. I am praying that a police person moves in next door!

EZ-You are out of the will now for sure! I think you are going to have to go cook her some meals or send flowers for sure!

Mitchypoo-You did a great job starting our new post thank you!

SunnyD-I am going to try the picture this weekend when my 15 yr old is around to help me this kids can do it!

Well it is late and I never work late except when we start doing all the hiring! (which we are already starting for Christmas) I pray that the Lord will bless you today!

10-10-2003, 02:27 AM
Hi! I couldn't sleep... so I thought I would check to see what's happening here.

:lol: So sorry to make the note so big @ the end of 174 - I just knew it helped me on the other threads when others made it larger, but I didn't mean to make it so large :lol:. Glad it is okay if I start a new thread when needed, just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings... I will keep it in mind for next time ;)

GARY ~ Guess that's where the phrase "make your words sweet, for you never know when you may have to eat them" comes from :lol: http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/82.gif :lol: I'm sure that DMIL will forgive you... she knows your sense of humor ;)

I was watching the http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/510.gif game and before I dosed off the YANKEE's were ahead - bummer!!! My father & brother were cheering for the SOX as well as Joe & myself. What was the final http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/371.gif score, Gary??? I was flipping over to the game at the commercials, but couldn't stay awake --- now can't sleep.

Well, I am going to give it another go and head for bed. http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/61.gif Good thing I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow - I am going to be very tired I'm afraid.

Night... again

10-10-2003, 02:40 AM
I'm sorry SAMI ~ I just went back to read again @ 174... missed your last post. Prayers for your family!

And I am glad you don't mind "who" or "whom" (not sure of the term) begins a thread... good that MICHELE (THANK-YOU!!) did at the request of SPROUT ~ I apologize for the big mess I made over a new thread... --- my bad for even questioning it.

What are you doing up??? You couldn't sleep either, huh? Ohhhh... I see, you are working late. Hope you get enough rest! I look forward to your pictures!!!!!! As do the others.

I am really going... http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_6_101.gif eyes are getting droopy now.

10-10-2003, 09:29 AM
I am so sorry for you, GARY and my father & brother too... The SOX lost to the YANKEE"S last night - what a bummer! 4 - 6 :(

And I was doing some back-reading, I didn't realize it was ANGIE posting about the pictures... I am so glad she wrote us and was successful. I cannot wait to see pics of your DW-Angie, your DN, your DD, DS and you! Please don't make us wait too long... please.

Gotta go get some breakfast and then I am going to go back to bed for a little bit this morning - I am so very sore today & tired. I think it's the bruising kicking in now. Later...

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4_6_9.gifThinking about everyone!!! I so miss our MIA's!!! Please touch base with us, okay. Even if it's a brief note... you just don't know how much you are missed!!!


10-10-2003, 09:57 AM
E.Z. Thanks My car gives me more problems then my mom, it is a 2000 Kia sportage, I love some of the features ie 4wheeldrive in winter, but I have had to have rotors done twice, it jumped time ect ect. They cover everything under warrenty just pain in rear. Might have to take you up on your offer, then it might get fixed right.
Sami- sorry to hear about dd/sil, not good way to start off new married life, will keep them in prayer.
Sprout congrats on all your walking and loss of 3 pounds good job.
Thanks mitchy for starting new thread, I agree anyone can start a new thread. Zoe I believe was the one that thought it started to soon, wish she would come back and let us know how she is doing with all the other mias. Have an awesome weekend last hooray of summer, off to camp. God's Grace

10-10-2003, 09:58 AM
Hi everyone....well, I'm back..........again. I think this house is jinxed!!!:lol: Got monitor working...now having problems with graphics, again. Oh well.............

Finally got finished with paper work, & turned in to lawyer. He seems to think they're going to settle soon. It won't be near enough, I'm sure....but it's all we can expect, not going to court. Of course, the lawyer will get a lot of it. Just like I said, though, we'll be happy with enough to hire DH some help & finish up. Of course, now, we have to furnish it. That's going to seem very strange....nothing hardly the same.

SunnyD...SO sorry you were injured. I hope you're feeling better. You must have a weak ankle. Some people are born with weakness in certain joints....& don't know until later in life. Just feel better soon!http://www.fastfunpages.com/03/01/afriend/1sunflowers.gif

Will have to check in later.....got a long, long, long...day ahead. Manager's mother fell & broke shoulder....so I've got it alone, again. Everyone take care. http://members.aol.com/sunbeliefs/gatherlove.gif

10-10-2003, 10:58 AM
I couldn't rest - have allot on my mind, so I will try again later. Lots to do, but am frustrated with my limitations.

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_104.gif ANGEL ~ Always great to hear from you! Glad you have a new monitor... let's hope that soon all will get tons better for you! Continued http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_10.gif Prayers!!!!!

Yes... I do have a weak ankle. I fractured it in 1976 (slipping on ice) and have probably sprained it like this now at least 11 / 12 / 13 times in my life since (thus far - hopefully no more!). I really should have worn a wrap to Curves. Thanx so much for your well-wishes, Angel. I am really hoping to go back to Curves on Monday!

10-10-2003, 11:02 AM
MICHELE ~ I hope that you are feeling better with each passing day - you have been on my mind allot. I know how depressing illness can be ~ especially when it takes some time to recover from it http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_6_102.gif.

Prayers and Good Thoughts being sent your way....

A picture I took yesterday of the boys watching the ladybugs on our ceiling! The ladybugs hatch every year about this time... there are dozens of them around - I enjoy them and so do the boys.

10-10-2003, 11:32 AM
Hi! :wave: How did you do bowling????

Have fun on your last weekend of camping! The colors are wonderful!

Fall in New York

10-10-2003, 01:56 PM

Off again today-- going back to Costco in a bit to take back all the things Angie didn't want me to buy:lol: - Nah, just some pants that are too big for me.

Finished putting stuff in the crock-pot for beef stew- won't have it tonight but I will freeze it for later next week when I am back at work. Made pizza last night with the nephew, he enjoyed that. I made my famous bow-tie casserole for Wed. night. An easy one too in case anyone is interested-- HIGH in fat though-- mix bow tie pasta (already cooked) with cubes of ham, frozen peas, cheddar cheese, and diced onions (cooked a little with Pam) and then pour whipping cream (I did say high fat!) over it and bake at 350 until hot- 30-45 minutes--- sooo good.

Watched Cribs on MTV this morning with SHAQ'S house-- WOW!! 64,000 square feet of CLASSY stuff--- wonder what it would be like to have all that money.

SAMI- don't work too hard! I know it is the busy time for you but with all the stress you have had... be careful. You just gave me another reason to not let Angie have a dog- thank-you!

SUNNY I seperated my knee in high school and after it going out 20 to 30 times over the years I severed my ACL-- was out of work 11 months. Back in the 70's they didn't do the surgeries they do now-- I had my knee done in 90 and it has been great since-- I am sure it is even better now-- be careful with that ankle that you don't hurt it in a way you will lose alot of time from your exercise program-- just work on upper body things until you are healthy again. I saw the game last night- damn Yankees.

SUE My bil's mom has a KIA and has had a lot of minor troubles with it. I just hate car trouble but I have been really lucky with my truck-- 225,000 miles on it and it has never broke down....... excuse me a minute...... back, went to find some wood to knock on. We had a T-Bird that gave us nothing but trouble- my ex-wifes boyfriend (did I tell you he is my mechanic?) anyway he said it was a Mon or a Friday car-- didn't get put together well. We have had a Honda Civic for 3 years now and Angie loves it.

Well off to take care of chores- enjoy your day ladies, Gary

10-10-2003, 02:24 PM
Hi all! :wave:

I don't care who or when you start a new thread. I don't have trouble getting to the last page, but it's good to have a new one once in awhile. I don't think any of us would think there was stepping on toes, but I would like to request that whoever does start a new one, let us know on the old thread so we're aware of it.

Sunny, i love that pic of your babies, what a cool cat perch they have, Tom would love one of those. Someday... And thank you for your thoughts, i need all the good thoughts i can get. Ya, one of the symptoms of Epstein Barr is anxiety and depression so it makes sense now, and i am feeling so much better but i'm afraid still to overdo it. I definitely can tell when i'm tired now. The a.m.'s are the worst. But once i get going, like today, i'm fine. I'm still taking it easy when i get home and going to bed early. My mom says she can hear it in my voice that i'm feeling better.

Gary~Wow, you are so busted! Your gonna have to work OT on the honey-dos and the kissing of dmil hiney, huh? :lol:

Tomorrow is my bro's birthday! He's in a wheelchair and has Cerebral Palsy in case i haven't told you. Sure wish i could be there to celebrate w/him. He lives in a care facility during the week and is finally getting some independence. Told Mom he didn't know if he'd be home Sat. cuz he was going fishing w/the group. Very out of character for him, but a good thing.

I slopped sloppy joe on my blouse......doesn't that figure?! :hun:

10-10-2003, 03:31 PM
Hi :wave: Just a quick note to show you all my boo-boo :( I hope I don't gross anyone out... I am sorry if I do, but I just had to show you why I was complaining so much these days. And don't look at my dry heal! It is frightful! :o I have been taking care of the muscles & tendons not the skin :^:

Here goes...

10-10-2003, 03:44 PM
MICHELE ~ I am glad I didn't offend you with the thread thing (I worry too much about things like that I guess - hurting people) --- I never have any problems getting to the last page either, because not only do I subscribe to the thread, but I also have checked off in my user cp to receive an " e-mail " when there's a new post and it takes me right to it.

That is so cool that you like the kitty gym - it was their Christmas Gift last Christmas ($145.00) and it has kept them out of allot of trouble! And saved us $ in the long run... they no longer jump up on the highest piece of furniture. I just rubbed all the scratching areas down with cat-nip when I bought it (to train them to it) and they have scratched, played and slept there ever since ;)

And you are so very WELCOME!!! I am so glad to hear that each day brings you a better one. (((Hugs)))

Oh and a very http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/300.gif to you brother!! :cp: How old will he be?

Later... :)

10-10-2003, 05:06 PM
Ouch! Looks bruised and painful. Are you able to walk on it, Sunny?

Gary will be 37 tomorrow! My baby brother is THAT old?!?!?! I'll tell you a cute story. I've always called him Gary Bear cuz his name is Gary Bayard(Bayard is his middle name) and so he doesn't drive but had to get a CA ID and when they asked him his name he said Gary Bear, she said, are you sure and he insisted that was his name. So he gets his ID and is so proud of it and shows my mom and she looks at it and tells him, Gary, they spelled your name wrong, it isn't Gary Bear it's Gary Bayard Lastname.....'' and he says, "No it's not!". I guess I convinced him that was his name since that's what he always heard and so now legally that is his name!

10-10-2003, 05:32 PM
Yup... I can walk on it with the air-cast I have. It gives me that added support I need. Plus I have it wrapped under the air-cast. With the cast on it really doesn't hurt all that bad.

Your story about your brother getting his ID is so cute! You made a real impression on your little brother, Michele... how cool is that! ;)

10-10-2003, 08:25 PM
Hello I think My Dh and I are going to be alone tonight. My two youngest are at Kelli's (the married one) and Jessi is at a sleepover and Staci is going to a friends and now Vincent is going out with friends! Wow what should we do with no kids around!

SunnyD-I think you should see a dr. about you ankle. I would not let thier dr be the one treating it because that looks real bad and I hate to say it but most companies will down play it because of the sue happy world! But soft tissue damage can take a long time to heal.

Ez-Are you out of the dog house yet! I am going to spend time before going to the store to plan out some low fat meals. And I will be useing Angie book starting MONDAY!

Mitchypoo-Trust me you do feel down when you go for so long not feeling good. I hope your DB has a happy b-day.

Angellover-I let us know how things go with the house. I know here it is starting to get cold so I hope you can get things done soon.

Well got to go will post later.

10-10-2003, 08:45 PM

10-10-2003, 10:58 PM
I have sent of picture of my kids and nieces. Starting at 12 o'clock is Lara, Ryan, Amanda, then nieces Gianna, and Mandy.

10-10-2003, 11:03 PM
Here's the long-awaited-for picture of me and Angie.

10-10-2003, 11:27 PM
Gary~what awesome pics! It's so nice to see you and Angie and the kids and dn's. So cool! Thanks!

One more week of work and then i'm off for a long weekend up-north at my cousins lakehouse! I'm taking the weekend off and going up for Friday, Saturday and coming home around noon on Sunday! It's a girl's weekend and it's Oktoberfest up here in this resort community. I can't tell you how i'm looking forward to it, just spending time w/ my Aunt and cousins and nieces......... I'm gonna try and attach a pic of her place. And the fall colors are at their peak right now, it's really beautiful!

10-10-2003, 11:48 PM

10-11-2003, 08:16 AM
What a nice SURPRISE!!!!!
GARY ~ What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! :cp: I am so happy that I get to see you all finally - so cool! :cp: And you are as handsome as I pictured you... Angie you are adorable & you look as fit as I want to be some day and the children in your family are just as beautiful & handsome as I had pictured... Thank-you so much for posting them!!! You have made me a happy camper! :) :D

MICHELE~ We'd love to see the Fall colors, but wouldn't mind a pic of you as well ;)

Your trip next weekend with your cousins sounds wonderful! Just what you need right now in your recovery!!! "Thumbs up!" Is this in Fairborn, OH.??? Yes, the colors will be peaking for sure next weekend... here the tree's have changed allot in the last two days!! Because we had some sunny days. You sound like you are doing so much better... I can tell just by the way you write that you are. I think you realize how important it is to take care of yourself ~ for yourself ~ & so you can be a better you for others too :) I hope that this week passes quickly for you Michele ;)

SAMI ~ how's the pup doing??? Better I hope...

Well, the boss is up, so I must be going. I hope this note finds you ~ALL~ are enjoying your weekend. I think of you often and pray for you more... be happy! :D

10-11-2003, 08:29 AM
Just gotta love digital camera's!! What did we ever do without 'em :D

10-11-2003, 03:16 PM
Ez I was trying to get some wedding pictures that a friend put on cd to post I guess I need a computer class! I went to bed after posting and I had to laugh my DH hates for the dog to sleep with us but if Jessi is gone she sleeps with me. Last night dh went to kiss me goodnight and the dog stuck her nose right in between. She made sure he stayed to his side of the bed LOL. I Loved your family what a great looking bunch and I want to look like Angie!!!! Did Angie ever have a weight problem?

SunnyD-Pepper is doing just fine she must of had some bug. She should be named shadow becase from the minute I walk in the door until DD takes her to bed she all over me. She loves me more than any dog I have ever had. And she is so cute you can't help loving her. I am really worried about your ankle I belonged to a place like curves before and they had nurses there doing EKG's and giving health advice When my time was up and I refused to resign up because I realized that these nurses were not medical trained people they were hired off the street and maded to wear scrubs and they call them nurses. I never ask if they were Real medical nurses so I guess they never lied they just led me to belive that they were and sold me a lot of vitamins and supplments. I complained to one that I had been feeling sick on all the stuff they had me taking and I could tell my heart rate wasn't right she was a honest person and told me off the record of course get off the supplements and vitamins and see my Dr right away! And if I drink 8 glasses of water a day to make sure I take potassium because drinking a lot of water depletes the potassium and can cause a heart attack. That place has gone out of business but I see places like it pop up everywhere and and I really think curves could be owned by the same corp because of where and the way they are popping up. I am not saying it is bad I just think your dr. should be the one to look at that ankle and for you to have hurt it more that once you may need a longer time of rest than just two workouts. (I am just worried about you)

Mitchypoo-You have a great weekend! I would love to get away! That is the only down fall to having such a big family it cost so much to go anywhere. We have not had a real Vac in over 10 yrs! ENJOY!!!!

Sherry-You are on my mind today please post and let us know how you are doing!

Sprout-How are you feeling? You are in my prayers. How is you DH doing? And of course you children did you decide what you were doing about your sons school?

Wilma-How it the weather your way? It is perfect here! How is curves going for you? Tell me a little more about curves I went to one of those places (not curves) And you had to by thier vitamins and supplements and I had a strict high protein diet and we would work out thier also. and everytime we came in we lelf a sample to be tested for ketoacidosis where you body is burning fat and not storing it.

I will try to post more later but I promised myself I would get a lot done this weekend! Got to go!

10-11-2003, 07:47 PM
DD came to visit. Here she is with DW.

10-11-2003, 09:14 PM
This is our (I am a Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend -- so it has been a bit busy. With hubby working on the railroad we are never sure what days he will be home or working so today we had our special dinner -- decided on having roast beef this time and later in the week we are going to have a honey/garlic ham.

Anyway it has been a very busy day -- got everyone included this morning in doing chores so that none of had to spend a lot of time doing any one of them. Sure helps when everyone pitches in.

Now hubby and son have gone off to a hockey team. Our local team ' Kootenay Ice' - (WHL league) were Champions 2 years ago -- we have had them hear now for 5 years -- hubby and son go to just about every game, giving daughter and me some time alone -- nice.

We are doing pretty good at the moment with son and his school -- have made some changes -- concentrating on only one subect at this time -- and going to complete the one subject for the grade level and then go on to another. Seems to be working -- he is able to get a lot more done now in 3 hours knowing that is all I am going to ask of him. And then in the afternoon he works on whatever school project I have assigned him. Last month he was to do a report called '1900s' and it was to be written from the point of view as being born in January 1900 and all the changes he would have seen -- getting all the important parts of history. It ended up being a 16 page typed report -- he did a really good job of it I must add. He did not understand 'the great depression' so some of his ideas of what his family would be doing re working would not have matched up but his story line was excellent -- working in being a Christian family and all. He just got the mark back -- the online teacher congratulated him for an excellant job -- said the mark would go well for Socials (due to the history he included) and English. He got an A+ on it -- only correction the teacher gave him was that he has used 'me' when he should have used 'I' -- the teacher suggested him looking into working for a newspaper because it was so well written -- I thought that was funny! But was son proud -- and so are we.

This month his report is on space travel. He is gathering informaton and then going to be writing this from the aspect that the year is 2044 and that he is travelling for 1 year -- him as a Christian captain and some of the crew believing in the Big Bang theory. He has been doing some research for the last few days and it is interesting what he is coming and telling us -- just all the little bits of things he is learning from searching things out about the different planets ect -- he is coming up with very good questions -- ones we can't ask but the Science tutor we have will have fun answering. Such as one plant - not sure which one -- it takes it 15 hours to make one of our days but that planets year is much longer -- why? So while doing this research he is really learning -- and doesn't even know it!!

I go to the hospital on Tuesday for a cancer checkup -- if all goes well then I don't need to travel to Calgary Alberta to see the cancer specialist until December. Please pray that this Tuesday's exam will give good results. By the way when we go in December we are not taking the children -- we have people that are going to take care of them for us -- 1st time ever -- so this will be the first time in 13 years that we are completely alone with no kids!!! Hopefully we are going to be able to get these people to take the kids every three months when I need to go for my checkup -- that way hubby and I will have some quality time with the kids. They each have been away overnight but not both at the same time. Hubby is already telling me that he knows I am going to 'freak' out especially with leaving my daughter -- she is the baby (she would not like to hear that as she is 14) but she has Down Syndrome -- and we have always been within 45 minutes from here -- in December it will be like 6 hours away!

I got weight on Wednesday, October 8 -- have lost 5.25 pounds since September 15 and am down 22.75 from my heaviest recorded weight -- so I am feeling good about that. With working diligently on my Christian 12 Step Program and the Challenge from Dr. Phil's book since September 15 I am seeing some major changes -- am finally realizing that all this weight has nothing to do with food -- and what a wonderful feeling it has been to finally really leave major burdens at the foot of the cross. I think to many of us, myself especially, go to the cross wanting to leave our burdens but for whatever reason we take them back!!

My walking at our rec plex is not up to 642 miles -- mini goal is 650 miles so just about there. This all since Jan 2 2002. And my goal is to have reached 700 miles walked by December 31 2003 and I can see that this is very doable!.

Anyway I have rambled on for a bit -- hope everyone is doing well.

I verse of Scripture I read in my devotions today that spoke to me is the following:

Job 6:24-25a says
Teach me and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong. How painful are honest words.....

Amanda Panda
10-12-2003, 11:26 AM
hello encourager's

I'm just popping in to ask for your prayers. Most of you know that it is my dream to live and work in Ireland - well some job opportunities have come up in the West of Ireland, which is where I REALLY want to be. I would appreciate if you could pray that I will get one of these jobs and that God will remove all the obstacles in my way. I lost my last job through ill health and I doubt my last reference will be that great - I just worry that noone will want to employ me. I was praying about it the other day and I distinctly heard God say to me ' I will make the impossible possible' - so I'm putting my trust in Him as I know he loves me and wants me to work. But I'd really appreciate your prayers too as this means so much to me!

Thanks Everyone

Love Amanda xxx

10-12-2003, 12:09 PM
Hello all :wave: and Happy Sunday!

Amanda~Prayers to you dear for all that you desire. It's cool that you had a word w/the Lord, perhaps it's telling you to not give up, nothing is impossible. How is you db doing? Any job prospects for him now in Ireland?

I'm having a hard time getting going today. May just do stuff around the house today and this afternoon/evening i have my Church group and i'll be leading tonight so i have some preparation to do. I also am knitting eyelash scarfs right now and a biblestudy-friend is buying 4 of them from me. I have 2 done for her today and i have another order for 2 of them but double-length. I also need to get ready for my weekend away. And Sunny, no it's not in Ohio.....sorry. It's in upper MN, above Lake Mille Lacs, about 2.5 hours north of my house.

Vikings have a BYE week so football is boring for me today, although I know Sunny and Gary are excited about today. Hope your teams do well! Oh, are they playing eachother? Then I don't know what to tell you! :p And baseball is making me mad now, a bunch of grown up men beating up on each other.......geez, think of what they are teaching the kids. They get paid way too much money in my opinion to act like that. There is no excuse for it. OK, off my :soapbox: about that.

10-12-2003, 04:35 PM
http://www.angelrays.com/penny/angel/1.html HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. I'LL BE PRAYING FOR YOUR CHECK UP.






HELLO TO EVERYONE....HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.http://www.00fun.com/angel05.gif

10-12-2003, 08:16 PM
I've had quite a time getting on here. I lost my password and couldn't find it. so, I finally ordered another one. Who knew it took just a few seconds to get it?

Happy Thanksgiving Sprout! As a fellow Canadian I too celebrated today. I cooked a turkey dinner for 13 of us. The turkey was kind of dry but the other dishes made up for it. Everyone has gone home now and I still have some pots to wash up. To top it all our hot water tank sprung a lead just as people were leaving so DH has been busy fixing that up. Thank God for husbands and Home Depot.:lol:

Needless to say my eating has been pretty pathetic this weekend. I made an awesome pumpkin pie and ate 2 pieces. Extra walking for me now.

Gary: What a nice family and now to have a face to match to the messages. I hope to very soon try to get one of my family on too.

Sami: I am loving Curves. Even though I'm not showing much weight loss yet I am feeling more definition in my shoulders, arms and elsewhere. Clothes are fitting better. I plan to start on their eating plan next week and get the weight moving too. They do not promote any extras such as supplements and don't expect you to follow their diet unless you want to. I highly recommend it.

Amanda: My prayers are with you. God knows the desires of your heart and He also knows what's best for you.

Sunny: Your ankle looks really sore. Is it any better? Don't give up on Curves. I need your support!!

Even though not all of us are celebrating Thanksgiving today lets all reflect on the blessing God has given us in our lives.

Have a wonderful day!

10-12-2003, 08:48 PM
Hi friends

sorry I haven't posted in a awhile our DSL went out over the weekend. We have bell south. It is a really bad provider, no one knows anything. My huband was on the phone for several hours trying to solve the problem. Each time he got a new tec. person he had to go over everything. By the end of the day he was in a very bad mood. I haven't heard him cuss since he got saved,but he came very close to losing it. He is a computer addict and he was going through major withdraw.

My cpap machine is working real good. I feel like a new person. All my energy is coming back. I have been tiered for so long I didn't know what normal was. My thoughts are no longer foggy, I am not falling asleep all day, and my mood is alot better. I just wish I could loss this weight. I have been the same for over a month. I'm starting to cheat on the diet.

I'll post some more tomarrow

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and gorify your father which is in heaven~Matthew 5:16~

10-13-2003, 12:20 AM


TALK TO ALL TOMORROW.... http://www.agifs.hpg.ig.com.br/ursos/urso15.gif

10-13-2003, 07:19 AM

10-13-2003, 07:23 AM

Beautiful pics of you Michele!
You are a Beautiful Lady inside as well as out!

Glad I could be of some help ;)

10-13-2003, 07:36 AM
If anyone here would like to send me a picture of themselves via e-mail I will gladly downsize it for you and post it - like I did for Michele. Just PM me and I will give you my e-mail address. We all would enjoy seeing your beautiful faces... ;)

Gotta be going... I have allot to do this morning before my first CURVES workout (back) in a week. Thank's SAMI for all you concern's, but I will be okay - really. I have taken what you have said and consulted with my Mom (who is a retired nurse) and know's what I need to do to prepare this ankle so I can go back to working out again. To be honest - I am a bit nervous, like I was on my first day there. But I will be fine. Sue - the owner - is also very concerned for me and I don't think it has anything to do with fear of a law-suit. She is a brand new ( first time ) owner and is just very caring of her customers. But I do know of what you speak, SAMI... have seen that too. You have solid concerns, but I think I am fine here. The nurse that spoke up to help does NOT work for CURVES - she is a customer and was working out when I hurt myself and lent a hand and some advice. Then when I got home I went on the net to see what to do to care for it and have been following that. I am now in the ugly green stages of the bruising & can actually see my ankle bones again :) - which means I am healing up okay. Again... I thank you! (((Hugs)))

Later everyone!
As Arnold would say... "I'LL BE BACK!" ;)

10-13-2003, 08:05 AM
Greetings everyone

~ Wlima and Sprout happy thanksgiving. We usually invite a needy family, lonely elderly or service person to our home for the holidays. My family and my husbands family never visit. We are christan and that is a threat to them. We might as well be drug addicts or alcoholics. It not that we ram our faith down their throats. It just our life style is very different then theirs. My father hasn't visited in ten years. He says it's out of his way. He however travels all over Europe. I keep leaving this issue to God at the alter but I keep dwelling on it. We have visited him for the last 15 years. This year we are vacationing in Orlando. Our daughter is performing at Universal studios in June and we can't afford to go up north also. I guess we won't be seeing any family this year.

~Amanda~ I'll pray you get a job in the location of Ireland you want to live. God has some great plans for you. He loves both of you.

~Sunny~ that foot looked nasty.I'm so sorry you have had to go through so much pain. Your God child was cute as a button.

~Gary~ I loved your pictures of your family. Your wife is beautiful.

~ Angel~ When you feel bad for so long you forget how feeling good feels. I saw a show on TV yesterday about dealing with pain. There was a monk that practices a type of chinese discipline. He could lower his pain threshold mentally. They also said a love of family and God helps limit pain. The pain of child birth is difficult but the love of your child out ways the pain. We will endure alot of pain for the sake of our family. Men/weman have been tortured in wars. It is there love of God and family that pulls them through. As a christans we also know that our pain is temperary. Some day we will go home to the Father. Our pain will be gone. He endured alot of pain for us. Christ died on the cross for our sins. He knows and feels our pain.

God bless

"The best way to get even is to forget."

10-13-2003, 09:22 AM
Hello all! :wave:

Happy Monday!

Sunny~Thank you! Thank you! You are so sweet to do that for me. I tried and tried to send these pics in May but it wouldn't let me. This was my graduation and the one of me and that beautiful blonde is my dear sweet Mother! We are in the japanese garden at school. It's really beautiful there. Always thought if i got re-married i'd like to take pics there.

Today is a new day, i feel reenergized and althought I don't have it all figured out am thinking of starting the fitness journal from Angie. Guess I don't have to have it all figured out, just give it a go and do my best! My small goals are to drink atleast 64 oz. of water today and eat low-carb, low caffeine and exercise atleast 30-45 minutes today. Will have to make the effort this afternoon. I've planned my food today, that's a start, just need to concentrate on the other small goals.

Hope you make your goals today too!

10-13-2003, 12:44 PM
It is just such a beautiful day here today - I had to take a pic of our home and show you all... it suppose to be yuky the rest of the week. So I got it while the getting was good ;)

10-13-2003, 12:48 PM
This is from the enclosed porch side... that's where my boys (cats) hang out to watch the birds :)

In the Spring of 2004 we are going to get a new driveway poured - can't wait! It will look so nice.

10-13-2003, 12:59 PM
Awww... the beauty of Fall :)

10-13-2003, 01:45 PM

Didn't make it here much over the week-end---NO! SUNNY, it isn't 'cause my Raiders got hammered by your BROWNS!!! I was busy with my goddaughter. Angie and I picked her up at the airport Saturday afternoon, then I took her down to report to her Navy ship on Sunday late afternoon. Enjoyed spending some time with her- even though she is my goddaughter I haven't seen her for about 14 years-- she is now 18.

THANK-YOU all so much for the nice compliments on my family!!! :spin: I like them too.

[B]SAMI- If I was your DH I would kick that dog out:lol: To answer your question- No, Angie has never had a weight problem of more than 10 pounds I would say. She has always tried to be healthy, through her eating and exercise. She is by no means perfect in her diet and work-outs but she tries very hard to stay focused on them. She really pushes herself to get up and do it! She gets tired at the end of the day like the rest of us, she wants the cake and cookies too-- she just tries very hard to stay away from it-- she eats small meals and then will have a snack (small) with tea in the evening-- she also has acid reflux so she doesn't eat much too soon before bedtime either. She always!!! has a healthy breakfast before she begins her day (after her work-out that is). I have read some on Curves and I "think" they are a christianed based organization- could be wrong. I believe what you are saying I am just not sure that they are the same people that gave you trouble-- darn them if they are!!

AMANDA- Prayers for you and Nigel in your quest for a new life in Ireland.

MICHELE Great pictures! and effort through Sunny to get them to us-- you are such a cutie!! I am disapointed on the baseball too- that Pedro Martinez is quite a head hunter, Clemens too, although I don't fault him for this last game at all. Zimmer needs to stay in the dugout though. That is why I like the National league better- because you don't have a DH-- the pitcher has to come to bat himself-- stops the head hunting. With Angie's journal just use it the best you can to record-- it is just a guide to help hold you accountable and see what you are doing on a daily basis that is good or bad for you. She is adding carbs in the calorie box too- THANKS SUNNY for the tip. I am glad you are feeling better.

ANGEL- I hope you are doing well today with the house and studio.

MARILYN- Super effort for that boy of yours! Great guidence on your part. You have every right to be proud!! Your 700 miles will come quick.

WILMA-[/B I bet your DH was really bummed after having that big meal then having the water heater problem!! I think the weight will come at Curves-- just keep on with the program-- exercise is good for you even if the weight isn't going at the moment-- I am sure it is frustrating. How are those boys enjoying school? did they get the bus system down yet?

[B]JUDY Sorry to hear of your not being close with your family. I hope the future with them works out better than the past. OK now stop the cheating!!! You can do this!! But if you cheat a little from time to time-- get over it and move forward-- negative thoughts won't help-- keep pushing forward!!

SUNNYD Wow what a great game for your DH and DF to go to!!! I am so bummed out the way my Raiders are playing but what the heck- we have had a few good years lately to enjoy. At least it looks like they will be bad all year so I won't get my hopes up!! Thanks for the pictures of your home- very homey! I will get Angie to take some of ours to send-- she was trying to get California fall pictures for you this week-end but they didn't turn out like she wanted.

Well gotta run- been here too long already

Have a great day- Gary

10-13-2003, 01:56 PM
I too want to send out wishes to all you Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving! Do you celebrate both dates? That is so cool if you do! "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Hi ANGEL ~ I am doing so much better - Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers :) (My Thanks to everyone! :goodvibes ) I look forward to your updates tomorrow, Angel.

Hi WILMA ~ Sorry you lost your password, but so glad to see you are back! No worries... I am not leaving CURVES! I just love it there. I did go this morning and I did okay. I just wrapped my ankle up well and wore my air-brace and did pretty well. We got another machine today (9 now)! For the abs... I am going to try to go everyday this week to make up for the days I missed last week. They have never approched me about vitamins or anything at Curves

Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving --- good thing that the tank waited till your company left. Hope you got it fixed by now. And I lovvvve pumpkin pie too - did you know that it is a healthy pie to eat? It is... I just eat the filling & don't eat the crust (that's the bad part) ~ :T yum! Don't look back @ what you ate - just look at today and go do that workout... sounds like you had a wonderful gathering. I love this time of year... and Thanksgiving! The stores try so hard to rush you through the holidays, but I just wake up and enjoy the moments I am in now.

SAMI ~ Glad to hear that your pup is better. So am I, thank you so much for your concern. I had a good workout this morning and look forward to going back tomorrow.

SHERRY ~ I too am getting very worried!!! Where are you? Can you just check in briefly to let us know that you are well?!?

MICHELE ~ I am so glad I could help - anytime!! Just send me an e-mail. Thanks for the devotionals - love 'em!

GARY ~ Where are you??? Are you hiding after yesterday's game?? Can't say I would blame you - your RAIDERS did not do so well again. I was rooting for your team too (if that is possible :o ). But was happy that my girlfriend, Peggy, got to go with Joe and they saw a winning game. They came home like a couple of kids and couldn't wait to tell me everything!

I hope that everything is okay and that your DMIL isn't still upset with you. Love the pic of Angie and DD. Such Beautiful ladies to be surrounded by. How's it all going with Ron and his mother? And school? Is he doing better?

10-13-2003, 01:58 PM
SPROUT ~ I will be keeping you in **Prayer http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_10.gif** - especially for tomorrow - that you will have a good visit with the DR's and won't have to go back till Dec.

:dance: CONGRATS on your 5.25lbs loss!!!! :cp: So very happpy for you - I haven't budged.

JUDY ~ I am glad you are back also - but I have heard allot of people are having problems with DSL! Overloading the systems... my Aunt just got it and she is having the hardest time with it! I will stay with my dial-up for now. I don't do allot of huge downloads, so it is fine. Hope it all gets straightened out for you.

Thanks - I think Jadah (our god-daughter) is adorable too ;) And I am feeling so much better then I was on Wednesday! I was really bumming out that I had hurt myself again.

SUE ~ How was your weekend? Hope you had a wonderful one!

I'm just popping in to ask for your prayers. Most of you know that it is my dream to live and work in Ireland - well some job opportunities have come up in the West of Ireland, which is where I REALLY want to be. I would appreciate if you could pray that I will get one of these jobs and that God will remove all the obstacles in my way. I lost my last job through ill health and I doubt my last reference will be that great - I just worry that noone will want to employ me. I was praying about it the other day and I distinctly heard God say to me ' I will make the impossible possible' - so I'm putting my trust in Him as I know he loves me and wants me to work. But I'd really appreciate your prayers too as this means so much to me!

AMANDA ~ Just want you to know that I will definately be keeping you and Nigel in my prayers!! Have you heard anything since your last post here?? Has Nigel been looking for a job as well? Anyway... you are at the top of the prayers list now... keep us informed, okay. I know how much you both want a new start there.

JAMIE & CHRISTIE and anyone else I may have missed - come back soon and post. Even if it is brief - we'd love to hear from you again.

God Bless!!!
Have a great day!

10-13-2003, 02:14 PM
GARY ~ Looks like I was writing while you were posting - good to see you. Yes, they both had a great time at the game (great weather!) & I enjoyed watching it on TV.

Glad that all is well (not sick after watching that game :dizzy: ) Also, so happy to hear that you got in a good visit with your god-daughter after such a long time. She's in the Navy, huh. My Joe did 4 years in the Navy.

Gary - Curves IS A CHRISTIAN BASED PROGRAM... I think SAMI may be thinking of some other place OR someone may be running it wrong or is being greedy (that happens too).

Glad you liked my pics - I look forward to seeing yours of your home. I bet it is beautiful! Our home is small (& not a house - as you saw), but we are happy here.


10-13-2003, 02:19 PM

Real quick~ I don't think Sherry will mind, but don't worry about her. I saw her online over the weekend. She seems to doing well, I told her how we miss her, she says she misses us too. She's very busy (w/work and family i think) and she said the board was so busy and couldn't keep up. I told her it's slowed down a bit, that i can't keep up either and don't respond to everyone (sorry :o ), but that we'd love it if she'd pop in to say hi. So I just didn't want you to worry about her. K?

Gary~how nice to spend time w the dGd! I bet it meant a lot to her that you made the time for her. Ya, you are right about the journal, just start it. And hey, will you pass on a suggestion to Angie for me? How about if you have an area to mark how much water for the day? Have 8 classes or something to circle or cross off as your day goes?

Sunny~your pic is really nice of the house. I agree the colors are beautiful right now. Each day it seems better since middle of last week. I'm hoping it'll stay until my weekend up north!

10-13-2003, 03:16 PM
Hi MICHELE ~ Thanks so much for letting us know about SHERRY - I was so concerned! I sent her a PM some time ago and it states that she has not been "on-line" since 9-25, so I was getting very worried. She must be using another username or something if you saw her in the forum over the weekend. But I am so glad to hear that she is doing okay.

I'm Glad you liked the pictures - so pretty, huh.

Do you think it is because of me??? And all I post that has frightened her away???? I know I post allot... It seemed that she and Amanda & Angel all kinda slowed up since I came on - :( I'm sorry if I have been a thread-hog :write: :gossip: I didn't mean to be... I just really enjoy you all!

You would tell me - wouldn't you, Michele? If it's me...

10-13-2003, 04:21 PM
Aw no Sunny, I don't think it's because of you or anyone in particular. It's just that she is probably one of those who likes to post to everyone. I do too, but I can't remember everything and I'm not good at it, so I post what I can and apologize for not posting to everyone. Please don't take it personal. But that's cute~you thread hog, you!;)

10-13-2003, 05:18 PM
Thanks!!! ;)

**MICHELE... Guess what Joe & I got this weekend?!** We got us some new lamps to go with our new furniture. J.C. Penney's was having this great sale here for Tiffany Lamps!!

You buy one Tiffany at reg. price and get the second one for $1.00 ~ Yes ~ $1.00!!! Can you believe it! We got two Tiffany Lamps for $218.00!

You gotta take a look-see http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/10/10_1_5.gif and tell me what you think of them... which do you like? Excuse all the clutter in the background - we are in the process of change and it's a mess...

10-13-2003, 05:39 PM
Sunny, they are both beautiful!I think I like the one on the right the best but they both are very nice. How fun to change your room around. They'll look very nice w/your new sectional.

Going to buy some more yarn for scarfs i'm making and then i'm headed home for an early night, very tired this afternoon. I was up too late last night. Couldn't sleep after Alpha. It always gets me excited cuz there is such neat things that the Holy Spirit does on Alpha nights.

I've had an excellent food day today, but i feel like i'm not gonna make my goal of a walk tonight and i didn't plan dinner very well either.

10-13-2003, 08:02 PM
MICHELE- I will give Angie the advice on the water column-- Great Idea!! man you gals are soooo smart!! Don't know how she missed that other than she drinks it ALL the time so she probably just didn't think about it-- she drinks so much she doesn't need to record it. I don't need a water bed I have her to bounce on -- l.o.l.-- but don't tell her I said that- ha!

SUNNYD- Don't even think about changing your posting :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono: we love you just the way you are. Some people like to (and have the time) to post to each of us-- others don't want to or don't have the time-- it doesn't matter-- the thread is CHRISTIAN ENCOURAGERS!! and that is what I think God intends for us to do-- ENCOURAGE each other-- if someone doesn't want to read all your posts- no problem they can skip them. As far as the ladies you mentioned, I believe you came on at almost the same time as them anyway--the only ones that were here much before you came were Michele, Wilma, and Sami-- that is that post regularly anyway. Sherry was a solid one for a while then she left, Zoe too-- she lost her weight, went on vacation and has just visited briefly since. You can't worry that you offended them (OF COURSE YOU DIDN'T!!!!) Sometimes people find something else to do or someone else to share with! We are sooo glad you are here with us keeping it going!

Well I made chili colorado for dinner, it should be good, but the mexican rice I made has some major problems (the rice is hard) don't think I can pull it off-- just means more beans... poor Angie:lol:

10-13-2003, 09:13 PM
Got this from Dr. Phil's web site -- thought I would pass it on.

The tip for today has to do with your feelings from the inside out. One of the problems that compromises our self-esteem is that we tend to make the mistake of comparing our personal reality with everyone else's social mask. Of course, they're putting their best foot forward. Of course, they are shielding from you their flaws and fallacies. It doesn't mean they don't have them. And if you make that comparison of your reality with their social mask, you're going to lose every time.

If you have problems, acknowledge them to yourself. It's not about feeling guilty. It's about understanding that you can't change what you don't acknowledge. Don't wear that social mask when you look in the mirror at your own face.

Take care of who you are. Be honest about the things you need to address, and be sure you are your own best friend.

10-13-2003, 09:21 PM
Gary~I can't take the credit. They use to have that in my WW daily guide and I used it a lot. It's kind of fun to atleast mark off all 8 glasses of water. But it's right too that you should drink that much water anyway and not have to keep track of it, it's just that for many it is a challenge.

Aw, Gary, what did you do to the rice? Not enough water or not cook it long enough? I like to make spanish rice by putting a little oil in the pan, toasting the rice and then adding the liquid, but i add salsa(Like Herdez) to the liquid before pouring over. And then I cook on super-low for 20 minutes covered. Sometimes I add corn or other small vegetables, frozen or from the can at the same time with the liquid.

I think I realized some of my emotional issues today while watching Dr.Phil. It was painful and difficult to realize. I think it's been just under the surface and I've known it for awhile but when he was talking to one of the guests it really hit me and make sense. I need to journal and write about it. We're on the 3rd key on the book club forum, but I wish we were on the same week as Dr.Phil's show. Well, not much i can do about it so i'll have to deal w/it.

I'm so tired this afternoon. I think i'm going to bed directly after this.

10-13-2003, 09:27 PM
Sprout~Thank you! I needed that.

10-13-2003, 09:59 PM



GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU..... http://www.sunsetangel.com/angels/graphics/cherub203.gif

10-13-2003, 10:36 PM
Okay! Enough turkey already. I don't want to see anymore until Christmas. All meals were fabulous. I didn't eat as much today so it wasn't too bad. I had lots of salad and less stuffing and potatoes. I had a wonderful visit with family. The weather has been incredible here - just perfect fall weather. Tomorrow, it's back to work and reality. Life goes on!

Angel: Thank you so much for the beautiful poem. I wish I had read it before our dinner yesterday. DH would have read it for everyone to hear.

Michele: Nice pics. It's nice to finally see them.

Sunny: I'm glad you're sticking with curves. Love the lamps and the pics of your house. One of these days I'll try to share some of my pics with you.

Gary: Our water problem is solved. The carpet is pretty much dried up so no damage done. you asked about my boys. They are loving school - one loves studying. He's going for his History major and the other one loves socializing - he's going for his math/phys ed. major. He also has a girlfriend now and isn't home much.

They got the bus system down pat and actually don't mind the ride. I drop youngest off at a bus stop on my way to Curves so that he doesn't have to make that connection. I don't mind taking him because it gets me out the door in the morning.

Sami: How are you doing? Are you feeling better? Looking forward to seeing those wedding pics.

I'm really tired and plan to go lie in bed with a book that I've been trying to finish. It's really good but I have trouble finding time to read.

Take care!

10-13-2003, 10:44 PM
Not a problem at all, MICHELE... so glad I could be of some help. Anytime, really! ;)

What a Beautiful place!

Michele's pic:
I wanted ya'll to see the Lakehouse that I'm going to this weekend and there are pretty fall colors too.

10-13-2003, 11:15 PM
ANGEL ~ http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_1_12.gif I don't know what else to say... you are kind. But that's what I think of you and the others as well. Very Special Friends. I think that's why when someone is missing for too long I begin to really become concerned. I find it hard to see someone just drop out - especially when you know they aren't healthy or were in great need.

I must begin use my own advice and "Trust in the Lord" more, huh.

Thanks again and May the Lord Bless & Keep you.
Night http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/170.gif

10-14-2003, 07:56 AM
HI everyone,
It is pouring this morning. Our dog hates to get her paws wet. She won't go out side to go to the bathroom unless I go out with her with an umbrella. Isn't cocker spanials suppose to love water?

I got food shopping and house cleaning today. I hope when I go to heaven I won't have to clean or cook.

~Michele~ your graduation pictures were beautiful. That red robe was sharp looking. That lakeside retreat looks so inviting . I'm packing my bags. I'm originally from PA. the fall was beautiful with the maple trees. I really miss that. Where I live now ,we have mostly pine trees. We have pine straw everywhere Year round. when I was a kid we would rake all the leaves up and jump into them that was fun. One thing I don't miss ,is the snow up north. If it snowed we had to shovel the walks and driveway before school. The township would fine you if they were not cleared for the kids walking to school. My sisters and I would shovel the whole corner lot plus our elderly neighbors walk. Then the plow would come along and undo all our hard work. The plows did make big piles for snow forts.

~ Sunny those lamps will go great with your new furniture. You got a good buy. I went to the Augusta mall in Georgia to go shopping yesterday with a friend. I got a coat and a christmas nativity at Kirklands .

I got to go. The dog was fed chili by my dh and she is sitting next to me passing gas. I'm out of here!:faint: Bye

10-14-2003, 01:06 PM
Not a whole lot of time right now - just wanted to say...


10-14-2003, 01:28 PM
I got my camper all winterized, bummer that means summer is officially over, have been having some beautiful fall days, the foliage is in full color, alot of leaf peepers out and about. Sunny- Your ankle looks really sore, hope it soon is all healed up, I enjoy all of your posts, as well as everyone elses keep them coming. E.Z. - what a nice pic of you and dw and your family, you got some great looking kids. I agree about the car, they replaced the radiator under warrenty, only to find a strut leaking, but they needed a different apt. scheduled to repair that, so back to the shop next week, it too is covered, just hangs the car up another day.
Sprout- said a prayer for ya this morning pray all goes well with your tests!
Sami- a night alone with no kids and your kissing your dog! Just kidding your poor hubbie, must be a keeper if he puts up with the dog in the bed. pray all starts going better for you as well!
Judy- Hi there so happy to hear your c-pap is working for ya, your still in my prayers that it will be successful for restful sleep.
Amanda- Pray you get the job you want in Western Ireland. Let us know how you make out.
Angel- Pray all goes well with the settlement and that things start looking up for ya!
Mitchy- nice graduation pic, you look great, and your mom looks good too. Hope you had fun on your vacation, and that your soon are feeling better
Wilma- Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I love turkey! usually by Christmas I am sick of it.
Hope all are well, it was nice to hear Mrs. Hummer is o.k., if your lurking come back, I aften end up days between posts, and do my best to address everyone, but I am sure I often miss sorry! but we would love to hear from ya! Hi to everyone else. Gotta go

10-14-2003, 02:05 PM
Just have a few minutes before I get to cleaning the tile in the kitchen-- off from work today so I better get some things done here.

SUE- Thanks for the compliments on my family. So the camper has been put in hibernation huh-- do you do by and check on her during the year, ha. Sorry for all the car problems- maybe they are all gone now.

MICHELE- How do I get a room in that lake house? Is that in your family or a lodge type-- very nice. I messed up (this is the 2nd time I did this) on the rice-- I needed to use white and I used bastamanti, aahhh I hate it when I make the same mistake twice when I cook because I usually write down the mistakes I make on the recipe so I don't do them again. Angie made a new column for the water on the bottom- thanks again!

WILMA- AW, I was just going to send you a recipe I have for turkey soup:lol: My son is a history major and my daughter is a P.E. major- son almost done with school, this semester, then student teaching year, daughter in her 3rd year.

SUNNYD-- See all the support you are getting? Told ya so:yes: :yes:

JUDY- Chili for the dog huh? Brings back a memory for me- I had run out of dog food years ago for my lab, didn't want to go to the store so I took a can of Campbells vegetable soup out and gave it to him, cold. He loved it-- from then on that is all he ate, the funny thing though was he didn't like the carrots so at the end of the bowl all that was left was the carrots, licked completely dry of gravy. He lived for 13 more years so I guess it was ok-- he refused to eat anything but the soup after the first time.

SPROUT- I am glad you are getting a lot out of Dr. Phil- he lmakes pretty good sense, most of the time doesn't he?

ANGEL- Praying for warmth!

Well off to the kitchen-


10-14-2003, 02:34 PM
Gary~Geez, that is the oddest thing I heard a dog eating. You spoiled him I think. My Simba loves tomatoes! I give her grape tomatoes as a treat sometimes. It's good for her anyway. Most veggies are good for them.

The lakehouse is my cousins private home although it's big enough to be a lodge i guess.. It has 6 private bedrooms and a loft. It was her husband's dreamhouse and she likes it now too. It has 3 levels and is quite something. I'll try to take some pics for all of you.

10-14-2003, 05:22 PM

Time for me to take a Tea Break...

Thanx GARY ~ I sure do so appreciate your frankness and kindness.

Today I am feeling oddly sensitive... a little quiet. Don't know why :?: I have been very busy and getting allot of cleaning and catching up on stuff that had to get done before our furniture comes on Saturday (have to keep putting up this darn leg for short rests - I hate to stop what I am doing, but there's discomfort), but I have this wash of sadness over me. Boy, it's been awhile since I felt like this. It's not like I am walking around crying or anything - just feel melancholy. Maybe it's the weather change - I sure do miss the sun when it's not around. It's really stormy here today - allot of the leaves are coming off the tree's :( I will really miss the colors when the tree's are bare. I wanted to go to Curves this morning, but Joe thought I shouldn't and need to rest this leg. But I know that is part of the blue feeling I am experiencing... I always feel better after I work out. Cannot wait to go tomorrow. Anyway... enough of that.

I got a carpet cleaner to do our carpets before the furniture comes in Saturday... so I will be supervising Joe while he works the machine. I would do it myself but it is difficult to maneuver with this bum leg. (I think it's beginning to really get to me!) Last night just pulling off my sock I turned my ankle just a bit and almost passed out :faint: from the pain. Just wish it would get better already - Do you think I am a bit impatient?! :o :^:

Okay, I'm done moaning... :ziplip:
so sorry to go on, but am so glad to have you all to vent to.

10-14-2003, 06:00 PM
GARY ~ Did you get your tiles all cleaned up? Bet it looks so nice after it's done. And you sure cannot say a word about me spoiling my boys now :lol: after you have admitted to 'us all' what you fed your pup! :lol: Cute! Nope, he wasn't spoiled at all... :^:

MICHELE ~ I wanna come too :spin: Will we all fit into your suitcase??? I know you will have such a restful time while you are there and I know that you will come home feeling so much better. Is it just for the weekend or the week? I have forgotten... I so look forward to your pictures!!!

JUDY ~ You are so right about the snow... unfortunately we havta take the bad with the good here. I too hate winter shovelling and plowing. And my poor Joe has to do so much driving in it and every year he gets to hating it more. I do what I can to help him and we both shovel for our neighbors to lend a hand & I'll pick up groceries or bring them to the store if needed during the winter months. It is so hard to get around and many get very blue during winter from being homebound - so we do what we can and it helps us feel better too. Yep! We no sooner get the driveways shoveled the park plow will come by - uggg :mad: Now we try to wait till he goes first then go out, but it all depends on when we have to get going & when they do.

Anyway, we aren't winter people either, but we cope with it and then enjoy the other three seasons :^:

Sounds like you had a good shopping day too! :) Good for you! Thanx for the compliment on the lamps - they are so pretty to look at lit up - makes me smile. I have wanted lamps like those for years.

SAMI ~ So glad to hear that the blinds turned out so well... got a picture you want to post of them? My offer still stands for you or anyone wanting to post pics and having a hard time. I too enjoy ~ALL~ those shows! Ground Force and garden shows too.

SUE ~ I know what you mean about it being a bummer to see the end of the season ~ I feel your pain ;) Glad you were able to get it all done... it will be there waiting for you come Springtime :) Fall is just way too short for me.

WILMA ~ OH YEAAAAH! I just cannot live without my workouts now. I think I am addicted to it... want to go more, but cannot till this leg heals. I don't think I have lost anymore weight, but I don't mind because I feel so much better when I go.

So glad you enjoyed my lamps ;) Me too :D and the Fall pics of our humble home... it is so Beautiful surrounded in all the colors.


Well, I have sat here long enough ~ chatting ~ time for be to get back to work now.

Take Care everyone!

10-14-2003, 07:25 PM
Well yes, SunnyD I got my kitchen tiles all cleaned, floors mopped and vacumned, made a nice salad with red and green leaf lettuce, tomato,jicama,cucumber,carrots,green onion,cauliflower and brocoli-- got a lasagna made and ready to throw in the oven too. I am enjoying a few days home from work but I really need to make some $ for the household. Angie likes it if I am home and clean house but she doesn't like it if I am home toooo much:lol:

Michele, your cousin must be rich!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the place after you return-- Have a great time! I hope the weather is nice for you while you are there!

Well off to get the nephew from school-- hope he did better today than yesterday. Yesterdays report: Ron owed me 5 minutes after class for coloring a classmate with magic marker, Ron had a hard time staying focused on the task at hand today, Ron had to be reminded often to pay attention to his own work. I think part of the trouble was that his class got to walk to the fast food place for lunch as a treat for collecting money for kids in China, I think he was excited, then his regular teacher is gone with the 7th grade this week on a field trip- therefore he stays in the 1 class all day pretty much-- I think being A.D.H.D. he just got too restless-- I told him today to remain focused or no TV-- we shall see. I really believe I can keep him off medication if I hold him accountable on a daily basis for his actions and don't let up. So far in three weeks he has only had one bad day, yesterday, and that wasn't even that bad.

Well I am outta here.

10-14-2003, 07:40 PM
GARY ~ :T Yum!!!! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/168.gif May we join you for dinner? :hun: It sounds wonderful!

Hope Ron does better at getting his schoolwork done... he probably is all wound up from going out today. But they did do a real good thing collecting for China... I bet you are right - he got restless. Maybe a quick game outdoors throwing a ball first will help him before he gets into his homework. My BIL use to do that with his son when he got home from school... first took some 'let-down' time outdoors playing ball with him and then he was quicker to settle down and finish his schoolwork. It was too much for him to come home from school and then get right into his schoolwork at home. He did well ~ graduated with a 3.9


10-14-2003, 08:24 PM
Hi Sunny--

It was a much better day for Ron today-- his core teacher said "MUCH BETTER DAY TODAY!!!" his math teacher said, "good paper, good test, great day!" his science teacher still on the field trip and no German class today.
I agree with the "Runnin' time" after school-- that is why I leave him at school in day care to play or volleyball for at least 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours each day-- that is unless my son is home to kick the crap outta him when he gets home:lol: -- my son will take him outside and just run him ragged if he is here-- the problem is that most of the time he is coaching until close to dinner time-- speaking of which, I better check on it....

In His Care- Gary

10-15-2003, 08:08 AM
Greetings everyone,

I have my bible study group today at 9:30am. Talked to my older sister yesterday. She is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving. She is divorced and lives in Miss.. She doesn't like to spend the holidays alone. Her ex-husband got into drinking and gambling. He spent all their savings for their daughters education on himself. My father ended up paying for her first year of college. She has since dropped out. Her father has not kept in tough with her. She has not seen him in two years. I can't imagine not keeping in touch with my child.... My sister works for NASA. She is so much happier being single. The holidays are tough for her. I told her she is always welcome in our home. I love her so much. I wish she would meet a christan man.

~Sunny~ I'm sorry your feeling blue. With all you have gone through it can be expected. Maybe you a Joe can get away this weekend. Go see the leaves turning. Go visit an old friend or go out for dinner. Kidnap Joe and surprise him. Go to a bed and breakfast place for the night. Get a neighbor to check on your babys. Lots of love ... Judy

~Gary~ I got a side dish for you. Looks great for the holidays too.


1(17oz) can small English peas, drained
1(17oz) can white shoepeg corn, drained
1(15 1/2oz) can french-style green beans, drained
1(2oz) jar diced pimento, drained
1/2 c. diced celery
1/2c. chopped green onion
1/2c. chopped green peppers
1/4c. sliced water chestnuts
1c. sugar
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. salt
1/2c. vegetable oil
3/4 c. vinegar

Combine vegetables ,tossing lighty. Combine remaining ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over low heat. Pour over vegetables. cover 24 hours or over night. Drain and serve. It looks great for Thanksgiving or Christmas and you can do ahead .

~Sue~ I always loved camping. I feel closer to God out in the woods or sitting on the beach looking at the water. It reminds you how awesome He is. He made all of natures beauty for use to enjoy. He truly loves us.

got to go

" you can accomplish more in one hour with God then one lifetime without him "

10-15-2003, 11:15 PM
Where'd you all go? :( I hope you are all busy doing healthy and fun things with your families.

I was feeling really great tonight after work so i stripped my bed and comforter, got all my towels and a load of darks. talked to my Mother for awhile and then went and did my laundry. Just finished making the bed, adding my wool quilt (it's suppose to freeze tonight) and i can't wait to get in my cozy bed. Nothing like fresh, clean sheets!

I'm late for bed, so got to go. Hope you all have a great evening and day tomorrow!

10-16-2003, 12:20 AM
Guess I must think postive right!
Had checkup from doctor. From what he could see the cancer cell is gone -- but still am not completly healed from the radiation. There are a number of side effects and from what he now tells me ''sorry but seems you are going to have them all." Scar tissue he says is extensive -- not good. Means for one thing that every three months when I have to be checked out they have to put me to sleep to do a thorough job on the exam. Said the pain I feel from the exam is due to the scar tissue, that the pain would subside with time but would probably be about 12 months before it is all gone. And then there are the other side effects that they are now saying it looks like I am going to have to deal with the rest of my life. Liveable but not pleasant at all. And hubby is not pleased at all with the side effects. Lots of life changes for both of us because of this -- the joys of having cancer!!! But I am alive and that is a plus, but!!!!! Thought that in these years approaching my twilight years would be so different -- now we have to make major changes in our lifes to accomodate this.

Sorry don't mean to whine but I have been doing what I was supposed to do and I still get the excess scar tissues.

Now I have to get back on track with the weight issues. Need to do some more journaling to get my perspective back in place. Also have to take a look at my plan of action re my food plan for the next 2 weeks in order to make my goal for this month -- I will make it but need to 'get back into proper thinking - no more of this down talking to myself'

Have now completed 644 miles walked with only 6 more miles to get to my mini goal of 650 which I want to have accomplished by October 31 -- and I can see that I should have this completed before this time next week. Goal of 700 miles is for December 31 -- and with my plan of action I should be have this done well before then.

Well, hubby is upstairs watching some sport on TV -- think it might be hockey but it could be a ball game. Daughter is watching a video and son is out to youth group. By the way did I tell you about the report son did. Was called '1900's' and he wrote a 16 page report on this topic as if he had been born in 1900 and the changes he saw during this time. He did a fair amount of research. His story line was very very good but some of the story re being a Native American and having a top paying job during the Dirthy Thirthies would not have happened but other than that he had a lot of good historic points in it. He submitted it to his online teacher who graded it. Only grammer error was that he used 'me' rather than "I" -- the tutor told him that he did an excellent job and should consider journalizm as a career. The mark goes for his first term English and Socials and he got an A+ == top mark!!!! He was flying high. He is now working on a report that will go for English and Science -- nonficiton from the point of him being a captain on a space shuttle that leaves earth for 1 year travelling throughout the galazy and reporting what he finds -- from his being a Christian and his crew not being. Should be interesting.

Well, it is only 9:15 and I am tired, all of this medical stuff has taken a lot out of me -- think I am going to get daughter ready for bed, then I think I will go to bed and led 'dad' wait up for son (he will arrive home just after 10) and he can supervise both kiddos to bed!

Will check in tomorrow after -- prayerfully -- a good nights sleep!

10-16-2003, 08:06 AM
Hi everyone,

Took a meal to a member of our sunday school class that has been sick. We sat and talked for a while. Also took laura to Belks for a strapless bra, she is escorting her ex- boyfriend to Mr. Aiken High tonight. She has dance all weekend with a tap instructor that they paid to come in and teach. My husbands 50th birthday is on the 21st, he wants a gun cabinet for his birthday. He has every friday off and he wants to go out shooting with me. Isn't that romantic! ;)

~ Marilyn~ If I may ask ? What kind of cancer do you have? I'm sorry your not feeling well. How can I pray for you?

Your son sounds like he is really liking his assignments. As you can tell I was never very good at writing or using the computer.The more you do it the better you are at it. I have dislexia ( learnig disablity ) School was never very fun for me. They told me I could never go to college, because my SAT scores were so low. I graduated from University of Pennsylavania. It took a little longer ,but I was determined to graduate. I worked during the day and went to school at night. If they had homeschooling when I was in school ,I would not have so many scares. I was gifted in the visual arts. I felt stupid, because I could not learn in the manner they were teaching. Keep him excited about learning. Lots of love judy

got to go

And whatever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. Colossians 3:23

10-16-2003, 10:01 AM
Boy... I sure did! I spent the day yesterday keeping very, very busy so I didn't dwell on my ankle & emotions & it did help! :) I got the carpets all scrubbed & cleaned and what a mess I made... I had never used that machine before and it took me quite some time just to figure it all out. But then the dial for the shampoo part was suppose to be on rinse, so it would flow when not in use - guess what I forgot to do. :o Luckily - it was on my kitchen floor and not on the carpet, so that could have been worse. But now I am ready for our new furniture to come in :cp: And once I get it all set up and put together (the look) I will get some pics for you. (now... ... you didn't think I would let you all off that easy did ya ;) )

Hi MICHELE ~ You leave tomorrow for your restful weekend ~ I send you wishes that you have a Peaceful, Restful & absolutely Enjoyable time with everyone! I hope the leaves are still on the trees enough for you to enjoy your walk!!!!! We had quite a windstorm come through here.

:dance: Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-16-2003, 10:34 AM
GARY ~ So happy to hear that Ron had a better day! And that all turned out well with your cleaning. How did dinner come out? It sure sounded yummy! Joe has been home very late every night this week, so I haven't cooked much at all - both good and bad. One: I enjoy cooking, but there's just us, so why bother when he is home so late. He grabs dinner out and I grab what we have in the freezer - like a Lean Cuisine. He's going to be late again tonight and then when he gets home he'll be rushing out the door to meet a couple @ 8:00pm to pick out their Wedding music. So it will be real nice this Saturday to have him home... I really miss his company when he has a schedule like this.

JUDY ~ Your recipe looks great!! I'm gonna give it a try myself for our Thanksgiving Dinner - yum! ;)

Judy... is it you that has the breathing machine??? How are you feeling these days? My sister is going for another sleep study done to see how she is doing with hers.

And what a kind thing to do - to bring a meal. I bet it was very appreciated!

SPROUT ~ Good news! :cp: That the Dr's didn't see cancer cells :cp: Yeah!!! I hope you heal up real soon from the radiation treatments... I have heard those treatments are very, very hard on the body.

I wish you well on getting back "on track" with your weight. I am trying too, it's been very hard with this ankle they way it is - I was up till 2:30am because of the discomfort & pain (probably because I worked cleaning carpets all day). But it's a bit better today. I haven't read much of Dr Phil's book lately either... fell behind, but have still been reading up at the Book Club Thread. It is interesting to see how much others feel what you thought you were all alone in. I wish you well! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/18/18_1_103.gif You can do it!!! Hope you slept well...

Take Care everyone!
I Have another busy day today... already got my bill's paid (yuk!) and I will be meeting my friend for lunch then grocery shopping. Lunch is fun, but grocery shopping is never fun --- but it helps to go with a friend. :)

:wave: Hi SAMI-Where are your pics ;), ANGEL- Sure do hope all is going well with your home. And your health!!!, WILMA-I'm going to Curves tomorrow, I missed Wednesday, SHERRY-Miss you!, SUE-Where are you???, JAMIE, AMANDA-How's it going??? Haven't heard from you since your news & CHRISTIE. :wave:

Later guys...

10-16-2003, 10:43 AM
Sunny-Sorry to hear ankle is no better, and still having alot of pain. Hope your soon up and about, will pray for healing- great job on rugs, always exciting changing a room over, new furniture.

E.Z. - pray nephew continues to do well, sounds like he is a normal american boy, into mischief occassionally, but with you as a guide he can't fail. I have an awesome bil who lets me store my camper next to his at his house- he goes out in the winter and cleans the snow off, and periodically starts it, he is a sweety. He helped me winterize it, and does alot of the mechanical needs.

Judy- your salad sounds yummy- I agree with getting out and feeling closer to God, especially in fall, its like he painted the trees they are so pretty. Cool- a sister that works for NASA. Mine is a nurse for the county- She runs their wic program for kids. congrats on proving them wrong about college, it is not speed its finishing that counts.
Mitchy- enjoy your weekend, sounds like your feeling a little better- I agree nothing as fresh as clean sheets, beautiful cabin, or should I say House.
Sprout- Sorry to hear about all the side effects from the chemo- pray that they lessens and the pain subsides quicker than a year. It is a tough row to hoe, will keep you in prayer for healing. Glad to hear there were no cancer cells! That is great news! Great job on the walking!
I went to prayer meeting last night and there was no power it was out, so we met by gas lamps it was actually cool, like the old days I guess.
Well gotta run, off to bowling check in later,

10-16-2003, 10:50 AM
Sunny- you must have posted the same time I did- hope you have a great lunch. See ya's !

10-16-2003, 11:53 AM
Some Pictures of the war sent to me and rarely seen through the media!

Picture 1 of 5

10-16-2003, 11:55 AM
2 of 5

10-16-2003, 11:57 AM
3 of 5

10-16-2003, 11:58 AM
I did a long post and it was lost!!!!!!! I don't have time to redo but just want to say hi will post more friday. This has been a tough week!!!!!
Sunnyd-I do have a picture disk how do I send you some picture from that so you can post or how do I post?

Got to go!

10-16-2003, 11:58 AM
4 of 5

10-16-2003, 12:00 PM
5 of 5 --- Such touching pictures!

10-16-2003, 12:07 PM
SAMI ~ I will send you my e-mail through a Private Message, okay (don't want it out there just for anyone ;) ). Then send me the pictures and I will be glad to post them for you.

Sorry you lost your post - that has happened to me too, but only once. Now... ... before I send my post I highlight the post and copy... just in case. Then when it happens all you have to do is go to reply again and paste - voila! No longer lost. Good to hear from you. Sorry it's been a tough week for you.


10-16-2003, 02:20 PM

Been busy the last couple of days watching the ballgames, wanted the Cubs, no big deal for me though, like the way the Marlins play-- will be rooting for them over either the Yanks or the Sox in the World Series. For those that saw-- wasn't-isn't that a bummer for that young man in Chicago and the foul ball deal. No way did he cause the Marlins to score 8 runs!! Prayers are needed for him!! Just a damn shame people are so blind sometimes to what is REALLY happening around them.

SUNNYD- Are you all set for the new furniture? Should look really nice on that clean carpet! How is that ankle today? Still no Curves? Thanks for the pictures of Iraq, they came up in my mail too. I know what you mean by cooking for 1 or 2, if Angie and my kids, or Ron aren't here and I have to just take care of myself, I usually fast food it for the convience-- not good. Our freezers (1 fridge in the house, 1 in garage) are always full of bread or something else, makes it hard to have too many leftovers-- and although I "could" eat a full lasagna by myself-- I probably shouldn't! And how in the heck do you make a lasagna for 1 anyway. Therefore another excuse for crappy fast food! Made goulash last night, easy the way I make it-- hamburger, elbow pasta, couple of cans of diced tomatoes, a little tomatoe sauce and water-- done!

JUDY DD escorting the ex huh? Good for her to stick with her promise to take him, are they getting along OK? My 50th is in Feb.-- don't have guns so my wife is safe on that "date"! Thanks for the recipe-- I am going to try it soon. Nice that your sister is coming for Thanksgiving and that you will have some family near for the day.

MARILYN- Glad to hear the results were encouraging, although not exactly what you wanted to hear. God does work all things together for good- give it prayer and time, you will be OK, DH too. Don't worry about airing your worries here! That is the purpose of this thread!

MICHELE- So glad you are feeling better! Just in time for the long week-end! Great job on the bed makeover-- Angie has flannel sheets for when it gets cold here-- althoguh most of the time she is hot and I am cold-- I just use an extra blanket when I need to stay warm, usually she is kicking hers off. Have a fun trip!

SAMI- Another lost post?!! My goodness you keep doing this a lot-- I remember when it used to happen to me, now it doesn't, don't know why. I used to just post half-way through my responses then it would disappear less!

SUE- Gas lamps, is that common to have in N.Y.? sounds dangerous to me. Glad the prayer meeting was cool after all. How was the bowling today? Car trouble over with? Any new leads on that job from heaven:)

Well off to get a haircut (while I still have some:lol: )

Amanda Panda
10-16-2003, 02:32 PM
Hello all!

Just popping in to update you - I've got two sets of application forms to fill in for the jobs in Ireland, then I'll just have to wait and see if I get an interview - so I'll let you know, but the Irish are notoriously 'laid back' so it might take some time!.I've been suffering a bit of a crisis of confidence about it all - mainly because I want it so much. It is a habit of mine to 'self sabotage' good things because I think I don't deserve them (that's what the therapists say anyway!) - so I'm really trusting God on this. I'll just get the forms filled out the best that I can, then leave it in God's hands. Nigel isn't looking for work until we get out there - he's still suffering from stress and depression and isn't up to getting a job yet.If I get a job I'll be paid enough to support us both while he looks for work -as Galway is quite a cheap place to live. Thank you all for your prayers - it really is comforting to know that I have friends across the pond praying for me.

SUNNY D - Please don't think that you are a 'thread :ink:' - you are great and can always be relied upon to be here to cheer us all up!. I also haven't got as much time as I used to - and Nigel is on the computer morning, noon and night so I have trouble getting on it!. You stay just as you are - we love you for being you! Sorry you've hurt your foot and have been feeling a bit blue - rest up and spoil yourself as you deserve it!

SPROUT - Good news about your cancer (sort of!) - but I am sorry that you are still suffering. I pray that you will continue to recover speedily.

Best wishes and prrayers to everyone else.

Love Amanda xx

10-16-2003, 04:48 PM
Amanda- Pray ya get the job you would like as well as stress relieve for Nigel.
E.Z. - The job is still up in the air- I heard through the grapevine that the big boss wants someone with a degree- I have an associate in applied science, but the person the 1st line supervisor wants has more service time than me, and by rights should get it, but no degree, just have to keep waiting to see. Thanks for asking- The car goes back in for a new strut next week, hopefully that will end it for awhile. They were actually oil lamps so unless they are smashed they are pretty safe. Their power is still out, alot of trees down because of heavy wind around here.
Hi sami,been there done that with long posts, now I just keep them short and post a couple of times in a row, that usually works. sunny- those pictures of Iraq and the soldiers were great

Here is a cute story I got on e-mail- Awoman was asked by her co-worker, What it means to be a Christian? The woman replied, "It is like being a pumpkin!" God picks you out, even with your imperfections, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, ect. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts
His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.
Happy Fall!

10-16-2003, 07:55 PM
Hi everybody...hope all are doing well.

Sprout...I'm glad you didn't have any cancer cells showing up...but I know...it really wasn't the report you were hoping for, & I'm sorry for that. Don't know if it was radiation, chemo, or both you had...but I know, they're both rough things to go through. My dad endured them both. I'm on Methotrexate (low-dose chemo)on Thursday night (tonight!), along with the Remicade intravenous treatments I get each 6 weeks. I have side effects that REALLY make me NOT want to take it. But, I have to because it protects my immune system during the treatments. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease...huh?! And this isn't a cure, just helps.
I complain a lot & don't think DH understands some of the side effects....but I can't imagine going through what you do. You're in my prayers.

SunnyD...sorry you've been blue. It just doesn't seem to fit you, you know?! Of course, you can get down, the same as anyone. Just don't stay there. I can tell you...it's no fun place to be. Hope that ankle is better.
Those pictures were in my email also. Made me miss my SIL terribly. They have moved him over the last several days...daughter hasn't heard from him, & is in a panic again. When will this ever be over?! Keep praying for all the soldiers. They have even called SIL's dad to Iraq! He's retired from the army & in reserves. The family is hoping he fails the physical! He has high blood pressure. They said if he goes, it will be for 1 1/2 yrs.

I've been enjoying everyones posts & pictures...just been reading & not posting so much. I have been praying for all the needs. Have a good evening. :grouphug:

10-16-2003, 09:16 PM
Just felt like sharing... :)


10-16-2003, 09:59 PM
Here's a picture of Gary's "mansion" on a typical fall day in Calif.

10-16-2003, 10:01 PM
Here's the mantle in the living room of the "mansion" on a typical fall day in Calif.

10-17-2003, 12:10 AM
Oh Gary~ your Mansion is beautiful and that is a nice mantle too! You can see the womans touch to it!

Getting ready to go to bed and i'm not even ready for tomorrow, i haven't even packed........think i'll go do that now and then hit the hay! Oh, I can't wait!

Hope you all have a great weekend, i'll post pics if my cousin brings her laptop or i'll try on Sunday evening!

10-17-2003, 01:10 AM
:write: Thought I would take a minute or two and say hi. Just read all the new posts since last I was here.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers -- it does help. Had to go to the emergency tonight due to unexplained pain around navel. Doctor is stumped doesn't really know why it is but took an x-ray and wants me to see my regular doctor on Monday unless it guess worse before then. He said it could be anything from a muscle or nerve that is just acting up, a hernia (don't want that), an absess (but should have some swelling or redness - not!!) or the return of the cancer!! Just another concern / worry to add to what I don't need at this time.

Gary: your nephew and ADHD. I kept my son of meds till he was your nephew's age, then put him on some for 12 months, but have not taken him off them completely. Studied up on ritalin and found out that it is the 'cocaine' for the younger kids -- that kids that have been on ritalin most of their school years, when they leave school there is a very very high % that they will turn to cocaine. So we took him off all forms of med's for ADD Something that we were told to do -- give him incentives -- pay attention, get the work down, we will go to MacDonalds, or favorite TV show -- backfired. Normally this would work well for kids but for kids with ADHD or jut ADD this does not work because they in turn focus on the reward rather than on what they are to be doing. So we don't give motivation in that respect. Son will say to us "If I get all my school done on time can I ???? - Our answer is 'Get the work down and we will talk about it but not until the work is done.' When he is doing school or anything that he might not want to do -- should he come and ask us any questions that do not pertain to what he is doing -- we tell him that we don't answer any of those questions until what he is suppose to be doing is done. This has really helped -- now when he is saying doing 'math' should he come with a question he will only ask us a 'math question' as he now knows we will not entertain answering any other questions as they get him sidetracked. Hopefully these might be some suggestions that might help.

Judy: you asked what kind of cancer I had. It was (is) endrometrial cancer -- had a radical hysterocomy done on September 7 2000 and was fortunate that they got it all at this time -- did not need chemo or radiation at that time. But unforunately I fell in the 10% that do have a reoccurrence -- for from May 25 until July 24 I had radiation daily except for weekends. And because the cancer came back I am at a higher risk that it will surface again in 2 years somewhere else. But the Lord is good He knows how much I can take, as well as my hubby. But must say that the permanet effects of this radiation we really weren't expecting and I have heard hubby utter -'Why after all of the cancer, now permanent damage that is and will affect our marriage from this moment on' We have really had to redefine where our marriage is -- and it is diffucult for both of us as we were not expecting this. But we will persist and trust in the Lord.

Well, it is now 10:10 and I am tired -- did not sleep well last night at all -- my internal dialogue kept me up till 4:30 and then I was up by 7:30 for the day -- and I have just taken 2 tyenol for the pain so I am getting sleepy. My prayers are that I will sleep better tonight.

Will check in here again tomorrow -- hopefully with no pain!!

10-17-2003, 10:53 AM
Marilyn~my prayers are w/you today. I hope that pain around your navel was nothing serious. Sounds like you've had a LOT to deal w/for the last 3 years but what a trooper you are. I pray God's healing touch on your poor body, dear.

Well, I'm almost off to my weekend getaway. Packed this a.m. Got cash this a.m. and some coffee and I'm ready to go. Chris will be here at 9:30. It's suppose to be warmer this weekend so not sure i'll need a jacket, shouldn't be outside too much. Maybe I'll take my wool sweater.

Oh, I miss my Simba already. I'm so OK, maybe too, attached to her. But she'll be in good hands w/my friend Byron who is coming to stay w/her. He's really good to her so i'm not worried.

10-17-2003, 11:01 AM

10-17-2003, 12:44 PM
Hi friends,

Laura did fine at the Mr. Aiken high pagent. Her ex- boyfriend did not win. I went over to him and told him he looked sharp. He was very disappointed. Some of those guys were real hams. My husband and I had a fun time. Laura went to the fair after the pagent to see a concert with a girl friend, and stayed at her friends over night. This morning they are working on a float for the homecoming at the school.

~Marilyn~ Thank you for telling me about your cancer. I am sorry you have gone through so much. God is an awesome God and he will be with you always through good and bad times. When you beat this, you will have a testimony to share . You sound like a very strong women. I will continue to pray for you and your family. My God give you the peace only He can provide you. My He wrap His loving arms around you to provide you comfort. My His promises offer you understanding and joy. love Judy

got to pick up laura

10-17-2003, 12:49 PM
Good morning! I think the other day I hit the wrong key and caused me to lose the post. This has been a pretty tough week. I bought the akins book and have been reading it and I think this might be just what I can do. I just can't keep living like this. The IBS is bad enough but the pain all over is taking it's toll on me. I am so thankful I have a great husband!

EZ-I love your house! What kind of camera do you have? I have a great 35mm but I see all the fun you are having with your digital! How is Ron doing? My one DD I think is ADD but not HDA she is so slow.......... I have to keep her on task and it is so taxing somedays! Last year while we were having her tested through the public school (that was a joke) we cut her work in half and she did 2nd grade work (she was in 3rd) and she still didn't get her work done. This year we held her back and we keep her accountable and guess what she is doing great! But I can tell when she looks at all that needs done she is overwhelmed so I have to break it down do this and come back and see me.

Sprout-My heart is going out to you. I know it is not easy living with health problems and who would of thought at this young age life would change so much. I will Pray for you and your Husband I know this isn't easy for him and that both of you will find away to overcome this and your marriage will be stronger for it. We are hear for you if you need to vent [[[[HUG]]]]

Michele-Have a great weekend I wish I had a get away place! And I know what you mean about you doggie my little pepper is wrapped around my heart she is always so happy to see me and from the minute I come home she is glued to my side. She loves to lay next to me as close as she can get. And she is so cute!

SunnyD-I hope the pictures went through. I had my son help me add them to a file. Some kind of pop 3 error showed up so I am not sure. I hope you are feeling better. And you can Hog all you want because I use to be so bummed when I would come on and no one had posted! I love all you post!

Amanda-Panda-Prayer are going up for your new future job. I do a lot of hiring and my advice is to be yourself show them you will be an asset to the company. I have a saying let them talk and they will tell too much! So don't talk to much and never put down where you worked before!

AngelLover-Have you heard anything on the settlement? I am praying it comes soon so you DH can hire some help to finish the house. I thought of you as the weather here is turning colder. It would be nice to finish this year out on a postive!

Sue-I love the punkin story! I am going to share that with some of my friends. I think you have gotten my roll of one thing after another happing and I will pray that it will end!

Judy-Thank you for sharing your story of your struggle with your learning disorder. It really encourages us who have children who struggle so hard. While dealing with my DD I realized I also had a struggle in school (I use to try and try and I felt so stupid) I did ok in school but I would study and study and to read the chapters it never made sense but if we talked about it I could remember! I still can't read instructions and make sense of them but show me once and it down pat! And I have a spelling dictionary right beside me! I tell my DD things may not come easy but you just have to find away to overcome it!

Wilma-How is curves going. After talking to others I think your right it isn't the same as what I went to before. How is the walking going?

Well I have to go get a wedding gift for a good friend of mine her DD is getting Married today! I am planning on having a great time at the wedding!

If I missed anyone I am sorry! I am praying for everyone!

10-17-2003, 02:30 PM
HI Ladies, I see my wife posted pictures of our home-- the "mansion" obviously is a joke-- we just joke here in Southern California about our track homes because they now cost what mansions used to when we were growing up. So glad I bought our little home 24 years ago.

Prayers for you AMANDA- I know how hard it can be to want something so much and hold on so tight without allowing God to work His work through us-- all part of growing in Christ. SUE- guess what? my son's transmission went out yesterday and that will cost him $1,500.00- thank goodness his mom's boyfriend owns an auto repair shop. He has a little Infinity Q. That was a great story you sent-- that certainly shows that God shines His light through you!!! ANGEL , prayers for your entire family and all the soldiers in Iraq. It doesn't look like the situation is going to end soon-- did you see the Gallup poll that the majority of Iraqs want us there? I know it is hard on your family (((HUGS))). MICHELE , are you there yet? Having a great time I hope. I can hear a dog barking, maybe it is Simba missing you;) SPROUT , I know what you mean with the ritilan, my brother and his wife had Ron on it a lot of his life, as he has gotten older he has calmed down though. It is a very hard thing to live with and all the different things you try to do sometimes gets us exhausted doesn't it?! JUDY , glad you had fun at the pagent with your daughter. SAMI The new digital camera is with Angie at the moment- she is taking pictures of her class then putting them on her website so the kids and parents can see them. Not sure what kind it is, she bought it and runs it!! i just ask her to send the pictures on C.E. don't know how to myself-- she says it is really easy to do! I watch her but it is easier for ME to let her do it. Sometimes she gets so frustrated for me not trying new things on the computer that I have to rub her back for hours to release the stress she gets:lol: I just don't want to mess anything up. SUNNYD are you at Curves? Did the furniture come today? How is that ankle doing?

Well making cheese enchiladas again tonight-- I think we just had those a few weeks ago-- so glad we love them here and soo low in fat:lol: :lol:

IN HIS CARE- have a great week-end gals, Gary

10-17-2003, 03:02 PM
SUNNYD- Are you all set for the new furniture? Should look really nice on that clean carpet! How is that ankle today? Still no Curves?

GARY ~ So sorry guy... ... been kinda busy getting some things moved around the best I can with this bum leg. And I was gone all day yesterday limping around getting errands done. I haven't been on the net too much --- took me a bit to catch up in reading. Hope I don't mix people up again - remember when I first began :lol: and can remember what everyone said --- :dizzy: whew!

Yep---all set for the new furniture and that will be coming tomorrow (10-18) sometime - don't know when for sure. I can't wait! We don't have all the pieces we want yet (as far as tables), but decided to wait and see how this all fits in the space and then will go from there. There are sales everywhere right now! :cp:

As far as Curves... I went this past Monday (10-13) but by that night I was really hurting again and was up all night on Wednesday from cleaning the carpet (the whole leg was painful)... I sent my mother (she's a retired RN) some pics I took that morning of the ankle and she told me to take the rest of the week to take care of it. So that's what I am doing... I listen to my mom - she knows of what she speaks. I will go back again on Monday (10-20) and try again. I really did allot of damage to the tissue and tendons all the way around the ankle & up the leg... in other words I did a good job. Well, I have always been known to always give it my best :o :lol: Otherwise, I am feeling so much better then I was on Monday & Tuesday. I don't feel as blue at all. I think that MICHELE was right - the pain & frustration of being limited was really getting to me. I will feel so much better once I can get back to my workouts again. I look forward to Monday.

Beautiful!!! You and Angie have a beautiful home! :queen: excuse me... castle er a mansion. Looks like Angie enjoys decorating too... great job, Angie :)
Been busy the last couple of days watching the ballgames, wanted the Cubs, no big deal for me though, like the way the Marlins play-- will be rooting for them over either the Yanks or the Sox in the World Series. For those that saw-- wasn't-isn't that a bummer for that young man in Chicago and the foul ball deal. No way did he cause the Marlins to score 8 runs!!
I must agree - I saw the game and it's not fair at all the way they are trying to blame that guy for their 8 run loss! What are they thinking!?! He was & hopefully still is their #1 fan! How quickly they turn!!! Like mad dogs.

10-17-2003, 03:36 PM
SUNNY D - Please don't think that you are a 'thread ' - you are great and can always be relied upon to be here to cheer us all up!. I also haven't got as much time as I used to - and Nigel is on the computer morning, noon and night so I have trouble getting on it!. You stay just as you are - we love you for being you! Sorry you've hurt your foot and have been feeling a bit blue - rest up and spoil yourself as you deserve it!
AMANDA ~ Thank you sweetie... I understand, just miss seeing you. I am so sorry to be so pushy about writing, don't mean to be... I just get concerned. I'll chill a little ;) Glad to hear that you are doing okay and really do hope that things will come through for you and a job in Ireland. It really takes allot of courage and FAITH to step out in areas of life you are unsure of. God will be there for you - stay close to him in prayer and you will feel his guidance through the Holy Spirit. You will always have my http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_10.gif *prayers*
I am doing better today, thanx for asking. It's been a long 10 days for me and this ankle. I was told to give it a good 21 days! And I have to do some stretching & strengthening exercises for it... I'll live :)

SUE ~ http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_103.gif I am doing so much better... I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. They really touched me and I didn't know who got them, so I thought I would just post them. Love the pumpkin story http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_1_10.gif

SunnyD...sorry you've been blue. It just doesn't seem to fit you, you know?! Of course, you can get down, the same as anyone. Just don't stay there. I can tell you...it's no fun place to be. Hope that ankle is better.
ANGEL ~ I must agree with you - it wasn't like me at all to be blue! That's why I was posting! I didn't like the feeling at all, but after talking with MICHELE I understand that it was probably the intense pain & limitations with this ankle... it is really worse then I realized or wanted it to be. I thought I would be up and around in no time like in the past, but not so this time. But I am so much better today.

I am glad that you liked the pictures also... ...I hold all the soldiers (male & female - alike) in my prayers and so does my hubby... they are such very Special people!!! God is with them! (((Hugs for you and your DD)))

10-17-2003, 03:49 PM
SPROUT ~ I am sorry you are still going through so much... I hope that the pain you are feeling in your tummy isn't anything too serious... sometimes it is like a domino effect. One thing just leads to another. I will continue to hold you in my *prayers* http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_10.gif Stay close to the Lord and he will continue to fill you with His peace no matter what happens in life. I had to remind myself of that as well, and I only had a sprained ankle(!) Not cancer... so you keep your chin up and think of only the best results!!


Life... is a balancing act.

10-17-2003, 04:18 PM
Your son sounds like he is really liking his assignments. As you can tell I was never very good at writing or using the computer.The more you do it the better you are at it. I have dislexia ( learnig disablity ) School was never very fun for me. They told me I could never go to college, because my SAT scores were so low. I graduated from University of Pennsylavania. It took a little longer ,but I was determined to graduate. I worked during the day and went to school at night. If they had homeschooling when I was in school ,I would not have so many scares. I was gifted in the visual arts. I felt stupid, because I could not learn in the manner they were teaching. Keep him excited about learning.
JUDY ~ I thank you too for sharing about your dyslexia. Did you know that dyslexia is inherited? My mother has it, my father has it, my brother has it -serverly- and I have it. My brother has the worst of it... he reads his cards upside down and backwards and couldn't read signs or books and such and was a class clown because of it (as a deturrent). Me... I always had problems with spelling or being able to read and comprehend (that's why Joe does all the reading when we get new things). My Joe is so good - he never made fun of me and always was there to answer my questions. I think he has helped me become better at life. I worked very hard to retrain my brain (which you can do) and still do. I check and double check my spelling and my numbers all the time. Sometimes I reverse them. I have taken care of our bill's and checkbook from day one of our marriage because Joe felt it was good for me to do to retrain my brain - he was right! I check and double check, but I have never bounced a check or made mistakes in my checkbook that I couldn't fix each month. I think it is WONDERFUL that you went to college and graduated!!!! I never had the desire to go after all the new schools I had to go to (military) and the strain of it all. You have done well!! Something to be very proud of doing. I too learn from visuals! Sure do wish that they knew that when I was in school!!! Lord knows what I'd be doing today if I had been encouraged and taught the way I needed. Even today... I learn from DOING and WATCHING over reading... and I have such a thirst to learn.

Again... :cp: :bravo: and
I Thank-you for sharing!

10-17-2003, 04:35 PM
SunnyD-I hope the pictures went through. I had my son help me add them to a file. Some kind of pop 3 error showed up so I am not sure. I hope you are feeling better. And you can Hog all you want because I use to be so bummed when I would come on and no one had posted! I love all you post!
SAMI ~ Sorry, but I didn't get anything... no pictures :( Do you think you can try again??? Maybe try sending a few at a time? Or in JPEG format. Try again, okay.

I hope that Atkins helps you, but I felt that the South Beach Diet was a better program "health-wise" because the Dr believes in using leaner meats and lighter foods rather then fattier foods and I feel good with it as far as my IBS & Diverticulosis. The higher proteins & less carbs are much better for you, just remember to drink water! Cuz those of us with IBS dehydrate very easily because most of our body fluids go to our intestines... so drink, drink, drink, okay. Yes, IBS is very disabling - can't go anywhere unless you know that there is a bathroom close by - so sad really. I am so glad to hear that your hubby understands and supports you... and I wish you well. I have fallen off the diet-wagon (so to speak) and am beginning again. I cannot believe how good I feel when I behave and eat well. Why do we go off??? When we know how good we feel?! It reminds me of a comic - "For Better or Worse" comic... in the strip: She has been dieting - after a few days she gets up one morning and goes to the scale - see's that she has lost weight - feels good and states "I think I will go bake some cookies as a treat for doing so well"... :lol:

10-17-2003, 04:51 PM
:dance: Today... Is a great day! http://home.att.net/~scorh/Baby01c.gif My niece had her baby c-section today - it's a girl!! She's 8lbs. They haven't chosen a name for her yet, but all is well and everyone is happy. :bb: I'll get a picture of her as soon as I can and will send it along. With all the death around us lately - this is such a Blessing!!!! A new little life to celebrate! :dance:

I took our little buddy, Domino, to the vets this morning and he got his shots and a check up. He is doing really good for an old guy... he just turned 8 years old (Oct 11th) and that is 48 yrs old in human years! Almost as old as JOE & GARY :lol: (sorry - couldn't help myself...)

Have a great evening everyone...
and an even better weekend!!!

A pic of him below:

10-17-2003, 08:06 PM
SAMI- I was just thinking and wanted to post it to you-- about the Atkins diet-- is all that meat really such a good idea for you with IBS-- then I saw SUNNYD beat me to it-- rats!! I can't win at anything anymore.

Great to see you back posting ya big 'ol thread hog SunnyD-- Now you and Joe go have a great week-end trying out the new couch and recliner!! when it gets here. "Sunny send pictures of it" said Gary-- "OH, I certainly will!" replied Sunny-- .......yea, no kiddin' -- I'm teasing, honest, NO REALLY I AM- HONEST!!

10-17-2003, 09:08 PM
SunnyD...thanks so much for helping Bluet find her way! We didn't know what had happened to her! I'll post more later.http://home.att.net/~scorh2/SpoilingCommandments1a.gif

10-17-2003, 11:05 PM
SAMI- You asked about the camera-- Angie helped me out!! It is a FUJI FinepixA303-- she got it at BeachCamera.com-- she did a lot of research and said this was the best priced one for the quality, that she found, for our budget.

10-18-2003, 09:34 AM
http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_3_152.gif It's me... :lol: Awwe, I'm soooo sorry GARY - NOT! :lol: You are just too funny!

Your camera is really nice - I went to the website and looked at it. Mine was about $25.00 more, and yours is a 3.5 Megapixel and mine is a 2.0 Megapixel, so the quality of your pictures will be better and your camera cost less! No fair!

My furniture is here! :cp: Can you believe it!! 8:30am! Gotta go get dressed!

ANGEL ~ You are so very welcome! BLUET sounds so sweet, glad I could be of some help... gotta go!


10-18-2003, 12:17 PM
It is so cold out this morning! It got down into the low 30's last night.
Angel- Sorry to hear about sil dad- surprised he's still in reserve, if he is retired. but will pray he will be safe as rest of soldiers. I still think this war was necessary, and that the killing that was stopped overthere was worth it. Too bad other chicken livered countries won't get involved to assist. Hope your doing better- did you hear anything definite about settlement, so house can be finished.
E.Z. Hey there ! Nice Mansion, and located in Cal. where the sun is always shinning. Could the king of the castle send some this way, B U R R It was cold this morning! Nice fireplace as well.
Sprout- I pray the Lord puts a hedge of protection around you and heals all the side effects, as well as stomach pain ect. That it is nothing serious. Pray you and hubby grow stronger , and more devoted with each passing day. you are right God doesn't give us more than we can take, sometimes its hard to remember that, and everything happens for a purposes although we rarely know what that is! God Bless your in my prayers!

10-18-2003, 12:27 PM
E.Z. that was quick the sun is out, not warm yet, but looks it from in here. Thanks!
Mitchy- enjoy your break and rest up, get healthy, and have fun! Judy- glad to hear all went well with dd, sounds like they all had fun!
Sami- Thanks ! But other than inconvenience! I am doing fine! God is good, hope your soon feeling better, and that the wave of mishaps has disappeared. Try southbeach, its healthier. or atkins on lower fat.! Sunny-D Sorry to hear foot is still so bad, I have been bad lately too! last week camping went out to dinner had fried scallops oh so good, then had piece of cake yesterday back on track today, but like starting over, oh, well, love pics hope your soon doing better. Well gotta go to work and rake some leaves over flowers to protect them,I am reading the cronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis- It is a kids story, but is really good, enjoying it. It really does dipict Christ! Love ya's ! Hi to everyone else, Amanda hope we both get the job we want. I still haven't heard. Soon, I hope!

10-18-2003, 01:28 PM

I don't want to brag......Well, yes I do!! It is an absolute gorgeous day here in sunny southern California. It is 9:00 and the sun has been shining since 6am, it is in the low 70's here right now. SORRY SUE ;) I will get some out :sunny: :yes: :sunny: :yes: just as soon as I can, we have plenty extra today! Angie is already back from her 5 mile walk, my nephew has left with his mom, my son left early to coach his cross-country team, step-d still in bed and my daughter came up this morning from her school but she is at her mom's right now. She is coming over for lunch to have leftover cheese enchiladas from last night-- her favorite dish from her daddy, that is except for my spinach lasagna, she likes that a little better.

How is that furniture working out so far SUNNYD ? Doesn't new furniture make everything else look old? Kind of like new paint;) This could end up costing you and Joe a fortune by the time you are done. Oh, by the way do me a favor will ya? Our local team the Chargers are in your town Sunday, have the Browns kick their butts for me will ya? Nothing I like better than seeing all my buddies have their favorite team lose, especially since my Raiders are stinkin' up the place.

Sue, thanks for the compliment on my fireplace. It used to be half the size, red brick and just a small wood mantle. I framed and added the drywall over the brick, then framed and added drywall for the arch part above. Angie is the painter!! In the center of the arch is a wooden plaque (?) of the 10 Commandents.. I see it every day and still have a tough time memorizing them in order!

Well off to try and get something done productive today... just don't know what..humm, there is a USC!! notre dame game on today and a World Series:lol: Go Trojans! Go Marlins!


10-18-2003, 05:25 PM
Hi everyone...wanted to wish all a good weekend.

Gary...I'd brag on pretty weather too! It's getting pretty cool here, now...although today is very nice. DH has got these 2 rooms ready for winter. Not pretty...but warm. Someday, it'll be pretty. I also like your home & fireplace!

Doitforme...I agree...the war was necessary...just wish soldiers could take a break. Maybe send some reliefs in for awhile...they really are tired.
The settlement hasn't been made yet...but hoping soon. We won't be doing much on the house, until spring, I'm sure. DH is getting very tired now. Maybe, by then, all will be settled & can get things going & over with.
I know things could be worse...but this is certainly no way to live! My little granddaughters are with me today...are wanting us to have our "big dinners" again here, they miss coming to our house. Right now, it's dangerous around here. As DH said today...Maytag can't pay for those moments taken away from us & family. Also, haven't heard from items stolen...& probably won't. I'm still grieving. Trying not to...but 35 yrs of our life was in it. I came across the pictures I had taken of everything left in the house after the fire...for the insurance co. Saw all my things & pictures on wall, etc...& just "lost it". I'm glad I was here alone...I guess I was like a crazy woman! I really do wish it had all burned. I didn't hurt as bad over the fire (which DID hurt) as I did over the theft.

SunnyD...Glad you got your furniture. Hope you enjoy it. Also, hope your ankle is better.

Hello to everyone else...have a good weekend. http://members.aol.com/sunbeliefs/lovepatient.gif

10-18-2003, 07:05 PM
Hi everyone! I am sitting at my own computer in my kitchen. DH and DS got it connected for me today and now I don't have to wait for anyone. This beast is ancient but it still works. I just have to be more patient.

I'm having a great day. I slept in, tidied up a bit, went out for lunch with DH and then visited a couple of elderly aunts in the hospital. Now I have to come up with something for supper and will bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the guys.

I am still struggling with the eating. Curves encourages a low Carb diet and I am having trouble staying away from them. I'm still faithfully "curving" but haven't done a lot of walking lately. I keep telling myself that I'm not gaining weight and have lost inches so that's a plus. I just need to get my eating under control.

Gary: you have a lovely home and sound like you;re really happy there. We also love our little home and look forward to doing more things as time goes by. First the bathroom though!

Sami: I agree with Gary about the IBS. Meat is pretty hard to digest but if you eat enough fibre with it you might be okay. Let us know how you make out.

SunnyD: I hope that by now you're feeling like moving again. It's amazing how when one body part hurts it takes so much out of us. Please take care of yourself.

Angel: I hope everything works out with your settlement. Waiting is so hard isn't it?

Michele: How are you doing with SBD? Is it working for you?

I know I haven't addressed everyone. I'll talk more later. I better get going on those cookies!!

Have a great day!

10-19-2003, 12:33 AM
Just read this on Dr. Phil's website and thought I would post it here -- it says a lot I think

Stop Choosing to Be Overweight

If you are obese, you're putting your health at risk. You need to take control of your weight to reduce the possibility of suffering serious complications. Having tried and failed in the past is no excuse to give up on yourself now. Dr. Phil spells out the most common weight loss pitfalls so that you can avoid them.

Making Excuses
What is your excuse? You don't have time to work out? Well, do you have time to die from complications related to obesity? You're too busy working? Why? So you can pay for the funeral? Get real! Life Law #1 is "You either get it or you don't." What is making you fat? It isn't your schedule or your metabolism or your willpower. Stop making excuses.

Letting Weight Work
Life Law #3 is, "People Do What Works." How is your weight working for you? What is your payoff for being overweight? Does the weight protect you by providing a barrier? Is the weight a form of rebellion? Do you get attention from it by playing the victim? Is your overeating a way of getting pleasure? Accept that you have chosen to be overweight because of the payoff, and have stayed overweight by having a lifestyle that contributes to it.

Diets don't work because dieting is not a long-term solution. If you diet to lose weight, you'll gain the weight back once you get off the diet. Remember, you behave your way to success. There are no quick fixes. Even gastric bypass surgeries can only provide short-term results if your behavior and thinking don't change.

What triggers you to overeat? Is it a certain time of the day? Do you turn to food when you get upset? Life Law #4 is, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge." So you need to be honest about how you are using food, and change the way you respond to your triggers.

What is your internal dialogue saying? That you're a failure? A quitter? That you'll never lose weight? If so, you need to change these labels and limiting beliefs because they are sabotaging your efforts. How will you change if you don't believe you can change? How can you lose the weight this time if deep down you believe that the outcome is predestined and that you are destined to fail?

10-19-2003, 04:46 PM
Hi all! Happy Sunday!

Oh, i'm just getting back and trying to catch up and i'm pooped......but I had a WONDERFUL time!!..........I'll tell you all the details later cuz i need a serious nap and i need to watch the end of the game and watch my Vikings kick some booty!!! Culpepper is back in and i'm so excited!

Missed all of you.........missed my Simba a little more! ;) She was happy to see me but is not smothering me like usual. She's sleeping next to me, but atleast she isn't in my lap. :lol: She was well taken care of though, she likes my friend.

More later....

10-19-2003, 11:05 PM
Hi all...Sorry I got a little carried away with my post. Just had to "vent" a little, I guess. I'm ok.

Dr Phil seems to be very popular these days. I'm reading about him a lot of places. We had our satellite dish turned off for now, cause neither of us are really watching much tv, so I can't watch him. I got to thinking...don't know if I ever told anyone I reached my weight loss goal about 4 weeks ago. Then, went on to lose about 7 more lbs. About to lose a little too much, as some are pointing out. I was wanting to get back in my size 10's, & are almost ready for size 8's...which I don't mind, only wrinkles start showing in the face on an old woman like me, if I lose too much!:mad:

Mitchypoo...good to see you back. Get some rest, then tell us about your trip.

Sprout...Hope you're feeling well.

It's getting late...gotta get ready for a day at the station tomorrow...God bless. http://www.gifs.net/animate/dogdreams.gif

10-20-2003, 08:09 AM
Hi everyone,

I had a very busy weekend. Laura had a choreographer teach their performing company tap. The dances are real cute. One of them is a swing dance. The other a character dance about drinking coffee. It is very funny. It's a spoof on starbucks coffee. I can't wait to see it on stage.

Matthew (son) cooked dinner last night. He loves to cook. He sure makes a mess in the kithen. He made fettuccine with mushrooms, peas , sundried tomatoes, heavy cream and prosciutto. It was so good I wanted to lick the plate. It was called Creamy Straw and Hay Fettuccine from the Family Circle mag..

My honey's birthday is tuesday. He will be 50. I'm going to make him his favorite dinner. He wants a gun cabinet for his birthday.

~Gary~ you have a nice home. I love fireplaces. We rarely use ours because of living in the south. We had to get a screen on it because birds kept fling down it. One day Paul was in the kitchen and saw a bird perched on the cabinet. He thought I had bought a fake bird to decorate the place. Well the bird started to moving. He started yelling cus it scared him. I never laughed so hard in my life.


~Sprout~ Thank you for Dr. Phils words of encouragement. I have been off the wagon for a month. I have 100 lbs to loss. No more excuses. I must do this!!! I can do this!!!It's a life time change not a diet.

~sunnyD~ I bet your loving your new furniture. Now you need to invite us all over for thanksgiving dinner. Gary can cook the fried turkey since angel and I have ovens that catch fire or turn off on their own. I hope your foot is feeling better. Lots of love Judy

got to go

10-20-2003, 10:28 AM
Hi all!:wave:

Judy~I think you should be a writer, you have a comedic flair, i chuckle when i read your posts.... Happy Birthday to dh! So what's his favorite meal? Your son's dinner sounds yum! It's great that he enjoys cooking. How old is he? Maybe he'll want to become a chef? It's a great profession, but lots of hard work.

I'm at work and I feel great this a.m.! But i'm having trouble getting back into the work mode! So i can't tell you all about the weekend until tonight. When i have some more time.

Today's a new day! The weather is so beautiful here today, suppose to get to the upper 70's! Geez, today's a play hooky day from work i think. And i just realized it now.....;)

10-20-2003, 10:55 AM
Hi there! We had snow yesterday, no accumulation, but heavy flurries!
E.Z.- Fireplaces are so warm and cozy, ya did a great job, Angie did good job painting it, I like simple like sign of 10 commandments, it should be posted inmore places so people actually t hink about following them, instead of removing them from public site.
Angel-CONGRATS on making goal, don't get too thin! ya gotta stick around and encourage the rest of us, don't even think of leaving! Zoe - made goal and dissappeared, wished she would come back and let us know how she's doing! You have had so much to deal with in the last few months you have a right to vent, it is what keeps us sane. Pray you get a nice check from maytag, which allows to finish the house quickly in the spring!
Sprout- Thanks for info from Dr. Phil, I occassionally get to see his show, He does deal with issues head on. He is interesting to listen to.
Michty- so glad ya had a good time, Did ya get any rest! Have a good day at work!Judy- your dinner sounds yummy-! Love pasta and alfredo anyway! Wilma- Glad to hear your still curving, Choc. chip cookies are big temptation, I would have to have one, or some raw dough! Hi to everyone else, gonna go read, gotta go to work at 2pm see ya!

10-20-2003, 11:53 AM
A very good Monday morning to everyone!

Well, I went back to Curves this morning and boy did it every feel great! Although, I did feel like I was back for the first time after such broken weeks the last two weeks. The ankle is still tender, but I can work with it and it's so much better every day. Right now I have it being iced to keep down the swelling. Dumb sprains take so long to heal. On top of it all guys... I got the flu over the weekend (I think my resistance was low from the ankle and all)... it broke yesterday afternoon, but I was in bed by like 9:30 last night! And felt just fine this morning - tired, but fine. Today I am going to try & finish some projects I began last week and I have a goal to get the rest of the carpets throughout the house cleaned as well sometime through this week... the living-room carpet came out so nice!
__________________________________________________ _______

MICHELE ~ Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your weekend trip! Did you take that walk you were talking about going on?? Bet it was awesome! The weather forecasters here are saying that this coming weekend will be the peak weekend, but I tell you ~ it is absolutely beautiful out there right now. I will take the winter anytime if it means I am able experience this beauty!! So... do you think that you are well on your way to recovery?? I sure do hope so!! Got any pictures from this weekend???? I'll be glad to post them for you :) WELCOME HOME!!! :cp: YEAH for your VIKINGS!! I hope I am right and they won, the last I saw was the third quarter and they were ahead... they have a good run going, happy for you!

GARY ~ Our BROWNS lost to SAN DIEGO :( yesterday - bummer! Can you just believe it!! What a terrible game they played (like watching a 'street' football game with all the errors! I was very disappointed with them and the way they played) Final 26 & 20 :( We gave them their first win in a year!! And we had such a beautiful day here yesterday too. Otherwise, it was a very quiet day for me yesterday - afraid I didn't make church with the flu I had... I slept the morning away. Today is beautiful also!! The colors against the blue sky is just awesome to see! We also had some very cool nights and mornings here, but I don't mind it right now because of the color it brings to the trees. But come winter time (by January - love the snow for Christmas) I will be wishing I were living in CA. again ;)

So what did you do this weekend other then watch allot of games ? ;) No, the new stuff doesn't make the other stuff look too bad... we do have more work to do in here, but it's not that we can't live with it as we have the money to get everything finished or that it looks all that bad. We know it's going to take a little time to finish. The kitchen floor is the worse - I cannot wait to begin in there! THAT will be the expensive room to do!! Yea, we are eventually going to paint the walls and I'll get new window treatments (curtains ;) ) and the floors will be changed too. My brother-in-law and two of my sis-in-laws also paint, put up wall-paper and are interior decorators, so I'll have no worries for help - although the more the merrier ;) - if you want to come and help we'd sure be glad to have ya along! ;)

ANGEL ~ So sorry again about your loss of items!! I bet it you would morn that loss... I know I would - there are so many things I have attached memories to also. That is why it is so hard to let some things go. You are right that you have something no one can take away - your memories - but those were things you could hold and cherish. My heart really goes out to you. I hope that things begin to move a little bit faster for you & your hubby... wouldn't it be a great Christmas Gift!!!???!!! My wish for you! No need for apologies for venting! Who was the one who told me this is the place to do that!?! We all need some place to go - don't you think so? And I couldn't think of a better group of people to come to!

How are your grandchildren doing?? How's your DD holding up with this war?? I can see your point - about bringing some of our military home - hard to think clearly under such constant stress and fatigue. I know they are trained for it, but the human body can only endure so much. They are all in my continued *prayers*!

CONGRATS on reaching your goal and then some!!!! :cp: :dance:

10-20-2003, 11:54 AM
WILMA ~ Good to hear from you!! Thank-you... I am back in the swing of things, but as I stated earlier... I feel as if I am beginning again. So glad you have your own little space so you can keep in touch... I know I look forward to hearing from you :) You were the one to encourage me to go to Curves :) I really did miss it when I couldn't go. You going on a regular basis again? I am trying to get back on track with my diet... began using Angela's journal to help me get back - nice! How did you do over the weekend? Get your cookies made? Glad I wasn't there - Choc Chip Cookies fresh from the oven is my biggest downfall!!!!! I just love 'em! My fav! My hubby's is Oatmeat & Raisin.

SPROUT ~ Thanks or the Dr. Phil info! I haven't kept up with his book lately, so it is great to read up on your posts - Thnaks!

JUDY ~ I couldn't agree with MICHELE more - I find myself smiling :) or chuckling :lol: when I read your posts also. I enjoy a good sense of humor in people... life is much too short to be too serious so much of the time. You are too funny (the ovens)! Wanna come? Wouldn't that be great if one day we could all meet? That would be so cool. Yes, much better every day - Thanx so much for asking :)

SUE ~ So sorry to hear of your struggles, but I know the feeling... it is very difficult to stay on track when there are so many things that like to corss the rails and try to derail you (so to speak)...

Sue??? Do I see that you have a Birthday coming up this week???? Is your family planning a special day for a Special Lady?? I hope that whatever you decide to do that it is a day of memories you will always Cherish!!! :)
__________________________________________________ _________

Well guys... I have some work to be done before my day is through, so I will catch you all later.
Sure do hope you all go out there and make it a Great Day!

God's Blessings!

10-20-2003, 12:10 PM
HI! Here is a picture of our new sofa... don't laugh (!) I don't have any window treatments up yet. Waiting to get them, because it will be a long time coming before we change them again. So what you see over the windows is the garland from LAST Christmas :lol: Sooooo... .... we are "ahead" for this Christmas :)

PS>> Do you all see Zeppe sleeping on the sofa? He didn't take long to welcome it to the family and break it in :lol:

10-20-2003, 12:13 PM
See how the coffee-table lifts up toward the sofa?? Is that cool or what!? We are going this Wednesday evening to see about a lighter oak table - this one was too dark when it came in compared to the one we saw on the showroom floor.

10-20-2003, 12:16 PM
Joe's recliner chair... excuse the mess behind it on the counter - we are still moving stuff about. And the toss pillow was for the picture, not on the chair any longer :lol:

10-20-2003, 01:28 PM

I am taking a break from working on my bank. Angie and I are re-planting it and I am trying to loosen and rake the dirt into a more favorable design-- it is a little high in spots and the water justs runs off.

Had a pretty good week-end. My daughter came up and visited a little (in between homework), my son had most of the week-end off so we were able to watch our USC and World Series game on Saturday together, last night he had a soccer game so Angie, my step-d, nephew and myself went and watched him instead of the ballgame-- much more fun. We stopped at IN-N-OUT MICHELE , and took it to the game, are you jealous?:yes:

Went to church yesterday then just watched football, paid bills and did laundry until my son's game.

ANGEL- Glad to see that you have 2 rooms ready, or at least warm for the winter. Those granddaughters will be happy! This is the place to vent so don't worry about it, O.K.? Great job on the weight loss-- as far as wrinkles go-- it's character right:lol:

WILMA- I am so proud of you sticking with the Curves even though the weight loss isn't what you want at the moment-- you are making a great lifestyle change-- wait until you see the results in a few months!You will get your eating under control soon! Job must be going well for you (?) Angie makes a killer cookie with chocolate chips and macademia nuts... I try not to eat too many but it is hard!! How is the bathroom going? Remodels are always slow.

MARILYN Thanks for the Dr. Phil info-- I really like him but usually don't see his show as I am picking up my nephew at that time or at work. I did see it last week when he had the pregnant girl and family on. How are those kids doing? Hope you are easing out of the news last week on your check-up and all is positive as it can be.

MICHELE Glad to hear Simba missed you at least a little;) How about Randy Moss-- that guy can go from idiot to hero faster than anyone I have seen I think. I don't think that was such a great play to try (what if the Vikings didn't catch it) but boy did it work out well. My pastor was very happy. Weather in the 70's huh-- just like here. Hope you get over the back to work blues soon.

JUDY S.O.S...Need some new ideas for dinner-- send Matthew!! I think my son is afraid of fire, the only thing he can do for dinner if we aren't here is fast food! At least he can fix his own breakfast and lunch. What kind of cake are you making for the hunt? That is so funny about the bird, one year I opened the flue and a dead bird fell down-- boy did it scare me! Another time a woodpecker came down my stove vent and was walking along the top of my stove but couldn't get out-- I kept hearing this noise but couldn't figure out where it was coming from, I called my dad and he came and figured it out, we got the bird out but boy what a process and was it ever MAD!! We don't use our fireplace here much either, in fact we have gas logs-- very traditional for the holidays:lol:

SUE-- Angie took some pictures of her roses this week-end. I asked her to send them to you since my sun didn't make it, guess she forgot, she was busy working on her journal and some other ideas she had for a class project. How was work today? The church bulletin going well? Hope you are not getting snowed in. Excitement around you for those Yankees?

SAMI-- I hope all is going well-- how is the Atkins going? Started yet?

SUNNYD-- Beautiful furniture! Glad to see you made it back to Curves. Take it slow until you are really ready. Angie has back and knee problems from time to time-- she always goes out too soon too fast-- she never waits to heal correctly then she is out of action for a longer period. Now about those BROWNS-- I sat through that whole game with my daughter's boyfriend ( a big Charger fan!) not a pretty picture let me tell you! The Chargers first win-- you would think they won the Super Bowl around here according to the news! I thought my Raiders stunk-- still not sure how we lost to you:lol: The pain would have eased for me if the Browns would have won yesterday.. but nooooo.. now I have to listen to my buddies.. ouch!!

Well I have a lot to do or Angie will..... I should be back to work tomorrow... rats.

Later, Gary

10-20-2003, 06:54 PM
Gary~ go ahead, rub in-n-out again in my face! You are naughty! Hope you enjoyed it! Sounds like you had some real time to share with your kids this weekend, good for you! And I missed the Moss play but heard about it later. I got home during the 3rd quarter. But it was a good game! Can you believe they are still undefeated?! Yeah Vikings!

Felt really great this a.m. but i'm really tired again this afternoon.

OK, real quick, about our weekend, had a great trip up, and yes most of the color was gone but we had beautiful sunny, warm weather. Got there after noon and we all just gathered around and talked. There were 12 of us. We were still waiting for a couple girls. We had some wine and laughed and talked. Then we had hors d'ouevres for dinner and I made a cream cheese log w/green onion and crushed pineapple wrapped in pecans (everyone loved it), it was kind of fun to have finger food for dinner. Then Sat. we got up and went to Oktoberfest at the resort called Ruttgers. There was polka dancing and other authentic dancing, there were many, many craft booths, they had Oktoberfest beer and wine, and brats and hamburgers and just tons of food, even kettle corn and cheese curds. I had a brats and a couple beers, then we went home and sat for awhile, had some more wine and then (this sounds kind of bad, but it's not) we went to church! Then all of us went to a nice place for dinner and my Aunt treated all us girls. She likes to take us all out for our birthdays and it's hard to get all of us out together. So that was very nice. Then we came home and watched a movie and yaked some more. Sunday we got up and cleaned and got on the road. I never got a walk in, wasn't feeling great (girl troubles) and i didn't sleep well, not sure why, so I came home very tired. But it was so nice to spend time with all of them. We had one bad thing happen. My cousin Mary was there for Friday afternoon/evening but some things that were said bothered her and she left early that a.m. It's not unusual for the sisters (3 of them) to sometime squabble. It was unfortunate but not so atypical unfortunately.

10-20-2003, 07:40 PM
Okay - Okay - Okay, GARY ~ No need to rub my nose in it http://www.animationlibrary.com/Animation11/Creatures_and_Cartoons/Smiles/big_nose.gif :lol: I feel sooooo badly that you have to cope with your friends - NOT! What do you think is happening here. "Oh Lord it's hard to be humble" Sad, so very sad! Wonder if we will ever live this game down... :o :p

Glad you liked the furniture. It is so very comfy!! You feel like you are being hugged when you sit into it.

Gotta go... dinner is ready.
Cach you later MICHELE!

10-20-2003, 08:27 PM
:hun: I made Sauted red onion and zucchini in olive oil & seasonings, baked potato with real sour cream & Joe grilled pork loins seasoned and brushed with olive oil - :T sooo yummy.


MICHELE ~ I'm sorry things didn't turn out as you hoped and your health wasn't quite where you wanted it, but I am happy for you that you still had a good get-away weekend. The fun, food, dancing and church all sounded wonderful. Bummer that all the color is gone there already - we still have loads of trees with their leaves and so much color... beautiful! But at least you didn't have to suffer with "wet" weather and had some sunny days.

Bet it made for a long first day back after your ~ way too short ~ rest. Sleep well... you really sounded like you could use a good nights sleep.

10-20-2003, 09:04 PM
Hi ALL--

Sorry Michele, don't mean to rub it in on the In-N-Out.... well yes, maybe I do? Of course I had a double-double and a fry, then had to have a hamburger too... how do you spell S-T-U-P-I-D ? I had black coffee though and no soda or shake. Sounds like you had one freakin' busy day Saturday--good thing I didn't come, with the beer and brats for me comes a nap!! I would have been a party pooper in the afternoon. We are having our Oktoberfest at church this week-end, the first time in years I can go and just enjoy it without working, I took this year off from working on the social activities board.

SunnyD, I made scalloped potatoes, a new way--- the last ones I made turned out a little crummy, a big salad and pork chops. They are just about done. Doesn't sound near as good as your dinner though!! I am hoping my Raiders get by the Chiefs tonight but I think from what I have seen the Chiefs are very good-- of course my Raiders are not.. EVEN THE BROWNS CAN BEAT THEM!!!!! Go get some furniture (((HUGS)))

Later gals, Gary

10-21-2003, 12:17 AM
Hi everybody...thanks for the encouragement...I'm ok. I had 3 little granddaughters over here Saturday to help me clean some smoke off of soundtracks (I have over 500), so I could put them in cases. It helped them a little, I think, being able to help. We have 11 grands (have I bragged before?;) ) They're all anxious to help around here. Just too dangerous most of the time, right now.

SunnyD...Your furniture is beautiful. Love that coffe table!

Michele...Sounds like you had a good trip. Of course, wish your sister had stayed.

Wilma...Remodeling a bathroom? You have my prayers! It took us forever to remodel ours. The vanity stayed in the middle of the diningroom for months. I don't know why it was in the MIDDLE of the room!! It was the only room that survived the fire! Smoked up really bad, but we were able to clean it. I think that was the only reason DH didn't just tear the house down & start over. Now, he wishes he had!

Got an early dr appt tomorrow...gotta go...everyone have a good evening.http://www.gifs.net/animate/angela.gif

10-21-2003, 08:17 AM
Hi everyone,

My husband has requested sundried tomatoes on pasta for his birthday with a key lime pie. My family hates cakes so we make birthday pies. Matthew is 13 years old. He started enjoying cooking in the scouts. They have to prepare their own meals. Our daughter can't cook a thing. She even burns toast. I pray that she learns before she gets married.

I took the kids to see Joe White this weekend. He is a teen speaker. He talked about saving yourself for marrage. He told the boys they should treat their dates the same way they want their future wife to be treated. They will always then know how to treat their dates with respect. He also told them that their bodies are a special gift from God To offer to their brides/groomes on the wedding day. That if they save themselves ,they will have a better chance of a strong marriage, because they will be more comitted to growing sexually together as a couple. When they experiment with pre marrital sex they will always be comparing their spouses to previous sexual partners. Also that TV, porno. and romance novels are not healthy because they allow one to lust after someone other then your spouse. This can damage your marriage. I really enjoyed the talk. If he comes to your church you should go. He told the kids if they have had sex before marriage that god will forgive them. He said God will restore spiritual virginity to someone who has had premarital sex.
He can forgive you and bring you peace. There is no more guilt because he has forgiven their sins. There were so many kids hurt because of one night stands and lustful encounters. Peer presure is so difficult.

got to go

10-21-2003, 09:28 AM
I just have a minute and I am so far behind on the post I hope I can get caught up tonight! I just wanted to ask for prayer to be strong as I start eating healthy! I am starting Angie's journal today! I back on my diabetic diet. After giving it some real prayer God reminded my that while I was pg I lost 50 because I stuck to my diet. And I felt better than I had before I was pg. So I need your extra prayers these next few days to help me be strong for my health!

Thank you I pray you have an OP day!

10-21-2003, 10:03 AM
Sami: I know exactly how you feel about eating right. I know exactly WHAT to do buy can't seem to DO it. I didn't even weigh in at Curves this month because I didn't want to know my weight. I've probably lost inches but in my mind right now it doesn't matter. I need to totally change my mentality. Let's keep each other honest okay. I'm praying for you.

eisenj: Dinner sounds great! My kids always have ice cream cake or trifle for their birthdays. I used to do the cake thing and they requested their favorite desserts instead. I love what you wrote about chastity. Our kids are bombarded with sex in the media and it's made out to be okay. We need to educate them in what the consequences are.

Angel: It sounds like you have amazing grandchildren. Yes, we are actually putting in the bathroom. The plumbing was there but needed to be finished. Because DH is gone so much and is tired when he gets home it's going much slower than I expected. i am by nature a very impatient person and am having trouble with this. Another lesson for me to learn!

Gary: My son went to Mexico a few years ago and while in Cal. went to a In and Out place. He loved it. I think he said they had the best burgers he's ever had. He should know - he's tried them all!!:lol: How do you do your scalloped potatoes? I'm always looking for new recipes!

Sunny: Dinner sounded great. I ate leftovers last night. I finally got groceries and can now have my salads again. Your furniture looks lovely. I hope to get a new living room set around Christmas too.

Michele: Sounds like you had a lovely evening. It makes me really miss my good friend from back home. We used to spend quite a bit of time together. She's who I miss most since we've moved away.

By the way, the cookies are almost gone and I didnt have many of them.

Today is a new day and another new beginning.

10-21-2003, 10:06 AM
SAMI ~ You are in my prayers!

I know what it's like to begin again and it isn't easy, but you can do it. I too have begun to watch my P's & Q's again. My gut (diverticulosis) has been acting up again pretty badly - I think just from the stress of this ankle and then the flu-bug. I was up all last night in pain... spasms in my lower left side so strong. Joe always wants to bring into the hospital but I fight it. One day I will be heading there for sure - these seem to get worse each time it occurs. So sorry to go off on you... but I truly can get an idea of what you may be going through. And as we head into winter and time-changes (soon) I notice allot of people on the forums going through tons of stuff - from depression to illnesses of one sort or another. We have to help hold one another up in times like these - and we all go through them.
I will hold you up in prayer... God Bless you, SAMI!

Thank goodness the worse of the pain is over for me and I seem to be doing just fine this morning. I slept in a bit longer then usual and it really helps. I had a low grade fever, but that only tells me that I got an infection again. It's gone now. Now I am just tired. A short nap this afternoon will help me.

I have a cake to bake today for one of our group members - she's sweet 16 ;) and her only request was to have one of my scratch choc. cakes with scratch icing (nothing store bought except the ingredients.) So that's one thing I'll be doing. Then I have to finish some paperwork I began for the church.

Request *I am aking for prayers from all of you... My mother, Jeannette, goes in tomorrow morning @ 11:15 for shoulder surgery. Would you all keep her in your prayers?! I am very concerned - especially since I am so far away. Thanx!

10-21-2003, 10:20 AM
Sunny~Your mother will be in my prayers and also you dear! So sorry you aren't feeling well. And i forgot to mention but your furniture does look beautiful. You crack me up, talking about the "mess", i wish my house was that messy! ;)

Sami~prayers for you too dear. But I know you can do it, in part because you looked to the Lord first and He will help you.

Have to log off and get to work, more later.......

10-21-2003, 10:21 AM
Hi WILMA ~ I am right there with you both!

Seems we posted minutes of one another this morning. Let's help each other with that honestly, okay. I began Angela's journal yesterday and my Curves as well (felt like I was just beginning again :( ). I am really hoping I get better -all the way- today, so I can go in the morning. I only go three days a week still - especially since I missed so much with this darn ankle. I wish us all well and will ask for special prayers and guidence as we begin again...
God's Blessings!

PS>> Good thing those cookies :cookie: you baked are gone... that would drive me bonkers, knowing they were there for me to munch on.

10-21-2003, 10:26 AM
Thank-you so much MICHELE!... in every way... ... the prayers for my Mom (!), the compliment on our new furniture and prayers for me & my health...
You are precious!

You all are!!

10-21-2003, 10:40 AM
Hi JUDY ~ Somehow I missed your post!?! That program for teens sounds great and I have heard of that speaker before - Joe White. So glad to hear that your children are open to go see and hear him. It's a scary world out there today for our youth - and you are so right! Peer pressure is so very strong - not like what we went though at all.

On the upside ---The one great thing that is going on today is the movement for "no sex" before marriage - of any kind! It is bigger and stronger then ever today, but the media does not show that side at all. A shame, but that's the media - very slanted!

Oh, a very http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/300.gif for your hubby!! My Joe prefers pies as well... always has. I don't make good pie crust, but my SIL does and loves to make Joe his fav fruit pies for his birthday. It's different and we all like it too. Hope he gets allot of http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/8/8_4_15.gif!! Have a good party!

10-21-2003, 10:43 AM
GARY ~ Sorry about your RAIDERS :( I know the feeling!!!

Hope you have a great day back to work today!
Ta! Thanks for the hugs --- back at ya, guy!

10-21-2003, 11:43 AM

I have to be quick this morning (it is for me anyway-I know a lot of you are half-way through your day by now) as I am heading for work in a few minutes.

SUNNYD- Great job on the new start!! Yes, my Raiders lost but actually for a change they didn't play bad the ENTIRE game- just most of it- had a chance to tie on the last play but came up a foot short- a great come-back by our 2nd string QB.

MICHELE- Prayers for your mom!

WILMA- On Dr. Phil yesterday the basic message was "get the junk out of the house and replace with good stuff' You can do this-- STAY OUT OF THE DH and DS's stuff:lol: will send my reipe tonight for the scalloped potatoes- very easy.

JUDY I am proud of your kids for listening and attending the seminar! and for you for taking them--- it is so hard for young people these days! Will get back to you on more later.

ANGEL 11 Grandkids!! WOW!! now that is GRAND!! Wishing here for just 1-- but not yet my kids need to finish college, etc. before that-- "I" just want one!!! ME-ME-ME:lol:

SAMI- GREAT job on starting over!!!!! YOU can do this and we are here to help!!! I know your DH is interested too if I remember right-- now is a great time to work it as a team!! Be back later- (((PRAYERS!!!!))))

Off to work-- Gary

10-21-2003, 02:17 PM
The sun is shinning so nice, suppose to rain later though, possible snow tonight/tom. oh well, tis the season!
Sunny- Pray all went well with mom's surgery- your furniture looks so nice, I agree with mitchy messy where???? Nice pillow in the chair, compliments it well, its that decorator touch. Yes my b-day is this week, tom actually, I am spending the day with my mom, then going to prayer meeting, I love the church family as well as my own so that will be fun, thanks
E.Z.- Yeah the sunshine arrived, thanks the rose pictures i am sure will be beautiful, especially if they are like the other one you posted. I enjoy doing the bullitin, then I know when everything is scheduled. We just put int he dates of the Adult Christmad fellowship ect. the night for caroling ect. We do a bunch of things in Dec. busy busy busy. This way people can plan to attend or partake.
Mitchy- sorry you didn't get any rest, and that your cousin took off, but sounds like ya had a good day that sat.
Judy- good job, on taking kids to seminar, to many parrents don't address that issue witht heir children and they have no guidance except from their peers, great job Mom!
Sami- praying all goes well for you, with starting again, all things are possible through Him.
Wilma- pray it goes well for you the rest of the month as well. Car is in shop for strut today, so going to catch up on some reading! see ya

10-21-2003, 03:26 PM
OOPS! Michele that was prayers for your "cousin" and SunnyD's mom! I just get sooooooooo confused.......

10-21-2003, 09:00 PM
Hello THANK YOU for all your prayers today went really well so far! I even got in 6 bottles of water so far! I am thankful that you talked me out of the Akins I started going through it and relized I wouldn't be able to eat most of the things on the list. I have been keeping a list of things that I can't eat and my list keeps growing.

SunnyD-I will be praying for your Mom. And I love your couch and that table is awsome! You sound like me when my pain on the left side start it was bad but it keeps getting worse.

Wilma-I know what you mean. And I am here for you. Don't feel bad if you are not losing because muscle weights more that fat so I bet you are gainning lots of muscle! We have been in this for quite sometime together and we know this is not easy but I am thankful I have this group to share my good and bad times with it keeps me from just giving up!

Mitchypoo-It sounds like you had a great time! I would love all the craft booths! I hope you feel better. It has turned pretty cool here in Indy I was cold all day at work! Isn't it great to have a pet that misses you!

Ez-Please tell Angie that I really like her journal. Today everytime I would even think about eating something I wasn't suppose to I would look at the cal and realized how that would jump my total up! (I moved the candy dish far away from my desk so I couldn't even see it) Yes my DH is in this with me. He said he is worried about me and can't stand to see me in such pain all the time. I got him a nice weight set for his birthday so he has been working out on it. I am going to start with my little wimpy ones!LOL

Sue-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a great day! I know what you mean about your church family. I have a very close church family and they mean a lot to me.

Angel-Lover-How many kid do you have? 11 grandkids WOW! My DD has been taking about when she has kids............I have a feeling it will be pretty soon. She now calls me almost everyday on the way to work just to talk! She is a real DR Phil fan. She keeps telling me all about his show and she has put on some weight. She is going to start a healthy weight loss before getting Pg.

Judy-I wish there was something around here to take my kids to. With 5 girls I am always giving that talk and I am thankful that they are open with me and seem to listen. My son cooks frozen pizza! LOL

Well got to go I need to look up how much I can eat tonight before dinner is done.

Prayers for all!

10-21-2003, 09:57 PM
SUE- here are the pictures I promised to help you with the cold weather, sounds like SAMI needs it too!

10-21-2003, 09:58 PM

10-21-2003, 10:02 PM

:hb: :gift: :hat: :grouphug:

:cp: :goodvibes

:yes: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :cheers:

10-21-2003, 11:10 PM




Sure do hope you have a day to remember!
God's Blessings!!!
(((Birthday Hugs)))http://home.att.net/~scorh/Animation4l.gif


10-21-2003, 11:15 PM
http://ourworld.cs.com/cherjcsfoty/hbbal.gifSUE!!! HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY!!!

Gary...You need more than one grand...you'll see...it's addictive!

Sami...I've been praying for you with your diet. I know it's not easy. The Lord will help you.
We have 4 children....twin daughters...Trina, husband John, Trina's step-son( Jake...our 1st grandchild...now married to Jenny), three daughters(Tasha14, Jessica 12, Amber 11) Gina, husband Chris (in Iraq)a son(Jamie 6,) & a daughter (Tori 4), another daughter Paula, husband Kevin, a son (Jeremy 14) two daughters (Kelley 6, Carley 4), a son David, wife Amanda, two daughters (Nicole...almost 5, & Brooke...almost 2) Now...only Paula & Kevin, & David & Amanda can give us more grandchildren...they both say "no". I wonder how long til they have another.:lol:

Eisenj...Hope DH had a happy birthday...tell him ... http://www.members.aol.com/teejaw/smilies/HappyBirthday6.gif for us!!!

SunnyD...Been praying for your mother & for you. Thank you so much for signing my guestbook in my website. Also, for the very kind words. Your image didn't show up in the signature. (sorry) I'm sure it was lovely.

Doitforme...We've had some beautiful weather here the last couple of days, also. REALLY enjoying it!

My DH bought my Christmas present today! I told him I wanted a sued jacket to wear with my dress pants & jeans. (I had a couple of leather jackets in the stolen items) He told me to buy it today, because we're already having cool mornings...was going toward the mall for dr appt. Sooooo...I DID! I really like it. Thank the Lord, my longer leather coat was hanging with summer clothes here, also DH's.
Had good dr report....he was VERY happy with weightloss. 42 lbs! That's the 2nd dr I've impressed lately. I have 3 at the moment.:lol:

Well...hope all have a good evening & good "hump day".

10-22-2003, 07:34 AM

~Sue~ Happy birthday :hb: :hb: :balloons: Happy birthday to one of Gods beautiful children. You were beautifully and wonderfully made by our creator. On my birthday last year I was working in the hospital volunteering with the new borns. I would rock the babies. It was a blessing to care for those babies born on my birthday. It brought tears to my eyes. God is awesome!!!!

~Gary~ Those roses are beautiful.

~SunnyD~ I will pray for your mother. Your coffee table is neat. I don't have a coffee table we balance our drinks on the dog. I would like one of those large ottomans that can store things. We have a pull out couch and I would like to store sheets and blankets in it ,or use it for extra seating. It would also come in handy if you are having company. All the clutter could be hidden until they leave. Maybe I should buy two ottomans. I got way to much clutter. ;)

I'll post later To the rest of you God bless

" Its good to be a christan and know it, but it's better to be christian and show it! "

10-22-2003, 09:10 AM
Just a quick hello before I leave for work today! I want to wish Sue a Happy Birthday (sorry I don't know how to do pictures) And Let SunnyD know Your Mom is in my Prayers! I did my journal total right before bed and ended my day with 1016 cal~ Yeah my goal is 1200. I ate every two hrs so I was never felt the need to cheat. I did wake up with a awful charlie horse in my calf. Ez I loved the flowers today it suppose to be 55! Wilma you are in my prayers for an OP day!!!!! Judy I am with you to much clutter I have had a hard time getting rid of some of the kids toys they put it in the give away and I take it out LOL! And Angel Lover you are my new HERO I am so proud of you making it to goal!!!!! I look at you and Zoe and say if they can do I can too! Don't stop posting because you made it to goal! Your our Hero!

May God Bless you today in all your coming and going!

10-22-2003, 10:18 AM
Happy Birthday Sue!:balloons: :hb: :gift:

Angel~Woohoo on the weightloss and getting a cool suede jacket! Bet you are cute in it with your jeans! ;)

Gary~what beautiful roses! My mom loves roses too and she names them all individually. She knows the real name but likes to personalize it.

Saw something sad this a.m. There was a deer that was hit by a car, i just missed it and it was in the road, i thought it was dead, and then it started flailing and trying to get up....It was a buck and pretty big but in my rearview mirror i saw a guy stop and he pulled him off the road by his antlers. That was very risky for him to do, but i'm glad he did. So sad....

Sunny~prayers for your Mom today, let us know how she does.

Prayers for all of you.............have a great day!

10-22-2003, 10:18 AM
Just a quick post before I head off to work. As I was jumping around at Curves this a.m. I realized that I needed to concentrate on the inches instead of lbs. so that's what I'm going to do. I also sent up a prayer for all of you to have an OP day.

I've started mine right also. I had a scrambled egg, dry toast and a glass of 1% milk. Have packed a salad and yogurt for lunch.

Just knowing that you are all praying for me gives me strength.

Thanks for the pics. Gary. They're lovely!!

Sue:A Big Belated Happy Birthday to you!! God BlessYOU!
have a superday!

10-22-2003, 10:57 AM
It is raining with a light snow combination, but thanks to all you guys I had a bright cheery morning anyway, thanks for all the b-day wishes. I turned 41 today! Wow can't believe that much time has gone by. Seems like yesterday I graduated from college. Sami congrats on staying on target, same with you wilma! Congrats angel on making goal, 42LBS WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT. I love leather whether it is suede, or whatever, has such a nice smell. Congrats on new coat! Nice to hear a good Dr's report, and that He was happy, there are alot of Dr.'s that expound on the neg. but don't give positive feedback about positive issues. Judy- I think that was a cool way to spend your b-day last year, I love babies, and its so amazing! I am always amazed at His Creation.
I was so happy to see that both the Senate and the house have now passed the ban on partial birth abortion, the president can now sign it into law, they are then going to take it to court about not allowing a medical technigue that DR.'S AGREE WITH TO be practiced. I pray they loose their argument there as well. It is such an aweful procedure. I am sure not all Dr's agree with it.
E.z. Thanks so much for the pics of the beautifull roses, I can almost smell them through the screen. Tell Angie thanks! Its like Spring again, or getting a :lucky: nice arrangement for my b-day! Only yours were prettier! Thanks for all your posts sunny, you bring brightness and cheer like your username. Mitchy-Thanks hope your soon feeling better! Well off to spend the day with Mom, then prayer meeting!

10-22-2003, 10:59 AM
I am sorry if I confused anyone...

Sue's Birthday is today! Oct - 22.

Thank you all so much for lifting my mother up in prayer.
Her surgery is set for 10:30 this morning (my time) and as soon as I hear 'anything' I will post again.

Thank-you so much!
My mother is so very Dear to me.

I am still not well, so I missed Curves this morning.
I am better, but still not well. Had fever again last night.
Well, it's back to bed... ...

You two make a good team in the gardens.

10-22-2003, 11:06 AM
Sunny- you must have posted smae time, pray all goes well with your mom's surgery. Will say a special prayer at 10:30am! Sorry to hear your still sick, will pray your soon up and feeling good again, Get some rest! Dr's orders!

10-22-2003, 11:20 AM

In Peace- Gary

10-22-2003, 05:04 PM
http://www.wtv-zone.com/peaches/Gifs/2tag/swflower.gifHi! Just wanted to let you all know that my mom came through her surgery okay and they are saying she can go home sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!

! Now to vent !

My father has been home for the last 4 hours and didn't place a call to anyone (but my brother) to let us know how she's doing! Ugggggg! What was he thinking?! He was just happy to be home and didn't think about calling anyone - he frustrates me so much sometimes! Here I am worried sick about my Mom and he doesn't even bother to call - he's like "no news is good news, right?" --- NOT! :mad: He should have called me. When I call he doesn't always answer the phone, so I called my brother and he wouldn't come to the phone and his son didn't know anything except that she came thru okay. So then I had to call my sister - and she lives across the street and she had not heard from them either. My Dad called my brother but neither one of us girls! My sister called the hospital for me and then called home to find my father was home. HE was suppose to call her, so she could keep me informed... not much upsets me - but this sure did! I have to take a deep breath and just be happy she is doing fine.

Well anyway, now I know she is okay and should be home tomorrow. I also got a hospital phone number from my sister that I can call now. I was so concerned... I hate being so far from her --- nobody communicates in my family! We have cell phones, the net and phones and nothing. :(

Thank you so much for giving me a place to vent this.
You all are so kind and loving and have such big shoulders!!

10-22-2003, 09:31 PM
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