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10-08-2003, 12:55 PM
Couldn't help but see that most everyone here is crazy about MSF products--me, too!

But have you ever tried TVP as a substitute for ground beef or MSF crumbles? It can be bought in several varieties, but what I use looks like dry, tiny yellow bits. It is found in most HFS and some mainstream grocery stores (I get mine at Krogers in the vegetarian aisle) It's cheaper than MSF crumbles, too.

TVP is Texturized Vegetable Protein. 1/4 cup has 80 cal, 7 g of carb, 4 gms of fiber, and 12 gms of protein. You have to reconstitute it prior to use.

To make the equivalent of a scant 1 pound of ground beef, I take a generous cup of TVP, and add to it a little less than a cup of steaming hot beef broth or any type of stock (or water, but I find it is tastier with the broth). Let sit for a while, until it has reconstitued itself and absorbed the liquid. (sometimes it doesn't absorb it all, simply drain it before using). Then just use as you would cooked ground beef or MSF crumbles.

Once reconstitued, keeps for several days in the fridge. I keep it around for quicky made TVP tacos or burritos, to throw in soup for a protein boost, to make single serving sloppy joes, etc. Do a search in Yahoo under TVP recipes, you will find probably find many. You can also add a little unreconstituted to yogurt for a bit of crunch and added protein. It is bland when unreconsituted or reconstituted with water, so it takes on the taste of whatever you put it in.

Don't go overboard with it at first, cause like most soy products, you can be gassy until you get used to it.

10-08-2003, 01:33 PM
Yes, I use it in spaghetti sauces and lasagna - I just add more water to my sauce and soak the TVP right in that so it takes on the flavour. Thanks for the reminder - I have some in the cupboard that I had forgotten about. I think I'll do up some in vegetable broth (I don't eat beef) to have ready to add to whatever.

10-09-2003, 02:16 PM
I use a product called Nutlettes from a Texas company called Dixie Diner. It looks like does not taste like it. I add it to baked apples, oatmeal, dry cereal : sprinkle it on salads : and heat it with water in the microwave to make hot cereal. It gives a huge protein and fiber boost with very few calories.