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10-04-2003, 08:10 PM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, encouragment and friendship as we raise families, regain health and lose weight together. All are welcome- newcomers and present friends

10-04-2003, 08:13 PM
I have been busy with the craft fair this weekend. Just thought I would pop on here for a moment. Welcome to the new people. Sounds like everyone is doing great. I have not been tempted by any of the junk food at the craft fair. No funnel cake or corn dogs or anything. I actually can't belive I have been able to turn it down. Well, talk to you all later

10-04-2003, 09:18 PM
Well, I actually snuck on here for a while.........Ds left the computer alone for a few minutes!:lol: (He is discovering Instant Messenger with his buddies).
Ricci- thanks for starting a new thread.....the other one was so busy. But now you have left me with the task of remembering the other one.....and do reply......:dizzy: Good for you staying away from junk food at the craft fair.

Spryng- glad that the casserole was ok.....I loved it. Will you be able to sneak away to see Dh? Hopefully MIL was in a better frame of mind....And those 2# will be off in no time!

Melissa- oh I always hated that first round of shots!!!!!!:( Hope Myra is feeling better.

Jen-you working this weekend???? I think I might just take you up on the WATP tapes- how intense is the ab tape??

Karen- what was the verdict on your van?

Leanne- if it was my call to make, I would have a small piece of cake. WW does not recommend weighing yourself more than once a week......daily fluctuations are just too discouraging.

Well, I knew that this would be a short post. Gotta go!!!!BTW Spryng- I am sort of having a tough time with the flex points and might just go back to counting the winning points method. Sounds stupid but I liked it better. Got my walk in today......and Dm is doing fine. See ya tomorrow.

10-05-2003, 12:28 AM

Well, Ginny my van.. after having no vehicle for a whole day, they told me that it wasnt my Transmission, but the "balance Chain" and the timing belt. the estimate was $1000 plus tax and supplies. So DH and I did some searching because the van is 6 years old and had 99875 miles on it, and decided that we would go look at new vans today after the kids soccer game. After searching on the net for about 3 hours and rating what we saw versus price and options, we narrowed it down to 2 vans, A 2003 Caravan (which is what we have had for teh last 6 years and I really did love it!) and a 2003 Mazda MPV.

Since we had seen the caravans and have had one, we decided to go see the MPV first. DH drives a Miata so we went to his favorite dealership. Just as we got off the freeway and pulled into the dealership, my old van started acting up again. DH said that the jerking and almost dying that car did HAD to be the transmission! So We knew right then and there that we had to get a new one because putting $4000 into that old car just wasnt going to be worth it. And It also made us lean towards the MPV as the dealer had no clue it was the transmission.

So to make a long story short, I am now the proud owner of a New 2003 MPV! and I Love it already. More leg room, better seating , HUGE cargo area! and the best part is the 6 cylinder engine! (I had a 4 cylinder) I also now have power windows and Locks which makes a HUGE difference with the kids!! It is black with Grey cloth interior, which is PERFECT for me because I am a HUGE Oakland Raiders fan! (That is where I grew up!) LOL!

The crazy part of today is that I ate breakfast this morning at about 8 am and didnt eat anything else until 6:30 this evening. between Soccer and the car I had no time to think about it and to be honest, until we walked into the restaurant (I was too tired to cook) I wasnt hungry. I think my tummy is finally shrinking! TOM is due monday for me too so that could be part of it too. I usually lose my appitite when TOM is due.

I am going to have DH take a pic of me with my new van tomorrow to send to my mom so I will post it here too. This way you can see my progress with weight loss too! Ill send a before pic too.

I better go.. it is 8:30 and DH and I are exhausted!

Hugs to everyone!!

10-05-2003, 10:35 AM
Good morning all!
Ricci, sounds like you did great at the fair! You should be proud of yourself!
Karen, your van sounds great! We'll be trying to get one in the next few months. Having three kids packed into the back seat of our little car gets rough sometimes. 3 carseats take up so much room! And I can't wait to see your pics!!
Ginny, no, it does not sound stupid that winning points worked better for you. Actually that is why I had asked, because alot of people on the ww message boards were going back to it because it worked better for them also. What about it though makes it harder for you?
Well sorry I didn't get back on last night. Dh ended up getting his own truck yesterday and drove home to see us!!! He got in about 8 pm and left this morning about 4 am, he's on his way to atlanta GA. But I was so happy to see him. But of course his parents wanted to see him too so at first they called and demanded we go over there when he got in but as soon as DH got here it was too late... my kids bedtimes are at 9 pm so it would've meant cranky kids if we went over there. SO they came here and brought pizza. So I decided to use some flexpoints and have two slices of cheese pizza. It was worth it! lol. But this will be the first time since starting FP that I haven't used all my FP the day I get them! So I'm going to enjoy having them for several days and using them on different things. :) Especially with TOM approaching I can have a few cravings. But anyway, it was really nice that DH got to come home even if it was for 8 hours. He'll be back in on the 17th. But that will be for a full weekend. :)
Well guess I'll get off here. TTYL! Have a great OP day all!

10-05-2003, 12:07 PM
Hi gang.......... just time for a quick post.... ds has a street hockey game in an hour. It's been busy busy....... 2 soccer games yesterday, 8am and 11am, in the rain. Then, ds had a practice skate for hockey at 1pm, and a b'day party from 2-4pm. A quick run to the grocery store on the way home, then we all went to the rink for open skate last night, only to find it had been cancelled in favor of some league games. We stayed and watched a junior league hockey game,and had a blast, but didn't get home and get the kids to bed until almost 10 pm. WHEW!!!!

Ricci, good for you on the fair food! I love fair food, but since eating better, I find that it leaves me feeling really yucky.... it is not worth it!

Karen, congrats on the new van!!!!

Spryng, I'm so glad dh got home to see you, even if just for a short while. I'm glad you got him all to yourself and didn't have to share him with MIL...... after all, she had him for at least 18 years already, right?!?!?! :lol:

Ginny, no work this weekend, just busy! :dizzy: The WATP with abs tapes are great! They are a bit more intense than the other ones, but I think you could handle them just fine. It's really just the pace that's picked up. The thing I love about them is that you almost don't really feel like you're working your abs. But, after just a week, I notice a definite improvement. Just let me know if you want them... I am happy to pick them up for you, and it is not out of my way, as I am due for a trip to BJ's.

Leeanne, go for the cake! :D

Well, dh has has started WW with me! :D Based on his weight, he gets 30 points/day (lucky dog!!!). Now, if I could just get him to take a walk now and then! :lol: But, I am loving the WW. This is the first time I've stayed OP for an entire week!!! And I have been able to use flex points to enjoy things this weekend, like corned beef dinner last night, and pumpkin waffles this morning. Oh, and I made the diet coke cake last night, too.... it was DELISH topped with a bit of fat-free frozen yogurt and some light chocolate syrup!

K, gotta run......... tomorrow is WI, and my physical with the new doc, so I probably won't get to post til later in the day. Have a great Sunday!

10-05-2003, 03:58 PM
Jen that is so terrific that DH has joined you on WW!!! And I agree, he is very lucky to have 30 pts a day! That's alot of food!! Nowyou will have someone there to give you support and enourage you, and of course we will always be here. :) Can't wait to hear about your WI tomorrow!! Sending you losing vibes!!
My day is flying by it seems. I guess just having one night with Dh is exactly what I needed. I am in better spirits today and feel like things will be just fine. I'm making a new recipe tonight... lemon chicken with herbs. I'll let you know how it turns out. It's a 6 pts a serving if I remember right. I think I'll either serve it over pasta or rice, haven't decided yet.
Well, I just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Oh, btw, what is everyone preparing for dinner tonight? TTYL!

10-05-2003, 11:18 PM
Good evening all!
Well dinner came out fanastic!! I served the chicken over brown rice and it was very filling (btw it was 5 pts a serving) my kids loved it and it was very easy to make.
I really need to be exercising tonight but for some reason I'm exausted. I just don't think I can get through 20 min of intense training tonight. So I'm just going to wait until tomorrow. I kinda feel bad about it but I did great on my eating today, didn't use any flex points so not getting in exercise tonight will not hurt me. Ok... I guess I am reasoning with my conscience. lol. But anyway, I'm off to bed. TTYL!

10-05-2003, 11:38 PM
I would like to thank you all for being so supportive of my cake eating, I think I will indulge in a slice....seeing as I wont be at home from this wed to next monday, I will NOT look at the scale for those days, and I know it will kill me but it will probably be better in the long run....today I weighed in at 182.2, 32.2 more pounds until I feel "normal" again...:lol:
But, while I am away I will still be running so hopefully, I dont gain any over thanksgiving.....I am not planning on cheating, I will just be trading the chicken I eat every day for turkey AND as much as I hate to do it.....NO MASHED POTATOES, and I can tell you they are my #1 fav food....
Spryng-mmmm, your dinner sounds good....RICE is my #2 fav food
Hope you are all doing well with everything...


10-06-2003, 11:21 AM
Hi Everyone!

I dont have a whole lot of time to get personal as today is my carpool day!

I just have to report that I am down 4 pounds this week! :dance: I cant believe it! TOM is due today.. and I am still down that much! WOO HOO! Total of 18 pounds gone forever!! WOO HOO!

I will try to check in later! But I had to give the good news! :)

10-06-2003, 11:38 AM
Hello Ladies! Care to have a newbie here?? LOL Actually i post on the support in other places but since i am a sahm i figured i would check this out. My name is Sandy and i have 3 great kids ages 10, 7, and 4. Oldest being a daughter and the other 2 r sons. They sure can keep u busy cant they. I am 40 years young, and have struggled it seems with weight for most of my adult life. right now i know i need 2 exercise more but cant always seem to find the motivation. I am currently doing AM yoga and starting my pilates for dummies. My goal this week is to do my yoga 5 times this week and my pilates at least twice. I also have an iron horse gravity machine that i found at a local thrift store... so i am looking forward to getting started on that as well... guess theres no better time than now is there? My husband is an attorney and travels at least 2 times a week so sometimes my weeks seem to last for months... My youngest just started preschool so i finally get some ME time during the weekdays. I just wanted to give u a bit of background on myself so u have an idea who and where i am coming from... lol
Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I will check back later!

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

10-06-2003, 01:01 PM
Originally posted by need2losemore
I have been busy with the craft fair this weekend. Just thought I would pop on here for a moment. Ricci

That wouldn't by any chance be the Arts and Crafts Festival at Reelfoot Lake in Tiptonville, TN would it?? I saw your location was southwest missouri so I thought it might very well be. I know the Festival was this weekend.

10-06-2003, 01:13 PM
Karen: Congrats on the new van!! We have a Pontiac Montana Transport. My hubby bought it after we totaled our only car in that wreck we had 2 yrs ago. It's really nice and hasn't given us a lick of trouble. WOOHOO on your weight loss!! :encore:

Spryng: I know you really enjoyed having your dh at home with you. I wish, for you, that he could have stayed longer. Good to hear that it lifted your spirits.

Gemini: Congrats on staying OP. I am having a rough time with that this week.

Sandy: Welcome, I am a newbie to this group myself. My name is Julie and I have four kids ages 6, 3, 3, and 2. My oldest is also a girl and the other 3 are boys.

I have really struggled this week. I am doing ok on my eating, but water consumption and exercise are not going well. I just cannot seem to get myself moving. I think that fact that I am really stressed at the moment is not helping. Dh just got a new job (he's been out of work for awhile) and we are very very short on money, so I am stressing out over whether or not we are going to have enough to last the rest of the week for food and diapers. Just have to get through one more week. I think I can, I think I can, lol.

10-06-2003, 02:47 PM
Hi girls.... sorry, no time to get personal right now. But, I just wanted to report that I am down 5lbs this week! :D

Hope everyone is well....... back later........ :)

10-06-2003, 02:51 PM
WTG Jen!! :)

10-06-2003, 04:42 PM
I had a little time to get back here before the bus delivers the children. :)

So, I had my physical this morning. It went fine. I liked the new doc. She set me up to see a new endocrinoligist next month (I have had thyroid issues since I was 18 years old), and she booked a mammogram for me in February. I also had bloodwork done, and a PAP. Everything else looks good. :)

Julie, don't worry, the exercise will come when you are ready. I was like you, but now I am working out at least 5 times/week, and love it. Sorry about your money woes, but I am glad your dh is working now. :)

Sandy, wlecome! :) I am Jen, SAHM to three, ages 8, 6 and almost 3. Stick around....... this is a great group. :)

Karen, WTG to you, too!!! You da woman!!! :D

Leeann, Iam a sucker for those mashed potatos, too!!!! Just remember, all things in moderation. :) I am eating light today and saving poiunts for a slice of pumpkin cheesecake tonight. A coworker requested it from me, and I refuse to bake it and not eat it!!!! I will enjoy every single heavenly bite! :D

Well, I think that gets me caught up.... hope everyone else is well..... bye. :)

10-06-2003, 06:07 PM
Good afternoon all!
Welcome Sandy! I am Spryng, mother of 3 (Ava is 3, Joseph is 2 and Tanner is 3 months old) wife to a wonderful man of 5 years who just became an OTR truck driver so I am alone alot now. I see him about every two weeks. I hope you find this thread home and I hope to get to know you better!!
Jen and Karen, you big LOSERS!! :) :) What great losses this week! Motivating to us all.
Well I don't have time to get personal to everyone but I did want to check in. My internet has been down all afternoon for some reason but it's working again now. :) I'll chat more with everyone later!

10-06-2003, 08:30 PM
Hello again everyone.... Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I would like it very much to get to know each of you better myself! I went a bit crazy today with the exercise... i did my yoga, then did some pilates(half of the tape) then worked out on my iron horse machine... did 10 reps of 15. I am already feeling it...lol hopefully i wont be too sore tomorrow... a little sore is ok... cuz its a good sore. Alot sore is not ok...lol! I am following a 1800 calorie a day diet... i usually am under but the nights are the hardest for me. I am trying NOT to eat after 7pm. Well... guess i will check back here later this evening. Thanks again for the nice welcome!!

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

10-06-2003, 08:37 PM
Good morning!!
This is gonna be short, as I am squeaking a minute in from Ds who has hogged the puter.

Kare- congrats on the new van and being a big loser!!!! 4# is awesome!

Sandy- WELCOME!!!!!!!! Nice for you that you are getting some time to yourself..... (someone please tell me what that is though).
I hope you like it here. The frienship and support is great, and this is such a great bunch of ladies.

Leanne- I know that you are not on WW, but it is best to stay off the scale during the week. (oh, it is tempting, I know!) or at least do weigh ins every 3 or 4 days. The body just fluctuates too much otherwise. Enjoy that cake......and smile cause you are never going to weigh 182.2 # again, right ?! Have a great day!

Spryng- your dinner sounds yummy.......how nice that you got to see Dh too!! Don't worry- we all need a day or so off training- and any AP's that you can get are better than none. Get your rest and start again another day!

Jen- how much are the tapes at BJ's- and which ones are included? It is so sweet of you to offer......I found a web site that has them, but I might take you up on your offer. Big congrats on getting Dh on WW!!!!!! (I envy the 30 points too) But so nice for you as you can share the experience.

My eating is a bit off.......but I am getting the walks in. Got most of my kids home today (teachers conference).
Sorry to be short........lots to do today.See ya later!

10-06-2003, 08:45 PM
Sorry for being so lazy-this web site gave me a ton of trouble before leaving a post- so I actually did something brilliant and saved my post to patch back in later. So that is what I did.

Jen- so glad that you got that Dr appt in and scheduled the mammo. We do have to take care of ourselves!!!! And WW will be great for your cholesterol (should that be a problem area).

Sandy- 1800 cals and with all the excercise should be great for you, at least it is not too restrictive. Hope you are not too sore tomorrow!!!!!

Today ended up being so busy. I scheduled 2 college campus visits for Dd this weekend.......problem is that she wants to go to the same school as her Bf!!!! Bf's mom and I have discussed the issue and are on the same page- as much as we like our kids dating and they seem happy, attending a small school together is probably a disaster in the making. Gonna have to spend a lot of knee mail on this one! (prayer). I have finished up my day in points range......hopefully I can keep this up before I get to bed. Sandy- I too am a night snacker......a lot of times I make diet jello for that reason so that I have a safe snack for late in the day.
Well, I have babbled enough......see ya tomorrow!

10-06-2003, 10:27 PM
Ginny, I think the tapes were $27.99. The set included a 1 mile, a 2 mile, and a 3 mile tape, plus the resistance bands. :)

I'm off to work....... g'nite everyone. :)

10-07-2003, 01:15 AM
Good evening all!
I need to keep this short because I HAVE to get in bed. I am so tired.
Sandy your plan sounds good. And about late night eating.. well I used to be tempted into the kitchen after dinner and what works for me is to exercise after I put the kids down at 9pm. That way I am busy and by the time I am done and had my shower I'm not hungry and just want to sleep. I hope you can fine something that works for you too. :)
Ginny, i think you are right about your dd and her bf. She doesn't realize how much she will change in the next 4 years and will probably out grow him or vice versa. But then again this is coming from a girl who fell in love at 16 and married him at 18 and am still madly in love with my Dh!! lol. But I hope you can find a solution that everyone is happy with.
Well, I went over my points today by 2 so I did my Firm Cardio Sculpt and earned 2 Ap's so I evened it out, lol. I still have 25 FP's to use and wanted to use some of them today but I didn't even get close. I just couldn't bring myself to put something in my mouth when I wasn't hungry. And 22 pts a day really satisfies me. Weird huh? But I made turkey burgers for dinner tonight with baked french fries (yum!) and it was really good. The kids loved it too.
Oh I have a question about that meatloaf recipe... it called for 1/4 cup of eggbeaters but I don't have any... can I use a regular egg without changing the pt value?? And does anyone know a good way to make whole shrimp?? I have some frozen that I want to eat but beside stir fried, I really don't have a clue how to make them.
Ok, I'm off to bed now. I hope everyone is having a great night and getting peaceful sleep. G'nite!

10-07-2003, 02:14 AM
Just wanted to let you know that I'm back from our trip- we drove to Utah to spend my sister's birthday with her. We drove all night Thursday and came back this afternoon so it was fast. My eating was NOT good. I feel gross and bloated, but I refuse to give in to the pity party and stay off plan until next Monday- New Years or whatever. The only way I can reverse the damage is to get back OP tomorrow!

I will check back tomorrow- I still haven't caught up on my sleep and I'm pretty tired.

10-07-2003, 09:18 AM
Hello again Ladies!! As far as the late night eating... the longer i am going without eating after 7 the better... and with all the exercises i am now doing i am too tired and am usually in bed by 10 or 10:30!! So, its getting alot better....the major problem is when hubby decides to make popcorn after dinner... like 9 pm... but i have NOT had any so far... and i plan on keeping it that way! LOL If i have a craving for popcorn i will have it in the afternoon. I am a bit sore today but its a good sore!! I even went for a walk after dinnner last night!! Indian summer is here and its my favorite time of the year... i just love October!! The only sad note is that its both of my brothers birthdays and my older brother Scott passed away this August... he would be 43 on the 9th... just writing this is making me cry. Oh well.. i know time heals all but wouldnt it be nice if sometimes you could just speed it up some? Okay.. i'm off for now
take care of u

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

10-07-2003, 09:49 AM
Hey gang.... don't have time for a long post, as I'm going on 29 hours without sleep, and the couch is calling my name!!!! BTW, anyone wanna come pick up my two-year-old so I can get some REAL sleep???? I just hope dh doesn't want to celebrate our anniversary tonight! :lol:

Spryng, I think if you use two egg whites instead of the egg beaters, you'll be fine. I think a whole egg would increase the points, but the egg whites won't. Hope you enjoy it. :)

k, I'm off to crash...... talk later.....

10-07-2003, 10:49 AM
Good morning all!
Jen thanks for that info on the mearloaf. I'm going shopping today so I am just going to pick up some egg beaters. Then I won't have to worry about anything changing the taste or point value. I hope you get some sleep! Is there a relative that can babysit for a few hours while you sleep? But I hope you are rested for your anniversary and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
Sandy, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I'm keeping you in my thoughts today. And good for you to beat that late night snacking! I buy healthy choice popcorn.. it's only 2 pts for 6 cups fulls!! So if I need to snack on something I go for it. But staying out of the kitchen after 7 pm is a good idea. I was thinking about it and I pretty much so do that also. We have dinner by 5 pm and it's usually my bigeest meal of the day so after that I only hit the fridge for water. I haven't snacked at night in quite a while. Before you know it it will be a habit and you won't even think about it. :)
Emily, welcome back from your trip! And you have a great attitude about the bad eating you did, to just pick yourself back up and continue where you left off!! It's an attitude like that that will get you to your goal. :) But even if you ate really bad a few days OP and you will be back where you were before you left. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just drink some extra water to flush your system and maybe get a little more exercise in and you'll be just fine.
Well my day just started here... I am about to get all 3 kiddos ready to go run some errands so that will keep me out of the house for a little while. I hope everyone is having a good day so far and i will talk to you later!!
BTW, anyone have Misty's email address?? I'm really starting to worry about her. She is so close to her due date and hasn't checked in once in quite a while. I think I may browse past threads to find her and then pm her.

10-07-2003, 11:30 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!
Just wanted to stop in and say hello....and get the chicken meatloaf recipe (I am going to make it now to reheat for dinner later.). Great minds think alike, Spryng!
Sandy- I was so saddened hearing about your brother. I have been thru the loss of a parent, which I am sure is not the same as loss of a sibling. Time does take the edge away from the hurt, but never removes it. I hope that you have some wonderful memories of your brother, and that those will comfort you and sustain you. My prayers go out for you....

Jen- get some well deserved rest, girl!!!!!!:) And a big happy anniversary.

Emily-don't be hard on yourself. This is life here, and we all have good days and bad. Regroup- drink lots and lots of water to help flush out all the salt and that yucky feeling after eating poorly.
Then do your best to do what you know works for you toward getting back OP. You'll be feeling better soon!!!!

Gotta go make a meatloaf and stir the grape juice (getting to make jelly....) See ya in a little bit!

10-07-2003, 03:11 PM
I'm back, after a little rest. Of course, now that I'm off the couch, ds has fallen asleep!!!! Ahhhhhhhh, well... at least I get to enjoy a peaceful lunch. :)

Ginny and Spryng, I am so excited you both are trying the meatloaf! Now, I hope you like it! If you don't, you can only blame me, since I made up the recipe. :lol: Spryng, thanks for the tip on the Healthy Choice popcorn..... is that plain, or with salt and butter flavoring? I will have to give it a try. And unfortunately, no, I don't have a realative close by to watch ds for me to nap. If I get desperate, I have a friend who I think would be willing to help out. But, it's really not as bad as I make it out to be...... he is a good boy. :) And thanks to you both for the anniversary wishes.... can't believe it's been 9 years!!!! :D

Emily, glad you had a good trip. I will just echo what the others said about the off-plan eating. Today is a new day. :)

Sandy, I love this time of year, too! Although, we are well past the Indian Summer stage. But, at least winter seems to be holding off and we aree enjoying some lovely fall weather. And, I am sorry, too, about your sadness surrounding the death of your brother. He was very young. My father was about the same age, 42, when he died. Hugs to you.......

Well, gang, gotta hit the shower..... this is my busy afternoon/evening, with dance classes and street hockey for the kids. Bye...... :)

10-07-2003, 03:55 PM
I'm having a hard time focusing...still have my "road trip mentality" -- I feel like the PMS cravings are starting, then we have Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, I have Connor's birthday next Thursday, my DH's birthday and our anniversary and Halloween all the last week of the month. AAHHHHH. I know I just need to dig for some resolve and get it together. Why does it seem so hard sometimes?!

I know I want to be thin more than I want to be this inflated version of my real self-- sorry, guess I just needed to vent for a minute. I really do know what I have to do.

I'll need to try that meatloaf recipe this week! I think tonight I'm going to do Honey-Mustard chicken over rice. You mix 1/3 cup honey and 3 Tbsp. mustard (and 3 tbsp melted butter, but it's omitable)- pour over chicken pieces or a whole chicken (I just do breasts) and bake for 45 minutes at 350- or until chicken is done.

Well, I have tons to do. Hope you are all enjoying the day!

10-07-2003, 03:55 PM
Good afternoon all!
Ginny that is a good idea to make it in advance! I was going to make it today but then I decided to have a treat day and I bought a DiGiornio (sp?) pizza and some TGIF mozzarella sticks and TGIF steak quesadillas to munch on for lunch. Yes I know all this is high pt stuff but I wanted to use some of my flexpoints today because I keep reading that those who use all their flexpoints lose better. So I splurged. I still have 10 pts left for today. (lunch was 32 pts!!! But I had 25 FP's to use. But now that I am so full I will probably only have a very light dinner. Like a salad or maybe a pita. We'll see. But it was all very good and worth every point! And the best part is that I am still OP! I love WW!!!! :)
Jen, my healthy choice popcorn is butter flavored. I don't know about the salt but I'm sure it's not too much salt if any. I'd have to look. But I love it because I can have ALOT for very little points. I have only had it once so far. My Dh is a popcorn eater and when he is home and pops in a movie he has to have some, so I bought me some too so that I don't feel left out. :)
Well, I think I may snag a nap since everyone is out here. I've been running all morning and now I'm tired. TTYL!

10-07-2003, 05:18 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!! Well i will try this again... i had a post all written then my puter froze on me... GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! lol
I want to thank you all for the kind words about my loss. Yes i do have some wonderful memories of him and i will cherish them.
On to today... i have already finished my exercises for the day... altho i will probably go for a walk again after dinner tonight. That honey mustard chicken sounds yummy... i will have to try that one. whats this meatloaf everyones talking about?? I make mine with ground turkey and wheat germ... but its different every time... i dont follow a recipe i just do it...lol I am always looking for a good new recipe so if u would, would someone care to share it with me? Tonite i am making parmesan chicken with pasta and lowfat white sauce... the sauce has no butter in it so i hope it turns out tasty...lol I will let u all know! I hope you are all having a fabulous day! I will check in later!

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

10-07-2003, 11:28 PM

Sorry I'm not getting personal lately, but you all know how home life can get sometimes! Anyway, my Ds was here for a visit this weekend and left yesterday, so I was busy with her and Myra. Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart and had her first pictures made, and let me say ~what a doll~! She was so good, and I can't wait until I can pick them up, I'll make sure and post my favorite! She looks like a little pink angel, and can you believe she'll be 7 weeks old this Thursday!?!

Congratulations to all of you lossers, I'm happy to say I lost 3.2 lbs this week! Yay for us!!!!!

Also welcome to our new friends, I look forward to getting to know you better! And for now I'll share a little about me, my name is Melissa and I'm 32 and the mother of 2; a 12 yr. old son and a 7 week old daughter. I'm married to a wonderful man, and we celebrated our 8th anniversary this year.

Well, that's all for me, I'm going to turn in!


10-08-2003, 12:34 AM
Good evening all!
mel, I can't wait to see those pictures. We had Tanner's pics done at walmart and I didn't like how they came out. I think I'm going to try again though in a couple of months. I wish I had a scanner or digital camera so I could post pics too. And that reminds me...
Karen, still waiting to see your new pictures!
Sandy how did your dinner turn out?? I ended up having a sandiwch and a few quaker mini rice cakes, cheddar flavored. I really love them. So it was a low pt dinner for me.
And after I ate all I did today I ended up still having 8 flex points left!! Boy I just can't get rid of them! lol. But that is ok. I'm probably not going to use them at all.
I got my ab workout in tonight. It's a nice change from the weights. I wrote out a schedule for my firm dvds and it is working well for me. I do my most intense one Cardio Sculpt on mondays, Firm Abs on tuesdays, Lower body on wednesday, Upper on thursday, and then firm abs again on fridays and then the weekend off. It's gicing me variation and this way I won't get too used to a workout and get bored or my muscles get numb to the workout. That happens you know.
Well it's almost 11 pm here and I need to go to bed but I feel wide awake. Probably from that nap I had this afternoon. I guess I'll go get some dishes done. G'nite!

10-08-2003, 07:46 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!
This thread is getting a bit long- and being that I am the first one here today, I'll start a new one. See you there!