General Diet Plans and Questions - Doing our own thing - October 2003

10-02-2003, 08:57 AM
OK OK, I'll start it. My tiny little brain usually can't remember what year it is, much less what month. So I need this thread to read "October"! :rolleyes:

But be sure to go back and read any posts you may have missed at the end of the September thread. Especially the one from DNW. Hi Carol! I'm glad to see you here. Keep us posted and know that we're always thinking of you. :grouphug:

In other news...

Well, let me get this thread started first....

10-02-2003, 09:07 AM
Good morning ladies. How are you today and thank you to Jello for her superior technical knowledge. The cat wants attention and won't hardly let me type. He keeps sticking his head under my right hand. He has to be boarded next Wed night because the electrical contractor is coming on Thur to redo the wiring so he won't be happy.

I am trying to get back to normal. I did 2.4 miles yesterday but have to get back on the food train. I haven't gone shopping for my menus and probably won't until later next week as I need to go to the commissary and that takes up a day.

My dd and gs took me out for my birthday yesterday and they bought me this great Sony Walkman CD player for my exercise and IT DOESN'T SKIP. We shook it and banged it around while it had a cd playing and it didn't skip once. I usually do glider today, but I may have to walk just to see how it does.

Now that we are home, it is kind of quiet with no exciting news. Oh, my future dil's ring is gorgeous. Son has good taste like his mom! :lol:


10-02-2003, 10:47 AM
Good Morning and Happy Thursday, one more day until the weekend. WooHoo.

DNW, good to hear from you dear, Each day will get a little easier, keep your friends and family close. Are you doing your one nice thing for youself each day? You should do that for yourself, and don't feel guilty about doing it either. Orders from Sister Semo!

Nothing much to report, just a lot of the same old, same old going on here. Everyone must be busy, 'cause it's been slow and VERY QUIET here for the last few days.

Chow for now.

10-02-2003, 11:59 AM
Hi. Thursday already. Where does the time go...
I started to post earlier, but the rock guy got here. The guy bringing rock for our septic system....yeah, something else at my house is BROKEN. What's new. :devil:

I called the nearest gym for membership info. When I told DH the price, he seemed shocked. I'm not sure if it was price shock or "I can't believe she took me serious" shock.

Jello, how's your exercise going in your little pink room? Is Curves pink too? :twirly:

I'm trying to organize a garage sale for the weekend and I've decided to get rid of all my diet books. :faint: They aren't doing me any good. I know what I need to do and holding onto the books isn't going to help me do it. The only one I'm keeping is Kathy Smith for the free weight instructions. It'll be strange having people rummage through them...thinking this chick actually bought all of them. :o

I better get busy. I'm making apple pie for DH to take to work tomorrow so he can make the other guys jealous. :p

10-02-2003, 12:50 PM
I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone since I haven't participated lately. I hope you're all doing well.

Things haven't changed much for except that my oldest daughter moved back home and I quit smoking a couple months ago. I didn't really want to but I got sick and my doctor convinced me it was time. I'm glad now that I did but boy have I put on some weight. Up to over 200#'s now and I'm not happy about it but I guess it's better than getting cancer.

Gotta go for now. DNW take care, I think of you often.


10-02-2003, 01:11 PM
Huntress! :bravo: for quit'n the cancer sticks! I've never been a smoker, so I don't know how hard it is to quit. But, dealing with a loved one with lung cancer is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. You did the right thing. ;)

10-02-2003, 03:54 PM
Huntress, it was 4 years ago I quit last August. I'm glad I did because I can hardly breathe with asthma. Fortunately, I quit before emphysema or cancer. I gained 40 pounds when I quit, partly due to that and partly due to prednisone. It's been a struggle getting them off.

Here's a thought that just popped into my head - people give the excuse they have to have a little of (whatever food you shouldn't be eating) or it will cause cravings. Does that mean smokers and alcoholics should continue to indulge - just a little - so they don't get cravings and binge? Me thinks it all goes back to being responsible for our own actions.

Tigerlily, I'd be a rich woman if I could get back all the money I've spent on diet books, foods, pills, etc. that didn't work. I put all mine into the Friends of the Library book sale several years ago.

For those of you doing South Beach, or who may be insulin resistant, like me - my doctor told me to get a copy of the "Insulin Resistence Diet" and follow it - Only $14.95 minus 10% at my local Books a Million - it's just like South Beach except for the first 2 weeks. The basic principle is 7 grams of protein for every 15 grams of carbs and no more than 30 grams of carbs at any meal. I am enjoying reading the scientific explanation for this. Wasn't a whole lot of menu planning tips, however.

Ladies, I put on a winter skirt today (unfortunately with an elastic waist) and it slipped down around my hips. I took that off and put on a dress - also a couple of inches too big in the waist. Took me an hour to realize my clothes weren't stretching - I've actually - and I measured - lost 3.25 inches off my waist since starting South Beach! More clothes for the Goodwill.

Boss left at noon to go to Detroit and won't be back until Monday...hooray!

10-02-2003, 04:48 PM
Quilter, I'm so PROUD OF YOU!!! I have to admit that I'm a little teed at myself tho, I've set here on the fence playing like I was being good and you are sailing right passed me. Gotta get busy and stop fooling myself! Now don't you sew, take some of those things in, but only after tearing out the size label of course. ;) Just until you get to where you are going in size then go on a major shopping trip. ((Huz))

10-02-2003, 07:37 PM
Fisrt I have to announce that my sister had her baby yesterday. She had a healthy 7lb, 2oz baby boy, named Adian!! Woohoo!! I was happy she let me be there for the delivery.

Tig: I'm having a girl and we've decided on Zoey Skye. All my girls have a kinda "theme" for their middle names. There's, Cheyenne "Winter", Kaleigha "Rayne" and now Zoey "Skye". To help people remember I tell them to remember that in the Winter is Raynes from the Skye!! I know, I'm a dork. My son, however has a "Regular" name. Lucas Anthony (middle name after is dad), if it were up to me his middle name would have been "Storm" for something just as coo-coo. This is DH's 5th child. I told him now he's gone from A-Z. Adriana is his oldest and Zoey will be his youngest.

Lizabeth: Nice to meet you!! I still have to take the 3 hour, and find out what exactly is going on with this little one. I have 2 kids at home, ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, so I have to fit my test into someone else's schedule. It drives me crazy, but what am I gonna do? My oldest is 4, and I keep asking myself....what am I thinking??? This is definately it for me!! I have an appt for the tubal ligation class in a few weeks, and I'm hoping that when I deliver in December, they'll go ahead and tie the 'ole tubes.

We're still here :( ,in California, plans fell through for Utah, for now. I'm trying to be positive about it all. We did however move out of our 3 bedroom apartment and into a 4 bedroom, 2 bedroom house. The rent is less, because we're on housing and we have boo-coo space. The living room here measures 21'x 38'......we could have dances in here!! But the honeymoon is over, I have learned that all that space means is more space for the kids to make a mess! I tell ya....i can't wait til they all start school, which should be in about 5 lllooonnnggg years!! Since Zoey hasn't even been born yet!

Crap kids are fighting gotta go see who's doing what to whom!

10-03-2003, 09:06 AM
Whew Dyan, I'm exhausted just reading your post! :lol: Seriously, I love the names! I like something a little different but not totally "weird". (What? No "Moon Unit"?) :rolleyes: Even your son's name, Lucas, is a little different than the usual Bobby or Tommy. I like it. A girl here at work has a son, Zachary, and a daughter, Olivia. I like those names too.

Quilter, very interesting point. The little bit of food thing. When I quit smoking, I went cold turkey. If an alcoholic stops drinking, it has to be for good and completely. Hm, can't really do that with food, can we? I mean, in my case anyway, food is an addiction just like cigarettes or alcohol. But there's certainly no way I can give it up or avoid it completely. Makes it all that much more difficult. :mad:

Huntress, congratulations on quitting that nasty habit. Your body will thank you! :strong:

Tiger, can I send you all my exercise and diet books to sell too? Of course, I'd probably need to rent a U-Haul truck to get them to you. :rolleyes:

Well, it's Day 3 of Jello being back on track and it's already getting tough. Tonight a group of us are going out for a girls night out and all I can think is "what am I going to be able to eat"? How sad is that?

But the good news is that I'm now heading over to the exercise challenge thread to post. :smug:

Hangin' in there....

10-03-2003, 10:46 AM
Good Friday Morning!:dance: :dance:

Huntress, Glad that you gave those nasty things up. I've been smoke free for years probably 10 or so, now I'm the worst about being around smoke. And were do I work......with a room full of smokers.. BTW, glad you posted, we miss ya.

Jello, I'm impressed, you just sprang right back after your surgery. WTG Girl.

Dyanm, I love the names, I have a cousin named Skyler and a friend named Skyla. Believe me when them youngsters head off to school you will miss them.

Tig, we've got out backyard dug up too. Was starting to get a little worried, DH and DS were out back digging up little holes everywhere, they were looking for the leader lines. Thought maybe they had buried some gold out there. We're still waiting on the septic guy to show up, he said he was about two months behind.

Bright, how are you and the puppy doing? DS and DIL were here over the weekend, first trip that their puppy didn't leave me a gift.

Faye, How'd the CD player work out for you? Walking or exercising with music just plain makes it go faster.

DNW, :grouphug: Thinking about you. Have you made plans to go back to work? It's hard but you have to keep yourself busy.

Lizabeth, Do you still have your shiny sandles? What's a band debacle pie?

Quilter, I was very good eating yesterday, I can't let you get too far out in front of me. Heehee

Our Warehouse Mgr gave his two week notice today, Guess I'll be taking a crash course on this work. They don't pay me enough to do this, but you know how it is.

Work calleth, hey to anyone that I may have missed, have a great Friday. :p

10-03-2003, 01:12 PM
Thank You, Thank You All! Quitting smoking was the best thing I've ever done for myself even though I was pretty much forced to do so. I feel 110% better after 3+ weeks of not smoking than I have the last 15 years that I did. My health was suffering tremendously. Guess I kinda got a wake up call. I'm glad I was able to do it before something bad happened to me. I'm sorry to be such a downer today. One of my best friends called this morning to say that her brother had died from a heart attack and they had just found him yesterday. We had dated for a while and were still good friends. He was a heavy smoker like all of us who have run around together for the last few years. He was only 45 and had a birthday at the end of this month. Smoking kills and thank the lord I quit now before I leave my children orphans. OH MY Gosh, I'm so sorry.

I hope to come back to all of you soon in a better frame of mind.

Love, LJ

10-03-2003, 04:32 PM
LJ: Woohoo, you could not have done anything better for yourself than to quit smoking. We are all very proud of you. It is one of the hardest things to stop. I know my dh quit 10 years ago and still has a "twinge" from time to time. I think tobacco is a bigger threat than LSD was in the 60's because the psychological desire remains for ever so long. Stay strong!

Tig: Boy you are just having all kinds of problems. Everyone at the yard sale will probably think you look so good you don't need diet books any longer. If only all of us had learned weight loss is really not in any book, pill, shot or surgery, but in our HEAD first!

Dyan: 5 children you are amazing and sounds like the bunch is all little ones too! I get pooped out just running around after my 3 year old grandson! My sil's name is Tom and they named my grandson Thomas, but sil thought it would be funny to name him Thomas Rexford and call him T-rex so that is what he had put on his birth certificate. My daughter forbids anyone calling him that, but he does have tons of clothes with dinosaurs on them! :lol: Congrats to your sister.

Jello: I am so very proud of you for getting in your exercising! It is one of the hardest steps for most people. You are going to do this and get your weight under control!!!!!

Well, after I received my award letter from the Poetry society, I got an e-mail from them they have requested that I send them another poem. Seems they liked the other one so much they want me to contribute another one for the book I guess. Anyway, here is the one I wrote. Totally different from the "tongue in cheek" fat poem, but I printed it out on card stock and am framing it for my husband for his birthday a week from today. Funny thing, I did it as a total lark just to see what they would say about my poetry abilities. I figured this was some scam outfit to try and get your money, but they actually exist and promote poets. I am definitely not on my way to being the next Robert Frost, I just enjoy doing it and I guess just have a knack for it, I don't know.

Eternally Constant

You walked into my life, a life so sad
And took away the hurt and all the pain
You wedded me and made my life most glad
And gave me hope your love would never wane

You showed me every day your adoration
Gave of yourself the deepest love possessed
Created for my life a firm foundation
Surrounded me with utmost happiness

Though years have past more gray than not adorns
And what was youth has now become old age
Each day finds romance evermore reborn
And endless love is written on our page

When death comes knocking, taking us away
Forevermore connected will we be
For love like ours can never be held sway
It lives within our hearts eternally.


10-03-2003, 04:53 PM
Wow! Faye's a poet and we didn't even know it.

There. That's about as close as I get to poetry. :lol:

Actually, Faye, I'm published in an edition of American Collegiate Poets. Same type of thing, I think. Of course, as the title suggests, that was "a few" years ago. ;)

BTW, thanks to all you well-wishers regarding my return to the fun-filled, exciting world of exercise. :strong: It's tough to do it but I have to admit to how good it feels once I've done it. When I get home from Curves in the evening, I find myself throwing in a load of laundry or running the vacuum or something rather than parking my butt on the sofa. So that's a good thing.

Gotta run girlies. We're approaching the finish line of another work week. A gal here is leaving for 2 weeks in California and Las Vegas tomorrow morning. I'm so insanely jealous! I told her to call my voice mail from her cell phone in the casino and just hold up the phone so I can hear the bells and crowds and live vicariously. Anyway, she just skipped out the door. :dance: Others are starting to pack it in and go home too. Yeah, a Friday afternoon winding down.

Gotta love it.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

10-04-2003, 09:51 AM
Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. The weather here is great, 55 in the morning and 79 afternoons. I'm in hog heaven.

Sorry I weirded out yesterday, I was just very shocked when I heard about my friends death.

I have just started reading Dr Phil's book and am excited about it. I hope to once and for all find out why I eat like I do. I wasn't going to try any kind of diet at all so soon after quitting smoking but I really didn't want to gain a lot of weight. Besides I have realized that for me food doesn't replace the smoking so why overeat.

Dyan - Love your baby names! It's good to see you again.


10-05-2003, 11:19 AM
Hey all,

Just popped in for a minute to report in..

Good to see posts from all...I think I'm caught up on my reading now.

The puppy and I spend alot of time together and she has more chew toys and chew bones than I have shoes! We are doing better on the house breaking but now she wants to run out in the yard and not come in if it's a sunny day. It's really difficult to catch her since she's so fast and thinks I want to play. Oh well, that must count for exercise, don't ya think?

Doing well on South Beach diet. I had lost 20# on WW and then plateaued so it's nice to be down another 6# now. Easier than I thought it would be.

Congrats to all on their exercise efforts! I'm still gearing up for mine.

Take care,


10-06-2003, 09:11 AM
It's Monday. :no: But boss isn't in today. :yes:

So far, so good.....

Had a terrible weekend. :cry: Won't tell you what I ate but got up this morning about 5 lbs. heavier than I was on Friday. What happened to my vow of being good on the weekends? :mad: Come on Jello! This weight's not going to lose itself!!! :nono:

Good news is that I spent a good part of the weekend (when I wasn't stuffing my face :rolleyes: ) cleaning the house. Rich and I spent literally all day Sunday in the basement scrubbing, cleaning, rearranging, etc. etc. My back is killing me today but I feel like I've accomplished a lot. Got plenty of exercise I guess.

BTW, yes Brighter! Puppy chasing is an excellent form of exercise!! :D

Gotta get busy here.

Well, maybe one more cup of decaf first..... ;)

10-06-2003, 10:36 AM

You should have seen me hopping all over the bed last night during the last half inning when the Braves were up to bat! I looked ridiculous but I didn't care!

Jello: Nothing like good ole housecleaning to make you feel satisfaction! I am getting down to that today. Downstairs at least. I have the electrical guy coming on Thursday to do all that electrical work that has to be done so I want it all done before then.

I have been terrible with everything since coming back from Chicago, but today is reborn day and I feel better and am going to really get tough now. Have to be able to get in that skinny dress for the wedding, right? :lol:

Everyone have a stupendous day.

Bright, smooch the puppy for us all!


10-06-2003, 11:03 AM
Faye, can't believe I forgot to mention that!!! :D

When Sammy failed to hit the homer that would have won it for them in the previous game, I was crushed. Ah, but they've come back!

And I got that weird mystery stain to come out of my Cubs jersey.

Good news all around. :cb: :cb:

10-06-2003, 12:20 PM
Jello: Your stain was just waiting for the proper time to disappear. I don't think the Marlins are gonna give us as much trouble as the Braves. They aren't as good a team and we beat them something like 4 out of 6 times when we played them. I heard that the Manager of the Braves personally fined that little pipsqueak that whacked Karro's arm on Saturday night and made him sit the Sunday game out. He is a top notch manager. I guess one of the other players early in his career didn't hustle for a ball batted to him and the manager took him out on the spot right in the middle of the game and told the media no one was going to embarrass the team like that! That's why they have made it the last 12 years or something like that so we should feel proud we beat them! Zambrano is pitching Tues, which makes me nervous, but I would rather it be at the beginning of the series than at a clinch time. I guess it will be Zambrano, Prior, Clement then Wood again. Hopefully we can take them in 3 at Wrigley!

Sorry ladies, just get caught up with the ball team. It is the only sport I really enjoy. Grew up watching Cubs ball at my grandfather's house who was wealthy and had one of those big antennas that would pull in WGN back in the days, ** SHOCK** before cable! :lol: We lived about 90 miles from Chicago.

I am on a roll this morning. Got in all my "healthy" meds, started exercising and water and OP so I am back on track, thank goodness!

Looks like we may get rain today so I am just doing the glider and cleaning house so better get back to it!


10-06-2003, 01:21 PM
Good Morning, been scrambling around trying to get a list going of the job responsibilities of the Whs Mgr thatís leaving in two weeks. It will probably be this winter before they actually hire a replacement so Iíll be picking up most of the slack on all the reports and inside duties like safety meetings, fuel reports, inventory reports, etc. But on the up side, I will have some input on the person that they hire for the position.

Leaving bright and early tomorrow heading for Memphis, looking forward to some training on one of our new programs. Well actually this is my first training class EVER with this company and Iíve been here for almost four yearsÖÖÖÖ

Yea CubsÖ (just for Faye and Jello) not much of a sports fan here. Well, I have tons to do, talk with you on Thursday.

Bye for now.

10-06-2003, 04:42 PM
Hello, ladies. A beautiful day in Virginia - with plenty of clean up still to be done from the Hurricane. I've been having a lot of problems with GERD, my thyroid and asthma. Had a terrible weekend feeling really horrible this morning at 2 am. I didn't know if it was GERD or a heart attack. Decided I'd go straight to the doctor's office, without an appointment, this morning. Figured he'd give me a Nexus perscription and send me on my way - no such luck. For some reason my blood pressure and sugar had shot way up so now I'm in for a complete physical with all the tests. Doc said it was time to see exactly what is going on - maybe a bleeding ulcer in addition to the rest and he wants it all done in the next 2 weeks. Starting tomorrow with a bunch of fasting blood tests. Endoscopy and 5-hour glucose on Saturday morning.

10-06-2003, 07:31 PM
Susan, we will keep you in our prayers that everything will come out alright!


10-07-2003, 12:00 PM
Quilter, I'm sending you good vibes. :goodvibes: Hope everything works out OK.

Semo, since you're doing the work of several people, that means you get the salaries of several people, right?

..... yeah, I know what you're thinkin'.... :stars:

Well girls, with all the work over the weekend, I've hurt my back. Nothing really serious but enough to make me skip Curves yesterday. Know what? I really missed it! :o Who knew!? It's better today and I'm thinking maybe I'll try to get there tonight. Or maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow and get back on my regular schedule. But that means I have to get on the treadmill tonight even if it's only a slow, short walk. :drill:

Faye, it's a happy house where I live. My Cubbies and Rich's Red Sox (he's from Boston) are both winners. Would be interesting if they ended up playing each other in the World Series. :chin: Oh I see all sorts of bets lining up. :devil:

Well, gotta get back to work. Boss is in a good mood today! :?: Huh? What's up with that!? Later!

10-07-2003, 02:39 PM
Jello: That is what Jack and I would love, the two teams that everyone counted out in the World Series! Course, Boston couldn't beat the CUBS! :lol: Hope your back gets to feeling better. Should do some light stretching instead to keep you limber.

I walked today and got lost in the neighborhood because the streets don't interconnect and I don't know them that well. I did a LOT of hill climbing though so got in a good workout!

I am back on pace and doing great again. I just have to keep focusing on that "little" dress for the wedding, right?

You ladies all have a great day!


10-07-2003, 05:18 PM
Hi Everyone

I am still here taking one day at a time and just putting one foot in front of the other. I went back to work last week and I am really glad I did...keeping busy during the day keeps my eyeballs dry...and I have had company for the past several weekends so that has helped.

I love you to you soon.


10-08-2003, 08:55 AM
Hm.... thought I posted yesterday afternoon and can't find the post now.... :chin: What's up with that?

Of course, knowing me, I never finished it..... :^:

Carol, one day at a time, that's all you can do. Of course, you'll never forget all the great years you and Bob had together but it does get easier with time. And he'll always be with you in your heart. {{{Carol}}} Take care of YOU.

Well, Faye, after Sammy tied it up in the bottom of the ninth, I fell asleep. Imagine my reaction when I got up this morning and heard the news. :mad: Grumble. Well, tonight they get to go back and try again. It's a new day.

Hm, sounds like weight loss, eh?

Know what I did last night? Went shopping and bought some pants and jeans. I finally got tired of trying to squeeze into my "someday" pants, swallowed my pride and bought some in a larger size. And they look good on me! :smug: Hopefully, I won't be wearing them long enough to wear them out. Those smaller sizes are still in the closet ... just waiting for me.....

Didn't go to Curves yesterday but I'm going today. Back's feeling better and I'm going to take it slow and easy. That's the good thing about Curves. You can spend the same amount of time on each machine but just do fewer reps or work with less "umph!" if you know what I mean. And then a nice leisurely walk home. That's the best part. That little space of 15-20 minutes of "me" time. :)

Well I should be working so I'll go now. Hope you all have a good one!

10-08-2003, 11:15 AM
DNW: Good to hear from you. Keeping busy is good and having friends visits helps too. Like Jello said, one foot in front of the other is the best you can do right now!

Jello: I screamed at them the whole game after the first inning. Jack kept saying Zambrano was gonna do great and I kept saying he wasn't. They had a chance to win 3 times and left runners on 3rd so they deserved to lose. Prior tonight so we ought to win. The guy pitching for the Marlins was supposed to be terrific and if that is the best they have, they are in trouble. I just hope when we get around to Clement, that he will pitch well because I think he restrained that groin injury of his the last time he pitched. We'll just have to wait and see. Nothing is a sure thing!

All you ladies have a great day. I have to get going with mine!


10-08-2003, 03:52 PM
Hi everyone! I'm back from the Pacific - flew in Monday afternoon. It's great to see so many of you posting. A big hello to Huntress and Dyan, among others.

I'm back at work too - yesterday was big on catching up on things. Today I am almost there.

Vacation was excellent. I was not on the South Beach Diet, but at the same time I don't seem to have gained any weight. :?: Not sure how that works but I'll take it! :yes:

Still, I need to get back on track. I meant to right away yesterday and started out well, but I'm not quite in my groove yet as far as being organized. I really have to move quick and get up early to have the right food ready at the right time with my schedule, LOL. Hard to get up with a little jet lag.

Anyway, work is calling but I just wanted to check in.

10-08-2003, 04:57 PM
Now this is interesting...

We've been having problems with our phone lines at home. Sunday, the phones just quit and after Mr. Fixit (uh, that'd be Rich) tinkered and played around, he finally called on Monday to have service come out. He stayed home Tuesday morning just long enough to realize that the phones were working again :rolleyes: and call to cancel the service call.

Phones were fine the rest of Tuesday and this morning. But, out of curiosity, I tried to call home this afternoon. Same problem's back apparently.

I got a little stressed. :headache:

I called Rich and told him. He gave me the typical male attitude of oh-well-I-guess-we'll-get-around-to-fixing-it-but-its-only-telemarketers-anyway-etc-etc-etc.

I got a lot stressed. :mad: :mad:

I reached for the nearest junk food.


Very interesting....

10-08-2003, 06:02 PM
Just caught up on the old thread... DNW thank you for your moving post re: denial with food issues. I'll be thinking about that too, and trying to use it for motivation. {{hugs}}

Jello - I SO know how you feel right now! Arrrgh! Start over now. Fill up your water, drink it.

It's definitely worth paying attention to, when we do things counter-productive to our goals... and to ask: How did this all start? Tracking the patterns helps us recognize earlier in the cycle when they begin to happen, and eventually it will be early enough to find a strategy that helps us cope w/o food. Somehow this is an area where progress has always slipped through my fingers in the past. I just don't like to face these issues! Sometimes I'm in denial that I have them, but then I think I must or surely I would be thin by now?

Anyway, it's good to be back in contact. However, I think I can't try to follow up on ALL your news, LOL. A lot happens around here in a week! I'll just give you all some love and get out! :love:

10-08-2003, 06:11 PM
Did junk food make the phone work? Just inquiring because some people here still don't have phones and I'll tell them to eat more junk food if that will fix it! Just kidding. Jello, my husband is the same way. If it is still happening or happens again, call you service provider and have them check the line. You can sort of rule out if it is their problem or yours that way.

Been busy - got HIM off the Baltimore at 4:30 so I'll have a catch up day tomorrow.

10-09-2003, 11:08 AM
Hi All, I'm back from training class, will be back when I get a chance to catch up a bit.

((((hugs all around))))

10-09-2003, 11:25 AM
Nope Quilter. The junk I ate didn't help the phone problem one little bit. In fact, it made it worse. Now, not only don't I have a phone, I also feel bad about myself. :cry: Yeah, I'm a dope.

But it's a new day and I've given Rich the ultimatum. Get it fixed or I will. And that means I take a day off and stay home ... unsupervised ... with tools and paint and stuff.... :devil:


Welcome back Cafe!! Missed you around here! Forget this "I have to work" stuff and give us a long post full of vacation details and good things! I must live vicariously through you for now.

And I have to live with this boss. Grumble. He's heading to France on the 18th for a week. Just gotta get through the next week.... :crossed:

And oh yeah .... GO CUBS!!!!!!! :D

10-09-2003, 11:49 AM
Jello:Keep yelling Jello and maybe we will get there. I figure we will win tonight with Kerry on the mound but when we get around to Zambrano again I get nervous. They sure beat up on them last night though, didn't they?

I only have a couple minutes as the electrician is here rewiring the house. He does one section at a time and he is going to be turning off the electricity here soon.

Have a great day ladies!


10-10-2003, 09:08 AM
Jello, are you saying you are a weapon of mass destruction when left alone at home with tools? In which case, I'll bet your phone is now working fine.

Yesterday was my birthday so now I can officially collect Social Security - at a greatly reduced rate. Hope I don't need to do it for several more years. I'd go crazy or kill my husband if I have to stay home now. Just the time I was home during the hurricane drove me near the brink.

Big physical is next Wednesday so I figure I may as well "live it up" until then. I'll probably be on the twigs and berries diet after that.

Boss is back from Baltimore today so have to get to work!

10-10-2003, 09:39 AM
Twigs and Berries :lol:


10-10-2003, 10:18 AM

Oh you guys, I had the best time last night. Today is Jack's 54th birthday so I took him to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner last night as we are having his birthday dinner with the kids tonight. I had never been there before and didn't know what they did for a person's birthday. Oh my gosh, they took Jack out of the booth, put him in the middle of the restaurant, tied a grass skirt on him, a lei, a bikini top and a straw hat. They then proceeded to tell everyone to sing him happy birthday and he had to do the hula. If he stopped before the song was over everyone was to stop until he started again and we would all start from the beginning. Jack was a totally good sport about it and hulaed the heck out of his skirt! I am laying down in the booth dying laughing because if you knew my husband, he HATES being the center of attention let alone making a spectacle of himself. I would have killed for a camera! He was just sooooo adorable!

I now have the grocery list for my menus and though I can't get to the commissary until Sunday, I am looking forward to getting on something structured. It is the best way for me.

You ladies have a great weekend!


10-10-2003, 10:19 AM
Oh, I thought I posted last night but now it is gone? Maybe I never hit submit or something, sounds like what I'd do.

Anywayyy, I can't remember exactly what I said anymore but I'm sure it was better than anything I can come up with this morning, LOL. Don't feel like I have much to add. (duh, need more coffee?)

Happy Friday!

Edited to add: Faye, we posted at the same time but that is a great story! You had me giggling too. Too funny!

10-10-2003, 12:35 PM
Faye, I know what you mean about being structured. If I have a menu, I will faithfully eat what is on it but if I'm flying by the seat of my pants, I eat the wrong stuff. You never have a camera when you need one! Bet you can't get him to go there for his birthday next year!

10-10-2003, 04:12 PM
Had no time to post today! :cry: But being busy makes the day go faster.

Faye, too funny!! :lol: Most of the guys I know would have hated it! You're lucky to have such a fun man!

Cafe, been there, done that. :dizzy:

I gotta run. I'm on fire today. Been doing all sorts of stuff and have been doing it RIGHT!!! Who'da thunk it!?

Have a great weekend all!

10-11-2003, 08:44 AM
Jello: Yeah for you! Keep up the excellent work!

well we pulled a win out of our behinds somehow last night. only 2 more wins to the world series!

Hope everyone is doing great OP. I have one more sluggish day to get through and then I can get to the grocery store and get my menu stuff.

We are taking Thomas to see Good Dog today. Don't know if he will sit through the whole movie, but we will see! The kid LOVES popcorn, so I imagine dinner won't be eaten cause ole Nonny and Granddad don't deny him much. I did a DUMB GRANDMA thing yesterday. I bought him a present of a Halloween coloring book with stickers, a strip of other Halloween stickers and a box of washable markers to take to the restaurant to keep him busy and THEY DID! I thought I was being a smarty pants and bought him markers that "puff up" as they dry. NEVER LOOKED AT THE EXAMPLE! The $%^& stuff was PAINT not really markers though it did SAY markers. He was squirting paint everywhere trying to get it out of the tubes. It's a wonder everyone in the restaurant didn't go home polka dotted! What a mess you guys and of course HE LOVED THEM! We had to hide them in Jack's gift bag when his food came so he didn't take them home.

Everyone have a great day! Carol we miss you and have you in our thoughts every day!


10-11-2003, 03:53 PM
Hi All,

Been to busy to post, only had one day off from my grandson. I am physically sore from heaving him around (28#) and from climing back and forth over the baby-gate maze used to control his movements. Not complaining though... this grandma stuff is the absolute greatest! When those little arms wrap around me, my heart just melts.

Had a rough few days of eating! Thursday we had pizza on the run and then an Aunt Annies pretzel (worth every calorie) at the mall. Friday was my son's B-day so I baked him a cake and fixed lunch. They left the baby and the cake... I spent the day lifting up the cover and taking little tiny slivers... When they returned for the baby, the cake was boxed up and waiting by the diaper bag. I figure if it ain't here, I can't eat it.

Faye: I'm rooting for your cubs too. I'm forced keep up because since the playoffs started, dh has been in charge of the remote. When he walks into the room, all his subjects bow, relinquish his chair and from bended knee, offer up the remote. I wish *I* had this kind of power over my kids.

Quilter: Twigs & berries... too funny... after my two days of wanton eating I should consider this option.

Catch you all later.

10-12-2003, 10:45 AM
Well I have already taken someone to task this morning, so I am definitely on someone's list here! This person was making comments about some woman who was eating too much at a restaurant. Boy, it is sure easier to cast stones that to look at yourself and judge yourself, huh? I let this person have it as you know how unassuming and demure I am:lol: Seriously though, I never let anyone get away with that crap anymore!

Today is grocery shopping day oh joy! I don't really mind it as dh hauls it all in for me!

The movie was fun and Thomas was wonderful though his mom said he would never sit through the whole thing. Being with Nonny and Granddad is different I guess! I didn't even fill him up with too much junk food. We bought him a kids pak that had a drink (lemonade not allowed soft drinks), popcorn and a little bag of m and m's. He loves popcorn. If you have kids over about 5 I would recommend this movie. It was really sweet. T even wanted to cuddle so I got to have him on my lap for awhile and I never get tired of that!


Well ladies it is breakfast and then to the store!

Have a great Sunday!


10-13-2003, 10:57 AM
Monday Funday, as Tig would say! Hey girlfriend, whatcha doin' today after you get those kiddies off to school?

Well, here there is not too much going on. I cooked for friends last night which was fun, and on top of it the house is clean from company, which is a bonus to start out the week. Now I am finally organized after coming back from vacation.

I can't believe it, this weekend we have to run to Memphis for a wedding. Came up suddenly because I haven't been thinking about it. It is no one I know, someone DH knows, so I'm feeling ambivalent about the whole trip, but I'm sure it will be fine and possibly even fun. Never been there before (Memphis.)

On the diet front... Ice cream invaded my home this weekend. Other than that (!) things went pretty well. For this week, I have my menu set, at least for dinner, and I feel good about it.

Lizabeth, should lugging around a 28# kid count as exercise? Auntie thinks so.


10-13-2003, 12:38 PM
Hey Everybody!

Well, this is week 4 for me and no smoking. I've had a few times when it was really hard to keep from picking them up again but I am commited this time and will not smoke again.

Now if I could just figure out how to stop putting so much food in my mouth I would be in good shape. I noticed before that a lot of you said you had quit a while back. Any suggestions for keeping the weight gain at bay would be really appreciated.

Faye - Your birthday story was really funny. I'll have to take my oldest there in January on her BD she'll love it!

Guess I'd better get back to work, have a great day!


10-13-2003, 12:46 PM
Good morning everybody!

Cafe: Don't get too excited about Memphis! We have great Blues clubs down on Beale street and Elvis junk if you are a fan, but other than that we are famous for one thing and it is BBQ and who wants to be reminded of that? Are you flying or driving? The drivers here are NUTS!!!!!!! Hope you have a nice time. Where are the couple getting married?

Lj: We are all very proud of you juggling two addictions at once and trying to overcome them both! You are doing a great job with the cigarettes. Just hang tough!

Pretty quiet here today. Dh came home about an hour ago with a migraine and is in bed, but I think he is feeling somewhat better. The department he works for with the city has this thing where you get a bonus day off for every 90 days you work without taking a sick day so he NEVER EVER takes off even when he is sick so he must really be feeling badly.

I want to get showered and go over to the mall and walk so toodles! (the oldsters in the group probably remember Sally Field saying that all the time on the Gidget show!)


10-13-2003, 01:02 PM
Hi. Just wanted to touch base. I'm keeping up on all my reading, but still not feeling very posty.
Very busy. Today, it's grandparents day at the school. They can't go, so I'm going. Don't want my kids not to have anyone there. Also taking the dog to the vet. Allergy's. Somewhere in between I need to get groceries. Wish I had an organized list like some of you. I haven't been very good with my WOE lately. *banging head on desk, trying to fix it* DH did bring up the idea of joining the gym again...possibly as our Christmas gift. So at least something positive is in the wings.

Cafe, I told my youngest today "get up, it's monday funday". He informed me that monday funday was in kindergarten. It's not monday funday anymore in first grade. How quick they learn.

I hope I can get my head fixed and come back with some positive support and input.


10-13-2003, 02:01 PM
Whew! Monday Funday!?!? When's the fun start? :?: Certainly not when I woke up this AM and would have sworn it was Sunday! Oh well. One day closer to the weekend. How's that for positive attitude? :shrug:

Faye, still crying in my beer over the Cubbies last night. What happened!?!? Hm, I'm thinking they just wanted to go back to Chicago to win it in front of the home crowd. Yeah, that's the story. Go team! :crossed:

Huntress, yay for you!!!! :bravo: You're doing great girl! Sorry I have no advice to offer on keeping the pounds off though. If I did, I'd be skinny.....

Tiger, glad to see you here. No one says you have to post. Just don't be a stranger! {{{Tiger}}}

Cafe, come clean my house???? Pretty please??? :^:

Well, girls, I'm coming off another bad weekend. Gotta learn to fill my time with stuff to do instead of fill my mouth with junk food. I'm glad that I'm making better choices - pizza loaded with veggies and not much cheese for lunch yesterday for example - but I'm still not doing so good in the weight loss game.

Ho hum.... Waiting for something to kick in ....

.... waiting .... waiting........


10-13-2003, 04:43 PM
Faye - It will be fun, I'm sure. I forgot about Elvis! Ha. Actually, since this is DH's deal, I haven't really paid much attention to location. I guess I will have to dig that up and get some maps before this weekend. DH is an LA driver, so hopefully he can hold his own. I will be holding the Oh S---! bar right above my window, as usual. ;) Actually, we are flying, so gotta hope the rental has that feature.

Tiger, Loved your story about the boy. Yep, they do learn quick. Hey, ever since you said it, I've been repeating it to myself hoping I'll believe it one of these times. (Monday Funday :yes: !)

Jello - No dice! I cleaned one house this week, which is more than enough. I sure wish we could drink beer at work like you... Even if I had to cry into it, I'm sure the entire experience would be enhanced versus cold water or diet soda. :devil:

10-13-2003, 07:27 PM
Tig: I love it when kids are just small enough to speak their minds, but not be rude and insulting! How cute!

Cafe: Warn hubby they like to wait until the last second to exit and then they will cut over in front of you, they expect YOU to get out of their way and they SPEEEEEEEDDDDDDD! We have one of the top 5 car insurance rates in the country!. Hope you have a great time while you are here! Let me know if I can help with directions or anything.

Jello: The Beckett kid was GOOD last night, but when the head thing happened with Sammy and Sammy looked like he was going to charge the mound, at the end of the inning, Beckett looked towards the dugout at Sosa and I can read lips, he said, "Take that motherf*$&%^." That made me pretty mad so I was hoping just one CUB would hit the ball back down his arrogant little throat. I am really impressed with Pudge Rodriguez. That is not only a great ballplayer but a great person. Jack told me the CUBS tried to get Pudge when he was a free agent from the Marlins last year, but the Marlins paid him $10 million dollars to stay. Personally, with Prior and then Wood, I think we have an ace in the hole to win the pennant.

Well, I promised dh I would come back downstairs and I have been up her a half hour so better go.

Oh, the first recipe I tried, Beef Lo Mein (here in the recipe section) is very tasty btw! I am OP again and back in the saddle of weight loss control!


10-14-2003, 10:17 AM
Just popping in for a quick hello. We are in the middle of planting wheat and spreading wheat fertilizer, along with trying to pickup as much info on the Whs Mgr's duties as I can so fun time is limited.

Thinking about you guys!

10-14-2003, 10:43 AM
Faye - thanks for the advice. I'm sure DH will love me giving HIM advice on driving, LOL. Not that it would stop me. :devil: So are you actually IN Memphis? Why did I think it was somewheres else?! This trip looks better all the time.

Can I just say that I hate getting up when it's dark in the morning? Bleh. Of course, when daylight savings time changes, then it will be all dark in the evening, all the time and STILL dark in the morning. I'm thinking I should get a timer, and a lamp for the bedroom, and put the lamp on a timer. I'm fine once I'm up, so maybe that would do the trick.

It really helps to eat right if I get my day off to a good, well organized start! Which takes a little time in the morning. Funny how I can know for years that I don't like to get up in the morning but not connect that with weight or make a strategy to combat it. <shrug>

Sun's up, and the trees across the city look from a distance like camouflage in shades of olive, ochre and warm browns.

10-14-2003, 12:16 PM
Hi, ladies! Just checking in. Been reading all your posts but too busy to do much myself. HE is on the war path yet again - fortunately not directed at me and I don't want it to be.

Huntress, the doctor told me the reason we gain weight when we quit smoking is it slows the metabolism a tad and food tastes a whole lot better when it isn't mixed with the overtones of cigarettes. I certainly have no magic for not gaining except to increase your activity and keep those veggies ready to snack on. You are to be commended for sticking it out. I promise it will get easier over time but not to tell you a lie, there is still the once-in-a-blue-moon time I'd like to light up. DON'T GIVE IN!

10-14-2003, 01:03 PM
Cafe: Yes, I live IN Memphis in the Hickory Hill/Fox Meadows area of the city. It is a part of the city that is about 30 years old now and isn't the best neighborhood, but I don't feel any danger being out and about when I walk etc. There are not many areas of the city that I would walk around in at night no matter what. I think that goes without saying no matter where you live anymore. I wish you had more time as I would love to meet you while you are here!

I am sitting here when I am supposed to be cleaning my upstairs so I have to quit stalling and get to it!

Have a great day ladies!



10-14-2003, 03:01 PM
Cafe, too funny! I was thinking the EXACT same thing about the lamp on a timer just this morning!! :lol: It's really not a bad idea.

BTW, nope the beer drinking wasn't done at work.

... But that's not a bad idea either! :devil:

Faye, I think I'm more nervous than the team is! :stress: Go Cubbies!!! This is the night. And hopefully the Red Sox will do well this afternoon and then win their division. Cubs vs Red Sox = Jello vs Rich. Could get very exciting!

Sadly, nerves make Jello eat.

Yeah, yeah. Like there's anything that DOESN'T make Jello eat. :p But I'm doing well today so far. Even with a couple of little M&M's :m: :m: Just a few. Portion control!!

Well, boss just got a call from Mrs. Boss at home. Apparently, they're having their gutters redone or something and the guy's trying to pull something or cheat them somehow and Mrs. Boss can't handle the situation. Good news is that he's outta' here. Off to beat up someone else for a change.

But I've got work to do anyway so I'll go. But first .... one more time!

:dancer: GO CUBS!!!! :dancer:

10-15-2003, 11:22 AM
Jello: Our Cubbies let us down last night. I was so mad I was screaming at them. DH said, "Calm down." so I yelled at him too! I believe that is being a tad overinvolved. I don't know whether I will watch them muck it up tonight or not!

I have a request. It came about when a lady that posts on my thread ask for prayers for family that have cancer. I am compiling a list of women who have/had/or died from breast cancer from the women here on the threads I post at. If you have a contribution, please send me her name. I am going to carry the list in my pocket the day of the race, which is a week from Saturday. In this way, I am walking for THEM!

Gotta hit the bricks and get a walk in!


10-15-2003, 12:24 PM
Faye, you think YOU are too involved!?!? I couldn't even sleep last night. :mad: No matter how bad my life may get, at least I'm not that Cubs fan!!

Oh well. They'll come back and win it tonight!! :cp: :cp: Ah yes, the American pasttime!! And I'm wearing my Cubs jersey today and the company dress code be darned! :s:

OK, on to the topic of this forum.... :rolleyes:

I was so good yesterday. I ate well. I got on my treadmill for 20+ minutes. I drank rivers of water.

... and GAINED a pound. :( Grumble..... It's just not fair!!!

Speaking of not fair, bossman decided on a great new project that he needs to take with him to France on Saturday. Yes, hours of work for Jello and maybe ... just maybe ... it'll get done. My desk looks like it has exploded!

And what is it about wet inkjet ink on a transparency that makes EVERYONE that walks by want to touch it!?!?!?!?! Big dumb dopies! Don't make me hurt you! :stars:

Gotta run. Lunch hour today includes a trip to the office supply store.

And I'm NOT going to the one next to the pizza place. :smug:

Atta girl!

... um ... Go Cubbies!!! :crossed: :^:

10-15-2003, 12:45 PM
EEEeekk, that poor Cubs fan. He's lucky he got out of there alive. Wonder if he got to keep the ball? :dz: He'll probably be doing the talk show circuit next week.

I'm under strick orders not to leave the house today. DH expecting his new baby to arrive UPS. That would be a new baby Gateway. Boys and their toys. :rolleyes:

When the grass dries off, I'm going to drag my butt outside for a walk...sticking close to the house so as not to miss the delivery. :yes:


10-15-2003, 02:00 PM
I just read a blurb about the game last night on and I guess they really abused this poor kid last night. He was terrified, the security took him to a holding area, the CUBS gave him a new jacket and they spirited him out a private entrance. I don't blame the kid, I blame the ump because the rule is if a fan reaches over and he did but the ump said no soooo what can you do. It was no guarantee we wer going to get out of the inning anyway as it was not the last out and we went on to make errors (Alex Gonzalez for example) and we plain didn't deserve to win. Hopefully they will have their stuff together!

I got in a 60 minute walk this morning and need to head to the showers. I did stop at the Walmart Neighborhood market and bypassed the free glazed donut holes calling me name!


10-16-2003, 09:32 AM
Well, the Cubs broke my heart but I love 'em anyway. :^:

Know what? The Cubs lost last night.

And this morning, the sun still came up! The world has kept on turning. Yesterday has become today. Tomorrow will still come.

So if I fall completely off program, should I just give up and figure that's it, that's the end?

Heck no! :D I'll just keep on plugging.

Hm, can learn a lot from the wide world of sports....

But I am wearing black today ... just 'cuz. :rolleyes:

:chin: I'm feelin' strong and brave. I think I need to go fill my water bottle now.

10-16-2003, 10:19 AM
Sorry Girls, about the Cubs!

I can tell you that I'M NOT HAVING FUN!!!! Our WHS MGR has been on a delivery truck all week and I'm not getting any training on his position. The new replacement guy and I are coming in on Sunday so maybe we will have some quite with the one that's leaving. :yikes: This stinks!

DNW, thinking about you often. Please check in, you know we worry.

Gotta run.

10-16-2003, 10:31 AM
Jello: They played lousy both games and didn't deserve to win. There is always next year. They have a fine ball club and an excellent manager. Tweak the team a bit and they will be back again next year. I can't believe they wanted this so much and played so crummy for two games. Jack said he thinks both Prior and Wood were just plain out of steam and he could be right!

I just wanted to peek in. I have a lot to do this morning. Talk to you later.


10-16-2003, 03:07 PM
Hey ladies. Sorry about the cubs!

Faye, I double-checked the travel arrangements in case there was a way we could squeeze a visit in. It would make the trip worthwhile for me! Unfortunately the way DH booked the flights we are basically on the ground no longer than necessary. We leave bright and early the morning after the wedding. :(

I'm having to do a lot of work on my computer lately, backing up and removing files, moving things to the server. Tried to defragment overnight but it stopped halfway through. The 2nd half took until noon to complete. But it had to be done. Don't ask me how I had managed to fill up a 20 gigabyte hard drive, but I'm 43% free now and fully defragged. Yay! Took a day and a half, though. I cleaned up my paper files in the meantime like a banshee. Nothing else to do!

So now I've got to scoot and clear up the backlog of work.


10-16-2003, 05:49 PM
Hello, ladies, my condolences for the demise of the CUBS for this year.

Had my physical yesterday - get mammogram next wednesday and bone density on Monday. I've shrunk 3/4 inch in the last 2 years. Steroids for asthma and hypothyroidism all contribute to osteoprosis. Plus I have my 3rd high blood pressure reading so now I get to do the DASH diet and lose 30 pounds. Insulin Resistence stayed the same and sugar returned to where it was with that so no diabetes yet - more reason to get those 30 pounds off. Dr. said my chloresterol was the lowest he has ever seen and he would guarantee I'll never have heart disease - but I might get run over by a truck. So better than I thought and I'm glad to find out about the high blood pressure before I have a stroke. DASH diet is exchanges and I'm real familiar with them from WW before points. It's the salt-free that will take some getting used to. I also not only have a raging case of GERD but an ulcer as well. No caffine, no chocolate. Did I mention I have a bit of stress on the job?
He also mentioned the ugly exercise word.

DNW, take care of yourself. Let us hear from you when you feel like it.

10-17-2003, 10:59 AM
Good Morning and a Very Happy Friday!:dance: It's raining here but the weaterman promises it will clear out by noon and be a pretty weekend.

Quilter, First, congrats on the perfect blood work results. Does you doctor recommend these diet plans or are you seeing a dietician? Just wondering, all my doctor ever says is cut fat, calories and exercise! BTW, exercise is great for stress.

Dang, boss just handed me some purchase orders to type, be back later.

10-17-2003, 11:29 AM
SEMO, my doctor sends me to a dietician...she helps me taylor the plan to my needs and tastes. Fortunately, my insurance carrier pays for it. I would pay myself if I had to because it has been so helpful in the past.

Beautiful day but rain is on the way - yet again. It's amazing how much stuff still has to be cleaned up from the hurricane. They are running out of space to put the trees.

10-17-2003, 03:06 PM
Quilter - excellent news re: choleserol and diabetes factors. I'm glad to hear it, on your behalf. The BP thing is something, but sounds like you will handle it with style.

Getting ready to head out tomorrow AM, it will be a whirlwind trip but all things considered that's okay! Looking stuff up on the internet today. Faye: The wedding is downtown in the Overton Square area (Florence & Monroe?). However, the recommended lodging is over by the Wolfchase mall? DH will get a workout with the driving, eh?

Don't have a lot to say about dieting! Except that, I used my crockpot twice this week and liked it. I think this could be good not only for my stress levels (NOT having to come home and cook makes me smile!) but also because there is no added fat in this type of cooking. It's a whole-foods kind of cooking too, which is good for me. The less processed crapola the better. So, eating pretty good this week, but not on plan either. Meh, it's a new week when I get home Sunday.

Everyone have a great weekend!

10-20-2003, 10:05 AM
Good morning ladies!

Cafe: Hope you had a nice time in Memphis! We sure had a beautiful Sat and Sun here for you! I had forgetten that my sil's cousin got married on Sat. I will have to ask Kelly where she got married. Who knows, maybe my daughter was at YOUR wedding! If you saw a spritely little terror of a redheaded boy in navy blue pants and a plaid shirt, that was probably my grandson!!! :lol:

Man, it feels good to be totally back on track. I have had some really long slump time and especially bad the last week or so and didn't exactly know what. Psychoanalyzed myself, figured it out and got back up on the horse.

Today looks like it is going to be a beautifully warm day again so I am going to get my behind going, get my chores done and get out and walk.

Carol, hope things are starting to feel a little better for you. We miss you bunches!

Everyone else, have a superb day!


10-20-2003, 10:31 AM
A quick hello, the weather is beautiful here and we are already busy putting out fertilizer and wheat seed. Today's the first day without our Whs Mgr, gosh I'm gonna miss him. We worked so well together and he reminded me so much of my husband when he was younger. Of course he was almost young enough to be one of my sons but not quite! We were very close as friends even with the age difference. I wish him well.

DNW, I second what Faye said. We miss you and hope you are copeing a little better each and every day. (((huz)))

Cafe, how was the trip? Probably feeling tired this morning.

Tig, Girl, am I gonna have to come drag you out of that mood? Get youself back here, we miss ya.

Hey to everyone, I've got a ton of things to get done, including the most important, payroll! :D

Have a great day.

10-20-2003, 11:14 AM
Woohoo! Monday! ok, not really...but I can pretend. :p
It's been a whirlwind lately. Ten weeks until Christmas and no break in sight.
I finally had that yard sale that I gathered stuff for weeks ago. Diet books all gone. I kept one Kathy Smith book and Bob Greene's Get With the Program. DH is such a card. He sold the last of the stuff to the last people of the day for 10 bucks. It was a truck load full! He even loaded it up in his truck and drove it to their house.
Girls, my Mom was SO thrilled at the "surprise furniture re-arrange" that my sis and I did. It was like our own little HGTV episode. We did three rooms...swapped furniture around, dusted, swept under everything. It was great making her feel so good with all that's going on with my Dad. My sis wants to plan a day to go back and do the bedrooms. :dizzy:
Semo, what does Whs stand for?:^: Weather is nice here too. 80 today!
Faye, you wanna phschoanalyze me? My horse is broken.:dz:
I'm gonna bust butt in the house this morning so I can get outside this afternoon to enjoy the weather. :wave:

10-20-2003, 11:49 AM
Speaking of horses, did I ever tell you gals that I fell of the mechanical horse at Red Owl when I was 3 years old? :lol:

Yes, I'm back. The weather WAS perfect, Faye. And YES, I am a little tired today, SEMO. The wedding was very nice, it was small which I enjoyed particularly. I don't think I saw your little red-haired boy, though? There was a cute lil 2 year old boy, but otherwise sans kids. And he had black pants on... Wanted to get down on the wood floor and came up looking like the business end of a swiffer, LOL. Also, I can't remember how old the grandbaby is, and I think the last time I saw him he was covered in paint! :) FWIW, the wedding was Aschman/Byers.

Can I just say it was beautiful here yesterday too? I was so glad to get home!

Meanwhile it's overcast this morning and 3 window washers are going crazy on our building next door (I suppose we're next). They're on floor 15 now - across from our windows - and they're harnessed to things that look like old fashoined swings, each with a 5-gal bucket dangling at one side. Talk about having your butt in a sling, LOL! When they're ready to drop to the next pane, they look just like spiders how quick they can drop from their web. Scary!

That's all I got - but I've decided to start over on my diet today. Um, as of now, that is, since I had an encounter with a pastry this morning.

Tiger - can you do that to my house, please?


10-20-2003, 12:14 PM
Woo hoo, Cafe. It's you and me again, girlie, on the same track. I'm starting over today also, after the walnut and raisin covered sticky bun this morning..... :rolleyes:

But a gal here just got back from a 2-week vacation which included 3 days in Las Vegas. She brought me a 2004 calendar so I can pine away about a different casino every month of the year. :lol:

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to lose weight and the prize will be a trip to Vegas. And I'm not allowed to go until I lose the weight. Tricky part will be setting the goal. :chin: See I'd like to go to Vegas maybe in late February or March. So I've got to calculate how much I can realistically try to lose by then. Then if I don't lose it, I don't go. There. That's it. Finito! May be a bit harsh but I've got to try something. :drill:

Meanwhile, maybe it'll keep me from having any more weekends like this past one. :cry: And I'm panicked too. This morning I realized that my little wallet that I carry my license, mac card and some money in is missing. I'm pretty sure :^: that it's still in the pocket of the jeans I was wearing yesterday (I hope I hope I hope) but it's not back in my purse where I usually tuck it. Hopefully, I'll find it when I get home from Curves tonight. Meanwhile I'm trying not to think about it. :stress: Fate's punishing me for my bad behavior this weekend.

Tiger, I'm thinking Semo means warehouse???

Semo, we're having great fall weather too. Lots of leaves and pine cones to rake. The only exercise I'm getting lately.

Carol, really miss you sweetie. Send us all a quick post so we know you're OK. Think of you every day. :love:

I have to go. Boss is in France this week so I'm trying to get all the "chores" he left for me done so I can do some of my own work! Gettin' there....


Edited to add: "Butt in a sling"!!! :lol: Cafe, you're a card!

10-20-2003, 01:03 PM
Hello, ladies. I'm back on track and now wearing a pedometer for incentive to walk more. Doc wants me to do 10,000 steps a day. Don't see that happening anytime soon - I'll have to work up! It records stuff and holds it in memory so I'm supposed to take it to my next visit so they can get the info off. Guess that's a good incentive to move more.

Had my mammogram this morning - there was something wrong with the machine and there were black lines through every one of the x-rays! So they did some fiddling around and did them all again - came out okay that time. Seems like punishment to have it done twice!

Beautiful fall day. The leaves haven't turned much but we have a tone of acorns and nuts down all over the place.

Jello, I like your idea about setting goal and no prize if it isn't reached. I'm aiming for 20 pounds by the end of February - or I will cut 2 days off the Quilt Show. Can't cut them all because I already paid my money and they keep 25% if you cancel. I tell you ladies, sodium is in everything. It's not easy to keep it below 1500.

10-20-2003, 02:29 PM
We are all coming around again it seems. One of the ladies that posts on my thread made a comment everything in nature slowing down at this time of year, but that just can't happen to me or I won't be the best looking woman at my son's wedding (besides the bride of course who will be beautiful)

Cafe: Nope different wedding. You would have definitely noticed Thomas I can assure you! Glad you had a nice time

Tig: I bet you are glad all that stuff is gone. Each time Jack would get transferred when he was in the Navy I yard saled everything I could think of just so we wouldn't have to move it. Your dh and boys must be really down. Winningham or whatever his name is is probably not long for Notre Dame now. They are doing really bad this year. They will probably finish his contract then OUT he will go. Hey, if we can manage it, I would love to get with you next Sept when we come up for Jay's wedding. We are going to be there a whole week and I want to go to my mom's grave, which is in Argos so maybe we can meet at McD's or Burger King at 31 and 6 for just a little while. We have lots of time. We are going to be staying at the downtown Holiday Inn. The Marriott is booked solid for that time period, which would have been great seeing as how it is across the street from the Century Center.

Don't mind any grammar or spelling flubs, I am typing without my reading glasses on as I am coloring my hair. I am leaning back about as far as I can. I need arms like that kids toy of the 70's Stretch Armstrong I think is what he was called.

Well, I better go see if I am "done" yet. I got tired of blond and colored it a deep red so I hope it comes out as I usually pick a light to medium red. I got hooked on Sharon Osborne's show and I love her hair color.


10-20-2003, 02:57 PM
What a sweetie my boyfriend is! I'd called him about my wallet and he knows how I obsess (who? me? :rolleyes: ) so he went home at lunch time and then he called me. The good news is, he said, that he found it. The bad news ... well, it's very clean. Yep, bottom of the washer. Geez, I hope those lottery tickets dry out OK. I could be a millionaire and not even know it.

Faye, I had a Stretch Armstrong! :D Yeah, I was a weird tomboy when I was little.

Quilter, your post made me want to go find my pedometer. Little battery operated job I bought, oh a thousand years ago, in an effort to keep track of how far I walked each day. BTW, you deserve a perfect bill of health for having to do THAT twice! :eek:

Well, I'm off to the boss's office to finish up his projects. The rest of the week is mine, all mine! Friday, Rich and I leave for North Carolina and his parents' big 50th. :cheers: Can't wait.

10-20-2003, 10:16 PM
Hi all,

Just popped in to say hi!

I found a "present" in my cellar last weekend---a baby Siamese kitten. She (I think it's a she) is gorgeous and I've been nursing her back to health. I think her mother abandoned her or forgot her way back or something? My neighbor said to put her back in the cellar since she wouldn't even drink milk for us so I put her back in her place the next night to make sure her mother didn't find her....but I couldn't let her stay long---it was chilly that next morning. She has to be bottle fed and I'm in business now---got pet baby bottles, powdered formula, litter box, the works! But...the dog thinks she has a new playmate and isn't as gentle as she should be so we have to watch them closely together. I'm heading to the vet at the end of the week...need to see if I'm raising the kitten correctly--never had one this young before---possibly 4-5 weeks old.

Still following the SB diet---it seems a little easier now that I've got in a routine. Down at least 1/2-1# per week. Slow but sure... Getting my exercise following the kitten-dog chase!

Gotta go....the house chores go by the wayside with small pets and I'm gonna have to catch up if we're going to actually try to live here!

Take care all,


P.S. Hugs to you, Carol.

10-21-2003, 06:20 AM
Bright: Always interesting bringing in a new pet. I know that when Jack found the abandon kitten out where he works and brought it home I wasn't sure how Fortune would take to it. He was terrified of it for awhile but they are pretty good buds now. I still have to get him neutered and declawed though. Be careful with the formula stuff as it will cause diarrhea. I had Butterscotch on it when we got him because I didn't have any idea how old he was and the vet took him off of it and the soft cat food immediately and put him on dry. I am sure your vet will direct you appropriately.

Jello: Aren't you thankful for laminate? I remember the days when the ole license was just a piece of paper basically and became fluff in the dryer filter or shreds on the inside of the washer! :lol: One of these days, dh and I are going to get out to Vegas. We had a trip all planned for my birthday and ended up having to cancel because of all this electrical stuff that had to be taken care of. If I were you, I would go to the book store and get a good Vegas guide book. It can be invaluable. That is what Jack and I did. Most of them will show you what hotels are the most expensive, least, best etc also give you ideas about the best buffets and restaurants and best places to gamble. We were going to stay just off the strip at the Orleans. It has a shuttle that will drop you off at either of their other two hotels, one being on the strip and one down on Frontier street and we thought that would save cab bucks or taking public transportation. My son called yesterday and wants to book a cruise with us, he and his fiance and his future mil. I told him remember the wedding? The two of them make huge bucks and can afford stuff like that, we have to save to be able to do cruises and such and the wedding expenses are going to suck us DRY! We just might be able to afford a rowboat down the Mississippi!

Hope everyone has a terrific day!


10-21-2003, 09:22 AM
Had a whole day OP!!! That includes a workout at Curves and last night, get this, I'd eaten everything I felt I should but I was still hungry. Well, not really hungry but I wanted something....

.... so I .....

... went to bed. :D Score one for ol' Jello!!!!

Oooh Brighter, a kitten! Sounds so cute. As Faye said, I'm sure the vet will be able to advise you on the proper care and feeding. She's gonna need lots of love. Sounds like you're up for the job.

BTW Bright, congrats on your success with SB! A pound or so a week sounds just right.

And speaking of that, I'm thinking 20 lbs. in 20 weeks. Maybe for me, it's a bit ambitious but I'm counting on that initial big loss that comes when starting any new weight loss plan. This morning, for example, my weight was down 2.2 lbs from yesterday morning. Now I know that's not going to happen every day but how's that for a head start? :encore:

Faye, thanks for the advice. I think I just might invest in one of those books to find restaurants and such. But we'll probably stay at Bally's. I love Bally's and usually try to stay there. The plan last time was to stay in the middle of the strip and one day walk all the way to one end and back and the next day walk all the way to the other end and back. Yeah, that was the plan. And it's the plan for the next trip too. :rolleyes: Maybe I'll actually do it!

No ... not maybe ... I WILL!!!!

Whew! And now I WILL WORK..... Gotta do what you gotta do.

Picturing Faye's whole family in a rowboat on the Mississippi and giggling fiercely...... :lol:

10-21-2003, 10:30 AM
Faye, while you are rowing up the Mississippi, will you have riverboat gambling as well? Maybe on a little barge you tow behind.

I only walked 6515 steps yesterday. Man, it takes actually doing a walking program to reach 10,000. Guess I'd better get the old walkman dusted off and get started. Aiming for 7000 today.

I always feel better when I eat the SB way, so why do I let myself fall off? The junk food doesn't even taste good anymore but it is like I still have to keep testing to make sure I don't really want it.

Jello, I think you have the excercise part licked - seems like Curves is just what you needed.

Ladies, have a good day - the boss man cometh!

10-21-2003, 11:34 AM

Gosh wouldn't that be a site, one man is 6'2, one is 6'6, one chubby ole lady, and two normal size ones and that doesn't even count the grandson, dd or sil if they would take the trip. Wow, what a great idea have some kind of raft or something with a slot machine, baccarat for dh and maybe a 21 table! I would have to have some type of players card. Ok, I am getting carried away with my own silliness now! I have to tell you guys though, if you knew what goes into the Mississippi you wouldn't get into a yacht and sail down it. Don't forget dh works at Poop Central and he has filled me in about some things!

Jello: Yeah for you. On my thread we call those WTG's. Anything you do or happens that is good but NOT weight loss like you going to bed and not eating. Man, we had a terrible experience with Bally's in Tunica. The ac wasn't working properly, the ceilings were leaking and there were drip pans everywhere, the sheets were TORN, the shower didn't work right and the ice machines were all empty save for one in the lobby. When we pitched a fit, the staff could have cared less.We even filled out a complaint card and nothing! The one night we stayed there cost us $130 and I was seeing red. I looked up their corporate info and sent a letter the the big kahuna and never heard a word back even an apology. About 3 months later, we got a really apologetic letter from the manager of the Tunica hotel and one from corporate and our money back but we will never go back there. For one thing, the hotel is NOT attached to their casino which is lousy too. I am sure the Vegas Bally's is much better. We pretty much stay at Fitzgeralds in Tunica when we go down for the night or weekend. They seem to have the best slots I think and I am an exclusive slot player. I know how to play Texas Hold em Poker, but I am too nervous to play at a table.

Now for the GASP horror! We go down and stay overnight on Christmas Eve every year! It is EMPTY and CHEAP! A room is $19 a night or a suite is $49. Now before you go gaga, we always have our Christmas on Christmas eve with the kids because sil's parents insist on them getting Christmas together. We have no other family here and for us Christmas is over as far as the celebration is concerned by about 4 pm on Christmas Eve so we go the Casino. Now that will change once Jay is married and kids come along etc, but for now that is what we do. We may even have our Christmas this year on Friday the 26th because dd has to work Christmas Eve.

Well, this is not getting any exercise in so ttfn!


10-21-2003, 11:41 AM
Good morning to all!

Oooo, Bright! A kitten! I lurvs kittens. WTG sticking with your routine! I'm headed your direction. Just gotta keep reminding myself not to get distracted, LOL.

Quilt - I want a new toy, too. Where did you obtain this 'pedometer' item? I have only seen the dollar-store variety (which do not work). I want one!

Jello, You're so awesome. Slow & steady wins the race.

It lightened up yesterday and DH and I worked quickly in the fading sunlight to remove 30-odd lady bugs from our various window sills and crevices before they woke up and started swarming around the lights for their evening ritual. They are everywhere. I can't quite seem to vacuum them up, though, so I throw them outside with the loving words, "You need to get out more!" LOL. I have to admit that I spontaneously flushed a few in the bathroom because I'd already locked up for the night.

10-21-2003, 11:45 AM
Forgot to ask -

Faye: How did the red turn out??

10-21-2003, 12:32 PM
Yikes Faye! Remind me to stay away from the Tunica Bally's! :yikes: I've always had good luck (no pun intended) at Bally's in Vegas. But I gotta tell ya. Rich and I spent last Christmas in Las Vegas. It was terrible. The casinos were absolutely packed. Could hardly walk around because of the crowds. And people brought their kids!?!?! :mad: Security spent most of their days telling people to get their little kids out of the casino. What kind of bozo brings little kids into a casino? Grumble, grumble. Never going back there at Christmas time!!!


I've got nothin' to say really. Just wanted to pop in and respond to Faye's post.

... and keep myself away from the jar of candy on the next desk over....

No! Bad!! Baaaad candy!!!!!

10-21-2003, 12:43 PM
Cafe: I would go online to yahoo and do a search with pedometer. That is what I did and I found a cool looking one that does a lot of stuff including having an FM radio and it was under $30! I LIKE my hair. I am one of those old ladies that likes to what do they say, press the envelope. So, I have spiked maroon hair now! As soon as I am dressed decently, I will have Jack take a pic and post it.

Jello: The casinos in Ms allow the kids to eat in the restaurants but to get to them you have to drag the kids through the smoke filled casino and expose them to the gambling and drinking. I see people dragging there kids in all the time and I think it is disgraceful!

I did about 20 minutes of strength training this morning so I am sure my hands and arms are gonna be sore in the morning, but I need to get my upper arm muscles and hand strength built up especially my right hand as I am left handed and do EVERYTHING left handed.

Well it is to the shower for me.


10-21-2003, 12:46 PM
Cafe, got the pedometer at the mecca of shopping - Target - I got the best one they had ($26.95), figured the cheaper ones wouldn't be too accurate. Knowing how long it takes me to walk my "measured mile" this one seems to be right on target. I wanted one that measured miles and steps - it also figures calories expended and stores the suff.

10-21-2003, 01:14 PM
Ya'll remember me? Well, just wanted to say hi. Our year end is Oct 25th and I'm checking inventory and making adjustments here and there. When this is over I should have some time to play. Bye for now.

10-21-2003, 05:55 PM
Well GEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, guess you guys did forget all about me!

No really, just had a break and thought I'd see what was going on, guess you all have important things going on. See ya later.

10-22-2003, 07:23 AM
Good morning everyone. Well I have probably just made an enemy, but so be it. Someone posted a new diet they are going to try and it is NUTS and I think dangerous. This says you CANNOT exercise, the first 10 days you eat so many days of fruits and veggies only and then so many days of WHOLE milk only. Can you imagine? When are we going to wake up and realize there is NO miracle out there just plain hard work to get the weight off. I tried to be as gentle as possible, but even the site says you can experience dizziness from what is basically hypoglycemic problems so why the heck would you put yourself in jeapordy? I know her desperation at wanting to lose weight but this diet really worries me when even the inventor says you can experience health issues. I told her that once she has lost water weight and her body adjusts to just the milk, fruits and veggies, it will shut down and she will quit losing since she is not boosting her metabolism with exercise. Not only that and I didn't tell her this, but she WILL gain it and probably more lbs back because she is not LEARNING anything about how she should eat on this diet. It is a fad plain and simple to help you lose weight by lightning your WALLET not your body.

Stepping down from the :soap: now. Gosh, Ijust want people to be successful and not be disappointed and not have to pay money for the privilege of losing weight.

I followed Dr Phil's #3 rule no fail environment by starting the clean out the too big clothes. Sadly some of these clothes are beautiful and really expensive, but I need to get them out of the house. The ugly little voice in me for a moment said, "But what will you wear if you gain the weight back?" I punched the little voice in the nose and said, "I am NOT going to ever ever need that size again!"

Well, dh is up now so I am going back to bed (doggy woke us up gagging under the covers and we had to scurry around and get him off the bed. He likes to lick sheets and blankets and gets fuzz in his throat). I just stayed up and posted so Jack could sleep unencumbered for another hour.


10-22-2003, 10:19 AM
Faye, let me know when you'll be back in this neck of the woods. I'm really close to 6 & 31.
Dr Phil has some good rules. Have you been watching his show? I've caught it a few times. I liked the tip one of the ladies gave. She said to put your purse/money in the trunk so you will be less likey to stop at a fast food joint while driving.

Semo, we'd never forget about you. :twirly: Don't work too hard.

The kids get out of school early today/tomorrow and no school Friday. My plan is to let them help paint one of the new bedrooms downstairs. There is no trim or flooring installed yet, so it should be ok. :crossed: Intense Lime Green and Vibrant Bright Blue. DH may be the one that's not ok when he see's the colors. :p

Have a great day all!

10-22-2003, 11:19 AM
Good Morning, thought I would take a quick break since I found the 1/2 bag of soybeans that I've been looking for! Something stupid I did but at least it's fixed.

Faye, could it be the RED HAIR that prompted your temper? I've had red hair a couple of times but it was by accident! :rolleyes:

So Tig, your having your own Trading Spaces Family Style. I don't know, boys and paint.......... word of caution.....DON'T LEAVE THE ROOM!

Hey to everyone else, more work to do. (((huz)))

10-22-2003, 03:10 PM
Hey! Why'd I suddenly have to log in and enter my password here again!?!?! Boy, Semo, you think YOU'VE been forgotten!?! Mumble mumble..... :mad:

Anyways, not much going on here. BTW, Faye, I did read your post on the other thread and I don't think that gal should be upset or mad at you for any reason! You were quite reasonable. But I did like Semo's red hair comment. :lol:

Probably dropping off Watson at mom and dad's tonight and I'm sure they'll be trying to feed me. I guess that's what moms do?? :?: Anyway, it's going to be a challenge. But I'm up for it. Ahem .... "no thank you" ... "oh I'm sure it's delicious but I just couldn't" ... "no I'm not very hungry tonight".....

Man, can't even convince myself!!! :sorry: Hope the growling tummy doesn't give me away.

The good news is that it's finally stopped raining and some blue sky is showing through the clouds. :sunny: Nothing like the smell of a wet dog!

And speaking of animals, Brighter, how's kitty?

Uh oh, gotta run. Someone just loaded up my in box.... :p

10-22-2003, 03:37 PM
Semo: Nope, I wasn't mad, just scared for this lady. When I said I probably made an enemy, it is because people don't like to be told the program they have decided on is dangerous. As for the red hair, honey I don't need that excuse! I have a temper no matter what Clairol product I have sunk into my scalp! :lol: Well, let's just say I can lose it easily. I am a pretty upbeat person most of the time.

Jello: I read that whole diet and it is scary especially is someone has any kind of sugar issues at all. Besides, I detest milk so that would be a definite NO GO for me! :lol: I have to re-log in from time to time and I never know why either! Hope that is not an indication they figure we are old so we will forget and they can get rid of us! :s:

Tig: When it gets close to the wedding, I will e-mail you and we can set something up. I haven't been down to my mom's grave in probably 18 months. When I lived there I could go down more frequently, but we never seem to have time to fit it in when we are up there (usually because we are on one of those 3 day weekend things!)

I did 3.2 miles today so guess I am up for this thing on Saturday!

I need to run. I haven't eaten any lunch.


10-23-2003, 09:20 AM
Faye, you are right. I find it amazing the things people are willing to do in the name of weight loss - everything except the one thing that works - eat less of a healthy diet, skip the snack foods and deserrts most of the time and exercise. They slowly gained weight over time and expect to lose it in a week. Sadly, until reality sets in, permanent weight loss will be elusive. [Now stepping down from soapbox.]

Another busy day with Einstein here. Talk at you later!

10-23-2003, 09:47 AM
Whew. Lots of soap boxes here. The thing, though, that's different about the soap boxes here rather than the usual is that what you guys are saying is sooooo true! I admit that I've tried some (not quite all :^: ) of those diets over the years. But I'd like to think I'm smarter than some folks in that I refuse to try the ones that have been called dangerous or sound totally absurd. (One exception - Anyone remember the "soft pretzel diet" of years ago?? :rolleyes: Couldn't look at another soft pretzel again for years! :lol: )

Anyway, Quilter hit it right on the head. Eat sensibly, get exercise, etc. etc. It's a slow process. Accept that and stick to it!

Oh cool. My own soapbox! :soap:

Hey Faye, I think I deserve one of your WTG's! This morning a woman brought in a box of candy bars that her son was selling for school. Good cause - a science fair where kids build robots or some such thing. Anyway, the candy bars were a dollar each. So I put a dollar into the envelope ... but didn't take the candy bar. Money for a good cause and good for me too. :D

Gotta run. Lots of stuff to finish up today. Dropped off Watson last night with mom and dad. I know they'll take good care of him and spoil him but it was still tough leaving him. He's my baby - my 14YO baby! :cry: But now I've got tonight to pack and take care of other little details. Have to leave the house by 5:30 tomorrow morning to get to the airport - the worst part of any trip. :stress:

Oh and we had ... gulp ... snow flurries this morning!!! :eek:


10-23-2003, 10:38 AM
Morning all -

Faye & Quilter thank you both so much for the advice on the pedometers! You can see that I've never looked real hard, but I think this might have to be added to my shopping list.

Throat was swollen and sore so I stayed away from work yesterday. I'm hoping I nipped this in the bud because I'm fine today. Learning to be smart and not think I can push myself through only to spend the weekend in bed. I hope.

Jello - have fun on your trip! I hate the early-morning stuff too. At least it's usually it's easier to wake up than any other day.
WTG on the candy bar no-saying!

SEMO - congrats on the half bag of soybeans. I mean it sincerely, from one person who hates the where-did-I-put-my's to another.

Now I have a great mental image if Tiger's boys covered with THE PAINT. :s:

Oh yeah, and agreed on the fad diets. I feel so sad, because I can relate to wanting an easy cure. It's all another form of not wanting to face how or why we got fat. (Anything but that!)

10-24-2003, 10:31 AM
Hello. WooHoo, Itís Friday!
Had a surprise when I got home yesterday afternoon, someone had broken into our house. I normally go home at noon, and if I had yesterday I probably would have walked in on them. They knew exactly what they were looking for, they went straight to my sonís room and took five rifles and a box of knifes (some collectible) and a chainsaw off the carport. I slept maybe three hours last night and just have this creepy feeling knowing that someone was in my safe haven.
Well, I wanted a little excitement but this ainít what I had in mind. I wouldnít really care about the guns but one was DHís fathers that was passed down and two were guns that my brother had given my boys to remember him by. Just really TICKS me off, Iím going from being scared to angry. I just feel that itís someone that knows us, and thatís really creepy.

Well back to the inventory check list.

10-24-2003, 11:36 AM
Oh Semo, that sucks. I was robbed once in college. Did you have serial numbers and stuff so the police can notify the pawn shops? I had a stero stolen and a few other things that were luckily covered by my parents homeoweners insurance back then. The thought of someone being in your house. Grrrrr.

The boys have no school today. Fall break. It's paint day. They are already dressed in their old clothes. I told them they had to wait until I'd done some house work before we got started. I'm a little scared because the colors are so vibrant...but it's only paint. And paint can be gone over, right Jello?

Beds to make and laundry to get started.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.

I should add...I bravely got on the scale yesterday. I was scared I'd be back up over 200. Nope. 196. Grateful to be holding steady anyway.

10-24-2003, 01:46 PM
Oh SEMO, that's just creepy. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully, like Tig said, they can get them somehow.

It's Friday, everyone wants things last minute before the weekend, here. Better get back.

Tiger, be sure and tell us how things turn out. =)

10-24-2003, 05:22 PM
SEMO, I know how you feel. Our house was broken into once and my jewelry was stolen as well as a little money my husband was squirreling away. I had my mother's engagement ring, my grandmother's wedding ring and a few other "good" pieces. Turned out to be the son of one of our friends. I never did get the jewelry back. He had pawned it and destroyed the tickets.

You are left feelin unsafe anywhere!

10-26-2003, 08:17 AM
Semo: Sorry about your breakin. I am so glad you didn't go home that day! My sister had a breakin and ended up with a huge expensive security system to make the family feel safe. Hers was a bunch of neighborhood teens breaking into homes. This was at Christmas and of course they tore open presents, stole stuff and wrecked the house including fixing frozen pizza to eat etc. (Come to find out, they knew what parents had elementary kids and would be out of the house what night going to their kids' Christmas program and broke into their homes and stole stuff knowing they would be gone for awhile )

Tig: I am sure your kids had a blast. Sounds like real fun! About the only thing that would be really tough to cover is black so if it is ugly, just get some primer and start over like a blank canvas!

BTW: I did it, I did it! Here is a pic of me crossing the finish line yesterda. As you can see, I am a little overcome. This was a REALLY REALLY big deal for me and I was pretty emotional all through the race. I just feel so great that I was able to finish. I am wearing my prayer box necklace my son and his fiance gave me for my birthday and inside the box is a tiny piece of paper with FTRACE (finish the race) on it so my prayer got answered!

10-27-2003, 09:21 AM
Congratulations on finishing the race. That is quite an accomplishment!

For those of us who can't do that, we can save the pink tops from Yoplait yogurt and send them in by 12/31/03. They are contributing 10 cents for each one to Breast Cancer research.

Busy Monday, but only 4 days this week - my friends and I are going on our quilting retreat this weekend.

10-27-2003, 10:46 AM
WOO HOO FAYE!!! We are so proud of you! Gosh with the new color I almost didn't recognize you! I like it, but think I like the blonde more. Just MHO, tho.

Yep, I just got off the phone with the security system guy and $1,200 dollars later we're getting a system put in next week. Merry Christmas to us. Grumbly...

Tig, how'd the room turn out? Did you have any painted boys?

Jello, where was it that you went? I have such a case of BRAIN FOG today and too lazy to look back.

Cafe, did you make it thru the weekend? TODAY, I'm starting FRESH.........

Girls, I've tons of stuff to do, so hello to everyone.

10-27-2003, 04:40 PM
Hi all,

Took some vacation days this week to work on some cleaning and organizing---won't be room for Christmas presents if I don't get some of this clutter out! Busy weekend so laundry has piled up also.

The kitten is a male! Poor thing, I've been calling it a "she" for about two weeks now! I think I'm going to name it Rocky since it keeps swatting at the far he can at least defend himself against a curious half-grown chewing puppy. The vet started it's preventive treatments and gave me a sample of dry food. I had already bought some moist kitten food to give him so we are doing well. I had to give him one bottle last night before bed---reminds me of my kids when they were tiny and needed that last bottle before bed. The puppy is doing wonderful---much less "accidents" now and generally happy with anyone who comes by and wants to play (mostly the kids' friends and family). Thanks to all for the pet tips!

Weight is standing still since Aunt Flo arrived. Still able to watch the carbs and is pretty much part of my eating routine these days. Sugar Free, Fat free Chocolate pudding and lite cool whip helped with the chocolate cravings last week.

Take care all. I'll try to get back later in the week.

:sunny: Bright

10-27-2003, 05:32 PM
SEMO - LOL, no I didn't make it through the weekend. I'm starting fresh TODAY! too.

I had a real bad weekend with aunt flo. Woke me up at 3:00 a.m. Sat morning w/ severe cramps. Was up for hours in agony but eventually the heating pad put paid to the pain. Didn't do much on Saturday - DH was out most of the day and I have to admit that because I was kinda nauseated and nothing sounded good... I ate chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Don't tell, kay?

But, ya know, life keeps rolling along and it's a new day!

Congrats on the race, Faye! What an accomplishment. Big change with the red, overall I like it.

Yall, I'm so busy at work I can't stop and sya anymore.

10-28-2003, 10:40 AM
Hi all! I'm back! :D

Our trip started out on Friday with us arriving at the airport to find out our flight had been cancelled! But if you're like me and like to arrive at the airport IN PLENTY OF TIME, don't let anyone tell you you're wrong. We were actually able to get on an EARLIER flight but only if we RAN through the terminal. I think that counts as exercise!!

The rest of the trip was just great. We took Rich's parents out for their 50th and it was quite a celebration. :hat: But know what? I didn't overdo it ... much. Actually, the only time I got off program during the trip was at the airport and while travelling in the car! Man, you'd think it would be the time I could control it most! But ah well.... :^:

One thing though... Remember I told you Rich's mom found out last year she had diabetes? Well, Rich's older brother was diagnosed a few months ago as well. So they tested Rich while we were there too. His morning blood sugar was supposed to be something like 100 or something (??) but his was like 410!!!! :( Then again, he'd been eating junk for a while.... He stopped on the sweets immediately (why can't I do that!?!? :rolleyes: ) and the next morning it was around 300 and Monday it was 200. Anyway, he's going to make an appt. with the dr. but it looks like he'll be able to control it with diet and exercise, etc. And now, I have a walking buddy!!! :D Anyway, his mom gave him her old blood sugar tester and some test strips to monitor it for the next week or two. We'll see.

One thing they did recommend was the low carb diet. Conclusion - Jello's going to try low carb again! :stress: Last time I went really gung-ho and cut out carbs almost completely, etc. This time, I'm going to try to just cut down and increase the exercise, etc. Another thing is that Rich's brother as well as his mom have both lost 50-60 lbs. and now Rich wants to lose some too before the next trip. He's not really overweight but could stand to drop 20 or so ... which he can probably do in a month or so! Men! :mad:

Annnnnyway, glad to be back!

Brighter, so kitty's got a complex now, eh? She? He? It's tough to tell at that age. Betcha' he's just as happy as long as he gets love and attention.

Faye, I opened this thread and the first thing I saw was a photo of our Faye crying!!! :cry: I got worried there girlie but so glad it's good news. Congratulations!!!!

Cafe and Semo, can I start fresh too!?!?! I need it. The trip wasn't bad as I said but I was left on my own too long yesterday. Don't ask. :tape:

BTW Semo, I'm so sorry to read about your break-in. I had that happen years ago to and remember the feeling of violation more than anything else. In my case, it turned out to be a bunch of kids (some as young as 11!!!) breaking into houses and stealing booze and any money they could find. I remember feeling like everything in my house was dirty. Anyway, thank goodness you didn't walk in on them!!

Cafe, Aunt Flo!?!? Who's she? :devil: Sorry. I remember what it's like. Feel better.

Quilter, I thought of you when I passed a local church that's hosting a quilt show this week!

DNW, thinking of you girlie! Hope to hear from you soon. {{Carol}}

I have to run. First day back and all that. It piles up, doesn't it?

Edited to note that I didn't mention the european chocolates that the boss brought back from France, did I? Sigh.

10-28-2003, 11:18 AM
Some days I think I work for a grizzly bear...or an indian on the warpath. That was yesterday. No one here did anything right. Not in yet today so he better be in a better mood.

Counting down to the quilting retreat. I need this trip!

10-28-2003, 12:01 PM
Hey all! Welcome back, Jello. I'm glad you had such a good trip. Avoiding diabetes is good motivation. Guess that's a positive? I'm excited for you - getting a walking buddy!

I agreed to help provide a few hours basic labor for a sister department. I wind up spending way too much time organizing deliveries and resources for their bass-ackwards project to get it done AT ALL with their deadline. And I'm thinking: not only is this annoying, but I've got work of my own waiting for me! Ridiculous. Remind me to ignore any future emails asking for help from them.

Quilter, hope you get Dr. Jekyl instead of Mr. Hyde today. ;)

Gotta run and exercise some more futility. Hey, I said exercise! Does that count? :devil:

10-28-2003, 12:25 PM
Jello: Glad you had a good time. Don't let dh get too far afield with the blood sugar issue. Reel him back in to make sure he sees a doctor. I have a lot of diabetes in my family and my mother died from diabetic complications so it is the one thing that kind of haunts me when I hear other people's high blood sugar.

Quilt: I had a boss at my last job and she was a pistol but of a different sort. She would let her daughter take 2 hour lunches, she would take off and come back having shopped for 3 hours on company time. She would have bought 1 thing like paper towels for the company and the rest of the shopping was her personal stuff. I got fed up and quit and 3 weeks later she AND her daugther got canned. Wished I had known that I would have stuck it out! Maybe he is PMSing! :lol: That's the excuse they always hang on us! How long have you been quilting btw? I find it fascinating. Do you machine quilt? I guess pretty much everyone does now days, huh?

I now have a totally clean house so I have freedom to goof off. Think I will get dressed and get my walk in and come back, fix lunch and settle down with a book this afternoon.

You all have a good day!


10-28-2003, 04:49 PM
Faye, I both hand and machine quilt - I prefer hand work but save it for the "heirlooms" and do machine work on the ones that will be used until they are shreds.

Mr. Hyde just borrowed $25 from me to go and get a haircut. Wouldn't you think the boss would have money or a credit card? It has been a real day from **** but I managed to get everything done. The good news is, he is resigning from 2 of his community boards and that will mean considerably less that I have to do for them...I'm talking about 25-30 hours a month we spend on that stuff - gee, why are the reports done?

Jello, you might like South Beach - more protein, less carbs. It's helped me a lot. But make him go to the doctor and keep a check on it even if it comes down. He's had his warning and the complications can be horrendous.

10-29-2003, 11:26 AM
Good Morning To All. Anyone have exciting plans for Halloween? Guess weíll set at home and wait for our one or two trick or treaters. Last year we didnít have any. :(

We made it thru the year end inventory. Unless we have a surprise counter show up for an audit, in the next month, then we have slid under the wire for one more year. ;)

Jello, so glad that you had a happy visit. Do you have siblings?

Quilter, Iíve hand quilted two quilts in my lifetime. I have one of the frames made out of the white pipes, itís small and easy to assemble and take down. One of these days Iíll get back to it. I started a postage stamp (hand pieced) about 10 years ago and so far I could maybe make a doll quilt! Need to drag that out too. If I live long enough to finish all the crafts that I have purchased, Iíll live to be 500.

Faye, who was the little redhead in front of you in the pic? Thought maybe it was someone with you. Again, Iím so impressed and proud for you. :bravo:

Bright, weíll have to start calling you the Bright Puppy/Kitty Farm owner! You softie.

Tig, weíre still waiting to hear about the room. Hope the boys havenít taped you to the wall and youíre still hanging there.

Carol, sure wish you would check in sweetie. Itís okay to let us know how youíre feeling, whether itís mad, sad, happy, lonely or whatever. Itís okay to have happy moments throughout the day too, you know. You know we donít want you to hibernate, so please drop in an at least say hi.

Cafť, my week hasnít gotten off to such a hot start. Iíll blame it on the break in, my nerves are shot. Guy is coming tomorrow to set up the security system. Iím going to St Louis for my T-Tapp class on November 8th. Really looking forward to the class, DH thinks Iím out of my mind!

Lizabeth, Huntress, Dy, where are you all?

Hey to anyone that I may have missed, must get back to work.

10-29-2003, 11:56 AM
Ladies, I will come back and post replies later, but I am asking for prayer request right now. My sister that lives in Calf just called and said my bil had a heart attack late last night. He is just 52 and has a 99% blockage in 2 arteries. They did an immediate angioplasty on one artery but the other is attached in such a way that it cannot be repaired. He is feeling better, but on top of all of this, they are dead in the middle of all those fires out there. Thank you for your prayers for Larry and the Smith family.

When I get phone calls and stuff made, I will be back.


10-29-2003, 11:58 AM
Semo, the room is vivid. :cool:
The boys did ok. My youngest smiled the entire time he painted because he was so thrilled to be doing it. We have two coats of paint on and still a little touch up to do. The colors are a limish green and bright bright blue.

Today is haircut/color day for me. I usually get blonde high lights, but think I may get more of a copper tint today to match the fall season.

Quilter, are you sure you dont work for my DH? :o He can be a doll at home, but know he's a grizzly at work. With the last hurricane and now the fires in California, he's been really busy at work. They are building travel trailers for FEMA temporary housing.

No big plans for Halloween. The varsity football team has their second sectional game that night and I'd rather do that than load the kids up on sugar. And if not the football game, I might bribe them with a new video game instead. :p

Later taters! :wave:

10-29-2003, 12:00 PM
:lol: Sitting here picturing Tig taped to a wall! :lol: Too funny Semo!

BTW Semo, yeah I had a great time. Actually, it was Rich's parents and he's one of .... gasp ... 8 kids. There was continuous action at the front door and on the phone all weekend! :gossip: Me personally, I'm one of 5 kids and I'll be seeing all of them next month at Christmas and then again at my niece's wedding in January.

Quilter, your boss borrowed money from you for a haircut!? Funny. My boss has hit me up too for change from the vending machine and an occasional couple of bucks for a sandwich. Come on! You can't tell me he doesn't have more money than God! :rolleyes:

Hm... he never did pay me back come to think of it ..... :chin:

Anyway, you'll all be glad to know (well, maybe) that Rich has a doctor's appt. this afternoon. I'm thrilled. :) I thought I'd have to drag him kicking and screaming. He's already cut out vending machine snacks and desserts (HOW DOES HE DO THAT!?!?!) and his blood sugar has fallen another 20 points or so. But he went onto the internet and keeps calling me with another symptom he claims to have. Well, we'll just see what the doc says.

Geez, he's got me starting to imagine that "I" have the symptoms too! Puleeze! I've got enough to worry about....

Well, I'm off to take Quilter's suggestion and poke around the 'net for info on the SB diet.

... oops! I mean, I'm going to get some work done here. Yeah, that's what I meant! ;)

Dumb ol' job taking all my fun time..... grumble ... grumble....

10-29-2003, 12:10 PM
This is what happens when you get interrupted a lot of times and take too long to complete a post. Others come in and post while you're still workin'!

Faye, of course I will keep your BIL in my prayers. Keep us posted on what's going on.

Tiger, you reminded me. I've got to make a hair dresser appt. soon. They get really busy once the holiday season comes.

Now back to work for real.

10-29-2003, 12:43 PM
Just sending my love to all...I am still here....will try to write soon.


10-29-2003, 04:20 PM
Carol: It was good to hear from you. We love and miss you bunches!

Semo: That little redhead is my 26 year old daughter if you can believe it. She looks about 15. I keep telling her she will be glad of that when she is 40 and looks 25 instead of 55 like her ole mom! :lol:

Tig: The room sounds really cute. When I was in high school we lived with my elderly grandparents and we talked my grandpa into letting us pick wall colors for our room. The walls were lime green and the ceiling this bright bright orange yellow. That room was still that color years after we moved out and were married!

Jello: My dh can quit stuff cold turkey like that too. He did that with taking leftovers for lunch and junk food out of the vending machine. He takes a slimfast drink and a granola bar and water. He has lost about 10-12 lbs in the last month I think. He says he gets hungry but, "I just tough it out." Amazing! Hope your honey gets a good medical report. This thing with Larry really wakes you up to behaving yourself. I am so glad I am exercising so much now and eating better. I keep thinking, if that had been me, I would be dead more than likely with my size and the way I was living.

Quilt: Do you make wallhangings too or only "blankets"? I have thought it would be an enjoyable hobby to have. I used to watch a quilting show on tv all the time and was fascinated by designs etc. Do you sell your quilts, too?

Better get going. You ladies all have a good day. Hopefully it is going to warm back up by this weekend again.


10-29-2003, 04:25 PM
Hey, everyone, just checking in quickly today - gettin him ready to go New York/Connecticut tomorrow and Friday. Jello, he did pay me back today. He just doesn't carry money - guess that's how he manages to hold on to so much more than me...I have it, I spend it.

10-29-2003, 04:54 PM
Wow, lots of posts! Things have been going NUTS at work, not much time to turn around. So just a basic checkin' in post.

Hugs to all! Things should be more normal tomorrow.

10-29-2003, 04:54 PM
Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to come by to say "hello" to you all. I finally gave in and started back to WW. My weight has gone up so much I knew had to do something.

Take care, have a safe and happy Halloween!


10-29-2003, 05:11 PM
Cafe, normal??? What's that? :?:

Huntress, good to see you! Ya know, I've been thinking about WW too lately. It was the only thing that seemed to work for me. But it was expensive and I'm holding onto my money like Quilter's boss. :lol:

DNW, lots of huge hugs to you! :love: {{{Carol}}}

Uh oh, boss attack!!!



10-30-2003, 10:53 AM
OK, here's the deal. Rich is going low-carb so Jello is going low-carb. There. That's it. 60 grams of carbs a day and that's it.

.... I'm scared!!! :fr: What the :censored: do I know about low-carb!?!?!? I started reading package labels. Do you know how many carbs there are in stuff!??! Even the low-fat, low-cal stuff I normally buy! Oh girls, this is going to take some work.

... and Jello don't like work ... :^:

Ah, but one must muddle through, right? One thing that I will NOT be is one of those people like Rich's brother who can talk of nothing else but carbs and sugars and my liver, etc. Yes, it's important but no it is not going to run my life. Well, not all of the time anyway.

Just FMI (for MY information) I took a blood test with Rich's meter. Mine's good. But let's face it. My weight is not good. My blood pressure isn't quite where it should be. Haven't done my cholesterol in a while but am thinking that might be higher than it should be. Watching what I eat and getting exercise can't be bad for me!

I'm very proud of Rich. He's handling this well - better than most people according to the doctor. Caught it early and has taken the attitude that well, if this is what he has to do, then this is what he will do. Has to go to the hospital for more tests tomorrow morning and we'll take it from there. But the dr. he already saw seems to think that with proper diet and exercise, he shouldn't have any problems. And so WE are getting back on track.

I'm rambling again. :rolleyes: Sorry. It's what I do. But you guys already know that.

Went to Curves yesterday and had my monthly weigh and measure session. Not good news girls. :( I'm up 4 lbs. since the last one. I'm up inches just about everywhere. So I've got another challenge. Loss of inches and dumping at least those 4 lbs. before my next weigh-in. ... which by my calculations shows it will be right after Thanksgiving. :o Ah well, guess I'll just have to behave myself at the family Thanksgiving gathering, eh?

I have to go now. I was going to say hello personally to each of you but my ranting and obsessing has once again controlled an entire post. :sorry:

But I'm feeling better...

10-30-2003, 10:59 AM
Oh Jello, isn't that what we're here for? Working through the issues and getting ourselves together? No apologies, please.

Nice to see ya, Huntress!

Still trying to get unburied, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. ~Cafe

10-30-2003, 11:13 AM
Hi Girls, guess we lost our fella somewhere along the way.

I'm mailing out invoices but just wanted to give Jello this site to check:

It has so much info on SouthBeach plan, I sort of use a combo of information from Atkins, SouthBeach and Sugar Busters. It will give you everything you need to get started. It's really not that hard and you don't have to do the beginning two weeks, that are really strick getting started, if you don't want to.

I'm a type O blood type and low carb is supposted to be good for O's and seems to be the only thing that works for me.

Gotta run.

10-30-2003, 11:42 AM
Faye, I make minature, wall hanging and bed quilts. I have only sold 2 quilts - one was a wall hanging that went for $450 and the other was a full-size applique quilt I didn't really want to sell but the gallery that was displaying it required everything have a sale price. I put $8,000 on it and some fool bought it. I know I could make another, but it wouldn't be the same. I find it to be a very restful pastime. I have been asked by 2 galleries for quilts for them to display and do pattern testing for one of the quilt authors so have had my creations in her books. I also teach quilting.

There was a little news story on last night about cholesterol last night - there are big one and small ones. The big ones don't stick and make trouble. You can make the small ones big by eating protein. They said that real fast, guess they didn't want anyone to say Atkins might have been on to something afterall. Well its South Beach for me. Went to the doctor yesterday and everything is back to normal, except for the hypothyroidism and insulin resistence so I'm relieved about that. Those I can deal with.

Beautiful day today and a great weekend is predicted with temperatures in the 70s at Nags Head.

10-30-2003, 12:14 PM
Jello: My bil's doctor, when he first went in weeks ago about his heart suggested Sugarbusters (he is diabetic) and of course, my bil blew it all off with the result being a heart attack just a few weeks later. I think a lot of them are about the same. MY dd wanted me to join her on the ZONE, but it had WAY too much info to learn etc so I am sticking right where I am. You listen, we all go through bad times where we just aren't eating right. It isn't as if each one of us here hasn't done stupid stuff, me being first in line. Just pick yourself up and start chugging away again. You will make progress!

SEMO: He must have gone to greener and younger pastures. Us old ladies talking about menstrual cycles, menopause and the like. I am surprized he lasted as long as he did!

I am getting ready to get out and walk. Looks like another nice day. I have been using my Beach Boys cd because it has 25 songs and I don't have to repeat, but I think it is about time to change again. Maybe some Neil Diamond!

Have a great day ladies!


10-31-2003, 11:45 AM
Happy Boo Day:dance:
It seems like from Halloween to New Year's is usually just one big blur of food. Goal...break the cycle!

Jello, I think it would be nice to have a diet partner. You may have your best success with Rich on the wagon with you. :yes:

I've been to the grocery store already today, now I'm heading outside to pull some flowers that have turned to mush. Then, before the kids get home I need to get some house cleaning done. Just not enough hours in the day.
This evening, I think we are going to a "haunted trail". The youngest seemed a little upset about not going door to door...but I think it was the fear of not getting candy. I took care of him...picked up the evil candy today.


10-31-2003, 02:00 PM
I had 2 small slices of veggie pizza at the pizza luncheon today. :jeno: :jeno: That's it. No cookies. No cinnamon sticks. One diet Pepsi and then lots of H2O!! :bravo:

Oooh, but the leftovers are callin'....

Rich and I walked about 2 miles last night. Boy are my legs sore and stiff today. But it's a good hurt. :^:

Faye, yeah, Neil Diamond. Love him. And I get on the treadmill with ... don't laugh girls ... Barry Manilow a lot. Hey, the guy can rock when he wants to.

I know I should go to Curves tonight but it's so beautiful outside that I really want to walk. I told Rich that if he wanted to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, he had to buy it and hand it out and deal with it and I don't want to even see it. I know that he can hand it out without snacking but I also know that I CAN'T. So maybe we'll just leave the light off and go out and walk among the little ghoulies instead. :dancer:

Tiger, I'm with you girl! I want to break the holiday food frenzy myself! My WW leader used to point out that the "eating season" started with Halloween and didn't end until January 2. So now it's time to set another goal.

The holiday season challenge, anyone? Set goals like "I'll only eat a small portion of mom's Thanksgiving stuffing" or "I'm going to bring the veggie platter to the Christmas party" or "I'm going to start Thanksgiving day off with a brisk morning walk among the fallen leaves".

Hm... :chin: These are all sounding pretty darn good to me ... if I do say so myself! :cool:

Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do! Off to sharpen my #2 pencil... :write:

10-31-2003, 02:20 PM
ooooh, the EaTiNg SeAsOn. You guys are scaring me today, LOL. Yes, I want to break this cycle, too. This is what I was telling myself I would do this year anyway, but put differently it sounds even more imperitive... I'm in.

Oops! October slipped by me in a blur. Too bad. No regrets. - It's just time to get with my winter program.

Speaking of which, I need new winter gear and I'm already dreading spending the money. Maybe I'll give in and use plastic (evil stuff.)

Gotta run, I think my office peeps are all leaving early which means everything has to be done asap. Rollin' my eyes but doing it w/ a smile, if that makes sense.

10-31-2003, 02:51 PM
Jello: I can top the laugh of Barry M (whom I happen to like!), I am an ardent Tom Jones fan. Love his stuff! I like Barry's, "Copacabana."

Boy you aren't kidding this is food time of the year! I am being a good girl and having Subway for dinner tonight and NO CANDY! I dread Thanksgiving the most because I do most if not all of the cooking and the kids always look forward to me making cookies and fudge and stuff and SURPRISE, I am not going to this year and they will just have to SUCK IT UP! I know if I make fudge I am going to eat it. Same with Kieflies, toffee and all that other stuff. It is bad enough the pies I am making for Thanksgiving because we are having a big group this year. Have to keep my fingers out of the fillings and trust they will set up ok I guess! :lol: I do debone the whole turkey and put it back in the pan in it's juices so I remove all the skin so that isn't so bad. We will just have to wait and see how well we do I guess!

Everybody have a great day and hope you guys with kids have a great trick or treat!


11-03-2003, 09:48 AM
I could use some prayers everybody. Jack had a heart attack at 2:30 am this morning. He is doing ok, but they put in 2 shunts and did angioplasty. He will be in ICU for at least 48 hours to make sure everything is ok. He had a 100% blockage. My dd thinks I am ok, but I am a MESS! I break down when ever I am alone.



11-03-2003, 10:21 AM
Faye (((((Hugs))))) I most certaintly will be praying for Jack and you. Please keep us posted.

11-03-2003, 10:40 AM
Faye - my prayers are with you.


11-03-2003, 01:27 PM

You and Jack are in my prayers. Take care of yourself.

11-03-2003, 03:01 PM
Faye, my prayers are with you. Keep us posted.

11-03-2003, 04:48 PM
Had a wonderful weekend at Nags Head - there is so much sand piled up along the beach road you can't see the ocean anymore! Still recovering from the Hurricane. Guess they'll move all that sand this winter to get ready for next season. It was a perfect weekend for walking on the beach and going to sleep with the sound of the ocean. Got a lot of quilting done, visited 4 thrift store and 3 consignment shops. We are looking for anything wool we can cut up for penny rugs. Plus we sometimes find a real buy. My tiny skinny friend got an ultra suede jacket for $5 with the tags still on it - size 4. She buys all her clothes in thrift shops and always looks like a model. She doesn't have to, she was just brought up to be thrifty.

It's an amazing 80 degrees here right now - and they said on the news we were going to have a much colder winter than normal - hope that proves to be wrong!

Still doing SB and loving it. Down another pound.

11-03-2003, 05:11 PM
I only have a couple minutes so am cutting and pasting info to everyone.

I got good news and bad news at the hospital. Good news is Jack is doing well with the 2 shunts and the angioplasty. He is resting comfortably and has a nice pink skin again. Bad news is this afternoon we talked to his cardiologist and we thought it was a minor thing but turns out is was a major heart attack with the front artery 100% blocked and enlarged to 3 times its size. Dr Anderson said if I had not called the paramedics when I did he would have died. He did have permanent heart damage but we don't know right now how serious it is. I thank Jesus for protecting him. He is everything to me. He cried this afternoon and told me, "You know I was really really scared and I said, "I know." and he said, "I wasn't scared about dying you know I know what will happen when I die, but I was scared I would be separated from you!" Ok, that did it. I had been holding it all in and the dam burst with that. Kelly has been an angel and taken such good care of me. When the chips are down, she has really come through.

I love you all and will keep you posted!


11-04-2003, 07:56 AM
Good morning ladies. I have a few minutes before heading out to the hospital so I wanted to get a post on.

No phone calls from the hospital last night, so I am breathing a little easier. I know day by day it will get less stressful for me. I am still tired a little as I only got about 5 hours sleep, but I will try and take rest breaks throughout the day until Jack gets moved into a regular room.

Just wanted you to know you are all doing terrific with your programs and I want you to do even better. When you grab for that HOHO or keep your butt in the chair when you know you should be exercising, just think about Jack and know YOU do not want to do that to yourself or your family. Remember, we thought Jack was totally healthy! We need to get tough with ourselves ladies and quit pussyfooting around about losing this weight. It is important to all aspects of our life. I am ridding my home of all such foods (there isn't much but still high fat boxed foods for Jack) and making my home a healthy environment for the both of us!

I will try and peek in later.

Hope you all have a spectacular day. It is going to be sunny and 80 here today!

Love and hugs to you all!


11-04-2003, 09:04 AM
Faye, I'm so glad to hear Jack is doing better. Take care of yourself! I know this is a difficult and stressful time for you as well. I think we all need to do as you say and get with the program and finally get this weight off. I know Heaven will be a wonderful place, but I don't want to get there any sooner than I have to - time here is limited and there will be forever. That's why I like South Beach - developed for heart patients, the weight loss was just an added bonus. Plus I don't have to weigh and measure and count stuff. I'm even learning to quit eating when I'm full. For most of my adult life, I didn't even know what full was, I just ate until the food was gone.

Looks like rain today - and the temperatures are dropping by 25 degrees by nightfall from yesterday.

Don't forget to VOTE!

11-04-2003, 10:15 AM
Good morning - glad to hear good news about Jack!

Of course I couldn't help but be thinking yesterday about weight loss... We're a relatively small group of people but we have SEEN within our group the proof of the dangers of overweight... If it isn't handwriting on the wall for us I don't know what is. Faye is right, it's time to quit pussyfooting around.

Cafe, trying to see cigarettes on the platter when offered chocolate.

11-04-2003, 10:32 AM
Faye, I'm so glad that Jack is doing better. He'll get stronger each day. We'll keep the prayers going.

Carol, I'm sure this is a terrible re-run for you dear, I think of you daily.

Quilter, Size four, didn't know there was such a thing!:D

We seem to be hitting a slack in our posting, I'm as quilty as anyone and will make sure that I get here everyday now that work has slowed somewhat.

Back later.

11-04-2003, 10:41 AM
Hey guys, come on! I started a November thread and everyone's still posting in October. :?:

Was it something I said????