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10-01-2003, 03:46 PM
Hello everyone. I'm just starting (well, technically restarting) my diet today. I plan on using the Weight Watchers program, since it seems to be the easiest for me to follow. I've used it before and was able to lose weight quickly. I was also looking to join Curves. If anyone has any information on the Curves program, please let me know. ;) I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm looking to lose around 33 pounds. I'm 5'2" and weigh 168 (hoping to get to 135). Any suggestions?

Thanks so much! :wave:

10-01-2003, 11:13 PM
Hi there! Welcome to 3FC!!:)

I have never tried WW or Curves, but I know both of them have good programs. Many people have had success with WW and going to Curves. Under the "Exercise" heading, there is a thread specifically for people going to Curves. I've never checked it out, but it would probably be of interest to you. You could find out there what others' experiences have been with Curves.

Good luck with your "restart". This site is the best for inspiration and motivation. It is a huge part of the success I've had so far. Every thread has friendly people with lots of helpful information. Just find one you like and jump in and post! Ask questions, make comments, vent, or whatever else you might need to do. We're all here to help.

Again, welcome!


10-02-2003, 01:13 AM
Welcome Maimers - this is such a great site, I know you will love it!

Congrats on "re-starting" your diet. It's better to "re-start" than to not start at all! :)

I currently do not follow a WW plan, I do my own thing, but I did join Curves about two weeks ago.

All I can say so far is that I LOVE it. It is a gym that I CAN stick to, and each time I go there, I feel motivated. Their prices are pretty reasonable, and the staff are quite friendly, not to mention that they will NEVER try and push you into buying a membership.

Curves is basically a Circuit Training gym. At my curves, there are about 11 pieces of hydraulic equiptment. In between each piece of equiptment, there is a "resting station". Basically when you start (atleast this is what I do) I start at a resting station, and walk, or march in place for 30 seconds. Then I move to the first piece of equiptment, and work out as much as I can within the 30 seconds. Then when it says to change stations, I move to the second station. Basically you want to work hard at the exercise equiptment, and on the "resting stations" you want to walk in place, or march, or jog, to keep your heart rate up where it should be.

Being that we have such a large circuit, we only have to go around twice to get the entire 30 minute workout. Some places have a smaller circuit, so they may have to go around three times. It really just depends on the size of your gym that you attend.

When I go to Curves, I never feel threatened/intimidated by the equiptment, or the people. Plus they have fun music that really makes you want to keep on going! They also measure and weigh you once a month, and give you a chart with your progress. I haven't gotten to my first month weigh/measure yet, but I am excited to see what the results may be. I've been working pretty hard. :)

If you decide to join, or just need more information, there is a thread here for Curves. Just go to the forum "Exercise" and there should be a thread titled "Curves 2". All the women there talk about curves, and their experiences. It's really fun!

Hope to see you there, and welcome!!! :)

~ Kari ~