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09-26-2003, 12:40 PM
Good morning everyone,

I am so sad today. I wasn't going to weigh myself until tomorrow but I couldn't wait any longer. This is the end of week 2 for me. When I got on the scale today I haven't lost a single pound this week. I was over my net carb intake 1 day but other than that I was good as gold.
The first week I lost 4 pounds.
I was really hoping for another 4 pounds to really give me a boost. Now I am YET AGAIN thinking I am a failure and wondering if "this" WOE is for me.

I am so tired of trying and failing. Now don't worry though...I am not giving up yet. This WOE is the easiest one I have done yet. I will keep it up for a few more weeks. I am expecting TOM this weekend so I am hoping that is the problem. But none the less I am still disappointed.

This is a list of the reasons I think I did not lose. I needed to do this so that I could see it.

1. only walked a couple of days this week
2. had some watered down wine at dinner a couple of times
3. had a few nuts
4. small amount of jarred spagetti sauce.
5. maybe a little more than 3 cups of veggies

Most of the above is not allowed during induction so what did I expect.

I wasn't going to move into Phase 2 yet but now I will be in induction forever. I am going to add the LaTortilla Factory tortillas for a sandwich once in a while. Those are only 3 carbs each. And apparently I am going to have to drink harder stuff :fr: than wine since wine has about 4.5 grams in 4 oz. YIKES.

Well, I will just keep plugging along. Wish me luck this week.

Thanks for listening.

09-26-2003, 03:50 PM
Jane...Jane...Jane.....What you've written it soo true. Its not just one thing that contributed to a 0 loss....its the sum of all that occured during the week. Nuts? thats just a no no. Wine? uh huh....not allowed. Try having a glass of club soda in a wine glass...or dh doesn't need wine at dinner, if he doesn't have it then you won't be tempted. Walking? absolutely affects weight loss, gotta make the time. TOM?....expect a 3-5 lb fluctuation, stay OP and see a better loss next week. From the sounds of it, you know what to do....NOW DO IT!!! I know you can!!!

Kim in NJ
09-26-2003, 04:08 PM
Jane (one of my favorite names by the way :) ....)
Now you see - if you had only ONE of your list happen this week I would have said - oh it's a shame that the scale wasn't kinder to you. But items 2,3 & 4 you need to avoid at all costs if you can. The nuts thing is ify with me. I am still doing induction (because I have a heck of a lot more to lose than you) - but I ate them my first month to lessen my munchies cravings with something better than Doritos.

If I were you, try to eat basic Atkins suggestions for 3 weeks straight! Ignore the NetCarb thing and stick to the basics (meat, cheese, a salad each evening with lowcarb dressing, eggs, fish, etc.) Make sure you are not having any sugar alcohols etc. Once you make a firm commitment for a 3 week period you will be past the point of losing willpower.

Also - as you are exercising, you may not "lose" weight because your body will be increasing some muscle - that's good! Muscle will work harder for you (even when you are sleeping) to burn off the excess fat from your body. A good example is a woman Meg on the Ladies Who Lift forum. She and I are the same height. When I lost weight before my pregnancies (the wrong way though), I was 128 lbs and a size 8. She is now 135 lbs. and a size 4!!!!! She is pure muscle. So ignore the scale and go by how you feel.

Lastly - in my first month I was disappointed to lose only 1 lb. my second week so I began reading into the supplements Dr. Atkins recommends. I began taking COQ10 and L-Carnitine and since then I've average 2 lbs a week which is great for me. On WW I would lose .25 or gain .25 while sticking directly to the program - so 2 lbs is heaven! Another "trick" I play on myself is that if I work at it real hard all week and I'm just feeling kind of bloated from retaining water (cheeses, and salty meats). The night before weigh in I take 2 Pamprin (which act as a water pill) and it works!

Make the commitment for 3 weeks ..... come on Jane!!!! You can do it and we're all right here to help you through that initial tough month! Don't quit now....what have you got to lose??? In 3 weeks you'd probably be under 165 and isn't that worth it? :D

09-26-2003, 04:27 PM
Aww Jannnnnnnnne HUGS !

I'm so glad your not giving up. I sware I was just like you in the beginning. You gotta do what Kim suggested, give it your full 100% for a few weeks and see what happens. The low carb treats can come after that.

These ladies hit the nail right on the head w/their advice, there's nothing much more I can say except you are so worth doing this for. You CAN do this, yes yes yes.

I had Aunt Flo last week and part of this week. I will not weigh myself until sunday because I am not one for an emotional let down with the water gain.

Come on baby you can do it ! we know you can.


Now get mean !!!! get tough, pound your fist and say I CAN AND I WILL DO THIS!!!! I LOVE ME !!!!

09-26-2003, 04:36 PM
Thanks everyone!


09-28-2003, 12:58 PM
Jane I didn't lose anything this week either :(
So I'll try harder this week GRRRRRRRRRR !!!!! lol

For me its to many calories :mad:

09-29-2003, 04:29 PM
Jane - Dont give up!

Ditto to everything that Kim in NJ said! I have been on induction now for 8 weeks.. I plan to stay there for at least another 2 months or so! If you stick with it and eat only on plan, it works!

Exercise will stall you a bit. I didnt bugde for 2 weeks when I started exercising, then the next 2 weeks I only lost .5 pound each week then suddenly it has averaged about 1.5-2 pounds a week. THe muscle you gain at first will slow down the weight loss... but then it helps you burn fat as you get more fit! Take your measuremnts too! That is an even better motivator! in 8 weeks, I have lost 14 pounds and 17 inches! WHat a great feeling that last part is!

Hugs to you!