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09-25-2003, 06:09 PM
Good afternoon Magnolias :df:

It is a nice sun shiney day here in the west.

Think about this:

Last week I made myself a goal to lose 15 pounds by Jan. 1, 2004 which is 15 weeks. Today I lost 1.8 of that 15 so I am on my way. Anyone want to join me in this goal? One pound a week is a very do-able goal and we all need to really watch it during these last months of this year.

Have a wonderful afternooon everyone.

09-25-2003, 07:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's been another nice, sunny day here in my corner of the world. I turned my tar removal bill in to the school office today and later on was called into the office. The roofing company is refusing to pay any claims and there are some hefty ones. Evidently, the head honcho is coming tomorrow but one of the teachers saw a person going around the parking lot taking pictures of cars this morning. DH says they are liable as long as they are there working on the roof no matter how many warnings they give as to where not to park.

Maggie -- Sounds like a good plan to me and I'm sure you can do it! :yes: I still think it would be so much easier to have someone else plan the meals and do the cooking! ;)

I have to make a grocery run. DH is out helping to move the combine and wagons from one farm place to another. He is getting antsy to get into the field and enjoy the harvest. It's been so dry that they are predicting very low quantity and quality crops this year.

Have a fantastic Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

09-26-2003, 03:14 PM
Good morning folks. It is 68 degrees now and climbing. I cooked a roast with dry onion soup on the top in the crock pot over night and it sure smelled good all night. I had a little sandwich on a lite bun for breakfast..... I shredded the meat and will cook some rice and make some burritos later today.

Hope everyone is doing fine. I am paying attention this day.

JEAN harvest time is always a nice time of the year. I do so love fall. Have a wonderful weekend and please keep your FOCUS and you will be so glad come the first of 2004 that you did. You will have 15 or more gone and really feel great.

09-27-2003, 01:26 PM
Happy Saturday!
The sun is shining brightly but it is so windy outside . . . only 53 degrees so you definitely need a jacket.

I have laundry going and just finished picking up the kitchen. I decided my next house is not going to have a kitchen! :spin: I don't know why but everything seems to gravitate to the island counter and stays there until the piles topple over. :o That's also Maggie's, the cat, favorite place to stretch out; she doesn't pay any attention to it when it's cleaned off. :shrug:

Maggie -- We had a little rain yesterday so the farmers are hoping the wind will dry the fields out. So far no one around here is combining yet. I haven't fixed a roast in quite a while; that sounds good! YUM! Do you add any liquid or just the dry soup? Now that my kids are gone, I can use onion all I want. :s: Sometimes I will use dry onion for flavor and Beth always looks to see if she can find any traces.

I need to fold towels and get the next load going. Have a relaxing weekend, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-27-2003, 02:56 PM
It is going to be a lovely day here today ~ right now it is 68 degrees with very low humidity. We are having company for lunch so we are serving pizza...two little kids and they love pizza so that will be so easy. I can have some on this day and stay OP.

JEAN I add 1/4 cup of water ~ pour it over the roast before dumping the envelope of soup on it and then spead the soup out to cover the top. Sometimes I make sits in the roast and insert sliced garlic and other times I just sprinkle the wet roast with garlic powder before adding the soup. It all depends what use I will have for done roast as to what I put on it.;)

09-28-2003, 11:29 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
The day is rapidly coming to an end and I am more than ready for bed! The boat hoist and dock are out of the lake and the flower pots, picnic table, and lawn chairs have been put away for another winter. It was a beautiful, sunny but cool day. We could really tell how much the sun has changed position by the way it reflects on the lake. Beth and Madaline came here and rode up with us so we got to spend some extra time with them. Jason, Amanda, and Ian drove up from their house so we had double the entertainment. :lol:

Maggie -- I found a 2 1/2 # roast and then forgot DH was going to be gone for two days! I think I will fix it anyway and freeze part of it for another meal.

Have a marvelous Monday, Flowers! I hope your week will be a good one!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-29-2003, 06:18 PM
It is a beautiful day in the 80's here. We just got back from shopping for some things we want to take with us on vacation. I like to get everything all checked out and ready to pack the week before so as not to forget anything. I don't take much but what I take is necessary.;)

JEAN it just seems like last week you were talking about putting your dock and other things out for the summer! Time sure did take summer away quickly. Cowboy said that next spring we will be coming to Iowa...... so maybe we can have a bit of a get together and chat one day while we are there. Sounds like fun to me!

Everyone have a great day! I am in California dreamin' to go to NM.:D

09-29-2003, 06:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's another windy and downright "cold" day out there! The weatherbug says it is 58 degrees but it feels much colder. Of course, the heat is not on at school and some of the rooms are very chilly depending on whether or not they are getting the north wind in around their windows. I wanted "cooler" but this is a drastic change within the week!

Maggie -- How long will it take you to get to New Mexico? We were there 36 years ago . . . made a right turn (because I had the map folded into a little square) and ended up in Las Vegas, NM, thinking we were in Las Vegas, Nevada! :lol: Boy, were we in for a surprise! Fall is a nice time of year to travel, especially if the weather cooperates. I expect we will be here whenever you decide to travel this direction . . . we don't go too far away for any length of time when it is time to put in the crops.

I hope all is well with the other MIA flowers! Enjoy this evening and have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

09-29-2003, 08:04 PM
JEAN btw how did your roast turn out?

10-01-2003, 12:56 AM
:yawn: I am on my way to bed but had to check in with you on my way!

DH is in Rapid City tonight so my house is too quiet! Even the cats have gone to bed. :lol:

Maggie -- I haven't fixed the roast yet. When I bought it, I also bought meat for a meat loaf. I fixed the meat loaf and froze the roast. I like cold meat loaf sandwiches (for lunch at school) and Bob likes it warmed up in the microwave. I think I will fix the roast this weekend, on whichever day we stay home. ;)

I am off to bed! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :dz: in Iowa!

10-01-2003, 03:28 AM
We got all our shopping done for our trip today. I got those little packages that have cottage cheese and fruit in them which are a great breakfast I believe. They come with peaches, or blueberries, raspberries, pineapple and maybe other furit also so there is such a great variety to choose from. Also got baby carrots, black seedless grapes, small apples and green bananas which will be perfect come next week. So I am set with point friendly and good for me snacks that both Cowboy and I like. My little ice chest will be brimming with nice looking things. I will also make some 2 point muffins to have along which will keep me away from other baked goods that are offered at motels these days. You can tell I am getting anxious for Monday to come. :)

I hear helocopters ~ probably going to fight the fire in Yosemite. They are right over my place as I type and the roters displacing the air is hard on the ears. Go away.... they are finally moving off up the mountain.

JEAN We also love cold meatloaf sandwiches! I should make one soon ~ thanks for the idea my friend.

Have a lovely humpday folks.

10-01-2003, 10:33 AM
Sounds like you ladies have been busy while I was gone.

As for my trip, it was spectacular. Got into Chicago around 1 AM and slept until around 9. Went looking for Wrigley Field, found it and Harry Caray's, then we went to the museum, I got to feeling bad (TOM decided to rise up) so we decided to go out to their big mall, got lost in downtown Chicago at lunchtime (UGH WHAT A MESS) and 3 hours later instead of lunch, we ate ate dinner at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY (need I say more) and came back to the hotel in a driving rain storm. Saturday, we skipped the ZOO because it was really cold and wet, drove over to Indiana instead to see our son and give him the extra CUBS ticket we had (they were scalping them for $500 each and we paid $20) and he was going to try and sell it, spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with my oldest sister and her husband and went to the big Amish restaurant called Das Essenhaus and drove back to Chicago getting back to the hotel about 10. My sister bought me a baseball mit and glove picture frame for a pic of Thomas, a book I have already read (didn't tell her that though) and a beautiful fall candle in a stand. Sunday was "I TURN 50" day and GIRLIES it was so cold and extrememly windy! Because the CUBS played a doubleheader on Sat and won the division title, Sunday's game didn't count for anything, but the WGN announcer and former CUBS player, Ron Santo was having his number retired. The game was at 1:20 and the ceremony at 12:30 but I was sitting on the bed naked having taken my shower at 9:30 am and saw on WGN's news that there were 3000 people at the stadium so we rushed around and left. The wind blew ferociously and it was about 50 so it was so cold. I had taken a blanket but all we had brought with us were lightweight jackets. Our son, his fiance, her friend and the friend's boyfriend and mother (who got the extra ticket, which was fine with us) all got there around 12:30 and we just had a great time. Jay bought his dad a CUBS hat, I bought Thomas this big soft stuffed baseball that said Chicago Cubs on it and a bat (his mom will kill me!) and the first 10,000 ladies got this cute little ceramic bear wearing a CUBS uniform and Ryne Sanburgs # on it. Also, my son, unknown to me had submitted a guest card and they announced my birthday on WGN radio AND TV on Sunday which was really special. We left early since the game didn't count and went back to the hotel and changed into dressier clothes. GIRLS I BOUGHT A PAIR OF 2 INCH HIGH DRESS MULES (SHOES) AND LOOKED HOT HOT HOT! I haven't worn heels in a longggggg time. Dinner at Harry Caray's was fabulous, the food was exquisite though really expensive, our son paid for our dinner, but we bought a bottle of champagne and toasted their engagement (my future dil's friends came too). The two of them bought me the most beautiful jewelry box, an assortment of Bath and Body products in my favorite scent, Cotton Blossom, a PAIR OF YELLOW DIAMOND earrings, and this sterling silver "prayer box" necklace. It is this tiny tiny box that you can open like a locket and you insert a prayer into it that you want answered. Other than my period starting and having a mess driving home , it was just an amazing weekend.

Maggie: Hope you have a grand time in New Mexico. I haven't been there since my mil passed in 1989.

Jean: Hope your roast turned out well if you have made it.

What has happened with Gloria and Bubs? We miss you ladies!


10-01-2003, 05:58 PM

It just may be getting to be Fall around here. The temp is 85 as I type and quite pleasant with a bit of a breeze blowing. I am sitting here munching a 2 point muffin and sipping Hazelnut coffee through a straw thinking I have good sense. We watched the Two Towers last evening ~ love that fantasy ~ now to wait for the 3rd movie to come out.;) I have read the books and know the gest of the story but seeing the movie version is fun. Such good special effects. Much as I had imagined.

FAYE glad you had a good time of it while gone and Happy :hb: to you. I will be in NM somewhere on mine. Next spring we will head toward MT with a detour in Iowa.:D

Have a great first day of ROCTOBER everyone. Rock on.

10-01-2003, 10:55 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I just got home from bell choir; we switched our church night to Wed. from Thursday and I'm sitting here wishing tomorrow was Friday! We all had the same feeling and have talked of switching back to Thursday so I'm hoping! :crossed:

Maggie -- We have helicopters flying nearby at times; they pick up patients at the airport to transport to the Sioux City hospitals. Once in a while the Air Guard will fly their maneuvers and that makes me a bit nervous. Sounds like you have your traveling food plan set and ready to go! Are you taking your computer along so you can keep in touch? :yes: It's 43 degrees as I type and supposed to get down to 25 tonight. BRRR!

"Gma" -- It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! A belated Happy Birthday to you too! :gift: I'm going to do the roast this weekend because it is too small to sit in the crockpot all day but yet I don't have enough time when I get home from school. I can taste it already! :T

DH is back home again and has left to check in at the office for messages while he was gone. Most of the farmers are in the fields and aren't interested in talking insurance right now; hopefully he won't have a pile to sort through.

I need to iron something to wear tomorrow. They finally turned the heat on at school but then it got too hot. :dizzy: I dress in layers!

Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-02-2003, 02:37 AM
If you ladies remember, I entered a poetry contest a few weeks back. Well I WON! Part of your prize is that your poem is published in a yearly coffee table book called best poets of whatever year it is. Also, you are asked to submit a second poem which automatically is entered into the prize money part of the contest and I believe is part of the book also. Here is my contribution dedicated to Jack. It is probably the best one I have ever created and I cry everytime I read it. I am going to print it on card stock, frame it and give it to him for his birthday, which is Oct 10. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Eternally Constant

You walked into my life, a life so sad
And took away the hurt and all the pain
You wedded me and made my life most glad
And gave me hope your love would never wane

You showed me every day your adoration
Gave of yourself the deepest love possessed
Created for my life a firm foundation
Surrounded me with utmost happiness

Though years have past more gray than not adorns
And what was youth has now become old age
Each day finds romance evermore reborn
And endless love is written on our page

When death comes knocking, taking us away
Forevermore connected will we be
For love like ours can never be held sway
It lives within our hearts eternally.