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03-19-2001, 10:06 AM
I thought I would start a new thread as #28 is a 2 pager now.

Sabrina-- Kudos for you and grad school. It is overwhelming at first but before you know it it does become manageable! I am just finishing up my master's, it does go by fast!! I went all year round taking 2 classes a semester-- I never took a break (my biggest piece of advice is to just get through it with no breaks!). I started in Sept. 1998 (right about when I started the Zone) and I will be done with academics June 30th this year and totally complete (I have 300 hours of internship left) by December this year. IT CAN BE DONE!!! But at first (for the first full year) the first two weeks of every class seem like, "I can't do this, I'm I nuts"- and then somehow you get into the groove and before you know it you are one more class down. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

I am sorry about the job tension!! Do you work for MCI Worldcom? They seem to be doing the same in North Carolina and her in CT (or NY-- I'm not sure where they are located near me). I will have my fingers crossed for you that you get to keep you location!

Well I really just wanted to start a new thread and let Sabrina know I am rooting for her (school & work), I don't have much else to say-- on the Zone forefront I really botch it yesterday-- Boston Creme Cake, Bulky rolls, you name it I ate it!! But C'est Le Vive-- I will be on Damage control for the next 4 days before my next weigh in. After 2.5 years of losing weight one needs to break down once in a while so long as "damage control" can be done-- Keeping your eye on the goal! PMA-- Positive Mental Attitude!

Have a great day-- I wish SUNSHINE for everyone!

Amy aka Jakeswoman