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09-21-2003, 10:29 AM
Hi All!

09-21-2003, 05:59 PM
hi all.

I have been out of town since Thursday morning helping my mom at a rummage sale. I got rid of lots of stuff, made around $200 (some was ds'). I did not journal while gone - so busy I didn't take the time - and I know I didn't eat right. sigh.

Tech - sorry to hear your grandma is doing so poorly.

Angel - feel better!

Lauren - congrats on your loss!


09-22-2003, 03:11 AM
Hi Everybody!!

I'm back! I finally felt good this weekend so I took advantage of it today and cleaned the house from top to bottom! And I mean clean!! Started in the kitchen..cleaned out all of the old junk moldy food and wiped down the fridge, disassembled and cleaned the stove, micro, counters, cabinet knobs, dishwasher, table, floors, etc. I was on a roll! I even cooked dinner! (I really dont like cooking too much but decided to just throw something in the crock pot.) Then I dusted and vacuumed everything, windexed all windexable things, did umteen loads of laundry, then headed outside and gave the dog a bath and cleaned my patio. My feet started to hurt so I called it a day and took a break to watch some Tv, and now here I am! :encore:

This week really sucked. I felt lousy all week. I didn't even bowl on Wed. I did manage to get myself to Jury Duty on Tuesday. Thursday, same stuff different day. Friday I was still somewhat feeling lousy but I did manage to get my rear in gear for our Jump Rope performance and sale. We had a concert in the park thing and the kids got to perform beforehand and then in the middle of the band taking a break and we also ran the snack bar to raise some $$ for our trips to regionals and nationals next year. I go free because I am a certified Judge, but the kids don't so I do what I can to help out so we can get as much $$ raised so the kids parents will not have to pay much if any at all. At least that is our goal for our next regionals and nationals. My daughter got to do a singles performance & she did well! She did some doubles and tricks and stuff. She had people hooting and hollaring! Hubby got a video too!

Saturday was family bowl and then dinner. Bowled a 138, 212, 165. We got home at 8 PM and I felt so lousy that I went straight to bed! I must of needed the sleep cause I slept until 6 am. Now Im beat and ready to go to bed but I have type itis so I'm typing a book for you before I turn in for the night. I am going to attach some jump rope pics too for ya in my picture thread. Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to try and go get the truck smogged so I acn pay for the renewal tags, go to Costco, PetsMart, Home Depot, Wally World, and then home and attempt to try and plant my trees. We shall see though..I am just hoping I don't feel lousy. Have so much to catch up on from being sick almost all week.

Anyhow, that's the weekend scoop...Time for bed..my feet are crying! :cry:

Night from :sunny: Arizona!

09-22-2003, 05:38 PM
hi all. This morning I played in a tennis league - loved it. Hope to get into one of the leagues on a regular basis. Great exercise too - 90 minutes of tennis!

Angel - woohoo on all the cleaning!

gotta run...


09-23-2003, 10:40 AM
:sunny:Hi All!

Well, I just wanted you guys to know that I am now a moderator on the PCOS forum...but..I still will do my best to be active here! I might not be as active as before, but I'm going to try. :) I am trying to figure out if I should post pictures here and there, or just link one to the other or?? ...still brain racking it..hehehe You know me and my pictures!!

The same thing goes for my posts on my daily/weekly outings/doings, etc... I dont know who reads where so if you see the same entry over there as here, that's why. I'll just copy and paste here and there so I dont have to keep repeating myself. Keep repeating myself..keep repeating myself..hey...Im repeating myself!! :spin:

Yesterday I got up at about 6 AM, took the trash out, and got a bug to start chopping on my oleanders. I have been wanting to make them look like these little mini "trees" for a while so chop chop I went! I butchered the poor things!! But I did manage to make one look like a little tree. The others? Well..how bout I take a pic and show ya later. LOL! Then I watered, and came back in and did some PC work, and then took a nap! I didnt wake up until 4 PM! Eeeks!! Then I ran over to Costco, then to PetsMart, then to WallyWorld (wal-mart nick name hehe). It's so different to shop alone than when hubby goes..when he goes I always feel like I have to rush to get out of somewhere, and I can't "Browse". Tonight, I browsed allright...2 hours at Costco and 3 at Wallyworld! I sure hate it when they move stuff around cause just when I figure out where it all is, I have to re-learn it again. Hence the 3 hours at wallyworld. (well..it sounded like a good excuse...).

Today is my appointment with the Endocrinologist. I'll get my blood test results back and find out what medicines she is going to put me on for the PCOS. I doubt I made my goal weight, but I did try. I was feeling pretty lousy last week though so I didn't get in much excercise, hence not much weight loss. **sigh** But there is always new goals to reach...and I'll try my best to reach them...I hope the meds help too. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time.

Have a good day everyone!!

09-23-2003, 10:56 AM
Hey Noodles, congrats on becoming a mod! I'm sure you'll do a great job!! Post wherever you think is best! If you want to move your "home-base" of pics and posts there, that's fine...we can always hop over and check on you!! :D

Rabbit, wow, 90 min. of tennis sounds very rigorous!! Good for you!

09-23-2003, 11:06 AM
Aww..but I'd miss you girls! Besides I have to do the daily puzzle! heheehe....

09-23-2003, 02:39 PM
Hello All,

Well this last week has been awful. As I think I said, my grandma passed away on Tuesday night we had the funeral home visitation on Friday afternoon and the funeral on Saturday. Then my BIL's mom died on Thursday night, she'd been in a coma for a month and it wasn't unexpected, but still she was only 54 and it was hard particularly on my BIL. To help out my sister we took home her 13 mo old son for the night Saturday after the funeral, since my mom's her usual baby sitter and she was pretty whipped from organizing her mother's funeral.

Anyway, we had a 13 mo old who crawls pretty fast in our non-childproofed house with our 2 70lb dogs and 2 flights of stairs, it made for an interesting evening. We gave him back after the funeral on Sunday (BIL's mom's).

Basically the weekend sucked....I didn't track my food at all, but I don't think I did too bad. I didn't get in much water though so I'm feeling that this week. We're going to miss WW tonight because I've got training for work, so hopefully I can get back on track for next week.

Noodles - Glad you're feeling better.

Rabbit - $200 is nothing to sneeze at. Good luck getting back on track.

LBH - Congrats on the loss :D.

Well sorry this turned into such a book but I couldn't seem to help it. Have a great day everyone.

-Tech :spin:

09-23-2003, 05:43 PM

I was sloppy with my eating yesterday. I ate a late lunch because I was running around and let myself get too hungry. Plus with doing 45 min of weights & abs, then 90 minutes of tennis, I was starving. Anyway, went 2 over and used 4 APs. Trying to be more careful today.

Lauren - Yes I guess it is rigorous because I can feel it in my legs.

Tech - I am so sorry to hear about the losses in your family.


09-24-2003, 09:52 AM
Hi All,

Tech, sorry to hear about your grandma and your BIL's mom. :cry: I will keep your family in my prayers. At least you got a little taste of what it's like to have a baby around!! :lol: Any plans?? :devil:

Rabbit, I hate it when I let myself get too hungry. Maybe make sure you bring a bag of carrots or something with you when you're out and about??

I'm just waiting to see if I have an interview today...see the kid chat thread for more details.

Have a great day all!! :wave:

09-24-2003, 10:05 AM
Good Morning Peeps!

My day was ok! I went to the DRS (endocrinologist) in the morning. Well, I didn't reach my goal weight of 193, but I did get to 195! YAY! She was very pleased that in 3 weeks I had lost 6 pounds! I told her it would of been more but I was sick for a week there and got almost no exercise. She went over my blood work with me...My testostrone levels are high (common with PCOS patients), but everything else looks ok. She is still concerned about my liver though because it hasn't recovered from my chemo damage so she ran another blood test, and is going to keep testing me every 2 months to catch anything if the liver decides to get worse. I am also passing small kidney stones, so if that keeps up..off to the kidney specialist I go. She put me on Metformin..500 MG 2x a day and Yasmin for the hair growth. I sure hope all of this works! I go back in 2 months...My goal is to walk in there weighing 170 this time! I can do it...I can do it...I am going to do it!!

After the DRS I ran over to my daughters GEM (Gifted Education) class and dropped off her "lawyers" suit. She was playing some part in some career day thing they had going. Then I went over to visit a friend who's moving away to New York!! BRRRRR!!! Then went and filled the prescriptions then went to Safeway and got my fruits & veggies for the week. Then I came home and took a NAP! I was so tired...seems to be the going thing lately. **sigh**

After dinner we went to the Parent Teacher conference. The kid is doing excellent, but she has bad organization skills! LOL! Ok..that she didnt get from me! (Hint hint hubby!).

Now for my disasters!! Monday I took my cordless phone outside with me while I was chopping bushes. Well, I spaced it and left it on the truck. Yesterday night I went to answer the phone...and couldnt find it...DUH Noodles..I drove off with it and it's who knows where now...probably in pieces and soaked from the . Time for a new phone!

Today I got up...walked into the kitchen and...EEKS....stepped into puddles of water every where!! Our Sparkletts cooler leaked! What a mess. I had to wake up hubby and have him help me move stuff around so I could wipe up the mess. Just want he wanted to do at 4:30 am. This is the 2nd time we have had a leaky cooler. I hope they get it right the 3rd time!! I just called them and they are giving me a free bottle to replace the loss. How sweet. (sarcasm here.)

Well everyone, have a good day! Feel free to reply back! And don't forget, if you see my little egg yolk on, I'm in the chat room. Come on by sometime!!! Someone is actually in here with me chatting! YAY!!

Tech: Sorry about your loss dear. Hang in there...:df:

Rabbit: I WANNA PLAY TOO!! Darn...wish we lived closer together!!:bubbles:

LBH: Thanks for the help and kind words! I appreciate it!! :twirly:

09-24-2003, 10:29 AM
Lauren - great idea about the carrots. Sometimes I'll stop at the grocery store and pick up a banana to eat in the car. Today I think I'll take something with me as I don't have plans to go to the grocery store. I did think to make a salad last night that I could have for lunch today when I get home because it will be a late lunch again.

Off to play tennis!


09-25-2003, 08:56 AM

Good Morning Folks!!

Calendar Quote-Of-The-Day...
Lord, sometimes I fail to love someone who really needs love. But I ask also, that You help me to find the love that I need. Amen."
(I like that one!!)

How was your day yesterday? I hope great! My day was your ordinary day. I took a 5 hour nap! I felt really tired all of a sudden and went to lay down but I didn't expect to sleep that long! :o Maybe the glucophage is making me tired..who knows.

The Sparkletts man dropped off another cooler and bottle for our flooded piece of junk one. This time they gave us a brand new cooler, so I hope it will work for 6 months! This is the 3rd cooler we have had to replace. Good thing we are renting it! Hubby was nice enough to set it up for me...Course first thing he says yesterday when he had to drink from the tap was "THIS IS AWFUL!" Now he sees why I got bottled water..;)

Last night was bowling night! I started off great with a 191, but went down hill!! 129 and a 117. I was starting to get really tired so that didn't help. I came home and got on the PC for a bit then went to bed. Now here I am again up at 4:30 AM...which is ok because I can get stuff done in the AM before the household wakes up.

Well, I guess that's about it for now! Everyone take care and have a good day. And remember...when you see my egg yolk lit up...I am in the chat room! :D

http://www.3fatchicks.com/chat/ (Chat Room Link)

09-25-2003, 09:44 AM
Hi All,

Noodles, Not sure about the Gloucophage, I could ask my mom...she's a CDE. Sounds like me with the bowling scores, that's why I stopped playing in leagues, I would start out OK, and by the second game, I was beat and my fingers hurt, and by the third game, the ball felt like it was 20 lbs.!! (It was only 12!) :lol:

Have you ever tried a faucet filter?? We have horrible water here, it's very hard (sucks to clean the bathroom!) We bought a faucet filter and keep a 2 gal. bottle in the fridge with cold water. I also keep 12- .5 L bottles of water in there to drink during the day. It blinks orange, then red when it needs to be changed. We change ours about every 5-6 months, and we easily go through at least 2 gal. a day.

Rabbit, I would not have the strength to go to the grocery store and buy something healthy if I was already hungry!! I'd end up with a donut or something! :lol:

I had a bad eating day yesterday...lets just say all my FP's are gone...and then some. :( Trying to drown myself and get rid of it by Saturday though.

Have a great day all!

09-25-2003, 10:14 AM
Hi! :sunny:

Yeah...we tried the sink faucet, a brita pitcher, etc..nothing worked too well with the water here. It's very hard water with too many minerals and stuff for my kidneys. I broke down and switched to Sparkletts. So far so good cept' for these "cooler" breakdowns! The water here is so bad that I have to use a pumice stone to clean the toilets and sinks! But thank God the pumice stones work...I keep thinking I'm scratching the porcelian but..thats just how they work...its weird. It isnt scratching anything but it sure sounds like it...but everything comes out sparkling white. In Oregon I could drink the water out of the tap...Too bad they cant bottle that and send it here. hehehe

09-25-2003, 01:17 PM
Hello All,

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I think I'm moving past it and recovering. Although I think 11/8 will be hard that's when we're going up north to put grandma in the family plot and then go over her house to identify if each of us wants anything. I'm really not looking forward to that, it seems kind of morbid and mercenary to me....but that's what my mom and her siblings want to do.

Did pretty bad yesterday diet wise. I fell on Tues and was really stiff and achy yesterday, plus it was cool and rainy. So I made the ultimate comfort food: meatloaf and baked potato. Wouldn't have been bad except we didn't have the stuff to make it so I had to stop at the store on the way home then it took so long to cook I munched way to much before dinner.....Crashed on the couch right after dinner though so didn't snack last night :^: .

Oh well it's on to a new day.

LBH - Not a chance (on the kid thing). This was an experiment to see if we might change our minds, but I don't think so.

Rabbit - Yea on the exercise. You are amazing. Good luck on getting a snack in to prevent a starving late lunch. And I'm with Lauren, no way can I go into the store when hungry I always come out with Diet Coke and Chips.

Noodles - glad the doctors visit went OK. To bad about the cooler, I drink bottled water myself, only I stick to 1/2 L bottles. Easier for me to carry.

Oh well need to go make a shopping list and go grocery shopping, since this is my only day off this week.

Have a great one everyone.

-Tech :goodvibes

09-25-2003, 01:31 PM
Hello all. Well, I forgot to take anything with me yesterday for snacking. While playing tennis at say around 10:30 my stomach was growling! Having the salad all ready for me when I got home was a great idea and very filling. I ate late again, probably around 2, so it was good that it was ready or I would have been a bad, bad girl.

Noodles - all of those bowling scores sound great to me! :)

Tech - Glad you feel that you are beginning to recover. I hope it is easier for you in November than you think it will be.

Lauren - my being able to buy a healthy snack to eat in the car took some work!

I am officially in the Wednesday morning tennis league now and will play each week; plus my lesson on Thursday mornings. :D


09-25-2003, 05:32 PM
Tech, glad you're starting to feel a little better about it. It will just take time.

Rabbit, good for you hanging in there until you got home to the salad.

09-26-2003, 11:10 AM
https://publish.comcast.net/clipart/homecomm/family1.gifGood Morning Folks!!

How was everyone's day yesterday? I hope good! I spent most of my day in bed...have a kidney stone just as the doc suspected and the only way I could stay semi comfy is if I laid down. Hubby was a sweetie pie and cooked dinner and even cleaned up the mess. I'm so lucky to have him. :D

My teenager kitten is gone...:cry: She has been gone for 2 days now. I am not sure how she got out...all I can think of is when the kid opened the door to let the dog out, she slipped out. She has a collar on with her name tag so I hope that someone finds her and calls me! :(

Today I am working at the school. My daughter always loves it when I'm there. She thinks she's the cats meow if mom or dad are at school! Isn't that weird...I am proud of her though. She will be 10 next Saturday. Sniffles...growing up too fast.

Well, have a good day all!! :p

09-26-2003, 01:07 PM

I have been so hungry this week. I thought it was the extra tennis but realized it is also pms. That explains things! I am always starving then.

No tennis this morning, just weights & abs. Probably good to give my knees and elbow a break after all the sudden pressure this week.

Noodles - sorry about the kitten.

Rabbit :flow1:

09-27-2003, 04:36 PM
Hi All,

Well, I'm up .6 this week. :( I think it may be a combination of PMS and some poor choices. :rolleyes: