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09-20-2003, 12:55 PM
Good morning

It looks like it is going to be a nice day here....when I woke up it was 2.4C.....but it will warm up.

We are having new windows put in the kitchen....2 of them....they are vinyl....they came yesterday.....we are waiting for the guy that will install them to call us back.

I leave on Tuesday for my trip back east for 2 I have been busy getting ready.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Liz....I hope you are feeling better today.....I hope it gets easier for your is really hard for girls at this age.
I am doing better now.....When the clouds & rain came a few weeks ago.....I just felt myself getting really depressed.....but have been using my light box everyday day the last 10 days & I feel much better now.

Hi Judo.....I have missed you....although I haven't been around much lately.....have been lurking though.


09-20-2003, 01:50 PM
Well today is Saturday and its pretty chilly out.I am hoping it warms up some. Well, I talked to my mom this morning and they are ok except they have not had any electicity since 1:00 am Friday Morning.Mom is upset because everything is going bad or thawing in the frig and freezer.She can't do any grocery shopping till the electric comes back on.I didn't get a hold of her until about 8:00 pm last night and it was only briefly because her cell phone was acting up.

My husband is supposed to do some work for some lady today but i think he may wait till tomorrow.

I am thinking of starting some of my christmas shopping early this year.Or at least start to look around.I am going to Amazon for some stuff.Anyone else starting Christmas shopping early? I have noticed that alot of stores are already putting out Christmas stuff.Gee, Can they start any earlier?


09-20-2003, 02:38 PM
Hi April & Lynnie,

April I bet your so excited to go see your family, I hope you have a really good time and enjoy them :)

Lynnie I started Christmas shopping the first week of September. I only have 2 of my sisters kids done and thats it. Ohh wait I did buy the other day a little tikes easle for my daughter :D I just don't know what to buy hubby. Or my inlaws AHH! grrrrrrrrrrrr lol.

Okay I'll tell you the story over that growl.
My MIL's been in and out of the hospital for a few years now, last christmas I went crazy looking for sweaters for her, I finally found them. She said they were to SMALL, they were a petite medium (she weighs a whoppin 70 lbs okay).... So I truck them back to the store, get what I could in returns and bring her some LARGES which she wanted........ okay everyone's happy right. A few months after christmas passed, I went to see her at her house and she said to me "you know those sweaters you bought me for christmas, you can have them back they are to BIG" well I started foaming at the mouth, I looked at her and said "WHAT?" I quickly dropped the subject and when I got home I told hubby he can go freakin shopping for her this year, I was extremely agrivated and done w/that family (as far as shopping went). I was hot and fit to be tied. I dragged my wee one up to those NY stores in the dead of winter, snow, freezing to return those stupid sweaters ................. GROWL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lololol

So thats my story and I'm sticking to it :lol:

Other than that, its very hot and sticky here, wish we had some of that cool weather you and April are having :D

TTYL, Love Me :chef:

09-20-2003, 03:56 PM
OMG!! you would think your MIL would be grateful.I tell ya now a days people are so ungrateful.U should have stuck them in the dryer and let them shrink... *snickers*

09-21-2003, 11:04 AM
Good morning ladies

It is early ....for me it is....was up at 5:30.....I had such a hard time making up my mind about my trip....maybe that is a female thing....making

Yesterday I was going to go on my trip.....but since I started to feel better....have had qualms about this trip.....I have gone back to visit my birth family numerous times since I moved away in the early 70's.

I was depressed since about 1981....especially in the winter....last winter....when I went to counselling.....the counsellor said....when women are depressed....they often want to flee....I didn't know that. She said they often want to go back to where they felt safe....when they were a child....well that is what I was doing.....wanting to go to the place where I grew up.....frequently....where all my birth family is 2600 miles away.

Now that I am not depressed anymore....I don't feel the same.....I just didn't feel like I cancelled my trip.....I called one sister & told her....then another sister called me back....thought it was something they wasn' we talked....& talked.

Am I the only one who has gone through anything like this....wanting to flee...when I was depressed...even wanting to leave my that I am not depressed....DH & I get along really well.

I feel I have written a book here....I should stop & go sit at my light box now.


09-21-2003, 12:37 PM
Hey gang.....I can't stay long...have a houseful coming this afternoon......last night I got home from work at midnight and made meatballs and cleanded up after myself until 1 up today at 845...I have to wrap gifts, put my album together, vaccum the basement (so I have somewhere to send the rug rats), peel potatoes, set the tables, light candles, water my plants, buy milk and other last minute things, go to church etc....Somehow I will get it all done before everyone starts arriving between 2-4 pm. I don't stess long as my house is in half decent shape and I have plenty of wine....I can relax and 'enjoy'.

April I don't know what to say regarding your trip....all I can say is do what feels right...there is no right or wrong in a situation like this. I find the more down I am the less I want to do and the more I want to stay home. So everyone is different.

Leens I know what you mean about the in-laws....I have yet to see my mother or father in law wear or use one thing I have ever given them,,,,and my neices and nephews are so spoiled on that side that no matter what you get them they look totally disappointed...I am beyond caring about that. All my other family and friends love my gift giving...luckily hubby loves to shop so he takes care of his side and I do my side and we come together to wrap....though we have really cut down on the buying. dd 11 doesn't believe she will get a bit of a shopping spree at Xmas and I will get her a few stocking stuffers....dd5 still believes so we will have to keep the magic alive for her. I think we will go skiing over Xmas so I don't get stuck entertaining....haven't quite decided. I am not buying a ton of toys though...I just packed up five huge boxes of things to give away...stuff I have had for 11 years and it is just not played with...the kids just have the stuff that can comfortably fit in their rooms. Next goal is to get the basement finished.

Ironically dd 5 is humming the first noel as she works on a craft as I type about Xmas.

I am going to order my piano tomorrow. I have always wanted one.....dd 5 is starting lesssons, dd 11 plays by ear and I have taken a few lessons.

My dd11 seems ok...I am meeting with the team at her school early this week to touch base and make sure that she is ok....Hubby thinks I am over identifying with her....who knows...I don't think so. Though I will keep thinking about that one.

Lynnie your mother must be devestated...and with no power it is not like she can cook the meat that has thawed so it doesn't go to waste......what a shame.....hope she is ok.

Well I gotta go I have lots to do......enjoyed chatting with you all as I drank my morning jo!

See ya!


09-21-2003, 12:56 PM
Good Morning Ladies

Liz: So true but what can she do....Thanks :)Today she is working so its probably the furthest thing from her mind..

Hope everyone has a great sunday.


09-21-2003, 03:18 PM
Hi Ladies,

April, I know what you mean, i have seasonal depression and last winter was the worst..... I'm not looking forward to another snowy winter... lets hope !

Lynnie, poor mom, hope she gets power soon, that royally sucks.

Liz, ohh dinner is finally today, well I know your gonna have a beautiful table as well as tasty, take pictures ??? pleeze :D
I love piano playing, wish i could. I told hubby i want DD 2 to have some kind of musical interest and dancing, I want to keep her very active, not like me when I was growing up.......just a bump on a log here :(

I am cooking a roast and then I'll be wrapping some christmas presents........YES !!! I went to toys r us today and finished up my two little great nieces, they love anything.

I refuse to shop for my MIL or FIL..... my FIL is a hard ***, when ever you give him a gift he says...... what the **** is this for ???????? duh ?????????? OY... even if its money. Can't please them. So i don't lolol heheheh :s:

This year I'm gonna have a blast w/my little one and the rest can go scratch :o so there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Talk to you tomorrow, hugs.

09-21-2003, 07:55 PM
Hi again

It has been raining & overcast here today....not the best weather for S.A.D.....but I used the light box this A.M.....I feel good. I had a nap earlier...was up so early today.

DH & I played 2 games of cribbage today....he won 2 & I won 1 game. In about 1/2 an hour...we are going to Boston Pizza for dinner....DS3's GF's son is turning 13 we are getting together with them & her parents.

Lynnie.....I have done some of my Christmas shopping already....bought 3 gifts in January when the sales were on.

Leenie.....I can see how you feel that way about gift giving for your in laws.....sometimes it is hard getting Christmas gifts for anyone....even my DH....last year one of the gifts he got...he got 2 of them....well in June he gave one of them to one of our sons.
I can understand....about S.A.D......last winter was the worst for me also with this seasonal depression....this winter...I am hoping to keep it in check with the light box.....I was afraid....if I did go away for the 2 weeks.....I might get depressed least here....I have a light box.