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09-20-2003, 08:55 AM
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09-20-2003, 09:19 AM
Rise and Shine.....no~~not really, sleep if you can, I love to sleep in, but my 6 year old had other ideas this morning. She came in my room and up on the bed she got and stated "MOM ITS 6~5~5, TIME TO GET UP) I felt like the teenage boy in the movie "A Walk to Remember" when I rolled over and said it's Saturday NO SCHOOL!!!! But up I got.

Today is day 6 and I am going strong still. Yesterday I came in with my exact pts, no extra no less. I could have eatten more, but I did not, so for that I am thankful. Small victories, I love them. I had to take Evan to Walmart to get a new sleeping bag for camp, his new one I bought at the beginning of summer for summer camp the zipper broke in already! Usually I would just say use it anyway, but it's cold up here in these parts this time of year and I wanted the boy to stay warm, therefore, he needed a zipper;) .

Someone asked about the Turnip a/k/a as a ruttabegga (sp) yes, you have to cut in half then I place one of the cut halves down on the board and cut it in to about 5 pieces length wise (makes peeling easier) then peel the pieces, throw away the ends...and if your cooking it all by itself you can cut it into smaller chunks now and then boil for I don't know sometimes 45 minutes, they are never the same.....just boil till tender then you can mush it up with a beatter or with a musher and enjoy....it's kind of a strong taste but I love em. Good luck.

Tracy: We are all here for the compassion and the support of each other. It helps to know that we are not alone in this weight issue thing and that there are people feeling the same way we do. I thank god everyday I found this place and hope that I can give back as much as I get from this thread. I love that we can talk about anything and everything (cause it all seems to tie in). I too am ready to get down to business and get this off once and for all. One step at a time and with the help of all on this thread.

Syn: You make perfect sence. You need, we need, or I need to be here for the support also. And like a wise person on this thread told me, we take what we want and leave the rest. I'm so happy you are here cause I love to read your posts.

Thin: Hope you get to see some good movies this weekend. Make sure to give us a movie review. I never know whats out.

Tina: How is WW going? You sound like it is going good. I like the flex points, just so affraid to use them.....thats me...oh well. Now I just have to of course add the exercise thing back in, that is always so hard for me. But once I get going I love it.

Michelle, Kat, Bobsgal, and all the rest....hope you are all having a wonderful morning.....

Hugs to all.

09-20-2003, 09:56 AM
I'm sorry.....I understand this is a new thread and we shouldn't drag garbage from the old thread here, but for some reason....I feel like I should be explaining myself, but I'm not sure why. :?:

Let me explain to you why I first came to this site aproximately two years ago.

I was just beginning my weight loss journey and I was looking for recipes...ideas, anything supportive or that would help me achieve my goals. (My WW leader had actually suggested it)

Anyways.... what I actually found was this wonderful thread and these wonderful people. I actually found people, who were just like me! I realized that there are actually people out there in this world that were my size, that had the same fears, the same goals, the same wants and needs and it felt great!

So, being the trusting person that I am, I took people at their word.....and for the most part, I have NEVER been sorry. For the most part, I've always felt glad that I shared my life, my love and my heart with everyone here.

Although I have been hurt at times..... I have forged ahead. I know and I understand that no one is perfect. I know that, because I am not perfect.

But I'll tell you something else. I am not deceitful either. And I may have a husband, and I may have two beautiful children, but even if I didn't..... I certainly wouldn't come here and fabricate a person and make fools out of people that care about me.

I'm sorry if people are lonely...... I have lots of friends that aren't married and do not have children. To be honest, I have more single friends than I do married, but none of them would create such a whopper as this and feed it to people that loved and supported them.

I guess maybe in this case, I am not understanding...... I guess mainly because I cannot UNDERSTAND. I don't know why someone that we have been friends with and tried to help, support and love would tell us literal MONTHS of lies.....going into great detail. Frankly.....it even scares me.

I hate the fact that I now have to feel guarded. I hate that I feel that I have to watch what I say because I don't even know who I might be dealing with. I feel like I have been violated in the worst way.

The thing about it is...... the story always seemed kinda far fetched to me, but I took her at her word, because after all, in the end.....isn't that all we have? OUR WORD is our bond. One day, when it's said and done and we're laying in a coffin, it will not matter what kind of car we drove, what kind of house we lived in, how much money we had or what type of job we went to everyday. What will matter is what was truly felt and how we treated one another.

I for one......do not want my legacy to be filled with lies. I, personally could not come to this site, surrounded by these wonderful loving women and spew garbage for MONTHS about a non existent boyfriend. AND, if for some strange reason this Brian person were to actually come to this website and find out he's having a relationship he knew nothing about, not to mention that he apparently spent time in jail..... I'd imagine I'd be pretty pissed.

So, that is the reason I reacted the way I did. That is the reason I felt betrayed and hurt. That is the reason I went back and posted every single lie. It wasn't just one..... it was one after the other, over and over lying and making us look like fools.

For that reason, and maybe I might appear as heartless, but I hope she leaves and doesn't come back. If she were to stay, I would never trust her again. If she feels completely humiliated, I think she should. If she feels embarassed, she should. What did she expect us to do when all her lies hit us in the face? Rejoice? Praise her for deceiving us for months and months? Give her a big :bravo: for making us look like fools?

I don't think so. :no:

I'm sorry to all of you and I hope none of you feel hard towards me for the honest words I've spoken here, but that's the way I've always been and the way I will always be......HONEST. You guys are my #1 priority and I do truly love you all and my words are out of anger not only because I've been duped but because we ALL have been.

Having said that..... I'll say no more. I just wanted to let you see my side of the story and why I feel the way I do.


Terri in MO
09-20-2003, 10:07 AM
I'm off to San Diego this morning. I just wanted to jump in and say hi and bye.

Please let all this stuff go without making you feel like you can't trust anyone. Really folks, we have no idea of whether anyone of us are real or not. We don't really know what the other person is at their end of the computer. For that matter, its like that in real life. But, we just have to shrug our shoulders, forgive the person, and move on. If we let it affect our trust, affect how we feel about posting here - then that's our fault for letting it get to us - not theirs.

I had wanted to post something about forgiveness anyway. I learned in church that we must forgive people for the things we feel have been done to us. We must let go of that anger and feelings in order to have the relationship with God that we must have. Forgiveness is about saying "I'm not going to hold on to this anymore". Its not about condoning the actions. Its not about understanding the actions. Its not about forgetting. Its about letting go and moving on.

Take care ladies.

09-20-2003, 10:12 AM
Enough said girls lets move on. I come here for support you are my friends.

DH and I are going to see UnderWorld today.

I have a genealogy meeting in the city today also.

Thin: There is nothing wrong at home just not much to post. Work is fine the new girl is working out great.

hope to catch some of you in chat tonight

09-20-2003, 10:20 AM

It's lovely out today. I'm going to pack the pointer in the car and drive aimlessly, until I find a beautiful spot, and go for a walk.

Terri, Well Said!
"Forgiveness is about saying "I'm not going to hold on to this anymore". Its not about condoning the actions. Its not about understanding the actions. Its not about forgetting. Its about letting go and moving on."

09-20-2003, 10:53 AM
Thank you for saying that Terri and for pulling that one section apart that I needed to see J-ann:

"Forgiveness is about saying "I'm not going to hold on to this anymore". Its not about condoning the actions. Its not about understanding the actions. Its not about forgetting. Its about letting go and moving on."

I'm SO sorry if I've appeared harsh. I don't want any of you to think less of me.... I truly do care alot about my friends here. I know in my above post, I said I would not say another word, but I am going to break my word to say this:

Lori: I do not know why you felt the need to lie to all of these wonderful ladies here. I cannot and will not even pretend to understand. I'm sorry if you're lonely and sad. I'm sorry if you are lacking something in your life. For whatever reason you felt it necessary to do what you did, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry to a degree, that I believed you. However, I have to move on, so for this reason, I forgive you. I forgive the fact that you hurt many of us here. I forgive you and I promise you, I will say NO MORE on this subject. I truly hope you do find happiness and love in your life. I hope you find something that will make you feel complete. I do wish you all the best.

Having said that, I would like to let everyone know food this week has been great! :cb: I have stayed within my points and have not even dug into my Flex points yet. I can't say how I feel about Flex as far as WI, because I've only weighed in once, but so far.....so good. I really enjoy the "Flexibility" of the plan. :lol: Don't get me wrong.... I'm not holding back on the Flex Points, I honestly have not needed to use them.

On another note, I am going to change either the day or the location of my WW meetings. I am just not happy with my leader. I can't speak for anyone else, but I need a little motivation when I go to my meetings and although Cathy is very nice, she is just not doing it for me. She never does "celebrations" and never gets excited about anything. It seems like we are still talking about the same stuff that we talked about months and months ago before I left.

Soooo, I have decided to start going to the meetings in Chattanooga, which is actually going to only take me aproximately 5-10 minutes longer to get there. This is at an actual center and is not held at a church or anything. Don't get me wrong.... I have NOTHING against it being held in a church, I just like going to the centers a little better. So, I'm going to try going to the noon meeting this Monday. The only drawback to that....(or so it seems) is that the leader is a man. Now of course you know..... I have NOTHING against men, :s: but I've never had a male leader, so I'm not sure about it, but I will definitely give him a chance. Then, I'm going to try the Sunday meeting the next week and then maybe the Monday night one the week after that. Since my off days are Sunday and Monday, I'd rather go to my meeting on one of those days, but if worse comes to worse and I don't click with any of those leaders, then I'll try maybe a Wednesday or Thursday evening meeting. Who knows?

Sooner or later, maybe I'll get it right! :lol:

I hope you ALL have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you later on tonight! :love:

09-20-2003, 12:08 PM
To make you smile

09-20-2003, 12:09 PM
and again....:lol:

09-20-2003, 01:03 PM
and while those were very cute......

THIS brings a smile to my face! :s:


Holy Moses! :cb:

09-20-2003, 02:28 PM
When I opened up the thread and saw that I got a good chuckle.....thanks.

09-20-2003, 03:19 PM
Tina you made me chuckle too with

"and while those were very cute......

THIS brings a smile to my face! "

Well I need to throw my 2 cents in here....I have to beg to differ with what Teri said...that we don't know anyone on this thread..I DO know Barb as we have met in person, I DO know Kat as we talked briefly on the phone and have been trying to arrange to meet since well over a year now...but with conflicting schedules and all we are finally going to do it in a couple of weeks!! I also know Thin is true because of all the nice cards that come in the mail at just the right time! I DO know that 2Cute has held us here all together for over 2 years that I have been posting here. And I DO KNOW OUR MISS TINA is genuine and is the most caring and sensitive person I have ever come across...Tina and I have had our minor tiffs but she is the most caring friend anyone can have because she is always so forgiving and trusting and I don't ever want her to lose that trust she has in people! Its a rare quality these days but a much needed one at that! And I DO know that the majority of you are just as genuine!

Most of us have known all along that Lori was a farce with those far fetched stories. I for one read right between the lines from the very beginning. I was married to a drug addict/alcoholic for 19 years who happened to have served time and was on probation. I know the ins and outs of the court system and probation office like the back of my hand. I also was a manager of a subsidized apartment complex for the elderly, handicapped and disabled and recognized the annual apartment inspections and know that these bldgs are set up and are cable ready and phone ready so there is no need for these types of servicemen needed to come to these bldgs. I do know that alot of people who live in these bldgs, especially the younger ones, don't have much of a life and are always sticking their noses in everyone elses business, they fight like cats and dogs and are mean and vicious! Not saying everyone is just a few in each bldg!! I could go on and on but it looks like I already have!! So I will stop here!

So with that said!! Congrats to all you losers here and I hope you all have a great day! I will check back later so you all better be posting!!

TTFN Michelle

09-20-2003, 04:42 PM
I'm taking a break from...let's see...scrubbing the bathroom...doing laundry...cleaning out the laundry closet...folding clothes...putting said clothes away...still have plans to vacuum, wash kitchen floor, and cut the grass. Do you know how many calories I've burned today?????

I don't either, but it's a LOT!

Yesterday we picked up my daughter from school and took the ferry over to Manhattan. We saw Little Shop of Horrors. So good! I love the music from that show, it was hard to restrain myself from singing along with the actors! Afterwards, we hung out by the stage door, so that my son could get his poster autographed by the cast. It was really neat. We took lots of pictures. Dh just bought a digital camera, if I ever figure out how to use it, I'll post some pics. Don't hold your breath... My daughter guided us through the wonderful subway system...she's become quite the NYC native in a month's time. I burned a lot of calories going up and down those stairs and all the walking. I'm feeling confident about tomorrow's WI (not Wisconsin.)

Okay break time over...time to re-boot the laundry. Have a great day kids, and a wonderful weekend.

09-20-2003, 05:42 PM
Afternoon chicklets,

Today has been kind of productive. I've apparently been with Kat doing laundry? Have I missed you on the stairs? Seems I sure did a lot of the work.....LOL

I had to run to town for my mom, she is sick. So then Alexis wanted McDonalds for lunch and my mom sick or not wanted a Big Mac....so I went through the drive thru and I got myself a bottled water!!!! And I didn't even drink the whole thing yet:dizzy: . I came home and made myself some left overs from the Boiled dinner. Then I bought those WW fudge bars....1pt and OMG so so so good. So here it is almost 5:00 and time to start working on supper. Shake N Bake chix, Fried rice (Sandy style) low points....and some veggies of some sort. I have plenty of pts left for the day, so far I have only used 7 out of 31 and Flex points galore left for the week and my week starts again on Monday. But I did indulge and buy these new flavored Wine Coolers (Wild Black Cherry) 3 pts per bottle, but thats okay, well worth 3 pts....

I will be back to check in again, the washer and dryer are begging to be switched over again.

Love and hugs,

09-20-2003, 05:59 PM
Hey everyone :)

I'm glad I came back here today.

Terri, I really needed to hear those words on forgiveness and to be reminded of the process. Has nothing to do with the recent drama here, just happened to fit into a lot of my current thinking and hopefully healing process.

I've got to run help my dad with something. He just dropped in.


Stepping Out
09-20-2003, 07:22 PM
and I'm not around for it :halfempty

Tina: Your brother sounds like a very selfish person. Some people react to not getting what they want by lashing out at others in hurtful ways. I KNOW you'll be seeing your little niece again once things cool off. I'm proud of you for being honest and sharing your feelings. :grouphug: I hope your new WW meeting works out great. :D

Pam: WTG on your loss! And thanks for being an encourager for all of us :sunny:

Joe Anne: My heart goes out to your son and your family. Thank God he's safe!

Everyone that spoke about forgiveness: This site and this thread have been and continue to be a rich source of encouragement and support for so many. It's sad that trusts have been violated and people have been hurt. The best thing we can do for 300 + is to forgive and move on.:soap:

I decided to go to a new TOPS chapter. It's closer to my house and the atmosphere is much more relaxed and friendly. There was a lot of tension in my old chapter. I started with a 1.5 gain, but I was expecting it. I'm doing better this week eating wise. My biggest problem is that I'm battling depression right now. I should go see the Dr. and get on something (I'd been on Wellbutrin before), but I'm SICK of drs. and SICK of pills! :blah:

Sorry for venting. Please keep me in your thoughts.


09-20-2003, 08:07 PM
Hello All,

After I jumped in earlier this week, I've been meaning to come back and introduce myself. Sept. is always a busy month with the kids getting back to school and everything getting fired up for fall. I don't get to my computer until evening and even then I don't get a lot of time on it.

The thumbnail version of my life is I'm married with 2 kids (DD turns 10 next week, DS just turned 6), 2 dogs (a Dalmatian & a Rhodesian Ridgeback) and 1 hamster. Last September, having finally gone over 300 with no end in sight I decided to get serious about changing my life and decided to start with exercise. After 4 months of getting regular exercise (I joined a gym with a couple of other moms from my daughter's school), I started WW in Jan. I lost 4-6 pounds but wasn't seeing a huge difference although journalling my food showed me how much more I'd been eating than I thought! At the end of March I started Atkins and I'm loving it. I've lost 40 pounds so far and find low-carb suits my lifestyle and tastes and IT'S WORKING FOR ME!!

As for Lori, I was confused by the pics from the WWE she kept posting - almost like she wanted to be caught. All I can think of is that cartoon with the dog on the computer and the caption "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog!" :lol:

I have to say I'm more a lurker than a regular poster and I'm planning to get involved with the Dr. Phil book discussion that starts on Monday but I'll be here when I can!

09-20-2003, 09:00 PM
I'm Back!
:sunny: :encore: :sunny:

Hi Ladies!! I have missed you!!! Looks like I have a lot to catch up on from the past week. I'll read everything tomorrow. For now I just want to sleep. :faint: :yawn: We had a wonderful vacation and I feel relaxed and refreshed. Just tired from very little sleep last night and the traveling today. I just finished unpacking and downloading all our pictures.

I thought I'd share a couple...

This first one is me at MGM - I am standing in front of the fridge that was used in the Flinstones movie. :)

09-20-2003, 09:03 PM
Here's a fun one....we spent one day at Universal Studios. While there we went to one of the photo places that puts you in movie pictures... We did a few of them and ordered some poster sized ones for our basement. When/If we get it finished we plan on decorating it with a TV/Movie theme. So we figured it would be fun to have our faces in the pics.

Here I am in a Dream of Jeannie Poster! :) :D

09-20-2003, 09:19 PM
That is so cute and what an idea for the basement Barb.

Glad you had a good time.

09-20-2003, 09:35 PM
Before I check out, I want to apologize for all the trouble I caused that I brought on myself and that I accept full responsibilty for. My insecurities got the best of me yet again. And I also accept and own responsibility for messing with the emotions of others and I too apologize for that.

With that, I won't be getting up tomorrow...or any day after that. See ya. :wave:

09-20-2003, 09:54 PM
You know, I try really hard to keep an even temper, but that last post just has me swearing! Thanks for taking one last pot shot at our emotions, Lori. I've played too many years with idiots who thought they could threaten, bully and mess around with me. Yeah, I let them in. I let them find my weak spots and as much as I hate to admit it, I even allowed those weak spots to be exploited. When I finally came to my senses, the last shot they could take was to threaten to do themselves harm. I used to care. I would let myself be reeled back in like some stupid fish waiting to be chewed up and spat back out again. Well, I'm not that same girl now. Take your threats and act upon them as you will. None of the women on this thread deserve any more of your bull. What you do is of your own free will, and I will have no more of it.


09-20-2003, 09:56 PM
I've reported Lori's last post to the admins. Hopefully they will remove it from the Board soon.

09-20-2003, 10:04 PM
I reported it also. I figured I was the first one to see it as no one had posted after her when I came to read. I thought it was uncalled for and a sorry cry for one last ho-haw of attention. It was like Andria said, one last attempt at slapping us in the face and making it our fault. I think not!!!!!


09-20-2003, 10:13 PM
I found this site thru a search engine and I can sure use some backup!

I'm pretty much dieting on my own by limiting my calories, and trying to figure out the system on Fitday.com--does anyone here use that? Also, what is this Curves I hear so much about and is anyone doing the Dr. Phil thing?

Suzanne 3FC
09-20-2003, 10:25 PM
Please start 414, while we try to get this situation sorted out.

Thanks :)

Suzanne 3FC
09-21-2003, 01:07 AM
I would like to make a final reply to this thread, for those that had requested that Loranden's last post be removed. We feel it is best to leave it on file for the moment.

We realize several of you are skeptical of her comment, but we must still take it seriously, as a hint of a suicide. Therefore, we have forwarded the information to her local police department and they will proceed as necessary.

We sincerely hope it was a comment made in a moment of frustration and embarrassment and that she will be fine.

I think Tracy's perspective in her post at http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=454543#post454543 says it best..

I wanted to offer a slightly different prospective on the Lori story. First of all, I, like Duckie pretty much knew that the story was untrue. I never said anything because I was not 100% sure. ...
When I saw that Lori had been caught in a lie I knew before reading on that the fur was gonna fly. I know that those of you that had gotten to know Lori in the past few months felt hurt and betrayed and I definitely do not blame you for that. Yes, Lori was wrong when she gained the trust of you guys and then lied to you so easily BUT you have to really think about how lonely and insecure a person must be to invent such a fantasy for themselves. I almost cried when I was thinking about how humilated and upset she must have been when she realized that the truth was out. I felt bad for her. I also felt bad for those of you that believed her and put your trust in her. I dont think she ever meant to hurt anyone and I dont think she thought that she was deceiving and betraying you. I think she just has some self-esteem issues.

I for one know that being overweight is hard. I have been called names, I have been humiliated, and I have been frowned upon for being heavy. I am lucky though, I have a wonderful husband that thinks the world of me and 2 beautiful sons that adore me fat and all. Lori does not. It is sad. We all have know what it is like to feel alone and unwanted at some time or another. Maybe she feels this way all the time. Just think about it before you all feel too upset at her even though I know you have a right to be. I just dont think she ever meant to hurt anyone.

We hope everyone will have a good evening, put this behind us, and as Scarlet would have said, Tomorrow is another day :)