Weight Loss Support - Spa Fitness Fiesta!!!!! Be There Or Be Square!!!! Three Days Only!!!! Don't Miss It!!

09-18-2003, 10:23 PM
The staff and management at the Imperial Fitness Spa, Land o' Fit Folk, South Empire, hath put their fit lil ol' heads together and decided it would be appropriate to have a FITNESS FIESTA for all fitness folk, both near and far, who frequent the neighborhood of these threads!!!

That being the case, all winners of the recent Hump o' the Week Challenge and anyone else who feeleth inclineth are invited to THREE DAYS OF VIRTUAL PARTYING AND GENERAL RELAXATION OF A FITNESS/WEIGHT MANAGEMENT NATURE at the Spa. Come one, come all, to enjoy our magnificant facilities on 10,000 acres of grassland, forest, magikal pools deep in Grecian-statuette inhabited grottoes, castlelettes, self-renewing picnic tables (where picnics-full of healthy food choices magically appear and renew themselves as consumed and no calories are deposited on the body of the eater), aerobic classes led by Pirate Bill (a man of many talents), Towel Boy services, cozy whirlpool baths, showers, rainbow pools with water lilies, 10-star spa cuisine by :chef: Elberta Crone (100 years old and fit as a fiddle because she knows all the nutritional secrets of the universe), yoga classes by Guru Sally, pilates classes by the ghost of Joseph Pilates, spinning classes by the original Johnny G. (now cloned in health clubs across the nation, but we have the real one), guided psychic walks by genuine psychics ... and FIESTA MUSIC, PINATA BREAKING WITH CALORIE FREE CANDY SPEWING FORTH EVERY HOUR ... ARTS AND CRAFTS ... HORSE RIDING EVENTS ... AND MORE ... :hat: :dancer: :hb: Ole!

THERE IS A FEATURED EVENT RUNNING OVER THE THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! :devil: :?: A challenge, of course!! BUT IT IS A CHALLENGE ANYONE CAN WIN!!! (If you've read all this, believe me, you have the stamina to do this challenge, which is ...)

Everyone who wishes to post on the thread is welcome, but for those who want to enter the CHALLENGE, you have to do one thing!!! You have to pick out ONE FUN THING TO DO TO FURTHER YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS JOURNEY on each of the three days! (Playing a game of soccer, taking a walk, even taking a nap because that IS a fitness activity ... you have to rest to grow muscle and feel good, sit and think about your weight loss journey and plan it all out, buy some little stickers to mark your calendar to mark your journey, talk to a friend about your journey, walk slowly around the neighborhood and look at it (burns calories even if it's slow), you name it!!! Declare it each morning that you can, do it and report back!!! Report, report, report!!!! Ole! Huzzah! :smug:

Winners receive a BLUE RIBBON and an Imperial Fitness Spa hat, all virtual, but chic!!!!

That is all, please come if ya wanna!!! ~ Signed, Perky Elbert, the Party Animal, aka :drill: (oh, no, forget that, this is just for FUN!!! You WILL have fun!!! Do you understand, party goers?)

Empress Amarantha hath stated that she will descend from her Imperial Chamber and post a FUN CHALLENGE for herself on Friday (when she thinks of one)! Don't stand on ceremony, though, party guests, post whenever ye like! ~ Signed, Pirate Bill, Scribe and Aerobics-by-the-Sea Instructor

09-19-2003, 08:19 AM

I, Ceara, the one of few words and mighty sword, rescuer of voles from the pool cover, will declare for this CHALLENGE! Fun thing to do each day....Ok, today I will take the time and go shopping....browsing, for me....I need some smaller clothes! (and DH needs some jeans) I'm not saying that I will buy anything, just that I will look.

Of course this will be after I've relaxed in the spa with the Towel Boy and oggled Cerise and Ramon {it is hard to stay focussed on oneself whilst they frolick},had a little siesta, (those two tire me out! :D), had a massage, tried Pilates and maybe busted a pinata!

Off to the breakfast buffet, where they serve my fav....oatmeal with fresh honeydew melon, and fresh coffee with 5% cream. That is my one vice these days!



09-19-2003, 10:31 AM
Hallo, Fiestaites!!!! ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?!!! :hat: YOU BET WE ARE!!!! :dancer:

Have a banana with thy coffee, oatmeal and melon, :queen: Ceara o' Vole Removal (what are Voles? Are they some particularly annoying kind o' magikal creature?) Thankee for posting thy FUN, FUN, FUN, challenge and Amarantha be crossing her fingers (I can't remember that smilie) that thee findeth the most amazing pair o' magikal jeans for thyself to PARTY ON in!!! Wowza!!!

Amarantha's FUN, FUN, FUN FIESTA challenge for herself is to take a walk around the lake when she goes to the mountains today to do interviews!!! So many times she goeth there to work and thinks she be too busy to walk by the beautiful lake. Today, she will walk by the lake because it WILL BE FUN!!!

So be it, party on, campers!


09-19-2003, 01:22 PM
I, Cerise Ignats O'Pootie-Pie, being of flitty mind and big booty, do declare myself IN - Towel Boy Ramon in tow...:hyper:

Friday: I do declare that I will indeed and forsooth be guided through my first workout at the Gold's Gym section of :queen: Amarantha's spa by my first-session-free-with-signup personal trainer. I will learn to master the mighty Elliptical Beast, and thereby saveth my joints, which hurt muchly due to the weather.

Saturday: I will taketh Aleve and trot around the soccer field (which is mercifully well-sprung) for two hours, nearly dying of exhaustion from all the running but feeling euphoric afterwards at the good work I did for my body and the new skills I mastered.

Sunday: More time at the Gold's Gym and probably some scampering about with the Towel Boy. ;)

Onward, partners in fitness and well-being!!!:D

09-19-2003, 05:21 PM
*** BUMP ***

Aaar, scurvy dogs! Join our challenge or walk the Pla-a-a-a-ank!

09-19-2003, 08:31 PM
National pirate day?

Went to the MALL....hate that place...and actually tried on a couple blouses....looked at suits at resale shop...no good...petites which would just be too short in the arms

:jig: .

Got some cool earrings for me...copper and silver, handcrafted...love 'em! Bought 2 pr jeans for DH...31-34...what a pain size and some undies for DS....So I shopped....walked that darn Mall at least twice 'cause my friends and I got separated when I went into the bathroom...they were sitting right outside and I didn't see them....just blew on by them and looked for them for 15 minutes!:lol:...That was my walk! Maybe I should eat some carrots!

Am ready to find my nightgown...am tired....massage would be nice, sauna...hot bath....u-m-m-m-

Outta here!


09-19-2003, 11:49 PM
Arck, me mateys! Amarantha here, back from a day longer than expected, having gotten roped into work-related conversations all over the beat and even in the grocery store, shiver me timbers. In case ye scurveys think I'm talking like a pirate because I've been possessed by the spirit o' Pirate Bill, it isn't so, mateys. As Ceara notes, it is indeed National Pirate Day, or to be specific, National Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! Yerse, mateys, this is true. I heard an interview on public radio as I was driving home. There's a website and everything. The founder of this rather dubious holiday says he doesn't really want anymore suggestions on how to talk like a pirate, but he does want everyone to talk like a pirate today. Shiver me timbers!!!

Argh, mates, me FIESTA FITNESS FUN CHALLENGE o' walking round that little ol' lake never got off the ground. It was too hot and there were mosquitoes and yer slivey mate here was scared o' the West Nile Virus!!! Shiver me timbers!

I'm substituting the feastin' off all me eight remaining Flexpoints this day for fun, plus I stayed outta the gym and did me slivey weight lifting at home, going two pounds heavier, which the scurvey trainer thinks I should do. That was fun!!!!

:queen: Ceara: Hope thou found the sauna!!!! Excellent work having fun at the mall!!!! :cp: :cheers: And a double HUZZAH for buying the earrings for thyself!!!! Good work, matey!!! Shiver me timbers!!!

:queen: Cerise: HUZZAH for thy fun and thrill seeking in the Gold's Gym section o' the Imperial Fitness Spa!!! :cp: :strong: Thou hast set thyself a daunting schedule of FIESTA FITNESS FUN for the nonce, mate!!!

Mateys, Amarantha hath been watching one too many episodes o' "Starting Over," but one of the ideas on that show for one of the women was to go out on a date with herself. So that's what I am challenging myself to do on Day 2 of the FIESTA FUN FITNESS CHALLENGE!!!! :dancer: Since it is a work day for me, I plan on going to gym in the a.m. and then taking myself out to lunch, somewhere, and practice enjoying my own company and handling eating out within my points range.

Arck, shiver me timbers, do we know how to have a good time or WHAT!!!!???? Ah, I hear the gong o' meditation calling (aka, the "Starting Over" episode I taped must still be watched, mags I bought today must be read and remaining Flexpoints must be eaten!!!!)

Huzzah! Shiver me timbers, have a banana, mates!

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

09-19-2003, 11:54 PM
P.S., it isn't a joke, it's National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Only the guy says people don't really know how to talk like a pirate and one suggestion he had was to say anything and add "me hearties!"

Let's keep this challenge going, me hearties!

Are we having fun, yet, me hearties?

Fitness Fiesta forever, me hearties!!!

Soccer rules, me hearties.

Didst thou say thou HATES THE MALL, Ceara, me hearty? :?:


09-20-2003, 01:34 AM
Garrr, Cerise Ignats O'Pootie-Pie checkin' in fer duty, sorr.

An' she did go to th' Gym o'Gold, worked up her slivey courage and didst swiftly and sure conquer the elliptical dragon of the high seas!! For twenty minutes. Avast there!

Her date with herself was tonight, matey, watchin' the movie "Underworld" before crossing the street from yon movie theater (me hearties) to the Gym o'Gold for her slivey plank-walkin'. The towel boy was at work, me hearties.

She also conquered demon scale, which confessed under grevious torture (me hearties, 'tis true) that she had indeed lost 10 pounds since movin' to her newest privateer, The Seattle. MWA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa.

Now she be munchin' on a veggie dog, swilling grog (cold water) and updatin' the ship's log. ARRRRRR.

09-20-2003, 08:20 AM
Yes, O exaulted and Splendiferous One, I HATE the MALL....reasons too numerous to go into...I really prefer shopping out in the county....closer to where I live, or at smaller owner operated family businesses.....the mall is too...yucky yuppy for me!

Yeah! :cp: to Cerise for her amazing drop! :balloons: Am astounded by what a few hills will do. Wast thou hormonal in thy despairs?...big booty? It's gotta be shrinking with all that trudging and running. Arst thine tights wrinklier? :cloud9:

Empress A., 'Tis too bad thy trek about the lake didstn't happen...but understand thy concerns of disease ridden scourges of midges!:df:

Mine fun activities for this day...start with a long walk around the l-o-n-g block surrounding the Imperial Spa in the Land O' Fit Folk....4.5 km....then to breakfast with the parental personages...who haven't seen my short wispy hair or the dramatic loss yet....they've been north at the cottage all summer. However my mother disparaging said "What!? You won't eat pizza? Are you on another DIET!" We will be doing something this Sunday to celebrate DD 19th b-day...the final age of majority here....we have many it seems. Am stalwart tho, and have girded up mine loins and hold mine sword at the ready to fend off flying bits of pepperoni and cheese!!!! Then later I may do some foragin' at the grocery store and hit a couple more resale shops....a nice day in all...and yes I need to groom 2 heathens...the national is coming in 10 days and I have a match tomorrow... This should keep me busy? :s:

Avast! Ahoy! A-r-r-g-g-h!
Setting sail for the high road!


Ceara :sumo:

09-20-2003, 12:01 PM
Avast ye swabs!!!! 'Tis Pirate Bill here (it's not Pirate Talking Day anymore, but me being a pirate talks this way by nature, avast) aboot ready to board me boot and set up a CHEER for THE 10 POUNDS O' :dance: the Piratious Soccer :queen: Cerise hath sent off the plank since moving to Seattle (which be a former port o'call for two years o' the Empress Amarantha, BTW, soooo boootiful, avast!!!)! :cheers: :queen: Cerise

:queen: Ceara, Amarantha knoweth how thou feeleth about the Land O' Mall Rats!!! She bid me tell thee that sometimes she shareth thy bent for a more true-to-life shopping experience ... but sometimes Mall Mania hits her and she longeth for her teen years and likes to getteth lost in Mallnation ... 'cept the food there be swabby!!! Argh!!! Good job on thy FIESTA FUN CHALLENGE YESTERDAY!!! Good luck with the pepperoni and cheese avoidance and the fending off of "You won't eat pizza?!!!" comments. :cb:

Fellow Fiesta Goers, Amarantha be PROUD, PROUD, PROUD o' all the work we've been puttin' in here HAVIN' FUN!!! She bid me say, keep it up!!! WE MUST HAVE FUN!!!!!

Amarantha hath decided what she will do for FITNESS FUN on Sunday (another work day). She will have a PICNIC/HIKE somewhere as a writing break. She will think on where to do this!!!

She be off to gym now for the first part o' her SATURDAY FUN CHALLENGE!!! Will have lunch out later and STAY ON PROGRAM!!! Yowza!!!



Shiver me timbers! I'll be back!

09-20-2003, 01:39 PM
Urgh! Heard about a job opening I needed to apply for right away and so the FUN gym workout got seriously abbreviated. Hoping for better things with the "lunch date!" :)

FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! :cb: FIESTA!!!! OLE!!!! :hat:

09-21-2003, 02:35 AM
Yowza!!! Can't really say the FUN lunch date with me was all that fun, but I did do it!!! Anyway, at least I had a SHOPPING date with me and had a donut at Walmart, but in all honesty, that and a personal thing, which I posted on the other thread but deleted as too teary-eyed, set me up to fall off the points wagon tonight, not to mention the work wagon and I've got tons more to do tomorrow, SO, my hike and picnic are definitely not gonna happen!!! :s: I'm gonna keep this FIESTA FUN CHALLENGE GOING THROUGH THE THIRD DAY, THOUGH, and think up SOMETHING fun and fitness related for me to do!!!! Surely there must be SOMETHING fun I can do! YOWZA!!!

I do believe some of the :queen: s at the spa are cooking up a TWO-DAY CHALLENGE of some kind for Monday and Tuesday!!!! Could be, just a rumor!!

I like these random time frame challenges and REALLY need to get back on track, mentally and physically!!! It takes only one bad day to derail me these days!

Ack! :doh: :) :s: Have a banana, :queen: Cerise and :queen: Ceara!!!!

Night falleth and I do believeth yoga class beckons from afur~!

09-21-2003, 02:37 AM
Forgot the bananas! Now I know it's gonna say I have included too many smilies. Let's see ...

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

09-21-2003, 09:21 AM
Ahoy! Anyone aboard?

Reporting that completed my tour around the Spa yesterday, took me an hour....but I'm down a pound again! Rewarding! Also counted that as two of my weekly shorter walks so I accomplished all 5!:cb: Did the grocery store, resales (distn't find anything), dollar store, bank, etc. No grooming, but did work on the perennials and hast found a few muscles I forgot were there.

Today am off to a match, where I will enjoy myself....and let no dastardly personages move me fromst my path....some people don't like me apparently :)

Then, off to parental personages where many tribulations will no doubt face me...wine and pizza. Have planned for small piece of cake tho....not sure about the other stuff yet.

So fun thing will be the match! Whether I like it or not!


09-21-2003, 11:32 AM
YOWZA, YOWZA, YOWZA!!!!! :queen: Ceara o' the Swords hath sent another pesky :dance: packin' off on a slow boat to the Bahamas, where it will no doubt join a convention that's being held there for all the little pesty :dance: critters we've sent packing from this FANTABULUS FITNESS SPA!!! (The little :dance: guys are cute, no harm has come to a hair o' their little :dance: ing selves in the making of this motion picture)!!!

I'll be back after Empress Amarantha's official weigh-in ceremony on the Golden Scale o' Good Intentions, that measureth, well, good intentions rather than actual lost :dance: s!!! :cb:

My FIESTA FUN FITNESS THING is to get 80 minutes of EZZZZZY WALKIN' IN on the hall treadmill or outside, in however many short packages it takes as I do this pesky paying work that I need to get at least half done today ... this will earn me 4 activity points (by my generous calculations) and it WILL be fun! Yep! Yowza! You bet!!! I will use my walking poles to burn extra calories!!!!

:queen: Cerise o' Soccer Fame, PLEASE CHECK IN!!! (We need every FIESTA FUN SPAGOER WE CAN GET ON THIS THREAD!!! Our numbers be small but mighty!!!!!!)

The EA hopeth she were not to teary-eyed in her posting yesterday and did not spoil the FIESTA mood!!!! She apologizeth if that be the case 'cause she's a dedicated FIESTA goer!!!!! She'll be BACK later with a gain/loss/maintain, either way she's going forth with this Flexpoints and with this challenge.

And with her job, maybe, if she getteth over writing block before deadline! Yowza! That was a huge source of why she went off points last night!!! :yikes: Yowza! :comp:

09-21-2003, 02:40 PM
Well, the Golden Scale o' Good Intentions hath mated with :devil: Scale to produce a slight upturn in Amarantha's fitness fortune!!! (e.g., up a pound!) Anyhow, EA believeth if she continueth on her goodly path, she will see real results next week.

Is she discouraged, yes! Er, NO! :doh:

Having had conversations with the resident Towel Boy and 100-year-old fabulously fit spa :chef: Elberta Crone, EA hath made the decision to hold a two day EATING ORIENTED CHALLENGE FESTIVAL for the village folk to frolic with on Monday and Tuesday. Details will be posted in the village square.

Frolic, frolic, frolic!! :cb: :cheers: :jig: :encore: :cb:

09-21-2003, 09:13 PM
Yowza!!! Amarantha reporteth that she did NOT manage her four FUN, FUN, FUN activity points to finish up this FIESTA FUN CHALLENGE!!! But lest anyone think that this FIESTA was a FUNLESS DUD, let's examine the amazing accomplishments of :queen: Cerise and :queen: Ceara who have met ALL their FUN, FUN, FUN goalies, as far as I can ascertain, so kudos to them!!!! Yowza!!! :encore: :cheers: :wave:

At this point in time, Amarantha be closing down the Imperial Fitness Spa for repairs!!!! All guests, pirates, towel boys and assorted villagers are encouraged to enjoy the facilities as long as they like!!!!

Huzzah! :encore:

Avanti! :wave: