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09-17-2003, 11:13 AM
Welcome to a list full of Friends, Fun and Lots of Support!

09-17-2003, 11:14 AM
Karen, thanks for starting the new thread.... you snuck in while I was leaving a big, long-winded post on the old one! :lol:

09-17-2003, 11:17 AM
Good morning everyone!

I know I have been MIA. I am still having trouble getting used to this schedule!

WI was great! Still showing 189.5 and that is making me very happy! TOM also decided to show his face so I am hoping for even more on Monday! Still OP for 44 days now! I didnt exercise on Monday as planned because my cramps were so bad.. (Which my doctor will be hearing about) but I did go yesterday and will today as well!

Emily - Sounds like you are doing well! :) Great Job!

Spryng - YEA! I know you are so excited that DH is coming home! That is wonderful!! :)

Ginny - take care of that knee. Dont over do it! Trust me on that... I have 2 bad knees! Make sure you are iceing and heating. (Alternately!)

Mel - Hang in there! IT will take a little time to get settled with the colic and all! I have you in my thoughts! :)

Everyone else, hope all are well! I promise to get more personal soon! :)

09-17-2003, 11:44 AM
Hello everyone.
Good grief, I had alot of post reading to catcho up on. I have been OP for three weeks now. I vagely remember on of you asking about the tae bo videos. I have three of them, and it is a great workout. The first one is just instructional, goes over the moves, etc. The second is the basic workout. it really kicks your butt the first few times. I bought the ultimate abs also. Its an hour long, and it works more than just your abs.
The family reunion is in three weeks, and I found out there is going to be a little over 200 people there. My aunt is getting a moon bounce for the kids to play in for the day. Like only the kids will be jumping in it. It sounds like everyone is doing good and losing weight.:bravo: I will try to get in here again soon.

09-17-2003, 01:08 PM
Good morning!!!!
Thanks for starting the new thread, Karen. Congrats on your WI- and that you have stayed OP for so long! TOM will be over, sooner or later and the scale will go down more then too. Hope that the cramps subside........big hugs!

Ricci- great to hear from you! Are you hosting the family reunion?
Sounds like a lot of fun- guess your Aunt is setting things up. Is it being catered- or do you get the chance to make something really healthy to make the day go easier? And thanks for the info in the Tae Bo- I have often wondered about those tapes and if they were any good.

Jen- aw I enjoy reading your posts.....never long winded!!!!!

Spryng-you can eat normal on WW- it is a portion control game and making choices that is all. Remember you have those 35 flex points!!!! Use them!!!!!!! And you can gain points with activity too, ok? WW is about living- not some oppressive overly restrictive system.

Got my walk in this am- a wee bit slower than normal, but it felt good. It was nice and cool:) . Did get to WW-and I weighed in-- gained 1.4# Which considering that I am wearing heavier clothes and TOM is around the corner, I almost consider a loss.
Todays meeting was about our weight loss goals- why we want to lose. Laura was quick to point out that (at least for me at my age and after 3 kids) getting down to the weight you were at at 16 might be a good goal- but it could be a problem. We will never look like we did at 16.......:( - good or bad!! But she said that if you are not losing weight then it is because your goal is not motivating you enough. I can relate to that- for me I am starting to look normal(from my swollen 181:o )- and I feel pretty good and I am out of plus sized clothes. Gotta come up with a good reason to get these last 10 # off.......... Something that motivates me enough. And I am not sure what that will be- anyone have any ideas? (some had real health related issues- high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, I am on BP meds, but it is under control and my cholesterol is great).
Well, gotta go- see ya later!!!!!!

09-17-2003, 01:34 PM
No, thank goodness, I am not hosting the reunion. It'sgoing to be at my aunts house. Shes not really my aunt, she is my husbands aunt, but I have known her for 12 years. My best friends are her daughters. As for food, there are so many people on so many different diets. We have everything from atkins to the zone, to the blood type diet. Its nuts. We decided there will be enough different food that everyone will be happy.
Can any of you belive its already almost October? This year has just flown by. I have to start my Christmas shopping soon. I hate waiting till the last minute to do it. I just hope that with the reunion and the holdays coming up I don't blow my eating. I don't think I will, but you never know. Wow, I have been in here twice today! Maybe it will be three? Hope everyone is having a great day.

09-17-2003, 02:20 PM
Ricci- I'm with you- I can't believe how fast this year has flown! And speaking of Christmas- we woke up to snow?! Can you believe that?! I'd like to get an early start too and really enjoy the season this year. Those bounce houses are the best! Guess you'll be getting some exercise that day ;)

Ginny- glad you got the walk in and hope your knee is feeling better and better. I know what you mean about motivation- it's been hard enough to find mine that *this* weight! I'll tell you something though...I recently saw my SIL who has always looked great to me- or I should say "fine" not terribly over-weight, but had put some on after marriage and a couple kids. Well, she has just lost 12 lbs and looks amazing- you can really tell a difference-it's another size gone. So go for it and look AMAZING!!!! :) I'm sure you'll get there.

Karen- congrats on your WI and staying OP!!! SOunds like your losses are sticking! :bravo:

I'm still feeling good about things- though on the hungry side this morning- guess it is almost lunch time. Still attempting to balnce time for exercising!! I need another few hours in the day!

09-17-2003, 02:45 PM
Wow, so many great posts today already!
Ginny, I know that this is not a restrictive diet and I know I have my flexpoints waiting for me to use them... which I probably will while DH is home. I just worry that he may want to go somewhere to eat that I won't know the points for or it will be chinese which I can't control myself at. But I am looking up restaurant info on the net and have found most of the places I eat at on it and the point values of the food. So I should be ok. I just don't want to use those FPs all at once or in one day... I need them to last the whole 4 days he's here. :) But I'm going to try my best and I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm more worried about my exercise than I am in overeating while he is home. For some reason I can't exercise in front of anybody including my DH. So he's either going to have to give me some personal time at night for my workout or I'm not going to do it. Frustrating... but I figure that since I have worked out everyday this week and will workout today through friday then taking 4 days off shouldn't really hurt me anyway. But I still want to get some sort of exercise in. But enough of my bellyaching. lol.
Emily, snow huh?? It's getting cooler here but no snow for quite a while. It will be 85 degrees today but in the low 70's the rest of the week. And what plan are you on again? I forget. But it sounds like you are doing great!
Ricci, I hope you have fun at that family reunion! Sounds like there will be plenty of great things to choose from to eat.
Karen that is so great that your weight stayed the same even while TOM was coming! So I'm sure you actually lost some and your next WI will show it. and 44 days OP! That is fantastic! You are a very determined woman and it seems you have made atkins not a diet but a lifestyle for you! That's how all those diets work... only if you make it a lifestyle change and not a temporary fix. I have found WW to be that for me. Before when I would try to lose weight I'd get frustrated when the scale didn't go down fast enough or I'd feel deprived... but this time it feels so different. Well for one I'm not being deprived at all and even an ounce gone is worth the effort. At least I can say I will never be 177 lbs again! And soon I'll never be 167 lbs again! Plus I feel like the quality of my food and meals have gone through the roof! I enjoy finding new recipes, trying my hand at cooking, and just being OP and not worrying too much about it.
But anyway, my day is going well. I got my kitchen all cleaned up and dishes done, floors swept etc. Tanner was so good, he just sat in his activity saucer and watched his brother and sister watch cartoons! It really helped me get some things done. I want this house in top condition when DH gets home so I don't have to worry about cleaning much while he is here. All I have left is the kids rooms, and the living room and I'll be done! Oh and some laundry to fold.
Well guess I'll get off here. Hope everyone continues to have a great OP day! TTYL!
oh, before I go, Misty?? Haven't heard from you in a while and I hope everything is going well with the pregnancy. Check in when you get a chance ok?

09-17-2003, 04:40 PM
Hi ladies,

I'm back, and all was good at Myra's DR. appt. but she confirmed that Myra did catch a little cold and that is probably why she doesn't want to lay down.

Spryng, sounds like things are going good, and I know you're looking forward to Friday! I'm glad the kids are being cooperative while you clean and get ready for DH homecoming! Have a good day and take care.

Oops... Myra's ready for lunch!


09-18-2003, 12:27 AM
Good evening all!
Sorry to hear that Myra is sick, Mel. I know it's rough when they are so tiny still. Hopefully she gets better soon.
Well, my day went good. I had to fight myself though. I hit my target points of 22 and I still wanted food!! I've been feeling so hungry all night and fighting with myself to stay out of the kitchen. Well, I made it, thankfully. Hopefully these cravings will be gone by tomorrow. Oh, and i have a doctor appointment tomorrow so you may not hear from me until tomorrow night. I'll also get WI at my appointment so I'm very curious to see what their scales says verses my own. But anyway, today has been a long day and now I can finally close my eyes and it be over! I'm one day closer to seeing my DH and one day close to my goal weight...
So I hope everyone is having a great night and I'll chat with you ladies tomorrow!! :)

09-18-2003, 10:46 AM
THis is gonna have to be short, I have an appointment for a haircut.......:) and only a few minutes b4 I have to leave. Then off to Walmart for a fun ? shopping trip.

Mel- hope that Myra is feeling better soon!!!!!! (hope you are getting some rest too!)

Ricci-the reunion sounds like fun and it should be easy to stay OP at! All those different diets!:)

Emily- snow already!!!!!!!(better that than this dumb hurricane......)glad you are feeling good about staying OP too.

Spryng- I'll be sending the second set of materials to you tomorrow. You can sort of bank your ap's too- they are looking for an average for the week- so maybe get an extra point in each day b4 and after DH gets home.

Got my walk in this am and treated myself to french toast for breakfast- as I will not have a lot of time for lunch today. See ya later!

09-18-2003, 05:50 PM
mmmmmmmmmmm..... french toast... sounds delish, Ginny! Hope you enjoyed it, and had a great haircut and shopping expedition! :)

Spryng, you must be getting so excited for dh's arrival tomorrow! Hope your Dr. appt. went well today.

Mel, hope Myra is feeling better. The worst part about them getting a cold at that age is that you can't give them anything. :(

Ricci, sounds like the reunion planning is coming along! :)

Karen, hope your cramps are a thing of the past. Are you feeling better?

Michele, still with us? :D

I had a fun day with ds at the fair today. We went to the Big E....... ever been there, Ginny? It is not far from Six Flags NE, which I know you said is not too far from you. Anyway, the fair was great! Ds really enjoyed the animals. But, my fave part of the day was watching him eat an ice cream cone...... he bit the bottom off, so he had to work hard at both ends to keep it from dripping on him...... and he is a little neat freak! :lol: So cute!

I did pretty well to stay out of the fair food....... just a bit of ice cream, and a few onion rings. I counted that as my lunch..... not very nutritious, I know. I did wake VERY early this morn to get my 2 mile WATP tape done, too, since I knew I wouldn't have time for it the rest of the day. :)

Well, gotta unpack the kids' backpacks and get dinner going.... I have to work tonight, so gotta get things done so I can nap when dh gets home from work. Hope everyone had a great day! :)

09-18-2003, 07:45 PM
Nope, Jen, never been to Big E- what is it???? Sounds like you had a great day- fun and relaxing. And WTG on getting the tape in. Getting up early is the only way that works for me too!!!! Good job containing your eating to minimal dammage too!:D

Yes, my haircut went well, and yes the french toast (all 6 points of it!!!!!) was great!!! I usually have oatmeal for bkfast, so it was a nice treat. BTW, I had the WW turkey medallions and mashed potatoes for dinner. It was awsome!!!!!!! And only 5 points!!!!!!:D :D
Gotta go- hope everyone is having a great day!

09-18-2003, 11:02 PM
Ginny, the Big E is the Eastern States fair........ it was HUGE!!! 3 hours was definitely not enough time for us to see everything, but it's all we had. But, I plan to get there again next year with the whole family and make a day of it. Check it out....... www.thebige.com

Never had the WW turkey w/potato... will have to check it out. I need to get out to one local grocery store tomorrow (I don't normally shop here) because they have Lean Cuisine Classics on sale for 99 cents!:D

I'm off to work....... we have a VERY busy weekend ahead, so talk to you all on Monday.... have a great weekend! :)

09-18-2003, 11:46 PM

It's been so crazy around here, but I finally made it back. Myra's cold is awful, she's very congested and yes, Jen, unfortunatly I can only give her nasal saline. She did rest better last night though, I took her DR.s advice and let her sleep sitting up in her infant seat! Bingo, it worked! But I'm still not resting great, because I'm afraid she's so stuffy she won't breath, so I keep waking to check on her!?! Oh well, all in being a mommy I guess!

I hope everyone is doing good, I'll be back tomorrow to check!

Oh, I'm going back to WW Saturday morning!!!


09-19-2003, 12:33 AM
Good evening all!
Well today has been very BUSY. DH came home today!!! A day early! Because of Huricane Isabel he couldn't do any deliveries to the eastern US so they let him come home and day early! So I had to drive and pick him up this morning... get the kids to my SIL so she could babysit them while I went to the doctor... get groceries and have dinner at MIL house. But at least I got to do it all with my DH at my side! It's been a very nice day! Plus while at the doctor it said I weighed 162!! I thought my scale was 5 lbs off but now I know for sure. Which also tells me I have lost even more weight this week because I weighed at her office at 1:30 pm, fully clothed and all that. So now I can't wait until my WI saturday to see what I have lost. I'm going by my scale though because it's too hard to subtract 5 lbs everytime I weigh in, so I'll just go by what mine says. But it was good to see I'm lighter than my scale says, lol.
Anyway, we went out to eat after my appointment and I was so hungry by that time that I thought I would blow my points for today... well DH wanted a buffet and I was worried. Once I got my plate I was bombarded with choices and alot of my favorite foods. What I did was get a tiny bit of several items. And after 4-5 bites I was already getting full so I did very good and still ate the food I love. So I calculated (rough estimate) that I had about 15-18 points in that meal (probably over estimated... but o-well) and MIL made spaghetti for dinner so I had about 1/2 cup noodles (2 points) and a few tbls of sauce (2 pts or so) so all in all I did really well today. But we did get groceries and I'm stocked up on WW friendly items again :) I even bought some of that new flatbread and I can't wait to eat it!! Looks so good. They have spinach flavor, wheat, sun dried tomato and regular, I bought the wheat. I'll be having one of those for lunch tomorrow. Oh, and Dh wants to make tacos sometime this weekend so I got him some hamburger meat and I bought myself some ground turkey breast! I'm excited to try that. But I have a question, because it's 98% lean meat do I need to add oil or anything to fry it for tacos?? I've never had it before let alone cooked it. Well anyway, I'm sorry I can't get personal tonight. I need to get my bed made (I stripped and washed it this morning before we left) and myself in it. DH only had 3 hours sleep last night so he's very tired. I'll chat with you all tomorrow!! G'nite!

09-19-2003, 11:58 AM
Hi Everyone!

Ginny - How is that knee? I hope it is better!

Spryng - WTG on the Weight loss! WOO HOO! ANd I am glad that DH got to come home early! I bet the kids were happy too! :)

Mel - I hope Myra is feeling better today! I still get up and check the kids when they are sick to be sure they are breathing! And My son has his room painted this really bright Green. So at night when I go in and check on them before I go to bed, he always has this sickly green color to his face so I ALWAYS heck his breathing. I know it is crazy, but that is just the mom in me! LOL!

As for me, I an doing well. I am still having pain with TOM which is not a good thing. I am still debating on whether or not to call the doctor. He told me to give it 3- 4 months and it is not quite 2. I wont be making my exercise goal this week because of the pain, but hopefully it will get better soon.

On the eating front I am still OP 46 days and going! It isnt hard and I feel good and not deprived!

Anyway. I need to run and get some stuff done. Our first daisy meeting is on Tuesday and have some painting to do to get ready for the meeting! :) Have a great day!

09-19-2003, 01:03 PM
Forgive me for possibly not sounding as upbeat as usual.....I am fighting PMS and well.......just feeling a bit underappreciated and overwhelmed. But this too shall pass.......

Melissa- I am so sorry that Myra has a cold (probably brought home by her big brother......). Hang in there! Nice that you can let her sleep in the car seat- she is more portable then and you can keep her right next to you while you (hopefully) try and get some rest too!!!!! I know it is tough-go for cat naps if you can. Any rest is better than none!

Karen- sorry that TOM is such a lallapallooser for you:( . It must be tempting to call the Dr- is there a competant nurse in his office that you could ask a question of??? It is probably a good idea to at least let his office know that you are that uncomfortable, even though he said it could take more time. Aw, don't worry about the excercise for this week- just get yourself more comfortable as TOM passes. There is always next week, right? And your eating has been great too. Big hugs....

Spryng- gee, I thought we'd see you jumping thru the monitor with excitement with Dh being home early!!!!!!!:) I am happy for you........and your family. At least this dumb hurricane was good for something!!! Congrats on your weight loss. And WTG with that dinner- that is one way to get around a difficult meal- go for smaller portions. Even if you were way over points- one meal does not hurt- you do have those flex points. As far as your ground beef question, you will need to use a 5 second spray of pam and a nonstick pan would also help. Ground beef that lean will stick.

Jen- thanks for the info on that fair, sounds like something fun for next year. Enjoy your busy weekend too!

BTW- to get a coupon for a free WW entree (Jen was talking about one) go to www.eatyourbest.com. It is a WW web site, you will have to fill out a short survery and you do NOT have to be a member of WW.

No walk yet this am- but I am hoping to get out for one in a few minutes. (Got to get away from this mountain of laundry!!!!)
Gosh I need a good weekend........
See ya later!

09-19-2003, 08:53 PM
Hey!!!!!! Where is everyone!!!!!
I just came online to help Ds with his IM- and thought I would stop by and say hello. I am feeling a bit better than before, thankfully. My knee is still a bit achy.......but does not stop me from walking. I got about 45 minutes in today, total. So far, (and if I keep from the stress eating that has plagued me the past week) I am under points for the day. Think I'm gonna go upstairs and have some tea. Have a great weekend!!!!

09-19-2003, 08:58 PM
Ginny, don't want you talking to yourself again.........

Just popped in to say, not a good day today........ terrible eating.... :( Please send me some strength to get back on track and get OP..... I need it.

Sorry I can't get personal..... gotta keep an eye on dd's cake in the oven for her party tomorrow... hope everyone is well.

09-19-2003, 09:06 PM
Jen- sorry about the terrible eating day......I have had almost a whole week of them!!!!! Can you figure out what went wrong???
Or the other approach is to write off today and make plans now- down to figuring out how you are going to avoid the cake or have only a small piece- how you will get thru tomorrow. Sometimes I have to go so OP- that every mouthful is planned and that is the only way I can stick with it!!!! Hang in there, you have been doing great. Maybe we can both get inspired together!!!!

09-19-2003, 11:29 PM
Good evening all!
Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time right now Ginny. I hope things get evened out there soon. But glad to hear you are doing good being OP today. After I checked in last night I went to fitday and logged in everything I ate at that restaurant and it scared me! It said I had 42 points!! (that included my meal at MIL house) So I had to journal that I ate some of my flexpoints. So I didn't blow it after all. Thank God for those flexpoints huh? But today I have been really good. I end the day at my target range of 22 pts. I made those pork chops in a creamy garlic sauce for my Dh tonight and he loved them!! I had to double the recipe though because he could never eat one pork chop and feel full, so he ate 4! But at least I have three left over so I have lunch for the next couple of days. I like that. But anyway.. the only downfall today was not getting enough water in. I bought some more diet vanilla coke (my favorite) and that's all I have been drinking today. Bad me, I know. My WI is tomorrow and I hope I see a loss. Well, I need to get off here. Sorry I didn't get personal with everyone. Just running out of time here. I promise to get personal tomorrow. G'nite!

09-20-2003, 06:35 PM
Good afternoon all!
Quiet today huh? Well that is ok. I don't have much time to post myself. Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I did my WI this morning. I didn't lose anything. This is when it would be nice to have a digital scale so I could see a .2 loss or something like it. I know I had to lose at least half a pound this week but since my scale is dial, you can't tell. O-well. Thinking positive anyway. :) Dh is making dinner tonight. He found a recipe out of my cooking light cookbook!! So we are having grilled honey lemon pork tenderloin! He already has it marinating. I can't wait to eat it! He's very supportive of my eating changes. In fact I sat down with him last night and we found several recipes out of the cookbook to try before he has to leave on wednesday. So staying OP has been easy for me since he came home, but exercise hasn't. I knew it wouldn't. I just can't do it in front of anyone and getting Dh to leave the room (it's in the livingroom) so I can get in 20 min is like pulling teeth. So I think I will try to do 20 min on my bike tonight but no workout tape until he leaves.
So all in all my day has went well. I hope everyone else is having a great OP weekend too. Tomorrow we will be going to MIL house to visit. I hope I can find something healthy to eat there also. :)
Well, guess I'll get off here. TTYL!

09-20-2003, 09:18 PM
Hi Spryng!!
Thought I'd just address you, since we are the only ones here right now. First of all - congrats on your WI!!!!!!:) You did not gain, honey- and that is good news. Dh is home- so your eating is a bit out of sorts- and you are not working out as much too. Add to that if your water went down (not flushing as much salt out of your system) and voila!!!!! There you are. BUT you are learning a lot about yourself and following WW. WW is slower than Atkins- but there is so many more food choices available to you. From my experience with WW a lot who lose big the first week (and you did) slow down a lot the second, but if they stay OP go back to a loss the third. And as my Dr said, the body will shed weight at its own pace- and sometimes we can do little about that. Hang in there, you are doing great!!!! I did on Friday, get the second package out to you. Wait till you see the eating out guide.....it is an older one but for the most part still accurate (or good within a point). I think a small vanilla soft cone at Dairy Queen is only 6 points- and for me well worth the 6 points if I have them! It is nice because you can take the guide with you, and use it as a guideline for what point value a food might have. Good luck too at MIL's. Is it possible for you to bring something that you have prepared and can eat without worry? Would she be offended? If not, I guess you will have to find the "safest" foods and go for portion control. We do have those flex points too, right? Oh, and in the envelope is an excercise slider.....very helpful and useful!!! To use it you figure out your weight- the amount of time you worked out and the intensity and it computes the points you earned. I also gave you the old excercise book (I just got my new one and they are 99% the same) and some recipes. The week 3 green beans although high in salt are AWESOME!!!!! Also the chicken with cheese casserole. If you attended meetings, they would give out a recipe card one week and a booklet the next. I'll try to get as much as I can to you from the program. Oh, some of the cards you got originals- they had a basket of extras at the last meeting, so I scarfed them up for you!:lol:
How was the honey lemon pork? Sounds yummy. And sounds like you are enjoying having him home.

As for me....well I am holding my own here. Tension between Dd and Dh is awful....oh I wish they did not clash so much. Dh is depressed too......but that is a long story. I am going ok- by the grace of God I am. As far as my eating goes, I am within points for the day, but no workout. Just could not pull a walk off today. Maybe tomorrow. Guess I have blabbered enough. Thanks for listening.....I needed to vent.

09-20-2003, 10:42 PM
Spryng- your dinner sounds delicious!! I love pork loin and that marinade sounds so good!! You'll have to post the recipe! That goes for you too Ginny- no fair just saying all these dishes are so good w/out the the goods! :lol:
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I had a fun time garage saleing (sp?) and got some good deals on things I have been looking for. Today wasn't so great eating, but I'm allowing myself an "off day" within reason and I really feel proud of myself that I didn't go crazy. We had Burger King today, but I just had a sm. hamburger, a few onion rings and diet coke. Dinner is chinese, but I really watched my portion size and left some for DH to take to work on Monday. Spryng, you've asked me about my "plan". I'm really just trying (DOING!) portion control and increased exercising. I did WW before getting pregnant with ds#2 (now 3) and thought it was great. I may try it at home if I find I need to be counting points. I'm really just trying to cut out the bad carbs (donuts, cookies, white bread) and increase the good ones and eat more fiber. Really just a balanced diet. Should it be so simple?? :)
Jen- every day is a new day! Just wipe your slate clean and start anew! You are doing great!!
Well, it's bedtime for the kids and we have a movie to watch if i can stay awake :yawn:
TTYL :wave:

09-20-2003, 11:27 PM
Hi Emily!
I came online to look up some info on a desk I am refinishing (I know this is not HGTV's web site!)- and stopped in to say hello.
Monday I should have the time to leave the chicken casserole and bean recipes......they are both yummy. Sounds like you are having a good weekend! Glad you checked in......and I am outahere to go do some sewing. Have a great weekend.

09-21-2003, 12:39 PM
Good morning all!
Thanks so much Ginny for all of your encouraging words! And yes, at MIL today I'm going to make that chicken enchiladas for lunch (her request!!!!!) so that's 6 pts a piece. I'm excited. turns out we are having a BIG family dinner... lots of cousins, aunts and such going to be there too. So having my own dish there (and WW friendly) relieves me so much. :) And yes, you are right. My eating and exercise is a little different while DH is home so I am thankful to stay the same in weight and not gain, especially since this is the first time to use flexpoints for me. But it rolled over again on saturday and I haven't touched any, so I may allow myself to indulge a little today :) But I am taking my food points slider so I am accountable to everything that goes in my mouth. :) I'm so sorry things are a little tense at home for you. Ify ou ever want to call me or PM me or anything, feel free. I'm a really good listener! I remember a time you were really there for me, let me reciprocate.
Emily, portion control sounds really good. That's what any good diet wants anyway. And about posting recipes, I think that is a very good idea!! How about once a week we all post our favorite or new recipes (along with nutrional info) and we can all try each others recipes!!! What does everyone think about that? I'll post that marinade when I get home tonight for you. Mil and SIL ended up stopping by last night before they went home and both tried a piece of the pork tenderloin and they loved it!! They begged my dh for the recipe and I told them I would write it down and take it to them but it was low-fat and they said they didn't care, it had enough flavor for them! lol. That made me feel good.
Well, I wish I had time to post more but that dinner is at 2 pm and I still have to go by the store and all that so I need to get off here. Talk to you all tonight!!!

09-21-2003, 07:04 PM
Spryng- I hope that your family get together today went well in all respects! Yup, the slider helps and also the getting started book. Using the two you can pretty much make an educated guess on most foods. And the chicken enchiladas sound great- hey, can I have that recipe also???? Tomorrow I will post the green beans for everyone......wait till you try them! I have eaten a massive quantity of them (double serving) and called it dinner!:lol: ..Thanks for your kind thoughts and words.. I thought you had changed phone numbers and do not have the new one. If you feel like an occasional call, PM me with it.

Today- well- what an answer to prayer. All the warring factions were in better moods. Dh is still edgy.........but at least civil and not jumping all over my case all the time(or Dd's for that matter). I took the kids to church this am, Dh stayed home. The assistant Pastor preached~honestly he delivers a better sermon! I was blessed by it and glad I went. The message was on that God is in control no matter what the circumstances.....gee, now how would I need a sermon like that!
The weather here was magnificent.....cool, sunny......so we went apple picking as a family and had a great time. It was nice - especially for Dd (7) who has seen so much tumoil in the past few days just to enjoy her family.
Gotta go get dinner going......or finished actually. See ya tomorrow!!!! (got a 1/2 hour walk in)

09-22-2003, 11:10 AM
G'Morning girls. :)

Ginny, I'm so glad you had a good day yesterday! You deserved it! I hope things are still going well today. Can't wait for those recipes! I've got a good apple crisp one for all those apples.... I'll post it at the end.

Spryng, hope your dinner went well. I'm so happy you were able to find a dish to bring and share, so you could eat something healthy. :) I hope you enjoyed your time with dh, too! :D

Emily, thanks for the encouragement. You are right, today is a new day! Glad you are doing well, too. :)

Well, I had a jam-packed weekend! Saturday, I took dd and 4 of her girlfriends apple-picking, for her birthday party. Then we all went back to our house to dip the apples for candy/caramel apples. The girls had a great time, and ran around the yard and played on the swings for awhile, too. My boys weren't around because dh had them at the rink for 6yo ds's hockey try-outs (he made mini-mites!:D ) Later, dh and ds's arrived home, along with the girls' moms, and we had cake and ice cream. A successful party! :D

Yesterday, dd and I (and my favorite poochie) participated in Pet Trek 2003, a walk to benefit the oncology clinic at Tufts Vet School. We collected donations and got a nice little goodie bag for our dog, Sadie. I like to do something like this at least once a year with dd..... she is very sensitive, caring, and generous, and I like to nurture that side of her. And, she s an animal lover, so I knew this was the perfect cause for her. Anyway, before the walk, we were able to watch police K-9 demos with bloodhounds and german shepards....... so impressive! Then we began the walk. We had a choice of a 1-mile trail or a 3-mile.... dd was feeling strong, so we did the 3-mile. It was along the University's cross-country course, through rolling farm land..... beautiful!!! We finished the 3 miles, no problem, then got refreshments and visited with the police dogs. Then, we went to lunch. DD wanted Italian, so we found a great place to eat and I ordered horribly fattening lasagna, but ate less than 1/2 of it and brought the rest home and sent it to work with dh. :D

So, it is back to business today. I did my 2 mile WATP tape this morn. And I just bought ds double-bladed training ice skates.......public skate at the rink from noon-2pm today, so more exercise for me.:D

K, better hit the shower... still gotta take the skates to be sharpened, and run a few other errands. Hope everyone is well....... I think posting a recipe per week is a great idea.... I will post my apple crisp separately. :)

09-22-2003, 11:20 AM
Let me apologize, in advance.... I don't have any nutritional stats for this recipe, as it's my own. However, there is very little "bad" stuff in it, and you WW girls could probably use your sliders to figure out points. Use whatever size baking dish you want, and you could probably substitute Splenda for the gran. sugar, but I don't think you could substitute the brown sugar... it just wouldn't be the same. Here it is.............


enough apples, peeled, cored and sliced, to fill a baking dish
2 Tbs gran. sugar (or Splenda)
1tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground cloves

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup quick oats
1/4 cup flour
2 Tbs light butter or margarine


Toss apples with gran. sugar (or Splenda), cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves in a large baking dish, sprayed with cooking spray.

Combine br. sugar, oats, flour, and butter or margarine in food processor and pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. If you don't have a processor, put it all in a bowl and mix with your hands until you get coarse crumbs. Sprinkle crumbs over apples, and bake in 375 oven for 35-40 minutes, until apples are soft and bubbly, and topping is browned. Delish served warm or cold! :)

09-22-2003, 11:33 AM
Good morning!

I have to run quick to get the kids off to school then I need to get to the gym!

But I have to report I am now officially 7 weeks straight OP and I lost another pound this last week! So I am officially down 12 pounds! WOO HOO! :)

I will check in later but I had to report! I am so excited! :)

09-22-2003, 12:18 PM
This is getting a bit long.......I'm gonna start a new thread.....see you there!