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03-18-2001, 01:33 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Love, CJ

03-18-2001, 01:37 PM
And since I was a naughty gal and started the new thread I thought I would post the last 2 posts from #43!

Originally posted by angel-eyes
Hi Ladies...just wanted to pop in before I go for a nice long walk...(the snow is soon to be flying again...boohoo)Its so good to read all about everyones weight loss. Over the last few months, I've seen people return after awhile and you guys are just great, open arms to all those who return....nice to have that friendship and support!! And I think thats what this forum represents....a genuine interest in helping others. I'm now down 30 lbs since last fall (20 since joining 3fc in Jan) and I can't tell you how much of a difference this site has made to me and how helpful you all have been. Thankyou! I do try to keep up reading all the posts...but I'm afraid theres not always the time to post. I guess you could say I'm a fringe- thin group member....none the less, thanks for letting me be a member of your group. Have a good day, stay on plan and be strong!!

Originally posted by CJ
Oh gee, I will post here in just a second - as soon as I wipe the tears from my eyes ..

Thank you so much for the kind words ... even if they are true! We do care about each and every one in this group - and you are not a "fringe" thin group member -- you are a full-fledged member! Doesn't matter whether you post a little or a lot. I'm glad to hear you are doing so well with your weight loss. I think we are all helping each other in one way or another. This is a group that sticks together .. even if some dissappear for a spell - they always come back!

Well, how did you all do for St Patty's last nite? Anyone have any green bear (ugh!) We went out to dinner with our son and daughter-in-law, granddaughter and her girlfriend ... no green beer! haha ... boy, you should have seen the lines waiting to get in the pubs tho! Geez - not this kid!

I'm very proud of myself - we went out to dinner twice this week and I stayed on program fairly well ... last nite was great, Friday nite I went over on my points because I had a Spanish Coffee (lots of liquer in that)! Whew! but, I did not drink but only 1/2 of it. Hey, I'm hoping for another 1/2 lb this week - maybe even a whole lb! hee hee

Well, I just added a couple new subjects on my webpage (CJ's place) .... one especially called "Daddy's Day" that Carolyn (regency) sent to me - thank you Carolyn! Check it out:

Oh yea - I found this really neat site you mite like to try out ... I found my daughter's birth photos from the hospital here! Really neat site .... maybe you can even find yours ... they have quite a library of photos .. the address is:

Good luck!

Well, got to go. Check back later. Hope you are having a great weekend so far.

Love, CJ

OK ... see ya later tonite!
Love, CJ

03-18-2001, 01:52 PM
Hello Ya'll.... :wave: Happy Sunday!

You brat,brat & bigger brat!! LOL! :lol: I was going to post about an hour ago and saw that it was so close to #30 and didn't want to get stepped I waited!!!! haha!
Thank you for the sweet letter.You are such a GREAT person! Everyone needs a friend like you! You seem to always have AND make time for others.You're a true ANGEL! :angel:
I went to your site (as I do ever so often to see what's new) and I loved the "Lucille" poem that your daughter wrote! My Mother-In-Law's name is Lucille and she's such a wonderful person.I love both my in-laws so much!! Tell your daughter that she's a smart lady like her Mom! Oh, and Madison is such a doll!! What a cutiepie!! Shouldn't there be pictures of her & you too? Enjoy every minute of her growing years...they go too fast huh?

Im not posting to everyone now because I need to leave.My brother is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer AND my Aunt is in ANOTHER hospital with colon-cancer.Both are doing good though.:)

Before I sign off.... I need to brag!!! Yesterday I wore a pair of jeans that are falling off!!! I can ALMOST pull them off without unzipping them!! I'm weighing Monday morning so can't wait to see what the scales tell me!!:D (my Dr. said to only weigh every two weeks)

Take care and talk to ya'll later...
Sherry (Sher-Bear):cool:

BTW......Sharon.....I miss you so much! You always make me smile & laugh!! This" POOH" is for you girl.......

03-18-2001, 08:22 PM
Hello All,

WOW!!!! CJ, you were right! I went to that site and found all three of my kids baby pictures. I had forgotten how much they looked like their father's side of the family when they were born!

Hugs, Judy

03-19-2001, 12:52 AM
Hello Ladies, well another week-end is almost over, they go by so fast. I certainly didn't accomplish much today but after all it is a day of rest. I had the munchies bad today. I even e-mailed CJ and as ususal she came to my rescue. Just hearing someone say stay OP can help when you are alone. Thanks again CJ. You are an angel. (Which is even better than than a Queen!!)

Sher-Bear How great for you! I live for the day my jeans will fall off!!!! That has to make you proud. GREAT!! GREAT!! GREAT!!

Blunder Our children must look a lot alike. Isn't that interesting.

CJ I ended this day with 2 points left over. I can't wait for weigh-in Tues. night, I feel like I have lost. I will post as soon as I get home. Watch out Esmerelda!

Am going to close tonight because I must go to bed morning comes far to soon. Love to you all, Carolyn

03-19-2001, 07:55 AM
Hey all you Thinsters,

I know alot of you guys have missed me and thanks for that. CJ, Gail and Sher-Bear especially. I missed you guys too and everyone else as well. I got up early today, at like 5 AM, just couldn't sleep for some reason. So I thought I would do something productive and post with my wonderful group of Thinsters. :D

I have been working my butt off lately. Pulled a couple of 12 hour shifts at H & R Block cause one of the girls was not able to come in for a couple of days last week. Since I worked the day shift those days I just decided to stay so that the preparers would not have to answer the phones while they did our clients tax returns. We get really busy somedays with the people that either owe something or the more complicated taxes returns, businesses ect, people finally got around to rounding up all their receipts to claim their expenses so a receptionist is needed at this time of the year for sure. I am working today another 12 hour day to cover another receptionist who can't come in.

Well when I went to my WW meeting last Monday I had a loss of .6 so just over a half a pound and at least I am going in the right direction now. So I will take that loss, however small. Now I have not only my 6 lbs off I put on when I went to Michigan during the trial but also another .6 loss as well. But when I go today (I am gonna go get weighed at my WW center and take off from work for a bit), anyways I don't think I lost at all. In fact the scale is not down but up I think. Well I had been trying all week, but we had our H & R Block banquet at the Holiday Inn and I tried to make good choices for all they had and what a spread they did have, but I did give in to 2 Amaratto Sours :nono: don't usually have more than a glass of wine now and than, but just wanted to try one and it was so good I said "Let's have another" or did I say "If one is good two is better" ? LOL , But I guess with things like that and probally not exercising as much as I usually do, cause of my being at work alot may do me in this week. Oh well I won't fret whatever happens but will try this week as well. Ken left for Alaska for a week for work, he has to check out a Cummins diesel engine that is giving a dealership some problems. So I am will work on getting to the gym more this week and everything else. I know that my attitude is an important part of my progress so I will take whatever the scale gives me.

Last weekend Ken took me to Indianapolis for an Ansel Adams exibit. Have any of you heard of him? He is a very famous photographer and his name is synonymous with photography. His images of magnificent American landscapes have appeared on calendars, books and posters, making him one of the most recognizable photographers in the world. I have one of his calendars and just love it, he always did his photography is black and white and since he died 10 years ago at 82 years old, some of the photo's he took were taken in like from the 1920's on. We really enjoyed so much looking at all his beautiful photos at the museam in Indy. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

It is great that we have so many wonderful people back like Kerri, Kelster, Joanna, Dreamer and Ginabob too. If I haven't said it before welcome back everyone. You were missed believe me. It is so great when we all keep on coming back here, like coming home I feel. I know I too haven't posted in a couple of weeks but I have been reading each and every post and checking on how my friends are doing. I always come back cause this group is sooooo important to me.

I am gonna do another post to address everyone cause otherwise this will be so long and might not even let me post. So see you in a minute guys. Hey this one one is new, an angel! :angel: I like that one! Hey angel-eyes did you see that one?

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :dz:

03-19-2001, 09:06 AM
Ok here I am back again now as promised.

angel-eyes: Hey way to go on those 30 lbs gone. You are doing so great on your program and it shows I'll bet in your clothes that are probally hanging on you by now. Aw gee, thanks for saying all those nice things about our group. WE ALL LOVE YOU TOO, and I for one am glad you have decided to join up with us Thinsters. I know this group and the whole Fat Chick forum really helps me too. Congrats on going down to an XL for your cute little t-shirts. How well I know that feeling of finally getting out of the 1 and 2 X that I too used to wear. It is really neat the selection is so much better for you too. I'll bet you are "Walking On Sunshine" I would be too!

Gail: I forgot to "BRAT" you my friend for starting the last thread. How the heck did you beat our little QUEEN CJ anyways to the punch? Oh ya, I read that she was at bingo, still good for you that you started one. Good job too! Don't worry Gail, you will get back on plan I just know it. Just take baby steps like I do when I have to get back on track. I emailed you what I do to get back on track. I just do my best and start with the food, trying to eat right, meanwhile drinking some of my water, than I add more water and finally I get back to my exercise program last. It takes awhile to get back to 100 %, and as you can see this week I am not EVEN there. Not with those 2 Amaratto Sours I had. LOL You will get there, we will all help you. Just keep on coming here and I will too to get lots and lots of motivation.

CJ:Gee you are doing so very well on your program. ONLY HALF OF YOUR SPANISH COFFEE? Wow wish I could have done that with my drinks. LOL But hey good for you! I know you will have a great weight loss this week cause of your committment too. Hope you got my email back to you. I know you were worried cause I hadn't posted but hey I am alive and well and will always come back to the fold. That is a promise! I also checked your Daddy's Day site out and it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it with us CJ and Carolyn as well. Happy Anniversary and hope it is a good one.

Sherry:Hey Sher, first of all thanks so much for the "POOH" just for me. I just loved it, when my kids were little he was really a favorite of mine and theirs too. We had Pooh everything including the stuffed Pooh bear that they all loved. Thanks so much for bringing back such beautiful memories of when my kids were little. This is for you!
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{SHERRY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Anyways you are doing so good with your program. So those jeans are falling off on you? Well that is just great. Just "walk on out of those" and go to the store and get another smaller size pair. So sorry about your Brother and your Aunt being in the hospital. Hope things go well for them, keep us posted on them. What a good sister and niece you are so caring like I know you always are. Can you also send me that report on aspartame too? My addy is Thanks so much girl, I owe you one. :D

Carolyn(CH):You too are doing great with your WW program. I am so proud of you girl. With you being so good you are sure to have a loss this week. I hope it is a good one too. I agree with you that it is a really easy program to be on and stay on for the rest of our lives. I can live with that!

Bernice:My gosh girl you are losing so much and doing so well that I'll bet you are a whole different person. Your family must be so proud of you as we all are. 102.8 lbs and still going strong. You are such an inspiration to the rest of us.

Trish:So sorry about your back pain and hope that you feel better soon. What are you taking for it?
I know back pain is no fun and I hope you get some relief really soon. Take good care of yourself. Let us know how you are doing. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((TRISH)))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))

Joanna:So you are busy busy busy getting ready for the boyfriends mother are you? I am sure she will just love you. Man working those 10 hour days can get to you after awhile, but I am sure you just love when that paycheck is in your hand. LOL

Dreamer:Hey Sam! Wow you sure did a great job on all you did on the babies room. It sounds so colorfull, what a lucky baby he/she is gonna be. It is nice that you are so crafty and have done it all without spending so much money on the furniture ect. It all sounds so cute. I wish I could see it, when you get the website maybe you can put some pictures of the babies room in it for us too see. Can you get a picture of yourself in it as well. We still don't know what the little mother to be looks like? I would so love to see some pictures of you, the new baby and your boyfriend too. Can't wait to see those pictures either. :)

Jello:So glad your parents too the news of you and Rich well. It makes it so much easier when they are ok with it. They know you are a grown woman and I am sure they really like Rich as well. So Mike cancelled out on you? Man sounds like old times to me. LOL Glad you cancelled out on him as well, gave him some of his own medicine. SEE HOW HE LIKES IT! LOL

ginabob: I too now go to a Notepad and go back and forth between the threads. I too have lost far too many posts when I go to post and I have learned from it. Thanks for mentioning it and hope more try it. It works believe me! Glad to hear from you and hope you are doing great.

Regency-Hope you are feeling better by now. Please post when you can and let us know how things are going with you. MISS YOU!

Brite:Hey Kerri. WELCOME BACK! I am so glad you posted again. I have thought of you from time to time and remember all the fun we used to have when you were posting with us.Glad your new job is to your liking. That is so important! Don't worry about the weight gain, you had a good reason for that with your medicatin you were taking. You will get back on track too. Look you are here posting again with us and that is the first step I feel. I too have went up and down and am struggling to get back on track. I don't know if you have been reading the past posts but my little brother and my sister in law Chrissy of our group was murdered almost 2 years ago in Detroit and I have been really stressed during this whole trial. Which was a mistrial in Feb so we are going back April 2nd for the new trial. So I am still hanging in there and so can you too. I used to have your email address before my puter crashed and I lost everything. Can I have your email address again? I want to send you a couple articles relating to all of this.. Maybe you can post it so some of us can send you things too. Thanks!

Zoe:Sounds like you had a great vacation in Florida even though you had rain. You will get that weight off in no time flat. I always gain when I am away. Just always do but when I do manage to get back on track get it off. You will too. Don't worry that is what vacations are for.

Sandi:How are you doing? Busy working too? Happy Belated St Patricks Day to you too. Hope it was a good one.

Mary Kay: Hi MK, hope you are not working so hard and getting some rest and relaxation in your life too. Post again with us when you get caught up with all the threads and let us know how you are doing. I know too well too how vacations do you in. You will get back on track, just keep on coming here.

Kelster:Hey girl glad to hear from you and hope that things are going your way too. Miss you! Post again and let us know what is going on in your life.

Blunder: Hey Judy great website with those baby pictures. Very imformative. LOL Thanks for the address. How are things going on with you? How is Cal feeling? Good I hope. Pretty soon you will be seeing your new grandaughter. I'll bet you can't wait can you?

Chrissy: It was so good talking to you last night, I always love talking to you about my brother Rick. We just have a good little cry don't we? He was a good man, a great brother and a husband to you that is for sure. I can't wait to see you again and the girls. I am so gladl Ken is coming with me and daughter Kelly too. We will get through this new trial Chrissy. It just has to be a go this time. Think positive! Love you sister in law. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{CHRISSY}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Well time to get ready for work now, my loooooooong day today. But I am glad I got a chance to post. I have tried at times before this and for some reason when I try it says the forum is down for maintance and I guess that is just my luck isn't it?

See you guys, love ya, Sassy Sharon :wave:

03-19-2001, 10:09 AM
You guys, I'm on the edge here. :cry: I can no longer stand the stress. I need you guys to send me vibes and hugs or something! :^: Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm going to resort to drugs or something. This divorce thing is making me crazy. I got another letter from my lawyer talking about how that scumball's *@#$! lawyer refuses to answer his letters or return his calls. I have just finished writing a long letter directly to scumball almost begging him to talk to me or have his lawyer call mine or something!!! It's been 2 years TWO LONG YEARS and I'm not free yet!!!! I can't sleep, I can't get on with my life!!!!!

This weekend with Rich was wonderful. I weighed in on Saturday morning with 1.6 lbs. lost and we spent the rest of the day redoing the entire bathroom (installing new vanity and sink, cleaning, new curtains, etc.). We went out for chinese food on Sat. night. Sunday we ran errands and went to the VFW for a beer and on the way home stopped at a sporting goods store where bikes were on sale. My wonderful boyfriend :D bought me a 21-speed bike. I rode it home! P.S. Boy am I out of shape!!!!

All in all, I had a wonderful couple of days ... except for that nagging feeling of having this divorce (or lack thereof!) hanging over my head. Obviously, scumball hates me so why wouldn't he want to be free of me!?!?! Why is that poor excuse for a human being doing this to me!?!?!?!

I'm sorry to dump all this on you guys but I don't think I can take this much longer. I'm totally thrilled for Joanna that things worked out so well (and so quickly) for her. But I'm also soooooo insanely jealous!! Sorry guys, I have to go now.

I love you guys.

03-19-2001, 11:01 AM
Good Morning everyone,
Had a great weekend here. Went to a Fun Fair at the grandkids school and made out like a bandit with Raffles and Bingo. Won 2 handmade porceline dolls made by a local lady here(People in the Bingo were not happy with that. LOL) Won 2 $20.00 dinner tickets to Balmoral Park Horse Race Track at their restaurant. Plus other small items. But the dolls alone are sold for over $100.00 each.
Then Sunday they had a fund raiser at the library here for the school district. My daughter went while we babysat. She bougt $10.00 woth tickets for a 50/50 raffle. Since she didn't know if they were her tickets or mine that won we split. So there came another $130.00 each. Should have went to Vegas this weekend. LOL

C.J. and C.H....You both sound like you are doing just fine on the ww program. Keep up the good work.

Sassy...Soon (April 15th) things will sow down for you at work. I did hear of that artist and have seen some of his work here too. I like those Amaretto stone sours too. But they can catch up on you real fast. LOL

Sherry...I will keep your brother and aunt in my prayers that their health improves. Isn't that a great feeling when those jeans fell off? Keep up the grat job.

Jo...Sorry your divorce seems to be taking so long. Is that normal procedure in your state? I just thought without kids things would have gone faster.Have fun with your new bike.

Love to all....Sandi

03-19-2001, 12:44 PM
Happy Monday to you all!

Just popping in right now to say that I have started a new Food Journal, which I need very badly. Hope some of you will join me posting your daily menus. It is great for support and also getting new ideas. Sure does help me, anyways.

I have not done well lately so a recommitment will help. I will be doing WW also, as many of you are right now. Let's try and help each other to get ontrack and to stay ontrack as well. :D

Will be back later to do a longer post to everyone. No, Sharon, not as long as yours. :lol: I think you really broke a record there my dear.

Talk to everyone in awhile. My laundry awaits. :p

Love, G:)

03-19-2001, 03:48 PM
I really don't have long here but wanted to pop in and say hi to you all:wave:
We went to the horse races up in Canada this weekend and actually came home with about 60 dollars more than we left with:) YIKES there was even an all day buffet but I did really well staying OP so I'm hoping for a loss this week.

Jo, So sorry to hear that your divorce is taking so long. Here's a great big {{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}} for you. Stay strong girl

Gail, Are you going to ww meetings or doing it at home. I really love the program cause if we plan for it we can have anything

Sandi, Wow you had a really lucky weekend. Glad you had fun

Sharon, Good to see you back:) Soon your long hrs will be history

Sherry, Sorry to hear about your brother and aunt but glad they're doing good. Congrats on losing your clothes:D

CJ, Loved the site for babies I just knew my boys were cute when they were born:) HaHa cute site

Judy, Hi there

well I've gotta run but you all have a great day

Today is day 13 OP

03-19-2001, 06:09 PM
Well I kept busy this weekend and didn't think about my ex. Then I come into work and can't seem to keep from seeing him. I haven't actually been face to face with him. It's a little painful seeing him right now and that sucks. I miss my friendship with him. I did e-mail to ask how he was doing and was told (by a mutual friend) to cut it out. He (my friend) said that was like rubbing it in. It's just too soon for direct contact. . . What do you guys think?

Kerri - You and I are in the same boat. I gained 20 or so back since leaving too. Guess we shouldn't ever leave again huh? : )

CJ - Brat!!! Way to stay OP. I know it is hard to go out to eat and be good.

Sherry - What a feeling. Loose Jeans. Thank you for sharing something else for me too look forward to. Sorry to hear about the sickness in your family. That can sure be stressful.

Sharon - It is good to hear from you. I have heard of Ansel Adams. I get that show was really neat to see. Stuff like that is always fun.

Jo - Hugs and Prayers from hear. Divorce stinks and dragging it out only makes a bad thing worse. I hope it starts clearing soon. Dump away and as often as you need to. That is what we are here for.

To everyone I didn't mention a big howdy from me. I am encouraged by all the success here. Keep it up gals! You all spur me on.


03-19-2001, 08:40 PM
Hello Ladies ~

Well, I weighed in this morning and......and.......well, I lost 3 of the 5 pounds that I gained on vacation. I know that's a good thing but I had lost 4 of the 5 as of Friday morning but then, for some reason, unknown to me, I ate my way through the weekend....Chinese food, ice cream, pancakes......:mad:......<sigh> Anyway, I'm now down 3 of the 5 and I hope to lose the other 2, plus some by next Monday.

CJ ~ You little BRAT! I saw how close we were to the 29th post and thought to myself, "hmmm, I'll bet ya that I can beat her to the punch this time". And so, I didn't. You much have radar that tells you when to log on. Hehehe.

Sherry ~ WTG on those jeans being so big!! You must feel so great and you should be so proud. Keep up the good work!!

Sharon ~ I love Ansel Adams and would love to go to one of his exibits. And you're right, vacations wouldn't be fun if we had to worry about what we ate, huh?? Ha!

Jo ~ sorry about the divorce situation. Be calm and things will work out....(I know that's easy for me to say and I'm sorry) but I am praying for you. And good going on your weight loss!! :D

Sandi ~ I think the money is just rolling in over there. Ha!! How nice.

Gail ~ a food journal will help....I write down what I eat in a journal and my best weeks are when I stick to it.

Bernice ~ 60!! Speaking of which, after hubby won all that cash the last few weeks, we are going to Shreveport this Friday night with my son....he turns 21 at midnight Friday and wants to see what all the hype is. Ha!!

Kerri and Gina ~ When I left this group back in June/July, I had lost 47 pounds. When I came back the first of the year, I had gained 26 of it!!! I now am down about 15 of that 26 but what a struggle. You'll both do it.

Well, gotta run.....hello to anyone I haven't addressed and I'm sorry I couldn't. Time to relax and let hubby have the puter.

Love to you all,

03-20-2001, 11:11 AM
Good Morning Kiddos!

Jo, hang in there girl! Just a thought.....some lawyers won't file final papers until they get paid all their fees. Maybe your ex is dragging his feet on paying just for meanness. {{{{{{Jo}}}}}} You have a pretty good life right now, just concentrate on how lucky you are and try to forget about him!

Drug the garbage out to the curb very early this morning so it would be there when the garbage truck came by. Woiuldn't you know, the truck is late today and still hasn't picked it all up! All that rushing around for nothing, what a waste of effort! LOL

I dropped those 5 lbs. last month, but no more. I know what I need to do, but doing it is a real problem for me.
I'm too lazy to get off my butt and move, that's my main problem. I love food! I can't seem to put normal sized portions on my plate at mealtime. And my Mama always insisted that we kids clean our plates, "Remember all those starving kids in China". You know, I'm still not sure what that had to do with it! LOL

When I read about all the losses you girls have had, I get so jealous! You would think that would modivate me to do something about all this lard I'm packing around!

My grandaughter is on Spring break this week. Her mother has to work so we get to keep her for the whole time. I may not survive, she's about to drive me crazy! She's 11 yrs. old, looks about 15 and loves to go shopping. Especially when she's spending grandma's money!

Getting closer to the time when my son will bring my newest grandaughter for a visit. So far, we've just seen pictures on the web site and heard her cry on the phone. Just a couple more weeks and I'll get to hold her!

Sharon, I was beginning to really miss you! Your long post was a welcome addition to this thread.

Today is the first day of Spring, I think. I've seen flowers starting to bloom around the neighborhood. Mine aren't doing too well yet. I wish I could afford a landscaper-gardner to come work in my flower beds. I have a lawn man, but he doesn't do flowers (except to mow them down).

It sure is good to see all the oldies come back to post again. Admit it girls, this group is addicting!

Well, I better get started with my day. I have to fold and put away all the laundry I did yesterday (and some from last week too!)(see, I told you I was lazy!). LOL

Hugs, Judy

03-20-2001, 01:27 PM
Morning All! :D

Judy, my calendar says first day of Spring is today. That's good enough for me. It's been kind of rainy here for the last week, but we do need it. Very mild though - crocuses are blooming and the tulips are growing quickly. Just need a couple of bunnies frolicking? in the yard and it would look like an Easter card. I love this time of year. I know how you feel about cleaning your plate. To this day, I have an awful guilt complex about leaving anything on my plate. Enjoy your grandaughter staying with you - can't wait till mine is old enough to stay over once in awhile.

Zoe, see, I told you that weight would disappear quickly. Good for you!

Gina, the only advice I can give you is that "this too shall pass". Time is a great healer. Breakups are so hard on both parties, but better to break it off than to let it go on too long if its not the right person. {{{{{GINA}}}}}

Bernice, you did well to stay onplan with a buffet in front of you. Lucky winning some bucks too. That must have been your reward for being so good. You asked about WW. No, I am not going to meetings. I am doing it on my own. I cannot justify paying to lose weight ever again. I have all the info though and cookbooks, etc. Had a good day yesterday - Day #1 onplan. I do have a problem with a hollow, hungry feeling a lot of the time though. When I did locarb, I didn't get this. Maybe I will adjust in time. I'm not going to get back on that scale for 1 month. If after a month I am not showing any loss, I will reconsider, I guess. Have to find a way to stretch my food more.

Jo, sorry to hear your divorce is taking so long. But, don't let it spoil the wonderful time you are having now. {{{{{JO}}}}}

Carolyn, great for you, staying onplan. I'll bet you are getting anxious to see how much you have lost. Keep up the good work.

Sharon, I loved your nice, newsy post. We sure miss you when you aren't around. Take care and don't work too hard.

Sandi, Congratulations on your winnings. You sure were lucky! The dolls sound very beautiful. I have been crazy about dolls all my life. Do you have grandaughters? They will want them for sure. So nice to hear that you are well.

Sherry, I'm sorry to hear about your brother and aunt's health problems. So nice of you to be there to support them. I did say that you are an angel though, didn't I. So happy for you about the jeans. That has to be the best feeling in the world (at least one of them). :lol:

Sorry, I haven't addressed everyone, but I am out of time for this morning. Have to go and do all the things I never got done yesterday. I ended up having to run out for catfood and the laundry got left because once I get out, I always find something else to do - probably just because I don't feel like coming back to the laundry. :devil:

Had a good day yesterday, Day #1. Now if I can just do the same again today. Sure will give it my best shot. So many of you doing well is a really good inspiration for me. Knowing that you are all foregoing the goodies, I would feel guilty now if I pigged out. LOL

Talk to you all soon. Have a good day everyone. Love, G :wave:

03-20-2001, 04:11 PM
Hi everyone! Got a few minutes here so thought I would check in. Iím gonna tell you something and you probably wonít believe it but here goes Ö.

Itís a beautiful day here and I needed to get out soooooooo I went for a nice long walk! Yes, you heard me, I went for a walk! For about 45-60 minutes I walked (about 28 blocks) and it felt so good. I would have walked longer but I had to go potty! LOL

I received a most beautiful bracelet from my hubby last nite for our anniversary ... I will have to have my girlfriend take a pic of it with her digital camera so you can all see it!

I hope your brother and aunt are doing ok. Sorry to hear they are ill. Thanks for the kind kind words. I think youríre pretty special too. Oh yes, way to go on the loose jeans! I canít wait for that to happen to me!

Good job on your 1st day on WW program. You can do it, it may just take a little time. Your vegetable soup would be a good filler for you when you have those hungry moments. Do you have the WW recipe for their veggie soup? I can post it for you if you wish. You can do this Gail!

Youíre going to do it girl! I just know it! THIS IS OUR TIME! Iím glad I could have been of help to you too Ö you need to start journaling here on the forum with Gail and I Ö maybe others will follow.

Boy, youíve been putting in some really long hours! Well, it will soon be over then you can rest a little bit Ö. Hopefully this trip to Michigan will bring better results from the trial! Canít wait to see ya!

I agree with Gail Ö ďThis too shall passĒ Ö time does ease the pain. Donít dwell in the past Ö go on with the future.

3 out of 5 lbs gone is good Ö I bet the rest will be gone by next week and maybe even more! Good work.

I know how you feel about seeing that precious grand baby Ö my grand daughter Madison lives in Arizona, and until she was almost 2, I only knew her thru pictures and hearing her on the phone. I'íe only seen her once, but hopefully they will be coming for a visit again this May. She is getting so big now. I am expecting 3 more grandchildren this year, but once again, 2 of them are out of state (Colorado and Calif) but the 3rd one is right here in Mi so will be nice and close to spoil! I spoil the long distance ones too, but just not the same as doing it in person!

Well, need to get some laundry done... going to try my luck again at Bingo tonite ...


Love, CJ

03-20-2001, 06:43 PM
It sure is a beautiful day outside today. I even managed to get in a walk before going to the gym today. I need to get lots of exercise in while I can as I am working 6 days in a row from Wed. on which is lots for me. That's what I get for being a nice guy and filling in for people. LOL. So the gym and exercise will be out for those days.

Gail...Good luck on doing the ww program. I for one know that it works. Or as they say at the meetings."If you work it, it works" You will do fine on it. I use some Spicy V-8 juice when I make the veggie soup and it seems to give it a little bettter taste to me.

Carolyn....Good job staying O.P. Let us know how the scale was to you.

Bernice....Great that you came home 60 dollars richer!!!!And to be able to stay O.P and have all that food around you all day was certainly a challenge. Good for you.

Judy...I know you will have a great time when you have Allura for the week. Don't shop too much. LOL

Zoe...Hey .....3 out of 5 is very good!!!! And next week you will have even more gone I just know it.

Gina{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Things will get easier in time.

C.J.....Didn't that walk feel oh so good this morning? I love to walk outside. Happy belated anniversary or Happy Anniversary if it wasn't yesterday when you got your bracelet.

Chrissy......Miss you girlfriend. Where you been?

Love to all.......Sandi

03-20-2001, 06:55 PM
Hello Ya'll...:dizzy:

Today is the first day of Spring and I hope ya'll have better weather than we do here!! It's raining & cold and some parts of TN had snow today! I wanted nice weather this week since it's our Spring break...but oh well.....I'm getting things done! :)

I weighed yesterday (once every two weeks) and stayed the same at 170.I had good & bad days so guess it all evened out! LOL :lol: Thanks for all the "congrats" on my jeans! I KNOW I've lost inches because they are so big!

My Aunt has been moved from ICU to a regular room now.She had colon-cancer surgery but is doing so good to be 78 years old.She's one strong cookie! Also,it isn't never too late to find true love! She got married 3 years ago and is so happy!!

My brother is doing very well also.He may get to come home tomorrow.He had a bleeding ulcer but the shot seemed to have kept the bleeding stopped.He's one of those that hates hospitals & Dr.'s. He's so funny! He told us yesterday that he believed every nurse in that hospital has stuck their finger up his rear-end!! He can't wait to get home & I'm SURE they can't wait for him to leave too!!!! LOL!!! (he's not a good patient!)

Happy Anniversary to you sweetheart!! How many wonderful years? Can't wait to see the beautiful bracelet! Let us know when you take a picture of it! Have fun at BINGO tonight! Hope you win big bucks!:smug: oh....and please send me the recipe for the veg.soup! Thanks!!

How did today go on the WW program? I KNOW you can do it! I wished we had one close to me.I miss the days when I went.When you have the bad days when you want to eat all the no-no's ....COME HERE & WE'LL TALK YA OUT OF IT!!!! OK????? Good luck!!

You poor thing! Working all those long hours!! It won't be long 'til the taxes will slow down and you can rest!! I wished I was there to help you! Oh listen to me! I haven't EVEN filed mine!! LOL Try to get some rest or you'll wear yourself out! Glad you liked the pooh...was glad to bring memories back to you.Post soon..ok hon.

It seems that everyone is doing well on their plan.I ran out of time so I need to go and take my shower.Tonight is our bowling night.If I didn't address you...I'm sorry but I do care & love ya!

Talk to ya'll later....Take Care,
Sherry (Sher-Bear):cool:

03-20-2001, 10:44 PM
First day of spring and I'm a happy camper! 2.2 lbs. and was I ever glad to see it. I had a couple hard days this week so I didn't know I would do. I'm excited because I believe this diet will work. I will be back tomorrow and address everyone, I'm to "high" tonight to do it. Stay on plan ladies, if this old fat lady can do it, all the rest of you can too. Love Carolyn

03-20-2001, 10:58 PM
On Sunday I was saying to myself... where is everyone?? Here I am today and eek! I can see how we can get behind so easily!

So, I returned back to work after a relaxing vacation on Monday and I have been a little busy. It hasn't been to bad, just a little catch up work. The group I work for are a bunch of sweeties! They tried so hard to take it easy on me yesterday...

Ok, so am I the only one addicted to SURVIVOR or what??? I just can't get enough of these geeks! Normally I would be in bed around 10:00PM but, nooooo I had to stay up last night and watch Alicia on Letterman. I don't even like Letterman! I spend hours reading articles and forums on the show... so sad...ha ha ha...Are YOU the mole?... oh wait that is over! Who wins the mil man?? Ahhhhh

Ahem... my name is Kerri and I am a reality TV addict... ok there I said it!

CJ You are the Queen brat this time but, I am back as soon as I figure out this new board you and the others are in for a run for your money! Happy Anniversary... I can't wait to see the bracelet. That website was a great find! It proved my childhood theory that my brother just didn't belong.

Sherry You are doing great!! Be careful with those pant though.... wouldn't want them to fall off unexpectedly! oops! I am glad to hear your Aunt and brother are in good spirits.

Carolyn Sometimes we all need a little support... that is exactly what brought me back here. Anytime you need a little pick me up you know where to go! :)

Sharon Sweetie! I am so glad to see you here! Before I became MIA I got the horrible news... what a terrible tragedy. A mistrial? Please do send me some articles. My email address is It sounds like you are keeping very busy this time of year as usual. I tell you I could use some help! LOL I refuse to pay this year!

Jo Nice to see you again too! I always enjoyed your posts. Hang in there darlin' :D How hard this must be for you... but you are so strong look how far you have come. I am glad to hear about your Love! He sounds like a keeper.

Sandi Boy you certainly did make out didn't you! I have thought about you often during my hiatus. You have maintained and You are my inspiration!

Gail I was wondering where the Food Journal Thread was? I promise I will join you tomorrow. We can all do this together.

Bernice Another winner! How about sending some of that luck this way? You'd think me being Irish and all would help me out!

Gina You are right! We should make a packed never to leave again!! It can be so hard dealing with an ex at work... if I were you I wouldn't avoid him but, try and work around him. It is tough situation all together... it must be so hard for you. Do you work in a big place or small one?

Patti Thanks for the good vibes... How did you do it?? 15 already! Gosh! I am envious.

Judy Addicting?? hmmm what do I know about that? LOL You are absolutely right! I certainly know about not being motivated... I have the same problem. I too know exactly what I need to do but, I can't see to do it. Keep trying that is all we can do! :)

I hope I didn't forget anyone! Once again I say .... I'VE MISSED YOU ALL!!!!

Tomorrow is another day.

Hugs & Kisses

03-20-2001, 11:02 PM
Hey Ladies....spring has, or something like that. I feel great tonight and don't know why. I went to the gym straight from work, got home to dinner already cooked and waiting for me...(Greg is a doll sometimes.....hehehe) and stayed OP today. (thank you Lord for this strength you are giving me)

Judy ~ On the garbage thing, Isn't that always the way?? You make the extra effort and it's for nothing. Geeze......:)

Gail ~ Hope your laundry got done. If you're like me, it's PARTIALLY done. :o

CJ ~ you with laundry too?? Hmmm, I think I'd better check mine.....I've been lazy lately.

Sandi ~ Gee San, you went for a walk BEFORE the gym?? Can I have some of your energy?? :^:

Sherry ~ I am praying for your aunts recovery.

Carolyn ~ 2.2!! WTG!!! keep up the good work.

Hi to everyone I didn't address. Hope you're all having a great evening.......I am. :D


03-21-2001, 02:20 PM
Hey guys,
I thought I would post before I took my walk than I have to go to work.

Well as I thought I had a 1.8 lb gain :cry: so anyways must have been those darn 2 Amararatto Sours I had at the banquet. Oh well maybe it was even water weight ;)
Well how the heck do I know anyways? :?: HA HA HA HA
But I will try really hard this week to get that off and than some. I am not down or out just yet. And never will be if I have anything to say about it.

Anyways on to better topics:

Zoe.....Great job staying on program like you have been despite anything you have thrown on you. Good for you losing 3 of those 5 lbs, the other 2 will be off soon. My gosh your husband is a doll for having dinner ready and waiting for you when you get home from the gym. All I get is whatever I fix myself. But my husband isn't a cook as he tells me. His idea of cooking for himself is opening up a can or microwaving a burrito from the freezer. He loves it when I cook though, he says that is one of the reasons he married me, that the woman he married had to be able to cook AT LEAST as good as his Mom and I guess I fit the bill. LOL

Kerri.....OH YES! I also am addicted to Survivor and Gail watches it as well. Man am I ever glad Alicia is out, but I do admit I have seen her on Letterman as well and also Rosie and the Early Show and am liking her more when I see her. Hey did you see that when she was on Rosie that Rosie gave her a big screen TV and a Lazyboy complete with the internet hooked up to all of it? Was she ever HAPPY. But Rosie told her that she had to promise to snack while watching TV and she said she promised. Wonder what her idea of snacking is? Do you think maybe a rice cake???? I will send you those articles soon now that I have your email addy thanks I will put it in my address book once again.

Carolyn-CH.....Oh boy good going girlfriend about those 2.2 lbs lost. I know you have been really staying on your program and I for one am so happy for you. YES YOU WILL GET THERE AND CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Sherry.....That is alright that you stayed the same, the important thing is that you didn't gain and your jeans are getting looser and looser on your little tush. LOL Yes I am trying to rest and take care of myself cause don't want to end up getting sick. That wouldn't do to feel like that when I go April 2nd the the next trial date. How did your bowling go? Did you get a bunch of strikes? HOPE SO! Glad both your Brother and your Aunt are doing better. And am glad your Aunt found happiness in her new husband. She is a lucky lady to have all those around her who lives her including you. Your brother too is lucky to have you for his wonderful sister.

Sandi.....Good for you going for a walk before going to the gym, that is a good idea than you won't have to get on the treadmill. I am gonna take a walk when I get off here. Won't have time at work so gotta do this while we can eh? You sure did great between winning the dinner tickets and the dolls too. Glad you got lucky!

CJ.....You too are walking? Wow the weather must have something to do with it. All of a sudden we are the walkinest bunch I have ever seen. Keep it up CJ, now you have to post in the Exercise Forum we have. Come on and join us-Sorry that jumproping lady just didn't cut it, cute but no cigar. LOL I am proud of you that you have started exercising so dilligently. Wow I can't wait to see that bracelet when Ken and I come in April for the trial. I'll bet it is beautiful!

Gail.....Boy it was good talking to you last night. I really enjoyed that. I know you are gonna get where you want to be too. Count on it! Count on us Thinsters to help both of us. I used to hear "Clean your plate" as well when I was growing up. That is one thing I used to find myself saying when my kids were growing up too. Isn't it funny how we carry on what we learned from our parents. Now I don't feel the need to clean my plate EVER. Unless I want to that is. That is the wonderful thing about being an adult-WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT! LOL

Judy.....Congrats on your 5 lb loss last month. That is much better than a gain at least. Don't worry, the weight will come off, you have so much on your plate right now with what you are going through with Cal and a new grandbaby too boot. Just keep on coming here and when you are ready than it will happen.

Gina.....Oh I know you feel so bad about breaking up with your ex and miss him. But this is for the better in the long run and when you least expect it there will be someone else who you will feel is special. Just like you are Gina. I can tell you are a special person and the right person for you is out there. I just know it! So cheer up WE LOVE YOU!

Bernice.....Good for you 60 dollars richer and you even stayed on program. You are amazing and I am trying to follow in your footsteps and do well too. You continue to amaze me. Keep up the great work.

Jello.....Oh poor Jo, I just can't believe this is still going on for you. 2 years? My gosh girl, he is a real scumbag isn't he to drag this on so long and put you through this. I know you feel you can't get on with your life, but just hang in there and thank God that you have a wonderful man like Rich to lean on. Don't give up and all will work out in the end for you and Rich. Here are some positive vibes for you.
Great job on your 1.6 lb loss, I think you gave it to me and than another .2 lbs added for good measure. LOL

Chrissy.....Hey Sis In Law, how are you doing? Better I hope. I owe you an email and will get that to you soon. I forgot to tell you that we really liked daughter Kelly's new boyfriend Brian alot. This may turn out to be serious. I will email you all the details and in the meantime you better take care of yourself cause soon I will be coming there for the trial and than you have to answer to me. YOU LIKE THAT DON'T YOU? LOL You will have your daughters Emily and Ellen and my daughter Kelly and Ken and myself to answer to. LOL I love you Chrissy, see you in a couple of weeks. It will all work out this time. We just have to have faith and NEVER GIVE UP!

Well guys, time to get off her and get awalking now. It is a beautiful day her in Indiana and I am going to take advantage of it like so many others of you have been doing lately.

Later, Sassy Sharon :wave:

03-21-2001, 04:54 PM
Thanks everyone for all of the advice. And the hugs. . . (Thanks Gail right back at ya!)
I had a good talk with a friend that my ex and I have in common and now I know that I made the right decision. Too long a story to get into here. . . I'm wiped out today after working till 1am this morning and getting here at 8:30. I will be crashing tonight.

CJ - Way to go with the walk. It does feel good once you get going. I can't wait to see that bracelet. Sounds beautiful. Happy Aniversary!

Sandi - Wow you walked and then went to the gym. I am impressed. Sometimes I don't even want to walk from the bed to do my exercise. : P

Sherry - Glad to hear that the hospital patients are doing well. Evening out isn't that bad as long as it is temporary. Keep up the good work!!

Carolyn - Congrats on your loss. That sure is a good feeling.

Kerri - I am completely addicted to survivor. If Jerri would just get kicked off I would be happy. Maybe I should go on a hunger strike until she is gone? : O
Thanks for the advice on the ex front. It's a fairly big company but we work in the same department so this will be interesting no matter how I do it. Luckily he is in another office. We are on friendly terms but it's just wierd and uncomfortable. I hope that we can stay friends. I think we can given the circumstances. Again it's a long story and I figure you guys wouldn't want to wade through it!

Sharon - Darn weight gains. I am betting it was water weight! Sounds like you have a great attitude about it and that is the best way to stay motivated. Thanks for the advice and the compliment. I do wonder sometimes if there is someone out there for me. Only God knows. I'll make it either way. It sure would be nice to have someone to share it with. And to do all those other fun things it takes two to do. . . : P

A great big howdy to everyone else. It's time for me to get back to working on this report I am doing here. Hope you all have a beautiful spring day.


03-21-2001, 11:49 PM
:wave: Hi Ladies ~ Just got to settling in after being out and about tonight with hubby. We went to Edwin Watts golf store so that he could spend his $75 gift certificate (he bought nothing!!) and then to the store, came home and I feel tired.

I snuck on to the scale tonight, after work but before dinner and I am what I was BEFORE vacation!!! Lost 2 more # and now, am at 179 again.....I am praying to be able to "keep up the pace" through the weekend.

Gina ~ I agree that Jerri has got to go!! :)

Sharon ~ yes, I am lucky that hubby cooks. We used to own a restaurant in NY and he did alot of the cooking so he's good....too good if you ask me. That's how I got this size. Ha! Do you think I stayed away or STAY away from his cooking??? :nono:

Hi to everyone else...hope you're all having a great night.

03-22-2001, 01:47 PM
Hello Buddies.....:wave:

Today is Thursday & I'm thinking about maybe doing something today!! LOL :lol: I've gotten so lazy this week being off for Spring break.Oh, there's LOTS I could have done but wanted to relax.Boy, I took advantage of that! hehe

YES...YOU ARE SO LUCKY that hubby cooks!! I don't think mine even knows where the pots are! If I never came home...guess him & the boys would starve "waiting for Mom to come home!" LOL!!

Ok...share your secret! How do you have the energy to walk & go to the gym??? When I get home from working...I'm so tired.I cook,wash dishes then it's time for bed or do laundry! Wow girl...keep up the GREAT job!! :smoking:

GREAT JOB on the weight loss!! What plan are you following? For some reason I'm thinking its WW.Am I right?

Are you still working those long hours? Bless your heart! I told hubby last night that we better hurry and get our taxes done.We're one of those that wait 'til the last minute.We don't get back much so we don't get out there in the rush with those that get back thousands! LOL! Wished we were one of 'em! Try to post ALWAYS make me smile:)

Haven't heard from you since you went to play bingo! Did you hit big-time and maybe went to Hawaii or the Bahamas?? I bet you wore your new bracelet and it brought you good luck!!! Post soon OR send us a postcard whereever you are!!!! LOL!!! :lol:

Now you brought memories back to me!! I remember my Mom telling me that we had to clean our plates too! Those poor kids in China! When my kids were little,I caught myself starting to say that...but STOPPED! I didn't want them to grow up TOO healthy like me! LOL! When they're hungry...they'll eat.RIGHT? You sound real to see your posts too! Take care!

How's the grandbaby? Also, how is Cal? Congrats on the 5 lbs! Take care of yourself and try not to get stressed.I'm proud of you.;)

Better go...this post is getting long & I don't want to lose it! By the ya'll like my images????

Luv ya'll....
Sherry (Sher-Bear):cool:

03-22-2001, 06:44 PM
Just popping in to give my weekly update....

183/178/120/5 {58}

CJ can you please add this to the updates.... I don't have your email yet! Thanks Queenie

I'll be back later


03-22-2001, 06:51 PM
Hi yíall! Well, I had weigh-in this morning Ö not good news, I was up Ĺ lb! I followed program and stayed within my points so it must have been something I ate Ö. I know I will be down next week! I had cheese this week (havenít been having that) and I had WW pizza twice so that may have been the culprits! But, I did go for a nice long 2 mile walk (2.4 miles to be exact) after my meeting today! Yea, you heard me Ė this is CJ talking Ė not a clone! Hahaha But, boy, this nice weather is playing havoc on my allergies! My eyes are burning and running, my nose is blocked, my head is hurting , my throat is scratchy! I am going for another walk tomorrow morning too! Iíll let ya know how I do.

Iím glad to hear your brother and Aunt are doing better. Thanks for asking about me Ö. I didnít win anything at bingo and yes I did wear my beautiful new bracelet. I will post the veg soup recipe sometimes tonite on the healthy recipe thread (we do have one somewhere on our forum here) and I will mail it to you too!

Sorry you were up too Ė like me! Iím sure we will both get rid of it by next week! Hey, itís almost time to come to Michigan! Canít wait.

Thanks all for the nice anniversary wishes. Iíll get a picture soon of my beautiful bracelet so you can all see it. I could probably put it right on this forum Ö hmmmm, I wonder how long we will be allowed to put images on our posts before they shut that down! Everyone is doing it like crazy!

Iím sorry that I didnít address more of you personally Ö. I just feel so awful right now Ö son is here so am going to run off now Ö be back later I hope.

Love, CJ

03-22-2001, 07:03 PM
Hi Kerri ...

I guess we were posting at the same time. I will add you to the updates! Hey, we are so very close in our weight - how about that! Looks like you lost 5 lbs! Way to go kiddo.

Love, CJ

03-22-2001, 10:26 PM
Just thought I would let you know the updates are done ... if there are any wrong weights just let me know. Good job everyone!

Love, CJ

03-22-2001, 10:28 PM
Well, am off to bed now. Just thought I would drop in and say good nite! hahahahaha

Since this is the 29th post and #30 goes on the second page I think I shall start #45 and be a BRAT! Getting tired of waiting for someone to post!

See ya on #45!