30-Somethings - Week of March 18th!!!!!!!!!

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03-18-2001, 12:55 PM
Good MOrning all!!!
Just taking care of the cats before we take the kids to the park to fly kites and picnic!!!!

I guess Almost Mrs Chick is Mrs Chick and on the way to the honey moon!!!!

Horray for everyone that excercised this week!!!!!!!

Hmmm..can't find the losses?????::(Please post if U lossed the weight last week!!!Sorry but the desk is soo full of invitation addresses, order blanks but I am sure it is somewhere!!!!!

Ok-we need to post motivational things..I was soo "into" dieting and excercising last year but this year feel really burned out on it...It is harder with REfman and his junkfood fest at his house I think it will be a struggle being married trying to stay motivated into dieting and excercise!!!
I do cook healthy stuff, but it is harder with a junk eater around!!!

Everyone have a great day!!!
The weather here is soo beautiful I must run out to enjoy!!!!

03-18-2001, 07:40 PM
Mrs. Chick here... just stopping in to say a quick hi!! I'm home, I mean mom's, packing! The flight leaves at 8:00 tomorrow AM! Everything went great...we talked nonstop through the ceremony!! LOL!! Even had the pastor laughing at us practically!! :D

Can't type, nails too long!! See ya next Monday when I get back!

Mrs. Dale ;)

03-18-2001, 11:17 PM
Helloooo out there!!! :wave:

Congrats Lauren!! Sounds like it was lovely - that you talked through the ceremony I think is SO romanic! :love:

RR - I was a looser last week (.5) AND I'm a looser again this week (1.5). Never thought I'd be so happy to be such a big looser... :cool: Hope you had fun kite flying! It rained on and off here today - but I love rain....

My Mom and I spent part of the afternoon taking in my jeans. I don't want to spend more money just now so we took about 3 inches out of the butt and about 2 inches out of the thighs... No more baggie butt!! It's cool when you're 15 to have your pants falling off - not when you're 31....

Well, tomarrow I find out if I'm getting my braces off April 10th (just in time for me to leave on vacation April 13th!). Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

Have a great week everyone!!


03-19-2001, 07:07 PM
Hi guys!!


Wow, am I tired of homework. That's just about all I did this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a super day!!

Will try to check in again later.


03-19-2001, 07:27 PM
Hope everyone had a great ST. Patrick's Day!


RR - I thought your date was on a birthday and it is, it is my ss birthday. That will be here SO soon! And you are right, it is harder when you are around other people all the time that eat junk food. Kites and a picnic - how fun!!:D I was a loser last week - 1.5 pounds. Glad that you are having such beautiful weather there.

Punkin - Yeah for you, you loser!!:) Hope you got good news about the braces.

Karen - so you must have the homework blues!!:p I admire your drive!

Have a great week everyone! Rabbit:spin:

03-19-2001, 07:56 PM
I did, I did, I did!!!!! :D

I will be braceless on April 11th at 8am... finally.

I think this is such a big deal because in the time I've been in braces (2 years) my whole life has changed. Does it sound hokey? I mean, in these two years I've lost 2 grandmas, moved to another state, became divorced, started working full time... and sooooo much more. It's like, I look in the mirror and these little tiny things bring back memories (mostly bad) - where I was 2 years ago, so needless to say, I think that's why I'm so happy to be getting them off.

Terri :wave:

03-20-2001, 06:48 PM
Punkin - HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY on the braces!! I'm sure it will be great to have them off. Hooray on your 17.5 pound loss also. You're doing super.

I'm still struggling here but hope to pull out of it sooner rather than later.



03-21-2001, 06:57 PM
OK, so I am talking to myself!!

I'm going out of town tomorrow, will miss my weigh in, and will be back Sunday. Hope you all have a super weekend.


03-21-2001, 08:02 PM
Hi all!! Wow, we are certainly a busy bunch this week. I think the homework load is going to ease off for awhile now. I did try to read ahead over the weekend so I don't feel so stressed tonight. I have to look over it again so it's fresh, but otherwise I feel good about it.

Rabbit: Have fun out of town!!! Do you ever come the Jersey way? Look us up if you do!!

Punkinseed: Yeah on the 17.5!! That is so totally awesome!!

Dani, Buffy..............Where are you guys?

Have a nice evening ya'll!! :wave: :wave:

03-22-2001, 09:41 AM
Karen - Haven't been the Jersey way. Will let you know if I do. Going to Chicago this week.

Have a good one.


03-22-2001, 09:20 PM
Hi everyone. I'm sorry I disappeared for a while, but school got crazy and I just didn't have the heart to think about weight or anything else. I'm on spring break this week, happily, and waiting to hear about graduate school, which I think I might not get in to. I dropped out of weight watchers, too. It was too much stress, seeing that the scale was hovering around the same three pounds. But the good news is that I've gone to the gym three days in a row and have kind of been watching what I'm eating, determined to get past this hump. I've missed all my friends here and hope to be a better poster. I certainly need encouragement.


03-22-2001, 11:10 PM


I am a WW drop out. I am thinking of going
back. Oh I know...join-quit-join-quit. I
think you get the picture. So now I want to
try again. But I have to think about this.

I got a new job!!! It is for the same company
but a differnt division. I am in the
recruiting deparment. I am the Admin.
Assistant. Funny though I do all the Admin
duties. But I can go to the Bathroom whenever
I want!!!!! I know such a small thing makes
me happy.

Guess what is in the building I am in. On the
6th floor is the HEALTH CLUB!!! So let's
think about this one. The Club is on the 6th
floor of my building at work and there is
another on about 1 mile from my house. So
hard to make excuses there. So I am going to
look into that also. I think we get a
discount too.

Life has finally settled down for me. BJ is
in a new school and daycare. Things are going
great. Life was H___ about 5 weeks ago and
now all is good. Imagine that.

I will check in and let you all know how
things are going.


03-24-2001, 04:23 PM
ok ok, I am peeking in too! It has been a long time since I have been on the thread! Sorry for my long absence. It's been a whirlwind for awhile.

I am still going to WW but it has been 6 months and I am still working on the getting the ribbon!! At this point I am 2.5 away from it. I have been up and down in those 6 months like a roller coaster.

Congratulations, Mrs. Dale!! I am sorry I couldn't be there. Hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon! :)

We sold our house. It happened very quickly. a month ago we were cleaning up and thought we could be close to getting ready to think about putting our house on the market.. then all the sudden we called our realtor and got the ball rolling. A month ago if you'd have asked me I would have said we'd do it in about a year or so... well the sign went up on a Thursday, and the house was sold by Saturday! IT was amazing. So now we are searching like nuts to find a new house to live in!!

I am in the midst of doing report cards. This is a busy weekend for me.

Buffy, I have wanted to call you and haven't set aside the time to. I will make a strong effort to do it soon. I'm glad things are going well for you. It sounds like a good job and it is terrific that they have a health club in the building!!

Karen, Thank you for asking about me. Good luck with school! :)

Sonya, it is good to hear from you! I hope you get into grad school!! I think you will! Good luck getting back on track and great job on the exercising!

Hello, to Rabbit and RR, and all the others that I have missed.