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09-16-2003, 09:00 AM
I'm running late this morning and have a few dresses in my closet that I know I can throw on when time is running short for me. Being one of those mornings, I grabbed one of the dresses, put it on :fr: it is so tight, my stomach was pouching out in it - I couldnt even sit down in it! I knew I was gaining weight - but OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm in serious depression now. Sitting at work looking at everything on the net - Weight Watchers, Trim Spa, Weight patches - I've got to get this weight off. My 8 year wedding annviersary is next month and I figured out - I've gained 45 lbs since I've been married!!!! I'm just bummed and wanted to vent! Man, what a way to start a day!

09-16-2003, 11:14 AM
Oh, I hate when that happens! I've gone to throw on an everyday article of clothing, or pants that I considered "fat pants," even, and found them too tight! It was quite shocking, even though I knew I was "a bit overweight," to suddenly face it all at once like that. But sometimes you need a bit of a shock to get you motivated. At least, I do.

You know, I gained a bunch of weight since getting together with my boyfriend a few years ago. Must be his fault, yeah, it's all those times he took me out for ice cream.... ;)

09-16-2003, 10:21 PM
BECJO ... been there ... done that.
Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

You wrote this early this morning... now it is evening... tell us, what have you done to change things around.??
What food plan did you decide on ?
What exercise did you choose to do regularly?
Weight loss is mental as well as physical so be sure to include some positive affirmations and read some Positive, healthy materials. It is just as important to feed our minds healthy thoughts as well as our bodies healthy food. Good luck.

09-17-2003, 09:19 AM
Its the next day now - I'll admit - I did so good with my eating habits during the day yesterday! I had a good healthy Turkey sandwich at Subway for lunch - a salad and baked potato (no butter!) for dinner - and no snacking at night - thats my big down fall! I worked out hard. I think I need to keep that dress and try it on every day for some sort of reality check to keep myself in line!

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone here folks!!

09-17-2003, 10:36 AM
Hi becjo and anyone who reads this, :wave:

Please feel free to join us at the Jaded Ladies thread. It is under "clubs and groups" and we are a small group who support each other through all of life's ups and downs, not just weight loss. The women there have varied amounts to lose, form 20 pounds to over 100, and they are all different ages.

Hope to see you there!