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09-15-2003, 09:35 AM
Good Morning Everyone :D

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very nice, rainy but nice.

Had a b/day party for my great neice yesterday, I stayed away from the delicious chocolate cake my mom baked and ate my deviled eggs I brought (T.G. I did too!). That made me very happy.

What did you guys do ?

09-15-2003, 10:47 AM
Over the weekend I didn't do all that much. Saturday we hung around the apartment and cleaned, watched was uneventful, but it was relaxing. Sunday I had to work. Due to football games on tv, it wasn't very busy, but I got a lot done otherwise. I stayed on plan both days diet wise, but didnt' do that well w/ the water. I'm still working on that, though. today I have to work 1-9. I am going to take a small nap, otherwise I'll be so tired by tonight. Then I hope to get up, work out, get my lunch ready, pay rent and leave.

09-15-2003, 10:51 AM
:wave: Just checking in to let you know I'm still around and hanging in there.

09-15-2003, 11:34 AM
My weekend was a flop. I tried to finsih hte bathroom but I wasn't happy with the wall washing look that I stopped b4 I finished the 2nd coat. Hobbu came home and said that he like it so I guess that is what I will be doing this weekend too. I don't know what it is about our bathrooms, when we paint them it takes forever. I painted the whole house in 2 weekends and that bathrooms take 3-4. AUGH!

I was kind of getting the depressive feelings agian. I think it was b/c I couldn't go outside and sit in the sun for a little while. Those d#$m bugs are still here and I was getting swarmed when I did venture out. It was a beautiful weekend and I was stuck inside. I really need to make and effort to get some of that sun b4 it gets too cold.

Hey Ruth, :wave: glad you are still hanging around.

Hello to all who follow. I hope everyone else had a great weekend.

09-15-2003, 11:37 AM
Hey Leens way to enjoy the eggs!
Alteon nice to hear that all is well.
Hi Ruth....been thinking of you.xo
Kempd good luck on the bathroom.
I had a pretty good weekend. I worked evenings over the weekend and it was great to see everyone at work. I work one night shift this week, otherwise I am off all week again until the weekend.
It is c-c-c-c-c-cold this is only 4 degrees Cel thoday....girls are off to school...I think I might crawl back into bed and drink my coffee and read the paper...
I have to go to work later today to vote on the mediators recommendations on our nursing contract. Other than that I am hoping to walk for an hour or so and do some minor tidying.
Hope everyone is doing well. I will check in later.

09-15-2003, 11:56 AM
Good Morning Ladies

My weekend was that of pure boredom...I cleaned the refrigerator though.Living with two men can be a pain in the tush.I have been keeping a close eye on the weather channel because of Hurricane Isabel.My mom lives in Maryland which may get hit pretty bad.So I am kinda worried ya know.
As for my eating this weekend I did very well considering how bored I was.

Have a great day.BBL


09-15-2003, 01:57 PM
Lynnie, I'm worried about the storm too, they are saying it could hit anywhere from NC to New Jersey OY !!!! The last hurricane we had that did alot of damage was in 1999 I believe, it was hurricane floyd. YUK this ones gonna hit us strait on. I hope the darn thing blows out to sea but it doesn't look like thats gonna happen.

Its very scary !!

09-15-2003, 02:07 PM

From what I see on the weather channel it looks as though Ohio might get some of the wind and rain from it too when it finally hits.... I remember hurricane floyd and hurricane hugo...

I just hope my family will be ok...

09-15-2003, 02:30 PM
Praying for everyone's safety!


09-15-2003, 03:01 PM
Good afternoon chickadees!

I just got back from walking during lunch. Man it is so hot here and they are already putting out hot winter clothes, big ole bulky sweaters and coats - oh man makes me hotter just thinking about those warm clothes.

We had a really busy weekend. I spent a lot of time vacuuming up those you know whats Leenie. ;-) everywhere you turn there are more - it can drive ya batty! lol

I hope that storm misses everybody, and just dies out in the ocean!

HEY RUTHIE!!!! so good to see ya! and look how good you are doing with your weightloss! I am so proud of you! YOU GO GIRL!

It's good to see everybody's posts!

Don't forget for anybody who is game, Leenie and I would love for yall to join us on the daily food journal board - the more the merrier! :-)


09-15-2003, 03:36 PM
Good morning was cold here this morning....overcast also....DH & I went to coffee earlier with friends.

I have been using the light box more therse days....we have been having lots of overcast, cloudy & rainy days the last 1 1/2 weeks...I find if I don't use the light box on these days....I start to feel depressed. I used the light box when I 1st got up today & I feel good today. your depression seasonal?....maybe a light box would help. was cold here also.....only + 7C when I got up.


09-15-2003, 08:00 PM
Hi Gals
It was nice for almost everyone to check in today.

I had a great week-end. I was pooped last night because I did a lot of driving but the wedding in Indianapolis was awesome! My step brother sure seems to appreciate the fact we made it to the wedding. I rode with my daughter,sister-in-law and 3 nieces. It was fun.......6 ladies traveling. We stopped in a Subway sandwich shop to change clothes. It was rather amusing.we took turn going in the restroom in shorts and coming out all decked up in dressy clothes! Two policemen were eating and chuckled as they watched us one by one "transform"..................we laughed a lot.The food was wonderful! I used every Flex point and more!
They served a complete meal at the recption!:D

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo today its back to the real world! It was a pleasant Monday.The weather was near perfect today in Ky. Around 72-74 I think! I love it!

Later tators!;)
PS Pop in anytime Ruth!