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03-17-2001, 10:22 AM
Hello everyone. Top of the morning to ya! (St Patty's day is today. :) )
I think we all need to re commit to out eat less move more. I KNOW I do! I called at & t yesterday. It will be 7-10 days till I get the software. I will tell ya what I think.
I went fishing yesterday. Riley caught a 20$ lure, I caught some seaweed and some branches. Cameron gave two lures to the lake. Chris accomplished nothing but getting grumpy. We'll have to do it w/out the older boys. They talk too much. :)
We are going to the monster truck races tonight at the speedway. Grif had a bad sleeping night. I get a nap today or I will not function well at all! I have walked the last 2 days. Not great distances but better than the days prior.
Dale has been at Diane's all week. He will return by the 20th. Her mom is coming in that day and she doesn't want her to know. It's nice to know at age 50 she is still concerned about what her mom thinks. :) I know I am at age 31. Well 32 in 5 days. (22nd) I am getting old! :)
My interview is Monday. MGM is hiring but Chris reminded me I did not like it when I interned. I am getting desperate tho.
Can you all keep a secret? My period is 17 days late! I have the iud in. My cycles haven't been regular since having Grif so.... Anyways I will have a pregnacy test this coming up week to be sure. I could be late because of being sick. Infection delays ovulation. Anyways, if I was pg, they would have to remove the iud and theres a high percentage that I would miscarry. 97% something like that. Well, who knows. It was suppose to be 98 % effective. I always sneek into those 1-2 % lists. :) Does Chris know. Sorta. He doesn't even want to go there. He did tell me he'd like a little girl but not now. Am I nervous? You bet!
Well, gotta pay antention to my wee little one. Have a good Irish day! audri/flower

03-18-2001, 11:18 AM
Okay, now I know I am talking to myself. How about if I go on strike until one of you posts something!!!! Or should I take it as a major hint that you don't want to be my friend any more!!!! Come out, come out where ever you are! audri

03-19-2001, 12:34 PM
Hi-ya! don't take it personally flower!

But I think I'm about out of excuses for not posting cause yesterday we signed up for the $9.95 Juno service and should be getting booted off less often...hopefully not at all! This morning Yahoo seems to be down, wont let me check my e-mail anyway, and with my connection problems I've not even been able to check my e-mail since 8 days ago! (Dolphin I hope you got my message about your dog)

Anyway, my weight has reached a all new height for the year... totally going in the wrong direction. But perhaps todays scale reading will snap me back into reality! I plan to record everything I eat, exercise twice daily and totally cut the junk! low-fat protein and fruits and veggies only for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not going into this summer 10 pounds heavier than last summer!!!!!!!!!

So I plan to be here more often reporting on that, and trying to support the rest of you as well! Let's do it!

Flower, my kiddo's are 14 1/2 months apart...I don't know what else to say, except that it can be done! lol, but I hope that this does not totally stress you out dear. Get yourself a test and a calming magazine and then you'll know where to go from here. I'm sending you positive vibes and energy to draw from as needed!

03-19-2001, 08:05 PM
Hello mailwhale! I took a pregnacy test at the clinic. It was negative. But she said to come back in a week to retest if I haven't gotton my period. I feel like I am, maybe ovulation was delayed. ...
The second interview went well, they offered me a job, UNFORTUNATELY it was at the wrong location. They wanted me at the West side store. NO THANKS. 54 miles round trip. 1.25 hours each way during rush hour. I don't think so. I actually enjoyed doing the displays too. Kinda sad but at least that boosted my confidence some. If the guy who got the Henderson location doesn't work out, he'll call me. whatever...

I still weigh 178. I am gonna start early walking agin. Spring has hit here. Very nice. I actually need to get out the fans today. Well, I should pay attention to the family. Been gone all day. audri

03-20-2001, 06:09 PM
Audri~~ I'm sorry you have been lonely. I have been trying to come here at least 2 times a day for ages & I kept getting the message that they were working on the site & come back later. So I was complaining to Mailwhale & she told me a different way to try. So I guess I found you. How are you feeling?

the weather is lovely here so I really need to do something besides sit here but I wanted to say hello & tell you I really have been thinking of everyone here.

My weight is staying the same, could it be I'm not eating right? I am exercising & drinking my water though. So if I can get the 1 piece in place I'll be doing really well right?

Have a great day. I'm glad I'm back. :)

03-20-2001, 09:23 PM
Happy Spring everyone! I was planning on kicking it at the park but Riley really didn't want to go fishing, so I stayed home w/ Grif and Ri. No biggie...Chris has been home too much lately. Could use some alone time. I am going to try a new herb garden this week. I hope it will make me cook healthier. I filled out 3 applications and turned them in today. Something better turn up soon, bill collectors are calling. Ugh! audri

03-20-2001, 10:39 PM
Hi everyone... sorry I've been MIA -seems like forever, but spent a week in the hospital (late Feb- better now) - am just getting back into the full swing of things at work. Had to work a job fair until 8 tonight.. just got home, so am unwinding here by trying to catch up on all your doings and have lots more to read but just wanted to say HI!

Had my follow-up exam today and you'd think with all I had going on, I'd have lost more than one measley pound, so need to get back to walking soooooon, or I'll never get back on track! <my skinny SIL is working out hard so when we all vacation together this July 4th, guess I'll be the roly-poly one of the bunch again... really bums me out.>

We still have a couple feet of snow (more on it's way) so even tho it's officially spring it doesn't much look like it around here -makes walking outdoors yet pretty much impossible. Audri, I've had trouble even imagining you pulling weeds, getting a sunburn... when we haven't seen the ground since October - glad some parts of this country there's stuff growing!

I'll catch up better later... good luck with your job hunt, Audri, something wonderful is bound to come up! Dolphingirl, maybe your body is just readjusting - my boss hit a plateau -is losing again- she's done great -lost 32 lbs since Dec 15 - looks fantastic! Hey, Mailwhale, we can do this - you're probably right-reporting here may be the key to getting serious again. PS where's KareFree and CookieM??
Bye all.. TTYS!

03-21-2001, 11:41 AM
Itsworthit-sorry you were in the hospital. I do hope you are okay. Did you tell us you were going, I am sorry if I had over looked it!!! Cookie was asking about you on thread #7. She misses you. We need to start walking and posting about it. We all do, none of us are doing very well. flower/audri

03-21-2001, 12:23 PM
I have just finished my 1 hour workout w/ Denise Austin on the Lifetime channel. then I walked a mile on the treadmill. I guess I am ready for the shower now.

Itsworthit, I was sorry to hear you were in the hospital too. I hope you are feeling better everyday.

Flower, Have you worked out today?

Mailwhale, How is the new service going? Is it hooked up yet?

Cookie & Karefree, are you two lurking or just not around at all?

It is a beautiful spring day here & Ihope it is a nice day for you too. Let's make it the best day we can!!!

03-21-2001, 12:48 PM
Hello buddies in health!

Itsworthit...I'm also sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Glad you are feeling better. Don't despair yet about a July vacation. Yesterday was the first day of spring and I resolved to really behave my self this spring, really hit the exercise and healthy eating thing hard for three months so that I'll start summer on a healthier note, and hopefully with better habits again in place. Join me! You are sure to knock off at least a couple pounds and for sure feel better about yourself, all ya need to do is commit yourself! this goes for all of you ;-)

I've stuck with it (eating less moving more) for two days now, walked this morning and plan to make it through the big 3 day test! Sticking with it for 3 full days is always a big step for me! But I can, will and must do it!

Audri - I'm sending happy birthday thoughts your way! And happy job hunting thoughts, and happy life in general thoughts!

Happy Spring everyone!

03-22-2001, 05:59 AM
:) Happy Birthday, Audri!!! :wave:

Wishing you a beautiful, sunshiny day!!! If it were possible, I know we'd all love to drop in with balloons and a big cake... and then take you out for a yummy birthday lunch today... you know, they say calories/fat grams don't count on birthdays! (well, they shouldn't...) ;)

We're supposed to get up to another 16" of snow today- already started last night, so nature is 'icing your cake' here in VT! IF wishes came true, I really would be knocking on your door with those balloons!!!


03-22-2001, 10:44 AM
:wave: :wave: :wave:
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you, dear Audri! :angel:
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a perfect birthday. Do something special just for you & try to not let it include food, that is the though part when it is your b-day. ;) Maybe take a long soothing bath after your brisk walk or read a magazine for a few min. Just treat your self a little better thatn usual today. :)

we love ya!!! :love: Have a fantastic day! :^:

03-22-2001, 11:25 AM
Thank you! Thank you! You are so special!

We went to Tony Roma's last night. I split a meal w/ mom. My worst thing was the onion loaf. Well it was the best thing actually! :) We split it 5 ways. I am doing soup/salad bar thing today w/ girl friends. Gonna go book shopping later on. Gotta take Grif in for recheck. More later. I am starving. My tummy actually hurts. audri

03-22-2001, 12:26 PM
Just stopped in today to see what everyone was up to and I'm glad I did so I could say Happy Birthday to Audri. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Itsworthit, I hope you are feeling better. We still have a lot of snow in NH also but I think we got rain from this storm last night and it was supposed to change to snow today.

Mailwhale, keep up the good work. I bought some apples from WA state the other day lol!!

Dolphingirl, I'm sure that scale will start moving down again soon.

Take care everyone.

03-23-2001, 01:30 AM
Mailwhale-got your card in todays mail. Thank you! I had a busy day and it was very nice too. I ate really healthy for lunch, not too healthy for dinner. I will do better tomorrow. I didn't snack all day! I am starting walking first thing in the morning again. No puter till I walk. I got lots of nice things. Talk to ya all in the morning. Gotta get baby to bed. audri

03-24-2001, 01:11 AM
Audri, Sorry it was a day late, and not too terriblly creative...I complained to Dolphin about my inability to "stamp" cards...after several really poor attempts, well, that was what was left of my creative spirit ;-) Glad you had a good one!

I finally can report that I was good for a week...well 5 days. I can't remember the last time I exercised such discipline in regards to snacking and portion control, and ta-da! it works, those recently gained 5 pounds are gone, thank goodness. I hope I can keep it up for another quick 5 that appeared around the holidays - grrr.

Have a good weekend everyone!

03-24-2001, 07:46 AM
Hey, Congrat's on your stick-to-it-iveness and loss this week, Mailwhale... you're my inspiration!!

Sun's out this morning.. blue skies and lots more of that white stuff...I've just shoveled a foot or more of heavy wet snow from our deck and fed the birds, squirrels and who know's what all... so it's a GOOD morning!!! We're heading out for the day. TTYL!

03-24-2001, 11:12 AM
Mailwhale-I got the card on my birthday. The 22nd. You silly girl, it wasn't late! I have never tried stamping, so who knows if I could master it either! Congrats to the bye bye 5!!! I have my period finally. Can you say flood. Not going near a scale till it's done. I haven't been snacking since the weather is hot.

Itsworthit, the snow will melt soon. I saw snow for about 15 minutes on the mountain this winter. It must be nice to have 4 seasons. Our spring will be over in about a month.

Well, got my herbs, gotta plant them today. Gonna start a butterfly garden too. Got a butterfly bush, a potato bush, 2 jasmine and a honeysuckle. Should be sweet smelling! My wall should be covered in vines too.

Gotta gp to ex in laws today to visit Santa Barbara family. I should get some belated b-day gifts too. Tomorrow I go a potluck @ the park. Full weekend.


03-24-2001, 12:52 PM
HI Ladies~

UGG Post #3. I lost the first 2 very newsy posts & now I will just say stay in control & have wonderful weekend ladies. I had written each of you a message but it is too late to repeat them all. :o Sorry :(

I'll be thinking aobut you & hoping we all can reoprt control on Mon. Especially me, b/c I blew it when my daughter made cookies yesterday. (How dumb was that?) :confused:

03-25-2001, 06:59 AM
Good morning all!

Still MISSING KareFree and CookieMommster... always hoping we'll have a post from them!!! I did go into our options here ~ found that we can be notified by email if anyone has responded to this thread... and it's quick~ comes right to it!

Good hearing from you, Sandy... read about your wild snowmobile adventure in NH ~ glad you made it back down off that mountian okay! From what I hear snowmoblining's very physical ~ doubt my poor ol' back could take it. You must feel like you've had a thorough workout after a day of being out like that! Btw, I'm fine.. had a severe kidney infection/high fever that had to be hospitalized/put on antibiotics/iv's to get rid of.

Audri, your new plants sound wonderful... honeysuckle grows wild in Virginia/made hikes in the woods such a treat! Would love to see your butterfly garden.. Mailwhale's too! It IS nice to have 4 seasons, but since we've had already had 6 mo's of winter <w/no signs of ending>, and only 6 mo's left to get in the other 3 ~ as much as I love Spring, I'm afraid it'll be very short this yr, too.

Would be nice to find a climate where the seasons were more evenly divided <actually, when we lived in Oregon, seemed Spring started in Feb/March... would love to hear from CM, to know if Portland is bursting out in fragrance & colors yet? ~ think I miss it most this time of year!>

Dolphingirl, thanks for pursisting and saying Hi.. it must be so frustrating losing posts! and... I know about how tempting cookies can be... yesterday we sampled one and "somehow" a doz ended up in our cart... and half a doz were gone before we got home... and that's after feeling so good about our not giving in to our favorite girl scout choc/mint cookies this year! Well, we'll just have to promise to do better... now that we've had our 'treat of the year' right?!

Hey, didn't realize we had 'stampers' among'st us... that's been one of my favorite <and must admit, most addictive> hobby's, but since going back to work, one I miss having much time for! Anything new they've come out with? My nearest stamp store now is over an hr's drive from here... the "best one" nearly two hrs away, so I don't get to keep up on it like I used to when my "favorite - and first one" was only ten min's away! I might have to have another 'fix' and dig out my stamps this afternoon!

We're heading out to another antique store we saw yesterday, looks interesting... trying to find an old little table to put in our kitchen nook that'll 'fit' in w/our little log-cabin look. Harder to find than we'd thot! Once spring gets here we'll start checking out the garage sales, if we haven't found anything.

Wow, just looked back and see I've written a book~ promise next time I won't be so long-winded! Have a great day, friends! TTYL!

03-25-2001, 11:10 AM
Good Morning~
It is cloudy here but the flowers are starting to bloom Itsworthit. The rhodys are just starting but the daffodils are out everywhere just like the crocuses. The flowering trees are in bloom too. It is getting really pretty.

I'm a stamper too but probably not to up on the really new stuff. It is truely an addictive hobby & can be really expensive if you live to close to the store. ;)

I did better yesterday & I'm really happy about that. My own lack of control is so frustrating. but Maybe I'm starting to get going again. Who knows? I do plan on doing better just in case you were getting worried about my attitude.

Well, I have copied this post after every couple of lines so I wouldn't lose it & this time it hasn't cut out on me at all. is b/c I'm prepared this time. lol

Have a great day everyone! :wave:

03-26-2001, 11:32 AM
Oh, I like that waving happy face there, that is cute, I'd sort of given up on cute stuff in my rush to post at all in the recent past, but now prehaps I can add those cuties back to my text! ...course I can't fine a smile legend hmmmm.

Anyway, well, 2 of those 5 came back over the weekend, but hey, I'll take the 3. I was not completely "bad" over the weekend, so it is probably a water issue. But gotta be "good" for my 3 month "lose the weight or bust!" thing I got going! :smile:

Anyone know of a good free clip art or coloring book page on line where I could print out some Easter things for the kids to color? I'm having a heck of a time finding nice clean images for the kids to color in.

Eat like a thin person this week! We'll get there!

03-26-2001, 12:29 PM
Good morning! So happy to have so much to read! I walked over 3 miles yesterday. Unfortunately I also make cinnamin chip oatmeal raisin cookies. They are sooooo good. We are also going to a buffet for breakfast today. Gotta fill up on fruit first, then a nibble of the yummy stuff. Actually I am craving potatoes. I think the bike will be used today so I don't feel guilty. :) I have the cutest red capri pants I got a couple weeks ago. They are a size too small. Gotta get into them. My first new goal.

I am having a hard time eating healthy because of a lack of funds. Gotta eat whats in the freezer first before buying new stuff. Actually if I don't go over board w/ portion sizes, I should still be able to loose.

Well gotta put Grif into cute grandma clothes. Ya know picture stuff. He will squirm and squirm. He prefers a onsie and thats it. :) audri

03-26-2001, 09:46 PM
I'm really late posting today. Oh well, not much to say anyway. the sun is out but the wind is blowing & it is cold. I worked out this am & then have just been working the rest of the day. I just got home from my daughter's soccer game. They won 5-0. They are sure they are destined for the Olympics. :) Now it is time to work on dinner. I hope everyone is having a good day.

03-27-2001, 06:53 AM
Good morning, everyone! Looks like a sunny morning but right now it's a bone-chilling 11 degrees out so not going out walking this morning! :cool: Mailwhale, you'll find the smiley's just on the left of this reply box <smilies are ON...>. Just noticed the vB code is ON too ~ will have to take some time later, to figure all that out!

Just leaving for work, but dropped in to read everyone's posts... good finding your new msgs, so I'll try to add one more often, too.

Hope everyone's doing well at 'eating less, moving more'. I've been doing my stretches and deep breathing out-back at work... helps with the stress if nothing else, but still longing for nice mornings to get outside walking!

Dolphingirl, so glad you're seeing spring out there in Olympia (also beautiful/favorite part of the west coast- have family & friends all over WA as well as OR/CA <missing them, sigh...>)... and do remember how gorgeous the rhody's are out there.

Well, gotta run. TTYS! Have a GOOD TUESDAY!

03-27-2001, 06:59 AM
Just a PS... strange, the ) on the end of my sentence, turned into a wink w/o the : in front of it! Go figure! Just thot I'd mention it, since it didn't really fit there, but also guess it works with the > in front!

Bye again! :wave:

03-27-2001, 10:35 AM
Morning everyone. I officially know it is spring. I wake up sneezing cause I sleep w/ the windows opened. Stupid allergies!

Well, I need to kick up my program. I applied at the mall yesterday. I have decided that any job would do me good right now, so I applied at cute shops at the mall. But will they hire me if I can't fit into their sizes? Probably not, so time to make this body move!!!! I love doing window displays. I can do that and do flowers from home. I need a real job for the health insurance but I can also have some fun too.

I am going to go fill some applications out at garden centers today. Not sure if that's such a good idea with the hot season fast approaching. I will just have to keep at this, something will find me if I am out there with my eyes open!

I gotta be good today. Cute clothes are a calling. Is't this a cute smilie? :nono: audri

03-27-2001, 10:30 PM
lol Audri, that must be the one we think of when we are about to eat something we shouldn't! :rolleyes:

Thanks Itsworthit for the smile help, you are an :angel: I guess I had forgotten how to type them yourself since the WB boards had them to click on....

Well, this week, it is gonna be more work...last week, I didn't feel like eating so it was easy to get started, Yesterday and today...struggle, struggle. But I agree, cute clothes are calling - and I just want to be me, ya know? the me without the extra pounds, the one I just know I would be if I could stick with this in a serious way for at least 3 months to at least feel better prepared for summer. Then keep it up for the summer and maybe hit that ellusive goal!!!!!

Oh, found some nice pictures for the kids to color at the Crayola website. Happy Spring all!

03-28-2001, 07:45 AM
Good morning! It's actually feeling warmer this morning at 30 degrees, so maybe we'll get some melt-off today.

I'm bummed... my boss (who's also a great friend) has been losing weight (35 lbs so far... says she's lost 5 inches from her thighs, etc, etc). We've always been about the same size (even gained weight about the same last yr). Anyway, yesterday she brings in a shopping bag full of her too-big business suits, etc... found it sitting in my office. Said they were too good to throw out (which is true) but now what do I do?? I hate that I'm still not losing like she is but I really resent getting those- am I being overly sensitive? We've talked alot about how difficult it is to be overweight, but now she's going to a weight-loss dr who has her on a 'Atkins-type' high protein/low carb diet, which my dr has said is unsafe for me. She's been touting how great it is... but also really-really craves carb's and I know that wouldn't work for me.... I'd eventually eat every carb in the house and go for more! I'm convinced I have to sweat off my fat, so walking is about the best thing for me to get back to. Any ideas how I should handle this.. I really would be depressed wearing her 'fat-labeled' clothes, even as nice as they are.

Well, thanks for letting me grumble. Guess I'm just more frustrated w/myself ~ maybe this will be the 'wake-up call' I've been needing.

Have a good day... TTYL!

03-28-2001, 11:26 AM
Itsworthit...take the clothes. Even if you don't want them. She'll need them again. Once she gives into her carb craving she'll have to ask for the clothes, or if you notice she's gaining, give the bag back and say these are too big, you look like you need them again. :)

Seriously, if you can use them, take them. Maybe it's the extra nudge you need. Besides, it would help the pocket book wouldn't they? You don't need to wear them forever. Just a few monthes while you get down to your real size!

I have a job interview at a garden center. I think it will pay too little but I am going anyways, if just for the practice! More when I get back! ~audri~

03-28-2001, 02:17 PM
Hi Ladies,
The puter is booting me all the time so this will be short.
Itworthit...I say take the clothes & swallow your pride. Use them as motivation & enjoy something new while you move on down the scale. You don't have to wear them forever you know.

Flower...good luck at the interview even if you just use it for practice. You will be awesome. Be confident & show them how great you really are.

Mailwhale...are you hanging in there? Keep your eye on the goal. You can do it.

I have a renewed energy to do well today. I hope tomorrow I can say I did well & then keep it up. I am really getting tired of having to admit that I have messed up & that I am starting agin anew. But here I go again.

Have a healthy day everyone.

03-29-2001, 11:50 AM
Go to the other #8 thread. This one is tooo long. Am I dork or what. You can't edit the titles. I guess I could have deleted, but that is lots of work!