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03-16-2001, 04:47 PM
Hello Everyone,

Here is where we set and post our short term goals. This thread's end will be Easter. I can't believe Easter is only 4 weeks away, this year is just :angel:.

Since I didn't do to well on the St. Pat's goal, I think I'll plan on the same goals here:

1) lose 3 lbs. (since I'm averaging 1/2 lb a week this may be a bit ambitious but we'll see)

2) Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies. This doesn't seem to be a problem in the summer when there's fresh stuff out and I like eating salads and raw fruits and veggies but in the winter I turn into a carbo-junkie. :o

Here's hoping we all can meet our goals this month wether they're weight related or not. :D

- Tech :spin:

03-16-2001, 05:12 PM
Hi Tech! Thanks for starting our new thread. Best of luck to you with your Easter goals!:)

4 Weeks. Hmm. Ok, here goes: my goal is to lost 4 pounds by Easter. My plan to do this:

1. Continue exercise plan (usually 6-7 days per week).
2. Count all points!
3. Do not bring things into the home that I know I can't handle.
4. Increase fruit intake.
5. HEALTHY low point snacks.
6. Keep my goal in mind. Picture myself at my goal continually.
7. Set up weekly challenges for myself on things I need to work on.
8. Attend WW meetings and 3FC for accountability.

OK, so my challenge for this week is to increase my fiber intake. I'd like to shoot for 20 grams/day. It is hard to get all of that fiber in, but oh so good for you to do.

Starting - 170
Easter goal - 166

Hopping on - Rabbit

03-16-2001, 05:49 PM
:wave:thought i'd jump on the bandwagon for the Easter Goal.

I live in London, am 30 and this is the 3rd time of joining WW. The program is slightly different here, we do not have a point range! I have 22 points per day and that is it. (Rabbbit - i was too lazy to start another post, so edited this one) :s:
By the way, what date do you post results, I weigh in on a Tuesday lunchtime at the moment

My goals:
1. To lose 4lbs
2. To exercise everyday (know that ain't gonna happen) :s:
3. To learn to love water :nono:
4. Not resort to full fat chocolate when I have a sweet craving
5. To remember that I am not Cookie Monster

Starting - 191.5lbs
Easter - 187.5lbs :D

03-17-2001, 01:28 PM

Day ones progress: I did great with the fiber, got it all in. I didn't do so well on the not having bad things in the house as I made my ss some brownies. I ate 3 :nono: and that put me over on points. They really weren't even all that great, I like them fudgy and they were kind of cakey. So I've put them up where I don't see them. Hopefully out of sight will be out of mind. And I must remember - THEY WERE NOT WORTH THE POINTS!!

My plan is kind of energizing me. I just need to reread it all the time so it stays with me!:dizzy:

BFB - Welcome and good luck with your goals!! So cool that you're in London. We just all post our results whenever our particular weigh in is. What do you do if you don't have points? One thing that helps me with water is, I ALWAYS drink water with meals.:)

Have a great weekend.


03-18-2001, 11:32 AM
Hi all :D

Rabbit, Tech and BFB - Great goals...here's to complete success for all of us!! Spring should be a great time for us all to get back into fruit and veggies...I Loooove fruit in the spring/early summer.

I'm back and ready for another short term goal(s).
(1) In four weeks, I would like to have lost 4 lbs. (The MAGIC number it appears.)
(2) I would also like to take measurements today and again on Easter and see progress in that regard.
(3) I would like to be consistently exercising at least 5 times per week, starting tomorrow.

I have gotten so out of control in every aspect of my life in the last two to three weeks that I could really make about 15 goals relating to how I need to regain that control, but I want to be realistic. As I had hoped, DH and I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning and organizing our house and doing yardwork. Everything looks great and I feel great about it. Today, or at least this morning, is devoted to doing the same at work. By tomorrow, when I make my first early A.M. visit to the gym in two weeks, I should be substantially back to "normal"-- whatever that is. ;)

My reward for all this hard work is an afternoon of watching NCAA basketball...my obsession! Go Jayhawks! :D

Onward and downward...
Jhawk :cool:

03-19-2001, 03:32 PM
Happy monday everyone!
Saturday I weighed in and I'm down another lb. Unfortunatly I overdid it over the weekend. So here's monday and I'm starting fresh. For my Easter goal I'm going to try to stay within my points range even on the weekends. Journal everyday and hopefully lose 5 lbs.
Good luck to everyone and have a great day!

03-19-2001, 07:15 PM
HI all. Boy, things are not as easy as I sometimes think they are going to be! I always have such high hopes!! Yesterday, I took ds back to school and then came a different way home and went and spent the night at my mom's to bring her birthday present. Anyway, I also brought her a pie and we sure overdid it on the pie and ice cream. Not usually a real big temptation for me but I was eating everything yesterday. Today I am back to myself. Thank the Lord. Or I guess I should also thank myself for getting right back on that horse.

jhawk - Great goals! Did you take your measurements yet? What type of exercise are you planning to do? And, GO ILLINI!!

Freesha - Good luck on your goals and on that everlasting goal of staying OP (even on weekends!!).:)

On my plan that I set, I'm doing fine with the exercise. I went to the rec. ctr. Saturday and Sunday. And Sunday I did my normal Monday routine with weights and all since I would be missing Monday's workout because I would be at my mom's. Was that a run-on sentence or what? I've counted all my points - they have been bad. I'm doing ok on fruit - have been grabbing a banana for a snack to tide me over until dinner. I'm counting the fiber and doing ok there. Not doing so well on not having things around that I can't handle - during the last few days I've had problems with brownies, cookies, pie and ice cream. One good thing, I was supposed to make cookies for my niece's birthday party this weekend, but now I don't have to and that will be good for me.

However, that leads to a challenge I have too. For one thing, I will have to miss WW on Thursday night because I'm leaving town then. So I cannot let the fact that I'm not weighing in turn into a license to eat. Also I will be out of town until Sunday so I know I really am going to have to watch my eating habits at my sister's and really THINK beforehand how to handle myself.

OK, enough about me today! Thanks for letting me vent!:D

See ya lighter - Rabbit

03-20-2001, 11:43 AM
happy bunny today!!!! went out to dinner on saturday with mum and had a second dinner, but no pudding (major achievement). Drank water every day except for saturday, but have not done any exercise (told you i would struggle on that one!)

Weighed in today and down 2lbs :D:D:D

can u tell i'm happy

starting - 191.5lbs
current - 189.5lbs
Easter - 187.5lbs

good luck everyone :spin:

Freesa - well done, sorry should have put that in the post the first time. :eek:

03-20-2001, 12:05 PM
Rabbit, I think our teams are meeting on Friday!!! :eek: Ooooh, won't that be exciting/scary/fun!! :s: I can totally relate to the difficulties/challenges that you are facing. For me, if its not stress (but it usually is), its a celebration of some kind and I just can't handle myself around food when my emotions are on overload. Yesterday, I overdid it on some fabulous raspberry coffee cake at work...and then later a few cocktails to celebrate DH's promotion! See? Its always something.

BFB - GREAT LOSS! Congrats! You are doing really well and even if you aren't doing everything, you're doing a lot of important things and best of all, its working. Our stats are very similar by the way, I'm just not brave enough to post them!

Freesha - Congrats on the lb. Good for you for starting over Monday. I am forever starting over, but I keep telling myself that is better than NOT starting over...

I made it to the gym yesterday, for the first time in two weeks, and did my cardio/weight circuit. It felt good. I went over pts. but journaled anyway and drank all my water. No gym today...I'm forcing myself to work late tonight and I couldn't get up at 5:30 when I knew I'd be here so late...but I am definitely going tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday, all!

Jhawk :cool:

03-20-2001, 12:45 PM

since finding this site about a month ago, I noticed that load of people post their results. I guess coz it's cyber space it's easier to type than to say it out loud to people.

I hesitated at first about posting my weight, but I though "what the hey", we're all here for the same reason and if it helps seeing someone else's weight, then it can't be a bad thing. Just glad you can't see me in person :D

03-20-2001, 04:30 PM
Happy First Day of Spring :D (I think we're all in the northern hemisphere)

Well, I to am starting over. I've been feeling pretty stressed and my favorite way to deal with stress is to eat :o. So anyway, yesterday went well I stayed in points and drank my water and got 4 servings of veggies/fruit in. Today hasn't been too bad, I think I'll stay in points and get the water in, but I'm pretty sure I won't get in my veggies/fruit. Let's see how long I can keep it up.

Tonight is supposed to be WI but I've got a thing at the local museum so I can't go. We're planning on going tomorrow because that meeting was canceled.

BFB - Welcome. Your goals sound great. CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 lbs, that is great. I don't think I could deal with not having a range, do you still get to bank points? Good luck.

JHawk - Ah I finally understand the name.... Good luck getting back in control. If you figure out how, let me know. ;)

Rabbit - Good luck being out of town this weekend. I'm sure you can handle it. Congrats on not sliding too far after the brownies. :D

Freesha - Congrats on the Pound :D. Good luck starting over, I'm with you there.

Well gotta go.
Have a great week everyone.
-Tech :spin:

03-20-2001, 06:33 PM
Hi all. I'm still struggling this week and hoping for sunnier skies. Speaking of which, HAPPY SPRING!!

About posting stats, it was SO hard for me to do the first time, but it does get easier. Now I don't think about it really and I'd NEVER tell anyone in person (just one of my sisters knows). It's so much easier in cyberspace as someone mentioned. I guess I just don't fear being judged here.:)

BFB - Hooray for skipping the pudding and yeah for your loss!!

jhawk - I always wondered about your name too. I didn't know about the game Friday - my ds goes to school there. I liked your comment about starting over.:D

Tech - Sounds like you are doing great with your starting over. Even though I keep screwing up, I know I'm doing so much better than I used to, I have changed some habits for good and so I always get right back to eating right. That's some kind of accomplishment, even though I can't seem to get to my goal. Hmm, that sounded negative. One thing I think is that we really have to believe we can accomplish our goals.

Have a great one. Rabbit

03-20-2001, 06:51 PM
Thinking about posting our stats again - maybe it would help me to face this all the time. So here goes . . .


03-21-2001, 03:46 AM
not sure if this is a US thing, but can someone explain the stats for me. I know the first number is the starting and the two last numbers are your personal goal and the WW goal - is that correct. Is the second number your 10% goal? If so, I need to post my official starting weight and all the rest :?:

03-21-2001, 01:17 PM
BFB - On my stats I did: Starting weight/Present weight/Easter goal/WW goal. I also have a somewhat lower personal goal but I thought that was long enough!! I used my beginning weight from when I started this journey and not my Easter goal beginning weight. Sorry if I am confusing!!

Today I am doing fine (so far). I found I was really hungry at breakfast so I had a bagel with my oatmeal (usually I have just oatmeal - right now anyway, I go through phases). I think I was so hungry because I've been eating more. I'm glad that I made a good choice of what else to eat.

I've totally messed up on not having bad things around! I need to print off my plan so I remember it (and I should take it to the grocery store with me to pull out!!).

Hope you all are hopping right along to that Easter goal!!

Almost forgot: 230/170/166(Easter)/158(ww)

03-21-2001, 06:49 PM
Hi. Forgot to talk about the fact that I'm leaving tomorrow. I will miss weigh in - I think I mentioned that. But I wanted to go over my challenge for last week and set this week's.

I did great on getting my fiber in this week and plan to continue counting that. My challenge for this next week is something I REALLY REALLY need to work on because it's what has been killing me this week. My challenge for this next week is not to bring anything "bad" into the house. If it is not here, it will not be around to tempt me and I won't have to rely on willpower to get me through (willpower is NOT working).

Have a great successful weekend all - see you Sunday or Monday.


BFB - Just read your edited post about your 22 points/day. Here you would have 22-27 points. I wonder why there is a difference? Do you get extra points for exercise?

03-22-2001, 12:24 PM
Happy Friday Eve Everyone :D

Well I went to WI last night and I'm down another 0.4 lbs. It's not much, but it's the 3rd week in a row, maybe I've finally kicked the one week down, the next up, next down.... syndrome.

I think for this week I'm going to join Rabbit in not bringing stuff I can't control into the house. My main problem is chips. At least I don't sit down and eat a whole bag like I did in college, but sometimes it's close :o.

Rabbit - Hope you have (or had) a great weekend. I need to get away sooooooo bad. Maybe in a month or so for a weekend.

BFB - My stats are similar to Rabbit's, original starting weight/current weight/Easter Goal/My goal. I think the WW goal is to low for my shape (it's lower than when I graduated from High School, and if I look at pictures I was skinny then). I figure when I get closer or at least under 200 I'll talk it over with my doctor.

Have a great week end everyone. It's supposed to snow here :(.

- Tech :spin:
249.2 / 238.6 / 236 / 170ish (2.6 to go in 3 weeks :rolleyes: )

03-24-2001, 04:44 PM
Hope y'all doing well.

Rabbit - in response to your question: I get 22 points and you can earn as many bonus points as you want - but they advise you to only eat 12 of them per week.

I do the points allocation (for women only) table for the UK program here:

under 140lbs - 18 points
140 - 168lbs - 20 points
168 - 196lbs - 22 points
196 - 224lbs - 24 points
224 - 252lbs - 26 points
252 - 280lbs - 28 points
over 280lbs - 30 points

for men and young people, you just add on another 6 points to the female point allocation.

Hope this makes sense to you. Anyway have a great weekend everyone :D

202.5/189.5/187.5/? :s:

03-26-2001, 11:44 AM
Hello all...

Well, Rabbit, your Illini whipped my Jayhawks on Friday night. Darn it. It was so hard to watch, but there is always next year and our sophs our outstanding so the future is definitely bright.

I missed another weigh in. I have been dealing with a family emergency that I won't burden you with, but between that and an incredibly hectic work environment, things are not going so well for me. :?: I think that for now surviving has to be my goal, so I'm probably going to be pretty scarce for a while.

Good luck to all of you.


03-26-2001, 03:22 PM
Happy monday everyone!
I weighed in Sat. and was down .3 . Last week I think I went a little to high on my points. But I did manage to stay within my points range this weekend. Hopefully this week I can keep them lower.

Rabbit - hope you had a good trip!

TechAlum - congrats on your .4 loss. Any loss is a good loss! I agree with you and Rabbit about keeping the "bad" stuff out of the house. I'm doing that this week too.

BFB - Hope you had a good weekend!
I like the bear you put on your post. It is too cute!

JHawk - sorry to hear about your family stuff and hectic work schedual. I hope things get better for you soon.

Have a great day everyone! And an even better week!


03-26-2001, 07:19 PM
HI all. I'm back. Had a great weekend - except for foodwise. I swear, I have been eating crazy since my mom's birthday. And I know my weigh in this week will show it. But I've got to go or else I won't get back on track. Today, so far, so good.

Tech - congrats on your loss!:D I'm finding what you're losing.:( My weekend was great, first it was work, then off to my sister's for my niece's birthday party. Fun was had by all.

BFB - Interesting about the pts. Here's ours:
under 150 18-23 pts
150-174 20-25 pts
175-199 22-27 pts
200-224 24-29 pts
225-249 26-31 pts
250-274 28-33 pts
275-299 29-34 pts
300-324 30-35 pts
325-349 31-36 pts

I don't know that there is any difference for men. And I don't know if we have a suggested limit on points earned for exercise - as far as I know. we don't. I wonder if things are worth the same pt value. You'd think this would be the same all over.

jhawk - I was glad to see the Illini win on Friday but bummed when they lost yesterday.:( Sorry to hear you are having a rough patch, sure hope things are looking up soon. Check in when you can!

Freesha - congrats on your loss! Hopefully this will inspire me to do better.

Tomorrow I will be grocery shopping and must remember my challenge!


03-27-2001, 10:59 AM
Not good ladies, the greedy fairy took a hold of me two days ago and it held me to ransom. It forced crisps and cadbury's mini eggs down my throat, I tried to fight back, but I was too weak!

So I have gained back the 2lbs that I lost last week - you could say I found 2lbs :lol:

Hope everyone does much better than me and to say one thing in my favour, I am gonna pick myself up and get back on track. I admit that I did my water, but did not exercise once.

Rabbit - maybe I need to move to the US - you get more points and more food. I would have also assumed that the system would be exactly the same worldwide. Wonder why it isnt.

JHawk - hope the emergency and hassle works out ok for you. Keep your chin up.

Tech - at the start of the thread, you said you didn't meet the St Pat's goal, let me go on record now to say I may not meet the Easter one!

One last thing - any tips on how I can defeat the greedy fairy next time.

The shameful stats -
202.5/189.5/189.5:cry:/? 4lbs to go to Easter :

03-27-2001, 11:14 AM
Hello again gang :)

Thanks so much for all your kind words. To further illustrate the wackiness of my life right now, I decided yesterday that although there was a lot going on in my life that I couldn't control, my weight did not have to be one of them. So...I went and officially rejoined WW. Which, I realize, is a 180 degree change from my saying that I was going to just focus on surviving...but its my perogative to change my mind, right? :D I am hoping that when everything is spiraling out of control, I can use my control and focus on WW eating/weight loss to anchor me...here's hoping anyway. :dizzy:

It sounds like others are having a hard time, too. BFB, don't sweat the 2 lbs...you still sound mightily motivated to get back on track and that it what is important.

Rabbit, glad you had a good weekend. I can relate to the food difficulties, but as long as you recognize them as that, you're headed in the right direction. Hang in there...

Tech and Freesha...congrats on the losses! You are both an inspiration. I hope to report a loss right along with you next week.

Jhawk :cool:
(Who is back on track and finally brave enough to post her stats...)
Easter Goal (revised): 186

03-27-2001, 02:46 PM

although i should be in hiding for the rest of the week, just wanted to post to say congratulations on rejoining WW and for posting your stats :D

Good luck :spin:

03-27-2001, 05:35 PM
Hi all. I stayed within points yesterday and it was so, so hard! (because I've been eating so ridiculously). Thank goodness I don't have anything bad in the house - I actually searched for chocolate last night. Lordy, lordy. This is tough!

BFB - Sorry about the greedy fairy and about the 2 pounds. I am right there with you now and we just gotta turn this thing around. And hey, why should you be in hiding?

jhawk - well, good thinking on your part! No sense in losing control of your eating habits. And it could be a great anchor for you in a stressful time. Hooray for being brave about the stats too.


03-28-2001, 03:48 PM
Yea the week is half over :D (I know I'm wishing my life away.)

Went to WI last night and I lost 2 lbs. That's four losses in a row. :D YEA! YEA!

My goal for this week is to try to do as well as last week (excluding Saturday, but that's another story). Unfortunately I had a 7 am meeting this morning, so when lunch rolled around I didn't want my Smart One's lunch I'd planned, I stopped at McD's. :o Oh well, tomorrows another day.

Rabbit - Congrats on your first day back OP. You can do it, we know you can!!!

Jhawk - Glad you joined WW even when you didn't think you had it in you. Just remember that you don't have to be perfect. Trying to do that when I first started back in Sept. almost led to a meltdown on my part. I had to realize that with all that's going on in my life right now, dieting needs to be something easy and non-stressful. And even though I'm only averaging a half pound a week, at least I'm not gaining ;).

Julie - Congrats on your .3 lb loss. Like you told me take it any way you can get it.

BFB - Sorry to hear about the greedy faeries. I'm not sure how to get rid of them, but I've noticed I get the munchies when I'm stressed, bored, tired or skip a meal and am over hungry. What I try to do (but it doesn't always work) is identify the root cause and try to fix that problem w/o eating. If I'm tired - take a nap, if I'm bored - hide in the basement and quilt or read a good book, I haven't totally figured out what to do about stress or skipping meals yet, except to try to avoid that. Good luck getting back on track :D.

Have a great rest of the week everyone, even if I'm not posting I read yours and think about you.

- Tech :spin:
249.2 / 236.6 / 236 / 170ish (0.6 to go in 2 weeks :) )

03-28-2001, 07:13 PM
HI all. Yesterday I was 2 pts over. Today I hope to be op, so far - so good. Tomorrow night is face the music night. It will be a relief to have it over with. I know there's only 2 weeks left and I've went in the wrong direction, but I must deal with the choices I made.

Tech - hooray for the 2 pound loss and for losing 4 weeks in a row!!! That is such an accomplishment! .6 to go is so awesome - I am jealous.

Today I went to the grocery store and I did great on my plan not to buy anything "bad". Hooray. That will be a challenge for me next week also.

I'll post my results probably on Friday.


03-28-2001, 07:21 PM
Hello...still hanging in there...

BFB...don't sweat the greedy fairy. And don't go into hiding. :D We'd miss ya!

Rabbit - Yay on the grocery shopping. That is really hard...especially if you go shopping while hungry. Kills me everytime. I have to stop by the market on my way home tonight and my tummy is already growling...I will use you as my inspiration to do well. Good job on the points, too. Good luck facing the music tomorrow...you will feel better when it is over, regardless of the results.

Tech! Four losses in a row! Awesome. You are doing so well. Good for you. I want to be just like you...here's hoping. :^:

I'm really happy with my decision to rejoin. So far, so good. I've eaten welled, stayed OP, and drank my water. For two and two thirds days...and even while eating lunch out with a friend. Yay! The only thing I haven't done is exercise and I wish I could make myself do it, but the only possible time is early A.M. and I'm still so exhausted right now I can't drag it (my butt) out of bed that early. Maybe next week I'll tackle that too.

Take care...

Jhawk :cool:

03-29-2001, 07:23 AM
Ladies, thought I'd be brave and come out of hiding. As the song goes, "Let's face the music and dance" - does that count as my exerice? :lol:

Tech - way to go - I'm jealous, but in a nice way. Keep it up - does that mean you'll have already met the next goal before it's even started? Thanks for the advice - at the time I couldn't work out why I wanted to chow down, but now I realize it is stress and I was just trying to ignore that it was stress.

Rabbit - stick with it and eat before you go shopping - I learned that lesson the hard way! If you can make a list and stick to it, come **** or high water.

Freesha - a loss is a loss, listen to someone who is currently going in the wrong direction :D

Jhawk - hang on in there and I know what you mean about the exercise. I have been slacking lately, but the gain this week strangely seems to have refocused me!

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck for any weigh ins due (sorry thought it was Friday :eek: )

Well ladies - just to let you know that unlike the past - I have not let this gain get me down and send me straight to the biscuit barrel.

Ain't it strange how the greedy fairy can hold me hostage, but the exercise fairy can't :s:

03-29-2001, 02:44 PM
Hi all!:wave:

Yesterday I had points left!! Woohoo!! It's been awhile since I've been there. Tonight I face the scale.

Jhawk - Yeah for doing so good this week!!:D

Tech - I meant to say, that was great advice you gave the other day and I'm trying to use it!!

See ya! Rabbit:spin:

03-30-2001, 04:52 PM
Just dropped in real quick to wish everyone a great weekend. :D :D :D

I've been making poor choices all week, I just can't seem to stop myself. I think it's because I haven't been sleeping well and I've been really tired. :o Here's keeping my fingers crossed that this weekend's better, but we've got a b-day party on Sat. for K's niece and nephew, so.....

- Tech :spin:

03-30-2001, 05:21 PM
Since this is on page 2, I'm going to start us a new thread. See ya there!:wave: