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09-01-2003, 12:07 PM
Good Morning Chickadees!

Leenie - I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy the break from the hussle & bussle!

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary. Nothing really special planned - I bought ribeye steaks yesterday to fix for supper tonight bec that is one of our favorite things. Our teenagers have their friends all over the place today and so we really didn't make any plans.

I'm gonna take it as easy as I can today. I just got done doing a 2 mile walking video and have clothes to do (as always) and will just see what the rest of the day brings. I am hoping it will be quiet.

Did anybody see the "Garfield" cartoon today? it is sooooooo me! LOL He says he "wants to be left alone"......."unless you are a chocolate chip cookie" LOL LOL LOL

hope everybody has a great day!


09-01-2003, 12:55 PM
I'm not feeling that great today. I blew it hard core yesterday and now I'll have what I call a food hangover. It felt so good to be so bad yesterday, but now I feel fat and slovenly. I feel lazy. Not in a good way, either. I need to listen to the advice I give others. At least I don't have to work today. I ate some waffles for 4 pts today and they tasted good but didn't fill me up at all. Now I only have 16 pts left all day. (sigh). Whatever. Maybe I'll go back to bed and try to wake up less crabby.

09-01-2003, 01:02 PM
Good morning!

Congrats Cathy on your anniversary........not to be taken lightly....that is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Sounds llike your home is a busy happy place. Is your son still at Wal-Mart....we have a newish Wal-Mart here and I never make it past the very front of the is so big....they even sell groceries there. I get exactly what I am looking for and get out.

With school starting tomorrow of course I have been busy getting supplies, new clothing and shoes. Everyone is all set....DD11 starts grade 7 in a new school. She has 23 children in her class. She is having all her friends over today for pizza and a final gab. I have a lot of nervous energy about her starting jr high. Today I am going to clean my house from top to bottom. That always helps burn it off!

DD5 is repeating Kindergarten and she doesn't start until Thursday. So that should be a low stress year.

Anyhow summer is over and today is the beginning of a new month. My goals for the fall are to do some work around the house and get fit.....

I will try to be in touch more......I have been popping in and reading some of the posts but I have just not been on the pc is nice to see some new and old faces....hope to get to know everyone more this fall....

Have a great day everyone!


09-01-2003, 01:21 PM
Good is a beautiful day here.....but is only +10C.....but it will warm up.

DH left on a 5 day fishing trip with 4 friends he used to work with....they all took early rerirement. Charlie....the dog has been really sad since he left....right now he is on the deck....looking sad.....he doesn't do very well when DH is gone.....I will try to get him inside later.

The last few days were not good food wise....but am starting anew today.

Have a great day everyone.


Happy 24th wedding anniversary Cathy....have a great day.

Liz.....1 of my sons repeated kindergarten.....he was born late in the year.....he has done fine since.

09-01-2003, 02:41 PM
Hello Ladies.Happy Labor Day.I have been doing pretty good the past couple of days with my eating; I think I need to cut out some of the pasta though.I put a pair of shorts on today that use to be real tight on me now they are falling off.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the day.


09-01-2003, 08:49 PM
Hi Gals,
I am tired after Labor Day weekend but it was a good one. My grandaughters spent the night two nights.I took them swimming today. Seems like I hardly sat down all weekend but I am thankful I can move like I do!

Happy Anniversary Cathy..hope the steaks were good!

Back to work Tuesday.......................

See you all later!

;) Cin

09-01-2003, 09:54 PM
Boo !!

Happy LD to you guys too.

Happy Anniversary Cathy !! :D

Hugs everyone ;)

leenie (staying op but tooooooooooo many calories oy) lol.