Weight Loss Support - End of Daylight Savings Challenge 8/31-10/26

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09-01-2003, 11:31 AM
I posted this on the WW board on Sunday, but I really like it better here on good ol' 3FC!! Since October 26 is the end of daylight savings time in the U.S., I'm doing a weight challenge to prepare my light-loving body for the TASTEFUL TEMPTATIONS :devil: :cookie: :chockiss: that sneak up on it in the dark and frigid nights (although where I live it is never frigid, nor is their daylight savings, but that's the concept anyway)!!! :encore: :)

At the end of this challenge, I'm gonna be such and slim and splendorifouristic Halloween Hag that I won't be TASTEFULLY TEMPTED by any EVIL HALLOWEEN :chockiss: !!!!

This is not meant to compete with any other challenge or thread; it's just a goal I set for myself and if anyone else is shivering and fearful of the horrid dark days o' wintery weather WITHOUT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, hop aboard and post a starting weight and goal! Report in when ya wanna!! :s:

Over and out! I'll post my goal below!

:s: :s: :s: :s: :comp:

09-01-2003, 11:34 AM
Ok, dokey, Hag, I'll take yur challenge 'cause I'm worried about that overeating thing after Daylight Savings Endtime, too, and I wanna be thin for it!!!

Starting Weight, 8-31: 158.5

Ending Weight, 10-26: 145.0

By my reckoning, that's 13.5 pounds! I can do this!

You bet!

Yowza! :encore:

09-01-2003, 03:01 PM
Day 2 on the March to the End of Daylight Savings, Midday Report: Amarantha be on track and she'll be back. Earned 4 activity points in gym (20 minutes weights, intense; 20 minutes light cardio). Having fun w/plan! Working! Avanti!

09-01-2003, 03:13 PM
Hello -- This has my name written all over it, I LOVE IT WHEN THE TIME CHANGES!!

Was I shouting?? sorry!


It's dreary and humid and rainy outside. I did a little weeding this am but have to admit except for climbing the stairs doing laundry... I'm just a big slug today.

And am looking forward to a nap now too.

Geez-- you'd think I'd be reading a good book or something!

I plan on stopping by later...

09-01-2003, 04:13 PM
:wave: :dancer: Yowza, :queen: Kaylets, thanks for posting! You can shout any time you wanna so long's you're here!!! :cb: See ya later!

09-01-2003, 09:02 PM
Hi Kaylets and Amarantha---I'm in!

I'm going to go way out here and declare my intentions to be at my goal weight by Halloween or Daylight savings, one or the other. Scary to say...but I'm going for it!:yikes: :crossed:

Have noticed alittle self-sabotage going on with myself. :o I walked 5 miles on the treadmill today and I'm proud of that but I wanted to get in more exercise since I had the time. And scariest of all is playing fast and loose with counting calories----not good. This is what happens; I start feeling smug when I lose a few pounds and then I gain it back. Not this time! Constant vigilance!:sumo: :sumo: :sumo:

09-01-2003, 10:09 PM
SIX LOADS of laundry....geez! And that's no towels or bedding!

I don't know if the frozen product is chain wide...it is certainly throughout Essex County....and a lot of people don't like them that way....so....yours may be OK Wildfire....still. I look at it this way...it is one less temptation for me 'cause I used to love those donuts! Now it's no biggie!

Eydie! I'm with you...not with the arrival of goal, but the staying focussed and to be on constant vigilance! I know just what you mean. Complacency is a :devil: . It just waits to :s: up on you!
:cheers: to its demise!

Anyway, I had a huge (for me) dinner and lots of water, so I'm ready to call it a night...just in case the chocolate cake in the fridge starts calling me. I won't hear it if I'm upstairs asleep....right? On to Day 9!


09-01-2003, 10:29 PM
Yowza!!! Yowza!!!! Yowza!!! :cb: Ceara and Eydie are in the TIME CHANGE ZONE!!! :cb: Welcome, guys!

For me IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!!! I think this signals a change in the way I've been fiddling around and lying to myself that this weight loss is gonna happen all by itself. I think the END OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS is out there somewhere, at the very twilight place where the Land o' the Last Challenge ends and we set sail for new horizons ... ok, I've been doing too much research for my romance novel writing!!!

Anyway, the Flexpoints was the trigger for me. I've been able to cut calories and still feel comfortable because I've got that Flexpoint cushion ... a rabbit I can pull out of a hat for a last minute save. There's something psychological, for me, about being either ON PROGRAM or OFF! I was getting frustrated by always "cheating" on my program, even though all I was doing was eating more some days than others, which is exactly what this program is about. Whatever, it's been the turning point for me.

Eydie: I like your double goal concept ... if you don't get there by End of Daylight Savings Sunday, there's a second chance at Halloween, which is five days later!!! YOU WILL DO IT! YOU WILL BE ABLE TO "HOCUS, POCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!! :wizard: This is the TIME TO CHANGE ZONE!!! You're gonna do it!!!

Ceara: Dunno about you, but THE CAKE IN THE FRIDGE SIREN can call to me through the deepest slumber!!! My advice (not that you asked) is to place the evil creature in the sink and drown it in hot water! :jig: :cb: :encore:

Going to go read. Have two activity points left for day and will eat them later.

On to Day 3 for me on this challenge!

09-02-2003, 12:10 AM
I wanna be in the TIME TO CHANGE ZONE! Can I? Can I? Please!

Hello ladies!

Goals for this challenge? HMMM. . .I have so many things I want to do. The walk to the healthy side of life really shows me all the bad things I have been doing to myself. Ignorance is bliss :shrug:

I am going to think on this and get back to you guys!

Gotta run! :wave:


09-02-2003, 04:03 AM
'Bo-Beena, Bo-Beena' ... ta, ra, ta ... I wish I could remember the words to that song because everytime I see your screen name, I wanna sing it and it makes me feel cheerful! :cb: :dancer: :cb: :dancer:

Glad you're in the TIME TO CHANGE ZONE! Can't wait to see your goals ...

Later, gators, I should go back to bed, methinks!!!!!!!!

09-02-2003, 08:54 AM

Apparently we are to get some sun later today which will be nice...after 2 days solid rain...which we need but I'm sure the farmers are NOT pleased. (what a sentence!)

I'm finishing up the white load and then maybe I'll throw in some towels....gotta a pile of stuff to do.

My friend has done a mini page on our puppy...if you'd like to see her and me....my hair isn't wild and curly and I set my sword down...here is the link...http://www.cambouvier.com/landry.htm These pictures were shot on Saturday at the dog show.

Goals for this challenge...I hate to set a number because I never know just how the bod will let go of things...so I will do NSC....at least 1 litre of H2O/day, lots of veggies, smaller portions, no sweets or junk and hopefully some EXERCISE! That is basicly what I've been doing for the last 8 days.

Was on Body Blues web site....saw some things that made me think....especially a graph showing calorie counters and journallers(at least 5 days/ week), sometime counters (1-2 days/week), and non-counters/journallers....interesting...it seems the most successful losers were the at least 5 days/week scribes. HMMM I may have to rethink my adversion to counting.

I didn't throw out the cake...or eat it either. I have a skinny husband, a normal daughter...who loves choc cake and a 16 year old son with a hollow leg so it'll be history soon enough. In fact son came down this am and said I think I'll have chocolate cake for breakfast....just to get a rise outta me. He didn't on either front and had pizza instead.....that hits the major food groups right? :lol:

Am off....get out the dogs and run into town for the am.



09-02-2003, 10:19 AM
Hello all!

Am using a vacation day to enjoy the house to myself.
Am still very emotional and am trying to do small chores to give myself a sense of accomplishment.

I got on the scale today also to get beyond this "can't get upset if I don't see it" denial mentality. Don't know what it read for sure last week, know the week b/4 it was a few pounds higher.
Don't know if I will wait till I match the signature line or if I should just bite the reality bullet and change it.

Ceara- thanks for sharing-- You are a cutie pie- In fact, you if you're hair was auburn you would resemble one of my sisters!
And you are stalwart one to have chocolate cake in the fridge and resist!

Thought of the day :

"Sometimes a single feather is enough to fly. "
-- Unknown

Question of the day :

"If you went to a move with a friend and it was lousy would you leave?"
--The Book of Questions

09-02-2003, 10:25 AM
EENY, MEANIE CHILE BEANIE, THE SPIRIT'S ARE ABOUT TO SPEAK!! I'm doing great on Day 3 of my march to the end o' daylight savings/time to change challenge. Nothing can stop me NOW! WOW!!!

In fact, nothing can stop ANY ONE OF US FROM SUCCESS ON THIS CHALLENGE!!!! :nono: Failure to meet our DSE/TTC (Daylight Savings End/Time to Change) goals is NOT AN OPTION!!! :rollpin: Nope, nadda, the only option is HOORAY, WE DID IT!!! Yowza! :encore:

Ceara: You look great! And those pups, the big ones and the littles, are adorable. What fun you must have with them! P.S. Pizza DOES hit all the food groups, methinks!! Hmmm. That sounds good! :)

Later, gators! I gotta work out!


zadie k
09-02-2003, 12:02 PM
Ok, Ok I am here. Actually I was out the weekend, so not in touch with the computer and I missed the grad kickoff of the new thread. Was there champane?

At any rate, I do not know where I ended up at the last challenge (although I kinda pooped out in mid summer), so I am going to pretend that my weight now is the same *** it was the last time I weighed myself:

start weight: 154
clock change goal: 143

So... we are looking at a theoretical 11 pounds.

Incidently, I get sworn in to the bar (if I passed) on the 31st of Oct., so the timing is good for me to look splendid by then.

I am thinking of signing up for community education aerobics classes. It is cheaper than a gym and not too far from work and they have classes five times a week. Unlimited durring the session for about 80 bucks, which is a lot in my world, but I think it may be worth it.

09-02-2003, 12:28 PM
Guten Morgen!

Ah, so nice to see you all again. I'm in for the time change goal-thingy! :D

I spent the weekend with my parents - watching my dad, who weighs about 350 pounds, is recovering from his 2nd hip replacement, and is now preparing to get his knees replaced, eat. And eat. And eat. It's grotesque, in a way, watching someone you love ruin, literally ruin their bodies. Since I live in abject fear of becoming my Dad in many ways (we're very, very much alike), you can imagine that his 225-pound daughter is frightened that she's ruining her body, too. I don't really have too much to say about my Time-Change goals right now. Still trying (as always, after a visit with Dad) to get around this crippling (literally) sense of inevitability.

Wowee, am I off to a GREAT start on this thread! Sorry for the self-centeredness of the post, and to be fair, all of our family inherits pretty bad osteo-arthritis, but I can't help thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if we were fit. Any thoughts on that subject?

As always, I'm glad that you guys are here. And Ceara, you're just lovely-looking! I'm still gonna picture you with a sword in your hand, though. Thanks for the pictures, love.

Tonight I'm going to Play-It-Again Sports to get some soccer gear. I have to have my own ball, shoes and shin guards to attend Saturday practices. I can't wait to have soccer stuff again!!

09-02-2003, 01:05 PM
Ooooh, fresh thread!

Amarantha, the Hag o' the Hut returneth! Thank you oodles for conjuring up a new thread - with a new October twist! Love the idea! Sign me up!

Don't new threads feel like crawling into bed with freshly washed sheets??? All snuggly and clean.... :goodvibes:

Had an ok weekend - waste of time at the Festival with PartyLite - totally wrong crowd. They were more worried about when the beer truck was going to show up.... :dz: Oh well, carrying on!

Kaylets, I'm sorry to hear about your great uncle. I was close to mine too. Every time I've been called for jury duty he'd get me out (he was a California Highway Patrol), then after he retired he would always tell me "you tell them you got a Chipper in your family and you can't serve!" :lol: Cherish and retell your memories!

Zadie, a Halloween bar swearing huh? How funny! We'll keep thinking good thoughts for you!

Cerise, I can't imagine what it's like watching someone you love harm themselves like that.... the closest I can come is watching my stepfather smoke when he's already got emphysema - but that doesn't have the same feeling of inevitability that you're speaking of. You can only control yourself - you know heredity dealt you a somewhat icky hand, but you can do a lot with those cards girl! :yes: You don't have to be your dad, repeat that to yourself!

Ceara, the pups are cuuuuuute! I love being able to put a face to the name too - I just may have to post a pic someday! :chin:

Weight loss wise I had a surprising week. Down 1.8 - I thought it'd be less since the Festival no food even remotely resembling "healthy" so I did the best I could - brought my own water, apples for snacks.... Guess I did purdy good!

My goal for this challenge - yikes.... I guess saying "make it to Onderland" would be a gimme since I'm at 204'ish now. So, I'll say anything less than 195 is my goal. :cb: :eek: :cb:

Toodles for now!


09-02-2003, 01:13 PM
Well, I have thought on this(and even wrote it in a brand new journal-not the food kind-so I can track my goals)

-weigh 7 pounds less :yes:

-continue watch my carb intake :yes:

-continue my challenge of eating out no more than 2x/wk :yes:

There, my goals are obtainable, measureable and reasonable. I can do this!!! :yes:

09-02-2003, 01:20 PM
Cerise, CHIN UP--
I bet if your Dad was so inclined to speak from his heart, he would say he wishes he had done things differently. Right now, he sees no other way....
BUT you do see another way-- and that is the most important place to arrive--
If we don't think there is anything wrong we don't look for a solution.... right???
The Play It Again store makes good sense to me....especially since it combines so many good things -- recycling, economizing, fitness, and maybe even networking???

Cerise, there was a time when 224 was a lower number than where I was ... now I look longingly at Zadie's and the Empress's goals..... We are all okay, we are all learning new habits, doing better than before WITH NO GUILT.

I know your Dad must be a real sweetie--look at you... after all, apple doesnt fall too far from the tree-- Maybe he will become inspired by your success-- Maybe not--- There are folks who tried to encourage me to quit smoking, lose weight , become more active--- Until I made up my own mind, I wasn't hearing them....

Let's have a toast to all of those who mean so much to us and hope their journey is an easy one.

I'm behind on my water today and havent taken my supplements but you have helped motivate me to just do it! Thanks! I really did need that!

Empress- how are those gas prices anyway?? You know we are all seeing an increase--here about .15 to .20 - -- what is the word your way about how long the repair is expected to take -- or are they now blaming the power outage too??

Zadie- tell me more about the community excercise classes!?

Think I'll check in w/ DH and see how his work day is going.

09-02-2003, 01:31 PM
Hi Punkin!

Seems likes its been forever since we've been posting at the same time! I was wondering if you'd be by.
Congrats on the pounds down !
How goes Partylite?

zadie k
09-02-2003, 01:53 PM
re: Community ed. aerobics classes
It is through the saint paul schools. They have all kinds of classes, many fitness classes, but the ones that I am thinking of signing up for are at a local junior high. The classes run from late september to the middle of december from 5:40-6:40 M-Th and 8:30-9:30 Saturday mornings. Monday is power hour, tuesday is total body workout, wednesday is step, thursday is boot camp and saturday is combination hi/low. It is only 79 dollars which seems like a good deal. My only reservation is that I am a bit shy and a bit lazy and fear that I would just not go. That said, I think I will sign up anyway and resolve to do it. I am working on a friend of my to do it with me so that I am forced to go.

I am so glad everyone seems to be showing up on the thread. New threads are exciting, but I always fear that some people will get lost along the way.

09-02-2003, 02:05 PM
Zadie, I am just realizing this instant where you are- That's where my Aunt and Uncle live. In fact, my mom 's flight should be coming in any minute. The obituary is in the Pioneer this am.

Small world isnt it?

zadie k
09-02-2003, 02:18 PM
very small indeed

09-02-2003, 02:36 PM
As I've said before, we are more alike than different.

And some folks say we're more closely related than we imagine too.

Think I'll have some tomato soup- anybody with me??

09-02-2003, 03:02 PM
:yikes: The Hag went to the Scary Forest Walmart and came back and she's all behind in catching up with the Daylight Savings End Preparation/Time to Change The Hourglass team!!! So great to see everyone ... I am really charged about this challenge and how far it's going to take us to our goals. And if we don't get there by the 26th, we can do a mini sprint to Halloween, 'cause this is the SCARY, WARY SEASON O' CHANGE and WE WILL SUCCEED!!! WHOOOOOO! :fr: :yikes:

I can't see all the posts from the screen I'm on; I read all the new posts but I can't see 'em and Hagometric isn't getting any younger here and the brain cells are flickering, so I'll just say, "Whoooo to everyone!"

Cerise: I know what you mean about that fear of inevitability. My mom had Alzheimer's and there are a number of people who are close to me who've, I think, written off my future already, as I am so much like her. I, on the other hand, refuse to be tested (don't wanna know) and refuse to live my life as a living sacrifice to some stupid medical condition that may never come to pass. Not to sound like a copycat, here, but my family members all get arthritis, too, but, you see, I DON'T HAVE IT! :) So there you are. Nothing is inevitable. You mention that your dad, bless him, is going through this surgery and sitting there eating his head off (I don't mean this to sound judgement against your father, just a point I think you should consider). YOU, on the other hand, m'dearie (lovely Scots lady voice), are GOING OUT AND BUYING SOCCER EQUIPMENT. See what I mean? :) You're going to have fun and reach your goals and maybe soon your dad will also see IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE SEASON! :wave:

There was something in one of the posts I can't see about looking at some of the goals and looking forward to having those numbers. Wanted to comment that it is all one, no matter where we are in the journey, it is the same struggle (well, maybe not a struggle for me because I like playing the game, but it's the same journey). WE WILL ALL GET TO GOAL AND THE JOURNEY DOESN'T STOP THERE, BECAUSE AS YA'LL KNOW, MAINTENANCE IS THE NEXT STEP! We're all going to get to maintenance and be the first maintenance thread on 3FC!

Zadie: Those community education classes sound like a great deal and lots of fun! :)

It will come to pass, the crystal ball in the dark hut (dark 'cause there's no DST) foretells it!!

QOD: I've gone to a movie with a friend and we both left because it was lousy. It was "Judge Dread" and (sorry in advance if anyone out there loved this movie, my opinion only) it was so sick and violent that my friend and I just looked at each other after about 10 minutes and got outta there. We then bought pizza and sat in a parking lot in the middle of a blizzard (it was back east) and talked for two hours, so that was much better.

Sorry to be so long. I'm glad to be part of this group again!!! Will go into brevity mode in future!

09-02-2003, 11:23 PM
Ok, in brevity mode but see more of the posts, so ...

Punkin: :bravo: on the :wave: good-bye to 1.8 happy :dance: s! Mayhap they enjoyed the festival so much they decided to go live there! :) Sorry it wasn't the day for PartyLite, but you'll doubtless find a better market next time.

Kaylets: We're loaded with gas down here now, although they haven't as far as I know fixed the pipeline. There is a waiver allowing the area to use conventional gas, which isn't normally allowed until winter. So we have a worse environment, but at least we can drive. Also, people have stopped stockpiling. The prices are high, I guess. I don't honestly notice 'em much ... just happy to get gas! :) No blaming of the power outage ... the governor seems to blame the pipeline company ... also Arizona has no refinery in the state and that makes for a problem. It's always like this here ... too hot, too many thermal inversions, no gas, no water, too many people planting yards, too many people from other places, too much of everything ...

Er, I digress. Was going to be brief and focused, sorry for two posts in a row.

I'm doing great on Flexpoints, on to DAY 4 of the MARCH TO END O' DS/TIME FOR A CHANGE time and no one should even be a'thinkin' o' that other holiday that comes 5 days later and celebrates such EVIL DEMONS as the :chockiss: and etc., no thinkin' about any o' those :chockiss: s ... no, no, no :nono: ... let's keep those thoughts outta here!!! :rollpin:

09-02-2003, 11:46 PM
Girl, don't you EVER be brief just to be brief! Then I'll be the only one posting page-long stuff (it's already usually longer than yours) and it'll be lonely! Don't even joke about that stuff!

QOD: when I go to a movie and it's bad, it depends on whom I'm with whether or not I'll leave. If it's Ramon, baby, we just stay and laugh our heads off. We don't even have to say anything to know which parts the other hates the most. We saw "The Musketeer" (sorry to anyone who loves it), the WORST film ever made, and had a terrible/great time. The fun thing was, everyone else in the theatre hated it, too, so our pleasure knew no bounds.

Ahh, Kaylets, I'm so sorry about your dear uncle. It must feel terrible to be so far away from an aunt that has discovered that she needs her family. I've got such a messiah complex about that kind of stuff...it must frustrate you. I believe, though, that when someone suddenly reaches out for...love, help, companionship, someone will always reach back. I don't think it's ever too late to amass a caring community around you, and I'll pray that it's true for your auntie.

Thank you for your words about my despair over genetics. "It doesn't have to be that way" seems to be something of a mantra for me now. Thank you for reminding me. You, too, Punkin. Chin's in the air, Mamas.

Amarantha (again), thank you for being such a...force of nature behind my back. You uplift me more than I can ever say. And hey, Dad's fair game. Until I find out that my mother joined this thread. She may. No, really, Dad's made his choices and I'm gonna talk about them for my own survival, though I love him and it hurts to do it.

Zadie, how cool are you for joining a community class? Man, so many people talk about joining those things and never do. Get in there and mow them down, girl! Use a push-mower, you'll get more exercise...I can't wait to hear that you've passed the Bar, sworn yourself in and are a Lawer! That's Ms. Lawyer to you.

Ooooh, Bo-Beena, a brand-new journal! Perfect for your brand-new goals, which sound good to me! You are going to nail them, I sweartoGod.

Punkin, Onederland's just a hop away for you. When I first met you in late spring you weighed just a bit more than me, about 225 or so. Look where you are now! Floatin' away like thistledown, glittering in the sunlight. Girl, beer (keggers, to be precise) and Partylite do NOT mix, as you've obviously learned. Shake the dust off your feet. You know people drop inordinate amounts of money for that stuff. It's an inevitability that you'll get that trip to Maui or the pink car that smells like apple pie or whatever...Go Gettem!!!!

Ladies, I want you to check in with me. I want to hear that none of you are looking forward to being thinner so you can be beautiful, assertive, clever, or have better self-esteems. I want to hear that you have that stuff NOW. Please? I hate it when women trying to lose weight talk about "when I'm thin..." and name off stuff they can do now, like hold their head up in public, tell someone off for rudeness, nod approvingly in the mirror at a new outfit. Please check in with me and tell me it's not like that here. And promise me that we won't talk about our bodies in a deragatory way. OK? Where's this coming from? I was talking to a group of bigger girls and they kept saying stuff like, "I want my husband to think I'm beautiful someday (WHAT!?!?!)" and "If I didn't have this huge, fat @$$ I'd tell that guy where to go" and stuff like that. That's poison, don't you think?

Anyway, they scared the **** out of me. Love yourselves as I love you. And if you don't think you're beautiful, take it from me, seriously, that you ARE.

Peace out. God, I'm long-winded.

09-03-2003, 01:20 AM
Cerise, your words are right on! Let me be the first to say, "I was beautiful at 247 pounds and I'm beautiful now and I'll be beautiful at 135 pounds!

Had more to say about that. Sent you a pm. :wave:

09-03-2003, 07:05 AM
Hello all!

Now I've gone and done it-- 4 days off in a row and am not looking forward to going back. Imagine it might be a little wild --
I did enjoy bebop on the thread yesterday -- I am always wishing I could chime in from work...

You're right Cerise-- We need to enjoy ourselves now -- not when... That is my big insight lately, that it goes by much much faster than we think -- and we need to take advantage of every moment for whatever it offers as no matter when it ends, it still goes by very, very fast.

Today's thought is:
"Give what you have,
To someone it may be better
Than you dare to think."
--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Question of the day is:

"Do you get more accomplished during the day or the eveing?"
---Table Topics


Thanks for your support this weekend-- I am starting to feel more like myself. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

Take care all.

09-03-2003, 07:17 AM
Ha, found you! Thanks for big breadcrumbs, Ceara.

Brevity mode here. Just lost third consecutive LONG post in last several days, this one in trying to save it in case I lost it.

have had two GOOD HEALTH DAYS.

Posting now to see if I can get it to work this time.

09-03-2003, 07:19 AM
well, that may be the secret. Short!! I suspect the first two didn't pass muster as they were very me, me and probably things that were just as well unsaid anyway.

09-03-2003, 07:33 AM

Hello my friend! Give that computer a quick kick and try again... we want to hear whatever it is!!

We think you're the best and enjoy every word you type.

PS-- what about all this rain??

09-03-2003, 07:55 AM
Hello girls!!!!!!!!!!!:wave:

I'm in for the challenge! Let me post my goals to get that out of the way:

:yes: At least a 10 lb loss by the time change
:strong: Firm up that flab

Short and sweet for those.

So how is EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I think you all did so well with the last challenge. Loss or not, everyone stuck it out.

Got a few things going on here. DH is tired of his job. His foreman (he's an electrician) keeps sending him home for being late (aka no pay for the day). Even though he told him right off when he got transfered that he would be about 15-20 minutes late everyday because he has to take the Metro into DC. The metro's first train is at 5:25am. It arrives at 6:05 am. The job starts at 6am, but then DH has to walk 10 or so minutes from the station to the jobsite. He was fine with it then, guess he thought DH was exaggerating. So yesterday he was late and got sent home. Had to go pick him up and drive an hour and a half home (I ended up finishing up my work there). He went out to try to find another job or two. He's finished with this guy. In total it's about 4 days no pay since he keeps sending him home. YIKES :eek: I told him to get out before it starts looking bad on his job record. He can always do something else in the mean time. Plus, I think it will be less stressfull and maybe he won't be blacking anymore.

It's rainy here. But kind of humid at the same time. Yuck.

Hope everyone's day goes well!!!


09-03-2003, 08:04 AM
That doesn't match the weather forcasters...although I firmly believe they NEVER look out of their own windows! Supposed to be sunny...pretty dreary now.

On Day 10 (my calendar sorry guys) and am feeling less jiggly but more bloated....???? I think the dreaded TOM may be here and I hope it is a moderate one. I'm at the stage of more quarterly times at times, but occasionally the bod sez "here ya go!" However, consequently, the litres of water that I've drunk in the past two days are right where they went...inside me. Guess I'll pull out a muu-muu or something to wear...a sheet? TOGA! :s:

QOD...that depends on whether I have a riveting book to read! Isn't that terrible? But I work funny shifts....sometimes 'til 5, sometimes 'til 8 and usually starting at 1:30, so I work when I work at home that is. I am a morning person though, so generally I am more productive in the a.m.....especially after a coffee!:lol:

Cerise!!!!!!!!!!! If I was waiting until I was thin to do anything, I'd never be thin! What a conundrum. I've become more accepting of myself and others as I gotten more Mature and Matronly. I mean come on! Showing dogs! Everytime I bend over to "stack" my dog, and it is worse with a puppy cause they are closer to the ground, my BIG fat keister is there. I mean there! I'm just glad it is a couple of inches smaller today than 2 years ago! I know I have friends who won't swim in my protected non- spying backyard pool (where I have been known to go nakies recently). That bothers me, but hey!?! When I shop for a skirt that I intend to show dogs in, I check 2 things...pockets (which are nice but I can live without) and then I stand with my back to the mirror, bend over and peek between my knees...to see what exactly is showing.....I'd rather just see the skirt covered beam if you know what I mean. I have seen many strange things in the dog show ring....one statuesque young "woman" in a gorgeous suit, no skivvies and when she bent over, if you were seated...well who NEEDS peep shows? (And I think she was trying to impress the judge...unfortunately for him, he didn't see a thing...he was tall and not sitting at the time!) :lol: :)

So, we are on an active journey on this thread.

Hi Frogger!:wave: and Anagram:wave: glad you made it! They're a f'llowin' us Zadie K. ;)


Gotta go and get DS on bus.....!!!!!!!!!!!

Later 'gators



zadie k
09-03-2003, 11:20 AM
At work. Having a good day so far, although I haev only been here about 15 minutes. Technically I do not start work till nine, but my bus gets me here 15 minutes early, which I supose allows me 15 minutes of time that I can goof arround, although I spread it out durring the day :)

Cerise - Even with the extra weight I am a smart confident person. I wear what I want to wear, do what I want to do and look pretty good going it. I need to lose the weight for my health, and certainly would not mind getting into some smaller sizes and looking foxy, but when it comes right down to it my self esteme is pretty darn good. If my self esteme was low I do not know if I would have the will power to stick to a plan becuase I think you have to really like yourself in order to treat yourself this well. Plus, lets face it, some women would pay thousands of dollars for breasts this size :)

I just realized that I have been working on this lifestyle change thing for 102 days. Cannot believe it.

QOD: Although I am a reluctant morning person I think I get more done in the morning. Much more.

frogger - It sounds like your DH is making a good decision getting out of there sooner rather than later. Maybe he will find something that is more accomidating to his transportation schedule. Why does no one seem to understand the plight of the public transit user?

Well, I should get back to work now, but I will check in later.

09-03-2003, 12:02 PM
Good morning...

Feeling incredibly emotional today - don't know why. Actually been weepy since I woke up. Probably a combination of stress, exhaustion, relief, worry and joy all combined in the centrifuge that is my life right now. Jeez, my stepfather just thanked me for doing the dishes for him while he was with mom at chemo yesterday and, yup, I burst into tears. Criminey.... T'will pass, always does... :rolleyes:

Cerise, ya made me laugh girl.... a pink car that smells like apple pie??? LOL! :lol: No, beer trucks and pretty shiny things don't blend do they? :no:

Cerise's comment about not waiting brought to mind something I've been saving in my email for over 3 years now. I don't normally post this sort of thing but I wanted to pass it on - you may have seen it before. It was sent to me by my "surrogate grandma" when I was going through my divorce.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Don't Wait

We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we're frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are.

After that, we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with. We'll certainly be happy when they're out of that stage.

We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we retire.

The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when?

Your life will always be filled with challenges.

It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.
One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D. Souse. He said, "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life.
But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life."

This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness.

Happiness is the way. So, treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time with...and remember that time waits for no one.

So, stop waiting until you finish school, until you go back to school, until you lose ten pounds, until you gain ten pounds, until you have kids, until your kids leave the house, until you start work, until you retire, until you get married, until you get divorced, until Friday night, until Sunday morning, until you get a new car or home, until your car or home is paid off, until spring, until summer, until fall, until winter, until you're off welfare, until the first or fifteenth, until your song comes on, until you've had a drink, until you've sobered up, until you die, until you're born again to decide that there is no better time than right now to be happy.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

09-03-2003, 12:17 PM
Oooh, Punkin, I've got just the thing for weepy days!

Ramon knew I've been pining for the new Evanescence CD (sort of hard rock with beautiful female vocals on top), and left it for me to find yesterday when I slogged home from work.

It's perfect music to turn way up, lay on the floor and CRY. Very mystical, depressing lyrics, soaring vocals, pounding guitars - just the thing for it. I very much believe that listening to sad music and thinking maudlin thoughts is very, very good for you. Like an enema. I'm not making light of your sorrows because I know they're very, very real. You're doing some good living, though, when most people would be barely functioning. You're an amazing lady.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you specially today. Make the most of your wistful, shaky, watery day. It's another kind of beauty. Love to your Mum.

Thank you for that Don't Wait thingy. I'm going to stick it to my wall somewhere, because I'm full of high talk, but we all feel those sad "fat girl" things sometimes. Even if we're not fat.

Aha, Anagram! The-ah you ah. I was scanning the horizon for you, dah-link.

Love to you all, and thank you for setting my mind at ease about the self-esteem thing.

09-03-2003, 01:15 PM
Cerise-Another Evanescence fan here:D My fav off the CD is the never played "My Immortal" I think she has a wonderful voice.

09-03-2003, 01:30 PM
Yes, YES!!! I LOVE that song! They're so YOUNG, too!

09-03-2003, 01:33 PM
I couldn't believe that either!

zadie k
09-03-2003, 01:53 PM
Just had my lunchish snack thing. I spread things out so much I do not know if lunch is the proper word anymore. Anyway, corn chowder. Yum.

Punkinseed - how is you mom doing? was that her last chemo? just think: it only gets better from here on out.

work is being difficult today. good but difficult.

09-03-2003, 03:58 PM
Ah, you forget, Ceara. I have now seen pictures of your keister (from the side, of course) and trust me, it ain't that big. :p

09-03-2003, 04:43 PM
Yo! Brevity mode for me as well!!! :cb: Gotta work tonight; methinks napping be the order o' the afternoon!!!

Anagramatic: When I'm on this forum, I do a constant "select, copy" thingie!!! :) Dunno why we keep losing posts on here ... seem to be a lot of time outs from the server, at least when I'm on!

OR, MAYBE IT'S A SCAAAAARY :dance: FROM THE DARK SCARY FOREST IN THE LAND O' THE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS' ENDZONE!!!! Maybe those scaaary :dance: s are gettin' way nervous because we're chasing 'em outta the time zone!!!! So they're sneakin' in here and STEALING off with our highly inspirational and brilliant posts, so they can ... ???? :yikes: ... there's one NOW!!!



09-03-2003, 04:56 PM
You guys are definately the cure for the blues....

I had a long talk with Bo-Beena and got a hefty dose of "you've-been-though-so-much-you-have-every-reason-to-feel-like-you-do-so-just-be-quiet-and-have-a-good-cry-and-quit-apologizing-for-it-dammit-you-should've-been-upset-a-long-time-ago-and-weren't...." etc., etc., and so on.

Ok, so now the world isn't crap, but it does still smell funny. Better?? :lol:

I have the Evanescence cd (courtesy of Bo's hubby) and I love it too! I've been wearing the grooves out of my new Coldplay cd though. Another sad little band - British, probably all the rain.... :rain: :chin:

Yes Cerise, a good cry is very cathartic! I see it like a steaming teapot - occasionally you've got to blow some off - or explode keeping it all in.

Zadie, indeed, mum's LAST chemo was yesterday! :cb: And perhaps that's why the emotion - like a post traumatic stress blow-out. I held it together pretty well since the first treatment, and now that the last chemo is over I've let down the guard I've had up. God knows I was more worried about her reaction to chemo than I was about the cancer.

Anywho, She's doing ok, STILL healing from the gravity lesson taught by her horse. But thankfully this is IT! They said her last blood work looked as if she wasn't even receiving chemo and said it was a good sign that even with the accellorated combined treatment, she's still very healthy (which is another good sign that IF there was any cancer still left it didn't put up much of a fight). They're giving her until the last week of September before they start radiation (which I lovingly call the "nuking" of my mother). She's already planning on what color to dye her hair when it comes back... :lol:

Off and away again - thanks for the rally you guys... :^: it must've sunk in.


09-03-2003, 06:22 PM
Ah, Punkin, you do indeed deserve to let out some steam. We all do at some point. I also believe in crying but somehow have not really been able to fully get rid of my emotions lately. They come out bit by bit, not when bidden, although I've told myself it's ok. Most of my posts that vanished were on this subject so I do understand your need for release.

Empress, the site will say I'm not logged in, ok I log in, do reply and when I go to send, it tells me again that I'm not and post is lost. Last time I lost it DURING select, copy process. ????? I admit I'm a bit out of it at the moment and should be able to make it more reasonable again.

09-03-2003, 06:32 PM
Ok, that one got through. I should be ok now. For some reason it only happens first time.

Frogger, so unfair. Esp if dh let them know from the beginning. But might be for the best after the assault and all. Plus with all the transportation problems and your long commute, it might help make life work better if he could find something closer. And then you, too, hopefully. Hard to have a life with all that travel.

Ceara, enjoyed the pics too. Enjoyed your dog show "revelations" as well.

Cerise, just keep loving that old Dad. It's hard when everything you do is painful and maybe he'll be able to be more active once he's had the second replacement. When you've been active and suddenly aren't, it's hard to keep the metabolism etc where it needs to be. Plus, if he's had cortisone shots or certain meds for the pain, they contribute to the wt gain as well.

Used to be a morning person. Now I'm a late morning person and what I don't get done then often doesn't get done.

Self esteem? I think I'm still in good shape there. DH often has said he envies me my comfort level with myself. I really do like me most of the time.

Meeting with attorney tomorrow re Mom's stuff. Wish I didn't have this job. As these things go, it won't be a big one but I think it's keeping me from getting on with it emotionally. I've checked into it all pretty well and could probably handle it properly without an atty but want to be sure I don't mess anything up.

And I can't wait to say Ms. Zady, Esquire.

Got dh's latest numbers today and, while he's still on the tightrope, at least he has not fallen off. So that's today's bright spot. Still trying to get away on a little vacation. Maybe next week....

And, Kaylets - maybe we'll see some sun by then too. Saw my dr. today (basically for arthritis) and told him, considering all - rain, stress, that I'm amazed I'm doing as well as I am. Was two lbs higher on his scale than mine but that's usual. AND since I hadn't seen him in three months - I was down 2 lbs since the last time there. We losers know I'm up but the record there anyway shows me down. I'll take what I can get.

And now that's enough for today.

09-03-2003, 07:56 PM
Fly-by postie ... woke up from nap and making dinner, am hoping for a short school BORED meeting but these can go on all night if they're mad about something.

Punkin, :bravo: for you for recognizing when it's time to cry!!! Sounds really good for your mom, though! She seems to be through the worst of it!

Anagram: That's odd about that logging in stuff. I usually lose mine when it says I have too many smilies or it says the server has "timed out." How dare it! :s:

WHERE IS WOOD NYMPH ARABELLA!??? Calling all wood nymphs! Report to the dark, scary forest, huh? :) :wave:

Cerise: :wave:

Frogger: If I were your dh, I'd have dumped that job the first time they tried to send me home for being late after they agreed I could be late.

To all, mentioned or unmentioned, avanti! Gotta go!

09-03-2003, 08:49 PM
Hello, hello! Sorry to have been so scarce -- I got home late Sunday, to DS and ex-DH (not the comfiest situation with DH) and the house in utter turmoil. Spent labor day really laboring -- trying to climb Mt. Laundry, make the house at least semi-civilized. Then yesterday was my first day on the new job -- millions of e-mails, trying to work with new software and be productive, combined with still trying to get the house in reasonable order, help DH get ready for his trip day after tomorrow. And so on. Achy from being at the computer now, but just wanted to let you know I didn't end up hiking home from Fundy (Fundy was great, other than the 16 kilometer hike -- 8 uphill to the end, where we stopped for lunch and it promptly POURED rain). But DH was well-behaved. I didn't tell him I would hitchhike home if he was ornery, but I would have. I did make him promise that we were going to relax and enjoy ourselves, else I would just stay home :yes:

Must go to bed now, getting psyched up for the new challenge and will have more to say later. Love to all!

09-03-2003, 09:04 PM
Glad you're back from Fundy safely and all's more or less well. Good luck on new job.

Realized one lost post contained my sign up for this challenge. So here it is - I'm going for the same old 205 I have not reached on the past two challenges. Third time will be the charm.

Have had three good days in a row so far. Glory be!

09-04-2003, 06:41 AM
Hello all!

Need to leave early today so am trying to be brief--

Glad to see nearly everyone has found their way here. I would 've missed you otherwise!

Still raining here on the East Coast and its Friday Eve already!
That's one way of getting thru quickly, take Mon and Tuesday off!

Punkin, I can relate.... hope to go into more details later... for me I believe I need to learn how to deal w/ sad feelings and get by them......

To everyone... would you care for a cup of tea? Its almost time to keep the kettle on all the time... Here's to the best for all of you.. because you are the best!
Thought of the day :

"What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?"
-- George Eliot

Question of the day :

"Should elected officials do what they think is best or follow the will of those who elected them?"
-- Table Topics


Take care!

09-04-2003, 07:36 AM
Golly, so many posts! I feel helpless to reply to everyone but I'm paying attention and will just jump in. Gotta be brief this morning, off to work.
I'm doing well with my weight loss----too well, I'm getting scared! Very close to goal. And I'm fighting various forms of self-sabotage everyday. Such as playing fast and lose with counting calories, not wanting to work out [but I do anyway!], slacking on getting in my fruits/vegs and going for bread-y things instead. But at least i'm aware this time and it's not getting me; I'm just watching it happening...

zadie k
09-04-2003, 12:41 PM
Just a quick post. Things are going well adn work is busy. I will check in later to chat :)

09-04-2003, 01:44 PM
Yo!!! Glad to see that the Wood Nymph is back from Fundy (I love that name ... it sounds like "Have a Fun Day!" :) Glad ya dinna have to fash y'self and hitch a ride home, lass! Congrats on handling your first day in the new position!!! :bravo: You're off and running!!!

Kaylets, I can use that cup o' tea!!! How many points is chai!? Never, mind, I'll look it up!!! :)

Eydie: Keep it up; you're almost there!!! No fast and loose now!!! :nono: You're my hero! I'm gonna follow ya to the Land o' Maintenance!!! Woohoo!!! Yowza!!!! :dancer:

Zadie: :wave: Your numbers are lookin' good there, sure and b'gorra!!! You're doing great!!

Anagramatic: Glory be and sure and b'gorra, you're doing wonderfully well to hoe the line and not be steered off course at this time!!! Keep a'goin' ... you're doing great! :bravo: :cp:

:wave: Cerise!! :s:

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, au revoir, a bientot, er, avanti!! TTFN, ol' building and loan pals!!! :wave:

09-04-2003, 02:09 PM
Hello everyone!!

Just a quick hello! I am glad to see that everyone has made it to the new thread.

I am looking towards a crazy weekend coming up and trying to decide how to handle it. I have 4 parties, 2 on sat and 2 on sun, one right after another:yikes: I need all of your advise on how you handle parties! :yes:

:?: help!


09-04-2003, 02:39 PM
Hey, darlin'. Here's what I do: drink myself into a stupor (the level where you have REALLY deep conversations at very high decible levels) before I can get hungry. No, just kidding. Soda water with a twist. Lots of it. And I bring raw asparagus, my favorite nibbling vegetable - requires no sauce. And I dance like a demon.

I like that word - nibble. It used to make me nervous when someone said it; back in junior high in my trashy-novel-reading days. :o

Hel-LOOO, Amarantha! :sumo:

Howdy, Zadie. You're on a roll - like five OK work days in a row. Is boss lady behaving? Darn tootin'.

Eydie, sorry, you can't just jump in. You have to go back and respond extensively to Every. Single. Post. Got it? :lol:

I'm sorry to hear about your struggle. You're right, eating in awareness is better than snarfing in a daze. Ride out the storm, baby. Calm waters ahead. :yes:

Kaylets, I'm sad that you have sad feelings. Gettem out and let's talk about them - or you can tell us what's up and we can tell you how wonderful you are and how much we love you and that you'll push through your troubles in your usual manner.

Arabella, welcome back from Fundy. I'm glad DH was a good boy, but distressed by your account of Labor Day. Poor lady! Makes me think about the laundry piling up and chuckling madly in our bedroom as we speak. Pooey. :mad:

Anagram, I see...a number in the crystal ball. Hmmm. 205. 205. Does that number mean anything to you? Anything at all? It's in your near future. The spirits have spoken. :sssh: Thanks for your words on Dad. It's hard to remember that he's in pain. He's a champion whiner, always has been, and we all get sort of a "boy who cried wolf" attitude when he talks about it. I DO remember that you got a knee replacement, and thank you for giving me his perspective, sort of. Though I've never heard you whine...

Frogger, time for hubby to Moooove on. Man, electricians just have it hard. That's all I hear about. Good luck to him in finding something tasty and nearer-to-home.

OK, cats, I'm draggin' my tail today. Anyone else tired from...well, I don't know why I'm tired. Makes the walk home interesting.

Adios, muchachas.

zadie k
09-04-2003, 03:14 PM
I just had a very gross food experience. It was downright comical. I tend to eat just add water stuff at work, so today I was going to have vegitarian split pea. Well, I added the stuff the the cup of hot water and it instantly turned into this glue type substance. To the point that it would hardly even stir. And it smelled funny. So I did the whole cover and wait thing and then I tried tasting it. It was sooooo bad. Fake bacon flavor. The bulk of the soup was an entirely bland mass of green glue. Adn there were dehydrated carrots that never rehydtaed becuase they were deprived of water by the green glue stuff.

At any rate...

Arabella: welcome back. I am very gald you could show up

Cerise, I am there with you on the tired for no reason thing. Today is dragging. Maybe the walk home will wake you up.

Hmmm, that is a lot of parties. I am a bit party adverse so I really have no good advice, unless you think "hide in corner and leave early" is a good strategy becuase that is what I tend to do.

QOD: I think elected officials should do what they think is right. As long as it is what I want them to do. Very tough question. Especially since so few people vote and the public is very fickle in polls. But no, I think that they should do what they believe. as long as a politician is up front about what they believe this is why we vote for them. I still miss Paul Wellstone.

09-04-2003, 08:06 PM
Oh. My. God.

Uh, guys? Guuuys? Eydie just emailed me pictures of her and Susan Powter and WHOA! Eydie's so beautiful.

Girl, you're a damn knockout! :faint:

OK, I've SERIOUSLY got the bug. I want to see everyone's pictures now! Puh-LEEEEEZ?

09-04-2003, 08:07 PM
Yowza!!! Gettin' ready to dip into more Flexpoints. Don't wanna waste those lil darlins' !!!! Covering a surprise meeting tonight, so I'll be brief! :)

Zadie: Sorry yur soup turned out glurpy!!!! Re parties, I have another WW thing (sorry, I'm obsessed) ... in my kit that is probably backordered forever, there's a POINTS bracelet that I think I can wear to parties and conferences and the like so I can keep track of hor d'oevres, etc., that I'm eating and no one will know!!! Seems like you could make a calorie counter bracelet or whatever kind of tally you do out of a charm bracelet also, just move the charm around until it reaches a goal charm or ... uhh, I seriously need to rest!

It's been an interesting 3FC kinda day! :)

QOD: I think politicians should do what they promise their constituents before the election and then there shouldn't be a problem unless they lie to the voters! And we KNOW they would never do that.

09-04-2003, 09:10 PM
Weigh in this a.m. Down .2 - but that's down and now only 2 lbs above lowest in years. Work, work, work on it. Had lunch downtown after lawyer. Very interesting "club sandwich" = fruit wedged between 3 slices (small) of banana nut bread. Different, refreshing, disgustingly expensive. DH said "is that all you get for that?". His, same price, was suitably bulky but mine suited me and diet more.

Little party this evening for friend who returned to area. So had meatballs, veggies including some delicious asparagus, Cerise, and a little bit of dessert. A slimfast bar this evening if I need any thing more later (at most). Ooh, Zadie, I love parties. Not quite as much as I used to. I'll go w/you next time and keep you out of the corner.

Tired too. But a couple of reasons including hay fever. Understand our area made No. 1 in the country for bad allergies according to TIME magazine. Of course, everyone around here is saying we're no worse than other places but some days I sure feel it. Take pills, feel even more tired. But it will all go away in a little bit. Stress level improved since seeing attorney but still will have a lot to do.

But the sun was out this evening!!!! And supposed to have three nice days or so coming up. That will do a lot to restore mental health too.

I've seen those Eydie pics and she is indeed a doll!

09-05-2003, 12:56 AM
Huzzah! My favorite author of ALL TIME is coming to a book signing in Seattle in October. Robin McKinley!!!:dancer: :dance: :cb:

THIS is part of the reason we moved to the bigger city. I can finally meet the woman whose books I've voraciously read, all of them, at least 4 times each. Yes, yes, YES!!!:flow2:

**Robin McKinley is an author of fiction, fantasy mostly, and her favorite thing is retelling fairy tales. She is pigeonholed as a youth fantasy author, but I'm an adult with discerning tastes (or so I think, naturally) and LOVE her stuff. Plug over.**

She's so great - has answered my worshipful-but-desperately-trying-to-be-casual emails very...nicely. Not fakey-fakey, just real. And willing to really talk with a fan. Eydie, now I know how you felt when you got to meet Susan P.

I'm so excited I'm about to lose control of my....uh, gotta go.

09-05-2003, 06:20 AM
Hello all!!

Cerise- Thanks for asking, I am feeling more myself today-- I believe the death of my uncle this past weekend and being so far from nearly all of my relatives is what I was feeling. All to be expected really. Yet, when you have a "control instinct", can be disconcerting. Thanks for asking.

I want to see the pic too! I didnt receive one and I am very curious!
Today's thought is:

"People have the power to make a difference in their lives, "
--Oprah Winfrey

Today's question is:
" If you could buy any ONE material object, what would it be?"
--Table Topics

Frogger-Sorry to hear your DH's issues w/ his job. I am sending
you strength vibes to help you cope. Is he back on his medication yet?

Must go in early myself. Take care all!

09-05-2003, 08:39 AM
End of week but still no rest. I'm into the church this am for catch up volunteer stuff...and then I work tomorrow, so it will be a busier than usual week end.

Having some real elbow hand to mouth issues here. I wanna EAT after 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The brain sez no, but the rest of me is droolin'!:lol: I gave up last night and went to bed before I sucumbed.

Cerise I love fantasy too...especially the kid's stuff. More often than not, it is better written than the "adult" stuff anyway. And as a librarian, I don't have to defend my reading of them...I have 2 juveniles upstairs at the moment, calling m-e-e-.

No, too much to do. The scale is being a :ink:, but my jeans are looser :s: I'll just muddle on.

Kaylets, I'm glad you are adapting to the death of your uncle. It is hard when we permantly lose someone we love, and there are so many ways to lose them. You certainly were up BEFORE the birds this a.m. QOD...hmmm...that has a lot of aspects. Survive? An axe. Just want? A fully equipped dog kennel...as in the whole building. QOD before....follow the dictates of those who elected them. It is too costly to have referendums all the time. Politicans are to represent their constituency, not platform their own agendas. We have that happening up here with the same sex wedding issue.

Yup Eydie is a cutie...those wisps eh Arabella...how are yours coming by the way? And I'm glad that you made it back from Fundy. Where did that word come from anyway? How was week one on the job?

Zadie! Too funny! Glurpy...nice images there :lol:

Frogger hope your DH finds something more suitable...my dh is also an electrician...for an automotive company.

:dance: Anagram! a loss is a victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well must mosey on and eat! Not hungry now...figures eh?


09-05-2003, 09:47 AM
Cerise, awwww shucks. Thanks for your kind words, and since it always annoys me when I compliment someone and they tell me all the reasons I'm wrong, I'm just going to say 'thank you'!:D Now how about a pic of you? I have a vision in my mind and want to see if they match.

Zadie, I think I've had that soup before too! 'Blurp!' Not even recognizable as food. Sometimes those soup cup things acan be really good, other times not so much!

Anagram, congrats on losing that .2 pound. You must be excited that you're getting close to your lowest weight in a while. That club sandwich thingie sounded interesting. What kind of fruit? I may steal that idea for some of the receptions I do.

Ceara, I'm still observing the 'no food after 7:30' rule too. Yep, sometimes it's really hard and I get sooo hungry---I just keep chuggin' water to fill up space.

Frogger, I hope your husband finds another job soon. Pretty bad of his current employers to switch the rules on him like that.

Ceise, I just asked DH about Robin McKinley. He's a bookmobile librarian, and he said he really 'pushes' her when the kids say they can't find anything and he says after they try one they want more. Do you have a favorite?

09-05-2003, 09:48 AM
Hi folks, I'm in for this new challenge. It has been tough lately I gained 7.6lbs back after being on vacation and having two weeks before where I felt I had been at this long enough I just couldn't find a food to satisfy my taste buds. I missed the meeting right after finding out about the new flexipoints because my daughter was in the hospital but I did go back on Tues this week to find out I have lost 2 of those nasty 7.6 I put on. So here I am ready to go and I have been giving the new flexi program a good go this week. so my goal will be to lose the remainder of what I gained plus 5 more that would be 11 all together I would be very pleased with that. I have one more goal and that is to try to be here at least 2x's a week because I really miss it when I can't get here. Well have to run or walk that is to work and pick up my cheque. This is the last day of this weeks vacation back to work Mon. Take care all.

09-05-2003, 11:24 AM
Guys, this is another good-bye cruel forum post! :) Nothing to do with anyone in this group. Just considering some recent events and realize that there are things I don't need to voluntarily expose myself to.

Best of luck, The Axe Handler! :)

09-05-2003, 11:57 AM
Does this mean you are leaving us Amarantha?

Did I miss something?

09-05-2003, 12:01 PM
Forgot to weigh in this morning. I'll have to do that first thing Sat. morning and post.

Saturday is my birthday!!! We're having the family over and I will be cheating. Yes I will. A piece of cake (literally). That's my cheat.

Bad news. DH got fired on wed. He was going to quit anyway, but he was there late again and the foreman let him go. Said he had excessive tardiness and absenses. DUH!! When you send him home everytime he's late that would be an absense. So mad!!! But he has an interview with Sears today to see if he can do something there and then he's going around to apply at other jobs. I'll keep you posted!

09-05-2003, 12:20 PM
Darling, come back soon, OK?

Frogger, a lady in the forum was being pretty habitually rude to Amarantha because they didn't quite see eye to eye. I reported one of the more offensive posts and said lady has disappeared. That's all I know.

Eydie, I'll get a picture on here sometime soon. I have TRIED to pick out a favorite book of Robin McKinley's (she has 2 short story books and about 7 or 8 novels, all of which are brilliant) and can't, but a good "starter" book is The Blue Sword, I think. Your guy is magnificent and wonderful for pushing her. He might be interested in her website, robinmckinley.com. She has a LONG faq and says a lot about her life in England (she's American-born). Plug over again.

Ceara, I was a librarian in college! Dewey was my best friend. My favorite job was reshelving, can you believe it? A testament to how really anal I am. I always envied the book restorers, though. I wasn't allowed to touch damaged books, and rightly so. Now that's a cool job. I miss librarian work...

Frogger, aren't Forepersons a pain sometimes? I'm so sorry for your DH and you. Job hunting blows. I'm sending him confidence vibes today and hope that this change the Universe threw at you will do nothing but strengthen and improve your lives.

OK, time to work, Chickadees. Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am to know each of you? :D

09-05-2003, 12:42 PM
Happy Friday everyone! :wave:

Life's a little rosier - especially since I've decided to just give a few things up to fate and let be what will be. I guess I'm a control freak, bent on extreme attention to details (bordering on anal retentive) with a dash of taking things too literal for my own good.:dz: Not that I'll ever permanently change - but I have to know when to just let life happen.

A little excitement last night - our "little" forest fire went from 60,000 acres to 80,000 in the span of an hour yesterday afternoon, resulting in a 20,000 foot high atomic bomb-like mushroom cloud visible for over 300 miles. Then when the air cooled ash started dumping all over... :rolleyes: When is it gonna snow?????

Bo-Beena, you got parties???? Whatcho' doin'?? I don't remember you mentionin' no parties! I wanna go! My answer on how to survive them is the standard "eat before you go" - after that, duct tape your hands into little balls so you'd have to go bobbing for party food! :lol:

Anagram, congrats on the loss! I agree completely with what you'd said earlier - ANY loss is good, countable and should be celebrated! :cb:

Zadie, your green glop story reminded me of exactly why I avoid the "just add water" split pea soups - blech! I seriously wonder what they put in that stuff - for some reason, the movie Soylent Green comes to mind.... :chin: (eeeew!)

Cerise, nibble, nibble, nibble! :lol: Very exciting that you'll get to meet your favorite author! Get pictures!
I've been thinking of posting a pic myself - one of these days....

Dollar, you've been missed! Good to hear you'll be checking back in more regularly. How is DD doing?

Q o' the day ~
The one material possession I would buy (as in pay off) would be my home. Since working in the tenderloin of San Francisco, and having to step over the homeless to get in the building to go to work, I've had a perpetual fear of being homeless. Common sense tells me that I have too many friends and too much family for that to ever happen - gut fear doesn't understand what common sense is.

:wave:, :grouphug:'s and :chockiss:es to everyone! Have a great weekend, enjoy, and see ya Monday!

(aka, :queen: Punkin o' Friday - and IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!) :bubbles:

09-05-2003, 12:49 PM
Back again!

Frogger - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :gift: :cheers: :hb::hat: :balloons: Enjoy that cake!
Poo on DH job - honestly, they were being completely unfair to him and imo, he's better off without them. He's trained in an excellent, very marketable trade and he'll be able to find something soon - I just feel it!

Cerise, thanks for clueing us in to what happened with Amarantha. They're few and far between, but there can be some pretty rotten eggs 'round here. Play nice everyone! (not directed at any of us, of course!) ;)

Toodles, again!


zadie k
09-05-2003, 01:43 PM
Wow, Amarantha gone? That is a total bummer. Why it it that rude people are allowed to scare away nice people like that?

At any rate, things are good. I had a work meeting this morning, which was nice becuase it has been so darn quiet arround here. Next week will be hectic becuase there is an appeal that we are doing on Thursday, but I will be out on Thursday and Friday so I will miss it. O well. I ahd plans far before the court scheduled our appeal for septmeber 11th of all days.

Punkinseed - how close are you to the fire? Arround here we are waiting to see if the boundry waters canoe area will go up in flames becuase we have had very little rain and there was a storm a couple years ago that knocked over thousands of trees. I think it may hold off this year though.

Anagram - congrats. I agree with everyone that every loss is a big deal.

Some day I will post a picture. I mostly post at work, so i do not have all of my picture files. Plus I tend to make extremely goofy faces in most of my pictures. I do not know why, just instinct I guess.

Happy birthday frogger. It is now international frogger day and you are the birthday princess.

At any rate, everyone have a great day. I must return to working. Very hard on a quiet friday.

09-05-2003, 02:48 PM
Punkinseed so nice of you to ask about my daughter. She is home, she came home a week ago this past Wed. I was in shock because they said they would keep her if she deciced to come home, but they had nothing to keep her on. It was very hard when she came in because I had all kinds of emotions running through me, fear, anger and happiness all rolled up in one. Thank goodness she seems to be doing good, she has started school and things are going well, we have set guidelines and she is more then willing to follow them. I think she really scared herself. Sept is a bad month for her, her birthday is the 26, but 4 years ago my father in law died the day before her birthday and the next year my mom dies 3 days before her birthday and the funeral was on her birthday, she has not gotten over that so this month is very long for her. I have taken vacation this week and I definitely needed it, I have enjoyed this week more then I have any week in a long time. I guess what they say 'silence is golden" is very true the house is so lovely and quiet. I think my diet also need this relaxing week I seem to be right back on track.
Anyway must run the dryer is calling me and I have more baking to do. Again thank you for your concern.

09-05-2003, 05:41 PM
Dollar, I'm SO happy to hear she's doing better and home. I do care - it's really no secret amongst my friends and even some of my family, that while I was going through all the emotional **** at the end of my marriage, I thought long and hard on doing what your DD tried. My ex is a cop, with the required paraphernalia lying around - during the worst times it was very, very tempting. So I feel for your daughter - I've been close enough to what she's going through to remember that type of pain quite keenly. Matter of fact, I'm shocked right now at how fresh it all still feels when I talk about it.
Thankfully I believe everything in life is a lesson and you have to live through every positive AND negative experience to pass the test - "checking out" early isn't an option ;) Give her hugs from your cyber friend, ok?

Zadie, our little "camp fire" (how big would a marshmallow have to be for an 80k acre fire??? :T ) is far enough away for me to just be annoyed - not scared, like I was during last year's fire!
I believe it's about 30 miles away? Close enough for smoke, ash, and glowing red hills, but not to be a danger to us. Besides distance, there's a huge grassland area and 300 foot deep and 100 yard wide gorge for it to cross.
I hope your dry areas stay the way they are!

Back for a quick edit - found the picture on the front of my newspaper online - impressive and a little scary! Gonna get offline now since I hear thunder coming...

See ya all Monday! :wave:


09-05-2003, 06:06 PM
Frogger, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:D Got any special plans for the day?:hb: :gift: :grouphug:

Dollar, thanks for coming back to us!

And Amarantha, Please come back soon. You're missed like crazy when you're not around.

Speaking of that, where's our Wildfire?

09-05-2003, 07:08 PM
Hi guys.

I'm sad :( .

I guess I don't like it when people get hurt for being themselves. That being said...Empress A...how will we ever know how the flexpoints are going? And the maintenance club?

Happy birthday to Ms Frogger! And on a Saturday! Good planning!

:gift: :hat: :balloons: :cheers: :hb:

Cerise! We used to have a book mobile too....that is where I borrowed books for a while. However it is off the road :( now.

Dollar, glad to hear about your daughter being home and resuming her life. September sounds like a terrible month for her. I hope things go smoothly for the both of you!

Punkin...maybe the marshmallow guy from Ghost Busters?

Bo-Beena...the duct tape idea sounds good. Were you wearing silver? Co-ordinate dahling! (said with a drawl)

Well gotta go and see what's happened to dinner...it might be crispy!


09-05-2003, 09:14 PM
I'm here! I'm here! (Thanks, Cerise for the heads up, and Eydie for wondering!) Been working overtime all week again. The money is great (close to $40/hr!) but it doesn't leave much time in the day. Really messing with my exercise time! So, since I get an hour for lunch and rarely take more than 15-20 minutes to eat, I said screw that....and I started a walking club! :cb: Each day at noon we get together to walk for half an hour. Four of us so far, but I think we'll get more as people find out what we're doing. Then we still have 30 minutes when we get back to eat our lunches. Everyone is watching their diets, too, which makes for great motivation (and a little competition!) at work.

What the heck happened??? Where is Amarantha gone? And why? Amarantha, if you be lurking out there, can't you just stay and post with us here on this thread? This is a safe haven. Just let anyone TRY to mess with anyone on our thread. :nono:

Frogger, Happy Birthday tomorrow!!:hb: :hat: :gift: :sunny: :encore: :bubbles:

Good luck to DH on the job front. Sounds like he's better off being out of this last one!

dollar, glad your daughter is doing well.

Cerise, very cool that you get to meet a favorite author! Hey, how is Ramon doing with his new job?

I wanna see Eydie's pictures, too! :^: I think we should all share pics! It would be neat to see everyone. 'Course, I'd have to actually get pics taken since I avoid the camera at all costs!

BoBeena, don't eat anything that you can have any old time. Like crackers and cheese, bread, chips, etc. If there's a new thing you'd like to try, then do so! Use those calories up on special treats, and leave the everyday stuff for regular days. Or, pick one or two things you really want and stick to them. Or take smaller portions. You'll manage, and be beautiful to boot!

Kaylets, it's tough being away from family when things like this happen. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm always in for tea, but I'll leave the kettle to you for a while, after my tea injury last weekend. :D

anagram, interesting sandwich! I sometimes have sliced melon as a side with baked chicken breasts. Nice contrast, and a change from the usual side dishes. Glad DH continues to do okay!

I know I missed some of you, but I should be able to catch up this weekend. I work tomorrow, but not for a full day. There's shopping to be done!!! Gonna buy some new walking shoes!

09-06-2003, 08:49 AM
Hello all!

Frogger- so sorry your DH 's been fired. I hope he finds something really soon. I don't know for sure but I would think his
electrician skills give him an advantage. I'm sending more strength vibes your way. And have a Happy Birthday too!

Empress- Am very sorry that this posting situation has happened.
I saw some of the poster's earlier postings and didnt like where it seemed to be heading and chose not to post. If this means anything at all, something was bound to happen and unfortunately it happened to you. You got trampeled under the rampage of that poster's emotions. I think ANYONE who seemed not to agree 100% with the poster would have recvd similiar treatment. In other words, I don't think you did anything wrong.

I agree with the idea that you at least stop by here once in awhile. Would you consider it at least?

Arabella, glad you had a fun time and are back with us.

Dollar- We can do this! Good for you down 2! Special thoughts for you and your daughter...

Punkin- Fire is so frightening-- Please take care of yourself!

Bobeena- I do better at parties if I don't go hungry-- and even plan to have something special if its being served. I get very upset w/ myself if I waste "something special" on pretzels or such..The big thing for me is to try to stay w/ the flow of the party rather than the food.

Wildfire-- You're so right-- I always make the same mistake- work thru lunch to "catch up" and then wind up stressed. I do know if I take a break I get a fresh perspective but still hate to leave the desk.... Thanks for making me realize I SHOULD get up and do something....

Cerise- How exciting to meet your favorite author! Can't wait to
hear more! A new coworker is an enormous fan of children's lit and I think will be very impressed when I tell them all about you and your "meeting"!

Eydie- How are you ? and what's new?

Ceara- I could never follow the "after 7 " rule. Just the idea of it makes me want something. "Optional" works so much better for me. Guess its that "control" instinct again.

Anagram- Can you believe almost 3 days of sun and no humidity?
Sweater weather!

Today's thought is:

"Where I was born and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest"
Georgia O'keefe

Today's question is:

"what is your favorite memory of a grandparent?"--
Table Topics


09-06-2003, 12:39 PM
Hello, Ladies

thought I would check in before I start my partying weekend :hat:

Thank you, Thank you for all your advise!! I will be using it. I had some tricks up my sleeve now I have a whole coat full :spin:
I'll pass on the duct tape but isn't that a funny visal :lol: . . bobbing for food, Punkin you kill me!

Empress, you must come back to us!:cry:

:gift: to Frogger :hb: My husbands was yesterday! One of my parties this weekend is being thrown for him by his family. Tell your husband whenever a door is closed, a window is always open. Sounds like he needed to get outta there, good luck to him.

Dollar, SO glad DD is doing better. My own DD suffers from depression and anxiety, she is 12 and it is hard to imagine some one so little having these emotions. Take care of her but do take some time for yourself.

Wildfire, good for you, starting a walking club!! I bet your day is much better after your walk. Take it easy working that many hours, you don't want to run yourself down and get sick.

Cerise!! I love Evanescese(can't spell it, but love them!) Glad you are getting to meet your author, take pics so you can brag!

Well, time is running out. I know I missed a bunch, sorry girls.

:wave: to Ceara, Zadie K, Eydie and everyone else.

Have a great weekend, BoBeena

09-06-2003, 02:52 PM
Well, I am back!!! Short vacation, but as you know, I'm like that! :)

Sorry for always leaving and coming back. As you know, I'm just like that! :doh: I appreciate everyone's support by email, pm and on this thread, which I'm just catching up with. To anyone I emailed back, please disregard any reference to my not returning! :) I CHANGED MY MIND! I think that's traditionally a woman's perogative? To be honest, I feel much better and don't see any reason why, as I just emailed and pm'd a few folk, I should leave a group of amazing, enlightened women where I've posted for approximately four years because of a passing incident ... at least I hope it's a passing incident. :yikes:

I'm intending to see this End of Daylight Savings/Time For A Change/Followed by Halloween Challenge through and intending to reach my goal and intending to remain myself, whatever that is! It wouldn't be much fun to reach my goal without being able to talk about it with you guys. In fact, nothing's much fun without talking about it to you guys!

I can only see one page from where I'm at, but gather that it's Frogger's birthday!!! :hb: I hope you have a wonderful one, Frogger. I'm going to go back and read more about your dh's situation, but if I recall, that job is no real loss to him. I'm sure it's for the best that he's moving on.

Cerise!!! :wave: Enjoy your event! You be a tower o' strength!

Wildfire: Your walking club sounds like a great idea! I've been trying to get an exercise group together for years here. The closest I've ever come is the crowd in the gym at 5:30 a.m. ... and most of them don't come too often!

Bo-Beena!!! Party on!!! :wave:

Punkin, thanks always for being here! I have to go back and read about the duct tape! :)

Dollar: I'm also glad you dd is feeling better! It's so good to see you here again!

Ceara: I wrote you about my sword!!! Had to put it in a closet because Old Dog barks at it even lying on a table.

Wood Nymph: :wave:

:queen: Eydie: I'm really inspired by seeing your success on the journey. You're doing great!

Zadie: Hope all is well! :wave:

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, YOWZA!!! We are doing great! :wave:

QOD: My favorite memory is combing the hair of my Scots grandpa! He wasn't really a Scot, but his parents came from Scotland and he told stories they had told him about the place. He was an actor and director who ran the theater in the city where I grew up and he was also a historian and writer. I always sat on his lap and combed his hair and he told stories.

Avanti, all. I need to do some of the payin' work!

09-06-2003, 04:28 PM
YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!! :cb: Amarantha is back!!! Glad you reconsidered!

I just got in from work and saw your post and e-mail.

Now I'm off in search of a good pair of walking shoes. I'd like to find a pair I could wear everyday, as our office attire is casual. I can wear sneakers if I want, but I'd like to find something maybe in black that doesn't scream "sneaker". Probably won't, and then I'll have to buy two pairs...one sneaker, one casual shoe. :chin: hmmmm....I DO have all this overtime money....:s:

09-06-2003, 06:34 PM
Guys I'm HAPPY! :)

I would think Empress A. that Old Dog is just waiting for it to fly around the room so she can bark at that sword....it is a playtime thing after all :lol:!!!!!!!!

What a treat to come home from work and see all youse guys posting away like little fiends....love it!

Wildfire, good idea on the walking club. I find that when I used to eat at work, I seemed to work through the break....I always left for that reason. Even if I pop in on my day off, people ask me stuff...nature of the job! New shoes are good!

Arabella are you MIA? How is the job?

Eydie...you're goin' to have to send those picts to more people.

How're you doin' Anagram? How goes the battle Dollar? And Bo-Beena....we want a finger to tongue description of every morsel! :lol: Kaylets...did you go yard saling today? I would think that this weather is perfect for that!

Anyway...gotta fly....either DD or DS is going to highlight my hair....The DS (16) is a hoot..."Mom we could be highlight buddies"....he wants his done too! I have great trust in my children as you can tell............


09-06-2003, 07:08 PM
Mayhap, Ceara, but Old Dog's just a big sissy!!! She's scared o' everything, though she be a'weighin' upwards o' 80 pounds! :cb: She's currently cowerin' against me leg 'cause it be thunderin' outside!!!

Wildfire!!!! Hope you find some good shoes! I have my eyes on a beige pair of the only kind of walking/running lil' number I can wear. I be thinkin' o' gettin' 'em next week!!! I saw some neat green ones at the mall that I'd like as well ... neon green, like the 70s!

I'm tableing work for today. Gonna take a nap, eat chicken. Tomorrow I'll know if the Flexpoints system had an effect on Demon Scale, that evil ol' creature! :devil:

I'm talking like a Scotswoman for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the large number of historical romances I'm reading as "research" for my book project!

Sure and begorra! Except that's Irish.

I'm confused.

But you knew that!


09-06-2003, 07:09 PM
Happy Birthday Frogger!!! *I'd put a bunch of smileys up here, but am seriously almost too weak to type; saving my strength.*

Thank GOD you're back, Beloved Empress!! *Again with the no smileys. It's not that I don't love you...*

Oh, my LORD. I'm DYYYYYYYINNNG. Soccer practice was great, the ladies nice, the coach sufficiently brusque and challenging but still nice. Oh, God, running for TWO HOURS. I'm still not sure how I changed buses and trudged 1/2 mile home after such a day.

Good news: I'm not a bad player. I'm not as good as the other ladies, but my footwork and strategy officially Doesn't Suck.

Bad news: Well, you know how out-of-shape I am. When I'm breathing in that whiney way (people kept asking if I had asthma), I stop thinking, definitely stop running, and can't perform any more. Poop!!!! This will hopefully improve, though if I neary vomit every week something'll have to give. :dizzy:

So, long story short - I'm nearly dead but happy. Still love soccer. And every agonized breath brings me one step closer to being an Athlete (dum-dadda-DUMMMM).

Thanks for listening, love you all, going to go die now. Die first, shower second. Pew!

09-06-2003, 07:24 PM
Hooray for Cerise, the Soccer :queen:!!!!

No smilies needed, Athletic One!!! If you're playing soccer, I consider you to be IN SHAPE!!!! Wowza! I couldn't play soccer if they offered me a million bucks! We need a soccer smilie, but this guy's dancing a jig at thy prowess!!! :jig:

09-06-2003, 08:04 PM
Well I have had a good day today staying op. I have also gotten in my excercise, I went to the drivinhg range today for about 2 hours and I just got back from walking the dog and playing some frisbee. Tomorrow we are playing 18 holes of golf. I just love playing golf this year and I am managing to play once or twice a week. I don't use a motorized cart either so Im getting lots of excercise.
Amarantha I'm glad to see you have returned to us just not the same without you. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I'm vacation is coming to an end and it is back to the grind on Mon. Frogger I hope you had a great birthday.

09-06-2003, 08:11 PM
Sorry favorite memory of a grandparent. Well I moved to Scotland when I was five until I was 6 and that was the only time I ever saw my grandfather on my mothers side and then when he passed away my grandmother moved to Canada to live with us. I never knew my grandparents on my dad's side. The one memory that really stands out for me is sitting around the dinner table at my grandmothers house and she was pouring milk in my glass and instead of telling her that the glass was full enough I just pulled the glass away and she continued to pour the milk all over the table. I thought that was so funny and I laughed so hard. When they sked why I did that I said I didn't want anymore and asked her why she poured the milk all over the table when my glass wasn't even there. All they could do was laugh.

09-06-2003, 08:28 PM
HMPH! My shopping trip was NOT successful! I wander into the first athletic store, stand around for 10 minutes, then walk up to the three salespeople who are standing around talking and ask if I can see some walking shoes. Sure, I'm told, just a minute. Ten minutes later I walk out without ever being helped. Okay, on to the next one....again, stand around for five minutes or so until I catch a sales girl on her way by and ask her if she has these two shoes in my size, I'd like to try them on, please. She goes out back to fetch them while I wait 10 minutes. Finally she returns with them, but I don't like the fit. Ask to see two others. Off she goes to fetch them....and never returns! I waited 15 minutes, then fed up, I put on my own sneakers and walk out, saying to the two behind the cash register they must be doing really well if they don't need to sell any shoes today! So down the mall to another athletic store. Can't tell the women's from the men's, so I really need help. Stand looking helpless. Wander store looking helpless. Finally catch a girl's eye and mouth "Can I try these, please?" while holding up a shoe. She nods, and I figure she's coming over to help me. Wrong! Meanwhile I spot another girl wandering the aisles, slow as can be, hands in her pockets....obviously wasting time waiting for her shift to end....Now I'm really ticked off. I walk to the register where two young guys are trying to look busy and say, "do you work on commission here?" One guy says, "well yeah, but we're not supposed to tell you that." I say, "Oh. Well, you see those walking shoes that cost $139.99 over there? I was going to buy them today, but since you're all too lazy to wait on customers, I'm going to buy them somewhere else. AFTER I call your manager on Monday." As I leave I tell the girl wandering with her hands in her pockets, "Why don't you try WAITING ON SOMEBODY???"


So then, I start thinking, "What....I don't look "athletic" enough to shop in your stores? What does the fat chick need new shoes for? Not like SHE can workout. She's not young and skinny and half-dressed so who wants to wait on her?" GRRRR again.

DH is coming with me tomorrow to try a few other stores. He says we're not coming home until I find something I like. And I AM calling the managers of each store to tell them they need to SUPERVISE their staff, because the staff obviously don't want to wait on anyone. Geez, when I worked retail it was "if there's time to lean, there's time to clean" and every customer was greeted within one minute of entering the store. Just a hello, can I help you, and if the answer was no, you gave your name and told them to call if they needed you. There was no standing around gabbing, no wandering with hands in pockets. What is with the people who work in these places now? Geez.

'k I'm done. :) I went to the grocery store on the way home and bought one of their fabulous lean grilling steaks and pounded the bejeebers out of it with my metal mallet.

Cerise, you did it!!! :cb: I'm so proud of you!!! Just remember, this will be the worst one. Every time you go you're going to get better and healthier and it will get easier! And I couldn't run for two hours. No way.

Amarantha, I love some of the retro sports shoes they're coming out with now. I like the colored ones, too. Have my eye on a pair of casual shoes/sneaker style that are tomato red with ivory stripes, and a neat molded bottom. Wish I could just buy those for walking!

ceara, good luck with the hair! Do yours first, so DS will do a good job knowing his is yet to come! ;)

09-06-2003, 09:23 PM
Teensiest update -- Just FYI, my darlings: I've been frantically busy for weeks now, visit from MIL followed by usual End-O-Month complicated by hiking trip, followed by visit from ex-DH, followed by my first week on the job complicated by helping DH get ready for a trip followed by party last night followed by having DGS last night, who mostly kept me up from 3 a.m. on. His mom picked him up at 4:30 this aft and I just got back from shopping. NOW I'm relaxing, watching the Banger Sisters (felt like something EXTREMELY light). I'll get a chance to get caught up reading in the morning and post something that's not just me-me-me-poor me! Really, things are fine, but ... Whew! Busy! Love you all, though!

09-06-2003, 09:33 PM
Hoorah, Amarantha's back! It must be the love that brought you back!:flow1: :goodvibes :love:

Cerise, be sure to tell us how you feel tomorrow. It'll get easier--you're doing a great thing for yorself; we're all proud of you. :)

Wildfire, that's so neat about your walking club! There's a group of 4-5 local women who come to walk where I work. Since they walk 4 abreast, it looks like a girl-y version of 'the gunfight at o.k. corral'--all those women walking with purpose!
I know what you mean about retail these days. I hate it when I'm trying to catch someone's eye and they look away and practically start running in the other direction. Grrrr indeed!:mad:

Ceara, I've been meaning to tell you--thanks for sharing your pics and your site with us! Will we be seeing updates? [Please say yes!]

Dollar, sounds like you're doing great! Lots of walking!

Bo-Beena, you can do it. Report back after every party---eyes on the prize, girl!


09-06-2003, 10:38 PM
Whoosh! Hard to keep up with all our happy losers and all these posts. Delighted to see them all. Let's see what I can answer from quick perusal and, as usual, I'll try to catch up on others later.

Well, Empress, you're were gone and I didn't get a chance to expresss my wish that you return but you must have known my wish, because here you are. Glad you're back and no, you shouldn't leave or let any incident (and I missed that part , I guess) deter you from your goal and from sharing that achievement with us.

Cerise, just the mental part of getting back to soccer is more athletic than I am so I am in awe that you moved ahead so quickly and there you are, sore and bruised, but so HAPPY.

Kaylets, so happy that you're feeling better. Doesn't this nice weather help a bit? Did some good for me, for sure.

Eydie, that fruit club had thinly sliced fresh pineapple, cantelope, strawberries and either peach or nectarine in it. Yummer! It was very nicely plated with four thin slices of perfect nectarine fanned out over a drizzle of yogurt. Small plate as was a very small sandwich but rich in eye and taste appeal.

Happy birthday to Frogger, my fellow Virgo.

09-06-2003, 11:06 PM
I just don't get it. I am so frustrated. I posted earlier note. Then immediately started new reply that actually included everyone in one way or another. When I went to post, I was again told I was not logged in. I was, I was, I was. But the post was lost. I used to be able to hit back button and recover it but that's not working now either. I think I'll have to post to Suzanne and see if she can help me.

Too frustrated to start over.

09-06-2003, 11:13 PM
Yowza! I'm almost done with a week of drama and Flexpoints!!! :cb: Have two o' the lil' darlings left if I need an extra low carb shake tonight! Then tomorrow comes the acid test and 35 more lovely Flexpoints! I LOVE this plan, except if Demon Scale is not an :angel: on the morrow, the honeymoon is OVER, OVER, OVER, I TELL YOU, IT'S OVER!!! But if the :devil: is an :angel: then Flexpoints and I will make good on our lease option on a rose-covered cottage in the south of France, which we've decorated in shabby chic with a nursery in the back. :encore:

Yea, :queen: Eydie, it was the love and the good vibrations that called me back to the homeland herein!!!!!!! :) I'm gonna stick to this thread like glue from here on out! :wave:

Wood Nymph: Your schedule sounds kinda fun, but hectic. Glad you are relaxing with the Banger Sisters ... except I don't know who they are ... is it a TV comedy?

Wildfire: Your shopping trip sounds like it was frustrating in the extreme. Good for you for speaking up and for vowing to make those phone calls. And I bet you DO look athletic enough to shop in their stores ... don't give up on finding the right salesperson to help you pick out the snazziest shoes ... you are worth it!!!! :)

I'm definetely going to at least get my beige shoes this week. Maybe tomorrow if I get done writing early enough.

Dollar: I love your story about the milk! :)

Later, gators! Old Dog is still so antsy and is giving me the clear signal that she wishes me to lie on the couch with her. The wind knocked over my trash can, blew shingles off the roof and knocked down a section of the carport wall. The poor dog's nerves aren't up to all this sturm and drang ... neither are mine, if truth be told. We need another nap! :encore:

09-06-2003, 11:14 PM
Don't need to email Suzanne. Think I found my answer in Forum Help. But too tired to fool with it now. May have to do with giving up cookies (pun intended).

09-06-2003, 11:21 PM
Anagram: :wave: You posted when I did and yep, I'm back with a vengence as I've been posting like a maniac all day!!! :) Glad you found your answer re the posting difficulties. I can't imagine why it's doing that, but I know I get timed out a lot on this site. My privacy software also has some kind of problem with the reply button, but I've learned to live with that.

09-06-2003, 11:22 PM
P.S. I've noticed my spelling is really bad today, but I'm too tired to edit anymore. Sorry! :)

Sleeping now!

09-07-2003, 02:24 AM
Shower, nap and a stimulating party later - I feel better! I'm gladder than glad that I was only a 90-year-old cripple for about 4 hours after practice. We'll see how I feel come tomorrow morning! :^:

Amarantha, you are the only, ONLY person I've ever met who has used the term "Sturm und Drang" in conversation. You are way too cool. The only reason I know it is from studying Haydn in college - he went through a low period, as you know.

I'm glad to hear you're studying the great art form that is romance novels. May I make a recommendation for your study? The book is called "Love Wild and Fair" - it's a wonderful, epic romance about either a Scottish or Irish (sooo ignorant) woman of rank and her...escapades. A wonderful novel, the best I ever read during my romance-reading days. That would've been age 12 to 16 or so. Warning: if you think sex is the devil, don't go for it. It was the only sex-ed manual I had (those cheesy Harlequins were MUCH less informative) - Mom and Dad gave me the "different plumbing" speech, but not the, er, mechanics of the whole thing. Anyway, (shut up, Cerise, shut UP) a wonderful book. I can't remember the author, but I've found the book by title in library searches.

OK, I'm responding to the rest of you tomorrow, except that I want to say that your support for my First Day Back to Sports in 7 Years has been overwhelming, and I'm too grateful for words. Thank you, and I LITERALLY couldn't have gotten the nerve without you all behind me. :encore:

P.S. Good luck tossing your cookies, Anagram.

09-07-2003, 03:25 AM
Thanks for the book advice, Cerise! Nope, I don't think sex is the :devil: ... but I need a bit more research! :)

Research is so important.

Glad you've recovered from your soccer adventure!!!

Avanti! :comp:

09-07-2003, 08:20 AM
Cerise, stand proud! I too, received my sex education from romance novels. Mine was a tome entitled "Sweet Savage Love" or some such drivel. I remember there were pirates.......:o

09-07-2003, 09:18 AM
Mornin' all...

Started to peruse the new Dr. Phil book last night...it wasn't ordered in for me but I decided just to read the durn thing and then call the patron:s: First time I've ever done that, but it has got sucha long list that it'd be months before I got it. Anyway the patron had already been in before I found it in the delivery! Am makin' notes and have changed a few committments to myself....so I gotta go walk this am shortly!

Cerise...my inspiration! Are you mobile this am? I'll lay odds that you've found muscles you forgot you had :lol: And we too have another thing in common....I earned a B.Mus Ed at U and have taken many of those courses also.....ivory tinkler. I was perusing some other forums.....

Thank you for all the concern about my hair....I think I like it. I did DS...his was easy...even though we used a pull through cap product, the effect he wanted was dyed, so we just used the product on his hair. He (and I) have a lot of red highlights so if you add colour, you get orange....so I get only lifting products. DD did mine....she is wicked with the hook I must say....some of my brains leaked out....and I made her pull a fair amount through the cap because my goal is to hide the grey without lightening my whole head....and needless to say we did not leave the product on for 30 minutes like Mr. Bleached head...but he's happy as a pig in s*** with it, so? Mine is more subtle.

Hag O'Hut are the walls still standing after the fire and brimstone last night? I also have a dog who is afeared of the thunder. I tend to put her into a crate where there aren't any windows and she sleeps much better.

Anagram! I'm sure your techno woes will look better in this beautiful sunshine this morning! I'm heading for the gravel shortly....gotta read at the church this am too...apparently there are some hard location words...shoot!

I read the Carpetbaggers at the tender age of twelve....

As my friend Marilyn takes picts, she will change the site I think. It is her web page...we just co-own on the puppy Landry...and Cara.

Don't feel bad Anagram, somehow I've got the write-over goin' on this post and don't have a clue how to kill it!!!:lol:

Gotta go and WALK!!!!!

Take care my friends


PS Walk accomplished! Still alive!
Had to correct some spelling probs so just added a bit.:dizzy:

09-07-2003, 10:19 AM
Hello all!!

Oh MY! We certainly have changed directions this weekend havent we??
:lol: :devil: :lol: :dizzy:

Different plumbing?? I love it!

Cerise-- GOOD FOR YOU !! If you could get thru the HARDEST part , you'll be flying in no time at all!
I can RELATE to the "Do you have asthma?" Couple years ago, my employer had a "1 mile health walk" -- if you did the walk you got a free brown bag lunch-- I thought " I' m taking my time, I can do this, no problem, easy "-- Until two or three coworkers repeatedly turned around to ask me if I was ok, did I think I should continue, you are very red in the face, we can hear you wheezing up here.....
Pretty enlightening....

About a year later, after just a few changes, and 40 lbs down, same group of coworkers were doing a fund raiser walk -- I felt great, invigorated, uplifted and some of my friends were struggling. Its amazing how much of a difference we can make in less than a year.... and I wasnt in the gym for hours ( no time) or
not eating ( love to eat!) ---- I did HAVE to find something to raise my metabolism and for me it was using the stairs instead of the elevator- it fit into my schedule-- and I ate foods I liked --

so....I am encouraged and inspired by your efforts Cerise! You are amazing! Hope you're not too sore today!

Today's thought is:
"Only you can help the sun rise each morning."
--Joan Baez

Question of the day :

"When was the last time you counted the days to a specific event?"
--Table Topics

Be back later!

09-07-2003, 01:53 PM
QOD...last night.

am off I hope to do some yard work and play with my dogs...nice relaxing Sunday eh?


09-07-2003, 01:58 PM
Yo! :s: Well, my trip with Flexpoints to the south of France is off, but I'm giving him another chance to make a go of this relationship, since he did produce a half pound loss and if truth be told my waist is down an inch. So I'm cautiously optimistic and still dedicated to FP if the dumb WW website would let me post my new weight and food for today. I can't wait until my at-home kit arrives!!! :cb:

Ceara: I'm hoping to get a look at the Dr. P book this week. I dinna want to order it until I get a peek at it. Your hair sounds cool! :) A crate can be really a good idea, methinks. When Old Dog was a young'un, she was totally unmanageable ... ate a couch. Doctor suggested she have a crate to calm her down. I was worried that it would be unkind, but she seemed soothed by going in there. Don't have the crate anymore, though. Her newest thing is she won't eat her dog food. She wants cat food. The cat wants dog food.

I need to get a life!

Kaylets: I love your employer's brown bag/walk thing. What fun!

QOD: I am always counting up days to an event!!! :)

Eydie: I think I remember that book ... I read it in my teens, I think. Yup, it had pirates! :s:




Ok, Amarantha, I will take you up on your challenge and take a walk! ~ Signed, Amarantha

09-07-2003, 02:06 PM
TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

Me psychic!!!!! Chortle!!!!

Now I have to go to the bathroom!!!!


09-07-2003, 05:07 PM
Yup, Sword Bearer, I think ya must be!!!

My SUPERWALK SUNDAY has been a way to earn activity points ... I am doing 80 minutes of easy walking for four points, but I'm breaking it up into segments to save my knees. I've done an hour in 10, 10, 20, 20. Have 20 minutes left to go but will do after I FINALLY get some paying work done.

Ok, people who have reported WALKS on SUPERWALK SUNDAY include:

Psychic Ceara, the Sword Bearer

Amarantha, the Halloween Hag

Now, this is not to say that anyone has to take a lovely, stress-busting, calorie burning walk, it's just that the Hag looked in the crystal ball and saw that the calendar in the crystal ball hard-drive said this was SUPERWALK SUNDAY!

Hag wanted to mention that if Cerise takes a walk, she should do so veeeery slowly, as she is recovering from a successful first day as :queen: o' the soccer field!

Even a five-minute walk counts, according to the SUPERWALK SUNDAY COMMITTEE!!! (Which consists of me and me!) :encore:

09-07-2003, 07:10 PM
Amarantha, congrats on the 1/2 lb loss! A loss is a loss, no matter how you look at it! :cb: I'll take you up on your challenge for SuperWalk Sunday! I'm hitting the treadmill later.

Well, we postponed our shopping trip for my walking shoes today. We're going to go after work tomorrow, since work is already halfway to the mall I want to visit. Dreamed about a friend last night that was/is very dear to my heart but we no longer talk, and that always throws me off kilter for a day or so. I napped this afternoon, then sent DH out for groceries. I have chili in the crock pot for tomorrow night's dinner, and supper simmering on the stove. Meals planned for the week, will get my walk in at lunchtime every day, and plan to hit the weights in the mornings....like 4:30am mornings! :eek:

QOD: Every day until Friday, then until Monday, repeat.

Hey, this stuff is pretty good. (forgive me for typing with my mouth full :D ) DH picked up a Skillet Sensations meal because they were on sale. I was dubious, but it has sliced roast beef, potato pieces with the skins on, carrots, onions and green beans in a light gravy. One serving (half the package) is 6 points. Good to have on hand for those rushed nights, methinks.

09-07-2003, 07:42 PM
Hello all!

Maybe I really am psychic too?? DH and I went to the Farmers Market and when he made record time getting a haircut I suggested a walk thru the flea market. He said, "We probably won't see much new since we were just here last week" and I said, "Then lets just call it a walk...!!"

We didnt work up a sweat but we were moving which was more than I did yesterday.

Wildfire: We made chili tonight too! DH found nice jalepeno's for a steal so we had a quick dinner tonight w/ left overs for later too.

And.... drumroll please.... DH was looking around the web thinking that Sept means the start of classes AND..... talked me into joining the Y today AND...... MY FIRST SWIMMING CLASS starts next Saturday. Now I know this doesnt sound like much, but some of you might remember that this has been a long term goal of mine. For more than one reason, the swimming will be good for me as well as conquering a life time fear.

The sauna is also a big draw for me altho it is very small compared to others I've seen but I only need enough room DH and myself!

There's tons of machines, double and triple what our gym has so I don't anticipate the same "wait in line" issues. And the beauty part is, if the machines are busy, there's always the pool....

So Empress, congrats on .5 loss-- its still down which is still DOWN.

I am wondering a bit about Dr P-- I understand he is selling his own nutrition bar which makes me wonder. I havent seen the nutrition info, it might be terrific so its just me wondering...
I had assumed he was going for the Motivation side of trying to meet a goal -- I didnt realize he had a full plan worked out.

Anyway-- got some wash done while DH made the chili and now I am getting things together for the am.

Think the weather is changing as my head filled up about 30 minutes ago .... ah well, at least the weekend was lovely.

Anything interesting on TV tonight?

09-07-2003, 08:14 PM
Yowza! Superwalk Sunday is gathering momentum, with more physics checking in from the Farmer's Market and folks setting their sights on Treadmill Trod later in the evening!!! Here's the roster as it stands:

Psychic Ceara, the Sword Bearer

Amarantha, the Halloween Hag

Hotstuff Wildfire, the Chili Eater

Psychic in the Farmer's Market Kaylets, the Future Swim Meet Champ

Kudos to all!!!


Kaylets, my hat is off to ya on the swim lessons!!!! I'm afraid of swimming as well so I KNOW WHAT A LEAP OF FAITH YOU ARE MAKING!!! Congratulations!!! :cp:

Wildfire: Your dinner sounds great!!! Hope you get the shoes of your dreams tomorrow!!!! :dancer:

Kaylets, something you said earlier about a change in direction coming over us all ... I think that's true. Reading all these posts today, I can see that the trend here is for new challenges and positive moves towards health and success for us all.

Re Dr. P, I have seen the bars, too, for several weeks, actually, and yes, I'm asking myself the same questions. Ok, to be blunt, I've just wondered if we really need another weight loss plan. Guess you can't blame the good doc for jumping on the bandwagon, but I'd be more inclined to buy the book if he were addressing the motivational, emotional and psychological issues. That seems to me to be what would be really different and useful coming from him.

But this isn't meant to be offensive or discouraging to anyone who is excited by his program, because whatever helps is good. Just wondering like Kaylets ...

Ok, I gotta finish working sometime today! Just not in the mood but need to file this story tonight or my whole week'll go to the dogs!



09-07-2003, 09:33 PM
Aah! I feel a "SAVE" in the making. Had debated taking an evening walk, decided against it (allergies and all that), sat down to read posts, saw the Empress' challenge, shut down the computer and DID IT!

Now I'm working on saving the "water" category for the day. Might be there already but plan on another two glasses of H2O before bedtime just to be sure.

Don't think I can save "Food". Not outrageously over but did not keep it down to "lose" mode. More like maintenance mode.

09-07-2003, 09:39 PM
Punkin, have been thinking about you everytime I see something on TV about the fires out your way. Glad you're not closer.

Wildfire, empathize with your horrible retail stories. Hard to believe. Reminds me of an experience I had some years back where I felt compelled to write to prez of store because of some really lackluster (nicest I can think of to express it) service. Kindly suggested some training might be needed. Eventually got a letter from PR people who told me how greatly they trained their people, etc. - not a solitary hint of "gee, sorry you were treated so badly". Needless to say, I've not been back. Seemed like rudeness was company policy.

wsw, still hoping your TDs will let you get back to us soon.

09-07-2003, 09:43 PM
I think I'll be watching the Dr. Phil show. I figure I can probably take something from it. And he doesn't ruffle my feathers like he does some. Probably won't buy book or anything. Just pick what I think will be helpful from what he says and throw away the "showmanship" stuff.

50th anniversary party last night, lunch w/friends today, then DSis, hubby and two people from the land of the Empress stopped in for a while this evening. Sis brought some things down from Mom's house (other two sisters have been sorting out). Enjoyed going through pics and ephemera from my kids' lives, etc. More to come I'm sure.

09-07-2003, 10:50 PM
HOORAY FOR ANAGRAM'S SAVES!!! :cp: :cheers: :cb: Excellent work, Anagramatic!

09-07-2003, 10:56 PM
Reporting in for SuperWalk Sunday: 4 miles on ye olde treadmill, one of the preprogrammed walks with varied speeds and hills.

Kaylets, congrats for signing up for swim class and the gym in general!

anagram, I can't believe you got such a patronizing response from that company! Congrats on the save for the day!

I kinda like Dr. Phil. Mind you, I don't see a lot of him because I work and it's on before I get home. I do catch him on long weekends, though.

Have a safe and happy Monday, all! :wave:

09-08-2003, 07:05 AM
Hello all!

Not sure if I'm waking up w/ a horrible sinus headache/ stuffy/ running nose feeling for if I have a headcold.....
Either way... need to get out of here...

DH's woke up remotivated and became even more so when he saw a high blood sugar reading.

Customer service is a pet peeve of mine and one I have to rein in as its such a peeve of mine I admit I take it all too personally.
But when you've done customer service in one shape or another for over 20 + yrs....
BUT WHY OH WHY, does an employee ( seen this w/ all ages) who has "with nothing to do this minute" need to lay down on the counter on top of their arms ?? (There appears to be no physical impairment). Is it too much to ask folks to just stand up on their own??
But I warned you now didnt I?..............

Today's thought is:
"We realize that what we are accomplishing is a drop in the ocean.
But if this drop were not in the ocean, it would be missed."
-- Mother Teresa

Today's question is:
"Do you think your opinions influence your friends/family?"
--Table Topics

Take care all--

09-08-2003, 08:19 AM
Thanks for checking in on Superwalk Sunday, Wildfire!!!! :cp: And to all participants, including:

Psychic Ceara, the Sword Bearer

Amarantha, the Halloween Hag

Hotstuff Wildfire, the Chili Eater

Psychic in the Farmer's Market Kaylets, the Future Swim Meet Champ

Anagramatic, the Shoe :queen:,

and anyone else I missed!!!!

Please stop by the clubhouse and pick up your


:cheers: :cp: :cheers:

09-08-2003, 08:26 AM
Yowza! Clarification of my position on the good Doc P, I like him and sometimes tape his shows! Just kind of bothered by the diet bars ... :chin:

Getting ready to go to gym!!! Yowza! Hoorah and sis boom ba!!!! :cheers: :s:

09-08-2003, 08:59 AM
I am :tired::tired::tired:

Was all set for a nice evening....was perusing Dr Phil, (it is about the behind the scenes stuff so far and I'm over the first 100 pages...am taking notes), and thot I might just view the back of my eyelids before supper, WHEN THE PHONE RANG!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked 5 sessions of bingo last night..5-3 by the time I got to bed and am up already.This was an Optimist thing.....I have to volunteer from9-12 at the church again and then it is my long day at work...'til 8 :tired: However, I did one H*** of lot more walking than I'd planned Lady A.!!!! So much for the yard work!

I don't know if my opinions influence my friends/family. I state 'em and let 'em go.

Gotta go pump some coffee into my system...feel a little draggy for some reason.....How's the soccer :queen: ?


09-08-2003, 09:03 AM
Good Morning All! I've been so busy at work I haven't checked in. I even had to work a bit on sunday.

Birthday was fantabulous!!!:p My grandma who I don't think I have ever shared a birthday with in my life came over. Everyone checked out the new digs and I scored quite well on the birthday money jackpot. I think they felt sorry for me since all my clothes practically hang off of me. I was actually wearing one of my mother's shirts because mine are all too big. And my shorts were swimming on me. My brother, who doesn't give money to anyone, slipped me a few dollars and told me to go get me some new clothes because I REALLY needed them.:^:

Well, I've got to catch up with the posts and then it's back to working.

09-08-2003, 09:09 AM
Kudos to the brother! That is too funny!


Yo-Yo Dee
09-08-2003, 09:18 AM
Is it ok if I join you I find this site very inspiring and having set my goal for September and then promptly broke it I thought maybe posting would help me stick to it. Here goes: my challenge until daylight saving (clocks going back here in England) is to get to the gym at least 4 times a week, to restrict my alcohol intake to special occasions (I'm at a wedding on the 11 october :queen: ) so no drinking just because, to lose a minumum of 7lbs by the 10/26. :drill:

So if you don't mind me nipping in maybe a couple of times a week :^: I'll keep you informed

Stats are Starting weight 215lbs weight now 185lbs goal ? not sure somewhere around 148lb but we'll see :devil:

Thank you


09-08-2003, 10:03 AM
Yo, welcome, YoYo. Couple of times a week, couple of times a day. Post as much as you feel inclined. Marvelous group here - sometimes wide ranging but all devoted to the journey to health and weight loss.

Bad news came over the weekend - pool at rehab where I do my best exercising is closed for renovation. No word how long or anything. Boo, hiss! Yet another challenge to work around.

I'd keep on wearing the oversize clothes whenever DB is around, Frogger!

Ceara, your stamina amazes me.

yes, I do think my opinions have influenced some in the past. Not so much anymore though.

On to a healthier week........

zadie k
09-08-2003, 11:09 AM
Looks like everyone had an active and posty weekend. I missed the psychic walk challenge, but does stripping wallpaper count?

This weekend was a bit of a mess. I left my food diary at work and realized how much I count on it to keep me on track. I did not do too badly however. I also got my scale back late last night, but I will not weight myself till Saturday.

My boss is in town for a couple of days. This means that I need to be on my best behaviour :)

I have to dash but congrats on the losses everyone, the soccer Cerise and welcome back Amarantha.

09-08-2003, 12:23 PM
Yo-Yo, welcome to a fiiiine bunch of ladies. Dig in and stay with us!

The soccer :queen: wishes she were dead. I'll check in in a few hours, dearies.

Yo-Yo Dee
09-08-2003, 01:35 PM
Thank you for the welcome... :dancer: I'm just off to the gym - I did not go to the bar with BH but phoned my friend and demanded she come the gym with me!! :D I'm just too weak willed at the moment and if I start going the bar/pub so early in the week that's me off the plan.

So I'm going to be good and do about 1.30mins xskier/running/cycling and lifting some weight :barbell: :drill: I need to be focussed!

Why does the soccer :queen: wishes she were dead? Are you aching? You need some wintergreen oil to rub into your legs (that's what it's called over here if I can I'll look the latin name up for it)

Right speak to all later - so glad the great one's decided not to leave :lol:


ps If you need a really scary picture to keep the children away from the fire go to UK Chicks photos I'm there!

09-08-2003, 01:42 PM
Yowza, Yo-Yo Dee, as said above, nip in any ol' time thou pleaseth and welcome to ye! :wave:

Anagramatic: That's indeed slivey of them to close your pool! :( Hope you can come up with an alternative.

I sort of know how that feels because I went to the state park Sunday to hike for the first time in a year and found it's only going to be open on weekends until December. It's located very close to town and is a nice place to walk. I used to go several mornings a week.

It's a pain when we rely on something to help in the journey and then it isn't there.

Frogger: What a nice brother you have!!!! (And how nice to have clothes hanging on thee!! Wowza!!!) :cp:

Zadie: Thanks for the welcome back!!!! :wave: As thee can see, my hiatus was brief!!! :) And, yes, I'd say stripping wallpaper definitely counts as psychic walking!!!! So you get a BLUE RIBBON!!!! Huzzah!!! :cheers:

Punkin: I emailed thee!!!! :wave:

Ceara: Thou be a wondeful volunteer for thy community!!! Hope thou feeleth perkier as the caffeine perks!!!! :wave:

Soccer :queen: ... hope you get some more rest!!!

Kaylets: Art thou swimming today?

Wood Nymph, Eydie, and all other STALWART END O' DAYLIGHT SAVINGS/TIME FOR A CHANGE CHALLENGERS, mentioned and unmentioned: :wave:

I'm working tonight in the mountains, so taking it easy today, except for earning activity points. I have three from the gym today and need one more to meet my personal challenge.

09-08-2003, 02:09 PM
Just checkin' in with the great ones! :D
Am now off to the paying job...
O :queen: of soccer! A bit c-r-ea-k-y are we? I'll be thinkin' of you when I'm :faint: :tired: on my desk about 3:30 this p.m.

Welcome to Yo-Yo- Dee. Hopefully you'll have a great time on this thread with us all...we are eclectic, but fun...and funny sometimes.

Thanks Anagram....right now I'm wired on caffeine..just wait until 8 :faint:

'later 'gators!

Slivey??????? Be that pirate???????

Yo-Yo Dee
09-08-2003, 04:27 PM
:yawn: I've been to the gym and achieved my goal there; food wise had a very good day-stuck to my food plan; NO ALCOHOL!!! And now I'm very tired but not as tired as ceara will be at 3.30am :tired:

I love the inspiring posts on this forum and how people contribute so positively so once again thank you very much for making me feel welcome :lucky:

Going to read a little in bed and then have an early night - I've just gone back to work after being off for 5 months (yes that's right!) I had a hysterectomy at the beginning of April and that's one of the reasons why I want to lose the weight - heart disease is prevalent in my family and I didn't want to start having trouble with the old ticker. So I'm being broken in gently at work but I do get tired. Guess what, here in the UK we've had one of the best summers for years - I couldn't have planned better! :dance:

See you later - keep :strong:


09-08-2003, 04:58 PM
How can one sit at work for 6 hours and not get a blessed thing done???? :yikes:

:wave: everyone! I guess this will be a real live fly by postie - as I thought I had time to post, but nope, t'was only a mirage....


09-08-2003, 07:45 PM
Welcome, Yo-Yo Dee! Always great to have a new poster here, and as you get to know us, you'll see that we're all fabulously cool and adorable.:D

Anagram, that's too bad about the pool. Is there an alternative closeby?

Frogger, such a shame that you'll have to buy new clothes.;) Cry me a river....:lol:

I was with you in spirit on the psychic walk---walked 3 miles. Of course, part of that walk was walking to the new Mexican restaurant in town.:o

Punkin, thanks for flying by!:angel:

Amarantha, what are these diet bars? Surely you don't mean Dr. Phil diet bars????!!!!:o

Cerise, 'twill pass. Just keep taking deep breaths and don't stop going!:)

Ceara, isn't coffee the loveliest beverage ever? I heard on the radio today they used to call it 'Turkish wine'!

Zadie, how's the home improvement progressing? When I get started on something like that, I can't stop until it's done. probably why I don't do stuff like that too often!

I've had a great healthy day. Calories under 1500, lots of water, 5 miles on the treadmill and 20 min. of yoga, 20 min. of Pilates and 20 min. of dumbells. Feels really good!:)

Wildfire, Arabella, Dollar, post and let us know how you are!

09-08-2003, 07:51 PM
Hey, welcome, Yo-Yo Dee! Great work at the gym and for avoiding the pub! :cb:

Kaylets, hope whatever you have doesn't take hold! Does echinacea work for you? I've saved myself from many a cold if I take it as soon as I feel symptoms. Just two weeks ago, in fact...had a scratchy throat and that body stone feeling...knew I was coming down with something. Took the echinacea for a few days, and it never materialized into anything.

frogger, glad your birthday went well! When are you going shopping??

Cerise...hot bath with epsom salts! On the double, girl! The second day always hurts more than the first. :eek:

Amarantha, drive safely in those mountains!

:wave: Punkin, zadie, ceara, anagram, Eydie, and anyone I'm missing.

I'm off for my second walk of the day! :dancer:

09-08-2003, 08:13 PM
Kaylets, are you feeling better? Hope it was just a false alarm!

09-08-2003, 08:16 PM
Hi, well I missed the day for your superwalk but maybe this counts. I played golf yesterday 21 holes to be exact and we walk to riding cart for us. It took 5 hrs so I guess that would count in your superwalk. My legs are still having arguements about it. I have stayed op all weekend so Im hoping to have a really good weigh in tomorrow. I like the new flexipoints it seems to be fairly easy to follow and it is nice to have those extra points to use as you want. well got to run mess from dinner to clean up and get ready for the morning. After taking a week off work with no one doing my job I need to work an extra week to make up for it.

09-08-2003, 09:08 PM
Good day for me today. Under 1400 calories - something I almost never do. Lots of water. A decent walk.

Dollar, I'd say 21 holes of golf is a SUPERWALK, for sure.

Eydie, I think I'm just going to stick to walking. They offered an alternative pool which is small, dark and unappealing. I'll give them a week and then call and see when they think they'll open up. They've been doing some work in the ladies' locker room for weeks and need to do some in the mens as well - mold, actually.

punkin, hope your next mirage lasts a bit longer and that work is smoother on the morrow. Liking your number, girlie.

Almost quiting time, Ceara. Hang in. And sleep well tonight.

09-09-2003, 06:50 AM
Lamentably, a fly-by self-centered postie. Again. :o But I figure it's better than nothing, and I'm going to try to sneak in again later. I feel like I really want to produce on the new job, make them glad they hired me :yes: Woke up yesterday morning feeling like crap -- headache, sickish to my tummy. Stayed in bed for a couple more hours and gradually felt well enough to carry on, if not what you would call well. Today it seems to have coalesced into a cold, so I'm trying to get work done/take it easy simultaneously. Seems not coincidental that I've been crazy busy and stressed for about a month :rolleyes: Feel good, moodwise, though, which makes it all somewhat bearable.

Sorry for the brevity, and me-me-meness. I love you all, and hope to ... um ... "prove my love" later ;) with individual posts to the best and most beautiful bunch of women! Let's make this a good one!

09-09-2003, 07:34 AM
Hello all!

Welcome Yoo Dee! Glad to meet you!

Yes, I officially have a cold-- sinus/ allergy pills are making it bearable but I was in bed early w/ the nightime syrup and will be carrying the daytime stuff too.

My shoulders feel heavy and sore too, looks like I've gotten it good.
Thought of the day:

"Its not enough to stare up the steps, we must start up the steps"---Vaclav Hacel

Question of the day:
"What's the best head cold remedy?"


take care all!

09-09-2003, 10:36 AM
Well, things have gone from bad to worse on the homefront. Still no job for DH although a couple of places have called for interviews. AND, yesterday I had stopped at the store to look around. When I pulled out of the parking lot something like popped or hit underneath the car. My brakes started grinding really bad. I took it to the first place I could and grand total is $1086 to fix the struts (which were shot) and the rotors and brake pads. WHERE AM I GOING TO GET THIS MONEY FROM!!!!!!! I just feel like crying sitting here at work. We could put it on our credit card but the minimum payment is already $200 a month. I'm saving our savings account because as of next month, I will not be able to handle the mortgage payment and all the bills by myself should he not have a job yet.

Sorry about the me post, but I have no body else who listens here at work. Everyone else here at work has money, has a big savings account, has a husband who works. They don't seem to care to listen.....

09-09-2003, 11:21 AM
YOWZA!!! It's a great day for stayin' on course and reachin' goals, shiver me timbers!!! :dancer:

Kaylets, me hearty, I emailed ya last night askin' if the site were down, 'cause I couldn't get on after me last postie, but mayhap it were me own server, since you'se guys got on!!! Hope thy cold get bettereth!! QOD: Best head coldy remedy IMO be sleep! :)

Ceara: No, slivey be not piratese, it be Lewis Carroll, shiver me timbers!!! :)

Eydie: Adding thee to the BLUE RIBBON BRIGADE for that psychic walk on SUPERWALK SUNDAY!!! (drumroll!!)

Ditto that for Dollar, who gets a SUPERWALK SUNDAY BLUE RIBBON for all that golf, wowza, that was a good workout, me hearty!!

Cerise: Hope thy poor soccer body be better now!! Thou be intrepid for sure!!!

Frogger: Have no sorrow for me-me posties ... thou hath every reason to feel frustrated and anxious and it's hard when thou be at work and thinking about all that stuff. Hope things look better soon! :wave:

Anagramatic: You're doing great with all that walking!!! Kind of spurs me on with mine. Walking be good exercise, sure and beglory!!!

Wood Nymph: I'd bet thy employers are even now contemplating how glad they are they hired thee!! I'd bet you're doing a great job and congratulations again on securing that post! Feel better.

Punkin: If you were sitting and watchin' me go about my day, you'd have no trouble believing a person can work for six hours and not get a thing done!!! :lol: Hope things go better today! Again, thank you for emailing me!

Dee: Sounds like you had a fantatic kind of OP day!!!! :cp: Me crystal ball telleth me today will be the same!!!! Yowza!

Wildfire: Wowza!!! Off for the second walk!!! You be doing great in the trodding department!!! Methinks we should have a second PSYCHIC SUPERWALK SUNDAY!!! This is kind of selfish, as I'm inspired by reading about everyone's walking or whatever!!!


Working late again so need to go to gym, do errand and etc., etc. ... oh the responsibilities of a hag!!!!


zadie k
09-09-2003, 11:32 AM
Everyone in the office is at a meeting, so I can actually write for a bit. Not that I am abusing my position or anything ;)

frogger - I hope things work out ok. It is tough trying to decide between car repairs and credit card debt (we waited forever to fix our struts becuasse of the cost). Do you know anyone who fixes cars that might be able to get you a deal? My boyfriend got laid off last April and ended up going back to school last September. The whoel savings thing is tricky. We prioritized and the one thing we always did was make certai that we could pay the mortgage. Hopefull another job will come along soon.

Gosh it seems like we are turning into a sickly bunch this week. I guess my favorite remedy is sitting very still and taking a good dose of television. And Zinc.

So, kinda funny story: my boyfriend got this strange rash on his arm and he went in to see the doctor. Now as a student he goes to the student health center. But they were understaffed so they were getting people from other departments to help in the general practice schedule. So he ended up seeing a gynecologist. It made me laugh really hard when he told me.

punkinseed - I can sit for 8 hours and get nothing done sometimes. I try, but some days...

So I am going to wisconsin on thursday and friday to visit my parents and see some plays. I thought i had someone to go with me, but she backed out at the last minute (not her fault, she has to take her sister to the doctor). everyone else I know has school or work that they cannot miss on such short notice so I have to drive 4 hours by myself each way. And I have a ticket to a play that I cannot use. O well, I will just donate it to the box office if necessary.

So, how is soccer queen doing today? It sounds like it was worth the pain.

Welsome yo-yo dee. This is an awfully nice place to be. I have tried posting on other threads, but this one is the only one I consistently come back to. So that must mean something.

Sounds like people had very healthy days yesterday. I did pretty well, except the cookies I ate. But I still did njot break the calorie bank so I guess it is a forgivable sin.

Have a great day all. And wish for rain in Minnesota.

09-09-2003, 01:08 PM
Hello, Pootie-Pies one and all.

So sorry for being kind of AWOL for two days. I'm overwhelmed by all of the very kind inquiries as to the state of my health. I'm also very sad to have missed the Psychic Sunday challenge that our Hag introduced. Even if I'd known about it I'd have had to roll over in bed and groan at having moved.

My arms were sore. Tell me, O Queens of Fitness Theory, how do arms get sore from playing SOCCER?! God only knows. Everything else hurt as well, may I add, though Wildfire's timely suggestion of a bath with salts helped more than I can say. Thank you, O Burning One. I marched to work with my customary vigor and speed - well, it feels to me like speed, though everyone still seems to pass me. Pooey. :mad:

Kaylets, dang, girl! Sounds like you got the mother-and-father of all colds! I'm so sorry. Sending you loving-mother-to-lay-a-cool-hand-on-your-forehead-and-bring-you-veggie-noodle-soup vibes. :goodvibes I hope you're not miserable for too long. You're so very courageous for taking up swimming. Golly gee, it's hard enough to get in motion at all, let alone with the Fear obstacle in your way. You're my inspiration.

Anagram, is that YOUR 50th anniversary? Wow!!! Congratulations if I read that right! :flow1: :cheers: 50 years was sounding like a looong time to be married to Ramon last night, but we were fighting, so...

Everything's OK now. :rolleyes:

What a drag that your comfy, well-lit pool has been taken away. It's so hard to keep the momentum of fitness-efforts going, especially when a stable bit is removed from your arsenal of fitness weapons. Easy on the knees, my dear. As if you'd forget.

Amarantha, I still feel good every time I see your posts. Thank you so much for staying - I know you did it for our benefit and I'm grateful. :love: It feels to me like a lot of us are indeed breaking free of molds and limitations and are breaking new ground in our journeys towards health, body and soul. People have started to comment on how Ramon and I are doing things we've never done before, braving things that would have stopped us in the past. I feel like my obsession with my comfort zone is wearing off a bit, and I'm glad to know that I can do for myself even if I'm deadly scared of embarrassment.

Still, though, there are times in our life when we forge ahead and times when we...can't. That's when comfort zones keep us functional and alive, even if we can't do much more. I needed a jolt lately, but come wintertime I'll feel like I've done well just to follow my routines and get through the season. To all of us, forging ahead and plodding along - forward! Slow or fast, doesn't matter worth a damn. :dancer:

Ceara, I hope you're sleeping right now...you sounded exhausted the last couple of days. Take some time if you can to ask yourself what exactly you need and do it for you, and for us. We need you! :yes: Cast off your slivey troubles and sleeeeeep. Sleeeeep.

Oh, poor Frogger. :halfempty Car troubles are a horror that no one can fathom until it happens to them. We forget how it throws our routines and money matters into total chaos. I won't wish you a clear head because it's obvious you've got one and you're using it. Maybe I'll send your birthday-money relatives a vibe...:s:

I remember those ladies at work. Smug people who don't seem to care about much of anything, really. They were the ones who would smile indulgently at my happy stories of a new marriage and then tell me about how it would all unravel in the future like theirs did. Poopey on them, darling. We love you and value what you value and feel TERRIBLE about your car. Keep your chin up, dearest.

Yo-yo, lovely pubs. You've got a lot more willpower than me. Fortunately I don't live in Eugene, OR anymore, where there was a brewery on every corner (closest I can think to UK pubs). Ah, though, how I miss the Blonde Wheat at McMenamin's...

Ladies, do check out Yo-yo's picture at the UK thread. You're lovely, darling! Such a beautiful smile. Is that handsome man your hubby?

Hey, Dollar, how's DD? I feel for her, especially this month. Keep telling us how she's doing, OK? I'm anxious to hear...and yeah, your golfing sounds like a durn good walk to me. Yikes. 21 holes would have me curling up in the nearest sand trap for a nappies.

Eydie, Pilates? No wonder you look so lovely in your pictures! I've just heard from a friend here at Children's Hospital that Pilates can correct - but not reverse, sadly - and stop the progression of scoliosis in teenage girls. He was so happy to talk about how "his" girls could walk straighter and wear their braces for shorter periods of time...thank God for Pilates. You count calories? I'm teetering on the edge of doing it, just to get some control over my portion control and choices...I've avoided it because it seems like an unsustainable change to me, but I need walls, man, fences! Control! Whattaya think? :?:

Wood Nymph, no one cares if you post about yourself! You're so good to keep us updated about YOU! Please don't trouble yourself about it...and thank you for staying around though your life sounds...difficult at the moment. Sending you strength. :wizard:

Zadie, soccer's SO worth it - I have to get access to a treadmill, though, so this pain won't be wasted because I'm not running during the week...still trying to get a gym membership.

Love to you all - you're all my inspiration. I'd NEVER have done soccer without you. Never. And I think (I hope, I hope :^: ) that soccer's the thing that might turn me around for good. Think for a minute - how many lives do you think might have been materially improved, even saved, by this and other threads on 3FC? Mine has. Thank you for being here with me! Thank you to ME for coming...

I'd like to thank the Academy for this honor, give a shout out to my girls at 3FC - couldn't have done it without you...and to my wonderful family...wait, no...wrong daydream. :encore:

09-09-2003, 02:55 PM
Yo! The Dr. P book is at Walmart! It looks good but I didn't buy it! Was standing there looking and a lovely lady came along and said, "Oh, is that his new book?" So we talked a bit about the "ultimate weight loss solution" ... which for me is now Flexpoints, as long as Flexie behaves himself at my next weigh-in. Of course, if he does NOT behave himself, the honeymoon's over. It's kind of like probation. I've put him on notice. The lady had not used WW since the days when, she said, they ate a lot of fish, so she stopped, because she said she couldn't eat all that fish! :) She didn't know about points. I've become quite the WW guru! :)

Cerise!!! Thank you for your words!!! You are always so encouraging! Glad you feel better ... I think I need to try one of those epsons salt baths!

Re plodding in comfortable routine versus venturing forth to conquer new worlds, IMO, both are important parts of life! Sometimes it's good just to BE ... to notice the beauty of who we are and of our existence, just by itself and independent of any circumstance or accomplishment.

Sometimes it's good to go forth and achieve wondrous things ... but it's nice to come back again, methinks.

On that note, it's naptime for me. Can't do the late meeting without a bit more sleep.

Zadie: Ahhhh, I remember working in the offices and newsrooms when everyone else was in a meeting ... greatest feeling in the world!!!! Enjoy!!!

Yo-Yo Dee
09-09-2003, 04:30 PM
:wave: hello people - this is a great site another day down at the gym and no alcohol.. it's not so hard once I get past Monday after work :D

all your warm greetings I shall have to write all your names down and stick them on my computer then I can be more personal.

Which brings me to you Frogger.. oh boy do I know the feeling of having to fork out a **** of a lot of money for your vehicle I had the same sort of thing earlier in the year and had to use all our savings which was horrible and then we had to fork out 800 for a flue (chimney vent thing) that was supposed to have been done 2 years ago and wasn't!!!:mad: So we haven't had a holiday this year as such and we've really had to cut the cloth so to speak but we've got thro' just. It's hard when there's only one salary - BUT I'm sure something will occur positively for your hubby just hang in there even if it's by the skin of your teeth.

Cerise another essential oil for aches is black pepper oil - 3 drops max in a bath (I used to do aromatherapy stuff) Wintergreen is what the massuers over here use on our football players (soccer to you) the latin name is Gaultheria procumbens and is usually found in things like ointments for muscular aches. Hope that is of some help. :idea:

Right this is quite long for me :blush: and I haven't had a shower yet I don't want to knock you all out:faint: :lol: !

Thank you for the kind words about my picture yes that's dear heart bless him! It's horrible I didn't realise how fat I'd got - well I don't have any mirrors here at home and I certainly didn't look at any in shops etc :lol: ! It's all changing if I can sort the webcam out I'll try and take one as I am now.

Right I'm off c'yas later


09-09-2003, 06:23 PM
Cerise and everyone else who has asked about my daughter Thank you for your support. she is doing great right now she seems very happy, more so then I have seen her in many many months it is like having my daughter back again I just hope and pray thaat it will last because I sure miss the girl she was but no matter what I will alway love her with all my heart. She was my miricle baby. So thanks again for all the caring. Im sorry I can never remember what is going on with everyone when Im writing a reply.

So to one and all I hope your car is better, your cold is better and whatever else I missed and may you all suceed in all your endevours. Got to go time to get headed to my weigh in, have a good week all.

09-09-2003, 07:49 PM
Frogger, sorry to hear about the car problems. I always say that nothing will get to you like money worries.:mad: I don't live in any grand style and DH and I don't have any big debts but still we can't seem to save any money. I don't know how people do it.:?:

Kaylets, whenever I'm sick, I chug water. I'm a great believer in the healing power of plain old water. I read this book years ago called "Your bodies Many Cries for Water" and was sold on the idea.

Amarantha, now I'm reciting Jabberwocky to myself! Over and over.....it's even starting to make sense!:o

Cerise, about the calorie thing: it's working well for me now, but I don't intend to do it forever. I think it's a great way to educate yourself about portions and a way to know exactly what you're taking in. I deluded myself for YEARS about my calorie intake. Yikes! I must say I reccommend calorie counting. It's the most basic thing you can do and it's really helped with my math skills!:lol:
And I agree, treadmills are great. Don't know what I'd do without mine.

I'm fiercely proud of the fact that I worked 9 hours today [lunch and breaks for 50!] and then came home and walked 4 miles on my treadmill and even did 15 min. of yoga!:encore:

Hey, would you believe I'm wearing SOCKS right now? The first socks of the season! Fall is almost here!

Now I'm going to find Yo-Yo Dee's photo. I'm so excited!!!

09-09-2003, 08:24 PM
Hello all!

I am still feeling like the beginning of a bad cold, but somehow managed all day w/o any kind of medicine-- Just about 1/2 a bag of eucalyptus drops--and double asprin this am-- So all in all, not as bad as could be but not my best for sure....

Frogger, I can relate- it stinks sometimes --just plain stinks--
I am sending you a big (((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))) from all of us. Is there anyone who could do some of the brake work other than rebuilding the rotors?

Thanks everyone for your good wishes-- I am getting things ready for the am and will be in bed shortly after-- Sleep does work best for me--

09-09-2003, 10:37 PM
Forgive me but first I have to vent. Didn't sleep well, awake at 2:15, downstairs at 3:15. Just a catnap or two between 5 and 7. Misty today as well. Then I come home tonight to another letter from another proselytizer (different species). At least this one said she/he hoped they hadn't offended me. But in many ways it was perhaps even more offensive than the first. Many more specific biblical references at least. All hand printed and at least a good page of lined paper long. And of course I HAD to read it. How can ANYONE think it's helpful to send a message that says "how do (sic) death a reward for being a faithful person?" and that "time and unforeseen occurrence from being in the wrong place at the wrong time is largely responsible". Mom was almost 87 for goodness sakes - wrong place at the wrong time?

OK - vent over and it does help!

09-09-2003, 10:47 PM
On to more pleasant things. Because life is still good. I still have my losers, and my princesses, and dh, etc, etc, etc.

Hope all those hurting and unwell are feeling better. And Wood Nymph, we just want to hear from you - you can catch up with us when you have time.

Eydie, you SHOULD be proud! And I really should follow your example. But not tonight, I'm afraid. The pool is not only great for exercise but is also very relaxing and tension breaking so I miss it on two fronts.

Glad your miracle baby is doing better, dollar. Nothing hurts as bad as having your baby hurt. YoYo - don't know if there's any wintergreen in Flexall 454 (my fave achy/pain reliever) but eau de Flexall is often my scent of choice.

Frogger, sorry about car problems and overwhelming money problems at the moment. IT WILL GET BETTER.

I agree there are times it's important to get out of our routines and times when we need them for comfort. I'm trying hard to get back into some old routines - not the FOOD ONES of course. In fact, my food today was good again and truly I am very proud of myself for that. I think I deserve a half gallon of ice cream on the basis of that letter alone. Oops, sorry - old thinking! Consuming calories won't change a thing.

09-09-2003, 11:01 PM
I know, I know, third post. Still not too trusting of getting things through. I read in another thread that someone else was having same problem. Mine seems much better now though. So far.

Punkin, BoBeena, missing you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, :queen: o'Friday, here's a :grouphug: or:grouphug:

Cerise, no 'twasn't my 50th anniversary but that of some longtime friends. I'll be celebrating next month but ONLY 45 years. Will really celebrate at 50. Hopefully I'll be so slim I'll be able to get in wedding dress.:lol: And of course, we never fought :lol: :lol:

Wise advice on the prioritizing, zadie - and so tough on people when they're laid off, etc. So much of that in the country right now.

Have a great trip, zadie. And, Empress, hope al goes well at tonight's meeting.

And a great day tomorrow, all, on our journey to fitness and health.

Whew, I'm longwinded tonight. But it's been great typing at ya.

09-10-2003, 02:26 AM
Yo!!! Fly-by, guys!!! Just got back from school BORED meeting and talking to publisher, which made me feel somewhat better about some issues, I guess. Driving through the mountains at night with jazz playing and it was coolish out for a change and I'm very sleepy!

Got my WW at-home kit and the bars are so good I went even deeper into the Flexpoints for the week. I need to be careful to save some for Friday and Saturday, so need to cool it tomorrow. I'm much deeper into the Flexies than I was this time last week.

Re calorie counting, I also heartily recommend it. I'm into points at the moment, but as Punkin said once, points are just another way of playing with calories. Calories count! :) And I do intend to count 'em forever.

Anagram: I can't believe that church is hounding you like that when. You need to tell them not to contact you again, IMO! Sheesh!

Well, my cutie, aka Old Dog, is bumping up against my leg, which meaneth that she wishes me to get off the computer and lie down on the couch so she can lie next to me.

Eydie: Yes, the Jabberwocky makes perfect sense ... when we listen in the right mood. :)

Gotta go!

09-10-2003, 06:59 AM
Hello all!

Really rough around the edges this am, one of the dogs was up most of the night -- needed to go out about 3-4 times-- Have to go in for 2 meetings..... one of them might have the announcement I've been waiting to hear. ( Looks like the transfer I requested is for sure!)
Today's thought is:
"To exist is to coexist" -- Gabriel Marcel

Question of the day:
"If you were to change places w/ your parent for a day, what would be the most difficult part for him/her?"
--Table Topics

Pass the tissues please, I'm going to sneeze.....

Take care!

09-10-2003, 07:21 AM
Cerise, I was wondering if you keep a food/exercise journal?

09-10-2003, 08:12 AM
Oh, Anagram, thanks for the dispensation! I read the posts, and there's so much I want to respond to but I know if I get started I'll be here for an hour I can't spare. I think I'm going to try starting a word file with responses so I can just add a bit at a time.

Kaylets - you & I seem to have been struck with a single stroke, because I've got a horrible cold. Reminds me that once I'm feeling better I need to REALLY work on my health. Surviving 'til then.

I want to be absolutely on top of my game in a month because I just got word yesterday that the co. is flying me to Boston for a couple of days to meet with the site editors! I was positively FREAKING out when I got the message. Y'know, to go from being a struggling freelancer to this sudden -- if modest -- success is really stunning. And I am suitably stunned.

Must go get work done. I'll be back! Love to all. Let's take this day and do the best we can with it.

09-10-2003, 08:14 AM
Kaylets, sorry to hear you're still sneezy, etc. And GOODLUCK on the transfer coming through.

Empress, this one wasn't from the same church. From a totally different denomination/group/whatever. Considered writing back to this one too but decided it's not worth my time.

Awake at 4:30 again this morning. This is not me. I'm about at the end of my hay fever season and things should look better in a week or so. DH and I ran away for a while yesterday but lack of sleep made me too tired by late day to really enjoy it enough and then the stupid letter blew me away when I got back.

Eating out with friends tonight but should be able to keep things in line.

When I read your tag line, Eydie, as I do all the time - my "Queen in me" sassed me back a bit and said she wasn't up to feeling queenly yet today. I'll have to take her firmly in hand. No excuses for royal personages.

09-10-2003, 08:55 AM
Half way there!...truly 'cause my branch isn't open on Fridays so we have a shorter work week. The only drawback is when it is your Saturday...1 in 3..ha reverse Trinity!...and you have to leave weekend mode.

Am pluggin through Dr. P...hope to get some done this a.m. SINCE I DON'T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE!!!!!!!('til 1 pm) First am in a long time I've been home.

Wish to report that :devil: scale is behaving itself. Down 2 finally. Am doin' the :dance: 'cause it is tough when I behave myself and it doesn't! Have remained OP inspite of its tryin' to psyche me out!

Anagram...it is a full moon. Does that make you wake up? I know it does me...so I'm extra careful to make sure the room is dark when I go to bed...or maybe something is making a noise and waking you up. We have someone on our road who leaves for work around 3:30am and the dog across the street would bark and I'd wake up....took me a while to figure that one!

The new programme we are going to at work looks really cool and has lots of patron oriented ideas...IF we are allowd to keep them. Unfortunately our Tech person is controlling and a wee bit short visioned. My heart is optimistic, but my head sez "who're you tryin' to fool here?" Time will tell.

Arabella, that is so cool...Boston is so pretty. Glad you are enjoying the new job, and you'll catch us up when you acclimatize yourself!

Yo-Yo...yes alcohol is a lot of empty calories...I love the heavy beers and full wines, but they love me and tend to reside right on my butt. I haven't a alcoholic drink since August 24th. which is when I decided that I couldn't afford those empty calories...besides it lowers your inhibitions and next thing you know you are evenin' grazin'....another :nono: for me! Today is my 17th day OP guys...jeez, I had to think on that one! OW!

Cerise you musta been pumpin' them when you were running....smoothly like a fleet gazelle after that elusive soccer ball...hey where did the steamy novel go?....I would think that you use your arms for balance..and for catching you when you fall...but you didn't fall right? Soccer :queen:'s don't fall, they tumble gracefully to the earth.....

OK....what does slivey mean? I need to check that one.

I need to play tennis ball with the puppy and then hit the gravel for my walk and then eat brekkie and then!!!!!!!!!!Dr P and new Terry Pratchet....Here I come!

QOD...good one...I don't know 'cause both of my parents are pretty resilient...Mom sez I do too much....but she never sits still either....my house would be really clean because she is a much more persnickity housekeeper that I am!!!!!

Have a great day ladies...


:cb: :encore: :write:

09-10-2003, 10:26 AM
Ceara, 17 days OP!!!! I'm impressed and feel you've earned your 2 lbs down.

Bedroom is pretty dark - nightlight in bathroom but been there for eons. May have been the rain previous night, not heavy but I could hear it when I was awake. Sometimes it's dh on his nightly br jaunt but I'm usually able to go right back to sleep if indeed I wake up at all. I'm usually the :queen: of sleepers. I tend to think it is the stress surfacing a bit and I KNOW a good carby bedtime snack would probably help but I don't want to do that, do I? Do I? You're sure I don't? OK, I won't.

Gorgeous weather here today. Lots to do and I think I get to pick what I'll do when today. No deadlines until dinner. My kind of day.

For my Mom, it would have been quite the opposite. I was always the more "persnickety" and it seemed to vex her. I'm a lot less so now but she'd still find that part hard. For Dad, it would probably be that I'm not as overstocked on goodies as I used to be.

And both would find dh's diet and other necessary accommodations tough (so do I sometimes but then my compensations are so much more rewarding than theirs would be).:o

zadie k
09-10-2003, 11:39 AM
I am TIRED today. Drinking coffee. Facing the prospect of driving 4 hours tonight by myself. Might have to wait to leave till after star trek (yes I am a geek).

Wowza, 17 days OP? That is great. I tend to go in streaks of about 4 days.

We got a notice on my long dead car that the city will tow it away and fine us if we do not put current tabs on it or get rid of it. So it was panic time last night trying to find someone to take it away. They are comming tonight at 6 when we are actually home. I am parinoid about the whole thing becuase I know people who got their cars towed away by places and then the places did not change the title and the people got stuck with fines and tickets. Yuck.

Flying to Boston? Must eb hitting the big time :)

I am a calorie counter. It is the only way that i have found to accurately determibne how much I am eating. Otherwise I just cheat and fool myslf into thinking that I ate far less than I did. I do not know how long I will do it, or if I will do it forever. At first it was a big pain, but now I do not mind doing it at all.

So my boyfriend started a stelth diet. i did not even know even though we live together and eat together (although not always the same things). He lost 8 pounds in one month. He has a long way to got, but that is such a good start.

At any rate, I must shove off cause work is looming.

09-10-2003, 11:51 AM
Kudos to Zadie K's BF!!! Sometimes the stealth diet is great....because no one knows and they don't sabotage you!

I've adopted a lying method lately....I don't really come out and say that I have diabetes...which I don't...but I say I have a sugar problem...which I do..one little bit and I'm g-o-n-e----off on a binge....I let them draw their own conclusions. My father does have late onset diabetes...which my mother the food cop keeps under diet control....thank goodness...he really is a pill sometimes though...the all you can eat events...lunches etc put on by groups are a real trial...and source of stress in that relationship!!!!

Anyway...done the balls, the walk and the brekkie...have a load of laundry goin' and I want to vacuum my room...I still have hopes for a little read too!!!!!:lol:


09-10-2003, 12:22 PM
I started this last journey on a "stealth" plan too. I told only the chicks on 3FC. Didn't want anyone bugging me. And they didn't. I had lost a good bit before I even told dh (of course, he SHOULD have noticed). Even now, I don't TELL people and when they comment, I say thank you and that "things finally came together". That's true enough, partly my mental attitude, partly that I can walk again, partly dh's diet which helps me to stay on mine as he MUST stay on his. I've been bored to death in the past by people on their diets when I wasn't so I save my diet discussions for here where it's more appreciated.

I also sort of insinuate I'm eating as I am for health reasons (true enough) and let others think what they may. My mother also was a late onset diabetic so I'm eating to avoid that as well. No specifics needed if I ask a waitress to bring me a box so I can take half my entree with me. I'm going to be a real eccentric by the time I'm 80, I can see it now.

I'm out of my beloved TAB and really feel I could use one today. Seem to have totally disappeared from our area. Need to make a trip to DDs supermarket where I've been picking it up lately. Not desperate enough to take a two hour drive for it yet.

Speaking of driving, hope you enjoy yours, Zadie, and the theater as well. Been through that same thing with the car with expired license. Wasn't hurting anybody. We were able just to pull it into the driveway though until we could arrange for someone to take it away. Really hated to part with it so abruptly though. Was hoping some car fiend would come and want it for restoration or something ('73 Mustang).

Back to housework - waste of a gorgeous day.

09-10-2003, 12:24 PM
Oof, hard to get going today.

Ramon's firmly ensconced at Michael's Crafts as an art framer. He has reservations about their attitude about quality archival framing, has terrible hours, but is waiting for something choice to open up elsewhere. I think he's doing OK for the moment.

Walked to and from work yesterday (1.5 miles) like I always do, then walked probably another 1.5 to and from a lovely bookstore that Ramon recommended (by myself - he worked until 10). My feet are killing me today. I think new shoes are in order, because my knees are threatening mutiny as well. Oh, BISCUITS. Hope this all goes away while I'm sloughing off the weight.

Thank you all for your input about counting calorie-counting. I've decided to give that a whirl; bought the Corinne T. Netzer 2003 calorie counter last night. I think I'll see how I do keeping things around 1700 or so. I always hesitate to do anything my :drill: sister Elisabeth forbids (don't get the wrong idea, she's wonderful) and she's against anything unsustainable in the long run, but she has never had a problem controlling her portions. On the contrary, having battled anorexia (successfully), she still puts food in her mouth with an effort and indeed eats vast quantities since she teaches something like 3 cardio classes a day. Phew. Anyway, I'll go with your guys' advice for the present. Get some boundaries.

OK, time to work. Love to you all, especially Anagram, the (I won't say victim) target of bumtuous, ridiculous, worst-kind-of-Christianity churchy overtures. Dorks. :mad:

Yo-Yo Dee
09-10-2003, 12:25 PM
Well done :bravo: Ceera for 17OP - you are an inspiration! Anagram it could be wintergreen it's rather pungent but nice stronger than eucalyptus woody ah well. Try a couple of lavendar drops on your pillow or if you don't like that Marjoram both sedative quality (chamomile too). I'm assuming (dangerous I know) you're getting weird letters after your mother's death? If you don't recognise the handwriting don't open it - or get your husband to open it first and burn them unread - my brother died a few years ago and I got a lot of rubbish which at the time did my head in but then I just burnt the letters that I didn't recognise. (HUG)

Well done Arabella on the hard work that's paying off! :cp: Lovely time to go to Boston. I've never been to the USA/Canada I'm not a good flyer - 2 hours to Spain freaks me out. But who knows may be one day.

Kaylets hope you're feeling better :balloons:

Zadie my husband has also lost weight without telling me he was following what I'm doing!!! :s: He's looking good too!

Will the goddess start another thread if this gets too long?

Walked my dog his long walk today (5 miles) we usually do about 3 miles every day but a couple of times a week we do the long one and today was it. It's beautiful here in Lancashire, I'm in the North West of England just below the Lake District and surrounded be hills and small woods gorgeous :)

Right I'm off to the gym speak to you all later and apologies if I've missed anyone - like Arabella I'm going to cut and paste


09-10-2003, 01:01 PM
Nah...we are eccentric and eclectic here...I think we PRIDE ourselves on the length of our threads....we generally go to the challenge date with 1...:s: Personally I like that...not too pretentious...I like seeing the vast numbers of views!!!!!

09-10-2003, 03:13 PM
Yowza!!! I'm wanderin' in the Hinterland a bit today, living in the Dreamtime!!! Just playin' with Flexpoint toys mateys and contemplating the universe or something!

Can't see the posts from here, but noting that WOOD NYMPH ARABELLA be summoned by the powers-that-be to Boston!!! :cp: That's terrific, WN! You're going to have such a great career with this co!!! Congrats!!! :cheers:

Guys, I love the "stealth" diet discussion! A friend of mine started WW and is keeping it a huge secret from her parents. She says they'll take it over if she tells 'em! I think there's a lot of truth in that ... often I don't like to discuss my eating with people outside of a small circle (including this group) ... they think I'm either anorexic or bullemic (again) or on a fad diet or something ... or suffering a lot of sturm and drang because of weight ... I'm not even planning on going off this thread because of this reason ...

Re starting a new thread, I personally used to like starting new ones because it used to take longer to load them on my computer, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, so unless there's a huge outcry I'd vote for just running this one until the AMAZING WONDERFUL SUCCESSFUL DAY O' THE END O' DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ... and mayhap through Halloween or whenever we decide on the next challenge theme!!! It doesn't always have to be U.S. Thanksgiving ... there are many worthy holidays of all stripes that methinks we've not visited yet!!! :jig:

Gotta go eat lunch. Veeeerrrry tired. Not doing anything. Maybe shopping later. No working! :)

Yo-Yo Dee
09-10-2003, 04:48 PM
:twirly: Fantastic so this could run and run... hmm I'm going to have to keep coming back every day otherwise I know I'll miss something really important - it's hard enough as it is just trying to keep up with you all :lol:

I didn't get to the gym as I had visitors so instead of saying can't stop got to go I sat them in the garden (small patio) gave them a drink and did some gardening while they talked. It was ok I didn't turn into the HULK :D

So I've had a long lazy bath and I'm going to have an early night

No I try not to talk about "dieting" outside a couple of friends and here.

Halloween oooohhh yes I don't know whether any of you know about the witches of Pendle? Well that's very close to where I live - it's very spooky. The book's called Pendle Mist that deals with the story. I live about 15 minutes away from the area.

So yes I'd run to Halloween:wizard:

Good night everyone


09-10-2003, 05:33 PM
I like the idea of running this challenge to the change of time. Then doing a sprint to Halloween to help us avoid the dreaded Halloween fruit.

Just realized I have just six weeks to find dress for nephew's Nov. 1st wedding. Talk about a challenge! But the wedding should also help keep me OP for this challenge.

I think I've set a new record today for number of posts to this thread so I'm going to sign off for the day. Anything else exciting (hehe) that happens to me today will have to wait until the morrow.

YoYo, I'll have to check out that story! Sounds exciting. Have fun with the Flexie toys, Empress. Whatever it takes to keep motivation going. You're doing so well.

zadie k
09-10-2003, 06:24 PM
Still at work. I am having a pretty good work day, although I get a bit nervous when I have to make fine line legal decisions. Always in mortal fear of committing malpractice, although I am not a lawyer and cannot yet give legal advice. So everything I do gets checked on soem level, although the longer I am here the more people just trust that I am doing things right. Yikes.

I agree with the thread thill time change, sprint to halloween theory. I like the idea of a sprint. It sounds very active :)

So yesterday I moves the woodpile from the middle of the garage to the side of the garage. It is like applied weight lifting coupled with aerobic activity. We are going to get 4 cords of wood for the winter, but none of it is split or chopped, so I will be getting quite a workout over the next couple of months. Plus plenty of chainsaw practice.

I was always a stealth dieter in the past but now I am the full fledged lifestyle change not that I am on this thread.

At any rate, talk to y'all later ;)

09-10-2003, 08:40 PM
Hello all!

Its OFFICIAL!! The boss anounced my transfer to the other unit! November 1! -- I wish it was sooner but am not upset-- I am getting what I wanted and must admit am very pleased how I handled the entire thing-- A real excercise in not taking no for a final answer. Of course, I'm lucky that the unit had another opening so quickly after the one in July was filled. (That's when I was told my current unit was too understaffed to let me leave for at least 60 days so the spot was filled ).

Its also official! I have a full fledged red nose and people are saying " Oooohhhh, do you have a cold...???"

I am bleary eyed-- am hoping all is well...

Did I forget a post? Is our Queen of Friday away or just MIA?

I wonder how WSW is too....

Take care all!

09-10-2003, 08:52 PM
I walked twice today! Once at lunch, then I did a quick 2 miles on ye olde treadmill while supper was in the oven. :dancer:

We now have five in our walking group for lunch. Tuesday's walk was a challenge. One girl is all of 120lbs and still trying EVERYTHING to lose the last 7lbs that are leftover from her pregnancy two years ago. Ummm...guess no one told her that after pregnancy your body changes and 7 leftover pounds are nothing to worry about. Anyway, she came with us. This chick does kickboxing competitively, okay? :rolleyes: She was a freakin' ****! "come on you two, you're too slow, let's get a good burn on..." finally she took off running and left us behind. I say more power to her if she can do it! But, I started walking at lunch to get away from desk, get some fresh air, and sneak in a little activity. Not to come back to work dripping in sweat! (and she was!) *sigh* You know, when you're hauling 50 pounds or more than the others who participate, I don't think it's fair to expect everyone to go at such a pace.

Today another girl joined us, but couldn't go right at noon, so the other three went and I waited for this girl. We did a brisk, but manageable walk, which is what I wanted in the first place. I decided that we can start out together and if they want to kill themselves and sweat through the afternoon, they can. I'm going at my own pace. I sweat plenty on ye olde treadmill in my own living room....when I can shower afterwards. I'm doing this for me, and no one else!

Kaylets and Arabella, how are you feeling? Lots of liquids and rest!

Frogger, sorry to hear about your car problems. Any solutions materialize yet? There is nothing worse than smugness in coworkers! A little kindness and a friendly ear goes a long way in employee relationships.

Cerise, when is your soccer night? Tomorrow? All ready to get out there again? Keep those epsom salts well stocked if they helped! And Ramon is working at Michaels???? I'm so jealous! I would LOVE to work at Michaels....though I'd probably spend more than I made in salary. Any time I go in there, I'm good for a couple of hours, just wandering, looking at all the neat things that can be used and made. You get yourself some proper walking shoes, girl! They don't have to be expensive, just get walking shoes, not running shoes. Different profile and tread, makes a big difference, IMO.

Anagram, I used to love TAB, but it disappeared from the Canadian market probably 20 years ago or more. Have you found a replacement for your pool?

Where is Punkin today?

:wave: to all, we're such a chatty bunch I can't possibly catch up after missing a day or two!

09-10-2003, 08:53 PM
Kaylets, you posted while I was typing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :cb:

09-10-2003, 10:17 PM
Ceara, It's fun for me when you talk about the library--since DH works at a library I know exactly what you're talking about with holds and patrons, etc.!

Cerise, I know that book very well. Thats the one I use, the big yellow one. It's a great reference, once you find the "rhythm" of it.

Arabella, a trip to Boston. You must be setting it on fire, girl!

Kaylets, congrats on your good news!

Wildfire, don't be intimidated by the sweat-****. I wouldn't want to spend my afternoon all sweaty either. I don't do well with that competitive thing.

Anagram, I'm sorry you've gotten those 2 weird letters. If only people would think first.

YoYo, Amarantha, zadie, Punkin, Dollar, Bo-Beena, Greetings!

I'm hungry, but it's too late to eat so I'm going to reward myself with watching "the Simpsons". I never get tired of it!:doh: :doh: :doh:

09-10-2003, 10:43 PM
Congratulations to :queen: Kaylets!!! I see ya got a :cb: from :queen: Wildfire: but here's another one!!! :cb: I am so happy for you! :cheers:

I, also, am missin' the :queen: o' Friday! Methinks she be busy as is the Wood Nymph!!! Hi, to both!! :wave:

Hagometer hath not turned a productive hair all day. Was going to go out and earn two more Flexpoints with a walk, but methinks that would be excessive, since I did the gym with the personal trainer earlier.

Man, I love this Flexpoints program. I know I've excessively mentioned it (but then, excess hath never been a barrier to my mentioning stuff). This is working so well, but the proof'll be in the weigh-in, of course.

:queen: Wildfire: Sorry thy walkabout turned into a tour de force for the :drill: ... IM(NOT HUMBLE)O, you are right to approach the walks as a stress reliever and pleasure outing and go at your own pace. This (IMNHO) is better for your body, mind and spirit. I also read some study or other that said that contrary to popular belief, people walking for weight loss who walked at their most comfortable pace, lost more weight than those who forced it. Hopefully, those who wanna sweat and get all stressed will form their own group soon? :)

I totally like the idea of SPRINTING TO HALLOWEEN after the time change day hits! I know I'm going to declare a :chockiss: NOT Challenge for myself again this year. :chockiss: :nono:

:queen: YoYo!!! How cool thou livest near the Witches of Pendle land! :fr: I need to look up that story!!! Thanks for sharing it!

Old Dog be bumping against me leg agin, me hearties!!! That means she be contemplating the meaning o' her life and wisheth attention.

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, avanti!

09-11-2003, 07:31 AM
Hello all!

Today is a very sad day, all of us were touched in some way by 9/11/2001.

So many of us have been inspired to make changes in our own lives as a tribute to the victims and heroes of 9/11/01.
Today's thought is:
"Let's Roll"


Take care!

Yo-Yo Dee
09-11-2003, 10:55 AM
Wildfire I read your post about the "freakin ****" at work and nearly spat my coffee all over my computer (note to self must not drink while reading this forum) :lol: Oh phulease 7lb I still haven't lost my weight from my last child and she's 22! Mind you she was a big baby :D I also walk at lunch time when I'm working full time hours with either my dog (if the weather's good I take him to work with me - otherwise he has to wait) or a friend who also sees it as an opportunity to de-stress... (freakin' **** will soon enter my vocabulary at work!)

Kaylets well done on getting your transfer I hope it goes well it's not that long from 11/1. :hat:

Empress thank you it is quite beautiful (even tho' I'm biased living around here) in a small way. It's a major event is Halloween around these parts because of the events that happened. The women were convicted of witchcraft but I won't spoil the book for you! :devil:

Eydie WE ADORE THE SIMPSONS (DH and me) we usually watch 3 episodes most evenings unless it's one we've seen time and time again - I also loved Futurama - I can relate to Bender :D

Anagram I have a major wedding outfit to buy at the beginning of October panic panic I would like to be in a size UK 14 which would be fantastic - I've got the hat just have to get everything else.

Right off to take the dog a walk - ha been the gym after work today :s: If I've had visitors then tough I wasn't in!!

Hello to Cerise,Ceara, Zadie, Arabella, Frogger you ok? Pumpkin and anyone else I've missed


09-11-2003, 11:07 AM
Love your thought o' the day, Kaylets!

I'm hoping we get posts today from everyone who has ever been a part of this group! That would be fun! :wave:

YoYo, I'm going to see if the bookstore will order that book for me. I do believe your country must be beautiful. I have always longed to go there and see all the wonderful places for myself.

Here's to absent friends!!! :cheers:

09-11-2003, 12:20 PM
I'm here lurking. I think I'm coming down with something. I've been chilled to the bone and upset stomach now my entire back hurts. It could be anything from the flu, pregnancy to internal bleeding according to those popular medical websites!:lol: I have also been visited by the itchie fairie and I'm uncomfortable in the niether regions. I'm freaking falling apart!!!

We just had to pay over $1000 for new struts and brakes. I think I mentioned that already.

Good news though. DH had 2 interviews yesterday with the same place. He had a morning one, and then they called yesterday evening to see if he could come back ASAP to meet with their GM. He's got to take another pee test today for them. But they've already discussed hours and wages. AND it's a full time position. SEARS has not called back yet. Poohie on SEARS hiring people. Went through all that trouble for a part time gig and they don't even bother calling back.

I am at work today. I feel miserable, and I can't go home. Hurry up 3 o'clock so I can get on the road and soak in a tub!

09-11-2003, 12:54 PM
Kaylets, congratulations! I have to say that I'm a little fuzzy about what's happening with your job (and, indeed, what you do at all), but it sounds like a good thing! :spin: Thanks for your words about 9/11. This day always makes me a bit jumpy, since remembering the victims immediately turns to thoughts of revenge in so many people. How I wish that were not so, but hey, the American people are hearing stuff like that all the way at the top, so whattaya do? Anyway, thank you for reminding us in such a tenderhearted, positive way.

**Stepping off the bleeding-heart liberal :soap: now.**

Yo-yo, I read a bit about the Pendle witches. Sounds like a good place for a Hallowe'en party, though on the website I visited claimed that "self-respecting" witches of today wouldn't go near such an ostentatious gathering. Hint for Amarantha: they all die.

Amarantha, I'm happy for you and your tall, handsome Flexpoints. He sounds very accomodating. Is your dog really geriatric, or is Old Dog her name?

Wildfire, it fills me with irony that the Lunch Walk **** told YOU to get a good burn on! :flame: Tee, hee. Ah, phooey on her. If I'm not mistaken, SHE joined YOU, right? Get a little propriety, lil' lady!

My boss is this teeny Japanese-born lady who is probably 50 or so. She told me haltingly yesterday that she was experiencing the 1-lb-per-year weight gain that middle-aged women (lovely title, don't you think?) get. She had gotten up to *gulp* one hundred and TEN pounds without even noticing! Oh, G-O-O-O-O-O-D!!! :stress: :yikes: If this kept up, in ten years she'd be - wait for it - ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY!!!! :faint: Here's me: :ziplip: "IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou." Just kidding. She does have a very small frame!

Eydie, yesterday was my first day of calorie-counting. Lovely, trying to figure out the calories of roasted potatoes and carrots tossed in a little olive oil. I ended up separating them and spooning them into my Weight Watchers Scale of Yore. Then just docking myself for a Tb. of oil. Very scientific. FitDay is great, though. I can see a nice pie chart of my intakes. That book is pretty helpful, though I can't for the life of me figure out why on earth she'd measure the calorie-count of DRY rice. :mad: Grrrr. Never mind, between that book and FitDay, I'll be OK. My total calories were 1550. Not too bad. I could have had a coconut fruit popsicle, but I was rather full of spinach and wanted to go to bed.

Zadie, I have to say that once you get handy with an axe, splitting wood can be very enjoyable. Good for the shoulders, which are notoriously weak for women. You get to feel like a bit of an ***-kicker, IMO. Always the most important thing for me. To feel like an ***-kicker, I mean. And stacking wood also has a good anal side for me - getting the rick to look nice and neat. God, I'm so like my Dad. Just CONCENTRATE all the time with the chainsaw, PLEEEEZE. :^:

Soccer's saturday. My knees and one hip still can't believe I want them to run. I need soccer shoes (so the ball will actually go where I ask it to), AND good walking/running shoes. Drat. Still, toughing it out and counting calories. Weight melts off when I do that, and I'm pretty sure the habit will stick this time (it didn't before) since fat melting off will make soccer easier!

Amarantha, I think obsessions are a good thing. Flexpoints for you, soccer for me. I'm thinking of putting the word "soccer" on the clipboard for pasting every time I post here, since I mention it so much. Hope I'm not boring anyone! :D

:queen: o' Friday, are you OK? She HAS to check in tomorrow, right guys?

I pm'd wsw, but haven't gotten a reply.

Anagram, any word on the pool's triumphant return?

I know I didn't mention some of you, beloveds. I'm thinking about all of you, though.

Let's Roll, ladies!

09-11-2003, 12:59 PM
Aha! Frogger was LURKING! Hey, honey. Uh, hoping your back, stomach and naughty bits settle down and behave! I'm so sorry you have to languish at work today...

09-11-2003, 01:33 PM
I'm baaaaack! :wave:

Blessed Patriot's day everyone. My neighbor's son has been home from Iraq for a week or so now. They put yellow ribbons around all their trees... that kid makes me feel SO proud. And amazingly old - I babysat him, and now he's a Marine and has served in Iraq. :cool:

The thought for the day (thanks Kaylets) made me smile. Watching the children reading the names this morning was so emotional - I'm sure I'll end up with a good cry by the end of the day. Part sadness, part awe-struck by all of the survivor's courage and determination to carry on. Indeed, let's roll!

Yes, work's been insane - busy and stressful - but it looks like it's going to be a quiet Friday-eve and Friday.... :crossed: I missed you guys!!!

I had the most amazing night last night. I attended a women only, full moon ritual in a tiny canyon they're about to close to humans because of damage to 9,000 year old petroglyphs on the cave walls. It was an experience I'll never forget - and that harvest moon was awesome last night too, just HUGE! Ok, there were bats, but I tried to just ignore them ( :eek: )

Big ol' welcome to our only Brit on the block, YoYo Dee! I love reading your emails, I can actually "see" your accent! Now, you wouldn't be lucky enough to live where there may be an Alan Rickman sighting would you?????? :devil: :hyper:

Everyone, now that Dee's here we have to start sticking our pinkies out when we drink our tea, and have a spot of milk on the table next to our Fresh Start and Guilt Free cards... must be proper! And I think we should have pints in the tea room now too. Oh! and let us not forget our Hobnobs! :T I'm sure I was British in a past life... :chin:

Arabella, congrats on the Baahston job! :cb:

Zadie, you're right to be worried about the car stuff - can you sign a release of liability on it before they take it? Send it to your DMV asap and then there's a record of it. My ex used to buy and sell old cars and the release was the FIRST thing always done. C.Y.A.! (cover your, uh, hiney)

Anagram, you got more letters??? How RUDE! Can you put "return to sender, addressee unknown" on them and send them back unopened? It might give them the hint... Otherwise, like Dee said, burn 'em. :flame: LOL, or I just had a thought - write "return to satan" with "satan" crossed out and corrected to "sender" ooooh, that's a hoot! :lol: (sorry, sick sense of humor)

Kaylets, I hope you're feeling better! Congrats on the transfer too! :bravo:

Frogger, so hubby's got the job???? I'm dyin' to hear! The car fixes suck - even though I'm in the biz, I hate dealing with shops - I always feel like just because I have boobs I'm a target for them to rip me off. It's fun to see their reaction when I tell them what I do for a living though. :lol: Any chance the price could come in less than the estimate?? :crossed: I hope you're feeling better too. :chicken: soup, all around!

Amarantha, I'm so happy you decided to come back!!!! :dance: Like I said in the email - we gotcher' back. Anyone mess with you again they've got this group to deal with! :strong:

It doesn't matter to me if we extend the challenge, or carry it over. Whatever works for you all, works for me! :yes:

I was down last week, I think it was 2 pounds - as of this morning I'm 2.2 from Onderland! Striving to see the 1-something next week! :cb:


Yo-Yo Dee
09-11-2003, 01:52 PM
Back from the dog walk - I'll try and post a picture of him.

AWWWWW Cerise.... you are awful but I like you ;) you've given half the story away, no Pumpkinseed nowhere near Sherwood, well nowhere's that far in the UK 9 hours from where I live could have you at either John O Groats or Lands Ends so 2 hours driving would get you to Sherwood forest. Alan Rickman oooh I've come over all peculiar!

That sounded wonderful in the cave - the moon was truly beautiful last night had an orange tinge to it.

Funny you should mention about the boy you used to babysit coming home from Iraq my old school friend's son's just returned from there and I had forgotten how old he was it seems only a couple of years ago since he was in short trousers! Yes it's been strange at work subduded (that doesn't look right?) quiet then.

LITTLE FINGER ahem I'll have you know I only drink coffee very rarely tea and NEVER EVER biscuits. What are fresh start and guilt free? Don't snigger :lol:

Frogger oh ooh ohhhh (steady) fingers crossed your husband got the job!!! By the way you married on my mother's birthday - one **** of a woman frightens crazed dogs/men to death but I love her.

Right I'm off to my slimming club to get weighed and generally help out I'll speak to you all later on.

Cerise - the self respecting witches wouldn't gather up there - no that's very true it gets a bit mobbed but they're not that far away if I can I'll attach a picture of the area. There's another place not that far away where there are cairns and waterfalls which isn't as popular

The girl out of Frazier (Daphne?) has my sort of accent


Dee mega hugs to everyone on this rememberance day

09-11-2003, 01:54 PM
punkin-that ritual you went to sounds great. I bet it was very interesting. Did you get to see the cave walls? Don't know if hubby has the job yet or no. But the GM did speak wages and hours and from my experience they don't like to do that until they are sure they want to hire you. I HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE!! He's driving me mad at home. Underfoot and everything.

:wave: Yo Yo Dee! I don't think I have said hi to you before. <<SINGING>> I'm just Dee... Dee from Britian's block.. Sorry, Punkin got me thinking about JLo (and I don't even care for her)

09-11-2003, 01:55 PM
He's high on my list of "older men I would :censored: ". Along with Antonio Banderas and Sean Connery. If any of you are the same age or older than these men I apologize. The list means older than ME.

Sorry about The Word in the last post. I want to be a HINEY-kicker. That's right. :p

Felling a teensy bit low today. My 10-year HS reunion is starting in Texas today without me. Our class was very close, and there are people I very much wanted to see. My reason for not going was money, but it wouldn't have been such a decisive obstacle if...well, I suspect that the fact that I am officially Severely Obese or something had a bit to do with it as well. Since you are all wonderful, caring women I know none of you will smile sardonically at my "Self-esteem" posts of Yore. Though I believe what I say (most of the time) about that stuff, when decision-time came about the reunion, my courage failed and I guess I really didn't want my classmates to see me like this. Oh...@#$%&* freakin' @#$%^& bleep bleep :censored: grrrrrrr. So much for my higher ideals about loving yourself as you are. Poop. The stupidest thing is, I don't think they cared all that much about my sex appeal in school and I'm DAMN sure they don't care now. I was known for my sarcasm, humor and singing ability, not my BODY. Bisquits.

09-11-2003, 02:02 PM
cerise, where did you go to HS at? I went to HS in a little town called Shepherd. It's about 60 miles north of Houston.

Entire town population was 1800. My class was (I believe) 64 graduating seniors. We had 127 people in 8th grade and by the time we graduated.. well there you go.

09-11-2003, 02:05 PM
My HS was in Kenya. As in Africa. Texas was just a central location.

Yo-Yo Dee
09-11-2003, 02:08 PM
Helloo Frogger (I very nearly named my son Kermit when he was born - I had a moment of sanity thankfully) fingers/everything crossed - I don' know the song.. :?:

Right hopefully I can post a picture of the hill that's named 3 times


Yo-Yo Dee
09-11-2003, 04:50 PM
:dance: :dance: :dance: those scales have me down the 2lb I put on last week - all purely due to drinking like a viking on shore leave!!! This brings my total loss now to 183 down from 215.

Why is the hill named 3 times you may wonder well Pen means hill dle means hill and of course it's also called a hill!!!

Of to cut the fruit up for tomorrow's breakfast - I think it's time to up the tempo a little in my exercising :drill: I'm not sure how but I'll give it some thought over the weekend.

Empress is there going to be another psychic walk on Sunday - if there is count me in

Keep :strong: and well


09-11-2003, 05:31 PM
Hello loves!

So you don't hear from me for DAYS and now I'm back twice in one day... go fi'gurr. :shrug:

What a reminder of just how small our world has gotten - YoYo Dee made the comment about the moon and for a split second it didn't sink in that it was the *same* full moon that I saw last night - like "oh, yours was beautiful too??" (yea, I know, DUH!...:dz: ). I just may have made myself look reeeeally stoopid, but, it was one of those moments where everything clicked in to place and you realize that my moon is same you all see too - seems like a simple statement, but really....damned small place, earth is.
(please note: weird psycho-babble moment has now expired - please make sure your arms are properly crossed for the best fitting of your "special jacket", the walls are soft and padded for your protection....) :dizzy:

Yo-Dee, you've just completely burst my bubble of what a Brit is supposed to be! Waaaaah! :lol: Coffee? No biscuits?? No pinky??? My great-grandfather is probably spinning in his grave... ;) (he was born in Burslem, his dad in Longport).

Holy #&*! I just noticed I have Canadians in my family! Now, not that that's a bad thing... :chin: but curious haven't I noticed that before (being a tad jealous of the :cool: Canadian kinship here). I dug out my geneology to reply to Dee and lo and behold - the Brits married into Canadians! Waterloo, WNO (what's a WNO? I have a wino in the family?? :cheers: ) is the place. Do I get a membership card or somefin' now???? :hyper:

Frogger, yes, you can walk right up to the walls - and in to the caves if you so wish (you'd be on crack to "wish" but to each their own...). The caves aren't deep - 20 feet or so - but the bat guano is well, it's POOP! :lol:
The drawings were amazing - that someone stood in the exact place I did last night, some 9,000 years ago and drew a picture of a woman in dark red ink-stain, was intensely spiritual for me.
See, there I go gettin' all wacky again.... :rolleyes:

Cerise, get in line for Mr. Rickman! :lol: :faint:

I don't blame you a single bit for your reunion reasoning! I've done it myself - avoid things because of my size - or was just completely mortified if there was no getting out of it. Jeez, when Bo-Beena got married, I was her Maid of Honor and they told me (and I quote) "they don't make your dress that big" (they did, she was just an evil woman bent on making me gain another 20 pounds in grief over ruining my best friend's wedding).
Believe me, had it not been my Beena, I would've ducked out - God forbid the "fat chick" take away from the bride's big day... and as it was, that day I spent telling myself they were looking at the bride and groom - not the 250+ pound woman in the green dress!
We're cruel to ourselves, and you're not going to change in a day, or a week, or even a year - you have to relearn your thinking and that can take a long, long time.

Ok, 2nd novel in 1 day - I guess I should go away and do some work now!


09-11-2003, 05:42 PM
Just a fly by. Haven't read the last 2 pages of posts, will have to come back later for that.

Packing to go camping this weekend. Last weekends partying wasn't enough I guess! Thank you for all your advise, I made it though the parties beautifully!! Looks like I am working on a loss this week too:)

Have a great day, will catch up with you all later, BoBeena

09-11-2003, 05:48 PM
I am having a day horrid beyond belief. Thinking of having my previously scheduled meltdown and getting it over with. But my Empress said she'd like to see a post from all today, so I'm posting.

I will survive this day, I will. And I'm very proud to report that I refused dh's sweet little offer of one of his cookies after lunch. He thought it would make me feel better and at one time it might have but today I didn't even want it (nor did I even feel I'd want half the bag). I'm hoping that's progress.

Even the thought that I'm going to see my sweet little princesses on Sunday isn't doing it. And I love the full moon too so it can't be that. But I feel like a witch of PA and I don't like that one bit.

'til a more calm moment............

09-11-2003, 05:55 PM
I'm so sorry Anagram,
I'm sending cyber hugs :grouphug: and wish I could beam you a few bottles of wine and a bag or two of chocolates. I wish there was something we could really do to make you feel better - you sound so unlike yourself... we're here when you need the rant - or a cyber box of tissues.


09-11-2003, 06:00 PM
Still ill, but in EXCELLENT spirits! My flight is booked for Boston, Sat. Oct 4 - Tues. Oct. 7. Really looking forward to it. DH may or may not come with me. I'll have a good time in either case. Meetings will only be on Mon. & Tues., but there was a seat sale that meant I could go then, for $510 CA or it would either be over $1000 or involve a 5-6 day stay. The co. is paying for it, but they don't want to pay more than nec.

Yo-Yo Dee, I don't think I've officially welcomed you to our group - WELCOME! :sunny: From my intermittent lurking since I started my new job, I can tell you were meant to be with us!

Boy, do I know what you mean with the gaining weight without noticing (this goes back a bit, don't have time to look back, but I think I remember the gist). HOW can we fool ourselves so well? I literally gained 50-60 pounds without ever allowing myself to realize it until --- OHHHH! It was too late. Then I saw a picture of myself that couldn't be denied. Rats. Stupid reality!

And Cerise, too! Alan Rickman.... uh-huh... :T I believe it was our Eydie that likened listening to his voice to liquid honey, and there was more color commentary -- if only I could remember the details -- something about laying back, warm honey dripping.... ok, now mmmmm that's enough. :whew:

Actually, I feel quite heartened that you are not always the pillar of self-esteem that I feared you were. When I feel unacceptable, since we met, I always think of you and how you probably never feel that way. And sometimes I feel worse for feeling bad, if you know what I mean. So I'm glad that we share that same occasional frailty.

Kaylets, a major CONGRATS! I'm so happy your transfer worked out! Wow, we're really in sync right now -- promotions (sounds like one to me) AND a killer head cold. Take good care of yourself, sweetie. Let's have a cup of that tea -- maybe make it echinacea.

Your Punkinness! I envy you so for the full-moon ritual. I always feel like we're supposed to pay it a lot more attention than we do -- why would it show off so otherwise! And I seem to take in the show way less often than I'd like. Well, tonight I swear I'll at least go for a little stroll under the (almost) full moon. I guess going to bed at 9 might have something to do with missing it... :yawn:

Frogger, fingers crossed that your DH will get the job! :crossed: Sending good vibes! :goodvibes:

Zadie, I concur -- chopping wood is major exercise! I know a woman who'd quit smoking and gained 60 pounds (doesn't everyone? :rolleyes: ) She moved to the country, chopping her own wood, and took it all off again in -- I think -- four months.

Anagram, I gotta say I'm really liking :queen: Punkin's "Return to Satan -- uh, I mean Sender" idea. The nerve!

Eydie, yes, my head is still spinning! I was sitting at my desk yesterday, working, and thinking "is it possible it's a dream?" Amazing to me that these people who've never met me hired me for this very responsible position without even really considering anyone else. I'm honored!

Amarantha, I am so glad that you're with us. I have to admit that I thought you'd be back -- how can you stay away from those who love you so! Fortunately we didn't have to suffer without you for long. Because I was only able to read sporadically, I read one time and you were going and then the next read you were back. Ahhhh.... you know you're the heart and soul of this thread!

Wildfire, are things quieting down for you at all? Sounds like things were hopping, last I heard. Money is always tres nice, though!

Ok, I must be off again. Love to all!

09-11-2003, 06:51 PM
Oh, anagram. Melt away. Sending you lots of love and deep concern. Please do what you need to do today, and I'm looking forward to your seeing your princesses.

Arabella, poor thing. I'm only 28, too young, not mature enough to be a pillar of anything much! I'm so sorry I made you feel that way. Now you know I'm all talk. I feel uncomfortable about my weight all the time, but I still stick my chin up in the air and pretend that it's all good. I'm just gonna have to get real more often, I see...

09-11-2003, 07:17 PM
Several posts while I was posting.

Anagram, sometimes all you can do with a day is get through it, feel what you need to feel and, then, well, you get to another day. And nine times out of ten it will be a better one. :grouphug: We love you!

Bo-Beena, nice to see you in here. Have a great time camping!

09-11-2003, 09:44 PM
Arabella, I'm very tired but I'm going to go for a 'moonlight stroll' before bed. You're so right--we need to pay attention to these things.

Punkin, the ritual sounds lovely. I'd love to hear more.

Anagram, lean on us all you want.

Cerise, when you were talking about the Japanese lady, it made me think of when I was married 17 years ago and was a 103 pound bride and I thought I was FAT! Haw! How obnoxious is that?:lol:

Out to admire the moon [that shines all the way over in England ;) ] and then to bed.

09-11-2003, 09:56 PM
Evenin' Ladies.....

Busy day...I'm with ya Bo-Beena! First chance to read and post!

Got this stupid writeover thingy goin' again....this may be an exercise in frustration....

What a busy thread today.....I just wanted to say that I'm sailin' onto Day 19 tomorrow....and am going to be trailer trash for the weekend up in Goodells MI at the fairgrounds....another dog show...this time with the baby....the basicly untrained baby!:lol: I'm sure she'll try to embarass me!

Anagram, vent all you want....we'll pick you up after...but we won't feed you! :nono:

Arabella and Kaylets...the job :queen:s! It must be so exciting for both of you!

Will not be around to participate in the psychic walk on Sunday..but will think of you all....It may be the only blue ribbon I get!

Punkin...that moon was so cool...even my DS...Mr.16 noticed it and made me go out to see it early in the eve...when it was so orange and low and huge....I would consider you a benefit to the Canadians...come on over!

Anyway...I gotta go and do something...I think Sunday has finally caught up :tired: :faint: to me.



09-11-2003, 10:52 PM
Yowza!!! Since I can't use the reply screen (software issue), I can't see all the posts as I type, but I did read them all and am so happy to see everyone here today!!! So, my replies are gonna be spotty as befits my aging brain! :doh:

YoYo! Thanks for the pm and the Pendle site!!! It was a sad story that fit somehow today! And yes, I think we should have the Psychic Superwalk Sunday again!

The psychic part started, I think, with Ceara having gone for a walk before I put up the superwalk challenge. So I said, "Ceara must be psychic!" At least, I think it was Ceara. Anyhow, I think the psychic part should be that we all take a walk and think of this group and feel our psychic connection as we grow fitter and fitter!!! (Emile Coue? "Every day in every way, I'm growing more and more fit!) Er, I digress!

Ceara, though thou be off for the weekend, thou canst substitute any exercise and psychically think of us ... or of Punkin and the moon ... that should work! Methinks that should earn thee an honorary blue ribbon.

Wood Nymph: Thou knowest me too well, alas! :) Thanks for all thy kind words and support.

Frogger: Hope thy dh receives the position he desires! I can't remember the smilie for fingers crossed, but consider it here!

Punkin: I read about thee and the moon but can't find the post now. I was noticing it a night or two ago driving into the mountains for a late meeting. So amazing!


Not sure who asked this, but Old Dog actually issomewhat geriatic, though not into advanced dementia yet! :) I need to get some weight off of her and stop giving in to her demands for cat food and a sedentary lifestyle.

My beloved Flexi has taken off for the weekend (e.g., I've used them ALL!)

That's ok, he'll be back!

He knows I can't live without him, the rogue!

To all, mentioned or unmentioned, I gotta crash now! Later, gators!

09-11-2003, 10:55 PM
YoYo!!! Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 pound drop!!!

Your total loss is fantastic!!! Keep a'goin'!!! :cb: :cp:

And to YoYo and anyone who reported a loss that I missed, may I just say:

HUZZAH!!! :cheers:

09-12-2003, 03:07 AM
Hmmm. Three in a row? Ok! Trying to stay away from FOOD, since my protector, Flex the Magnificant, be on sabbatical until Sunday! But I forgot to note that I heard a news story about the USDA or whoever is planning on redoing the food pyramid to come out in 2005. They have apparently come to the amazing conclusion that many Americans are overweight and sedentary and should eat fewer calories and they are thinking of making the new pyramid or whatever shape reflect that with advice that will result in many folk being advised to eat between 1500-1800 a day, which is, so the news story went, approximately 1000 less calories per day than they currently eat. This will be hard, the news story concluded. All this is preliminary, the news report said, and the debate is on about whether this is a good idea or a bad idea.

Doesn't it seem, sometimes, that some government folk have too much time on their hands? :doh:

P.S. I'd also like to report, in case said government folk are listening, that Krispy Kreme is now being sold in convenience stores all over my area.

Also like to report that the new WW dining out companion has incorrect (according to me and the points counter) points numbers for some varieties of Krispy Kreme. It's off by 2 points for the maple iced and the raspberry filled. To be safe, I had only ONE original, which WW correctly lists as 5 points.

I'm going to get off here now! Really! :wave:

09-12-2003, 07:46 AM
I sat and posted to everyone last night and then lost it all in a barrage of pop up windows. I was too ticked off to retype it. So, Congratulations, sorry for bad days, keep up the good work, and love to all! Use as needed. :)

09-12-2003, 07:46 AM
Hello all!

Just a short one-- Glad to see so many of us checking in---

Feeling the same, cold seems to be in my chest also, back is screaming, scratchy throat, ---- did find some over the counter medication that really cleared my head but you do feel parched most of the time.
Today's thought is:

"What you will do matters. All you need is to do it"
-- Judy Grahn

Today's question:
"What stressed you most this week?"
-- Table Topics


Take care all!

09-12-2003, 08:14 AM
:queen: Punkin does the :dance:

OK...QOD...a church bored meeting....you know you'd think because we are all members of the same group and the group is a church that WE'D GET AlONG!!!! NADA. And as the bored chair :s: I referee the meetings....I guess I was stressed before I got there, but most people behaved themselves...I think it is the potential.

Ok....gotta go...but will be back shortly :s: jazz band practice for DS


09-12-2003, 09:28 AM
There...child is at band.

Down another pound this a.m. Considering how the scale bounced around last week with the TOM I feel it should...Jeez it is hard to stay OP when the scale doesn't back you up...but goes up!!!!! I think everything I drank stayed with me....have been making many trips to the WC this week.

Kaylets I hate that parched feeling....and water just doesn't seem to relieve it....but at least you can breathe and your nose doesn't do that drippy thing!:lol: But, don't try and sing after taking some of those....man...serious probs!

Tomorrow is the :queen: of soccer's second practice...do us proud girl! I hope it will be easier this week for you. All those newly awakened muscles..........

Have to walk first, then brekkie...then bath the heathen, pack for me, her and the show....and take my aged (emphasis on -ed) grandmother out for lunch...which means I need to take out the crates and put in a seat in the van....don't think she is agile enough anymore to be crammed in a crate :lol: Besides it doesn't fit her station in life....She be 94 or 5!!!!!!!

So I need to haul my keister....have a great week end ladies and I will be sending out :grouphug: and :sunny: and :goodvibes to Y'all.

Ceara...much less :tired:

09-12-2003, 09:50 AM
WAY OFF TOPIC! Yowza! I have an answer to QOD: What stressed me out most this week was visiting Paypal for the first time ever and trying to register and being told my primary email was already associated with an account! :yikes: Since no one has any access to my email but me, I assumed "fraud" and tried to report it to Paypal. There seems to be no way to do this. They have a "reporting" process online, but the screens freeze. There's no real email address or phone number. When I do a Goggle search, I just get lots of anti-Paypal sites with complaints but no help. I finally reported it to my ISP, which will be NO help, if experience holds true.

Actually, this is rather ON topic, as I was trying to buy a second Flexpoint calculator on eBay, which I have likewise never used.

Dunno what to think about this, but it definitely stresses me out.

09-12-2003, 10:04 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Good news: I now weigh 201! Only 3 lbs to my goal for the challenge. I hope I will be able to surpass it.

Bad news: I'M SICK!!!!!!!!! Whole body hurts. Hot sweats, cold chills, soar throat, eyeballs even hurt. So I am working at home today. Probebly will get some flack for it but whatever.

Ceara-congratulations on the lb. down!! Good job.

I should be here several times today since I am at home. :devil:

Yo-Yo Dee
09-12-2003, 11:12 AM
quick fly on to computer and then out with his nibs the dog.

QOD I can't sign onto the forum at work as they have trackers to alert them when you're on the internet more than a couple of minutes :mad:

Been the gym again ran more at a higher speed today, see if that jolts me down a bit more

CONGRATULATIONS to all the losers.. :cp:

Yes I used the freakin **** today at work about a co-worker!!! I'm am so impressed with that phrase - it'll wear off!

Empress do you never sleep?? I see your posts and thank you for my PM and they're all early in the morning or is it the time difference? hmm have to look at it in more detail.

Camping oh Bo Beena I am sooo jealous we have a small (and I mean small) campervan which we use a lot, but this weekend is not going to be one of them - I could live in it I love it that much. That's what cost me the money Frogger I would sell my soul to keep it running! :D

To all you ill people with sore throats/dry throats my mother microwaves a glass of lemonade and drinks that with 2 paracetemols works for her. Hope you all feel better soon

I've just timed myself typing this and it's taken me 10 minutes so no way would I get away with it at work :stress: and I'm a touch typist!

Right over and out with the dog

If I don't get back on later have a good FRIDAY! (I will be :strong: the pub will not get me) :cb:


09-12-2003, 11:34 AM
Yes don't let the pub get you.....empty calories you know.
Also be careful there...that is how those witches in Pendle got into trouble....selling their souls...watch out for the dog!


09-12-2003, 01:48 PM
Happy Friday!! :cb: :dance: :cb:

WHAT a week!!!!! :faint: Yesterday ended with a nuclear explosion of my temper :bomb: - I've had *enough*. I'm tired, stressed, working 50 hour weeks, I've had insomnia for a month, headaches, AAARGH!... :headache: :tired:
Thank goodness it's Friday, I don't think I can squeeze out another day of being polite.

Kaylets, I hope you're able to veg over the weekend and feel better!

Frogger, congrats on the loss! :cb: You get better soon too! No workin' this weekend! Rest, sleep, be a bum, get better!

Eydie, the ritual was great... we all brought a piece of fruit or vegetable and buried them in a harvest basket. All of us said a little something that we were grateful for - and a blessing for one of the ladies who was moving out of the country. We had homemade incense and topped it all off with loganberry wine and bread with fruit and nuts :T. It was really moving - all of us sitting in this little canyon, with bats swooping around, one of the ladies with a beautiful voice did some singing and that huge moon - that looked so close that you could touch it. Really amazing time...
(oh, and your moon is the same as the one I see too?? - interesting.... :chin: :p )

Ceara, thank you for the invite to be an honorary Canadian! I'm gonna start calling ham "bacon" now... :lol: Do you know what WNO means?? :shrug:

Amarantha, it's just WRONG of them to put Krispy Kremes in the stores! You know, I don't even crave them, but I had a dream last night that someone brought in 4 dozen donuts to work - 2 of them being KK's. Now, there's only me in the office.... maybe it's a good thing I woke up before I saw what I was going to do with all that food!! :eek:

YoYoDee, trackers on your computer!?!?!? Maaaaan.... that's awful! Well, I guess it would force you to actually *work* if your job didn't require being online... but still, sheesh! No surfing during lunch or breaks? I'd have withdrawl. BTW, what's a paracetemol?

Guess I should scootle. Just had a call from the Bo-Beena, she and her clan are heading out to camper-land with our other friend and hers. Sounds like she had a good loss this week too though! :cb:

Toodles for now!

09-12-2003, 08:45 PM
Bonjour mes amies! :wave: Pardon-moi...I have been drinking french wine...;) DH took me out for dinner and it's the first glass of wine I've had in MONTHS!

Yo-Yo Dee, very sorry to take you by surprise...hope the keyboard didn't suffer from the coffee. :D People used to ask me where I worked and I'd always reply "for the ****s" because the company I work for is a bit demanding of one's life ( you hand it over at the door on your first day and never get it back). Finally one friend who is sharp as a tack replied, "Oh, the Oakville ****s...yes, know them well..." and continued on with his conversation. :lol: Now tell me, where do you work that you are so lucky to be able to take your doggie with you sometimes?

Punkin, your celebration sounds lovely. The harvest moon has always been my favorite. Humbling to stand in the same spot as that early man/woman who created those paintings, no? All this "my moon is the same as your moon" made me think of the song "Somewhere Out There"....anytime I hear it I get a little melancholy thinking of an old friend, but now I'm going to smile knowing we are all under the same bright moon.

Amarantha, I heard about the restructuring of the pyramid, too. Makes sense to me!

Oh, better go watch that movie with DH....I gave him **** last night for not doing anything with me anymore, only playing his Everquest game every night, :blah: and now he's using it against me because I'm sitting here and he wants to start the DVD. Men!

Catch up later...

09-12-2003, 09:16 PM
Yo! Can I just VENT? Having a really ticked off day, what with one thing and another, but intend to forget it and have a POSITIVE, ON PROGRAM kind of evening.

Tried to buy another one of those Flexpoints calculators from the WW "at-home" people, who told me I could go into the local franchise and just buy it because WW only had the kits at $99. The local franchise, though, said I'd have to join to purchase anything. Finally ended up calling WW back and buying the whole kit just to get the calculator. What a ridiculous way to do business.

That was just the first of many annoying incidents of the day, including one related to employers. Grrrr. I'd relate the stupid incident to you (speaking of employers demanding of one's life) but if one of them should happen to be lurking, which is possible, it'd be too identifiable.

Punkin, your ceremony sounds lovely! I wish I had people like that around me here where I live. Too bad I never took that job in Bend.

YoYo! Nope, I never sleep! I'm a journalist. :)

Punkin, I got so mad at my employers today that I had a KK on the way home. Just barely stayed in points ... get more at midnight and am determined to make it. It was a caramel creme fudge crunch. Actually, it wasn't all that good and it wasn't fresh. Should have simply had an original. Those are reasonable in terms of fat and calories.

Ridiculous day! :doh:

I'll think of something more cheerful to say next time! :wave:

09-12-2003, 10:41 PM
Well it was not a good weigh in week for me this week and I'm just getting frustrated. I was up .8 again even though I stayed op and got in some walking and golf. My leader wanted to look at my journal and she called me at home and said to try and increase my protien to 8-10 pt a day for the rest of this week. I'm usually at about 8 pts of protien. She said that if that doesn't work they may just set me at goal now because I have be fighting the same 10 lbs since Jan. They feel perhaps Im as far as my body will allow and that maybe if I go on to maintance it may relax my body a bit and perhaps it will go down again. I am a little disheartened by that because I really wanted to reach my goal but so many people have been telling me they think I will be too thin if I lose more. I try not to listen to them and just keep at it.
I feel like I may feel like a failure but then I look at what I have done up til now I have gone from a size 24 pants to a 14. A size 44 shirt to a medium and from a 5xl underwear to wearing a thong ( sorry a little more then you needed to hear) at any rate I should just be happy with what I have done. I carry my weight very different no one realizes that I still weigh over 180 when they look at me they always guess 140-150 now.
Sorry for whining Im just feel sorry for myself because I have a terrible cold and feel miserable and I have to go to work again tomorrow, I think I will go for a short day. I have a tour of the facility to do at 12 so I think I will work 10-2. If I had known I was going to get so sick with this cold I never would have decided to go in. Sounds like the season for sickness by what I have been reading. I had better go before I give my virus to my computer. HaHa. Hope everyone feels better real soon and I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

09-12-2003, 11:48 PM
So sorry, Empress, that your today was about as bad as my yesterday. And your yesterday as well, Punkin. I woke up a bit weepy yesterday and figured I was coming to meltdown mode but like a doofus went on with my plans for the day. I SHOULD have given me a day off or done something fun. Instead I start out doing stuff to settle up DMs affairs. And things kept going wrong, etc. I came home at one point and lost it a bit and DH tries to help but it's one of those things he's just not great at (or maybe nothing would have helped). To add insult to injury, my "official" weigh in yesterday was up .2 lb.

Today went much better. First, weighed in and was down a lb from last week and at my next to lowest ever (and I think the lowest was probably a figment of my imagination). Then we headed up to Mom's to do some more business, go through the house and then to the cemetery where I finally had a little cry and now think I'm ready to proceed. I feel much better tonight. Another thing that will help is tht I'm about at the end of my allergy season and this week is traditionally my worst week of the year. Every year I plan to take the end of August and beginning of September easy and every year something happens that that's not posible.

Anyway, when the allergy season passes, I usually feel "reborn" and like a whole new person. Which works out nicely as it usually coincides with my birthday and I've always felt it's my best time of year. So hopefully, my posts will be more positive than yesterday's was.

09-12-2003, 11:59 PM
On QOD, see previous post.

Empress, you are making me hungry for KKs. Fortunately, there are not a lot of them around here. A few stores now carry the packaged ones. I fell in love with them in FL a few years ago but have managed to keep my consumption of them minimal because the ones I've seen here don't seem to compare to the originals I had down south. Bless my geography!

Punkin, your ritual sounds so interesting. I love cosmic connections. Mr. Full Moon refuses to be ignored here as I see him rising from my family room window. When I close those drapes, he's still peeking through the windows by my front door coaxing me to come out and enjoy him. Which I've done a lot.

Our weather is nice and cool here today giving me hope of fall weather which I also love. Am getting anxious to go out and buy some new clothes. Not many but enough to rev my engine a bit.

Dollar, you've done so well. Don't be disappointed. It actually sounds so reasonable. And maybe you just need some time to adjust a bit and then you can decide if you want to try for a bit more.

Umm, wine, Wildfire! Sounds like you had a fun evening.

Anyway, fresh start again tomorrow whether I need it or not!

09-13-2003, 12:23 AM
Darned if I didn't just lose another post. Fortunately it was a short one. Seem to be having a lot of trouble tonight on the site. Very slow - unusual.

Anyway, I had another letter today from the first proselytizer (to whom I had responded expressing my annoyance). I'm following the advice of the "Losers" and refusing it and asking it be returned to sender. I thought it MIGHT contain an apology but figured it was probably the same as the first, a dupe or something similar. Whatever, I've had enough of it and he's had enough of my time.

09-13-2003, 08:58 AM
Punkin, thanks for sharing some details about the ritual. It's been sooo long since I've done something like that with a group.

Ceara, congrats on the lost pound that will never find its way back. When you used the charming phrase, 'haul my keister' it reminded me of when I met a gentleman whose first name was unfortunately 'Keister'. Made me giggle!

? of the Day: I was most stressed this week when I was asked to prepare lunch for a group but no one was really sure how many were going to show up. My biggest fear is not having enough--always! But as always it turned out just fine.

Wildfire, you were my inspiration yesterday! I had to cook for an all-day retreat. I had to be there at the crack of dawn to do breakfast and didn't get to leave until 5:00. In the middle of the day I decided to do a Wildfire walk--it was great!

Dollar, you've come so far!

Amarantha, Here's to better days!

Anagram, I'd love to hear that you've taken a day for yourself. I think about your magickal patio at times and think that I should really have my coffee out on the deck where it's green and peaceful. Let's both do that today!

Have a great day, everybody!:)

09-13-2003, 09:44 AM
Yo! My intentions for the day are to HAVE A MUCH NICER TIME! Last night went off Flexpoints for the first time. Still hoping for a decent weigh-in, but could take another week for that. Still committed to this program.

Dollar: You have every right to want to stick to your own goal, IMO, and not substitute anyone else's judgement for your own (in my Dr. Phil voice), even if they be your WW leaders or people who tell you you'll be too thin! :) It might be good to just maintain awhile to let thy body kind of stabilize, though, as you've done a fantastic job and likely your body is just catching up on the status quo. Methinks adding protein (and maybe some healthy fat) could help, but your experience of having a hard time losing after reaching a certain point is normal, IMO. I've struggled with this for years and the Flexpoints is the only light I've seen at the end of the tunnel in a long time (as I hopefully await a good weigh-in! :) ) You're just amazing in your accomplishment, so don't worry, the rest'll come. :cheers:

Anagramatic: Ya know, I'm beginning to think thou be right re the KKs ... they don't measure up to the old days (as I date myself here). They aren't worth the calories ... the one I had yesterday set me up for going off program after having a bad day and I'm still mad at the same people I was mad at before I had the mini-binge.


Also, Anagram, since I'm in an evil advice-giving mode (sorry), I have to tell ya that I think you need to report the proselytizers to the police. Notes coming to you after you've indicated you don't want to receive them are against the law. These arrogant people need to get the message. I am so sorry they are making your period of mourning more difficult.

Eydie: Thy job soundeth stressful but still wonderful. It must be so great to be able to cook. I am a terrible cook and only I eat my own cooking, and not that often! :)



09-13-2003, 12:44 PM
Hello all! Rare postie on saturday, but I had to share the news. This morning I jumped on the scale to a nifty 199!!! Yes that's right! I am now 1 lb away from my goal from yesterday. (I can't believe it myself!) Welcome to onederland for me!!!! I can only attribute it to possibly being sick and all the water I drank yesterday.

Just thought I'd share!

09-13-2003, 05:51 PM
Frogger - so HAPPY for you - so envious too! Hope to join you eventually. SO HAPPY, SO HAPPY!

Eydie, thank you for reminding of my joyous patio. Was drinking my tea this am while I read your post and ran out and finished it outside. I've been missing it because of allergies and hectic -ness (?) but will remember to take advantage of its sanity saving properties. I feel better already.

Empress, a KK-less existence? Well, at least for a while I guess. Did not mean to take away from your enjoyment of same. Just a comment about what they're like here where people had not enjoyed any KKs up until recently and so maybe think what's here now is good but to me just not as good as what I've had in FL.

I had already put rejected mail in post, Empress. That fellow has used up enough of my time. Should it continue, though, I might contact the postal authorities who might be a bigger pain in the buttsky than the busy cops. I've heard of this guy, like in the paper, a respected fellow. Am more leary of the handwritten one. Never know who's out there. I'm not listed in phone book but dh is and our last name is the only one of that nature in the book so I guess he figured it was a leap or maybe checked a city directory or something.

Will call about pool on Monday. If no definite answer as to opening, there's another I may check out. A bit further away but more flexible hours, etc. Am missing it mightily.

Off to play with the princesses tomorrow. Being taken to lunch for my Monday birthday. Should be a nice break. Went shopping three hours today. Didn't see a piece of clothing I really wanted. Ordered wedding gift and bought something DD wants (I hope) for Christmas. So not a total waste.

09-13-2003, 08:52 PM

Anagramatic, yes, the postal authorities sound like a good bet; hopefully, though, this will stop. I can't believe you are getting these notes. That's awful!

No fear of spoiling my KK fun ... your comments just clarified my feeling that they aren't worth it. :) Of course, you'll note my challenge is not to ban donuts, just the evil KK. I had a modest donut at Walmart and counted it seven points, because that's what it would be if it were a KK!!

I hope everyone is going to join in on PSYCHIC SUPERWALK SUNDAY! Take a walk (or substitute activity) and be psychic, report it here and win a BLUE RIBBON!!!

What could be better than that? :s:

09-13-2003, 09:32 PM
Hello Sweetie-darlings...

Not Soccer Queen. Maybe Soccer Chambermaid. Practice today was frustrating - everybody seemed to be doing poorly. Sloppy passing and such. I wasn't any worse than usual, but I'm still not as good a player as the rest. I always feel so apologetic and infuriated when I screw up. Today I wasn't the only one. The coach and some of the more brilliant players were very frustrated at the level of incompetency, and I hope it wasn't just me. Nah, surely not.

Anyway, I asked the coach at the end of practice what she'd recommend for me and she flatly said if she were me, she'd take the beginners soccer course at the local sports arena. I forced my feelings not to say OW and to just be grateful for the advice and the chance to better myself.

Stuff like that would've crushed me at a younger age (stop snickering!), but I waited for the meltdown and it never really came. I've learned over the years (I mean it, no laughing!) that even frustrated people don't usually use the energy to get frustrated AT you. It's almost never personal in music or sports. And if it gets personal (I'm talking about people hating you for just being incompetent), it's not your problem. Who knows, maybe being almost 30 has its advantages.

Anagram, for the love of Pete. Another letter? God, no matter how you look at it (He probably called it the prompting of the Holy Spirit, eh? :lol: ), those kind of unsolicited letters are just MARKETING. And my parents wonder why I'm so caustic about certain kinds of Christianity. Sending a GRRRRR to him on your behalf. :devil: Hoping your deck, tea, princesses, DH and our love are something to divert you when dealing the silliness of people around you. Why are we so bad at facing mourning?

Frogger, I'm so happy you're in Onderland. You deserve it, darling. I hope your other troubles melt away soon, too. Get better, OK?

Oh, I have so much more to say, but I have to go do something for my feet. My wonderful med. student brother, Nathan, (who is already planning to meet with me once a week to teach me remedial soccer) told me that I have "plantar fascitis" or something. Great. Fascist feet. It means that my feet's support structures are complaining about me running on them. Very painful. The only thing to do is get insoles, take ibuprofen, and keep running - get the weight off. Weight loss is becoming less about weight loss and more about saving my body before it's too late to be an Athlete. :^:

Sorry for the mememe post. I especially loved reading your posts today and miss you all, though we've never met. Have a wonderful day, and see you at the Psychic Walk tomorrow!

09-14-2003, 04:25 AM
Cerise, methinks you are an incredibly mature person! It's great the way you are dealing with this soccer adjustment! Don't give up!!! I'll bet you'll be the best player in town with practice! You'd be a good coach, too, IMO! :)

I had the plantar fascia thing for months and months the year I moved from the midwest, so I understand what you're going through. It got better here, dunno why, maybe the heat scared it away. Anyhow, stretching and manipulating the foot (lengthening the arch) helps a lot as well as the measures you mentioned. You need to stretch and massage it before you get out of bed ... dunno why but rest seems to make it worse.

It's now officially PSYCHIC SUPERWALK SUNDAY!!!

My Krispy Kreme NOT Day 2!

Yowza! :comp:

Yo-Yo Dee
09-14-2003, 09:23 AM
:wave: hello everyone Me and the dog want a blue ribbon please, actually it's a choclate biscuit over here :) but I'll give the dog the biscuit :D

Nope I missed the pub Friday did very well and then B:censored:r me yesterday I fell, long story, anyway I didn't drink beer or wine just had a couple of vodkas but of course didn't get to the gym this morning as was feeling too sick.. Stoopid stoopid woman!! :rollpin:

FROGGER WELL DONE!!!! what a feeling eh! :cp:

Right gotta go the weather is fabulous today 70F it's very sunny and I've got some gardening to do.

See you all later

Have a good week and I work for the Government I'm a (un)civil servant!!!

Oh wow Empress that's why you're always awake...



09-14-2003, 10:05 AM
The weather was fantastic yesterday. very summer-like. I did manage to get outside quite a lot -- spent the day running around with my mom -- ok, not running per se, but getting around, in any case. And then went out to a reading by Alistair MacLeod. Gorgeous night! My sister came back and we had a G&T and a chat. We're both way too busy these days, so it was good to get in a visit. Also hadn't been spending much time with my mom, so I was glad for that too.

I felt like crud (still do) but all week I did nothing and felt like crud AND was bored out of my skull (except when I was working :rolleyes: and you just can't work forever)

Another similar day today. DS and I are going to SIL's for nephew's party late-ish this aft, but I've got a crazy idea to go to the beach for a couple of hours. I haven't been to the REAL beach this year, only once to a poor substitute. And the beach is my favorite place in the world, maybe 20 mins away. Something wrong here... Ok, I've officially talked myself into it. I'm going! I have an article to write, but I just had the brilliant idea that I could write it on the beach! YAY!

Amarantha, I swear I will take a walk on the beach and think of all my beloved friends here -- I occasionally think that we should give ourselves a name that would come with us from one thread to the next, although I suppose the transformations are meaningful, too.

FROGGER!!!!!! :cb: :cb: CONGRATS!!!! Oh, what could be more lovely than to be in Onederland? I've been bouncing around its borders, sometimes nearer and sometimes farther, for YEARS! I'm going to ride your tailwind down there. YAY YOU!!! BTW, bet you look FABULOUS!

Cerise, me too with the feet! As the Empress said, mine hurt when I get up and then are not too bad later. I know they're complaining about the poundage! So, do you think you'll join the beginner's soccer group? I hate being a beginner myself! When I started tai chi, I expected to learn how to do it very quickly. And it was about a year and a half before I could get through the set on my own. Moving forward is the key, though...

Dollar, I agree -- maybe your body just needs a break! This might be an excellent time to practice maintenance, and if your body wants to, it might just decide to ease on down a bit, too. In any case, don't forget to feel FANTASTIC about where you are and how you got there!

Eydie, I took myself off to my shady back yard yesterday. More the town-type of retreat than Anagram's magickal patio, but still very green and leafy. I do love my leaves...

Anagram, here's some lavender for you ( I adore lavender -- I love to imagine the huge fields of it in -- is it Provence? In France, anyway.) Hope you manage to get swimming. I haven't swum in a pool for years, but it's so meditative and return-to-the wombish almost. Very restorative. I actually got to enjoy the smell of chlorine when I walked into my gym.

Kaylets, my dove, I hope you're feeling better (and there were others suffering, as well -- same for you). What a miserable cold this seems to be! Ick. Hope your hubby is taking good care of you? Is he the type? Mine certainly isn't, but at least I'm having a break from having to look after him...

Wildfire, what movie did you watch? Any reccommendations? I've still got a week before DH gets back in which to watch movies I want to see...

Ceara, "hauling keister" - LOL! Also like to call mine "avoirdupois." ;)

Punkin, I hope you got some R&R this weekend! Remember to breathe, sweetie! You've been through such a difficult time -- why not take yourself to the SPA? Oh, towel boy.....! Ah, hmmmm... seems to resemble Brendon Frasier, doesn't he? And that masseur... Why its Alan Rickman! MMM... the warm honey massage!

Yo-Yo, hope you had a blast at the pub and that the empty calories didn't get you. But that if they did, that you burned them off in sheer revelry!

Ok, my darlings, now I really must be off -- wanted to make sure to get in a real post in advance of the new work week! Love to all!

09-14-2003, 11:02 AM
Hello all!

I am officially "in bed for the weekend" --spent only about 45 minutes out of bed yesterday but have already gone beyond that this am but will be going back soon.... Thursday night the cold medicine kept me awake, so I took more Friday am to STAY awake- Friday night took nothing and slept the whole night thru--
Am now realizing after sleeping most of yesterday how miserable I had been all week-- now wonder everything was such an effort--

I think the worst is behind me but I thought that on Thursday too....

Yes, I am lucky, DH has made me soup, done the grocery shopping and then suprised me w/ brownies ( !!) --

Take care all!!

09-14-2003, 02:02 PM
Yowza! I'm down a pound and Flexi and I are shopping for furniture for our honeymoon cottage in the South of France!!! Hooray for me!!! :wave:

And now, Psychic Network Friends, here we are at Psychic Superwalk Sunday!!! I, Elbertine Pep, personal trainer to the Empress Amarantha, o' the Land o' Fit Folk, shall hand out the first awards of the day. More will follow as the intrepid band o' psychic superwalkers take their psychic Sunday superwalk (or equivalent) and think psychically o' their comrades-in-arms in the fitness journey we are embarked on!!! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! (crown roars)!!!

An honorary BLUE RIBBON goes to :queen: Kaylets, who would doubtless be taking a psychic superwalk, were she not laid low with an evil cold!!! Huzzah! :cp:

A BLUE RIBBON, and a CHOCOLATE BISCUIT goe to Yo-Yo Dee and her intrepid canine companion for their superwalk together!!!! Hoorah! :cheers:

A BLUE RIBBON in advance for the magikal Wood Nymph Arabella, who hath pledged to walk along the beach on her travels and think psychic thoughts about us! That calls for another: "Huzzah!!!!" :cb:

A BLUE RIBBON for Amarantha who hath taken a 40-minute walk and a 20-minute walk on her magic "hall treadmill" and may walk more before the sun sets!

Champions, all! Later!! :wave:


09-14-2003, 02:17 PM
P.S. I'd vote for a permanent name for this group, too, although we could always add a seasonal twist and a new challenge to each thread and mention that in each thread name. Do we have any ideas?

Remember how we used to all be :queen: s and walk in colorful array around those blocks in the royal neighborhood?

Something like the Queens o' Fitness (just an example, can't think of anything terribly clever when I'm writing school BORED meetings)? So this would be the Queens o' Fitness: End o' Daylight Savings or Maybe Halloween Challenge?

Or would permanence be too restrictive?

Anyone? :)

Ok, bye!

09-14-2003, 05:48 PM
Frogger, enjoy your new residence in Onederland. I'm so happy for you!:D

Arabella, you're so lucky to live so close to the beach. I'm feeling a deep yearning to go back---we're about 6 hours away, and we're planning a trip in October.

Cerise, don't give up on soccer! From what you said, it sounds like everyone was having an off day. That happens.

Amarantha, wishing you continued happiness with your 'flex-god'!

DH and I joined in on the psychic walk today. Went out for breakfast and then went to a track and walked 5 miles. I would've been content to stop at 4 miles but Garry suggested that we press on! I regaled him with tales of the Queens. It's always fun when he asks about one of you!

Has this ever happened to any of you? Ever just terribly lethargic for no reason? I've been this way since Thursday and I don't know why. Still keeping up with workouts and all, because I'm forcing myself, but have no real energy. What's going on?


09-14-2003, 08:26 PM
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!! :queen: Eydie, a kindred spirit-in-training known to this Queendom, hath been awarded a BLUE RIBBON in honor o' her psychic five mile walk on the local track!!! Huzzah!!! :cheers:

Said :queen: 's DH hath also received a BLUE RIBBON by virtue of having enticed :queen: Eydie to walk an extra psychic mile!!! Huzzah! ~ Ribbons presented by Elbertine Pep, personal trainer to royalty! :wave:

Eydie, yes, I've been feeling that lethargy ... some of it may be caused methinks (at least in the U.S.) by the anniversary we just went through ... dunno. Thanks for wishing me happiness with Flexi! We're buying rings tonight and notifying family and friends o' the date! :s:

09-14-2003, 09:09 PM
Wahoo, Empress, on your further loss. Flexi is good for you! I'd hold onto him.

Wood nymph, so nice to hear from you. Am thinking of you and your beach walk now in envy! I'm absent from the psychic walkers today. My exercise for the day was playing with the princesses which always leaves muscles sore, etc.

Had a lovely day with kids and kidlets (DIL not there though). Took us out to lunch (Macaroni Grill) and I made wise choices (pause for pat on back). Then back to DDs for cake, etc. Had cake but a small piece. Very light supper once we got home.

Nice gifts too. And DD bought me a great new outfit two sizes down from my start and nice and loose. Thrilled! DH helped her with new sizing and I'm impressed he got it right. I've been mentioning sizes etc but I didn't think he heard or would remember.

Kaylets, sorry to hear that cold was as bad as it's been. Hope the rest will put you closer to recovery.

Permanent - well, we could always go permanent with our usual flexibility to be sort of permanent. A permanent title with seasonal alterations or permeations and also the occasional lapse if we come up with something temporarily intriguing. I've always felt we are royal personages whether that's our theme at the moment or not. So anything along that line is great - or any line as far as that goes. I still like the challenges though as versus a "weekly" number thread.

Well, time for more water, then more tea, then more water, then bed or some timetable like that.

Fresh start Monday coming up!

09-14-2003, 09:11 PM
And the shoe saga continues....

Saturday I went on a shopping spree with DH...okay, so he was only there to carry my shopping bags ;)...and after buying...:chin: three pairs of pants, two jackets, three shirts, and four long-sleeve waffle-weave type shirts (great for layering) and all for under $300.00!...we started our search for my walking sneakers. Found a pair at the first store, a pair of New Balance shoes, but they were in the wider width and felt like flippers. The nice guy (finally!) called their store in Oakville, next town over where I go to work, and they had the shoe in the narrower width. I dropped DH and the shopping bags at home and hit the highway to collect my shoes! When I get there, they bring me shoes, I try 'em on...they're great! FINALLY!!!! I have my new shoes.

Then I get home. As I'm dancing around the apartment in my new sneakers, DH remarks that they look different than the ones I tried on here. Different? What? Noooo....:yes: They aren't the walking shoes I wanted, they're cross-trainers! Jumpin Jehosiphus! Will this never end??? Talked over the pros and cons, and decided that they fit, they feel good, and I'm keepin' 'em. One can only take so much.

It's amazing how great you can feel one day and how awful the next. When we were out shopping I felt wonderful...everything was fitting, I even bought a pair of pants in a size 12! :cb: And today I feel like Jabba the Hut. :ink:

Had what I believe was a gallbladder attack on Friday night. Woke DH up because I was in so much pain I was afraid I'd pass out. It's frightening, that crushing-can't-breathe-sharp pain that one can mistake for a heart attack. DH brought me the ice pack to put on the back of my neck to quell the nausea that goes along with it. Came on suddenly, lasted about 25 minutes, then *poof* was gone as quickly as it came. Must mention this to the doc when I see her next month.

Hence I have been eating very small, very careful meals this weekend. I'm back on low-fat, high fiber which really seems like the best plan for me. I'm even more determined to get healthy and shed this unwanted poundage. I do NOT want to have surgery for gallbladder problems...it would make my IBS unbearable.

Amarantha, I did four miles on ye olde treadmill after I took DH to the airport this afternoon. He's in Montreal for the next three days. Congrats on the loss!!! Sounds like a happy future for you and Flexi.

FROGGER!!! :cb: Congrats on your arrival in Onederland!

Anagram, hope you can find a substitute pool. I can't believe that lunatic sent you another letter! :nono:

Cerise, sorry that soccer practice was frustrating this week. What do you plan to do with your coach's comment? Whether you decide to take the beginner's course or not, don't give up on soccer. You enjoy it, you deserve to play, and you WILL play!

YoYo Dee, don't sweat an off day. Tomorrow you get another chance to start over!

Arabella, did you get to the beach? We watched "A Man Apart" with Vin Diesel. :T Yummy. Not for the faint...very violent...but that sort of thing doesn't bother me. I'm too busy watching the acting...yeah...that's it....acting....;)

Kaylets, a couple days in bed is probably the best thing you could have done for yourself! Hope it pays off and tomorrow you're feeling back to your old self.

Eydie, could it be the change in seasons? It's getting dark here early already...it's only 8:05pm as I type and it's dark out already!! I am not looking forward to the long winter ahead.

Well girls, wish me luck...I start my new position in Procurement tomorrow. I get to start with cleaning out a former employee's desk! You'd think they at least would have cleaned a spot for me! But no...they left it for me to do. :shrug: What can you do?

I would like to add one thing....please everyone...stop apologizing for "mememe" posts! We've discussed it before, and we agreed that they are okay! We all like to hear what's going on with each other, and would rather see a post than none at all! Okay? Okay! :)

Have a happy Monday! :wave:

09-14-2003, 09:19 PM
Did it again. Long postie and lost it but this time by an errant click or something. Brain dead. But I want to talkie to my "losers" so will begin again.

Empress, I said, how great that thou are down yet another fluffy one in search of your goal. Flexi is good for you, I'd hold on to him.

Kaylets, sorry to hear that cold has been so horrid. Hope all the rest is helping you to come closer to recovery.

Wood Nymph, glad to hear from you and envying you that beach walk. Should join you, Eydie, in getting to a beach if just for the walk. Takes us at least four hours and have been considering a quick trip, maybe in Oct. as I do miss it.

I'm absent from thepsychic walk tonight. Had my exercise with the princesses. Warning - sore muscles tomorrow though I did less lifting than usual.

Had a lovelyd day with kids and kidlets (minus DIL), Lunched at Macaroni Grill where I made wise choices, had a tiny piece of cake back at DDs, light snack when I got home this evening. Nice BD gifts too including a new outfit frm DD/family which fit perfectly. DH helped her with new sizing which surprised me because I didn't think he'd heard when I'd say I was pleased about getting into such and such a size. It was nice to be a size she could pretty well just pick out again. She has nice taste and gives nice gifts.

Premanent name? Well we could always go permanent with our usual flexibility to change/mutate, etc. and to let the permanent name temporarily lapse if we come up with something intriguing. I always think of us as royal personages no matter our theme so that seems a suitable route to me. I prefer challenges though to a weekly numbered thread. Only a personal preference and you won't get rid of me any way that is chosen.

More water time. Then more tea time, more water, etc. Planning to turn in early to be fit for fresh start Monday.

09-14-2003, 09:35 PM
Ok so it looks like I didn't lose the first post as I thought. Brain dead somehow. So if the second post looks familiar.........

09-14-2003, 10:57 PM
Yowza!!! We have another BLUE RIBBON to award to :queen: Wildfire o' the Cross Trainers, who did four psychic supermiles on ye ol' treadmill!!! :cp:

Wildfire, unsolicited as my advice be, I think you should not wait to report that pain episode to doc. Better to be safe ...

I do believe we have another BLUE RIBBON that goes to Anagramatic for her substitute activity of playing with her Royal Princesses!!! It all counts, o' LADY O' THE TWO SIZES DOWN! Woo-hoo!!! :cp:

Yes, I agree the apologies should stop for me-me posties!! :s: :) Sometimes that's all the time we've got or we're just overwhelmed by the amount of brilliant material put forth by all on this thread, so we can't respond to it all, even though we read and support each other.

So, here's to me-me posties, long may they wave!!! :wave:

I'm done working and brain fogged and still mad at my employers, so I'm going to go read a book! Or maybe the want ads! :)

09-15-2003, 07:40 AM
Hello All!

Am feeling much more like myself, have been able to do two entire days with only asprin and coughdrops and liquids and lots and lots of sleep. Actually suprised myself at how much sleep.

Another day would be great but not to be so....
Here we go Monday, Here we go....
Today's thought is:

"What really matters is what you do with what you have, "
--Shirley Lord.

Today's question is:

" What part of your day do you enjoy the most?"


Take care all!

09-15-2003, 08:35 AM
Fresh start Monday - Glad you're somewhat better, Kaylets. Sounds like you were hit by Hurricane Cold. Hope you'e feeling fit by the time Isabel hits. Batten down the hatches!

I third the meme post comments. Having a place to vent is a very important part of weight loss (IMHO) and I like to hear from y'all no matter how briefly.

QOD - RIGHT NOW! I love the early morning. I check in here usually while dh makes my tea and whatever. Then we sit opposite each other (either on patio or in family room) and read paper, catch up on news, figure out agenda. Hate the days when that has to be skipped or cut short. But today that IS basically the agenda. Only 3:15 dr. appt to be considered.

AND BATTENING DOWN THE HATCHES. We're fairly far inland but on a few major occasions we have had some real hits from hurricanes so hoping this one takes a turn quickly. Don't even want the torrential rain we usually get.

09-15-2003, 08:53 AM
It is raining out there....has been all night! Darn it...I guess I will be trodding in the rain...if it is too bad, I'll hop on the treadmill...but I like fresh air.

Had a great time at the show this weekend.....being trailer trash. We had a good site...not too far from the flushing toilets and the rings....the company was good, the food was good (my trailer mate is on Medical Weight loss, and is down 22 lbs!! in 7 weeks), the puppy behaved...so life is good. I feel a little more relaxed I guess.

Am down 2 lbs from Friday, it is easy when you're with like minded people and you can stay away from the chip wagon!:lol:

Frogger!!!!!!! Congrats on the onederland!!!!!!!!!
Yay!! Anagram on the size difference!!!!!!!!
And the new HOT relationship between the Empress and her Flexi....get a BIG Ring Girl!!!!
Cerise!! It is always darkest before the dawn...don't let others negativity discourage you. You are the soccer :queen:
Wildfire, the size 12!!!!!!!! And all the rest of you who experienced victories this week end...:cp: :cb: I can't see them all and since I'm of a matronly age, I'm not rememberin' them either!:lol:

Anyway I gotta go....I've got to write an afidavit(that looks funny) for an incident I witnessed last fall...the woman is going for a restraining order...



Yo-Yo Dee
09-15-2003, 09:48 AM
Yo Yo clocking in... hmmm part of the day? the hour I get in after work is one of my favourites as I can unwind and chill out and I like early mornings when I'm not at work.

The weather over here is fantastic we're experiencing a true "Indian Summer" it's about 68F really sunny and great - the dog's too tired to walk (poor mutt!) he's not keen on the hot weather unlike me. :)

Kaylets glad you're coming round from your nasty cold it's been a bit of a monster...

Ceara excellent news about your 2lbs down and your good weekend - good stuff

Empress great stuff that the flexi is working it's magic! :wizard:

Anagram and Wildfire :high: new wardrobes are on order then? :D

Everyone else have a good week and keep OP

Name - i'll leave to you experts I've no ideas or anything my brain has given up the plot

I'm going to go shopping for the outfit for the wedding not looking forward to this as I have no idea what I want to wear.

Wildfire the New balance factory is just up the road from me about 1 hours drive on the edge of the lake district, good shoes

Right I'm off out

Dee :headache:


09-15-2003, 10:29 AM
Hi all!

Feeling a little better this morning. EXCEPT now is my TOM. Can these past couple of weeks get any worse? LOL

Still no word on a job for DH. He's getting frustrated, and frankly so am I. He stays up all night and sleeps all day. It's not good.

I'll have check back in later...phone is ringing here at work!

zadie k
09-15-2003, 12:52 PM
I am back from the wilds of Wisconsin. Had a good weekend. Definately engaged in thee psychic walk challenge. It always seems like I miss so much when I am gone from the boards. However, I have a mound of work right now and time is not on my side becuase there is a staff meeting at noon (eeek - just an hour to get some rather serious work done). I will check back and post more this afternoon.

09-15-2003, 01:08 PM
Yowza!!! Elbertine Pep, trainer to :queen: s, has stepped up to the podium to hand out yet another BLUE RIBBON to Zadie K, who joined in Psychic Superwalk Sunday from her temporary billet in the WILDS O' WISCONSIN!!!! Huzzah!!! :cp:

:queen: Kaylets, glad thou beist bettereth!!! Have a good day!

To all, mentioned or unmentioned, ditto on the good day and the rest o' this post is just about ME-ME-ME-ME!!! :cb: I'm going to gym, though I'd rather not!!! Flexi is bringing me a LOW POINTS brunch later. He's SO thoughtful! Going to mountains to work in late afternoon. Not talking to anyone up there as they are making me sick!

Low on potassium so I'm using this orange font! :)


:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

09-15-2003, 01:16 PM
Good morning, me hearties!

It's so lovely, this time-zone thing. By the time I get on the computer in the morning most of you on the E. Coast have checked in and my day starts most cheerfully.

My favorite time of day is evenings with Ramon. Companionable reading, quiet favorite music, comfortable bed, cuddling with the cats. On vacation mornings are the best.

Yes, I will be getting some remedial soccer training. It's too important to me to feel competent, reliable to the team and to know what's going on. Not doing it because I feel like I SHOULDN'T need it is stupid. Thanks, dears, for your wonderful encouragement.

Anagram, I love hearing about your princesses. What a wonderful grandmother you must be. Isn't it so great when people around us pay more attention to us that we think? It happens sometimes. It must feel marvelous that you're down two sizes. Hurrah for you! :twirly:

Geez, Frogger. Sounds like The Universe is throwing you everything it's got. Good thing time doesn't REALLY stand still, or we'd never get through anything. Keep plugging along, dear, and stop by for luv as often as you can. Strength to you and your DH. :goodvibes

Yo yo, I went way OP this weekend. Around here, we get a "fresh start" card from someone - do you hand them out, Kaylets? - and move on. Try to learn something from it. I learned that even if you're giving yourself an "Off Calorie-Counting Day", you can't just eat anything and any quantity you want!

Wasn't it you, Amarantha, who speaks of the Evil Weekend from time to time? I'll have to start paying attention to that (fending off the "Evil Weekend O' No Calories") now that I'm seriously in the business of sloughing off fat to spare my poor knees and feet. I let myself not count calories over the weekend - excuse: I was having to eat out a lot. Weak, I know - and didn't eat in moderation or make good food choices as a result. Ludicrous. I've learned a lot about boundaries and what they CAN'T do for you.

Ceara, Terror of the Chip Wagon!!!! :cb: Congrats on your good show weekend and your victory over the smells of frying food! And thank you for the reminder about negativity - calling it what it was helped me a lot.

Kaylets, I'm glad you spent the weekend at rest. I'm so glad for you that your husband was able to provide some comfort and function for you. I sincerely hope you're going to start feeling better. Illness always makes me more aware/grateful for when I'm feeling perfectly well.

Wildfire, I'm glad you finally have shoes you like! It has indeed been a saga for you. I was horrified to hear of your painful weekend episode! Poor thing! Thank you for assuring us that you're taking care of yourself. Good luck in your new position. :lucky: Setting Procurement on fi-yah. :flame:

Yes, Eydie, there was no doubt that the coach was grumpy because everyone was doing very badly on Saturday. I'm frankly amazed at my capacity suddenly to put my head down, plug away and LEARN as fast as I can. For the first time I can remember, I believe that someday soon I'll be a solid, reliable soccer player, and though I have no reason to back up that belief, it remains unshaken. Thanks in no small part to my Queens online! Thank you, thank you! :encore: I'll check in with you about my "unshakeable" beliefs in mid-December when I've just slogged through a large quantity of mud, rain and cold. Winter changes everything. Have any opinions about the efficacy of sun-lamps? :^:

...picturing Arabella sitting amidst her adoring leaves...

Thank you all for your advice on plantar fascia. I now feel much less panicky about what seems to be a common by-product of Queenly Voluptuousness. The price we pay for Booty-licious-ness. Hopefully we'll soon shed some of the delightful-but-cumbersome jelly so our feet can cope.

Love to you all...

09-15-2003, 01:48 PM
Hello again.

Jsut talked to DH and he has to call back to the place that interviewed him again today. So *hopefully* he's got the job!:crossed:

I too am thinking about a career change. But I will wait until he gets settled. I've been here for 4 years. It's been OK. But on this new project I've basically been bumped down to head envelope stuffer and assorted gofer duties. I didn't sign up for this!!! :mad: Shouldn't I be moving ahead and not be pushed back to where I started just for the sake of keeping our little work group (who have been working together on each project for all 4 years) together? I'd rather be moved to another project or something where I can use my skills. So it's about time for me to find something new.
Really have been thinking a lot about taking the required classes for child care in a preschool setting. I really want to teach school though, like kindergarten or something in elementary. I don't think I could do middle school or high school. But alas, you need money for classes, and that is something we don't have right now.

09-15-2003, 03:50 PM
Happy Birthday Anagram!!!!!! Today is your birthday is it not??:gift:

Yo-Yo Dee
09-15-2003, 04:46 PM
:high: yo cerise the soccer :queen: great news that you are NOT GIVING IN this is one of my many downfalls I have a bad couple of days then all of a sudden I'm not only not on OP but am like off to the power of whatever!!!! :devil:

Thank you for reminding me (us) about Evil weekend :D they just happen and I should just remember it's not the end of the world!

Am having a quiet night DH is watching footy (soccer), and I'm going for a long deep bath.

Frogger everything's crossed for you! ((((((hug))))))

and to everyone else bigs hugs and :high: because we are :strong:

Love Dee

zadie k
09-15-2003, 04:52 PM
I am back in the sea of momentary calm. Hungry but calm.

Wow, it seems like people are simply melting away. I, on the other hand, have developed a mild scale fobia and have not set a toe on it since my boyfriend brought it home. Not that it is bad for in the past I have been something of a scale addict. Maybe I will wait for a while and hopefully see some big results, though more likely I will seee some big plateau.

I never thought I would say this, but my favorite time of day is in the morning when I go outside and drink my cup of decaf on the deck. Especially this time of year when the mornings are cooler. I never thought of myself as a morning person. Go figure.

re: crispy creme...never been a big fan to tell the truth. must say it has been a relief to have one less thing to resist. now if only that were the case with chocolate. or french fries.

frogger - sometimes changing things is good. it sound like you have a fair idea what you want to do. i hope the job thing works out for your dh so you can get back on track and do what you want.

I am very tired right now. It has been so hectic today that I need to slow it down a bit. I have been eating well, though no actual meals today, just little healthy snacks here and there I I get the time. Not a bad thing really

re: calorie counting and cheat days...I calorie count like mad durring the week, but some weekends I have cheat days. I try and still keep track of stuff but am slightly less strict with myself. I do not know how it works in the long run, but I figure if on balance I eat less than I burn I am doing ok. Weekends are the killers however becuase there is so much more oppertunity to mess up.

happy birthday anagram :)

cerise - there is nothing wrong with being the remedial soccer queen. Sounds great.

At any rate, hello to everyone I missed. I must get back to work right quick.

09-15-2003, 06:48 PM
Zadie K...pass some of that calm over here please....I need to go back to work but I have had the afternoon from HADES! I may need to come home and do a meme post....just to blow it off!!!!

Later 'gators


09-15-2003, 07:11 PM
Yowza!!! Just a quick postie before I leave for a meeting. Hope everything workwise sorts itself for everyone by the end o' the day, including Frogger's dh getting his job!

Cerise, re the plantar fascia thingie, methinks it's not a result of overweight. They told me it just has to do with flexibility of that area running along the bottom of the foot ... anyhow, stretch that out like crazy and it'll help a lot, methinks!!!! Good luck with it, O' Soccer :queen: !!!! :wave:

09-15-2003, 08:07 PM
Kaylets, I'm glad you're feeling better! About today's ?---my favorite time of day is early morning, before light, when the whole day is stretching out in front of you. Or at the end of the day having a snuggle with DH while watching the Simpsons, again! ;)

Ceara, wow, 2 pounds gone since Friday!

Wildfire, I love New Balance shoes. They're always my first choice!

Cerise, how are you doing with the calorie counting?

Fingers crossed for you, Frogger!

Happy Birthday, Lovely Anagram! Our group wouldn't be the same without you! :love: :love: :love:

Hello to YoYo Dee, Amarantha, Zadie k, Dollar, Arabella, And everyone else.

09-15-2003, 09:17 PM
Well Kaylets if I have had the same cold you had and vice versa I feel really bad for you. I don't even remember Sat. I sat in my chair turned on the TV and watched 5 mins of this show and 10 of another and 5 of the next. I did that all day and into the evening and my head and neck were just throbbing the whole time. So if you felt anything like I did I sure hope you are doing better. I was so glad to wake up yesterday without the pain it made the rest odf the cold not seem so bad. I didn't go into work on Sat ans when I phoned to tell them I wasn't coming in they didn't even realize it was me. When I went in today they said from what they were told on the weekend about how I sounded they figured I wouldn't be in all week. Thank goodness they were wronge. At any rate I hope your feeling better.

09-15-2003, 09:23 PM
Well Kaylets if I have had the same cold you had and vice versa I feel really bad for you. I don't even remember Sat. I sat in my chair turned on the TV and watched 5 mins of this show and 10 of another and 5 of the next. I did that all day and into the evening and my head and neck were just throbbing the whole time. So if you felt anything like I did I sure hope you are doing better. I was so glad to wake up yesterday without the pain it made the rest odf the cold not seem so bad. I didn't go into work on Sat ans when I phoned to tell them I wasn't coming in they didn't even realize it was me. When I went in today they said from what they were told on the weekend about how I sounded they figured I wouldn't be in all week. Thank goodness they were wronge. At any rate I hope your feeling better.

For the rest of you if anyone comes near you cough or sniffling, run, run very fast and don't look back because you don't want this nasty cold. Around here there is now a gastro outbreak started in one of our schools and they can just keep it to themselves because I don't want to see our facility get closed down so early into the fall season that needs to wait a few more months. Anyway take care all I will check in after WI tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I have decided to plan my weeks from Mon to Sun instead of around my WI day Wed to Tues maybe it will shake things up a bit.

Yo-Yo Dee
09-16-2003, 04:43 AM
:wave: Morning people!!! I'm having an escape day today... I know I've only just gone back to work but I have all my leave to take and I didn't want to go in today - yesterday was ****. So I'm going to the gym and getting back on track.

Dollar - I hate people coming to work with a cold and make them sit well away from me! So I hope you're feeling better :grouphug: You too Kaylets

belated :hb: Anagram hope you had a wonderful day

How's the shoes :flame: - getting a run for your money? :D

Frogger I hope your DH has had good news and he's back in work - I fancy a change but I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I'd like to become a midwife but I can't afford to go to college (it takes about 3 years to qualify) so I'll have to stay where I am. I've worked out I've only got 153 pay days left!!!! :stress:

Ceara, Cerise, Amarantha, Eydie, Arabella hope you all have a great day.

Right I'm off to the gym


09-16-2003, 07:39 AM
Morning! Up way too early again today. Must get some order back in my life now that the celebrating is done. Thanks for all the hearty good wishes. I don't feel one bit older.

Frogger, hope that job is just around the corner for dh. You've certainly had a lot of stress to deal with lately. Doesn't cost money to do the research to be ready to follow your dream. Baby steps. Line up those ducks so when you win the lottery (or not) you'll be ready.

Escape day sounds great, Yo. May I join you? How about Ceara? Sounds like she could use one too.

Glad you found your shoes, albeit a different version, Wildfire. We picked up some TAB over the weekend. That's a tough thing to find here too. Used to have a place (distributor) where we could pick it up occasionally but they seem to be out of it now as well. So last few months, we've been picking it up when we visit dd in Md. Available in groceries stores there. So I'm stocked for a while now.

So proud of you, Soccer Queen, that you're going to stick with it. You'll not regret it even when it is mucky and cold.

Dollar and Kaylets, if I'm in vicinity of a coughing, hacking person, believe me, I'll run. Sounds like you two have really battled a bad one.

Eydie, Empress, Punkin, BoBeena, Wood Nymph, :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

09-16-2003, 07:48 AM
Well day 2 of the week, day 23 OP for me. Had a small piece of b-day cake last night...4 bites...in honour of my daughter's day...she is 19!!!!!!! But that was planned and I consider it to be OK.

Yesterday was a H***ish day at work....the tech guys were in over supper and the computers only went down 6-7 times over 2 hours rather than every few seconds....and I had a serious patron problem....she really had a hairball up her butt! Boy, Oh boy....I tell you people need to see the good in a statement not the potential insult...which I would never do...I commented on the unusual spelling of her last name and I wondered if it had been anglicized that way and she just went off! I tell you...I appreciate the calmness and acceptance on this thread....it is spirit soothing.......

Cerise, you are not a chambermaid! Think :queen: girl, :queen:

Dollar you are doing great...and whatever you feel comfortable at/with should be your goal. Jeepers I've been mucking around in the same 10-15 numbers for 2 years...does that mean I want them as my goal...no way! Leadership should not be telling/determining for you. They should be exhorting and encouraging you to get where you want to be!

Yestiday's QOD...mornings....my brain functions best. Dogs are asleep and so are the chillins' and hubbie..if he's not workin' so I have TIME TO MYSELF!!!!!!!!!

Yo-Yo-Dee grab a no guilt and fresh start card and get to it! Hope the gym was fun!


Congrats Empress A....day 4 (right?) of :nono: KK?

Eydie. How are things?

Anagram..:hb: and Arabella....is the job becoming easier?
:wave: to everyone else I've not mentioned...need to eat blueberries.....also have to walk as I didn't yesterday....and I'm gonna run outta days if I want to do 5 sessions this week!


09-16-2003, 07:50 AM
YoYo Dee, enjoy your escape!:)

Yesterday as I was finishing my food/exercsie journal for the day I noticed that I'd had 3 sugary dessert-y things. I'm not rabidly anti-sugar but that's too much for me. Only makes me want more. Have to be more aware today. That's the plan anyway....Still stayed within my alotted 1500 calories though.

Still plateau-ing too. Grrrr....

09-16-2003, 10:56 AM
Yowza! Today is an escape day in the Empire o' Fit Folk, Spa Headquarters, as well!!! Huzzah!!!!

YoYo: Hope you don't totally give up your dream of becoming a midwife ... if you continue to think and plan and don't give up, a way might be found. I believe with the sages that the only difference between success and failure in reaching a goal is giving up!!! So dream away and it can happen! :balloons: :cheers:

Eydie: Yesterday was a sugary kind o' day for me, too!!! Good luck on your goal for today ... with your :queen: ly determination, I'm sure you'll make it!!!

Dollar, glad you feel better. Good luck on your weigh-in!!! :wave:

Ceara: How strange that the woman got so upset over you mentioning her name! Maybe there was a legal issue you couldn't have been aware of. I live in a border state and remember interviewing a guy who had to ask his wife what his last name was!!! :)

Cerise, Punkin, Wood Nymph, Kaylets, Frogger and all herein, mentioned or unmentioned, :wave:

I think I'm going hiking to clear my head.

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:


09-16-2003, 12:32 PM

Why, God, WHY?????

Went OffP yesterday. After a Friday and a weekend OffP. What is my problem??? Calorie-counting is going BADLY. Evenings are the devil. Yesterday, for example, I was perfectly happy eating my meals, counting calories, I had something like 500 more to eat when I got home, then POOF. Ramon and I went to a Thai restaurant and I got hungry for EVERYTHING!!! Noodles, rice, fried food, meat (ooooh, meat, and I'm a VEGETARIAN!!!!!!) :?: . Did I stop eating when we got home? Say it with me...NO. :no:

In the restaurant (naturally) I decided (again) that calorie-counting is just not for me...too restrictive...makes me want to binge...say all this in your best pompous, knowing, I-know-what's-best-for-me-please-pass-the-egg-rolls voice. eeGADS!!!

Help! Help! Help! Help! My sense of purpose, of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, being in control, "sloughing off the weight" (oh, puh-LEEEEZ) is GONE. These are the days when I feel like giving up on everything. And it's so hard, having been "positive self-esteem girl" to come in here and tell you how I've failed. Geez. Failed rather spectacularly, I have to say. Usually I can sustain a diet effort for at least a week before I screw it up.

Oh.....POOPEYPANTS. Not giving up. I haven't given up on calorie-counting. Getting a tour of Gold's Gym today. Haven't given up! Maybe after months of eating sensibly during the day then bingeing during the evening I'll get it right.

Maybe I should go on the David Blaine diet... :rolleyes:

P.S. I didn't actually eat meat, you realize. Just eyed Ramon's deep-fried chicken bits with longing.