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09-01-2003, 10:09 AM
Welcome to the Weighty Issues thread!

We are a group of women who are trying to get through every day life with the help of each other. No topics are off limits, we discuss everything. These girls Rock!!!!

This month we are all going to do a challenge also. We can go by pounds, inches, jean size, etc. Whatever makes you happy.

We hope you come join us!



09-01-2003, 10:11 AM
Well girls it is a new month and time for a new challenge. Since I bombed last month I am going to have to try harder this month. :lol:

My goal for this month is to do the best I can to stay on track. Last month I let is all slide and this time I am recommitting myself to making my goal. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

09-01-2003, 11:42 AM
Hey! Happy Labor Day!

Ok goals for this month.....

1. Stay On Plan, starting to get difficult
2. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day
3. Try to drink more water

I am going to aim for 145 this month. Am now between 148.5 and 149. I don't want to say any lower, because a couple of my challenges are getting discouraged, and being too hard on myself.

My best friend's wedding is September 27, so, I hope to make 145 by then. We ordered our brides maids dresses from Chadwick's, and I tried mine on this Saturday. I ordered a 12, and it was too big! So, I called Chadwicks asking for an exchange, and they said size 10 is on back order until 10/31. So, I am taking the dress to a tailor to have it taken in. If my chest were larger, I might be ok, but, being small up there, I have way too much room.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day!! Dips, congrats on the 10# loss, that is GREAT! Are you using SB, sorry, I can't remember what you said your diet plan is.


Lets try to stay on plan together. August was really good for me, but, I am getting the urge for sweets again.


09-01-2003, 12:09 PM
Dips thanks so much for the kind words. You have such uplifting personality. I am feeling alot of positive vibes from everyone. Its a new month! Lets all start fresh. We can do it. Tonya are you out there? You are an inspiratation also because you are at my goal weight girl! Have a great Monday everyone. Julie

09-02-2003, 07:12 AM
Ciao Ladies,

It's a new month, a new thread and we even have some new memebers. I have a good feeling about this month. My goal is in full focus as I have finalized my vacation reservations in florida. I arrive in the sunny state on October 19th and I know that if I want to look good for Mickey Mouse I have to work everyday until then to acheive my goal. As I'm writing this there is a unit barbeque going on and damned if I don't want to run out and grab me a burger but I will slip away and enjoy a healthy meal in my room.

To all, let's really make this month worth while, I'm in it to win it if you are so let's do it!!!

09-02-2003, 09:29 AM

Holly- Thank you for your encouragement. My diet and excersice plan consists of a 1200 calorie a day, low fat diet and about an hour or so of excersise 6 days a week. I (try) to drink at leats 64 ounces of water a day. I only drink natural friut juices no soda, or artificial juice. I take multivitamins and I come to you all for encouragement. Do I cheat? Yes! But cheating is a part of dieting. I think it's a must. I hat to admit this but I'm also motivated to go to the gym everyday by this really cute guy who I've been entertaining a crush on. I always want to be my own motivator but if the eye candy is there, why not look right? :)

Julie- You're so sweet! Thank you for the kind words, I really needed them today. I'm so glad I'm starting the work week on a tuesday. I start to outprocess this month and I'm too happy about that.

09-02-2003, 10:38 AM
Good Morning girls!!! Okay, I finally dared to step on the scales today to see what the damage has really been from a summer of eating. 146. It isnt as bad as I had expected. I had a dream the other night(you know the ones where you wake up and think they were real?) well, I dreamed that I stepped on the scales and they said 206 again!! I was so upset that I had let myself get that big again...until I realized that it had been a dream. Lets just say that I have been OP for the last 2 days thanks to the dream that could really happen.

My goal is to try to get back down to 140 this month. I am with Dips, I dont want to look bad and feel bad when I finally get to Florida either.

You guys are so great!!! Thanks for putting up with all my *****ing and complaining last month. I dont know what happened but it didnt feel like a very good month to me. :lol: I think I found my mojo and I am ready to move ahead.

09-02-2003, 11:31 AM
Wow guys it looks like all of us are ready to get dwon to business and I am no exception. I will be on the 6 weeks cycle until Oct 6 so that is my goal. I am going to stick with this plan and make all of the great gains that I can.

FL was great but we couldn't get in the water b/c of the rip tides. It was really rough out there. The whole time we lived ther it was never that bad. Four people died thie past weekend because of the conditions. I can't believe that people would even get out in it.

Of course I ate a little to much but I am back in the mode again and ready to get rid of the water that is hanging around. I think mother nature is having something to do with this though.

I am glad to be back and I am looking forward to chatting with all of you and to us keeping each other motivated.

09-02-2003, 11:45 AM
Hey guys, these are what lovebugs look like. I can't believe I actually found this picture. They are so gross!

09-02-2003, 12:36 PM
GROSS!!!! I would be grossed out to have them around too.

09-02-2003, 12:43 PM
They are small but they get everywhere. I had to vaccum yesterday when we got home. We just did it before we left too. I have no idea how they are getting in the house. I even vaccumed outside around our back door. There were all of these little corpses on the ground. I read up on them on a site I just found and they are origianally from South America and have migrated up this way. The young ones fed on decaying leaves but the adults don't eat anything. There really is no way to kill them b/c they travel on the air currents. We just have to put up with them for about 2 weeks and then they will just be gone.

I saw tons of RV's yesterday onthe way home and it made me think of you Angie. I think it is going to be so much fun for you guys when you head to FL.

09-02-2003, 01:22 PM
Greetings all!!! Hope you had a good weekend! I got a little off track due to a bridal shower I threw over the weekend, but today is a new day!!! Yesterday I went shopping and I was able to buy a size 12 skirt, which I am very excited about, since this was my original goal size. Got in a good workout at the gym this morning.

Kempy- I finally bit the bullet and bought and read the Body for Life book, which I enjoyed very much. The 20 minutes only of cardio kinda scares me though (I am used to doing much more). But I think I am going to do the 12 week challenge...It might help me to lose these last 25 pounds I have been whining about . Delay gratification does not come easily to me if you haven't noticed..I want it done YESTERDAY!!! But this weight loss journey has taught me some good lessons.

Angie- Glad to see you are back on the wagon!!! You have a great attitude! Good luck!!!

Dips- Hey, whatever works to get you to the gym!!!!! Maybe if I find a crush I will go more often!!

chickitababe- I am standing in a wedding in November, so it is my goal also to be in better shape by them. That is awesome about the size 10 dress. I hope for the day that a size 12 is too big. Congrats on your success!!!

To anyone I may have missed, I will check in later...Have a great day!!!!

09-02-2003, 01:46 PM
Morning Ladies!

It's been a while but I am here. Any word on Noelle? - I heard a hurricaine was supposed to glance the Big Island and maybe Hilo too :yikes: prayers are being said now!

My challenge last month was good but I started fading on the eating by the end. I made it to 145! yeah! My goal this month is to be under 140. It would be the first time since freshman year of highschool..:sumo: and to drink more water...and to increase my exercise beyond walking Fenway....

:wave: Welcome JackieO and Julie. It will be cool to get to know you more.

Dips I'm digging whatever motivates you! If it is healthy...eye candy in the gym or Mickey Mouse...why not?

Kempy and Angie good to see you motivated and willing again this month! You can do it.

I am loving the South Beach but it is so easy for me to over indulge in carbs so that is my weakness. There was a huge fun wedding Friday - so the normal amounts of wine I drink went out the door :hat:

Hope all are well! Talk to you later

:twirly: GEM/Summer :twirly:

Heaviest Weight: 175
Starting Weight:158
Current Weight: 146
Goal Weight: 125

09-02-2003, 02:03 PM
Good Tuesday girls! I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Thank god pms is almost over. I think it is okay to indulge a little bit during that time, if it keeps me sane. I just have to tell myself I can eat a couple of chocolate chips not the whole bag.
Kempy those bugs look nasty! We have a similar problem this time of the year with bugs that are called box elder beetles. They are a red and black thing that really freak me out.
I think I will get back on the treadmill today. Kind of took a break for awhile. Yesterday my mom and I were going through the JCPenny catalog and saw so many cute outfits. She said pick one out and I will buy you anyone you want for your birthday. I can't wait to get back into a sexy pair of jeans. I hate to get new clothes now before my weight loss, but I saw some really cute jogging suits with matching jackets. They stretch:lol:
Well have a good day. bye Julie

09-02-2003, 03:27 PM
Jackie I think you should give the BFL book a try. I am not doing any cardio at all on my program and I am totally loving it!

Julie I think you and I were riding the same PMS bus this weekend. I am still have some feelings of being anti-social. I get this way right b4 I start. I just want everyone to leave me alone. That really isn't a good thing since I work in a gym and I am around people all day. :lol:

Summer what type of wine do you like. I have been into Pinot Nior lately. And I am into it more than I should be.

09-02-2003, 03:37 PM
I like anything that is more dry than sweet so Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Sangiovese and some cabernets. I just tried this Italian Nebbiolo - Yummy! and that's just the reds!

Whites are Pinot Grigot, some Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blanc, some Reislings and Pinot Blanc. More yummy!

09-02-2003, 05:16 PM
HI! The weather doesnt know what it wants to do lately. We closed our pool up this weekend for the year so for us summer is officially over. It went quick this year it seems like.

I had to rake Candi's hair out last night and I cut the **** out of my finger with the rake. OUCH!!! But she is gorgeous now. Tonight she gets her bath and a new combing tomorrow. I am sure she will be happy. :lol:

Rebel had his bath the other night and he is a white dog again. Who would have guessed it??!! :lol:

09-02-2003, 09:39 PM
Hello there! I've been reading your thread and like the sounds of it. Mind if I jump aboard? I'm fairly new to this board, have been doing the 21-Day Challenge (just started up a new one, by the way, please come join us :spin: ) and really love the place. It's kept me off sugar for the past 6 weeks, 'cept for one day in between challenges where I pigged out!

I'm at 150 lbs now, am only 5 feet 1.5 inches and would like to get down to at least 130 and then lower probably when I see what I'm like there. I do a lot of heavy weight training and have a lot of muscle (know some of your names from the Ladies Who Lift thread) but like the positive, up and lively feeling on this thread and wanted to jump in. Maybe spreading myself a bit thin. . . but, heh, isn't that the idea?!?! :lol:

Please ask me anything. I'm kinda shy about talking about myself but if you ask me I'll talk. . .and talk and talk!

09-03-2003, 10:10 AM
Hey Red Balloon!! Glad you found your way over here..how have you been? Like you, I decided to start posting on this thread after reading so many friendly posts. I like the Ladies who Lift site, but feel like it is a pretty established group, so much of the time, I get no responses. How is your challenge going? I just finished reading Body for Life and think I may try one of the 12 week challenges...it can't hurt!!! talk to you soon.

09-03-2003, 10:47 AM
Hey redballoon Welcome to our little thread. This is a great group. You are about the same height as me. I wam 5'2" and right now I weigh 146(I had a little too much fun this summer. :lol: ) I would like to get to 135 and go from there. I need to start weight training too but it seems like I do so much cardio and then I dont want to move at night.

3 DAYS OP!!!! YEAH!!! I think that is the longest I have stayed OP all summer. Tonights supper is fat free hotdogs so today should go as planned also.

09-03-2003, 11:04 AM
Hey guys. I am supposed to be ordering some things for our pro-shop but I am sneaking on here instead. :devil:

Angie have you started to read that thing i sent you yet? I have gotten to about page 90 and I am getting some good info that i think you might be able to use. It talks alot about nutrition once you get the chapter about positive thinking.

Hey Red. You must be following me too. ;) As you can see Jackie is here from LWL too. You are over seas aren't you? Our Cosmo girl is over that way too. Maybe she will pop in and let you know exactly where she is.

What is everyone up to. Noelle where ya at girl? I think we lost Chris and Sandy too. Come on guys don't give up on us. YOu know we are all here to give support so lay it on us. I really liked that we are getting such a big group of girls. I hope we can keep it that way.

09-03-2003, 12:03 PM
Ciao Ladies,

And so it starts. The evil TOM is upon me but I have to go to the gym today. I went to an aerobics class this morning and it kicked my butt! I've been avoiding the eveil afternoon instructor but I must say she had a lot to do with my latest weight loss so I have to go back to her today.

Red Balloon- Welcome, girl!! I love seeing new people and what a character you are !! I'm 5 feet even, I feel like slowly but surely, us little gals are taking over!

Kempy- What's good girl! Getting educated I see. Books are very helpful but i hardly have enough time in a day to flip through a magazine. What the heck is up with those bugs??!! EEEEWWW.

Angie- You're on a roll Girl!! I am so proud of you! I knew you would find your groove again. and yes, weight training would help you a great deal, you'll see. Let me know how that goes!

GEM- Hey you, I'm feeling like a Do-Do bird now because I'm in thw wine capital of the world and I have no clue on the subject. And here you are, the wine expert!

Jackie- Trying a new challenge, huh? I say go for it! The hardest part is getting started anyway. Once you have your momentum, you'll be good to go! Just ask Angie :)

Okay I'm off to the gym now, I'll chat with you girls in a bit



09-03-2003, 01:27 PM
Hi everyone!

Angie invited me over, so here I am. :) For those who don't know me, I started a serious attempt at losing weight last October and took off a little over 50 pounds. Over the summer, unfortunately, I gained about 20 back and now I am more determined than ever to reach my goals.

I started back up last Monday and I'm down 8 pounds; only 12 to go to get to where I left off. After that, I've still got at least another 50, maybe more, depending on how I feel when I get there.

For now, I'm taking it 10 pounds at a time. Make that: one pound at a time! ;) But yeah, my goal for the month is another 12 pounds. Sounds like a lot, but I have a lot to lose, so it should be doable.

It's nice to be back.

09-03-2003, 03:03 PM
Hey Choci!! Glad to see you came over. You can do this. You have had an awesome week so far.

Dips, Thanks for the encouragement. I went to Walmart today for some Fat free Blue Bunny because it seems to be helping me not binge if I eat some at night.

Kempy, I saved the book but I havent actually gotten around to reading much yet. I will though. We have the Fly in this weekend so basically this weekend will be about it for major tourists...until the leaves change.

09-03-2003, 03:32 PM
Hey ladies, I'm here...recuperating from the weekend. My boy had a little food poisoning I think, from a hot dog he ate on Sunday so I kept him home yesterday, didn't have much time to post. My day's gonna be another busy one but I just needed to stop by and say hey.

Welcome Red Balloon (one of my favorite childhood movies BTW), and Choci! Glad to have you both here. It's so exciting to have this thread grow like this. I have a nail appointment (so vain, I know :^: ) at 9 a.m. so I've got to scoot. I'll definitely be back later to catch up. Have a great day! :grouphug:

09-03-2003, 03:57 PM
I am here! Hi everyone :D

wow it's hard to keep up with this thread anymore! I gotta go read back on the old one, and this one, then I can do more personal replies :D

well next week I am going to tighten up my belt! its TOM for me right now, and it's been a rough one this month.. :(

so I blew 3 days in a row already... *sigh*

OK I will read back, and catch up when I get a chance! have a good day girls!

09-03-2003, 06:33 PM
Good Wednesday everyone! Tonya glad to see your back! Welcome new members. I can not believe it September! It seems like I was waiting for summer to come and now it is almost over. Every fall I get the baking bug. I want to make apple crisp and the fall goodies. Just have to do it in moderation. I love the nutri-grain commericals where they just tape the sweets and baked goods to their a**. I might as well do the same thing because that is where it goes. :lol: Have a good day girls. Check in later. Bye Julie

09-03-2003, 08:06 PM
Tonya I have a quick question for you. I see on your fitday link you take weight smart one a day vitamins. I was thinking on starting on them. Do you like them or notice a difference when you started to take them? I know they contain chromium which I heard can help better use insulin in the body. I feel for ya hon with that damn TOM. Thanks alot. Julie Hi to everyone

09-03-2003, 09:13 PM
4 DAYS OP!!! YEAH!!!! I am so psyched!!

I found a 12 year old Yorkie for adoption on Petfinder and I emailed the lady about her. She sent me some pics and she is so cute. I cant believe noone has adopted her yet.

Tonya, I hear ya on the PMS. Mine is due next week. I usually get my groove back just in time for that and then I fall off the wagon. I am going to try my damnedest to stay OP this month though. Someone may need to come lock my fridge for me though. :lol:

Talk to ya all tomorrow.

09-04-2003, 09:28 AM
Hi everyone, I'd been wanting to get back to you all but had to talk long on the phone and now I've got to hit the hay if I'm going to get to the gym early tomorrow. Thanks all for the welcomes.

jackieO, yes, I've seen you on the LWL site. I know what you mean. I guess every place has its own feel. Well, obviously I guess, it's just like people getting together at a party. And personalities and so really do come through in one's writing, 'specially when you're chatting like on these boards. Hope to get to know you better here. Sometimes on other threads and so you feel kind of hesitant to really let your personality come out. I can be very secretive but it's not really my nature. It's more something I've learned, but I don't like it!

angieME, hello there. I'm noticing there is an abundance of short people here. Well, just tonight I learned yet another advantage of being short. I, for one, love it, because I work with horseracing here a lot and am always around jockeys! But, oh yes, the reason. There was an awesome lightning storm in Tokyo last night and three people were killed. They had some show on TV tonight explaining why the one jogger was hit and others jogging weren't. They did this little experiment, zapping mannequins and all and then concluded that he had been the tallest and even if a shorter person is carrying an umbrella with a metal tip, the taller person (since humans conduct and attract electricity) would be the one to get hit, even without an umbrella. Interesting! Well, Angie, you're already a good 4 lbs less than me and being a whole half inch taller I'd say you're way out in front!

Kempyd, Hi there. Yes, I've been following you! What kind of pro shop are you working in? Yup, I'm in Tokyo. Who is this Cosmo girl? Is she from Tokyo?

Dips, Thanks a lot for the welcome. So, I'm a character, am I? Well, I didn't know you could tell so soon! Uh-oh, must go into hiding again. Yes, another shorties. I would NOT ever want to be tall, really. I say that and people don't believe me but heh, I mean it. Where in Italy are you? I have a friend over on the east coast in a little fishing village called Peschici. It's right on the spur of the boot. I used to live in Munich and we'd go down there at Christmas. It's a beautiful little place. She just got back in touch with me after years recently. I like Italian and was studying it a bit more. There's an Italian jockey who won the first two legs of the Japanese triple crown. He's going to be coming back in the fall for the third leg. I hope he wins. He's a young guy, Demuro is his last name. He's big in Italy but unless you're into racing I guess you wouldn't know him. Are you in the military? You look to be from your picture. That is you, isn't it? Well, you know, I think one of the things that made me want to join this thread was you admitting to your crush on the guy in the gym. That was too funny. I know just how you feel. I go to the gym to train, yeah, sure, but the thing that really gets me there is sitting there in between sets just taking in the scenes! Mmm, yum!

melekalikimaka, is that your name or what does that mean anyhow! It sounds pretty whatever it is. Thank you too for the welcome and YES, the French film is where I took the name. Where in Hawaii are you? I just got home from a parttime job here I do and the guy who runs it is a Japanese-American fellow from Hawaii. I've never been there except in the airport on a stopover and that was years ago when Korean Air was flying to the States via Hawaii. How is your boy? Food poisoning, that can be really nasty. Hope he's OK now.

OK, I've got to bed now. I wrote all that after saying I couldn't write! See, I told you I can go on and on! A big HELLO to everyone else I didn't specifically mention by name. Hope to get to know y'all better.

Good night! Closing out Thursday here. Got a jump on you all! :wave:

09-04-2003, 09:47 AM
Ciao Ladies,

JULIE- See what you did!! Now you have me thinking of Baked treats that I love; apple pie, croissants. NO I must stop now. It's all your fault :( I'm not your friend today.....Okay I forgive you

Angie- OKay I gotta come clean. Everyday I've been congratulating you on your being consistant on your OP's but now I must confess that I have no clue what OP stands for but it sounds very nice and I still congratulate you but why don't you hip your lil' buddy to the acronym.

HI TONYA- So good to see you back. TOM is upon me as well and I felt like crap this week because of it so we are suffering together. Feel better, Love.

Red Balloon- Wow, Tokyo!! Ka-nee-shee-wa (had to do it phoneticly because I can harly spell in english let alon Japanese. I spent some time in Korea, a year as a matter of fact. Asia is a different kind of culture isn't it. Yes that's me all decked out in my army greens in the avatar. I'm currently stationed in the city of Vicenza, about 30 minutes outside of Venice. that would be more toward the thigh if the boot so I'm no where near your buddy. I do love this country though, especially the food, yummy. I used to be in Augsburg I dig the germans too. Very friendly and ofcourse I went to Munich for the October fest. I get around cuz I'm in the army...what's your story??

Okay, I went to the gym to play raquetball with my friend. We played thre games, all of which I lost but i worked up a pretty good sweat! I'm sore in places I'm not normally sore. I guess I woke up some sleeping muscles, but I'm going back to the gym tonight to hang out with my gym crush. I'll be working out from a distance pretending not to notice him ;)



09-04-2003, 11:52 AM
Good Morning all!!! Worked out this morning with my trainer and my legs were hurting SO BAD as I climbed the stairs at work. Those squats will do it to me every time--especially the pulsing ones...I hate those. When she is walking me over to the station for my squats, I resemble a death row inmate walking towards the electric chair. Pretty pathetic....But I feel better knowing it is behind me for the day. When I got home from the gym this a.m., I was finally able to pull a once tight pair of pants over my J Lo booty. That's progress!!! Anyway, I hope you are all having a good Thursday morning.

Angie- Yes, Congrats on your fine abilities to remain on plan!!!!

Julie- I like those commercials too. They make me think twice about what I am putting into my mouth.

Dips- I feel ya on the sleeping muscles. Good morning to them!!!

RedBalloon-Are you following any particular weight training program? How are you doing?

To all the late comers this morning: Have a great day!!!!

09-04-2003, 12:05 PM
Good Morning!!! It is pouring outside today so I had to work out inside today. YUCK!!!! I am going to miss my daily walks outside when winter comes. Working out inside takes me so long to build up to doing it and it is pure **** the whole time. I really should have been born somewhere warm. :lol:

Dips, On Plan. :lol: I got a big giggle out of picturing you in the gym staying out of sight and staring at your crush. That is what I would do too.

Julie, You can come bake for me. I had to do Pumpkin rolls the other day and yum. They smelled so good. I think I will bake a pumpkin parfait next week for a dessert.

Jackie, Congrats on fitting into your jeans. That is amazing progress! I love the feeling of fitting into a new pair of jeans.

09-04-2003, 12:29 PM
Goodmorning everyone. Angie that is my problem I love to bake or just cook in general. Not only eating what you made but how it makes your home smell. It just seems so comforting to me, like when I lived at home. Today I feel like I really want to buckle down and stay Op. Last night I wanted to lay down on the couch but I got off my butt and did the treadmill for 20 mins. I keep telling myself the only way I am going to get there is if I work hard! I want to add more fiber do my diet to try and keep my belly fuller longer. Hi to everyone! Julie

09-04-2003, 01:09 PM
Jackie I love doing squats. I love the way my legs feel the next day. I know I am a sicko but I know that I am really doing something when they are sore.

Has it started to cool off up there yet? It is still pretty hot here but they say it is going to be a little less humid this weekend. Hey, I will get whatever I can.

Julie stop talking about baking you are killing me here. :lol: I can't cook at all so there is never any kind of baking going on in my house.

Dips what is going on with the job?

Noelle how is your son?

Tonya, Holly, GEM, Summer, Chris and Sandy (and anyone else that I forgot) make sure you guys are keeping in touch.

09-04-2003, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone :)

Julie, I love the one a day weight smart, I started about a month ago, and before I started, I was struggling big time to stay under 125. I have been 123-125 for a whole month now! even when I mess up I don't go over 125, and that makes me happy :)

Welcome Red Balloon! Wow a lot of us on here are around the same body style, and starting weight, etc.

Congrats dips on your loss!!! 140 feel so good no?! :D I have 3 days left on my TOM, I can't wait til it goes away, I usually drop at least 2 pounds when it's gone, sometimes 3.

Hi Kempy, Angie, Noelle, CG, Jackie, everyone!

I tried a Lean Pocket for lunch today, they are pretty good, they started putting WWP on the box, so that's cool :)

Yesterday, man, I screwed up SO bad. This 80 year old blind guy came to my work selling chocolate candy bars :p I of course bought some, to be nice, then when they are in my possession, I can't not eat them! so I ate 2.. :lol: that was bad. TOM is BAD news for me when there is chocolate around haha! So today I am going to stay at 18 WWP, which is hard to do, that's not a lot of food, but I can do it!

Have a good day ladies!

09-04-2003, 02:37 PM
Hey everyone! Ok, I fell off the wagon, a little. I ate 1 chocolate chip cookie last night (baked them for my 1st grader), and had a sliver, about 1/5 inch thick of cake today :(. I have to be more careful on my food choices. Surprisingly, this morning I weighed in at 148. I compensated for the cookie last night by eating a Lean Cuisine meal that only had 270 calories. Maybe I can enjoy little bits of the yummy food so long as I watch my total daily calorie intake? I have been walking 5 miles a day, and doing pilates every other day.


I bought the weightsmart, but haven't taken them yet. I read about alot of people being sick to their stomach, and others having heart flutters. Congrats on the 123! I would like to be close to that, maybe 130, eventually.


You work in a gym!? What do you do? I used to work in a gym part time in addition to my full time job, until I had my second child, then it was too much. I cannot do squats cuz I have bad knees. That also puts a limit on types of aerobic activity I can do.


Oooohh, I love to bake too! And, yes, it makes the house smell sooo good, especially homemade white bread. I used to bake way too often, like every other day, and fatty yummy things too. Last night when I baked the chocolate chip cookies, it was the first baking I have done in almost 4 weeks. Probably why I have lost some weight, lol. Hubby and kids say they miss the goodies though.


Congrats on staying OP. I must have given you my will power, lol. Now I am finding it hard to resist treats. Today is our anniversary, and Saturday is hubby's birthday, so, I guess this week will be a bust. Hopefully I won't gain any weight though :crossed:.


Congrats on the jeans! I have been trying to fit into a pair of mine now for about 2 years, and was able to button and zip them without much discomfort last week. I know how exciting it is!!

That's all I have for right now, I guess that's what I get for being away so long!!

Hi to Noelle, redballoon, Dips, choci, GEM, Emily, Summer, anyone else I missed!


09-04-2003, 02:53 PM
I am the Executive Director of the gym. I really do mostly back of house stuff. I am the organs of this operation. Red that is the type of Pro-Shop I am talking about. We sell clothes and supplements here so I have to get an order together for all of that stuff.

Guys don't beat yourself up for lttle mess ups. Today is a new day and you can start fresh and clean today. One day at a time!;)

09-04-2003, 03:10 PM
hey Kempy- NO it has not gotten cooler in this part of LA, however, we have avoided the lovebugs so far. Today the temp in my car was 99. LOVELY. I burnt my thighs on my leather seats. (Maybe it shrunk some of the cellulite?). What gym do you work in? Local or chain? Have you heard about any good gyms in my area? I am looking for a change. Tulane is just too crowded, now that the students are back..

09-04-2003, 06:18 PM
haha Jackie, if it burnt some of your cellulite, I just may borrow my mom's lexus and try that myself! :lol:

09-04-2003, 08:28 PM
Kempy, How is Echo and the kitties? I havent heard much about them lately. Has she done any more training or trials?

It stopped raining so me and Jay got in a nice long walk tonight.

Brit has a soccer game tomorrow night. It seems weird that she is doing sports because me and Jay arent athletic by any means. :lol:

5 days on plan. YEAH!!

09-05-2003, 02:30 AM
Today Is A BAD day :(

I got called into the office extra early this morning because we had a unrinalysis. I haven't eaten breakfast and I can't because I have a physical at the clinic later this morning and you know how they starve you before hand. Further more I didn't get much sleep last night because me and my Fiance had a fight. I don't think i could have dealt with all this on any other day of the week so TGIF!!

Angie- "on plan" DUH (slapping my forehead) I should've figured that out. See how fast a week goes by?! I'm so proud of you

Kempy- Work is going okay, I geuss. I'm less involved with the office these days because I'm transissioning out.

Tonya- Thank you for your support, you're awesome! I think my TOM should be over after the weekend. I hope so bcause it really sucks. Imagine having a urinalysis while on the rag. Not the most comfortable experience. Now I have to prepare for a physical.

Julie- What's up girly! I hope you're having a better friday than me.

Good morning to all those I missed but I have to get to the Health Clinic for my physical. I'll check back in later today. With the exeption of RED Balloon, you're all probably sleeping at this hour anyways :)



09-05-2003, 09:33 AM
Dips, a big Konnichi wa! to you too (for all you non-Japanophiles that's "Good day!") Well, actually it's Konban wa now since it's evening. I'm getting ready (have been ready) to get some sleep but wanted to get back to you all here. Yes, the time differences usually mean I'm out of the loop kind of. People are writing away and I'm asleep and vice versa! I'm sorry to hear you're having such a bad day. It all does sound a real downer. I'm sorry to hear about the fight with your fiance. I'm in between boyfriends now (I'm being optimistic here) Just ended (had it ended) a long one that wasn't really going anywhere but I hung in. Oh well.

Heh, in that picture are you a communications officer or on the radio or something? I never got to Venice. In fact, I didn't get much elsewhere than that little village though I drove through a lot of places, zoomed down through the Alps and into Rome with a German friend once but he just dropped me in Rome and I caught the train to Peschici. And, that's right, he was from Augsburg. They have a funny dialect there. Lots of "sh" sounds. I got to the Oktoberfest a couple of times, once all-expenses paid from Japan to do a story for JAL a few years ago. When I lived in Munich though I didn't go much. I was there for four years. German was my major and I went for a junior year abroad thing but dropped out and stayed on in Munich. I was drinking like a fish then (that's actually where I learned to drink as I never touched the stuff in the States) I ran a student bar up in the student housing area I lived in. Gosh, those were times! I'm lucky to be alive, probably! I was never in the military but I did work for Pacific Stars and Stripes, which is the military paper here in Asia. That was back in the mid-'80s. I was local civilian hire but I got to use the base facilities and there are lots in the Tokyo area. It was a lot of fun. It was like leaving Japan and going to the States every morning! Oh heh, Dips, by the way, where are you from originally?

jackieO, Hi there. yes, aren't squats killers? I'm like Kempy. I love them in a sick way. Or rather, I'm sick and I love them! I know the apres squat shuffle (lurch?). It's the 100-year-old grandmother bending over and moaning with each step. Oooh, congrats on the once-tight, now loose pair of pants. Doesn't that feel great! Not that I can remember, have you! Oh, about a plan, no I'm not actually following anything now, just trying to cut calories. I think I eat very healthily, just too much of it. I juice my own vegetables and eat only brown rice, other grains, beans, lots of veggies. I also stay away from sugar (now completely for six weeks since I've been doing the 21-day challenge. I stayed off it for a year. It's the greatest thing. Cravings vanish, pms vanishes, it really does! I also only allow myself one caffeine fix in the morning and recently before a heavy workout. Alas, it all sounds great but I just eat too, too much, I guess, because I stay seemingly stuck at 150. But I've always had a mega-appetite, fueled by any sort of emotional tremor, even those undetectable by most! I think I'm getting it down though now and coming here chatting with you all helps a lot!

angieME, hope things are looking well for you. Do you have a gym in your area you can work out in? I know what you mean about working out inside. It's so . . . not easy.

jbbm, hi to you too. That's a great save on the exercise you did the other night. Very inspiring!

Kempyd, you sicko, you! Isn't it cool the way squats make all different parts of your legs ache? It's not just blah, your leg, it's here and there and around the back and inside and you realize you have all these great muscles in your legs.

Hi Tonya, Thanks for the welcome. Yes, a lot of people here do seem to be similar in height and weight. Wow, awesome, struggling to stay under 125. I sure'd be struggling too! Just kidding! It's like I can't remember 125 since I was still growing and mean vertically! Well, good luck to you! It looks like you've got things under control. Which reminds me all. saw a great acronym the other day. *****. It stands for Being In Total Control, Honey!

chikitababe, How are you? 5 miles a day?! That's a lot. Where do you walk, treadmill, outside?

Okay, all, I've got to get to sleep. Good night! :wave:

09-05-2003, 10:25 AM
Good Morning. I just got done with my walk. That sun is so hot on my face.

Dips, I hope your day turns out better than this morning. I hate having to have exams while ragging. YUCK!! Notice how they always work out to be that time of the month though? :lol: I should be hitting PMS soon. I am lucky my period only lasts 3 days tops.

Red Balloon, My house looks like a gym. :lol: I have a treadmill,a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine sitting in my livingroom. I still would rather walk outside any day though.

Noelle, How is your son doing? I hope he is feeling better.

Kempy, Hey girl. How are you doing? We havent had any time to sit and chat forever. This will be my last busy weekend so maybe I'll start PM you in the afternoons.

09-05-2003, 10:37 AM
TGIF!!!! Good morning (or evening to red Balloon ) all!!!!

My goal is to stay completely on plan this weekend. I am sure it will be diificult yet again, because I have another bridal shower to go to for a wedding I am standing in. Damn those bridal showers!!! Anyway, I am planning to write my goals down and develop a relapse prevention plan, if you will.......

Red Balloon-I feel you on the sugar issue. I completely gave it up 2.5 years ago and have never felt better. Heartburn, indigestion, and cramping are gone, not to mention the lovely mood swings. It has also helped me to lose a nice amount of weight (definitely a benefit). I also only eat whole grains, no refined carbs. The legs are better today..guess those squats didn't kill me after all.

Angie- Impressed with your early morning workout done already. At least you don't have to think about it the rest of the day. Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Dips- I hope your day gets better Sweetie! I had one of those on Weds (minus the fasting for a physical). I hope things improve today and you are able to enjoy your weekend.

Tonya- That is exactly what I am talking about..never thought when I bought my Lexus with the leather seats, it would turn out to be a cellulite burning machine. HAHA!!

To everyone else that comes later, Hi and Have a great Friday. I will check in later- Ashley

09-05-2003, 11:04 AM
Morning Ladies! :sunny:

I hope all are well this morning! It's cooler and cloudy today and looks like rain :rain: but I'll take it if the rest of the weekend will be beautiful.

Hi to redballoon! I wish I could greet you in japanese but that is not a language I know. How do you like Japan?

Angie 5 days OP! :cp: good for you! and good for Brit for playing soccer. Nothing like teaching healthy habits by doing something fun. That is the only way you can get me to run was run after a ball...it used to follow suit for guys too but I landed myself a wonderful one so I don't need to worry about that one.;)

Dips I hope things are looking up! Sorry about the exams - but I would worry if you said you were looking forward to them! Things will get better - promise. Take some of the agression out in the gym and as a bonus there is eye candy...:spin:

Jackie my best friend is in New Orleans too! She is finishing her masters at UNO - I had to go there for business and I had a great time with her. Applause for you for going to the gym and doing things you hate but still accomplishing them! :strong:

Kempy how are things with you? You are so right about not beating yourself up. If you can't be lenient with yourself and give yourself a break how the **** are you not going to slip up? it's a viscious cycle. I am glad someone else feels that way too! :goodvibes:

Holly you have been doing so well so don't berate yourself it will not get you anywhere. I have been taking Weight Smart vitamins and as long as I take one on a full stomach - I am okay.

Tonya I run and hide when I see people selling chocolate goodies, girl scout cookies, etc. :yikes: My mother always said that if a child has enough guts to come up to you and asks you to support them...you should because that in itself is hard to do. So I will buy the candy bar and ususally givce it back to them if my brothers or husband aren't around to chomp into it. As for the 18 WWP - be careful there - don't starve yourself either.

Julie I love to bake, cook, eat and savor too :chef: I find I rather do that and know what I am putting in my food than buying it and not being sure. Good for you for staying motivated - I know that's a challenge we all face!

Noelle I hope you are feeling better. I am glad the hurricaine missed you! I was thinking about you.

Hello to the rest - CG, Summer Sandy - hope all is well!

:twirly: GEM/Summer :twirly:

09-05-2003, 12:05 PM
GEmonnster- I got my bachelors degree from UNO. Loved it. What is your friend studying?

09-05-2003, 12:21 PM
Well it sounds like I am the giant of the group. I am a towering 5'7". :lol: Are all of you shorter than me? I used to wish that i wasn't so tall b/c I used to be heads over my frends growing up. Now I kind of like it.

Angie I do miss our afternoon chats. I remember at 3o'colck your online light would pop on and you would help me get through the rest of my day at work. It was fun and I look forward to it. Echo and the kitties are still doing fine. They are all pretty sluggish right now with the heat but I think that is about to change. It is actually a little bit cooler this morning so they were feeling their oats. :lol:

Jackie I work in a local gym. I have no idea about the clubs down there. Have you tried Elmwood?

Dips when you are done getting probed let us know how you feel. Boy the military is ruthless huh? :lol:

Red are you really from the states or have you always lived in Japan?

GEM get out there and enjoy those lower temps. I am stuck inside today so think about me while you are out there.

Noelle are you still here? What about you Chris and Summer and Sandy?

09-05-2003, 01:15 PM
Happy Friday everyone! Dips I am sorry to hear you are having a rough day. Things will get better. When I am having a bad day I always think of what my Grandma told me to say "This shall to pass" and she was right it always did. Hang in there hon. Tonya I tried the vitamins last night. I read some online reviews and was pretty scared I was going to get sick to my stomah but I did not. It says take on a full stomah. And boy was mine full . Ate way to much at supper time. Very busy Friday for me today. check in later. Hi to everyone! Julie

09-05-2003, 01:33 PM
Hey gals, I'm here. I tried posting yesterday at work but after typing out a whole long-winded reply to everyone a freakin' pop-up ad came and took over my whole screen. I lost my page after that. I was a bit annoyed to say the least...anyway, today is a new day and it's FRIDAY :dancer: . My boy is better and only missed 1 day of school. My MIL on the other hand landed herself in the hospital emergency room last week. She's home now but I need to play taxi and bring her to doctors' appts today. (fun fun!)

GEM (and everyone else too), thanks for thinking of me during the hurricane. Fortunately it blew by well south of the islands, and I don't live on the big island where it came closest to. It did make for some big surf on the south shores though and some really ominous looking clouds.

Kempy, :lol: I think I'm a taller one of the shorties-- 5'3" :rolleyes: . If I had your height I wouldn't need to lose so much weight.

Angie, good job on getting that walk in. I got one yesterday evening and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Genki desu ka Red balloon-san :lol: . Mele Kalikimaka means merry christmas in Hawaiian. My name is Noelle and i live in HI so I thought it was a clever screen name... whereabouts is that Japanese guy you worked with from? This place is such a small rock I may have heard of him. You never know--six degrees of separation and such. I took a year of japanese in high school but didn't pay much attention since it was an elective course, thus I don't know many words, except for maybe wakarimasen :s: (no it's not a swear word, it means "i don't understand" ).

Julie and Holly, if it's comforting smells of baking you enjoy, I've just recently found PartyLite 'home scentiments' jar candles. My favorite scent is belgian waffles :T . But they also have chocolate brownies, fresh baked bread and apple strudel scents. All the warm, unbelievably yummy smells of baking without the threat of calories! (no i'm not a candle seller, I just enjoy them)

Dips hang tight, the day can only get better right? Hey, maybe go to the gym and enjoy more eye-candy, that's cal-free all the time.

Jackie, i like your thinking about your "relapse prevention plan" :) that's an idea I need to adopt.

CG where ya at? are you traveling?

Choci how are you doing today? Looking forward to hearing more from you. Come back!

Tonya at least you only bought 2 chocolates. Put it behind you and move on. I think it's great the way you adjusted your eating afterward to make up for it.

Summer hope the kids at school are behaving, and the other teachers for that matter. Hang in there!

Well, i've got to get moving, it's gonna be another busy day--let's hope it's so busy I can't get off plan ;) .

Hi to Sandy, Chris, Emily and and and...Hope EVERYONE and I mean everyone--lurkers included--has a great day. :wave:

09-05-2003, 06:23 PM
actually, I then ate some Dreyer's frozen yogurt last night too :p


I do this every single month during TOM.

Dips, ewwwwwww that would SUCK haha! My lovely yearly is the 23rd of this month, I will luckily be done ragging.

Kempy, I wish I was taller, I always wear bigger shoes, so I appear to be around 5'6" .. LOL

Julie, glad you liked the vitamins... really it's just a multi vitamin with a metabolic booster .. :)

Hi GEM, no worries, 18 is my minimun for WWP per day, as long as you dont go under that, you are fine .. but I still blew it and was more like 25 :p haha

Red, hi to you :D I guess 125 is pretty small, but for my height it's about average.. I think my range is 110-144 or something like that.. :)

to everyone else, Noelle, Angie, have a great day, I probably wont be around much this weekend, got so much to do! have a good one ladies, and keep up the good work =)

09-05-2003, 08:01 PM
Good morning all. Saturday here, but I work so I'm off to the paper soon. I do three shifts a week of editing and proofing and such. This place is really hoppin' I'm so surprised by all the posts every time I come in. Well, yesterday was pretty much of a downer. Two friends were even playing some heavy metal and I was on the guest list but I was too tired to go. Also, I had a heavy backpack with all my gym stuff, etc. in it from the morning and I just didn't feel like going. Tonight someone gave me a ticket to some Beethoven piano sonatas. Now, that's not normally the kind of stuff I'd actually go listen to, but I thought, what the heck. So that's where I'll be after work tonight. Okay, enough of me here, over to y'all!

angieME, your indoor gym sounds great. How enviable to have so much space. I live in a tiny room and pay through the eye for it. Space is precious in Tokyo and what looks like a modest home is where rich people live! A lot of people (foreigners) just can't take the lack of space. I know people working up in Hokkaido on farms (that's the north island) and they complain but when I saw their places I was astonished. Giant compared to Tokyo. Of course, you get the foreigners (this means non-Japanese) who come here and get their companies to pay everything. They never really experience Japan though (I like to tell myself). When I first came here I lived in a tiny room abou;t 15 feet square if that. There was a little sink but the toilet was communal out in the hall and of course there was no shower. I went to the gym every day because I was too shy to use the public baths and have everyone stare at me. I could do it because I'd come from India where the only water we had was from a well out back next to the rice paddy. It's all relative, really.

jackieO, hello to you too. Thanks for the extra mention. I wish you luck on the bridal shower. That sounds like a good idea to write everything down and plan it out. Imagine what you'll be doing and walk yourself through any dangerous scenarios. You know, it's funny with the old imagination. It seems so easy to think of all the bad things that could happen but so hard to imagine good things. At least for me. Maybe I'm so jaded. But I'll just think of jade, a beautiful gem, and try to turn that around and use all those years of experience for my benefit. Jaded, so I CAN imagine not what HAS happened, but what COULD! You can do it jackie. Oh, and heh, I'm glad to hear you went off sugar too. It's nice to hear someone else who has. When I tell people they look at me like I'm nuts. I've had people complain about all their woes and when I suggest going off sugar and tell them how it helps they're like, "Oh, right, I might as well be dead." I just don't understand why people seem to want to sabotage themselves so much. I mean, sure, it's tough, but if you see the benefits, wouldn't it make you still want to at least TRY to stop eating the stuff. I think sugar is linked psychologically with so many good things in our minds, mother's love, childhood memories (the good one's), people caring for you and all that that people are more or less brainwashed about it. It's NOT good. It's evil! It's totally manmade and there's nothing natural or wholesome about it.

GEMOnster, Hello! Don't worry about greeting me in Japanese. After all, I'm not Japanese, just been here a long time. Yeah, I guess I must like something about it or I couldn't have stayed this long. Things have changed so much in the past 20 years and of course Tokyo is **** with the packed trains. Everywhere people, people, people. You really must learn to tune out. You have to be able to go into yourself or you would be totally claustrophobic. There is a lot about the culture that would be good to have in the States or elsewhere but there is a lot that is not. That's the same with any culture. Having lived in a lot of different places and really gotten to know people I can see the tendencies but know there are pluses and minuses everywhere. Being a foreigner in Japan makes it easy to be here. I would never, ever want to be Japanese in Japan. It's a very tough society and you are forced to conform or be totally ostracized.

Kempyd, Your post made me laugh. Are you "really" from the States, you asked?! Too funny! Yes, I really am. From Pittsburgh and I spent the first 18 years of my life there. Of course, maybe I'd been beamed in from some other world, so I really don't know. I lived in Germany four years and when I came back to the States people would ask me if I was American. I guess my pronunciation changed because I'd only been speaking German but maybe it's just because I'm weird. I'm like a changeling or something and take on the look of my environment. But believe me, I do NOT look Japanese at all, but I do get people searching my face for a hint of Japanese ancestry when they hear me babbling away in Japanese. I don't know. I guess I've just become a kind of conglomerate. But I still consider myself American. I really do like Americans and I'm not just saying that!

Noelle, Allright! Yo! Genki desu. Okagesame de. Noeru-san, mo genki desu ka? Let's do Japanese! Are you of Japanese ancestry? I'm not sure where this fellow is from but I'll ask him. I guess I shouldn't give his name here. I'll PM you when I know where he's from. Hawaii sounds like a beautiful place. Well, it IS a beautiful place. I remember watching Hawaii Five-O all the time and my brother wanted to live there. He only got as far as Seattle though.

Tonya, I didn't mean to say 125 was too small. I think I would have to be less than that if I were to get the fat off. I was just kidding, and being jealous of you! It's very inspiring to have people who are down there where I want to be. It shows me it CAN be done. Really, I haven't been there in so long that I don't really think it's possible. But of course it is, I wasn't really growing anymore I guess. Well, no, maybe I was, I don't know. I started having weight problems when I was 14 and only once got down to 60 kg about 8 years ago. That's the lowest I've been and now I'm 68 kgs. But 60 kgs, if I have a lot of muscle, is not that low.

OK, everyone, gotta run. I spend so much time on these posts that I don't get things done and now it's time to leave soon and I have a ton to do! Ciao for now! Mata ne! (that means, see ya!)

Heh, I'm taking up so much space here. Is that OK or should I should I edit myself out a bit more?

09-05-2003, 09:39 PM
I thought this might gross you out. Here are the nasty little buggers on the humminbird feeder. Poor birds.

09-05-2003, 09:41 PM
Isn't this just lovely?

09-05-2003, 10:33 PM
Thanks for sharing Kempy, I feel like reaching for the can of Raid :eek: . I imagine those bugs could just about overwhelm a hummingbird. Yuck!

Red, no I'm not Japanese although I may look it. i get that all the time. In fact, it's what attracted my husband. He likes Japanese girls :lol: . I'm actually filipino/chamorro. Who knows, there may have been some oriental blood in there somewhere :shrug: . I had a stressful morning and I overate at lunch. Watakushi wa buta ( I am a :ink: ) :lol:

My son's school has an open house this evening. I hope the rest of the day gets better. If I don't get back here have a great weekend everyone.

09-05-2003, 10:59 PM
Kempyd, Oh, gross us out! What are these bugs? Are these those lovebugs again? Is this the way Louisiana always looks? I thought Japan was bad with giant cockroches!

Noelle, I've known a lot of people from the Philippines here in Tokyo. In fact, my boss today at the paper is from Manila.

Anata wa buta dewa nai, yo! Totemo utsukushii desu! (You're not a pig. You're very beautiful!) Maybe I should cut the Japanese for those not into lessons! :lol:

Good luck on making the rest of the day work out better for you!

09-06-2003, 08:33 AM

ICK ICK ICK!! I cannot stand bugs, and those would drive me batty! When we bought our first home, it was winter, and in the spring, I swear a new bug came out of the walls on a daily basis. I was sooooo petrified, and my husband heard about it, LOL. He was quick to fix that problem! As for all of our heights, I am not too far from you, I am a little over 5' 5 1/2", close to 5'6". I am actually interested in getting certified as a Personal Trainer. I took 1 year of college in Sports Management, and am thinking about going through ACE Fitness for certification.


When I was younger, anyone who didn't know us thought my best friend (who's Italian) and I were sisters. LOL, I am Irish and Indian...my mom always said it must be the Indian in me. In fact, when I do any kind of dancing aerobics, my husband calls me a crazy Indian.

I was soooo excited this morning! I stepped on the scale and it read 146.5!!! I was 145 when I met my husband, and eventually got down to 137, so I am pretty ecstatic. I seemed to be stuck between 153 and 155 for the longest time, but, now my body seems to have gone into calorie burning mode.

Hello to Angie, redballoon, GEM, dips, Tonya, Julie, Jackie, everyone else!!


09-06-2003, 09:10 AM
Morning! I figure you girls don't usually hang out here on the weekends, but since i'm almost out the door, I'd stop by. We're off to a bike trip today, with hubby and Dad. not thrilled that Dad's going, since he tends to push me farther than I'm able to, and then begins to gloat that i'm not as fit as he'd like. It's never enough. Good news though. I'm in a bikini this summer,a nd I"m including a copy right here. I know that the only way I could do that was with you girls help, so I wanna make sure not to be too scarse from this thread. It's where I reached my goal, and you guys are my inspiration. I have not caught up on the posts, so I may be a little naive of things now, but just wanted to pop in and say hi, put in a picture, for encouragement. It's a battle, even at your goal weight. But it's worth it, for vacation like we had.

09-06-2003, 10:17 AM
WOOHOO CHRIS!!!! You look great! I could get down to 110 and still never be able to wear a bikini....at least not without having a major tummytuck first. :lol: GREAT JOB!!!

Kempy, one word...GROSS!!! Our old house had these huge disgusting hairy spiders. I think they were called mammoth spiders or something like that. They would chase us. I am so petrified of spiders now that I wont even kill a little one I make Jay do it. Luckily, we have lived here for 4 years and I think I have only had 2 little spiders in my house the whole time. Thank god!

Holly, congrats on getting over the plateau!! I know how great that feels!

RedBalloon, You can talk all you want to here. We love it.

Noelle, You are not a pig!!! You are a georgeous(sp) woman!!

I am planning to stay OP today! Subway for lunch before I even leave the house and then I will make veggies with a chowmein sauce for supper.I cant remember the name of the food but I buy a chow mein dinner out of the freezer at Walmart. I love the sauce and just a ton of veggies!I think it is Contessa. It is also very low fat, like 2 grams for half the bag.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

09-06-2003, 03:45 PM
CHRIS YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!! I think you shouel post a before pic for the new people here so that they can see the transformation too.

Noelle if I knew how to speak japanese I would say that you are not a pig and that you are a very beautiful person. OK english will work too. :lol:

Angie I HATE spiders. Sometimes we get big ones that try to come in when it is hot outside. But my big ole' shoe wont let that happen.

Yes, those are the wonderful lovebugs. They aer outside swarming right now. I thought I could go out and use the shop vac on them but they other things in mind. I would vaccum the door and 2 seconds later it was covered again. They don't bit or sting but they are annoying little things. I had to come back inside so the outsied of my house is still as bad as it was when I started. I think I might wait until it is dark when they are slower and hit them then.

I know we are all going to have a fabulous weekend with food so here's to it!

09-07-2003, 08:52 AM
Here's a before pic, when I decided in 2002 to lose weight. I'm standing at my dad's house, sith my adorable sister. She always looks good, but I felt next to her, like dirt. That's when I mad eup my mind.

09-07-2003, 08:55 AM
Here's an after picture. I didn't buy a bikini. THis is hubby's cousin Lisa, who promised me i'd look ok, if I borrowed hers. This is a first itme moment for me, and i'm so proud that I had the nerve to wear it.

09-07-2003, 02:36 PM
Hello everyone Hope you all are having a nice weekend.
Kempy those bugs look gross. I can not stand bugs.
Chris you look great. What an extreme difference in you before and after pics! Really inspiring. Well today is football sunday and I am going to try to keep my eating under control.
I am so excited I weighed myself yesterday and I was down six pounds, now at 152!!!!! All the hard work is paying off. I can not wait to get into the 140's. I was thinking I might start writing down all the food I eat. HI to Tonya, Kempy,Angie, Chris, Dips, Noelle, Holly, Jackie, and Red hope i did not forget anyone. Julie

09-07-2003, 04:56 PM
Alright Julie!!! You will be in the 140's before you know it.

I did okay yesterday. I ate more Blue Bunny ice cream than I should have but at least it was fat free. Today I am making a big Turkey dinner complete with Pumpkin Parfaits for me and the kids. And to think it is all lowfat because I dont add butter to my potatoes or stuffing or anything else for that matter. :lol:

I cant wait to get back to normal again. I bought 2 new shirts yesterday and we did get in 2 walks.

09-07-2003, 09:09 PM
Hi girls... I kind of have a personal question and you do not have to answer it if you do not want to but I was wondering if anyone has notice weight gain if they are on the birth control pill. Just need some advice.

I was op all week and kind of blew it at supper I had two hot dogs and some baked beans. Oh well walked the treadmill and took two long walks today. I will just have to make up for it this week. Bye for now!!
:) Julie

09-08-2003, 06:52 AM
Good morning! Well, I did myself in on Saturday :(. I have been walking 5-6 miles a day, inside on padded carpet, usually 2 miles in the am, and 3 miles in the pm. Well, Saturday I decided to challenge myself and walk outside. We live on top of a hilly road, that, from our house to the point I walked is 2.5 miles one way. So, I decided to walk it. When I woke up Sunday morning, my right foot was all swollen and I could not put any pressure on it. My hubby took me to the convenient care it was so painful. So, the doc presses around on my foot, looks at it, and says, well, without any direct trauma, I think it is a strain....no xray, says, I am going to give you a post op boot to wear, and crutches, and it should feel better in a few days...then says, it is my hopes that it is not a stress fracture. BLAH. So, now I can't do any aerobic exercise for a while. I was thinking I might be able to do my pilates and lift weights, just so I don't gain back the 10 pounds I have lost. Hopefully if I be REALLY careful on food choices and amounts, I won't gain the weight back? It has been so hard for me to attain this loss, and I really don't want to gain it back!

Sorry I don't have enough time to answer each post, I have to get my kiddos up, fed, and ready to go in 40 minutes. I'll be back later.

Broken Holly :(

09-08-2003, 07:09 AM
HOlly, so sorry you're laid up. I have that worry too. I think since you'r already seekig alternative methods for exercise, you'll be fine. Also, crunches in bed. I tried them last night, put my feet under the foot board rail, and crunched 50x while i watched Tv. Even I can do that one. I'm lazy a little.

Chainsg kids and living your life ina boot is gonna be tough, but I bet you'll be kissing the pavement once your well again.

jbbm: I'm not on the pill (i have an IUD) , but have heard many times from friends, that the hormone in the pill increases their appetite,a nd made it hard for htem to lose weight. Hormones tend to bulk up up, because its like they want to make you a baby factory in case there's a baby. But the whole point is to NOT get pregnant. Strange. Hope you are abe to get more answers. I'm no expert. I personally, can't handle hormones. That IUD was the best best decision we've ever made. NEver mess with it, never moves. Just there, for up to 10 years. And no hormones. I'm singin it's praises.

Angie: you look so great! I can see so many changesi n you, just by looking at your head shot. You, too, have a huge transformation. I admire your consistency and your drive.

Everyone else, Good Morning! We're onto a nother week.

09-08-2003, 09:15 AM
Good Morning girls!

Well, It is my turn for the PMS. YUCK! Last night I was like an eating machine. Tonight I will have to lock myself in the bedroom for the night so I can just get through the next few days until I start.

We did our walk early this morning and my arms are still freezing. Jay wore shorts the silly man.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will check back later.

09-08-2003, 10:28 AM
Good Monday morning!!!!
Angie- I can relate to eating like a machine last night. I am not sure what got into me..and it wasn't like it was out of boredom. I really felt hungry. I am not sure if it was PMS, as I don't have a cycle anymore. But a few times a month, I eat like a crazy woman.

Holly- You have a great attitude. Hope you aren't laid up for much longer. I think some Pilates mat work may be a good idea. best of luck and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Jbbm- i have not found that the pill caused me to gain any weight, but it has definitely made it much harder to take off. (lots of fluid retention for me).

Sveltechicky- you look AWESOME. You can really notice abdominal definition in that bikini. CONGRATS!!

Redballoon- Hey girl!! I was wondering if you ever get cravings for the sugar. For over 2.5 years, it has never bothered me that I took it out of my diet. My cravings have always been minimal, but lately I have been thinking about (and craving) sugar a lot. The good news is I have yet to act on the cravings, but it is really bothersome. I don't know what is going on...Lately I am even dreaming about sugar...doughnuts, chocolate, and cookies. In my line of work, we call this a "using" dream. I can't seem to shake it. Just wondering what your experience has been.

To anyone else I may have missed, HELLO. I will be sure to check in later in the day. I really enjoy posting on this thread.

09-08-2003, 11:09 AM
OH Holly I am so sorry to hear about your foot. Whatever you end up doing please be careful!

Julie you and I are at about the same weight. Once you hit the 140's you will have to let me know what it feels like.

Angie is it getting cool up there or something? Are we getting closer to the day s wehn you kill us with all of your talk about the yummy food you start to cook? :lol:

Chris that bikini looks great on you and I loved the e-mail about the bike ride. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

Jackie I am off sugar too. I was bad Saturday night though for some reason I was craving something sweet and the protein brownies I tried to make were a flop so I ended up grabing some starburst. I do feel really good not having sugar thoguh. When I first started I was amazed at how much stuff had some form of it. I really made me learn how to cook from scratch. (i am a quick cook girl)

Not much to talk about yet. I am just getting to work and I have to get a few things done. I will be back later. :wave:

09-08-2003, 11:14 AM
Holly, I hope you feel better real soon. It sounds very painful. I sprained my ankle really bad once when I was at 265 pounds and it still gives me grief sometimes, mostly when it is cold out.

Julie, I had never noticed any problems with the pill when I was on it but I was really young at the time and running the roads all the time so I didnt eat like I do now. Then I got married and spit out 3 kids in 2 years and got my tubes tied. Sorry I couldnt be of any help.

Geesh, I just renewed my subscription to Taste of Home cooking books. I was trying to phase them out because they do lead me down the wrong path because their recipes are AWESOME!!! They called and I was like OK. 3 years even!!!! :lol: AAAHHHH!!!!

09-08-2003, 11:17 AM
Hey Kempy! You posted when I did. Yep, it is starting to have its cool moments up here. I would be turning the fireplace on at night if I didnt have the fishtank on the mantle. Some of the trees are starting to change color and ths squirrels are running around like madmen trying to get all the nuts for winter.

09-08-2003, 11:51 AM
It is still pretty hot here. It didn't cool down as much as they said it would. I thought it was still pretty humid over the weekend. Plus, with the lovebugs I couldn't sit on the deck and enjoy it anyway. People say that we need a good cool snap to get rid of them so I HOPE that it comes soon.

Is your busy season done now?

09-08-2003, 11:55 AM
Goodmorning Ladies, Thanks for the input about the pill everyone. I may have to go back on it due to the pain of my ovarian cysts:(
Kempy I can not wait until I get to the 140's. I remember being in the 160's almost 170 and as soon as I made it to the 150's I promised myself I would never be above 160 again! Bring on the 140 digits!!!
Angie I noticed on my walks and just looking outside the trees are starting to change also. God this summer went by fast. I hope your meal turned out last night. I just love a good Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings.
Holly hope your foot gets better. Sounds painful.
Talk later bye for now. Hi to everyone! Julie

09-08-2003, 12:00 PM
Just testing. Computer acting up.

09-08-2003, 03:12 PM
Julie, My sis has ovarian cysts too. She is scheduled for surgery to remove them at the beginning of November. She is hoping she can have the laser tools so they dont have to do a big incision.

Kempy, yeah my slow season has begun. I will have some busy weekends once the leaves all change and the leaf peepers come but that is about it for this year. I didnt get much accomplished so we are going to try to refinance the house for less interest and put the credit cards in the loan and then rip them up forever.

09-08-2003, 03:24 PM
Angie they are a real pain. At sixteen I had a grapefruit size one burst and thought it was my appendix. For my surgery they did a laproscopy which is just two tiny incisions one by your belly button and the other by the pubic line. I gave into my sugar craving today and had some fat free licorice. Oh well forget about it and move on!! Julie

09-08-2003, 03:58 PM
sounds kinda obscene :s: . I'd love to come up to New England and see the leaves turn. As it is, there's barely a noticeable season change here.

Happy Monday everyone.

Chris, you have me energized just from your bike ride email...and those bikini pics WOOHOO indeed! You look absolutely fabulous!!! Keep those inspirational pics and posts coming. I need them.

Julie, sorry to hear about your ovarian problems :( . It's weird because when I was on BCP I actually lost weight :shrug: . Maybe more so because I was paying attention to what was going into my mouth and I started exercising. Now I'm not taking anything and I've gained a bit...uhhh, I'm still working on it :lol: .

Speaking of which I am hopping back on the wagon this Monday morning. We were at Costco yesterday and the :devil: in me picked up a 2 lb bag of M&M's. Luckily all the nieces, nephews and sisters were over yesterday and most of it's gone. I need to get back in gear for my November trip. If not to lose weight, then to keep the cardio going so I can walk around alot and not get all winded and sweaty and gross.

Holly, ouch! Take care of that foot. I agree w/Chris, that you making alternative plans for exercise is the way to go. I'm sure you'll be fine and back to normal in no time.

Angie, forge ahead girl, I'm right behind ya.

I've got to get the ball rolling here at work. I'll talk with ya ladies later. Take care all and hello to everyone :wave: .

09-08-2003, 08:21 PM
Hey Noelle, How ya doing today?

We just got back from our evening walk and both of the dogs got hurt! Candi has a problem with one of her legs, she limps alot after napping. I am waiting for an appointment but tonight Jay told her to sit and pushed on her butt to sit her before he undid her leash so she could go swimming. She started crying and hopping. She WILL be seeing the vet this week!! I think there is something wrong with her knee. THEN.... on the way home Rebel got stung by a hornet in his ear. He was ready to lay down and collapse after that. I got him home and his ear is all swollen and I got the stinger out. That is my drama for the day. :lol:

09-09-2003, 03:08 AM
Heh, everyone, I've been reading but just haven't had time to catch up with a post.
So, I'll try a bit now.

chikitababe, that is great that the scale is showing you some good numbers. Good for you and all your hard work :cp: But, oh, so sorry to hear about the foot. I hope you get better quickly. I wouldn't get panicky about regaining the weight. Like others have said, you're already thinking of ways to cope with the aerobic loss and you'll be sure to do it! Power to you!

SvelteChicky, a big hello to you and thanks for the same. Your pictures are incredible and I'm so glad you posted a "before" picture. It's very inspiring. This is the kind of thing that gets me all tingly with good feelings of , "You can do it!" kind of thing. :goodvibes: The bikini is very becoming. You really look smashing!

angieME, thanks for the license to gab! :lol: sometimes I do have a mouthful to say! Blue Bunny ice cream and Pumpkin Parfaits. It all sounds so tempting. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not in the States! Fatfree or not I'd be pigging out for sure! :lol: But Angie, a 3-year subscription to a food magazine. You are asking for trouble! Then again, maybe not. Maybe you can just have little bits and give the rest away or something. Maybe having really nice food will be more satisfying mentally so you won't feel deprived. I know that's the way I am. I just never cook, or rather, never experiment because I just don't make the time. Really, should do that perhaps. Heh, and I hope your dogs are OK. Have you had them looked at yet?

Kempyd, I hope you get those lovebugs under control soon, or rather, that they'll get themselves under control. That's so bizarre they way they gather like that. Looks like something out of a Hitchcock movie! :fr: And I'm glad, by the way, to hear you're off the sugar too. It really makes a massive difference, doesn't it?

jbbm, Congratulations on the fantastic weight loss! :cp: You must be proud! Oh, and don't worry about a little indulgence. Just get right back on the horse.

jackieO, hi there! We must be in parallel universes or something (well, just over the ocean) but I too have been having cravings and I hadn't had them for the previous 6 weeks I was off sugar. This time (I'm 6 days into my third 21-day challenge off sugar) and I've been wanting that evil stuff pretty badly. But like you I have NOT given in to it! The fact that the cravings are something I can stand makes me think that there's a lot of psychological stuff at work here. Things have been so down in my life recently on all fronts and I think the stress has me yearning for the old comfort food. Though of course that could also be chemical. I mean, really it's probably ALL chemical when it comes right down to it. But stress does do things to your body and all that dopamine and serotonin stuff, right? So that could be one reason. The other is that I usually try to make fresh vegetable juice and drink lots of that. When I do that, for some reason, I seem very balanced and don't get cravings. Blood sugar levels, body alkalinity, probably has to do with that. I bought veggies today and am going to get to juicing them right after I'm finished here. You mention your line of work and your dream as a "using" dream. How cool sounding! What is your line of work? Psychology? Tell me more!

Noelle, I've been like you and not been watching the food intake. Just too much of it, the old song and dance. At least I'm still off sugar but I really do want to lose the fat. Otherwise, my workouts in the gym will just have me looking like the Hulk, but with NO definition whatsoever!

OK, to the juicer, then the gym! Up and at 'em! Bye for now.

P.S. Where's Dips these days? She was having some rough times. Hope she's OK.

09-09-2003, 03:32 AM

I hate it when I'm out of the loop! I've been busy all weekend but I finally had time to sit down and catch up with the posts. Before I get to my personal messages I just want to let everybody know that I'm okay now. In fact I'm great! TOM has passed, I made up with my fiancee, I was able to reschedule my womanly exam for the 23rd when I'm not PMSing and all my other check ups came out good.

Best of all I was able to come here and see the loads of support that you guys have been giving me. You guys are awesome!! I love you to death. You all are as loyal as my fellow soldiers!

I also saw loads of Bugs!! KEMPY- What's up with that, girl!! It made me tremble (((:()))

Svelte- YOWZA YOWZA YOOOWWWZA! I am so impressed by your before an d after. Until I saw the before, I had no idea how far you've come. I say wear that bikini till the winter comes! You've got it going on, Girl!

Angie- Seeing Svelte's pics made me think of you. You have had incredible results and you impress me everyday! Now you're on track again just like I knew you would be!

Julie- You're on track as well, girl! I love seeing all this success. Just remember that cheating is a part of winning in the game of fitness!

Noelle- It's funny how you mention that people usually think you're Japanese, because I've never correctly guessed a phillipino, I ususally say hawaiian first, then samoan, then I give up and they say Phillipino and I'm like OH I should have guessed. Phillipinos are very diverse, there is no "common" phillipino look. I've met many and they're all different.

CHICK- Way to go, girl! How ya been

RED BALLOON- You are the sweetest! Thank you for showing concern for me, it made me feel a million times better. I'm a broadcast Journalist in the Army. The picture shows me as a dee jay in Korea. I love my job. Anyways, you get around, girl and you hang out with joe's like me. Good for you! You're so good at encouraging people. And I dig the rainbow effect in your posts.

Hi GEM, thank you for your support, it means the world to me!

Jackie- stick with your challenge. I have good feelings about you and your success.

HEY! here's a question...has anyone heard from COSMO GIRL??

09-09-2003, 11:30 AM
Well the bugs might be on the way out. I read an article in our paper that said since we had a wet summer they are at full force this time. This weekend will be 3 weeks that they have been hanging around so I am ready to have them gone.

Dips when is the big day when you head back our way?

Angie I hope your babies are ok. Did you get the visit scheduled? When will be be able to have our afternoon chats again?

Red I have never been a juicer. I like to eat stuff to much to make everything into a liquid. ;)

Noelle now that I think about it, The Rok is from Hawaii too. Any chance that you know him. ;) :lol: That man is so beautiful!

JUlie, Jackie, Sandy, Chris, Holly and Tonya along with any one that I might have missed, have a great day and I look forward to hearing form you all.

09-09-2003, 03:06 PM

I am starting to wonder what is wrong with me... it's getting colder here, so maybe cold season is coming. I am tired 24/7, and I just can't get enough sleep no matter how long I sleep... my head feels like it weighs 50 lbs!

anyhow, I am sneaking on from work, so hi everyone!

quick answer on the pill question, I was a victim of weight gain from it, well I gained with pregnancy, then after the baby, I went on it, and I could have starved myself and still not been able to lose weight. Some women are fine, and some are not. It messes with your metabolic rate though, that I know. But it's different for everyone.

Svelte, you look awesome! :D

I wish I could wear a bikini.. I have so many stretchmarks, it doesn't matter If I weighed 90 pounds, I still couldn't wear one :|

hi to everyone else! have a great day.

09-09-2003, 03:11 PM
I forgot to mention a happy thought for the day.

Last winter, I was buying shirts that I had dreamed of wearing for the last 5 years, really cute one's , smalls, mediums...

well some of them are too big for me this year...


which means I gotta get a few new one's ..but still! I hadn't realized how much smaller I was, and last year at this time I was at 140-145'ish. I didn''t feel that much smaller until I put a few of them on ..

09-09-2003, 04:20 PM
Dwayne Douglas "The Rock" Johnson... :strong:

09-09-2003, 04:34 PM
DID YOU HEAR MY GIRLISH SCREAM ALL THE WAY OVER THERE NOELLE!!!:hyper: That is the beautiful man I am speaking of :spin:

Sorry I just think he is soooo good looking. :cp:

09-09-2003, 04:39 PM
:lol: hehe, no I can't say that I have met him although I had a friend who took Kelly Hu (Cassandra on the Scorpion King, or that wolverine-like chick on X2) to the junior prom at my high school. I think he only went to school here for 2 years maybe? I know his grandfather lived here though. OK, wipe that drool off your chin :p .

How's everyone doing today? Great I hope. I'm getting excited because I just made the final payment for my November trip today. I also got on the scale and it shocked me enough to really get my mind back on track to this losing weight business. I have a countdown of 60 days to eat right and exercise before my trip to Bangkok. Hope I can make a lot of difference in that time. Cheer me on girls, I need all the encouragement I can get :^: . On the plus side, I actually got my butt out there and walked yesterday :dancer: .

Congrats Tonya on the "new" clothes. I like those little suprises too.

Angie hope your doggie's are better today. Give them a little extra pat from me :D .

Dips glad to hear everything's now on an even keel. How many more days till you head home? I bet you can't wait. You're a lucky gal having traveled so much and you're still so young.

I don't know what's up with my computer but it's dragging a bit. I think I need to run a scan or something. Anyways, I've got to get busy. Have a great day everybody, I'll be back later.

09-09-2003, 05:45 PM
I knew it was going to be a bad day when I woke up thinking about Peanut Butter!!! Today has been a total bust diet wise. My boobs hurt so bad this month too. What the **** is up with that? Usually they hurt but this month is terrible.

We couldnt refinance the house because since it is a Double wide they add 2% more interest on and that would make it a higher interest then I have now. Shoot now I have to try to figure out how to pay all these bills before winter. On a happy note though, we found a guy looking for the tow system we have on the Rv to trade us even for a tow dolly so now I can tow the Durango or whatever else I want and it doesnt have to be a Saturn. YIPPEEE!!!!

Tonya, You go girl!!!!!! You must be so happy that your shirts are too big. WAY TO GO!!!!

Kempy, The Rock is HOT HOT HOT!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Noelle, You can do it. You will have so much fun on your vacation. When do you leave?

09-09-2003, 05:45 PM
Hi everyone posting late today.
Kempy I also think "the rock" is so good looking. Tall Dark and Handsome!! I wonder how tall he actually is.

Noelle you can do it!!!! How exciting about your trip to to Bangkok!!

Tonya thats great news about the clothes!! A girl always needs an excuse to go shopping.:D

I did pretty good eating today had bowl of cereal, milk and oj and for lunch had an apple with peanut butter on it..I am addicted to that pb. I do not know what I am making for supper though. Had a busy day today. Well everyone have a great day! Hi to everyone. Julie

09-09-2003, 06:11 PM
Julie, the Rock is 6'5" of hunky, rippling muscle :yes:

Oh yeah, I will be Bangkok bound on 11/8 and returning on 11/18/03. I'm sure I will shop enough for us ALL :hyper: . Did I mention that my sister and I will be signing up for a 1-day Thai cooking class while we're in Chiang Mai? That should be fun--she's more crazy than I am so I can just see us in the kitchen classroom together -- > :rollpin: .

Shoot, I'm eating a yellow peach and took my first bite and it's so juicy it squirted all over my sleeve. It's a good thing I work by myself.

09-09-2003, 06:12 PM
thanks :)

too bad I am broke :p

09-09-2003, 06:51 PM
Hey Everybody!!! Sorry I didn't have time to post this morning. Also, I have barely had a chance to catch up on old posts..actually, I have not had a chance to go to the bathroom yet today. Things at work are beyond crazy and I have been on emergency schedule since this morning...I need a break. Anyway, I missed chatting with you all, but will try to post later.

09-09-2003, 09:49 PM
Hi Dips', I'm glad to see you're OK. Thanks for writing and I'm also glad I made you feel good. :) So, you're a broadcast journalist. That sounds like a lot of fun. I work at a newspaper here and there is a radio station in the same building. I used to compile the news from the wires, then read that on the morning news programs. Just two 90 second reads. They used to use people from the paper to do that since we had the best access to all the stories. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the station cut the whole thing out because of a lack of funds (or so they say). So, were you on FEN while in Asia? I don't know how that works. What we hear here in Japan is broadcast from Japan it seems. You know, I do miss the times at Stripes. At that time the dollar was strong, about 260 yen. Now it's only around 115 yen to the dollar so people from the bases don't come into Tokyo like they used to simply because it's too expensive. Anyhow, when I was at Stripes I met some really great people. There are a lot of strange foreigners in Tokyo and the people from the bases were, generally speaking, a breath of fresh air because they were REAL. It was my first exposure to anyone in the military and I admit I probably had some preconceived misconceptions. But I learned that there are a lot of genuine, warm and simply good people in the military. It's a shame they all too often, like Americans in general, get a bad rap because of unpopular administrative policies. The people, like the soldiers, are not the government and it angers me when they are exploited by the government as a means to certain interests' ends and then suffer for it.

Hi Kempyd, yes, I understand the not wanting to juice everything but if I didn't I would never get the minerals and vitamins from the vegetables. I just don't have the time with my schedule to prepare foods, especially raw foods.

TonyaS, that IS a great thing to fit into clothes you previously couldn't. It feels like magic, doesn't it!

Noelle, what are you doing, posting this gorgeous hunk!!?! First, we're talking about obscene tree peepers and then this! This is too much. This place is just heating up like you wouldn't believe! I love the thighs on this guy and those taut biceps. I'm a real thigh gal though and am always pressuring the guys on the sports desk at work to include beefcake shots of rugby and baseball players showing some thigh to balance out all the pix of female athletes and girls in the stands in tiny T-shirts cheering, or whatever all they are always putting in the paper. :lol:

So, you're going to Thailand? You should stop over in Tokyo and we could meet up? No chance of that though, huh? I'm glad to hear you're heading north as well because Bangkok is a **** hole. Be prepared for major air pollution, heat and traffic jams all the time. The little scooters that whisk people around, tuk-tuks are pricey for foreigners. I was there and learned to read the Thai numbers and hopped buses, which are dirt cheap. But it is a very interesting place and the countryside is great. If you're flying local flights be in for some scary landings and takeoffs. Seems they've got a lot of ex-fighter pilots who are used to zooming in and out off of short runways. No worry here about bumpy landings and the jets seem to take off practically vertically! Well, that's the way it was when I was there.

angieME, sorry to hear you're having a lot of pain this month. At the risk of sounding like an evangelist, I want to say that the two best things I did for myself after quitting smoking was cutting my caffeine intake to nearly zilch and then cutting out sugar. And it was in these areas of female problems that I saw the biggest improvement. No more sore boobs for one! Honest. I couldn't believe that I had gone through years of that. If only someone had told me. (of course I probably wouldn't have listened, but heh, it's the truth!) If you're tired of all this agony, give it a try, and remember caffeine lurks like sugar does, all over the place!

jackieO, jbbm, hello there. How are you doing? jackieO, I'm sorry to hear things are so hectic for you. What kind of work do you do?

Well, that's about it from me here. OK, bye for now! :wave:

09-10-2003, 04:57 AM
Ciao Ladies!!

Today is a great day!! I love hump day! Justa a couple of days until the weekend and I can't wait. I fly home mid October. I booked the flight and everything! I'm so excited:D

Okay now for the personal messages;

Angie- Peanut Butter? Yuck! I hate the stuff, though it isn't really all that bad for you so don't get upset. Just eat it in moderation. remember what we said. September is the month to get results! I sure hope you feel better soon. When you hurt, I hurt.

Red Balloon- I love the Stars& stripes. It's like our bible over here. I was a part of American Forces Network (AFN) in Korean and here in Italy. It's a lot of fun. I hear ya about the misconceptions of the military. It hurts me when I see americans protesting in front of our bases, not fully aware that as soldiers we just take orders from our superiors. We are not the decision makers we just execute our mission when we're told to do so. We may not agree with it, understand it or like it but that's what we swore to- to obey the orders of those appointed over us. But as you said, we're a strong and caring bunch and we take care of eachother when others don't understand us.

Noelle- with all the nasty bugs spreading around this forum it sure is refreshing to see you post such a vision of beauty!! I can smeeeeeeellllll what the Rock is cooking, WOO HOO. Wow, 6'5" huh. That's how tall my fiance is but he's only 220 after a good shower! The rock has to be puching 300 with all that muscle.

Tonya- It sucks that you don't have the means to shop til you drop but just knowing that you can fit into nice new outfits should hold you over until you get the funds.

Jackie- we miss you too and we'll still be here when you get back. So take care of your biz-ness and stop by when you can to tell us how you're doing.

Kempy- I'm with you on the solid foods, Juicing takes all the fun out of nutrtion, a girl like me has GOT to chew.

Hello to Holly, Julie, Svelte,and all else. I just ran 2 miles so I'm kind of pooped. I still have a full day of work ahead of me so I'll check in later.


09-10-2003, 11:46 AM
Hey gals! Thank you all so much for the well wishes regarding my foot. Well, I am up to 147 now :(. My foot is feeling a little better, so, I have walked very small amounts (don't want to push it). I DO NOT want to get to 150 again, and am going to do everything I can to make sure of that, even if it means avoiding the grocery store! LOL, hubby can go.


You look Awesome! How long did it take you to lose the weight? How tall are you? You have done great!


Congrats on the loss! I always gained a little bit of weight from the birth control pill, usually 5-7 pounds. I remember after I had my oldest, I weighed 133, went on the pill, and went to 141...never been that low since 1997. However, I was not healthy then, and, didn't eat properly.


How are ya? My TOM is next week, and my rings are soooo tight on my fingers! Maybe that's the little bit of extra weight I have, fluid.? Sorry to hear about your dogs. Are they doing better? Mmmmm, peanutbutter. I had a craving last night, so I made 1/2 piece of bread with peanutbutter and fluff :ink: .


No sugar!? Aaah, I don't think I could live without sugar, lol. It is getting cooler here, but, has been in the 70's the last few days.


Good job on getting back on the band wagon. I can appreciate how difficult that is!! You can do it, 60 days!!

Hello to Tonya, Dips, redballoon, and everyone else!

09-10-2003, 12:02 PM
Dips I bet the count down has begun. Do you have any idea what you are going to do once you get home. Please keep your comment clean. ;) :lol:

Holly if you are about to start then I can almost garantee that you extra weight is water. I usually put on 5-6 lbs right before I start. If you are still being good with your food I don't think you have anything to worry about. Just keep at it and I am sure you will be right back into the groove once your foot is all better.

Noelle got any other hottie pictures hiding on your computer? I would love to see some of them. Now do you see why I love hulky men. :devil:

Red did you ever get an answer for the question you posted on the other thread about the abbreviations? I am noticing too how I don't get much response from them. I love the thread so some times I just lurk. I didn't offer to help b/c some of them I don't even know. :lol:

Hey to eveyone else.

Anige what's up girl?

09-10-2003, 01:29 PM
What's up people??? Finally, I am back to normal..which is RARE for me. HAHA. At least today is not as busy as yesterday so far...but the afternoon will tell as I will be on emergency again. Things are going well for me diet and nutrition wise. I have been eating healthy and on plan and working out daily. I am incorporating more weight training into my routine and less cardio...which is difficult for me because I am still under the mindset that cardio is the only way to lose fat..but folks, I am in recovery from that way of thinking and am trying this new approach one day at a time!!!Fitting in workouts is hard with my schedule but the psychological and physical costs of obesity are harder...that is what I keep telling myself. My trainer says she can definitely notice some serious definition and loss of inches since I began weight training...so I am going to continue..Anyway, enough about me...How are you all doing???

Chickitababe- Hope your foot is healing...maybe in the mean time you can do some upper body strength training...hang in there!!

dips- thanks for all your positive messages...I hope you enjoy your trip home. You deserve a nice vacation..

Redballoon- Hey!! That was interesting what you said about Thailand. I always thought that when I got married (if and when that happens!) I would go there on a honeymoon. But, I keep hearing horror stories about it. Oh well, Greece looks nice. Why and the heck am I planning this already?..I'm not quite sure. Today is less hectic for me. To answer your question about my employment.I am a psychotherapist by day and I tutor (academic) on the side...extra money to pay back those student loans!!!! How are your workouts going??

Noelle- have a fabulous trip. Yes, please do plenty shopping for us all!!!

Angie- Good Luck with your financial issues. I know things can be rough, but I have faith that you will survive any obstacles in your path..

Kempy- how are you doing? how is your challenge going? I am rooting for you!
To everyone else, have a great day..

09-10-2003, 04:46 PM
Hello all. I'm slowly getting back into the 'eat right, exercise' routine. My sister and I were out walking yesterday and as we were going uphill I started daydreaming about what size luggage I would be bringing to Thailand and what I would buy this time around. The last time I went I packed a small suitcase of clothes (mostly shorts and tees) and put that suitcase into a much larger one. The larger one came home stuffed to the gills with all kinds of shopping treasures. I can't wait!!!! Before I knew it, I was cresting the hill and going down. It sure helps to pass the time in exercising when you think about something pleasant.

Redballoon, yes BKK is very polluted, crowded to the max and the traffic and drivers are unbelievable! 2 of my sisters (I have 6) have gone to BKK each year for the past 5 years, 2 of the others have gone for the past 3, this will be my 2nd time in 3 years.
It was such a grand adventure for me the last time and I loved almost every minute of it. and there's no denying the shopping bargains. Did I mention the shopping? :D The only thing I didn't really like when leaving the city was the availbility of 'western' toilets. We had a running joke of '10 baht to squat' when going on tours, since in some restrooms you had to pay to use them :rolleyes: . I'd love to visit you in Japan but the US dollar wouldn't go very far there would it :lol: ? I'm sure I'd have no problem enjoying the cuisine :hun: :sumo: ~~ and there is no scarcity of VERY clean western toilets in Japan, this I know.

Jackie-o, horror stories about Thailand? Are you listening to people who come from the US and expect everywhere they go to be "just like home" :shrug: . There are some very nice affordable luxury Bangkok hotels + the Skytrain (rail transportation) which is very handy for getting around the city. And the exchange rate is still darn good $1 US to 40 thai baht . I think the experience is what you make it. I really enjoyed the friendliness and warmth of the people. Greece though, sounds much more romantic to me than Thailand for a honeymoon. Good job on the muscle definition--you can flaunt that on any beach, Thailand or Greece!

Kempy I don't have any pictures hiding on my computer, but if you have someone in mind, I can 'google' a picture up I'm sure. Ask away and I will post them.

Holly thanks for the encouragement. Hang in there girl, I'm sure you're retaining water. Once TOM blows by the scales will go down--do not worship the scale and let it dictate your day (hey, I should take my own advice huh?)

Hey Dips, you're fiance is 6'5"? That's a lot of man! That's quite a difference in height, but I guess love knows no boundaries. I love tall guys, especially if they're built well. My hubby is only 5'9" (to my 5'3") and he's a little round in the middle, but so am I :lol: .

Angie how are you doing today?

Hello to Julie, Tonya, Chris, Emily, CosmoGirl (where are ya), Summer...everybody. have a great day, gotta run.

09-10-2003, 04:56 PM
Hey Melekali- Thanks for the wake up call about Thailand. Yes, the only people that have informed me are from the states and were probably seeking a Ritz Carlton resort. I guess every Country has their bad areas (dirty,etc). Let me know how your trip goes!

09-10-2003, 05:42 PM
I am so negligent. I actually forget to come here every day. I'm bad, I know. I used to be here constantly. I've been walking a lot lately, and doing my boot camp training tape with weights. It's great, and I feel stronger when I make myself follow through and get it done. I hate to sweat, but thats part of the deal I guess.

I'm 5 foot 5 inches. Someone had asked me that before. Sorry it takes me so long to get back here. It took me a year to lose my weight, and it'll take a lifetime to keep it off. I got a new pedometer today, from Avon. It is a radio pedometer, clips onto my waistband, but i took the dog out, and the reception is terrible. Can't get a good station, and the essence of hte product is that i'm supposed to walk, but the more i move, the less i hear the radio. Whatever!! it sucks, and I've clocked my route, it's only a mile total, this little thins is telling me I walked almost 3 miles. What?

And, I can't figure out how to turn the dern thing off. I read the instructions front and back, how do I get it off?

Well, i'm all for new things, as long as the instructions are clear on how to use it. Tonight we'll walk again, and i think i'll do boot camp also. i need to maintain, especially since i'm pms woman. i feel like my period lasts a month, but it really 4 days of **** ON EARTH!

Hope you're all having a good day. i'm counting down to the weekend already.

09-10-2003, 05:49 PM
Hi Chris. Most pedometers need to be calibrated according to your stride length. Does your instruction manual include how to do that? Isn't it funny how some things are marketed for a specific purpose and they are oftentimes counterproductive to what they were made for? That sucks. I think you're doing a super job maintaining. it's been what, at least a few months right? Keep posting here when you can, you're a great inspiration.

09-10-2003, 06:00 PM
Hey Noelle, I just thought of one. Arnold in his prime. Talk about a nice piece of work. (sorry if I sound crude, but I love that man)

09-10-2003, 06:46 PM
is this prime enough?

09-10-2003, 06:56 PM
WOO HOO!!! :cb:

It's hot Arnold! :dance:

OK now I am about to get off work and go see my hubby. Boy is he in for a treat! :devil:

09-10-2003, 08:39 PM
Noelle, Do you get your Malasadas from Leonard Jrs.? I just watched a show on the travel chanel about donuts and they just showed that place.

Candi goes to the vets in the morning for her appointment. Her knee on her left leg feels swollen. I pray that it isnt anything serious, I am not sure I can afford an operation.

09-10-2003, 09:01 PM
Hi all!!!! I am op for today. You guys are probally going to think I am really wimpy but I did 26 minutes on the treadmill today! Thats a really long time for me. Chris I am like you I just hate to get all sweaty, but I guess that is how you lose all the pounds! I am also 5 foot 5 inches. Hey Kempy and Noelle I would love to get my hubby muscular like that!:D Any tips?? Haha Jackie it is really interesting the line of work that you are in. Does everyone come to you for advice on problems in their life? You must be a really understanding person to do what you do. Well Hello to everyone. Angie I would love the recipe for your pumpkin parfaits if you want to share it. Dips glad to see your doing great! Have a great evening everyone!!!! Julie

09-10-2003, 09:13 PM
Angie, yes I get my malasadas from Leonard Jrs. --this is the store in Waimalu (closer to where I live now), although the main bakery "Leonard's" is in an area right outside of Waikiki called Kapahulu. We lived there for about 4 years and frequented the place. Now that I live on the west side of the island we have to get them from the mobile Leonard's malasada wagons that park in the K-mart or Sam's Club parking lots. In fact, just a few days ago Rick and I were at K-mart and I had to make a conscious effort to bypass that red and white wagon--it was tough let me tell you! Malasadas are great, but not while you're trying to lose weight :( . I'm gonna watch the travel channel when I get home now. :)

09-11-2003, 08:35 AM
Ciao Ladies

Today has been a good day fod wise. I just have to get some exercise in and I can go to bed with a clear conscience.

Kempy- What's up girly. I can only tell you that I plan to have fun when I get home ;) I leave the rest to your wild imagination. Honestly though, I try not think about it too much because it only makes my time here seem longer. By the way, I still don't know what you see in Arnold even with that picture.

Noelle- You and your pictures. You sure know how to shake things up. I'm not into arnold but I still thank you for providing the eye service. Yeah, I have a whole lot of man in my Jamie. He towers over me by a whole foot and a half but he's in great shape! He's a sports freak so he can eat what he wants and still loose weight. (I could just kill him)

Julie- 26 minutes on the treadmill is a good effort! I don't think anyone would consider you a wimp for that. I can tell you however that effort is measured in sweat, you HAVE to get all sweaty or else you're not working hard enough! I love to sweat...makes me feel like I've accomplished something! But work up to it, build yourself up to more time on the treadmill slowly. By the way, it's really hard work to keep of the weight that the pill can bring on. I heard the patch is good for weight but i don't know for sure.

Red- How's it hanging, girly! Hope all is well in the south pacific! Did Typhoon season pass?

Jackie- Hey, Chica! I must tell you that both weight/strength training and cardio are essential for signifigant weight loss according to many experts! It's good that you are incorporating more weights into your workout but don't sleep on cardio!

To all that I missed, I hope you all are enjoying your thursday. I know I am :lol:

09-11-2003, 02:44 PM
Finally I am here for my confessional. I ate McDonald's last night. (spanking my hand) We had a commitee meeting at the hosue last night and by the time they left Joe wanted that for dinner. It sounded good at the time but let me tell you, I was bloated this morning. I have learned my lesson and am doing great today. I am making sure that I am drinking enough water to get rid of this bloat.

Dips it isn't so much his face as his BOD!!! I just really like muscley guys.

Julie my hubby and I used to workout together b4 he got this job he has now. He had gotten really big at that point. Maybe you can get yours to workout with you.

Jackie how is it going in the Cresent City?

Noelle are you still staying OP?

Angie how is Canndi?

Chris what is the word with the baby?

Holly is the foot healing nicely?

Tonya what's up girl?

Red are you in lurker mode right now?

I think we have lost Sandy.

Chat with you guys later.

09-11-2003, 05:31 PM
Hello everyone. Working our way toward the weekend and I just bought 3 tickets for a local stage production of "Green Eggs & Ham" for next Sunday . That should be fun! We had some heavy showers here last night and today it is muggy. Dips if it's sweating you like you'd love it here, and you wouldn't even have to put too much effort into it.

Kempy, you're forgiven for your McD's transgression. For your penance you will drink no less than 64 ozs of water today, amen :lol: . Yes I'm working on my 4th day OP. I had some "bumps" along the way but I'm hanging tough. BTW, as for Ahhh-nold's looks, I think I much prefer his face "older" than I do younger, much more refined looking. And I like a muscle-bound man too, just not the "toady" no-neck type.

Angie has Candi gone to the vet yet? Hope it's nothing serious, poor girl. I caught the Travel channel's donut show you mentioned. I want to go to LA and check out that giant donut place, or maybe the one on that street corner across from the Hollywood theater :T . I was getting a sugar rush just watching!

Julie :bravo: for 26 minutes on the treadmill. That's a great start. I remember dying for the first 15 min. or so wishing to get off. But once I kept at it, I eventually built up to 30 min, than 45, than 1 hr. It can be done. Of course I mainly walk outside now and my treadmill has just recently moved to my other sisters' house.

Holly how are you today? I was lurking on the exercise board and saw you on the walking thread. I need to get back there and say hi to the gals.

Dips, I do not disappoint. Here's something for you~~I remember you saying you had a liking for this fine fella :T

09-11-2003, 06:12 PM
Am I in lurker mode? If that was your ploy to get a rise out of me, Kemp, it worked. But it's not that I haven't felt like writing. I have been and am still so bogged down with work it's not funny. I'm here at the computer because I have translations to get down and then off to work where we are so short people because the paper is going under and on top of that I have another page that I have to do during the day. It's horrible. But thanks for asking and I am enjoying all the bods. Kemp, I love the young Arnold too. I am so glad to hear other people liking muscular guys. Here it seems l ike no one does. Gotta run!

09-11-2003, 08:29 PM
Hi guys i did not get a chance to post earlier today. I feel so guilty right now I just ate three pieces of Pizza:o I cant get down though because we all know how the thinking process works-you overeat so just throw it all away! Well I should say I use to think that way. I have come way to far to let myself go back to thinking that.
Kempy I am trying to talk my husband into lowfat eating though he likes work out. Not weight lifting though. More of walking and running. He likes to excercise but he likes to cook also. He is a great cook. But he still likes high fat sour cream vs the low fat or fat free. And all the other things high in fat.
Tonya how are you? Where ya been?
Angie I hope your dog is okay.
Noelle that guy is beautiful. He was the one on Young and the Restless right?
Holly get better soon:) !
Hi to Red Chris, Jackie and everyone else! Bye check in later Julie

09-11-2003, 10:14 PM
WOOHOO everybody I just did almost 30 mins on the treadmill. Bye Bye pizza fat and cals!!!! Have a great night everyone!!!!

09-11-2003, 10:22 PM
gO jULIE gO :dancer: :high:

darn caps lock was on...sorry :)

09-12-2003, 03:16 AM
:flame: OH MY GOD !!!! :flame:

NOELLLE- You are AWESOME :lol: You made my morning, girl. Now tell me that is not a beautiful piece of man OOHH BABY!!:flame:
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Julie- You go girl!! The treadmill is sure to get rid of that pizza. Not that pizza is a bad food. It's actually nutritious when you eat it in moderation. Good for you on your will to exercise! BTW Yes, Shemar Moore was on the Young and the Restless, He was my reason for watching the show!

Kempy- As you can see I'm into the muscle men too, so I kinda see where you're coming from with Arnold.

Okay I can't take it...I have to go to the previous page and stare at Shamar. NOELLE FOR PRESIDENT:lol:

09-12-2003, 09:09 AM
Candi has an old leg fracture that healed and is giving her trouble now and for the rest of her life. YIKES! She is only 1 1/2 now. The only time we can figure it could have happened was after we got Cappie, they played rough every night and one night she yelped and wouldnt use her leg all night. The next morning she was fine acting again so we assumed that she just twisted it or something. I Guess Not! I have her on glucosamine to try to build some cartilage around the knee. He said to keep walking her because if she doesnt use the knee then the new bone will fuse into the joint and cause problems. My poor baby is an old lady now.

I have been BAD BAD on my diet this week!!

09-12-2003, 12:23 PM
Greetings all!!! I am happy to report that I am still on plan and have been increasing my weight training...

Angie- I hope your dog heals soon...By the way, you are very close to my goal weight. (You are my inspiration for today). Keep up the good work..

Dips- Hey girl! What's going on? What type (if any) program are you following? You seem to be doing great.

Julie- Good going on the treadmill..that's the way to torch the fat!!!

Kempy- I hope you have been able to move past the McDonald's relapse and are back to your healthy eating. Even though you probably felt crappy, it may not have been that bad for you. Sometimes if I occasionally eat unhealthy it shakes things up for me, since my body is used to eating healthy. Not like I am promoting unhealthy eating, but I agree, you must forgive yourself and move on..and drinking water helps. Hope you are back on track!!!! How is the bodyrx going???

To everyone else...have a great day. I will chat with you later!

09-12-2003, 12:37 PM
Ciao Ladies,

Kempy- Sometimes, you just can't avoid the golden arches, but like JAckie said...forgive yourself and move on. You'll get back on track!

JAckie- I don't follow a specific "program" but I limit my calorie intake to 1200 a day, I drink 64 onces of water a day and work out 6 days a week. I also make it a point to eat what I want on sundays, It gives me will popwer during the week. I also take multivitamins everyday. Still it seems as though it's taking me forever to get where I want. I'm just focusing on getting to the 130's right now.

09-13-2003, 07:17 PM
WOW! We were on page 2 when I found our link. Is everyone busy this weekend? We got a new car finally. We got a 2004 Dodge Stratus. The payment saves us a little each month and it is small enough to tow to Florida behind the RV this winter so it should work out good.

Diet is bad but I plan on fixing that tomorrow.

Night Night

09-13-2003, 09:02 PM
Hi people. I'm going to try to write quickly and get something out to you all before I'm off to work. Sunday morning here and it looks like the place is quiet.

I just have to tell you up something really funny. I was in the shower. I was stretching up and sudsing down and my hand hit something really hard under my breast. I thought, 'oh jeez, what was that?!?' and run my hand over that spot again and I realized! it was the top of my ribcage!! And there was one on the other side. I thought at first it felt like something broken. :lol: Now, is that funny, or what? Bones, suddenly making themselves known in unexpected places. Now, I later got on the scale to see if possibly the numbers had budged but no luck. In fact they were up quite a bit. But, I looked in the mirror and standing at attention, bodybuilder posing on the stage kind of look, I could see, that, yeah, the tops of my ribcage were standing out. Now, if I just stand normal it disappears but still, it was awesome. I've been training real heavy at the gym, exhaustion and forced reps and lots of cardio but the numbers on the scale haven't moved and so even though I know my body is changing it was kind of a compromised victory, or that's what it felt like. Then again I'd been NOT fitting into clothes I'd fit into when I weighed a good 3 kgs more so I knew (since I hadn't been working out for a couple months) that I had just gone majorily to fat. It's really amazing how you can reshape your body and it just goes to show that the scale is pretty useless unless you figure in lean muscle mass and fat percentages. Okay, just wanted to tell you about that. I was thinking, gotta write about this. I mean, it's like I don't have anyone else to tell this to. :lol:

Dips, what's this about you flying back Stateside? Are you short or what? (See, I'm remembering my military jargon from when I was at Stripes). I may be going to N.Y. next month for a friend's wedding. Where are you going? By the way, I can't believe you exist on 1200 calories a day. How do you do that? And you work out too, right? Maybe this is what I'm going to have to aim for too, but I doubt it. My stomach is growling away when I go under 1,800 but maybe it's a timing problem. I mean you're of small stature (speaking in strictly physical terms here!!) and so am I so maybe we just can't eat that much. Maybe this is something I'm going to have to accept. . .nah!. . I'll just work out harder!

chikitababe, How's the foot. Did you stop the rise to 150? I hope so, but don't get too hung up on numbers especially when you're not able to use your foot normally. You'll be OK when you're back on two feet.

Kempyd, I did get an answer on those acronyms on the LWL thread but it was from someone who I think hadn't even used them. Kind of strange feeling there at times but oh well, what the heck. I haven't been posting there or even reading lately. People are so prolific there and I can't seem to get a foothold. I'm also not into all the tiny details of food intake and things. It's a bit too micro for me. The other day at the gym I asked our pro there (13x national champ, Mr. Universe Masters winner last year) about calorie intake and he just said cut out the carbs in the evening, don't worry about counting calories. He said, your stomach will be growling like crazy but just do it and the fat will come off because you'll automatically be cutting down on food. Now, I thought, that's the kind of nice and simple approach that I like (not that I have taken his advice yet though because I am a total wimp when it comes to empty tummy feelings!?!?)

Heh, isn't Noelle something else with this hot shots she's putting up? Now, maybe I don't need to get that international subscription to Playgirl after all!!

jackieO, good to hear you're getting back on track. So, you're into weights too. I am so glad I found them some 20 years ago. I had just finally lost a lot of weight and I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, well, I'm just a smaller version of what I was. It wasn't until I started weight training that I started sculpting my body. Then I went way overboard with the muscle, then the fat went on again and then . . .well, this time I'm trying (going!) to get it ALL right. You keep going with it too. You will love the results.

Oh, and about Thailand, I didn't mean to scare you away. Bangkok is not the whole country and I know a lot of people who head south to the beaches and have a great time. I don't know, however, if it's the best place for a honeymoon, as there is no much prostitution and it attracts the kind of crowd from all over the world that is looking for that. It might not make for the best feeling on a honeymoon. There are other islands and so in the Pacific and probably elsewhere that I think would be much more romantic and not have this definite sex business undertone. But then again, I don't know what you're into. Maybe it'd be a cool kind of honeymoon. Oh, my friend says he was in Krabi on some island and it was very nice. Krabi is 800 km south of Bangkok, an hour by plane.

Hi Noelle, and thanks for all the great photos. You are so sweet, going in and finding photos to please these insatiable women, including me. Scrolling back, taking another peek, it's too funny!!

You sure go to Thailand a lot. I hope you'll enjoy it this time. Too bad you can't stop in Japan but yeah, it's so expensive here. Japan gets very few tourists, especially these days. There was a hurricane hit the R.P. bad I think or an earthquake. Some natural disaster. Do you have relatives there or are your long removed from the Philippines, third or fourth generation and no links? Bad typhoon in Korea just last night, some 72 dead.

Toilets in Japan. I don't know that there are that many Western style but there are more than there used to be. I also don't know about clear ones but they do tend to be cleaned often. Of course, you were probably staying in some posh places when you were here, right? Still, I now prefer the Japanese style because they're more sanitary. But I know if I'm feeling lazy I'll seek out the Western style. I remember when I first encountered a hole in the ground toilet. It was in France and I was like, what the **** am I supposed to do here? I didn't use it either. It's funny how we change to adapt to our environment. Now so much doesn't faze me because I've encountered so much more. I hate to think of how ridiculously narrow-minded I was simply because my world, my reality was so small.

Svelte, did you get your pedometer figured out? How are things for you there? You're an inspiration to everyone here I think so please try to check in more often!

AngieME, how are you? Your post earlier looking for people is what prompted me to get in and say something and I'm running at the mouth today, aren't I? It was that rib thing that got me stoked! How are your dogs? I hope OK, I've had a cat break a bone and I didn't know about it until someone I'd given it too later said an Xray showed the break. It's such a shame animals can't speak and tell us their pain. They must just silently put up with so much.

jbbm, there is nothing wimpy about 26 minutes on the treadmill so keep it up. I'm with the love to sweat crowd. But I want to be dressed for it. There are so many great hi-tech clothes out there. Maybe if you were better dressed for it you'd enjoy the sweat more. If I don't wear a wicking undershirt I absolutely HATE the clammy, sticky feeling of clothes sticking to me. Maybe give it a try. Oh, and I see in a later post you're up to 30. Rockin!

09-13-2003, 09:26 PM
Hi there!!!! I thought I would drop in on this Saturday night. I have been very bad this weekend. I went to my mom's for my b-day and she made a "better than sex cake" God was it good. Then I had a cake here at home. I plan on getting back on track on Monday. I am just eating like Pig!!!!!!
Angie great to hear about your new car!
red thanks for the info on the clothes.
Hi Dips, Tonya, Chris, Holly, Kempy, Noelle, Jackie and anyone else I am forgetting because of the massive overload of sugar in my Body:dizzy: !!!! Julie

09-14-2003, 05:51 PM
Good afternoon!

Today is a new day and I have been trying to be a good girl. Got the lobsters cooking and I had veggies and a soy sauce thing for lunch so I have been a good little girl. :lol:

We had to cancel our plans for New Hampshire next weekend because if that Hurricane is supposed to wreak havok up here by Saturday then I am not blowing a bunch of money to be going to a park during that. I will go in a couple of weeks and just go hiking. It is free(just what I can afford. haha)

Julie, I hear ya on the sugar overload. I made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies last night and I ate so many.

The kids found a stray cat out behind my in laws bakery the other day so we tried to bring her home last night. She sat in my daughters room and growled at us all night so I left the window open and she ran out. She was a little freaky. I am going to keep my eye out for her and try to coax her back but even in town she is safer than at the bakery. The puke that hangs out there would have tried to kill her if he had found her first.

09-15-2003, 07:06 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Julie- a "better than sex cake" I would stay far away from THAT! :lol: When was your B-day?? Happy BIRTHDAY JULIE~
Hope you had fun and I must add that on your special day you are entitled to have some cake, but now it's back to biz-ness, Missy!

RED- I'm going home to NY next month as well and I'll be all over the place. I'll PM you when I touch down. Maybe we can get together and reflect on our Army days :). Living on a 1200 calorie a day diet isn't so hard once you find the right foods. It forced me to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies which have no more than 20-60 calories per serving. Ideally we are supposed to have 3-5 servings of fruits/veggies a day but most of us don't because we're into other stuff. Basically if you follow the food pyramid, you should be able to eat well and still satisfy your appetite. 1800 calories a day is reasonable, I'm just trying to speed things up a bit. I have very little patience.

Hello to everyone else...I will adress you all individually in a bit but I have a project going right now.



09-15-2003, 11:42 AM
I knew I should have gotten on the site this weekend. I would have gotten something done this weekend. I still didn't finish the bathroom. I didn't like the way it was looking so I stopped. Joe like it though so I guess I will have something to do this weekend.

Angie did you sell the Durango yet? I didn't know if you were going to trade it in or try to sell it outright. I hate to see that the hurricane is heading up north. I was surprised that it didn;t come this way. They usually all head here. i think the cool front that we have coming is what is keeping it from coming into the Gulf.

Noelle and Red what in the world are you two talking about with these toilets? I don't know if I really want to know. :lol:

Dips I meant to ask if you have heard from Kina or even from Jen or Gennel? I know the other thread that you, Angie , Noelle and myself were on is gone but I didn't know if you might hve kept intouch with anyone. That thread was a jumpin' one too.

Jackie, Tonya, Holly, Sandy (who I think we lost) Julie and Chris :wave:

09-15-2003, 11:46 AM
Goodmorning everyone!!!!
Dips it was on the 12th. And thanks for the support to getting back to business. I need to get back on track. You must be so excited to get back to the states!!
Angie sounds like a scary cat you picked up.
hey Kempy where have ya been?
Hello to everyone. Don't have that much time to post now. Talk later. Julie

09-15-2003, 11:48 AM
Hi Kempy you snuck in on me!!!!:)

09-15-2003, 12:29 PM
Hey Everyone!! Hope you all had a good weekend.....
Kempy- I didn't know you were renovating the bathroom, a regular Bob Villa, eh? Maybe red and Noelle could suggest a good toilet for your new room..HAHA

Dips- Where in New york are you from? I am so JEALOUS of you. NY is my fave place in the world. Wish I could afford to live there. Oh well, I just setlle for going there on vaction every year. I am a theater rat!!!

RedBalloon- I can relate about the scale not showing progress. Last week I worked out 6 days and ate super healthy and the scale said I gained 2 pounds. Go figure.......

Hi Angie, Jbbm, and everyone else. I'll chat with you later...

09-15-2003, 06:23 PM
Hey everyone. I had a not bad weekend. I stayed OP through the week and most of Saturday but our Sunday BBQ included steak fajitas (muy delicioso :T) which were a good choice w/lots of veggies cooked on the grill, but it ended with a lemon bundt cake :hun: . I should have just done this :tape: . Anyway, back on track today and trying to drink lots of water.

Angie congrats on the new car. Hope that hurricane blows by and you can continue on with your road trip adventures.

Kempy, sorry about all the talk about toilets. Rick's a plumbing contractor and well you know, those things are always on my mind :lol: . And you know me, I always had a potty mouth :rolleyes:.

Julie, happy belated birthday :hb: .

Jackie, I can totally relate to being OP and the scale going UP. I've been OP for a week and the scale's not budged at all. Let's keep up the effort though and I'm sure next week we'll be crowing about our successes.

Red, you're too funny describing your discovery of your 'new' bones :lol: . That's cool though! I don't have any relatives in Thailand, my sisters and I just like to shop shop shop. Heehee, I confirm that Bangkok is all about the sex trade--but it's NOT what we go there for :angel: . We caught the skytrain to go shopping in the Patpong area at night and had to walk through this street where all the 'professionals' were out working. It was kinda weird, seeing all these groups of girls (or were they really?) dressed up and standing in line--and the limos and taxis full of Japanese businessmen come driving by to do 'business'. It's sad when you know a lot of the people are so poor that they send their sons and daughters to do that. It's also very sad that most of the women are extremely pretty, even the ones that aren't really women (you know what I mean :o ) . Hope I didn't offend anyone with this kind of talk.

Hello to Dips, Holly, Chris, Sandy, Summer, Emily, Tonya...everybody! :wave: Gotta run for now.

09-16-2003, 12:13 PM
Ciao Ladies,

Today is one of those days which I really don't feel like goig to the gym but it is a must. I will force myself to go because I promised a friend I'd be there. I just feel so worn out today. Come to think of it, I didn't take my multivitamin today, that could be it. Still I have to drag myself out today.

Kempy- You asked a very good question. Where on earth are Gen, Jen and Kina?? i haven't the slightest Idea. I know Kina is busy with school and Gen was moving into the new house. I don't know about Jen but I hope she's well.

Another work day is DONE! Just 6 days left WOO HOO :D
Hope everyone is having a good week so far, socialy and health wise. I'll chitter chatter with you all in a bit.

OH By the way, SHRIMP is a very good snack, (not the fried but the cocktail) no fat, not carbs, good scource of protein, tastes great if you're into seafood. And cocktail sauce is pretty healthy too! I made that discovery this weekend. Well that's all for now gals!


09-16-2003, 12:14 PM
Hey what happened to our board? We didn't have much activity yesterday.

I am sorry to say that I have nothing to report. Joe had a friend over from high school an the two of them acted like little kids all night. They recreated the entier movie of Dumb and Dumber for me. The thing is if I had never seen the movie I would have never known what they were doing. It really was funny. They would start at the begining and then be at the end and then jump to the begining agian. Did I mention that a few bottles of wine were involved?

So, did we all just give up on our challengess for this month? I havn't heard much talk about it.

09-16-2003, 12:15 PM
Hey Dips you snuck in. What time is it over there anyway?

09-16-2003, 12:22 PM
I aqm here. I screwed up majorly with my period but I am back this week and trying hard.

I was going to PM Gennel and Di and see if they wanted to join us. Di was supposed to start her own thread but I guess she got busy. She hit goal ya know. I miss that thread too.

09-16-2003, 12:25 PM
Oh yeah, Kempy we traded the Durango in on the new car. Where is everyone that used to post here. I have seen a few on other threads but not here?

The vet was supposed to come to my house today for the animals annual shots but she forgot. She felt so bad when I called her. :lol: They are now coming on Thursday.

09-16-2003, 12:33 PM
I wish I could get my vet to coem to my house. That would save me so much headache. The cats are the hard part. Putting them in the car is not fun. Once i get them there they are holly terrors. :devil:

09-16-2003, 02:03 PM
Hi everyone! I just feel tired today and ya know the feeling all you just want to do is eat. I really let myself go over the weekend but now I want to get going. I am going to make an appt. to get my hair cut. Right now my hair is just below my shoulders. I might be daring and get it shorter. I really like Paula Abduls new haircut. It is kind of a choppy bob with highlights, it is so pretty. Now if I could just have her body to go along with it.:lol: I don't think my hairdresser can work that kind of magic though! Speaking of her I did not go to her for like a year and a half and when I came back she lost so much weight. She says she just works out three days a week for 60 minutes and eat high fiber and smaller portions.

Angie its great your vet comes to your house. One time my uncle needed to put his dog down and could not bear to be there, but a vet came to his house and put the dog down. I held on to him and it was one of the saddest things i ever experienced.

Hey Kempy don't men act totally different around other men? Kinda funny.

Well talk later! Julie

09-16-2003, 04:24 PM
Yeah I like our vet. It is a husband and wife team. They make it so much easier since I have 4 cats that totally freak out if they see the cat carrier. Plus it would take forever to try to get them all there and done with.

I am not sure I would have the guts to be there when one of my animals had to be put to sleep either but I am sure I would regret it forever if I wasnt. Such a hard decision to have to make.

I have been good for the last 2 days but I bought some Rold Gold cheddar cheese pretzels. YUM!! Those would make a great craving food and they are lowfat. I have been sticking to my serving size so so far so good.

09-16-2003, 04:52 PM
Hey ladies. Nothing much going on here. I'm back OP as of yesterday and today after the usual Sunday overindulgence. I'm feeling pretty darn good after a week of clean eating :strong: . It's been a bit rough getting out there and walking again, I really feel it in my legs, but I'm glad my cardio endurance is still good--I'm not having to huff and puff up those hills. I almost hate to say this but I think I've got my mojo back :crossed: .

Angie, I have a big bag of Rold Gold pretzel sticks too. I sit there and count out the serving size then seal the bag back up w/tape. I'm being really anal about it, which is a good thing in this case. I've never seen the cheddar cheese ones, but I'm sure I would have no problem eating them :p .

Julie, a haircut can make you feel like a new person and give you that little extra boost to keep you going. Go for it! I'm sure you're hairdresser gave you the over-simplified version of her weight loss story. I know for me when my former co-workers asked me what I've done to lose it, I would tell them rather nonchalantly "stop eating fast food and just exercise". Sounds simple, but it's not. You need to work your butt off and put the fork down! You need to sweat, you need to stay dedicated, you need to WANT it badly. Hehe, sorry to go off on that little rant, but I think you know what I mean.

Kempy, it must've been funny to see Joe acting like a little boy. Sometimes it's endearing, sometimes it's annoying as heck :lol: . Yup, wine will make people do funny things.

Dips, yes shrimp cocktail is an excellent choice :T . Good job on going to the gym even though you don't feel like it. I'm sure once you get there and get going, you'll be glad you did--your friend will be too.

Well, I gotta get back to work--been fooling around on the 'net for too long now. :wave: HI to everyone else and hope to see more posts next time I come back. Have a good one!

09-16-2003, 05:49 PM
Angie you and Noelle are doing great. I have had to do the portion thing too. I am still doing it sort to with this plan that I am on.

Well, now Joe is at home sick. He doesn't know if it is a hangover our something else. I bet it is a hangover. :lol: See, I was the good one and stopped before it got too bad. Of course we all know that that is not always the case. I just knew that I had to get up and come to work.

So Angie how cold is it up there right now? It is 86 right now but the humidity is REALLY low. My computer weather thing I have says that it is 33%. Kind of strange when we are used to 100%.

09-16-2003, 05:56 PM
Noelle I totally agree with you. She made it sound easy. Its not. It is a struggle at every meal or between them. Whether to lay down on the couch or get up and move. I think I may reset my goal to 20lbs not to lose 30. Sorry to hear about Joe Kempy. Its not fun to be sick! I am just trying to think what I can make for supper..... Ugh....Later girls!

09-16-2003, 07:15 PM
Hi everyone- Angie invited me to join. Some of you I know from previous challenges:wave:. I've done well with maintainence, but admit I could use the support to stay on track with exercise. I do great with food choices, but seem to let life get in the way of getting my full workouts in. I'm glad to meet those of you I don't know, and hope to be a part of your group. Take care. Di

09-16-2003, 07:37 PM
Evening Friends. I"m kinda dragging tonight. Feeling defeated, thanks to a friend who basically told me i'm kididng myself to think i'll fid a baby to adopt. Made me feel like dirt. Hurt me a lot.

No news on the baby front, as you can imagine. We've been waiting since Mothers Day,a nd are now home study ready. Meaning, the state has certified us, after 6 moths of background checks, and interviews, references and such. Finally done. We're prety proud of that. It was a long tedious process.

The Darn Pedometer!! Still on, and I think it is in fast mode. Makes like I"m waking 8 miles, when it's only 4 or so. And, the radio has bad reception everywhere around my house, but strangely, get near the water, and it's crystal clear, Country. I do not really like Country, no offense. But, I guess i"ll read the directions better, and try to calibrate my steps as Noelle had mentioned before.

I'll be back in a bit.

09-16-2003, 08:04 PM
So, today is my day to think too much. I feel irritated by my friend, discouraged in my wait for the baby I've prayed for, and generally concerned about my hubby, who seems to be getting sicker before my eyes.

We're heading off to take a walk together, and hopefully i'll get this stress out of me.

In other news, I'm celebrating on Feb 10th, 2004, because that would be one year at my goal weight,a nd that's a big big big big deal for me. So, I've been at goal for....7 months now. Woo-Hoo! That's someting to smile about. Chow for now.

09-16-2003, 08:20 PM
Chris you and I really have not had a chance to chat that much but I want you to know you are in my prayers. I hope the best for you and your husband. You are just such an inspiration for your weight loss. You should be so very proud of yourself. It takes a strong person to accomplish what you have done. Take care Julie

09-16-2003, 10:29 PM
Heh jbbm, I could use some better-than-sex-cake. Yum! What was it like? Oh tell me, tell me! You know, this makes me think, I bet you could write some great erotic stuff just about food, with no sexual innuendoes (sp?) even. Last night, I was SOOO hungry and the smells of food cooking as I was out in the city were just so unbelievably good smelling. It was definitely borderline erotic! :lol:

angieME, too bad your camping plans were wrecked. But, yeah, no sense going if it's going to be no fun and besides, it could be dangerous. Hiking, I gotta do some of that. I used to go a lot and love the mountains and woods. Just haven't gone at all in months, maybe years now.

Any sign of that cat you found. She may have seemed freaky but she was probably traumatized or just very wary of humans, and with good reason. The few that would help her are far outnumbered from those who would harm her. I rescued a cat last year that had her paw mangled and was near death. She was wild and on attack mode. Really dangerous, she was but I managed to care for her and she got well. I found a vet who was willing to treat her even though she was literally feral, or just so badly traumatized so as to never trust humans again. She now lives two doors down and still won't let anyone touch her. It was a little frustrating but it's better she's like that then friendly and dead! Here in Tokyo animals are caught and bought and sold by wholesalers who sell them to labs and so, so the friendly ones are the first to be caught. I worry about another of my four who I found in a pool of blood last year as well after he was hit by a car. I mean, I found him then, he wasn't my cat and I took him home thinking it was just a matter of minutes till he died, got a vet to give him intravenous for three weeks and he has recovered. But he had severe brain damage and a broken jaw. He has recovered slowly from the brain damage and is a beautiful cat but much too friendly and I worry about him when he's outside. Well, I'm glad to hear there are other animal lovers out there and thanks for trying to help that little one you found.

dips, I'm still wavering on going to the States. I must decide soon though. My friend is getting married on the 11th on the Upper West Side. My aunt's in Brooklyn, uncle in Queens. I'm from Pgh and will be there to see my father probably (if I go) from early Oct. When will you been in NY and do you mean the city or upstate? It'd be great if we could get together for a bit. Are you just on leave or are you getting out?

OK, Kempyd, you asked for it! Ms. Bugwoman herself getting squeamish with the toilet talk!! :lol: I figure now you just HAVE to see for yourself what we're talking about so here is a link to the Japanese toilet. Now, mind you, I did not send you the gross one, which there was, a really gross one. Of course you can surf for it yourself if you'd like. As a fellow American I consider it my obligation to educate those who have not had the opportunity to expand their worlds, especially in such BASIC areas. Here is a look into the world beyond the doors (you know which doors I'm talking about!) in Japan! Besides, this way if you ever make it over here you can act like an old pro. Oh, Japanese-style, no problem! WARNING: Do not go to the links listed under this one, however, unless you really want to be grossed out!

http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2003.html toilet link

jackieO, How are you doing. Thanks for the support with the nonmoving scale. I'm feeling I must be losing these past few days as I haven't been eating much at all and I have been working out a lot. But I'm not even going to get on the scale. If it hasn't moved then it'll just diminish my efforts and they were fantastic! If it has moved, then fine, my seeing it won't change anything. Besides, the clothes will start loosening and then I won't care either way anyhow!

Noelle, glad you like my bone story. Yeah, the Japanese are some of the worst for the sex tours, especially in the Philippines and Thailand. They become monsters out of Japan, but then I think that holds for a lot of people, not just Japanese. The Europeans can be pretty gross too, especially in Thailand.

Oh, I have another funny thing. Last night was the second night that I haven't eaten anything after 6 p.m. and this is hard for me because it has meant not eating from mid afternoon and after a heavy workout in the gym, lots of walking or cycling home and maybe jogging in the gym. Now, I did have a protein shake so I wouldn't eat up too much of the muscle I'm puttting on but I still have been SOO hungry. But anyhow, last night I was lying in bed and I felt this rumbling. I thought it was my mobile phone going off. I have it vibrate and then ring. But I realized it was my stomach growling!!

Welcome aboard grizzlychick, good to see you. I'm new here myself and love the upbeat chatty mood of this thread. Hope to hear from you lots. What kind of exercise do you do? or want to do? Tell us more.

SvelteChicky, I'm sorry to hear you got bummed out by your friend's comment. But don't be. So, you're looking to adopt? Cool! Why did her saying that make you feel like dirt though? It shouldn't. I don't know that much about adopting but if you're just going through your normal channels and it sounds like that may be the case because you only mention the state then I do think it is hard to find a baby because they try only to get you together with the babies that are most easily placeable. If you're willing to give a child that is really in need a home, even if the child is from another country, handicapped, of a different race, etc. then you have a much better chance. A relative's friend found a little girl from Russia some years ago but they went through a lot to get her. I think they may even have had to pay. There are agencies who make big business doing this and there are agencies who are pretty legitimate. In any case, I know it took a long time and there were some disappointments along the way. I met this girl (who is now quite big) a couple of years ago when my father got remarried and she is wonderful. Are you aware of all the adoption possibilities? A lot depends on your determination and you're not limiting yourself to the children who are the least in need. Good luck to you and if you'd like I could put you in touch with the people I know who adopted. It may be good for at least some insight into things.

09-17-2003, 12:31 AM
Hey everyone!
Wow this board is hopping! Sorry I've been AWOL- you know how it gets when you feel you are only whining..."I wanna, but I'm not doing it..."
Well, I have had the "CLICK" and I'm on a roll! It's really happening this time :D yep, gonna do it...
Well, I just wanted to check in tonight- bb tomorroW!
:wave: g'night

09-17-2003, 05:47 AM
Ciao Ladies,

It's HUMP DAY!!! We made it to the middle of the week and we have just a few more til the weekend!!

Noelle- Don't give me kudos today because I neer did make it to the gym. I got home around 5 pm and I thought I'd sleep off my fatigue for about 20 mintues to make it to my aerobics class by 5:30. I woke up at 6:30 but I figured, 'Okay, I miss aerobics but I can still pump some iron so I'll go at 7. I woke up again at 8:30 and just said screw it! I felt bad but I went to aerobics this morning before work and if I catch the evening aerobics after wrk today then I would've made up for yesterday. I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday but i felt so out of it. I'm well rested today so I should be back on track. I was so tired I skipped dinner so I guess it wan't too bad.

GRIZZLEY- Welcome back!! I haven't seen you around in a while, glad you found your way back to us, we missed you :)

Jelynn- same to you, chica. Good to see you again.

Angie- You and your pets...you are such a caring pet owner.

Kempy, I din't realize we were on at the same time. I'm 6 hours ahead of most of you, more if you're on the west coast so I always feel that when I come on I'm by myself. Hope your hubby feels better soon.

Red- should be home on the 15th but only for 2 days because then I go to florida for two weeks. If you're around until Halloween then i should be able to catch up with you. I'm going back to the city and I'll be all over the place. I'm getting out of the military so I'll be home for good.

Hi JULIE- How's everything going? Hope you're doing well this week. How nice of you to encourage everyone the way you do, you're so sweet.

Svelte- The adoption proccess is tough, I have several adopted kids in my family and my aunt is about to adopt a child, she had the baby since he was 2 weeks old and the divorce should be final right after his 5th birthday. So you see how long the proccess is, but if it's what you really want, stick with it because it's worth it.

Well, that's all for now, chat with you all later


09-17-2003, 10:45 AM
Lets try this again. I typed out a huge entry last night and then lost it when I hit enter. Then I couldnt get the sight to come up for the night.

Noelle, I agree she made it sound easier than it is. I know when I hit goal last time I got sick of explaining to EVERYONE every thing I did so I just simplified it myself. Maybe that is what she did.

Kempy, Is Joe feeliong better today? I hope it isnt a cold or anything. It has been really warm up here for this time of year. We have also had nasty humidity. Today it is gone again thank god.

Di, YEAH you found us!!!! We have missed you so much!!! I am happy to hear that you are doing good at maintaining and eating right. YOU definately inspire me, you have done such a great job. I dont have any trouble with the exercise but I do have alot of trouble with my food choices. Exercise will be a dillemma when it gets cold out and I have to workout inside again though. YUCK! I have been weaning myself into it lately. I walk 3 miles in the morning and then at night I have been doing 15 minutes on the elliptical and some hand weight exercises instead of my nighttime walk. WELCOME BACK

Chris, Is Chris getting sick again? I dont have any words of wisdom on the adoption because I have never been in your situation but I agree with everyone else. If you really want it it will happen so keep your chin up and positive thoughts.

redballoon, No I havent found the cat yet. I have taken in alot of strays and never had them just take off like that before. Usually they stay where the food is. I have been walking around the neighborhood calling to it. My neighbors feed stray cats so I am confident that someone will find her and take her in. I just wished I could find her and try it again.

Emily, YEAH FOR YOU!!!! I feel like all I have done is whine myself lately. I hate that feeling too. I think I have my "click" also. I hope so anyway.

09-17-2003, 11:09 AM
Joe is better this morning. I really think it was just a hangover. It was nice to come home yesterday and have all of the nasty lovebugs vaccumed already. I have been doing it everyday when I get home. It is a habit. I can't believe that I can make vaccuming bugs a habit but not eating perfect. :lol:

Di :wave: I am so glad that you are with us. I really miss that thread too. we have few of us oldies and the new people make it even better.

Dips I gues I thought that you were really far ahead of me. Just when I am getting started you are finishing up your day. That is that way it is with Noelle and I. It is 3 here and she is just getting to work.

Angie I try to take in everything too. The cats and Joe put their foot down though. Echo was bleeding this morning from somewhere and we can't figure out where. She isn't supposed to go into heat for another month so she must have caught herself on something. Sorry to say this but it is 61 right now down here. On days like this I want to work outside. I just hope that this kills those bugs. You guys have been hearing me complain about them for almost a month now. :dizzy:

Emily glad that you herad your click. I love that sound. ;)

Red I don't think I could use that. I think my legs would give way when I was hovering. :lol:

Chris what a terrible thing for your friend to say. Don't give up. You guys have been through so much I know that everything will workout great. Send Chris my best wishes. I know it is hard when he is hurting. Did he get better over the summer?

OK I really need to get to work.

To Julie, Jackie Holly and enyone else I missed i look forward to hearing from you.

09-17-2003, 01:23 PM
Hi everyone.
Red do you really want to know whats in the cake? Ok here it goes, sorry if I make anyone have cravings after hearing this:
I don't know the exact measurements but it is german chocolate cake mix baked, then you poke holes in it with the back of a fork and pour sweetened condensed milk over it and then pour carmel sauce over the holes and top it with cool whip and crushed heath bars. Yum!!!!
Kempy glad to hear your hubby is feeling better. Those darn hangovers. Thank god I have not had one in awhile.
Hi Dips countdown is on!!!! Just keep yourself busy (it sounds like you always do) and time will fly by!!!!
Hello to Angie, Tonya Chris, Holly, Jackie and everyone else!! Bye check in later. Julie:)

09-17-2003, 02:30 PM
Yeah- that cake is good! I've one similar with chocolate pudding as a layer and skor bar on top- I think they are very close to a Heath. But it's not even tempting me today- YAY

bbl- gotta get lunch ready for DH and the kids...

09-17-2003, 03:28 PM
What's up people??? Sorry it is so late for me to be posting. We have this staff effectiveness training at work tomorrow, so my morning has been spent preparing for it. I had to read "Who moved my Cheese" and answer a bunch of worksheets. FUN....let me tell you....other than that I have been doing well. I did have a relapse yesterday, I am sorry to report. I was having a really stressful day after being yelled at by someone in another department who decided to get on a lovely power trip. After being spoken to like an animal, I decided to engage in some emotional eating...anyway, thus began my affair with Frito Lay. After eating a bag of Doritos, I felt gross and disgusted and was mad at myself for allowing my health and eating to be affected by someone else's negative attitude. But today is a new day and I don't plan to let Mr. Frito Lay come between me and my journey to health. Thanks for listening to me rant and excuse all the run-on sentences. I type so slow that I let my grammer and spelling go, for effeciency sake.

Dips- don't sweat the missed aerobics class. It could be worse- you could have had Doritos Destruction...like me yesterday.

Kempy- Girl, I hope that lovebugs problem clears up soon...we haven't had too many..YET..but I am sure they will migrate this way.

Red- I was cracking up laughing at your mobile phone stomach rumble...Congrats on sticking to your plan of not eating after 6. I wish I was so disciplined. I also like the story about finding your rib cage...I recently discovered that I have hip bones....AMAZING.

Angie- Congrats on the new truck. That is exciting!!!!

Hello to jbbm, jelynn, and sveltechick!!! Talk to you all later!

09-17-2003, 06:55 PM
Hump day... what I night I had last night! My sister and I were out walking our usual evening walk with our dog Kai (the black lab/rottie) and on the last stretch right before we got home a male red-nosed pit bull got out of his yard and attacked Kai. Then the dog's female pit bull partner jumped the fence and joined in. It was a mess. I was yelling at the top of my lungs for the owners to come and get their dogs but it was a while before anyone came out. After it was over I called the police to make a report and the dog was rushed to the vet. He had to stay overnight and as far as I know, is doing OK today. I haven't heard the latest update from the vet yet, but I will check it out during lunch. My arms had quite a workout yesterday too since I was swinging a 3' piece of 2x4 wood in an effort to make the pit bull release our dog. I called the humane society and made a report and there's a good chance that the dog will have to be put down since he attacked, unprovoked and was unrestrained--plus this is not the first time either of the 2 dogs escaped from the yard and attacked passersby. So that was my night.

I'm doing well staying OP and am glad to hear that a lot of you others are as well. Let's get this weight off!

I'll be back later this afternoon, gotta run for now.

09-17-2003, 08:00 PM
Noelle, I hope that Kai is ok. That must have been scary. I have screamed at a few dogs myself who come near us while walking. I must be scary enough because they all book it back home when i am done. :lol: There are some people who live in the opposite direction of where I walk now who have pitbulls that have attacked a womans dog that I know. That is why I walk through town now. I refuse to take a chance of getting attacked.

I have some major cravings tonight but I am going to eat a banana later and hopefully call it quits for the night.

Jackie, I am a major stress/boredom eater. Congrats for getting back on track today. I am proud of you.

09-18-2003, 04:10 AM
Ciao Ladies!!

It is thursday morning in lovely Italy and I am ver sore today. I overdid it at the gym last night because I was so mad about missing aerobics on tuesday. Nothing like a guilt trip to motivate you but I do feel better today.

speaking of feeling better, KEMPY- good to know the hubby is doing better this morning. Now if we could just do something about those darn bugs!!

Jackie- that's the thing about Doritoes , they are so addictive. Just like pringles, I love them but I only eat them once a month because I tend to get carried away. Trust me, I can relate to the whole coworker-with-a-power-trip thing. That's the story of my Army life especially in the broadcast field, but you are better than that, don't let a jerk deter you from your important goals. And don't feel disgusted with yourself. It's not the worst thing in the world, you can easily recover from some doritoes.

Noelle- your poor Kai. You must have been terrified!! Pit bulls? i would have freaked! Please let us know how your pup is doing.

Hello to all i missed. Hope you're having a god day/sleep , depending on the time of day for you.


09-18-2003, 10:52 AM
Chris, How are you guys doing? Do you have to evacuate because of Isabel? I am sending good thoughts your way and I hope everyone stays safe.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us all know as soon as you can afterwards that you are all safe. I will be worrying all day.

09-18-2003, 11:20 AM
Hi All!

It took me a while to realize it was Thursday this morning and not Friday! :censored: pretty much explains my reaction. I have been lurking but so busy or travelling for work and I don't talk to anybody thew week of the 11th that I haven't posted. Lurking can be such a bad habit :nono: I have missed the interaction.

I've been doing great with exercise, okay with eating (my husband's b-day was yesterday) and will get better. I do like th Southbeach diet alot. My cholesterol is down and my surgery was approved by my insurance! :cp: I am getting a breast reduction because these babies belong on someone 6 ft tall not 5'2". I am tired of having my back and shoulders ache for 2 days after aerobic exercise and tired of wearing 2 jogbras so I am getting this before I have kids and it gets worse. I am excited. :cb:

:wave: Hello to jackieO, redbaloon and Julie.
Julie I am successfully hungry :hun: after reading that recipe and am going no where near the kitchen until lunch.

Jackie I understand the negative jerks getting to you at work - I have a co-worker like that I don't get to see often but hear from too much...I just get a notepad and pretend to take notes and scribble all my negative feelings toward this person on it. Then I shred it when I am done - It gets alot of my negative emotion out of my system :s:

red as for those toilets I had my sure in Israel and Turkey and hated them all! I would walk a mile out of my way to find a western bathroom!

Noelle I am so sorry to hear about Kai. I hope that the dog is okay and that the owners of the pit bull are held responsible. That is insane. At the big park near my house there is a dog park close by and the ones that seem to always be off the leash are the damn pit bulls. That is when I wish for a sniper with a tranquilizer gun.
You have to be excited about your trip in November! :dance: I am going away too - but nowhere near as exotic. I am off to the Bahamas for 5 days. part work part play.

Kempy I hope all is well with you and both Joe and Echo are doing better!

Angie keeps the walking up and way to ignore the cravings! :bravo: good for you!

Dips! I am so excited for your homecoming soon. Way to keep the workout going! How is the job search?

Chris you are in my prayers. My cousins are going through the same. Keep your chin up and you will get the child you were meant to have!

Hi to CG (where is she???), Tonya, Jelynn, Summer, Holly Dizzy and anyone I may have missed. Have a great Thursday! I'll try and check in more often.

:twirly: GEM/Summer :twirly:

QUote of the day: A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. Herm Albright (1876 - 1944)

09-18-2003, 11:31 AM
Dang.. I wrote out this nice big long post, and my boss came by and reminded us to turn in our timesheets.. so without thinking, I clicked on my time icon on my desktop and poof! My post was gone. :( Anyway... let me see if I can write a new one!

Hi all! My name is Cherie, and I've finally decided to come back to 3FC a few weeks ago after being away for a couple of years. Since I couldn't remember my old ID, I started up a new one. I've been lurking around the different boards and I have really enjoyed the posts here.

I finally decided after Labor Day weekend, that I needed to gain control of my weight again, after gaining back 25 pounds in this past year. I moved to OKC last year and started a new job and between then and now, wham... 25 pounds creeped up. Over the holiday... I have an event happen to me that made me decided to quit ignoring myself and to start getting healthy again. So I have decided to start working on me to gain back some self esteem and to just feel strong again.

I am a single mom of two little girlies.. 3 and 5 and they have just recently moved back in with me full time at the begining of school. So with that major change, it was the perfect time to add something else to the mix. I am doing the SBD, and just currently finished Phase 1 on Tuesday. I tried to slide a little into Phase 2 last night by having some spaghetti, however, afterwards, I felt so bloated that I think I will stick with Phase 1 for a little while longer. I have been so frustated this past week, since last Wednesday, I haven't even lost a full pound. Yes, I am a scale addict, and I get on them every day. It keeps me motivated, and when I don't see the numbers move, I try to work even harder. But right now.... just a little frustated.. not enough to go pick up one of those candy bars that are just SITTING out there.... but enough to want to whine about it! :bb:

I started the SBD back on September 2nd, and started a journal then. It's not online yet... but maybe when I get more time I will add it. I did however take pictures in a bathing suit, and can I just say OMG, my mirrors have been lying to me! You cannot escape the bluntness of a picture. Maybe one day when I lose some more weight, I will post before and after photos.. but right now... anytime I have the craving to grab something I don't need, I look at those pictures.... Stops me dead in my tracks!

My goal is to be back down to 118 by New Years Eve. (My youngest daughter's birthday). I am only 5'2" and have a small frame, so any extra weight really makes me look big.

Anyway... sorry to be so long winded... hope that I can offer as much support as I have seen you all give to each other!



09-18-2003, 02:44 PM
Hi Cheri and welcome to our little corner. I love it here and I am sure you will too.

Summer glad you de-lurked. Good to see you back.

I don't think the brunt of the storm is going to hit Chris but I would still like to hear from her to let us know she is ok.

Angie aren't you guys going to get some of the rain too?

Noelle I never have understood why pitbulls are so mean. I sure do hope your dog is ok.

Sorry this is short I have to get back to work.

I hope I'll be back in a littel while. :wave:

09-18-2003, 04:52 PM
Kempy, It is the terrier in them. Terriers are notorious for being dog aggressive and same sex aggressive. That is why I got a female dog because I was afraid Rebel would turn out that way but nope he loves all dogs.

Chris said in her journal the other day that they may be ordering evacuations I thought. I hope they are all ok it looks pretty messy on the weather channel. We are supposed to have a rainy weekend but I dont think we will get anything else. Just enough rain to have to cancell our camping trip. :lol:

Cheri you came to the right place. We are all shorties too. I am 5'2" myself. I am a scale addict too so i wont even let myself on the scales this week. Maybe it will keep me on track if I dont know the exact numbers. Welcome.

The vet came today for shots. I put Rebels new muzzle on him because he was barking and they have a 3 month old baby. He looked so cute with it on. He even licked the vets hand. That is a HUGE improvement!!! He looked like he was going to pass out after his shots though. :lol: He does that when I clip his toenails too. His paw pads get all sweaty and he just flops over panting. He does not like it one bit.

How is everybody today?

09-18-2003, 05:01 PM
I almost forgot. I think I am coming down with a cold too. My throat is all scratchy like if I had been screaming today and that isnt the case because the kids are in school. haha :lol: I hate colds!!

09-18-2003, 05:44 PM
Hello everyone.....I feel like all want to think about is food today. Whats wrong with me? No pms or anything. And I am a little discouraged because the scale said I gained two pounds!?!? Whats up with that? I have did the treadmill everyday the last two weeks for at least 30-50 minutes. Oh well think POSITIVE!!!!
Noelle I hope your dog is okay. Pit bulls scare me!
Hi Kempy hope you are having a great day!!!!
Angie we once had a maltese/mini poodle mix and he would always have to get muzzle on when we would go to the vet.. He was so hyper there. But a total sweetheart. I miss him so much!!!! Take care everyone....Julie

09-18-2003, 06:25 PM
Hey everyone. Well we went to visit our dog at the vet yesterday, the poor thing had a compression bandage on his neck to keep the swelling down, and the left side of his face looked like he was holding two tennis balls in his mouth :( . He may be able to come home today but we'll have to wait and see. No word yet from the Humane Society but they did say they would begin their investigation within 48 hours of the incident. Cross your fingers that Kai can home today. He can't walk w/us for at least another 3 weeks and I don't think we'll go that route anymore unless we know those 2 pit bulls have been 'taken care of' . I don't have anything against the breed, and I think there are some beautiful dogs out there. It's the stupid pet owners that don't train or restrain their dogs that give the entire breed the bad rep. Well, I'm just glad that Kai's alive and should be doing better soon.

Julie, I think we all go through those "food is always on the mind" phases. Hang tough, it'll soon pass. Gosh, thanks(?!) for the description of the cake :T . I can feel it on my thighs already :lol: . I love caramel. Good job on the treadmilling :dancer: .

Welcome Cheri :wave: . Yup big life changes and stressors can cause havoc on your weight, either up or down. Congrats for getting in control again. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Summer, welcome back! I'm happy you got your insurance approved. Good luck with your surgery, I'm sure it'll go smoothly and you'll be feeling better than ever.

Angie isn't it weird how the numbers on the scale can work both ways? I mean, it can motivate you to keep doing good, or it can be really evil and cause you to say WTF? I'm gonna go eat something baaaaad. :shrug: Good job for staying on track.

Dips baby, aren't you just a glutton for punishment :lol: . What's the weather like in Italy this time of year? I'd love to visit one day.

Chris, I'm thinking positive thoughts for your and Chris--both for the right baby to come into your lives and for the weather not to wreak too much havoc for you.

Emily how are you today? Hope you still got that "click" :) . We're pulling for ya.

Di, how's it going for you today?

Well, hello to Tonya, Red, Holly, Kempy, Jackie.....Sandy (who deserted us :( ) , and everyone else~~ there's so many great people here I may have missed you by name, sorry! Be back later.

09-18-2003, 08:02 PM
Julie, I hit that craving stage every night. It sucks! I am doing strawberries and banana for the kids tonight and maybe I will eat a little of that. My neighbor sent over a spaghetti sauce that he made and I knew I shouldnt have used it but I did. It had quite a bit of olive oil in it. When i make my own sauce I dont add any oil to it but that is okay, I didnt use too much and I gave half of my dinner roll to the dogs. I am on a pretzel kick myself. I had Jay go buy me some mustard ones to go with the cheese ones. YUM!

Noelle, I hope Kai can come home soon. Poor baby. He will probably be extremely fearful of dogs now that he has been attacked. I agree too it is the idiot owners who ruin it for pitts. If they want to have a dog that has predisposed problems then I would think they would do whatever they could to make sure they dont encounter situations like that. I myself would love to have a pittbull but with all of my other animals I wouldnt dare. Maybe when I get old. :lol: I shouldnt say that though because JRT's are supposed to kill cats and Rebel lives with 4 who he cuddles with every day. I got so sick of people saying he will kill your cats when he grows up. I was like.."bite me!!"

Summer, My sister in law had a breast reduction and it made a big difference. She is alot more comfy now. Good Luck

09-18-2003, 10:56 PM
Just heard from the vet that Kai can come home this afternoon. I'm happy about that. I'm sure I won't be too happy when we get the bill though...

Angie, I see you've been journaling again, good girl! I have to start that up again seeing that I've been staying on track and all ;) . I just couldn't get used to the "new" style and well, to be truthful, I fell off the wagon pretty bad and didn't want to face up to it. But I'm ready for my re-entry into journaling and will take any flogging that may come my way :lol: . If I'm feeling ambitious, I may just make an entry tonight.

Have a good night all!

09-19-2003, 04:32 AM
Ciao Ladies,


Whew! I didn't think I was going to make it! But here I am just 5 days away from shipping out my furniture! I am sooooo happy.

Cheri- WELCOME WELCOME! It is so nice to have someone choose our thread out of so many. Welcome back to the website! I look forward to getting to know all about you and your girls. I'm actually shorter than you at 5 feet even, we're all short gals but we all consider KEMPY to be a tree! (just kidding Kempy)

Noelle- Happy to hear Kai is doing better, what an ordeal! The weather is beautiful here. A little cooler in the mornings and and at night but during the day, it's quite warm. I will definately miss the weather here.

My dear Julie- Gotta hate those darn cravings but what can you do. My suggestion is to find an activity to take your mind off food. It's easy to think about snacks all the time when you sit around doing nothing. Remember your goal, we have to keep our dicipline up.

GEM- I've been wondering where you disappeared to. Good to see you.

09-19-2003, 09:20 AM
Hello everyone. This is just a flyby post because I'm exhausted but just wanted to say Hi.

I had a good leg workout in the gym this morning and then went to work a long day in the paper and then another parttime job after that. So I'm really beat. I've been reading all your posts though and will catch up soon.

I hope none of you were affected by the hurricane. I have family and friends in its path. Sure hope they're OK.

My one "up" thing today was that at the gym (I usually go to another branch now and haven't been to this one in a good week, maybe two) someone I know said I looked like I'd lost weight, that my face looked totally different. Wow! I had been feeling frustrated because the scale is up! even though I know I've lost fat. I mean, Ok, I know it's probably muscle but I would like to see the scale moving down because it has to at some time because I still have a lot of fat on me. This is the problem with being around bodybuilders all the time. It's not just a matter of being NOT fat. It's like anorexia with muscle. And the Tokyo contests are next week and Japan nationals are Oct. 12. So they're all so ripped now. But this is all beside the point. I DO have a ton of real fat fat on me still. Anyhow, I guess the changes are happening. At least I've lost fat, if not weight.

Ok, I'm turning in! Will try to catch up real soon. Best to you all! :wave:

09-19-2003, 10:09 AM
Way to go RED!!

You know, it always happens that everyone else notices your weight loss before you do. I think because we obsess and look in the mirror daily we don't really notice how much we've changed. as opposed to others who don't really pay attention until they see a noticable difference. I know exactly how you feel though because I do see difference in my appearance but I just can't get into the 130s' to save my life. I'm hovering in the 140-142 zone and I'm stuck! All I can do though is press forward. I really want this for myself as I'm sure you want very much to accomplish your goal. I'm here rootin' for ya girl so kep it up and your scale will start to agree with your appearance :)

I'm psyching myself up for evening aerobics, It's friday and I really want to lounge today but I have to think about Mickey Mouse and how disapointed I would be if I didn't give it my all before my vacation.

Everyone have an excellent weekend, I'll be peeking in.


09-19-2003, 10:12 AM
Good Morning all! Well... I am about ready to throw my scale out... for a few days anyway. Still a frustating week, week and a half actually... of not losing ANYTHING! I've stayed OP and I've exercised every day.... why do we get such a great feeling when the numbers go down... but feel anxious and stressed when they don't budge or go up????? Anyway...

I did good last night.. I did my hour on the treadmill... about 4.30 miles. I also did my abs video and a few side kicks. I just keep telling myself.... keep it up, an results will happen.... I do feel like I am looking better even from the first of the month when I started... so that is keeping me motivated to stay OP and to keep up with my exercising!

Red Balloon.... isn't that just great when someone notices??? That is an even better feeling that seeing that darn scale move!

Noelle... I hope you dog comes home and recovers quickly.... I wouldn't have known what to do in that situation.... Thank goodness he is still alive, and so are you!

Julie.. I am in the same boat as you.. staying OP, exercising and the *$#% scale says I have gained! Just keep up the awesome work, and it will turn itself around soon!

Angie.. I hope you start feeling better... I have been fighting a cold since last Friday.... I lost my voice last weekend, and just felt like crap... but I have continued working out, not sure if that has helped or been counterproductive... but hopefully you will feel better fast!

Dips... Italy... that is where my dream vacation is... I bet you love it there....

Kempy... so you are the tall Amazon woman of the group? Hahaha... I wish at times I were taller.... always been envious of the taller ladies...

Oh well.. I am here at work, so I better get busy.. I have two payrolls running next Monday and Tuesday... and not even close to having them complete!

Take are everyone and have a wonderful Friday!


09-19-2003, 10:26 AM
Hey Ladies! WHEW, I have a lot of catching up to do!! My foot is getting better, and I have been walking some, though not as much as before I injured my foot. I am having a "real" weight dilema. I weighed myself on Wednesday, at home, first thing in the morning, without clothes, and it said 146.5. I took my son to the dr. later in the afternoon, and decided to weigh myself on their scales; it said 145, clothes and all. So, am not sure what my "real" weight is, scale at home still says 146.5. I have to be honest, though my goal weight is currently 140, I would LOVE to be 130.

On the down side, I was laid off from work last Friday :(. We just got the commitment letter for our house on Monday. Hubby and I figured it out, and we should be ok so long as I don't stay out of work too long. I am the office manager for a construction company, and things are really slow right now. My boss is hoping to have me come back within the next month. So, for now, I am at home with my 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old, fun, but, boy, do I get stressed, LOL! I am finding that it is harder for me to stay OP when I am at home bc the fridge and oven are constantly within reach :(. Also, it doesn't help that it is my TOM. This week has been pretty much a bust on the food end, though I have exercised daily.

I hope everyone is having a good day, and if you are in the path of the storm, please stay inside and be careful. Here in NY, so far, the worst has been the wind. The plastic around my air conditioners blew out, and I tried to retape it, but, it is soooo windy!


09-19-2003, 10:55 AM
Good Morning!! Noelle, I am glad Kai came home already. I am sure the bill will be unreal also. Gotta love the bills. I stopped journaling because of the new format and because I wasnt really dieting too. I still dont like the format but I figured i would give it a try anyways. So far so good. I had a little run in with the pretzels last night but nothing I would consider too bad. So as far as I am concerned so far so good.

Red, congrats on others noticing your weightloss. I'll bet that made your day. You deserve it though you have been working hard.

Dips, You sound like you are starting to get really excited about coming home now that it is getting closer. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E !!!! Is it fun there or just really really busy? I would go but I dont really like overcrowded places. I heard the wait is likle an hour for a ride. I want to swim with the dolphins so bad while we are there but it would cost $1200.00 for my family to do it. YIKES!!! I told Jay to buy me a ticket and him and the kids can stay out in the parking lot while I go in. :lol: :lol:

Cheri, that is why i havent weighed myself this week. I know if it doesnt say what I want it to then i will use it as an excuse to eat out this weekend. :lol: I know I feel better but I also know the scales dont like to cooperate. I will bet that when the scale does move for you the numbers are gonna shock you at how big a jump down they take. You will get there girl.

Holly, Hey girl. I would take the doctors scales and set yours to them(Unless they are digital). I always weigh in at the doctors and then go home and make sure mine match up. Mine are digital and they match up every time. I am sorry you got laid off from work. I hope you can get back to work soon.

We wnet for a walk this morning and there was a dead squirrel in the road so I took the dogs over to see it. Their idea of a walk is to scope out squirrels and then act like maniacs. So Candi tried to get the squirrel in the road. the pig so I had to drag them home. My wrist hurts now. :lol: My throat is still scratchy.

09-19-2003, 11:20 AM
Dips I don't mind the comment. I actually like it. I am taking it to mean that I have great posture and I am hard to the touch. :lol:

Red you and I had the same day as far as having someone tell us that we looked different. Mine was a doctor that comes here to workout that I havn't seen in awhile. I was wokring out and he started to talk to me and made the comment that he could tell that I had really been working out. :cb: I told him Joe would be thankful b/c now I could stop hounding him to tell me if I look different.

Holly remember you are probably holding water. If it is time for TOM I can almost be certain. I had a gilr at work talk to me yesterday about her being so bloated right now. I usually gain 5 lbs for the 6 days right before my period. yuck! Don't give up. Sorry to hear about your job but I know that everything will be ok for you. :goodvibes: I am sending these to you.

Cherie you did great on you workout. How long have you been wokring on this part of your journey?

Noelle I wonder if your vet will let you make payments. Ours does. It is almost $100 just to take Echo to get a few shots. I remember how much I paid when my little kitty was sick last year. We paid a large bill with him but we were able to make payments.

Angie be sure you take your vitamins. You can't be getting sick on us. How is your weather today up there. Was this the weekend that you were supposed to go on your trip.

If I missed you I am sorry but i do need to get a few things done at work today. I'll be back later.

09-19-2003, 11:41 AM
I was supposed to go to New Hampshire this weekend but we decided to cancel when we heard about the hurricane. It didnt make any sense to go to Santas Village while it was raining. I had to give a weeks notice for cancelling so we just decided not to bother. We had too many people going anyway. I think next weekend we are going to go down just us and the kids and go hiking for the day.

09-19-2003, 11:50 AM
Here is the link to the first thread that Me,Kempy and Chris did together. We all sounded so different back then. Our one year anniversary is on October 10!!!! Noelle, I am still trying to find the post when you joined us....


09-19-2003, 11:58 AM
Noelle joined us on December 3. I guess we have 2 anniversaries(sp) That doesnt look right, is it?

09-19-2003, 12:11 PM
Wow Angie nothing like a stroll down memory lane. I almost forgot about Jenn. I remember she was from Pensacola, FLa adn her ex hubby was really sick. I knew she was having a hard time with everything too.

That is so cool that you found that. When Iwin the trip from Blue Bunny I will take you and Jay along with me and Joe and we will get to meet Noelle. That would be so cool.

09-19-2003, 12:26 PM
Hey Everybody!!!! Sorry I did not post yesterday..was out of my office for a workshop. I did not read all of the posts, but it sounds like you are all doing well..

noelle- I hope your dog recovers quickly. What a horrible story!

Red- Glad to see that someone is noticing all your hard work and efforts. We see ourselves in the mirror everyday, so often we are the last to notice any change. I am proud of you for your healthy eating and devotion to your workouts!

Dips- Good for you on staying focused on working out to the very last minute before your trip..I hope your workouts pay off in the form of that darn scale finally budging. I know how frustrating it can be. Thanks for putting the Doritos episode in perspective for me!!

To everyone else, Have a Fabulous Friday. I will check back when I have a little more time. For now, my goal this weekend is to stay on track and exercise portion control when eating out. That is so difficult for me...

09-19-2003, 01:18 PM
That would be cool! We could all have so much fun!

I am freezing today. It isnt even cold outside but I am cold.

Jackie, we can make it through the weekend. I am going to try really hard this weekend myself. I want to get back to feeling totally great and I am afraid Wendy's doesnt help me in the long run. :lol:

Gotta go to work. TTYL

09-19-2003, 02:00 PM
Happy Friday Ladies
Red that is so great that somenone noticed your loss! That is a wonderful feeling and adds motivation to keep going.

Kempy , Chirs, Angie, and Noelle you guys have been together a year!!!! Thats wonderful. THis is such a great place to get support. We all are in the same boat. I just really appreciate this board. Its hard to find someone with the same goal.

Noelle I am glad that your dog gets to come home. When my dog stayed at the vet overnight I was so worried because he was such the nervous type.

Hi cherie and welcome this is such a wonderful board!!!!

Dips thanks for the support. Thats the word I needed to hear was GOAL.

Holly so sorry to hear about your job. It is so rough out there for so many people.
Well take care everyone Hi to anyone I missed. Julie

09-19-2003, 02:11 PM
Kempy congrats on that doc to take notice! That has got to feel so great. Have good day girl!!!! Julie

09-19-2003, 04:14 PM
I remember my first post with Angie/Kempy/Chris and Jen was on "Tough Chicks at Large" :lol: . We've gone through a bunch of names and such but we stuck together through it all and now we're "Weighty Issues" . Angie thanks for putting that link in there, I scrolled through it and will go back later to read up more on your history "BN" before Noelle :lol: .

OMG we went and picked up Kai yesterday and the bill was $1160, not including follow up visits of which there are sure to be at least 4. My sister put it on her credit card since she can get frequent flier miles. Now begins the process of trying to recoup expenses from the other dog owner...wish me luck! Thanks everyone for your concern.

:wave: Holly, glad to hear from you. Foot getting better = :D . Out of work = :( . Home with kids = :dizzy: . Commitment letter for a new house = :dancer: . All in all good to have you back :grouphug: ! The construction industry is tough ain't it? I used to work for a construction equipment rental and material supplier firm so we were always affected by the increase and decrease of work. Sending good vibes your way.

Kempy/Angie I sure hope you win that BB trip to Hawaii sweepstakes. I mean, neither of us won the FineLiving Maine beach house in August, so we'll have to cross our fingers for the Hawaii trip.

Cherie, like Angie said I'm sure you'll have a big drop real soon, just keep at it. My advice (not that you asked) is to drink as much water as you can. You'll be peeing like mad but it'll be worth it.

Red, you go girl :strong:

Dips, 5 more days :jig: and bye-bye furniture. Say hi to Mickey for me, tell him I'll try and visit next summer.

Julie, how's it going for you today?

Hello to everyone else and here's wishing a great Friday (or Saturday) to all- -stay safe!

09-19-2003, 04:47 PM
I am still here at work, waiting, waiting and waiting for 4 PM to get here. I have made arrangements with my manager to work 7:30 to 4:00 with a 30 min. lunch, so I will have a hour to work out before I have to pick up the munchkins.... So, I am ready to go and do my treadmill work right now.... I keep a set of small weights here at work, and when I take a break or goofing off... I can use them to do some triceps work... I can now start to see a difference what a few minutes here and there can make! Noelle, I've been chugging water..... In fact, I love water so that hasn't ever been a problem for me... and I find the bathroom breaks gives me a moment to get up out of my desk and actually walk somewhere. They just installed a water machine here, (the water cooler type with cold water) and boy are they gonna be sorry! :-) I am constantly filling up my huge glass with ice water and drinking it all day long! Have to say, this tastes much better than the tap water I was using!

Noelle... good luck with getting payment from the other owners... Poor puppy... sending get well vibes to her!

Angie... thanks for sharing that link!! That is really an inspiration to see how far you have come!! Makes me realize that all it takes is a little bit of time and alot of hard work, but it's possible! :-)

Kempy.. as to how long I've battled this.. well, like the rest of us, growing up I thought I was fat, when I really wasn't. I just was never the bone thin girl that I saw alot of the other girls being. I started gaining weight after I got married, (Married life will do it to ya everytime!) And after I lost my first baby.... I seemed to have a problem after that... I would gain weight, get on a kick and lose it... then life happenings would go on .. and I would stop working out, gain it again... getting pregnant always puts a kink in the losing weight struggle.. and that happened to me two more times.... then I started trying to lose it again.... and was down to 133 when I moved to Oklahoma last May. Started working here in the land of over flowing chocolate dishes.. and before I knew it.. back up to almost 160. My highest weight was 174.00 I think, right after I had Hannah in 1997. I've had many many life changing events that have happened in my life..especially the last two years... well, I have finally found the strength to put my life back together.. including my weight problem.

Holly.. that is great your foot is getting better... and I am truly sorry about your job.... we found out here last week, that our office has a 50/50 chance of being closed after the first of the year, so I am right there with you where the stress is concerned. Hope you won't be out of work for too long.

Anyway.... ready for today to be over with... going to have one slice of pizza with my girls tonight... and a big salad to go with it.. it's pizza Friday.. so not going to deprive myself too much... Just will be sure to do my treadmill work before dinner! ;-)

Have a great Friday Night!


09-19-2003, 06:33 PM
Noelle, Holy ****!!!! That is a HUGE vet bill. I hope you guys can get the money from the other dogs owners. Hug Kai for me.

Cheri, I like your way of thinking. One slice of pizza. I am no good with doing that and actually following through. I need to really learn how to do that.

We had a HUGE spider in the bakery yesterday. UUGHH!!! I was there alone so I had to watch where it went so Jay could kill it then it came near me so I doused it with Raid and made Jay pick it up. Those things are so gross!!! I was in there talking to myself. :lol: My skin was crawling all afternoon after that. haha

It is so dark outside right now. i guess it will start to rain soon. I will have to try to force myself on the elliptical this evening for a little extra workout. I want to see some results but it is the weekend now and my mind says snack.

09-19-2003, 07:03 PM
Angie :lol: spiders give me the creeps too. Yuck. I was watching Discovery or National Geographic last Saturday and they showed all the different types of tarantulas. It said that the "average" tarantula has a 5" - 6" leg span, but there was a much larger one which was as large as a dinner plate :eek: . It made me think of the size of your sticky buns. I have a heebie-jeebie story for this morning too. I was making my bed and tossed the pillows on the side and draped one of my blankets on the quilt rack. When I got the quilt back on the bed and sat down I felt something wiggling under my calf. I didn't pay much attention to it at first since I was watching the news on TV. Then it kept going so i swept my hand under my leg and pushed it out, it was a lizard tail! :faint: There must've been a lizard or gecko on the quilt rack and I scared it when I put the blanket on it. I'm still shuddering to think about it :lol: . I called Rick out of the bathroom and he had to grab the still-wriggling severed tail of the lizard and toss it in the garbage. Ugh!

09-19-2003, 08:13 PM
Hello! I just wanted to pop in here again to say thank you so much!! for all your wonderful comments for me. They really have made my morning and, with thoughts of another ridiculously busy day at the office eating away at me, I sure could use them.

They have really helped to buoy my spirits and I'm going to pack my things for the gym and try to get there tonight after work. That means probably bowing out on a farewell party for someone at work but right now I think I need all the feelings of accomplishment I can get and if continuing in my efforts right now in the face of all these other downers in my life at the moment can get me that feeling then I think it's more important to focus on them rather than eating and drinking with people from work. I can't afford the socializing financially as it is.

So, thanks again all. You really really are a great help. I meant to catch up this morning on some of your posts but already it's time to leave for work. You sure are a prolific bunch, I must say!! Bye for now! :wave:

09-20-2003, 10:30 AM
That I did have pizza last night as I planned, however I had two and a half pieces instead of the one..... and no salad.... Oh well... It did taste good! :-) And for some goofy reason, I am back down to 148.50, down a pound from yesterday. I can't seem to get past this weight. I've been here a week and a half... one day I will break out of this plateau.

I did however, do 45 minutes on the treadmill, I would have done an hour, but my leg right below my knee was bothering me and I didn't want to over tax it. And I did tricep work yesterday as well.

Today, get to spend the day with my girls.... they are currently having breakfast... I plan to take them to get new shoes today, and the OU/UCLA football game is on. (OU Football is HUGE here in Oklahoma..... strange for me coming from outside... but I am slowly trying to fit in to this place! :-) )

Red Balloon... good luck with the gym! You can do it!

Noelle... ewww... severed lizard tail? I l don't mind lizards.. but I can do with out the severed wiggling tails!

Angie.. I am with you.. I can't stand spiders.... Hope you were able to fit in some elliptical machine last night!

Anyway... time to do my weekly house cleaning! Everyone have a great weekend!


09-20-2003, 11:47 AM
Happy Saturday! :D I am on a roll, girls! (finally!) I snuck a peak at the scale this morning and really liked what I'm seeing. I feel so in control and have stopped stopping at fast food places and grabbing candy bars at the gas statiions and grocery stores. It feels great and I know I'm going to keep it up!! Now just need to step it up for the exercise...
I made pizza last night, but for mine I just rolled the dough super thin and loaded it with veggies and light on the cheese. I think that will be a Friday night tradition again...I have no control with take-out. I might only have a couple pieces for dinner, but by the end up the night I've had plenty more...:lol:
ugh- DH is home I have to run somewhere quick. Have a great weekend adn I'll check back later!

09-20-2003, 04:50 PM
Hello All! Popping in on a Saturday morning to help me stay OP. I didn't get to walk last night since my sister sprang some some tickets for us to see the Honolulu Symphony featuring Tang Jun Qiao. She's a master flutist from China and was one of the musicians who played on the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack. It was an unexpected suprise and I'm glad I had the chance to go. We all need a little culture in our lives :lol: .

Go Emily Go! I know just how you feel. We can do this :strong:

Cherie, hope your team won. Good job on the treadmilling, don't hurt yourself ;) .

Well, I've got to head out and get my son to the doctor, seems to have some sort of eye infection. I hope it's not pink eye (yuck!) . On a better note, Kai's doing much better and even trying to run around. We have to keep him confined so his blood supply can replenish itself.

Have a good day all.

09-20-2003, 06:00 PM
Good afternoon!!

Noelle, I could have handled the lizard but I would have freaked at the severed wiggling tail. :lol: I am glad to hear that Kai is doing well.

Emily, You are doing awesome girl!! You WILL do it!! I like to make pizza at home too. I am the only one who puts veggies on it so it is alot easier. :lol:

Cherie, AWESOME workout!! I hope your team wins.

I weighed in this morning as well. I am down to 145. I know it is only 1 pound for the month but I am kinda proud of myself after having been going up in weight all summer it is nice to see the scales going down again. If I lose 1 pound per week until we leave for Florida I can still get down to 132. That is my goal for now.

I am making a homemade lowfat lasagna with my own sauce for supper with a lowfat white cake with chocolate icing. YUM!!

Have a great weekend

09-20-2003, 08:08 PM
But, I'm back now:wave:. I am back on track and this is the end of day 6 for me and I am going strong. Over the summer I seemed to gain back all that I lost in the spring......vicious cycle. Anyway, I am recommitting myself to weightloss and will be around to bug you for support and encouragement and all that good stuff that you all provide to me and each other. I will in return offer it all back to you.

I won't promise to be here everyday, but I will be here when I can.

Angie, thanks for the pm and dragging me back. I still look up to you, I still think you have done an awesome job.


09-20-2003, 08:22 PM
Hello everybody on this Saturday evening.
Angie Way to go girl!!!!:D You are doing so great!! Tell me what are you secrets? I am happy for you!
Noelle glad your staying OP. I hope your little ones eye is okay. Pink eye is a pain!!!!
Hi Sandy. I don't believe we have met.... look forward to chatting with you.
As for me I have to admit I ate way to much for supper but other than that I did good at breakfast and lunch. Today went and picked apples. They taste so good right off the tree, so much better than when they sit in a plastic bag at the store. I have a confession though....I made apple bars but I am only going to have a small serving with some lowfat frozen yogurt while I watch Miss America tonight. I know I am cheesy but I like watching it. :lol: Have a great weekend everyone. Julie

09-20-2003, 11:00 PM
Just wanted to report in my planned "off day"-- I had BK for lunch, but I only had a reg. hamburger and a few onion ring w.diet coke. Dinner was chinese (ginger beef- breaded and fried) but had a much smaller portion than I have in the past. I consider the day a success and will back OP 100% tomorrow!

Angie- great job- 1lb is 1lb off your bod!
Noelle- the concert sounded so nice- I would love to attend a good symphony. My parent are in China now and enjoying the experience immensely- what culture shock though! It really is a different world.
Sandy- great to see you and :bravo: on 6 days!! (that's my current string of OP days too!)
Julie- I love apple anything! My friend told me to come pick some off her tree, but I'm afraid all I would want is apple pie and apple cake...enjoy Miss America! (guess they don't show that up here in the great white north! :lol: )

:wave: Hey to everyone else and hope you are having a great weekend! I'm off to put kids to bed and watch a movie if I can stay awake :yawn:

ttyl! :flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

09-20-2003, 11:57 PM
Are we all on the same wavelength? I did good all day but I had too much of the cake tonight and some WOW Doritos. Tomorrow is back to the plan though.

Sandy, we all missed ya like crazy. I am glad to hear that you have had 6 great days so far with many more to come.

Noelle, Did he have pink eye? I had that once after the twins were born. It is a nightmare but even worse to try to get the cream into a kids eye.

Julie, I dont really have any secrets. I have had such a bad summer that I know I need to get back to losing. I have lost 135 pounds before and gained back 76.5 when I joined here last October and I have lost most of that again and I dont want to have to do it all over. I weighed 265.5 a few years ago and got down to 130. Then I gained back up to 206.5 and am currently at 145.

Hey Emily, I am glad you had a good day.

09-21-2003, 04:57 PM
Evening. We lived through the storm, without losing power. Our neighbors haven't had it in days, which is weird. Our promenade, where we'd walk every day wiht friends, on the Chesapekae Bay, is destroyed. It is devastating to see it,a nd we took 2 rolls of fil, just to remember this day. We were so lucky to not have lost our shed. THe storm was aweful, and the flooding was also fierce. We're alive and well, no damage, just haven't worked since Wed, and wondering if the schools have lights. Not sure how we'll ick up and go back to work after all this. It's a prettyt big deal around here. Church was sad, almost like a funeral. hardly anyone came. no one had lights, no one knows what to do, many people lost everything they had. ick. sigh.

I'm still going to walk though. I gues just around town. my friend and us (hubby and I) are just somber, cause that Promenade was beautiful. We'll walk after dinner, and probably talk about the storm. Hard to not talk about, sicne there's trees everywhere, people wihtout hot water, and restaurants, stores, all kinds of businesses, are closed. Ghost town. It's amazing that we didn't lose our power. Everyone selse did.

I'm not eating too much. I'm not depressed. I'm ok. Working int he garden, and looking forward to going to grandma's for dinner. Just wanted to check in. I know I don't get over here a lot, but I try to get a journal entry in, every other day or so. Hope all is well.

No baby news. No house news (hoping to find another, better house). no news, is good news, right?

09-21-2003, 06:49 PM
More on that later...

SvelteChicky thank goodness you and your family are safe.. it's hard to imagine the destruction without being there. Hopefully soon things will start getting better for your community.

Angie.. you are still an inspiration!!! Wow chips and all! :-)

Emily.... I had a treat yesterday too.... took my girls to McDonalds, and had a happy meal with them. Funny... I had pizza the night before, and my scales haven't changed... maybe I was needing the extra calories! ;-)

Welcome Sandy.... I am new here.... but will try to be around to give you all the support you need! I am finding that coming back here is really helping with my motivation!

Noelle.. what a treat! That sounds like it was a fantastic show!

Anyway.. as I was saying in my heading.. I have 5 weeks. The guy that I have been dating for the past almost 16 months is going to be coming back into town Oct. 24th. He lives in California and has been there since last November. I want to work really hard and get at least 10 more pounds off before he arrives. So.... I am recommitted now! :-) Nothing like seeing someone for a while and wanting to feel GREAT! :-)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday... Oh.. not change on the scale.. HOWEVER... it was TRYING to go down to 148.00! :-) (mine registers by the half pound.)

Talk you all tomorrow!


09-21-2003, 08:48 PM
Hi all!! I am so sick today. YUCK!! My head is all congested. I messed up so many things at work today. I glazed a bunch of donuts that didnt need it and I burned a few dozen cookies. yikes. I did get in a 4 1/2 mile walk but I felt like crap afterwards.

Cheri, You can lose 10 pounds before your boyfriend comes home. I'll bet he will be surprised. We will be here to cheer you on all the way girl.

Chris, I am glad to hear you are all safe. I have been wondering about you.

I am going to buy a weight bench tomorrow. The one I want with the butterfly and leg thingy is on sale at Kmart this week. All I can say is they had better have it. Now I will have to move my elliptical into the closet to make room for the bench. When are the kids going to grow up and move out so I can use their room for a weight room. :lol: I am just kidding.

Have a good night and I will talk to you all in the morning.

09-22-2003, 03:52 AM
Ciao Ladies,

I hate it that I couldn't post this weekend but It's been so hectic with me trying to get my gear together for shipping. I have read the posts, though in an effort to catch up.

You all are so suportive, thank you Noelle, Red, Julie, Angie, Kempy (aka Tree :) ) Gem, Jackie and everyone else for the encouragement. It seems as though I'm finally seeing the fruits of my labor as I see more definition in my arms and abs. My butt still seems huge to me, I guess that's my problem area

The scale is still hovering at 140/141 all I want is to be in the 130's even if i jump on the scale and see 139.5 But it seems the more I want it, the more it becomes "mission impossible" All I can do is keep going because, you know what? i decided that i would be happy in florida just knowing that I gave it my all and I'm bound to see some more changes in the next few weeks so we'll see.

Just on a final note, Noelle and Angie- you two crack me up with your talk of Mickey but Noelle I'll pass on the message and Angie, You have that silly mickey song in my head now. WOW all that money to swim with the dolphins?? I'll take my chances finding them at the beach :lol:

Well everyone seems to be doing their thing so let's keep it going!!


PS Do mondays SUCK or what!!

09-22-2003, 09:43 AM
Good Morning! Yes Dips Mondays suck! I went to bed last night at 9:30 but my head was so congested I couldnt get to sleep until I gave myself a headache. I guess my fingernails are getting too long again because when I try to make a capital I it comes out small. :lol:

Dips the mickey mouse song me and my best friend used to sing because we had a hot guy in school named Mickey Miles so we sang it that way instead. Yep, we are freaks! :lol:

Yesterday was a perfect day for me dietwise. Mostly because my head was stuffed up so just eating supper was a chore and I was in my bed watching tv at 9. I'll take it anyway I can get it though.

Well that is about it for my weekend. I'll check back later.
Have a Great Day!!

09-22-2003, 09:44 AM
Well, it is Monday again, and my payroll Monday.. so this will be short! I hope everyone had a great weekend.... Mine was just too short! :-) But back to work today, back to my routine!

I made the vegetable quiche cups last night.. they look good, I will let you know how they taste. Having them for my morning break...

Well... it finally happened... got on the scale.. and FINALLY.... I got past that 148.50 mark!! YEAH ME! 148.00. So... lets figure this one out.. I had pizza on Friday, I had McDonald's happy meal on Saturday... I didn't work out except my arms on Sat. and Sun. but come Monday Morning... I FINALLY broke through that wall! Hahaha... Anyway... Dips... I know what you are feeling... it's taken me almost two weeks to break past that plateau. Phew... you will get there girl! Just keep working!

Angie... I hope you finally start to feel better. I was sick all last week and I am glad I am past it. I am taking my vitamins now, so hopefully I won't get sick again... too much time wasted on getting well!

OK... back to work here.... Have a great Monday! :-)


09-22-2003, 10:47 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Oh My GOSH!!

Angie- would you believe that you had me singing the song with your hot guy's name??!! I crack up thinking of you and your friend getting all giggly over it :lol: Oh my, the things we young gals do.

Cheri- At least one of us is getting some relief! I'm so happy for you, this just lets me know that there's hope. Hmm so it seems I've been doing this all wrong, so pizza and McDonalds, huh, got it! :lol: but seriously I take encouragement from you. As soon as I hit 139, you'll be the first to know!

To all my WI ladies I hope you all are having the best possible monday, despite it being monday.


09-22-2003, 10:56 AM
I can't chat just yet but I wanted to post a pic of Echo and my FIL's dog Lexus. Aren't they cute!

09-22-2003, 11:49 AM
Cheri, Way to go girl!! I knew you could do it! I have that happen sometimes, maybe it shakes up your metabolism so it doesnt know what to expect. :lol: I have to go buy some vitamins. I dont take them but I was thinking of starting since my cravings for peanut butter are so bad around my PMS time. Maybe I am missing something.

Dips, You will be in the 130's before you know it. You have been working super hard to get there. SOON!!!

Kempy, They are so cute. I love their names. How did you guys come up with the name Echo? Lexus is a cute name too.

09-22-2003, 07:04 PM
Hey Ladies! I cheated a lot this weekend mostly on dessert stuff (Ben & Jerry were in da house, but at least it was the low-fat version :^: ) but I did fit in good eating otherwise and got to walk Sunday morning so it wasn't a total bust. Let's see, my son did have Pink eye and got some antibiotics to get rid of it, he's looking pretty normal today. I also took him to see a stage production of Dr. Suess' Green Eggs & Ham. It was a cute show and we enjoyed it. I also got some good news this morning about the "dog fight" incident. The Humane Society gave us the name of the other dog owner who asked that we contact him to make some kind of arrangements to get the vet bill paid. I haven't called him yet but it's a step in the right direction. I'm so dang busy with work it's not funny. Gotta keep up.

Cherie, woo-hoo on reaching 148! Happy meal and pizza diet~ I can dig it.

Dips that's a great positive attitude to have. Visible changes are a good indicator instead of just watching that number on the scale. I'm just jealous, you're on the cusp of the 130's AND you get to go to Disney World :p . I just got an email from a colleague who returned from a 3 week trip to Italy. Haven't asked her what part she visited but I'm sure she had a blast.

Kempy that's such a great picture. I love labs. I've always had a fondness for the chocolate ones (hmmmm, I wonder why that is??? :lol: ) We've always had some sort of lab-mix mutt, but never a purebred one. Maybe one day I'll get one as cute as Echo.

Angie, hope you're feeling better soon. I imagine twice glazed donuts and burnt cookies wouldn't sell too good huh? :D Good luck on getting your weight bench. Um, did I mention that mine is sitting outside collecting dust :o ?

Chris so glad you're safe and sound. Keep your chin up and everything will fall into place. House hunting too? That's exciting. I'm willing to bet you find your dream house and the little one will follow. :goodvibes:

Sandy!!!! Welcome back...I knew that bungee cord would snap you back on the wagon eventually. Let's do it! Good job on staying OP.

Emily how are you doing today? I'd love to visit China too, esp. the Great Wall. So much history to see.

To everyone else, hope you're doing great this fine Monday. Gotta run and pick up the boy from school. Take care!

09-22-2003, 07:40 PM
Noelle, That is good that at least the people are going to be responsible enough to pay the vet bills. Hopefully anyway. How is Kai today? I hope your sons eye is doing better. I hate pink eye.

I got my weight bench!!!YEAH!!! It was funny because the guy said he has the same one at home it is pretty good for a cheap one and Jay says "well I figured I would buy the cheapest one I can find so I dont feel bad when I dont use it." :lol: He is a funny man. haha Now I need to rearrange the livingroom to squeeze it in.

I did good I went to the city tonight and then I came home and had chicken noodle soup and a fat free toasted cheese sandwich. YEAH for me!! I wanted junk food so bad because when i am sick I want to eat to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

09-22-2003, 08:03 PM
HI girls! Good news to report I weighed in today and I am down a 1lb. Maybe its just water but I dont care its a loss. I even had weekend full of bad food! That long walk yesterday may have had something to do with it. I really want to get a good digital scale. Is that what you guys have? I just can not wait to get to the 140's.
Angie I hope you feel better. I know the feeling about eating when you are sick. I just want a big bowl of ice cream.
Kempy I love the picture of the dogs. I hope you are having a good Monday. How are you doing? Check in when you have time.:)
Noelle I just hate that when Ben and Jerry show up!:lol: Glad your sons eye is better. Good luck with that vet bill.
Hi Dips and everyone else. Take care Julie

09-22-2003, 08:09 PM
Julie, Yeah I have a digital scale at my house. I love it(maybe too much :lol: )

09-23-2003, 03:42 AM
Ciao Ladies!

Well the hard part of the week [monday] is over and it's all gravy from here. Tomorrow is my first shipment, just clothes and small items, then friday its everything else! YAAAAY :D

Hi Julie- Good job on the pound loss. Not bad for a "bad food weekend" That seems to be the way to go these days :) I must say that I love my digital scale! I had the one with the dial before but I swear eventually those lines play tricks on your vision, whereas a digi- scale with give you the numbers plain as day! I say go for one, you'll love it.

Noelle- Old Ben& Jerry. right there when your vulnerable. But as you said, it was the low fat kind so don't sweat it. i'm so glad your boy is feeling better. And the owners want to elp with the vet bill??!! GIRL you need to make that call like yesterday!! All that money, you better get dialing, heck if your too busy I'll call the *******s myself :lol:

Angie- Good for you on getting your weight bench. I'm sure we have some fun stories ahead of us! Feel better soon, Hon, so you can get that evil PB out of your head. And I'm soooo happy you were good with food last night. It will pay off later, you'll see

Kempy- What beautiful dogs. And their such hams! hey look like they know how to work a camera :) Like Noelle, I'm crazy about the chcolate coats, they're so shiny and beautiful.

GEm- What's good, Chica? Are you being good on your plan? Let us know.

Cherie- How are you doing today? Moving forward and accomplishing great things, I would imagine :)

Hi RED- Always thinking of you and your beaming personality. Hope your week is off to a good start.

I have to [pretend to] work so I'll check in later


09-23-2003, 07:35 AM
Hi there people, sorry for the long silence. You're all so very prolific that I just can't keep up. Also, I'm doing these other two challenge threads and just trying to keep things up to date on them takes a lot of time. They're great though and I know they're the reason I'm finally getting somewhere on getting closer to my goals. I'm actually starting to enjoy setting these little goals each week or every three weeks and actually DOING them. It's a great feeling.

Anyhow, it was you Dips that got me in here again. "Pretending to work." I love it! and my "beaming personality?" Well, I don't know about that, but thanks for the compliment! :lol:

You must be so excited heading back to the States. It's a real shame we can't meet up in the Big Apple but we're just going to miss each other. You coming in from Italy and then heading off to Florida. Me coming in from Tokyo and heading off to Pittsburgh. I'll be in NY three days before you, well that's when I head for Pgh. I'm doing the NY part first 'cause I couldn't get a seat earlier. So, it's in on the 8th, party on the 9th, recover on the 10th, wedding on the 11th, recover on the 12th and off to Pgh on the 13th. Of course, the recovering days may be packed with visiting but I'm saving them for my nonpartying friends and relatives. I'm begging a place to crash at a young Japanese fellow's place on 79th. He's the son of a former boss at work and I know he can knock back the beers so I'm hoping I actually will find time to recover in between bashes! :lol: Oh, my leading such a clean life here with all the gym work I'm putting in and then it'll be party, party party. Hope I make it through and catch all my planes!

I so rarely get back it's always a lot of fun and the stores, oh my God, I want to buy everything! And I have no money! But. . . I have credit. Uh-oh, watch out! Well, I've been really working out hard still at the gym. Today threw another 20 kgs on the squat bar and an extra 40 kg on the leg press and banged them out! I had some great compliments from a few of the guys at the gym. "Nice power" and "Excellent form, great power!" 20 years ago I used to love doing squats so much I went up to 130 kgs and I think a lot of it was because the guys were cheering me on, kind of. I find it really odd. I think some aren't really cheering me on. I think they're bothered by it. It's not that much weight though. I only do 80 kgs now and some guys are doing 180 and yet they act like it's a big thing (mine piddlign 80 kg). Maybe they just don't see women doing it much but they could. I guess they maybe think women can't go heavy. I don't know. I don't know whether to feel good or to feel a bit patronized. In any case, if I make THEM train harder then I guess it's a good thing! :lol:

Heh, I just wanted to pop in here and I know this was totally about me but I'll be back to write more later, otherwise this is going to get soooo long. But, wanted to say I loved the dogs, Kempyd! Are they both labs? chocolate lab? I love that color. I will be back. And a big hello to everyone. I'm following your posts and am with you in spirit. Thanks for writing so much. It makes the lonely times less lonely, well, not lonely at all! Will check in with you all later. Ciao for now! :wave:

09-23-2003, 10:53 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Well I'm stuck at work now, not because i have work to do but because I have no power in my room and it won't be on for another hour and a half. While I have so much time to kill I thought I'd pop in and see how you all are doing.

RED- So good to see you here. I know you're busy spreading sunshine and happiness around other posts...good for you! Wow, we will just miss eachother in NY. I touch down just 3 days after you leave then 2 days later I'll be in florida.Your schedule seems way more hectic than mine though. Oh well :( Hopefully oyr paths will cross on another occassion.
You CRACK ME UP! "no money....but got credit" :lol: Well just don't go crazy but you simply can't leave the city without a few items, it's against New York Law! You may not see your beaming personality but I can!! You're awesome, keep up the good work.


09-23-2003, 11:06 AM
Good Morning! I just pinched the side of my knee in the weightbench. Now it is all swollen and it bruised instantly. OUCH! No pain no gain, right? :lol:

I weighed in this morning. Why? I dont know! The scales are still at 145 and I would normally be pissed but....My jeans feel so much better that I cant get mad. I am not going to weigh myself too much though where I am going to try to do weights. I may do it at the end of the month and then try to wait until the end of October before I do it again.

09-23-2003, 11:39 AM
Angie you poor thing:o

Ouch! I bet that really hurt :( i don't knwo how you can avoid the scale, I know I can't for more than 2 days, sad huh. I know you'll find your focus again. Take good care of that knee.

09-23-2003, 12:27 PM
Oh Angie.. hope you are ok!!!! Shame on that new bench to treat you like that! Good luck with staying off the scale... I think I look more forward to that each morning that I do anything else. And congrats about the way your jeans feel! That is great! This is what it's all about.. feeling better in your clothes!

Dips... glad your Monday is over.. I am glad mine is over for that matter.. I have two precious little girls who were stomping on my last nerve last night... :-) Today is much better! So you leave on your trip when? Sounds like it's getting close! How exciting!

WTG Julie on the weight loss! That is fantastic! I love my digital scale.... it only weighs by the half pound, but I really like know exactly what I should be.

Noelle... I second what everyone else has said... call call call!!! And they make low fat B & J??????? wow.... might have to look into that!

Kempy.. the dogs are beautiful... I love labs.... strong, beautiful animals!

Red... hope you have fun on your trip too..... see you in the other threads!

Well.. the scale was good to me today... but I really did alot of exercising yesterday, so maybe it was all sweat... :-) I did one hour on the treadmill, and actually jogged 30 minutes of it. I want to get back into jogging so badly, but need to lose a little more weight before I can comfortably put that kind of pressure on my knees. And last night... after my totally frustating night with my girls... (I was ready to throw one out the window... why can't she understand in the battle of the wills, I AM BIGGER, OLDER and I AM THE MOMMY!!!!! and she won't win?) Anyway... I went and did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine... so I relieved a little stress and did something healthy instead of eat.

Ok.. back to work.. have another payroll I have to run this morning!

Take care everyone!


BTW... how can I make my photo small enough to fit here? I have tried and tried.. and I can't seem to make it small enough where you can still see it!

09-23-2003, 03:36 PM
AUGH!! I finally got here. I am still alive and kickin'. I am just really working on this DU stuff. Joe and I want to have it all done by this weekend so that we can sit back and enjoy the weekend. Next Thrusday is the banquet and it couldn't be sooner.

I don't even own a scale so I have to use the one at work. By the time I remember to do it Ihave already gone through half of my day and there is no way that I am going to weight myself after I have eaten. :lol:

Angie I am so proud of you lifting weights. I know that once you get into the routine of lifting youvwill love your results.

Noelle that is a crazy bill. Echo just went to the vet and I freaked out b/c it was $85. I guess I should rethink that freakout. :lol:

Thanks for all of the nice things you guys said about the dogs. Lexus got ehr name b/c my in-laws had a BMW and a Merc. so they wanted to have a Lexus too. Echo is named after a wood nymph. Joe and I like mythological names. All of our pets have them.

09-23-2003, 04:19 PM
:lol: Ain't that just my luck! I was seriously going to make a journal entry (which I haven't done for months since they switched the format) and when I click to go to the journals, they're offline for maintenance. Hmmmm, is that a sign? Seriously though, I'm going great during the week staying OP and not totally blowing it on weekends. This behavior may just stick this time around :crossed: . My sister and I were out walking yesterday and the guy who owns the pitbull was riding his bike. He pulls over and stops to ask how our dog was (which was nice) . Then I mention the vet bill and he said yeah, we can work something out. So this morning I am gonna hammer it out w/him and draw up a promissory note to make sure I get every last dime (hehe, don't mess w/collectors) .

Angie, :headache: take care of that knee. You've got to show your equipment who's boss--don't take that kind of treatment from inanimate objects! :s: Just joking around. I'm sure you'll get those nicely sculpted arms and legs you've been wanting.

Kempy I was out doing errands last week and I had to stop at a Curves center. The lady let me step on their scale and all I can say is :eek: ! The scale at the center weighed me 6 lbs more than my scale at home--and I make my scale at home +4 lbs to match my drs. one. It kind of makes me think that that particular scale preys on the minds of women who are sitting on the fence about joining the gym--as in, "I had no idea I weighed that much! I'd better start working out" . I'm not saying your scale does that, but that was just my experience there. OTOH I could just be in denial about how much I actually weigh :p . Scales--no matter where they are, are EVIL. :lol:

Cherie, kids, you can't strangle 'em, so you gotta love 'em. Do you have photo editing software on your computer? If you do you can resize the picture you're wanting to post. If not, you can PM me and I can resize it and send it back or post it for you.

Red, it's OK if sometimes it's all about you :) . We gotta take care of ourselves first right? You give it your all at the gym and make those silly men sweat. You could probably pick one of them up and do a couple of bench pressess with 'em :lol:. Ooooh, I hear ya on the shopping, gotta love it.

Dips, oh the anticipation :jig: . Any word on the job search?

Julie :dance: 1 lb is surely something to celebrate. Work it!

Hello to Sandy, Chris, Tonya, Holly, Emily, JackieO...everyone else if I've missed anyone. Have a great Tuesday. Be back later.

09-23-2003, 08:02 PM
Hi everyone I did not get to post until late today.

Noelle Great job staying OP! Thats great. Good luck with the vet bill, do you think that guy was trying to blow you off? Hopefully not. SOmetimes I think vet bills are more expensive than regular people doctor visits.

Hi Kempy glad to see you posted. Your really busy with Ducks Unlimited huh? My hubby is a member but he did not make the annual banquet this year. Actually he really has not hunted in a while. I do that also, if I eat too much I won't weigh in.

Cherie great job on that treadmill. I never made it to one hour yet. The longest I have done is the the 40 minute range.

Angie hope your knee gets better. I bet you will really like your new equipment. At one point I started to lift light weights and within a couple of weeks only I saw improvement it my back of my arms. I should really get back to that and get rid of the fat and the flab on them!

Hey Dips almost time!! Are you going to miss Italy? I would really love to go there someday. It just sounds so nice and I love italian food. Hang in there!!

Well I gotta run. Hi Tonya, Red, Chris, Holly and hopefully I did not miss anyone. Take care everyone. Oh tonight I might have a treat I bought some skinny cow peanut butter and chocolate ice cream sandwiches and they only like have 140 cals!! Anyone ever try them? Julie

09-23-2003, 08:47 PM
:yes: :T Skinny Cow PB & chocolate ice cream sands are very good. Very light and refreshing. yummy! :hun:

09-24-2003, 08:03 AM
Ciao Ladies,

What a DAY!! I stayed up all night separating the stuff i'm sending rom the stuff i'm leaving only to have the movers, who did not understand english, pack up some of the junk anyways. I only had two hours of sleep and I was very aggitated (sp). After I went behind these guys picking things out of the boxes i still overlooked the fact that they packed my boots! So I had to break out my Cold weather boots which are big, rediculous and uncomfortable but I'll only be dealing with them for a little bit so it's all good but I'm so tired and I have to do this all over again for my second shipping on friday.

OKAY enough of my bickering:

Noelle- You can't imagine how anxious I am right now but I must say the job search is very slow. I haven't recieved any responses from the jobs I replied to. I'm thinking if I just make my presence known once I'm back in the states, it will be better.

Cherie- My vacation starts on the 19th but I get home in NY on the 16th so I'm just a couple of weeks away!! I'm sooooo happy. I miss my Fiance so much.

Julie- Yes I will miss Italy . I love it here. And yes the food is awesome! I really hope you get to go, it's a beautiful country. But I have been here for over 2 years so I have enough Italy in my heart to last me the rest of my life! I'm really anxious to be with my family again.

Well I'm going to leave work early today to get some sleep. I'm betting that I won't make it to the gym today but I know that once I ship out my Tv, VCR, DVD,Computer and stereo I'll be spending a lot more time there. GOSH I'm gonna miss the free gym. I can't even imagine paying to go to a gym! I'm so spoiled
Anyways, hi to my girls, Kempy, Red, Gem, Jackie, Summer and everyone else. I'f I forgot to mention you it's because I'm fatigued and heavily sedated.


09-24-2003, 08:35 AM
Hello. Just thought I'd try to catch up from at least the last page I can see. I don't know how you people remember everyone here and this thread seems to really have a lot of people on it. But then, I guess if you read it long enough you start to remember what's going on in everyone's life. I remember the names but have to keep going back to look at the posts and it takes forever and gosh, I just can't find the time.

Well, I'm going to give it try because if I keep aiming for perfection I'll never get anywhere, right?

I'm hearing about angieME and this torture chair you just bought. Jeez, girl, watch it. We seem to have pitbulls chewing people's dogs or chairs eating people's legs. Now, I knew the States was scary but now I'm worried. :eek: A Filipino friend at work is heading to NY next month too and he says he's scared to travel in from Kennedy. I said not to worry. You've got to look tough and like you know where you're going. Whenever I hit the States I'm always so exhausted from the long flight (14 hours in the air alone) that I probably look like some wacko on drugs so no one gets near me! :lol:

Seriously, angie, I'm glad to see you're working out too. Just be careful not to get hurt, okay?!

Noelle, how is the dog? That's a real shame but I guess you can be glad it wasn't worse. Definitely get the guy to pay the bill, no doubt about it! I'd get him to pay any followup bills as well and maybe tell him your dog had to have special food and toys to help him get over the trauma, Make sure some of that food is edible by YOU and away you go!

No really, I hope he gets better. That cat I found after he was hit by a car last year cost me 70,000 yen and that vet had given me half the rate. It's over $200 just to get a cat neutered here. I really wish there was pet insurance or something.

Sorry to hear about the pink eye your son had. Is that all cleared up now? Green Eggs and Ham, that reminds me to pick up some books in the States for some kids I teach English to here. I read some of the Dr. Seuss books to them but most of the rhyming and so is lost on them. Actually, I think they'd be more fun for adults to read. The kids take it too seriously and don't like the idea that they're reading nonsense words. How about that?!

jbbm, congratulations on your weight loss. A pound is a pound and it all adds up so don't knock it. I have a digital scale. They're the best, don't move around much and don't seem to be affected by how hard you step on it. Mine is in kilograms though, by 200 gram increments. Kilo scales are nice really because the numbers are smaller. Makes you feel like you weigh less!

Kempyd, what is DU stuff? I have a hard time with all these abbreviations. I guess I'm just not used to the Net language, but I'm getting there! I haven't been on the LWL thread or even looking at it. How are your workouts going? How long till you are muscle woman, as it says under your name? The guys at the gym keep telling me I have to go in a contest but I don't know, contests never interested me. Maybe I'm just wimping out. It's getting the fat off. I mean, here I am, have been overweight since junior high school with only a couple years here and there where I wasn't and they want me to get ripped, to have less fat on me than most athletes?!?! I don't know. Are you thinking of going into a competition or have you already?

Hey, dips, my computer just froze and I had to reboot. Then I saw you'd posted. Sorry to hear about all the aggravation you're having there. Going on a trip is always awful for me. But moving! well you'll get through it eventually. Don't let it get to you too much. But still, I hope things go more smoothly for you. How will you make do without all your stuff? I guess you just live like you're traveling, right, when you're still there? Good luck!

Well, I've get to get to sleep. 4 a.m. wakeup tomorrow morning. Hello to anyone I've missed. Bear with me here while I learn the ropes! Bye for now. :wave:

09-24-2003, 08:51 AM
Hey! I have been so BAD the last 2 weeks. I have been exercising, but, have also been eating desserts, even though only 1 a day, it has taken its toll :(. I have scale shock this morning, weighing in at 148.5. Although, I did eat meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and still feel kinda full. I am sure that my stress levels have a lot to do with how I have been eating!! I am still laid off, have not received an unemployment check yet, our house deal is such a mess, the lawyer can't find the abstract, and is relying on the person who sold the land to our uncle (before we bought it), to bring him his copy so we can make a certified copy. The lawyer told me he doesn't have the time to chase down the abstract, even though he is the one who lost it in the first place! On the home front, my husband has been gone almost every day until 9 pm since Saturday, working on the land, and the kids and I have been here alone night and day. I am sooo stressed, it's no wonder I am gaining weight instead of losing! But, today, I decided that I am again going to give up ALL sweets, cold turkey. I think eating the slim fast meal on the go bars for breakfeast was a bad idea because they have so much sugar in them, they made me crave more! I do not want to gain any more weight, have already wasted a month's worth of weight loss. UGH. It is just so hard, I practically have to starve myself to lose any weight, and close to the same to not gain any of it back.


Hi! Your dogs are adorable! I know what you mean about not weighing yourself after you have eaten! I won't do it either, lol. I also do not like to weigh myself in the morning if I had a big dinner the night before because I am usually still full in the morning.


Hey! Sorry to hear your son had pink eye. We had a horrible bout of pink eye in our house when my daughter was a baby, and, unfortunately, all 3 of our children got it! Great job on staying OP. I NEED to get back on the wagon. I don't like feeling the way I do!


Hi! WTG on the weight bench! Sorry to hear about your knee though. Be careful, they tend to attack, lol. When I used to go to the gym and use the hip adductor/abductor, I remember pinching my inner thigh so badly it was bruised for weeks.


Hi! It's good to hear you are maintaining 140-141. I also cannot avoid the evil scale. Unfortunately, mine hasn't been so kind to me. Good luck on the job front, I understand your frustration, as I am currently laid off. I bet you are excited about coming home though!

Ok, gotta go and do some more walking...need to walk away the pounds, literally.

Hello to Cherie, Chris, redballoon, Julie, Gem, Emily, Tonya, Jackie, everyone else I missed! Send me some will power vibes, I am going to need them!


09-24-2003, 10:10 AM
Today is my bosses birthday, so everyone brought in some fingerfoods to snack on all day long. Luckily, they didn't keep it in our room, but moved it to the break room. This way, I won't have to be looking at it and smelling it all day long!

I am doing good.. staying OP and keeping up with my exercise. So, other than work... nothing much more to report! :-)

Holly.... (((((hugs))))) sounds like you are having a very rough patch.... sending out lots of willpower vibes to you!!!! Things will turn around!

Redballoon... a competiton huh? I used to date a powerlifer way back when and what they go through to get ready for a competition, well, I couldn't do it..... I am like you.. I will just be happy to get the fat off!

Dips... Not long now... good luck with the rest of your packing!! You will be seeing your sweetie before you know it! It's not that far away! Take care of yourself!

Hi Julie..... I started out doing 45 minutes on the treadmill.. and just decided to up it a mile.. so I did... and boy did my hips complain for about a week... but now, I think they are used to it and things are much better.

Noelle.. WTG you are doing a GREAT JOB!!!!! Keep it up!

Kempy.. I'm with Red.. what id DU?? dear uncle???? :-)

Ok... wish me luck and strong willpower today... lots and lots of food in there.... at least my coworker who is on a diet with me brought a veggie tray.. so if I need to munch, I can try that... it's just not the same as a nice warm bagel with cream cheese!!! YUM! :-)


09-24-2003, 10:14 AM
Holly, I am sorry you are so stressed right now. Things will get better soon, I promise. I can sympathise with you totally on the weight loss being so ridiculously hard for you because I am the exact same way. Eat nothing to lose and eat nothing to maintain. No snacking.No fat. My metabolism is the same as yours. It Sucks! Keep your chin up.

Red, I still have to look back too to see what everyone is up too. :lol: WOW! $200.00 for neutering? I havent had to have a cat fixed in a long time but I know it wasnt anywhere near that much.

09-24-2003, 12:21 PM
Hey guys. I am at home sick today. I have been sitting here trying to read the posts but sitting up makes my stomach hurt. I am going to go lay back down. I hope I will ba back later.

Red and Photo DU is Duck's Unlimited. It is a land coservation organization. We do 2 banquets every year.

OK I am going to lay down. :Wave:

09-24-2003, 02:52 PM
But I found out about ten minutes ago, it is exactly 4 weeks from today I see my friend from California!!!!!!! So now I really have to be devoted to my commitment and goal to get that extra 10 pounds off that I am working on.. Ok.. I can say it's down to 9 now.. but that is still 9 to go. And after today... I have had such a stressful day here at work (rerunning payrolls that were screwed up yesterday) .. and they had a pot luck so I've just been wanting to eat and eat and eat.... (I have limited myself to the little smokies with cheese and the veggies... and I have stopped, so no more for the afternoon) well, I just need to get a grip and stick to my guns here.

So everyone.. I need your support and I will keep posting my progress in the next four weeks. So get ready! :-) He is also coming back for Thanksgiving... 4 weeks between the two visits so I will have yet ANOTHER mini goal for then as well! Right now.. I am really concentrating on getting to 138.00. One pound down.. 9 pounds to go! I am actually looking forward to my treadmill hour this afternoon! :-)

Kempy... get better soon hun.... it's terrible being sick. And good luck on the Duck Unlimited banquet.... that sounds like a lot of fun!

Ok.. back to work here.. (even though I have been on hold for what 10 minutes now???) Talk to you soon! 29 days and counting! :-) (can you tell I am excited about his visit?)


09-24-2003, 05:55 PM

Thanks for the encouragement! I waited until 9 am this morning and reweighed myself. My stomach still felt full when I woke up, so, I thought maybe the #'s would change, and, lo and behold, the scale said 147.5...still not great, but, 1 pound less than 148.5.
I give you TONS of credit for being in the bakery field AND trying to lose and maintain the loss! It must be very difficult. Sweets are my weakness :).


Sorry you are ill! I hope you get feeling better soon. (((Kempy)))


How tall are you? Just wondering bc 108 is TINY!!! Good job on the loss thus far, and, I know you can lose the additional 9 pounds to reach 138! We should stick in this together! I am at 147.5, and, so desperately want to get into the 130's SOON!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


09-24-2003, 08:04 PM
Good afternoon. My daughter called me this morning to go pick her up because she is sick. So off to the doctors and got the prescription and she refuses to take it(ear infection)!! I could slap her *** when she does this! She is 12 so it isnt like she is a baby who cant swallow any medicine. I tried mixing it with strawberries but NO!!! I have had a stressfull day to say the least. Yep, I have overeaten as well. I need to get a grip because we changed our camping reservations to Tropical Palms RV park right beside Disney. They have their pools open 24 hours a day and I would really like to feel comfortable enough to swim in front of people.

Kempy, Get better girl. I feel for you, but I bet you would take your medicine, huh? :lol:

Holly, thanks for the compliment. It is actually really hard to resist the treats when I have to make Peanut butter brownies because they are so good. Sweets are my weakness too.

09-24-2003, 08:31 PM
Hey Everyone

Angie sounds like a rough day. Things will get better...and don't feel bad about the overeating just look past it and move on. You are so strong look how far you have come! You will reach your goal. God do I feel bad, I made chili tonight AGAIN, and ate way to much pasta and now I feel bloated and just plain guilty. Why did I do that?

Kempy hope you feel better soon. It seems like the cold and flu season is starting early:( .

Cherie you'll make it. What kind of eating plan are you on?

Holly I hear ya on the sweets! I am really craving them this week. Boy I would just love a frosted brownie right now:lol: .

Dips I bet you can not wait to see your family and friends. How exciting!:) And wait until they see how good you are looking.

Noelle the skinny cow bars were great! I can't wait to try the mint variety. I just don't want to eat all six of them every week.

Well take care everyone I sure hope I can keep this eating under control I just want to clean out my cupboards, must be tom coming to see me in the future. Bye Julie

09-25-2003, 04:08 AM
Ciao Ladies,

After tommorow I will have sent all my furniture away so I'll be living out of a bag and mooching off my buddies for entertainment.
Right now my daily diet since tuesday has been chicken noodle soup and robitussin. I can't taste a darn thing and I'm congested like you wouldn't believe. I hate being sick but all i can do is keep working and let it run it's course.

Holly- I can't imagine how much stress you must be dealing with right now. We can all relate the the feeling of having to practically starve ourselves to lose wieght while gaining weight is as easy as pie [literally]. But even through this tough time I'm happy that you're still making good decisions about eating healthier, (giving up sweets). I really hope everything gets better for you and don't worry about the evil scale, slowly but surely you will become friends :)

Cherie- You are doing so well! Keep up the good work. And I hope you were able to avoid the boss' treats;) By the way, this must be some kind of friend if he has you all excited :flame: that was so bad :lol: but at your pace you should be looking fantastic after your 4 weeks are up

Red- A contest, huh! You're already a winner to me [ gosh that was mushy, very un-soldier like] seriously, though whatever you decide, i think it's cool that you have such a good support group at the gym. Speaking of which, the gym crush that I had has been deployed to Iraq. So now it's up to me to motivate myself :(
But then again i do have you guys:)

Kempy- It seems that we're all coming down wit something these days. Feel better soon and take plenty of drugs;)

Angie- Kids can be such brats! I know this, I have 8 siblings, 4 of which are girls and sometimes you just have to put your foot down [or in their a**] to get them to do things. As far as your plan is concerned, to echo what was said earlier, you've done so well and you've come so far, you have to stay focused.

Julie- What's up girly, Don't beat yourself up over the chili and pasta. We all lose it sometimes. Stressing over it will only make it worse.

I really have to force water down today because I don't like to eat or drink anything when I'm sick. I'm going to go to the gym later to see if I can sweat this cold out. I can't take it!


09-25-2003, 09:55 AM
It's not Friday yet??? sigh.... This has been such a long week at work for me.. I will be glad when it's over. I got most of my exercise in yesterday, however I was going to go and do the ellipitical machine last night, but my girls were still awake, and they had turned on their TV.. which is a HUGE no no. On top of that... I was recording the Bachelor in their room (they have the only VCR) and they turned it off to put their tape it!!!! This is the only time they have turned the TV on in who knows how long.. and it had to be when I was using it!!!! ARGH. Ok.. I am better.

Today, I am hoping my work will settle down, and I will get out of here a little early to go do my walking.

Dips... hope you get better soon! I just got over being sick for about two weeks.... bad stuff left after the first few days, but I've had a lingering cough that I can't get rid of. And yes.. you are right.. this is a very special friend! ;) I have been dating him for almost 16 months now. The last 11 of them he has been in California, so I don't get to see him as often as I would like.

Julie.. I am doing Phase two of the South Beach Diet... so far it's been pretty easy to follow, and I am happy with it. There are just times when I crave the bad things because I am a stressful/emotional eater. I am learning how to control those craves. Right now.. I am on day 8 of my 21 day challenge of not having ANY chocolate.. so I feel like I am at least accomplishing something!

Angie.. you are probably already in swimsuit shape!!! Just keep working out and you will keep looking better and better in it! And girl.. I hear ya about the daughter. I have one that it is just a battle of wills EVERYDAY.. and she is only 3 years OLD!! I kept telling myself the only reason she is alive is because of her strong will.. (she was a premature baby, 3 months early, weighed 1 pound 10 ounces at birth). But geeze.. sometimes it would be nice if she would learn who the boss is! :-)

Holly.... we are close, yes we should team up to keep each other motivated. You are only a half pound more than me, but SEVERAL INCHES TALLER!!! Hahaha.. I am 5'2" with a small frame. I know 108 is a lofty goal, my REAL goal is 118, however, I am going to shoot for 108 and get somewhere inbetween and allow myself a little bit of room on either side.

Kempy.. hope you are feeling better today!

Ok folks.. back to work for me.... This better be an EASIER DAY... I've had three Monday's in a row!!!!


09-25-2003, 10:07 AM
Cherie- Gotta love those long distance relationships. I've had one for 5 years. My military carreer hasn't been too romance- friendly but he stuck with me [thank god] and we can finally start our lives together. So I share your excitement!


09-25-2003, 06:17 PM
uggggh hello ladies! It is SO hard to keep up , hi to all the new people!! :D

well my life is so hectic lately, my father has been ill, and he lives alone, so pretty much I have been trying to juggle him, work, my family, and sleep! I have also been trying to get him on medicaid because he has no health insurance, and this will send him bankrupt if we can't get some help. Man! it is HARD to fill out all this stuff in a timely fashion and get it all handled. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I am too tired when I get home to cook, so I have been either preparing fast fattening stuff, or eating out, usually eating out, pizza, fast food, etc. Totally stress eating, I hate feeling this way. I don't feel like exercising or anything... lucky something is going my way somehow, because I have only gained one pound.

Anyhow, hopefullly everyone is better, I was able to read back some.. but there are like 8 pages for me to still read, lol! Angie take care of that injury, hope it feels bettter! Welcome Cherie! and Grats Dips on nearing the 130's! feels good no?! :)

hrm anyone else ? well Helllllllllo! I gotta run, hopefully it will be more than 2 weeks before I get to check in again :p

have nice weekend ladies!

09-25-2003, 06:39 PM
Hey Tonya! I think what you are doing for your father is wonderful. I bet some people would just try to pawn off their parents on someone else. I would feel terrible doing that. I know is it hard to eat good when things are crazy but don't beat yourself up when you can't be perfect. Think about the wonderful thing that you are doing right now. Keep your chin up.

Sorry I have been a little scarce lately. I am going crazy with this DU stuff and then yesterday was no help being sick. I still don't feel 100% but I am back at work. I was fighting with the e-mail all day trying to get this program ent to the printers and I finally figured it out. Tha is one thing off of my back now. I have been off the exercise wagon for the last 2 days adn i dont think it will be making any stops on my street until next Monday. Oh well, life goes on.

I will be leaving work in a little while but I wanted to drop a line.
I hope you all are doing great and I will be back tomorrow.

Jackie are you still here?

09-25-2003, 06:59 PM
Hey ladies. I'm soooooooo busy this week I'm glad it's just one more day. Wanted to pop in and confess that I had a terrible day stress eating yesterday (dealing with the documentation for the dog incident + the stupid guy is not returning my phone calls! :mad: ) and well, breakfast was not the best of choices today (spicy turkey sausage with rice) but I am committed and I plan on having a totally legal OP rest of day complete with some evening exercise.

Kempy, glad you're feeling better.

Dips, hope you get better soon--better to be sick now before you ship out, than to be sick on your vacation!

Angie, hope your daughter is better today and hope you're doing feeling better as well.

Tonya, glad you could pop in. You're doing great things for dad and I'm sure he appreciates it. Hang in there.

Cherie, I like your avatar--it's always good to put a face with the name and personality. Love the red hair! Sorry your Bachelor show got cut off.

Julie, :lol: yeah eating all 6 ice cream sandwiches would kind of defeat the purpose of low-fat huh? Enjoy everything, but in moderation--that's my motto.

I gotta split for now. :wave: Hello to everyone else, I'll try and make it back later but I feel like I'm in a pressure cooker! Oh yeah one more thing--with all the sickness going around, don't forget to get your flu shots this year! There's lots of vaccine to go around and it's supposed to be a particularly nasty strain this year--don't wanna get SARS (shudder) .

Take care all.

09-25-2003, 08:51 PM
Hi Tonya I am glad to see you back! I am so sorry your father is ill. It is so nice you are there for him. I hope everything works out. Hang in there hon!

Noelle don't stress about the stress eating. We all do it sometimes. Me to often:o . Great job staying op the rest of the day.

Kempy glad to see you are feeling a little better.

Dips also I hope you get better soon. It is hard to be sick when you are busy and got alot on your mind. Get well!!!!

Cherie I watched the bachelor last night, Yes I admit I love that show. I would fill you in if you missed some of it!

Angie hope your daughter is taking her medicine. Hows the weightlifting going?

Take care everyone! Hi to all! Julie:)

09-25-2003, 11:57 PM
Hey Everyone..hope you all had a great Thursday.... Mine turned out good.. I got through another day of exercise and staying OP so I am very happy. I'm trying to give on last kick before September ends..

Julie thanks! I will try to watch the Bachelor this weekend... I did go to the website today and read what happened and who he picked... so I am pretty much up to speed.... but I will let you know if I missed anything important!

Noelle... sorry about your stressful day.... good plan you have of stopping it in its tracks and going back OP and exercising.... You are doing great! And the picture isn't the greatest.. but now you kinda know what I look like! :-)

Kempy take care of yourself and don't run yourself ragged! Get better!

Tonya you are a wonderful daughter... I know it's tough but just enjoy the time you have with him.... I really miss both of my parents now.... sending out prayers for him and you!

Dips.. yes.. it's exciting at times... and very frustating at others ... this long distance thing. I keep hoping that in a couple of years he will come back to this part of the states.. right now, he is needing to get out and be "single" for a while and run around and have fun etc..... so even though we are dating... we are not a couple per say.... he is free to date others as well as I... I just don't want to. And I don't think he has either... oh well... makes life interesting.

Ok... time to go get some rest.... Talk to you lovely ladies tomorrow!


09-26-2003, 07:00 AM
Good morning!! I have stayed OP for a few days, though yesterday was a BIG test of willpower. I took two of my children with me to the grocery store, and while going through the bulk foods section, they begged for candy. I almost gave in, but, realized that it isn't good for them, and, I would probably eat some, LOL. So, I bought dried banana chips, and the only one who liked them was my son. I know I like dried apples, and thought the bananas as well, but, BLECH :p , they were terrible! Last night the hubby was up to his "I am a man, so, of course, am going to saying something really really inappropriate, no matter what the topic" routine. I started to keep an exercise log, beginning 9/22/03, it reads like this: 9/22 walked 5 miles with WATP, 20 mins pilates (95 mins), 9/23 GFF circuit training, WATP 3 miles (65 mins), 9/24 WATP 7 miles, 20 mins pilates (125 mins), and 9/25 GFF circuit training, WATP 5 miles (95 mins). So, I showed my husband, and he says...you wasted all of that time exercising.....UGH, I coulda smacked him :rollpin: , . So, then I proceed to show him the results.....and he says, you are losing your curves, and I said, that's a good thing. See, he likes the curves, but, I told him to be patient, and he will see more tone in due time. Tonight I have the rehearsal for my best friend's wedding vow renewal (am maid of honor), and tomorrow is the wedding!


Good job on staying OP! I would say I am going to totally give September one last kick, but, I know with this ritzy Italian wedding tomorrow, there is going to be LOTS of yummy food!


I have never had the flu shot. Can you potentially get sick from the virus injected? My winter foe is usually bronchitis/pneumonia :(. I hear ya about the stress eating!


You are a great daughter! When my mom was ill, I, being the youngest of 7, and the only one with small children (all nieces and nephews were grown), seemed to be the one right by my mom's side. It is sooo important to cherish the time we have with our loved ones, and, it sounds like you are doing just that.
It seems like alot of us here are going through periods of stress eating for one reason or another, it's human, try not to beat yourself up (I should take my own advice in the future, LOL).


Kids can be VERY stubborn! My youngest is our 2 year old daughter, and, boy, is she fiesty. Tells me no, runs away from me and giggles, throws holy fits, etc., our 3 year old has developed this whiny smart alic attitude (bothers hubby more than me), and our oldest at 6 1/2 is getting mouthy and encourages the younger ones to do things he KNOWS will get them into trouble!!


I never had a long distance relationship. Almost got into one with a senior year flame after leaving high school, but, I was going upstate NY, and he was going out west, so, I knew it wouldn't have worked out. He wasn't ready to be serious about 1 girl, and, I could sense that. Now, he is going to be 28 this winter, and I will be 27, and I am married with 3 kids, and he is still single and dating.


09-26-2003, 09:44 AM
Hey girls. I have missed so much. I am trying to get everything together for our trip this weekend so I have missed alot of the posts.

We tried everything to get the medecine in her...I put it in a strawberry smoothie,a slush puppy and the last bit of medecine left we held her down and put it in her mouth and she quickly spit it all over us. I could have smacked her so hard right then. Needless to say she didnt get ANY of the medecine and I told her fine then dont come *****ing to me when it gets worse. It pisses me off so bad because she is 12 and should be at least mature enough to do what HAS to be done. I really cant wait until they are all grown up.

Tonya, It is great that you are taking care of your dad.

Noelle, Stress eating? What's that? :lol: I have been bad all week myself. I plan a mini vacation and for some reason I feel that I can start it early with food. I am so screwed when we get ready to go to Florida. I will probably be swelled up like a marshmallow long before we ever get to the campground. Ouch a flu shot. YUCK YUCK

Holly,Hi. Keep exercising girl, you are doing great!

Jay has come down with my cold. I cant remember if I posted this or not but I changed our campground to Tropical Palms in Kissimmee. Now I have put us directly into the middle of the traffic. It is supposed to be one of the best campgrounds down there so I figured we might as well try it.

I have to go bake a couple of lasagnas for this weekend so I will try to check back before we leave.

09-26-2003, 09:46 AM
PS: Cherie, Great picture!! You are very pretty! I like having a face to go with the name.

09-26-2003, 11:03 AM
Ciao Ladies,

Oaky it's official, I have the most BORING rom on the entire base. I shipped every possible thing including my dear computer :( so I can only pop in at the office which is now my new home as I'll be watching the tv and cheching email.I also had to ship my digital scale so now I'm back to using my dial scale which I'll be happy to toss in the trash when I get ready to fly out of here. So now Im really feeling my transission now and it is so exciting :D

I really can't send out personal messages right now because i have to get ready for my farewell dinner and I'm living out of a bag right now so It's pretty hectic, But as soon as things are in order next week, I'll be sure to send my personal hello's

Later Girls.


09-26-2003, 04:38 PM
Hello to Everyone!!! Sorry I have been gone for so long. Things at work have been hectic and I hadn't a chance to read all the posts. You have all been in my thoughts, though. It looks like I need to start posting regularly again because 1. It keeps me accountable, 2. I love the support and 3. It helps me retain my sanity. So I won't stay gone as long next time!!!!!

Dips- have a safe trip and I am so glad you are coming home. Welcome Back!!!!!

Ange- You have a great trip too!! Hope your daughter feels better soon!

Holly- Have fun at the wedding. Try to ignore the insensitive comments from others. I know it can be hard! Way to go on all that exercise!

Tonya- Your family is in my prayers.

Kempy- What's up girl? How is the bodyRX going?

PhotoGirl- I don't think I got the chance to meet you, but HI!!! I hope to hear more from you!! I gave up sugar 2.5 years ago and it really started the whole weight loss journey for me. I recently did South Beach to help move myself off my plateau. I was interested to see that you were doing Phase 2, and am hoping you have seen some good results. It definitely helped me to re focus myself and realize I was eating way too many starchy carbs (even though they were the good kind). Best of luck to you.

Noelle- Hey Girl!! try not to overwhelm yourself too much. You have a lot on your plate. Good luck with the dog/owner/humane society drama. I am thinking of you!!!!

To everyone else I missed, hope you are well. Talk to you soon!!

09-28-2003, 08:38 AM
Oh, I'm recovering from a long late night out last night that lasted into morning and I didn't get to the gym today because I'd also been pigging out on sugar and I just felt awful! Tomorrow I am getting back on the straight and narrow. I now that sounds like the old song and dance but I mean it. This place keeps me in line because there aren't too many times I'm going to allow myself to come in here whining!

chikitababe, We sound like we've been doing the same slacking although mine has only lasted 4 days now, yet I feel I have done major damage in those four days! Gosh, if you've only been eating one dessert a day and it's taken its toll I'm afraid to look. I'd been doing no sugar on the 21-day challenge but then when that ended, whereas normally I'd take one day off and then start over, this time, because I'm going to the States in about 10 days I didn't want to drop sugar. I thought I could have fun eating whatever I felt like. but you know, I think I'm with you in that I'm going to go off the sweets again. I sure know how you feel though of having a hard time losing weight. I guess I'm just not into feeling hungry and I really have to in order to lose weight. Don't know about those slimfast bars but yes I think so many of these so-called nutrition bars have tons of sugar in them. Well, good luck to you. We're at about the same weight. How tall are you again? I'm only 5' 1.5" Well, I'm sending you powervibes! :goodvibes There they go!! Did you get 'em? I'm sorry to hear your husband doesn't sound too supportive. Wasting your time exercising? Losing your curves, huh? I had a boyfriend who said things like that. All I can say, is remember, you're doing this for YOU!

Photogirl, I know you're doing absolutely fantastic from the other threads. I'm glad to hear you got a little break from the temptations at work. Yeah, don't know about that competition. In any case it's months away. Still it would be the best thing to get the fat off so if I did want to go into it I'd be able to with losing the muscle or really starving myself. I can't imagine actually having no fat on me though. That's the problem. I think it would be so cool though! Maybe I can imagine it if I just keep thinking of it. Oh, by the way, I like your picture. We have similar color hair but mine's a bit darker auburn. You're doing so well and when I see your goal of 108 lbs. I'm thinking maybe I can do it too. I've been around 150 for so long that I can't imagine anything else. I do seem to have imagination problems, don't I?

angieMe. How are you doing? Your daughter sounds like a little wildcat. I hope her ear infection is better. At first when you were describing you trying to give her medicine I thought you WERE talking about a cat? :lol:

Kempyd, I hope you're feeling better. It seems a lot of people are under the weather. How is your weightlifting going?

Noelle, I just saw the quote in your signature and had to laugh. That's the way I feel now, thanks to my all-or-nothing tendencies! I have allowed myself to be attacked, or rather, me to attack myself for the past 4 days. I am putting a stop to this tomorrow morning! Hope things become less hectic for you soon. How's your dog crisis going?

Dips, Oh, I like mush and I think it's very becoming of a soldier! :D Thanks! The guys at the gym have been commending me on my hard work and "great power" but I'm finding there is pressure in being expected to perform. Today, for example, I felt horrid because, well, because I was badly hung over and I didn't go to the gym because I couldn't see myself doing a half-A workout but I should have gone. The all-or-nothing attitude isn't good. I could have gone to another branch anyway and done the lightweight routine. When do you leave for the States again? Was it around the 15th of October. It must be hard living out of a suitcase now but it won't be long. Gosh, it must be exciting and scary! I bet you find it hard to concentrate on things, no?

Hello TonyaS, I'm really sorry to hear about your father. Don't be hard on yourself. You're having to go through so much now. I don't mean it to sound easy but just try to stay calm and lowkey and don't worry about exercising and so now. Sometimes you just have to weather the storms. Don't make it worse for yourself by feeling bad about what you COULD be doing. You're doing enough.

Hello jbbm. How is the control going? Hope you were able to put a check on things. :)

And jackieO, hello to you too. Well, don't worry about not posting often. I'm perhaps the worst around here. I hope to see more of you when things settle down for you a bit. Take care.

09-28-2003, 04:19 PM
Hey ladies.. just thought I would check in....

Things are going good for me... had my normal weekend diet of two pieces of pizza on Friday, and a McDonald's Happy Meal today with my girls. I figure if I just do that on the weekends, then I won't feel so deprived, and I can actually accomplish my goals for all the rest of the days. I am going to go do some work on the ellipitcal machine tonight, so I don't think I did too bad! :)

I have 27 more days to work on my goal of 10 pounds off, I am down 2, eight more to go! I still feel I can accomplish this! I've set some exercise goals on the one week challenge page, and it's about the same as last week, so that keeps me pretty honest and motivated about my workouts. I am really enjoying the changes that are being made, and I love finally being in this state of motivation and determination... seems once I get in this mode... it's so much easier!

Redballoon.. sounds like you had a great night! I just went to bed early.. haha... hope you start feeling better soon! Red, I am only 5'2" so even though the lowest I have ever been has been 111, I feel that if I stay committed, then perhaps I can get down to 108. My ideal range will be 108 - 118. I know 118 is doable, but I still had jigglies then, so I would just like to lean up after that and see what I can accomplish! I understand about feeling like you can't see yourself at any other weight.. I've been around the 150 mark for about the past 10 years... and now I think back and remember how big I used to think I was at 132... I have adjusted my way of thinking... and I think it's for the worst... I need to have that mentality back of feeling huge at 132 then I won't allow myself to get this far out of hand again. So that is what I am fighting for now...

Thanks Jackie... I am still doing mainly Phase one.. but allowing myself some phase foods onces a day, normally one serving of something. It keeps me on the diet, and not feeling deprived, and with the exercise I am doing, I am loosing weight. Once I get to my goal, I just have to remember the key is to maintain, not forget about everything I have learned and to forgo exercise. I just need to make it a part of my life and enjoy it all!

Dips... good luck!!! Have a great visit home!

Angie.. aww, thanks for the compliment! I hope you had a great trip this weekend... are you ready to get back on track this week?

chikitababe how did your weekend go? Did you enjoy yourself? And a big thumbs down to your hubby... they just don't get it sometimes.. I know he probably didn't mean anything negative by it... but you just gotta remember, they are guys.. and they don't tend to think too much before blurting out something, and it's normally stupid.

Ok... going to go and see if I can get my VCR that my daugther broke to work.... I will see you all tomorrow! :)


09-28-2003, 06:53 PM
Evening Ladies! Dropping in to say hi. Had a tough couple weeks but hoping to get back on track this week. Had the Hurricane, scrwed everything up for all of us. Then, this week, had a funeral in Ohio, drove Mom out from RI, to Ohio, for a few days. Mom finally left our place here in Maryland, yesterday. Feeling exhausted. BUT, the interesting development is, I no longer compare myeslf to my sister. Check my journal, in two parts, to see the whole story. But, to make it quick, she's got a problem. The way she got her physically fit self, is, she gourges on food, and obsessively exercises. Weird. So, no more comparing myself ot her. Se's over the dge. Makes me worried for her. So, a little revelation this week. Puts life into perspective, when you learn someone's dirty little secret. I'm praying for her, serously. It's not healthy to abuse your body like that, and have unhealthy views of food like that.

Just thought i'd share. Hope all are well.

09-29-2003, 09:59 AM
And it's going to be a good one! ;)

Well, over the weekend I bought Pilates for Dummies. I decided that I needed a little something extra for my abs hips and butt... so I wanted to learn pilates. I figured this would be a good introduction to this type of exercise and I think it's ok. I need to really focus on my control, and once I can get that "under control" I think I will start to see results from this type of workout. I am so used to the areobic types of stuff, this is totally different for me. I think soon I will order the Windsor Pilates tapes in a few weeks, but want to master this tape first. I have decided (especially after doing it this morning) that I will just get up a little early, roll out of bed and do the pilates tape first thing in the morning. It's a great wakeup, stretching routine for me and I can still even fill something in my upper abs a whole two hours later, so I know I did something right today. I just find the aspect of developing long and lean muscles very attractive... so I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Chris.... sorry you have had such a rough time... hopefully this week will smooth out for you. I hope your sister can find some help to deal with this problem, and it is an eye opener when you realize what you thought was great, really isn't. I hope she does get better.

Everyone??? time to check in!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I did... back to work today however and time to keep focused on my program!!!

Have a great Monday!


09-29-2003, 10:27 AM
I'm back! I ate so much crap this weekend. YUCK! We were supposed to go hiking but we never made it. It rained everywhere we went!! We left our campsight and it was sunny and nice and by the time we got to the Basin it was pouring and so foggy that I couldnt even take any pictures from the scenic views. I did however get the customary picture of my son bawling. :lol: He throws a tantrum on EVERY trip we take so I take a pic of him so I can embarrass him when he starts to bring girls home. hehe A mothers revenge!! :lol: The camping trip was fun though. It makes me so excited for December 24. I like riding in the RV, it is like sitting in a big recliner and so comfy. We relaxed Saturday night and watched a bunch of the Beavis and Butthead DVD's that we ordered but havent seen yet. I almost pissed myself laughing. Oh yeah, Jay got hollered at AGAIN in Conway(The same place as last times little incident)!!!!!! :lol: We got stuck in an intersection behind traffic and this guy pulls up screaming through his window and got so close to our car. We just laughed at him because we were crammed in traffic and there wasnt anyplace to move. Jay said Hit me go for it. haha So I think the people in Conway are just mean!!

I am gonna try and be good again. i am kind of sick of saying that every couple of weeks. You would think I would learn something. Well, I have but I just dont do it. I definately let the split decision screw me up for a whole weekend.

Kempy, Feeling better yet? I hope so.

09-29-2003, 10:51 AM
Hey gang. I am home sick again today. I have a docs appt though b/c i am sick of being sick.

Angie sorry it was nasty outside but it sounds like you have fun anyway. I would love to have an RV to travel around in. Maybe someday when Joe calms down with all of his other toys we can get one.

Jackie I am doing OK on BRx. Being sick has put a stop to working out but I am trying to eat clean still. We were at the Saints game last night (before my stomach started to kill me) and all I can say is SAD, SAD, SAD. I don't know if you follow them but I am sure you have heard about the game.

Chris isn't it strange when you find out things like that. I had a friend who was binging and purging and I had no idea. To make it worse the crazy girl was a diabetic.

I don't have long to chat, I need to get to the docs.

Here is a pic of what Echo did for fun this weekend.

09-29-2003, 11:18 AM
TOO CUTE!!!! I'll bet you had fun giving her a bath after that. :lol: I had to bathe my two this weekend too before we left. It is amazing Candi looked like a new dog after. She has a special shampoo fo fluff her fur. It stinks but boy it does fluff her out really good.(when she dries she doesnt stink anymore either. :lol: )

Get better soon girl.


09-29-2003, 11:30 AM

09-29-2003, 11:32 AM
He is begging for daddies breakfast in the RV.

09-29-2003, 11:44 AM
Good Morning to Everyone. Yes, today is a new day and I feel like I can definitely stay on plan this week. I am SO TIRED of eating so well during the week and blowing it all on the weekend. I've reached the point where I am tired and frustrated of undoing all my progress on the weekends.. This morning I ate my hard boiled egg so I am back on track. Even though my eating was less than perect, I still manged to exercise strenuously on Sat and Sun. Tonight I am going to a circuit class, so I should be way sore tommorrow.

PhotoGirl- Sounds like you are doing great. I hope you enjoy the pilates tapes. I am going to buy the Winsor ones this week.

kempy- I hope you feel better soon. Yes, I heard about the Saints game, but you couldn't pay me to go to the dome and watch their sorry butts!!

Angie- I liked the picture of your son pouting. It made me laugh this morning. Your dog is precious.

Svelte- Yes, I can agree that it is a freeing experience when we can stop comparing ourselves to others. Sometimes, it is surprising to see how unhealthy the people we think are "perfect" really are.

To everyone else, have a Fabulous Monday!!!!

09-29-2003, 11:52 AM
Goodmorning Ladies,

Hey Kempy sending you get well wishes! Cute pic of Echo. Good job eating clean even though you are sick. When I am sick I want to baby myself and eat whatever I want. Get well!

Angie hope your trip was great. I love the begging picture! They look so inocent and helpless when they are begging for food. That pic of your son will be great to show him when he is older. I would just love to have and RV to travel in. It must really nice to have a bathroom on board when traveling. I just hate some of the public restrooms. I bet its like a home away from home.

Cherie it sounds like you are doing great I bet you will make you 10 pound mark for your goal. You are working hard.

Chris prayers for your sister. THere is a big difference losing the weight a healthy way.

Holly hope your friends wedding was fun for you!

As for me this weekend my eating was pretty good. Yesterday I made homemade chicken vegetable soup. It always taste better the next day. It just seems if I eat any kinds of carb-pasta, potatoes anything like that I just blow up on the scale. I want to cut down on them but not cut them out completely because I would probally overeat them next time I have them. I went shopping this weekend and got some new things. I saw the cutest pair of jeans but did not get them, want to lose some more pounds first. Well I will check in later. Hi to Tonya, Noelle, Red, Jackie, and anyone else I missed. Julie:)

09-29-2003, 08:30 PM
goodevening everyone! You ladies must all be busy today. THis board is kinda slow on this busy Monday. Well I just wanted to pop in and say Hello and see if anyone was here. Take care, Julie:)