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08-31-2003, 11:25 AM
Hi All, having computer issues...on DH's Mac right now and hating it!! The boys are sleeping..going to mom's later. Hopefully DH will figurer out the PC issue later.

09-01-2003, 04:11 PM

Man..I could of kicked my daughter's butt last night!:mad:

We were playing cards with some friends...well the kid decided she wanted to watch and bug us for a bit. No problem...I know how that was when I was a kid..I wanted to watch too. BUT..guess what she does?!! She's standing there and she decides out of no where to just let a big ol PFFTVFRRBT go! UGH! Then she thinks its funny and is waiting for some kind of applause or something. I gave her the EVIL eye and told her HEY Get out of here if you are going to do that! That's rude and un-called for. So what does she do...rips 2 more! Ie yie yie! So her dad tells her YOU CAN WALK AWAY AND DO THAT YOU KNOW...WE HAVE COMPANY! Needless to say it was embarassing. A 9 year old doing that..I mean our friends didnt say much (they are pretty comfy with stuff like that) but still... *I* Don't do things like that so she got that from someone else! Probbly my mother or hubby. UGH. Well, I think we made her feel bad cause she went walking away with her head down like when a dog has its head between its legs. The things kids do sometimes....:no:

09-01-2003, 10:55 PM
Good Evening all!!

Noodles--I would have been soo embarrased!!! It is embarassing now when Kaylee does it but she is only 8 months old, couldnt imagine 9!!! U handled it well...

WEnt shopping today and bought Kaylee some gorgeous outfits for next year...OMG...$30 outfits for $7!!!!! I sort of went crazy!!! I went looking for her 1 yr outfit and found it on sale for 25% off... It is more expensive online than in the store but this is the link...http://www.strasburgchildren.com/h308.html I guess I have to bring her into the MD tomorrow..IT is day 3 with the yellow goop from her left ear and tonight she started with fever and irritability...It is so weird to hear the ears squeak when she rubbs or pulls on them..We are heading for her adenoidectomy if she doesnt straighten up!!!!

Take care everyone!!!

09-02-2003, 09:17 AM
hi guys,

well, my little guy has his first cold or really bad allergy attack. i feel so bad for him. he's all snotty and sneezy and his eyes are watering. last nght i put him in his carseat to sleep and he was able to breathe better. it just seems such an uncomfortable place to sleep.

RR: dang those ears!! sure hope they get better asap. now, how do adenoids affect her ears? aren't they in the nose? just curious.

angel: aren't kids fun? we are probably gonna have fun with that one since i have a boy!! ugh. the toots don't bother me right now 'cause he is a baby. when he gets older tho... BTW, paraffin is a wonderful way to treat arthritis in hands feet and elbows. the paraffin baths are available all over the place now. you dip, wrap in plastic, and then wrap in a towel. stay for 20 min then peel. it's a great beauty tx as well. softens the skin. the heat gets down deep.

ok, gotta go. little guy needs me.

09-02-2003, 04:33 PM
OMG!! I never thought I would willingly pick anyone else's nose in my life!! Proof that I will do anything to help my little guy breathe. He's wearing a 20 lb diaper right now but I don't want to wake him up to change it. Thought I would get on here and see if it wakes him up.

Yep, works like a charm most every time. "See" ya'll later.

09-03-2003, 03:38 AM
:o Oh yea I was really embarassed!! I was like *I* didnt teach her that!! But they know that but still..just the fact that she didn't have any manners is what ticked me off! I don't think she will ever do it again though!

You girls are so lucky to have babies. I wish I had another one! I love babies! :bb: Course..I havent had a baby around in so long I would probably be tired out in an hour, tops! :yawn:


09-03-2003, 10:18 PM
Good EVening!!!
Kaylee is zooming all over the house now..SHe was soo funny today at daycare--she reached for some man and smiled and said Dadadada..I didnt have the heart to tell DH!!!! ;) ;)

Karen--I celebrate when I can "pick" a big one !!!! SOmeone comented on Kaylees black eyes and asked what happened..SHe is soo purple from the sinus yucks!!!!

Lauren and noodles=--How are things????
WEll..good night!!!

09-04-2003, 08:44 AM
Hi Girls!

We're OK here, just annoyed about using the Mac, so I read, but haven't been posting too much.

Peter did pretty good last night, went to sleep at around 8:20, slept til 3:15, went back to sleep. DH said he was up at 4:30 though. :( I didn't even hear him!!! DH had turned the fan on in the room during the night, and I didn't hear him through the monitor. Usually I turn the volume up on the monitor if the fan is on. He sat on the sofa w/him for a half hour before he finally went back to sleep!

Mom's coming over to watch Peter, I have a meeting at unemployment this AM.

09-04-2003, 08:27 PM

Things are greatI I sorry..I havent been posting in here much. I have been posting in the reg. 30s "week of" area. Shame on me! :cool:


09-05-2003, 09:56 AM

Peter sleep pattern is getting a little better. The past two nights he didn't wake up until 3:15. Last night that was the only time and he woke up this AM at 6:30. Yesterday he actually took an afternoon nap...from just after 2 until 3, then he woke up, got a little cuddle, went back to sleep until 3:30! :D

Today we're gonna run a bunch of errands. Have like 3 different stores to go to and exchange clothes my mom has bought him! :lol: She got him a cute little grey, green and black sweat suit, but I told her it has to go back because it's Jets colors. DH said actually it's more like Eagles colors...so it's getting exchanged for something different. :rolleyes: MEN!!

Karen, wanna try and get together next week sometime?

Have a great day all! :wave:

09-05-2003, 12:46 PM
Hi guys,

Well, DH and I now have Alex's cold. Ugh. I've felt like poop for two days now. DH is NOT fun when he is sick. He snores SO bad. I feel like I've been beat today from sleeping between him and the baby last night. Little guy has been sleeping in his bassinett all night but last night he couldn't settle and I didn't have the patience to help him get back to sleep. I just plopped him in with us, gave him the boob and we both went to sleep. I do like that part about breastfeeding!!

RR: How is Kaylee? Is she feeling better? I hope so.

Lauren: Sure, I'm free on M, W, or F. They were supposed to deliver the new microwave yesterday but it didn't come in so now it's supposed to come on Tuesday. We'll see. Thursday I have Moms Club meeting. How's the computer? Still having to use the mac? I DO NOT like the mac. We had them in school and I could never make them work the same way twice. I love my PC!! (laptop)

OK, I don't think little guy is going to give me much longer on here. Yesterday I took him to Story Time at Barnes and Noble and he had such a good time. He just watched the other kids and he "talked" to the lady reading the story. It was so cute.

Have a great day all.

09-06-2003, 10:29 AM
Well, not much going on here kid wise. She has been a really good kid all week, doing all of her things without being told, so I took her to the swap meet with me tonight and gave her $10 for spending $. I told her she better save some though cause we're going shopping today too! :p Today we start our League Family Bowling so she is all excited about that. Saturdays are our family day where we TRY to get up early, go to breakfast, go to garage sales, run errands, then bowl, then we go out for our bi-weekly family dinner. I am hoping we go for Chinese food tonight...been craving Almond Chicken. Yum!

PS: Photo of the bowling child...posted in My Pictures thread.