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08-30-2003, 01:29 PM
Anyone else looking forward to Dr. Phil's new book coming out Sept. 9th? I think he makes A LOT of sense when it comes to why we are overweight and what to do about it. (Dieting isn't his major focus)

Can't wait to read it! I hope someone will join me in the new challange with Dr. Phil's guidance. I need major help in the emotional/addictive eating mentality. I need a swift kick in the b*tt and to start getting real with why I overeat. It's gotta work this time!


08-30-2003, 04:09 PM
Heidi, I'm planning on getting the book and also taping the shows ... not sure about a challenge of any kind yet until I see what the program is. I saw a commercial for the shows he's doing ... seems like he's putting a group up in a big house and having them do his program. Sort of a reality show thing, maybe? Looks interesting.

Hope you keep posting this and keep us posted. Thanks! :wave:

Young Grasshopper
08-30-2003, 05:03 PM
Hi Ladies!

I'm wondering how this show will be too. They were advertising in my area looking for people to participate. I thought about it but chickened out....Dr. Phil kind of scares me :lol:. Think he's have the same magical power as my mom's evil eye when I was a kid!

I'm going to tape it and try to follow. Remember when he did a similar thing on Oprah? I felt like kicking myself when I saw the follow up a few months later. Should have started....know what I mean?

So yes, count me in!


Young Grasshopper
09-01-2003, 08:28 PM
Anyone else joining? This thread got lost in the back...thought I'd post and pull it to the front.

Deb :)

09-01-2003, 08:53 PM
i have posted some information about dr phils philosphy on the general diet plan board that you guys may want to look at...

09-01-2003, 08:55 PM
I would love to join the challenge. I probably won't be able to watch the show, so I will have to tape it. Do you know if he will be talking about it daily, or will he have a designated day to cover the topic? I would like to get the book, but the only books that hold my attention are good old fashioned trashy novels! Good luck to all! Summer :flow2:

Young Grasshopper
09-02-2003, 12:30 AM
lol...got to love those trashy novels!


09-02-2003, 02:39 AM
I am working when his show is on so never get to watch him. But, if he's going to be having shows that correlate with this book that's coming out, I'd like to tape them too.
Does anyone know when these shows start, and if they will be daily, and for how long. A week, a month, ...?

I'll see about a challenge, ... I'll decide when I see what it's all about. :D

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me on it.

09-03-2003, 01:12 AM
Dr. Phil sickens me, and all he is doing is making money off of one truth -- before you can lose weight, you need to find out what is "eating you." There are plenty of books already out there by folks like Geneen Roth, etc., that can help. (I can't stand his smarmy smugness. Where the heck did Oprah find this idiot?)

Right now, I'm working with a qualified therapist on dealing with my rage (long story). It took me a while to realize that I was trying to avoid my feelings, so I ate. We're also working on a sexual issue that seems to be keeping me from going further with my weight loss.

Turn off your TVs and turn on to yourselves!

09-03-2003, 10:50 AM
VIKING MOM ~ You are right on the money! I couldn't have said it better!!!! I too am a Dr. Phil & Oprah fan and they haved helped me so much. I was sexually abused as a child also (from the ages of 5 till I was 12 --- my father) and today I have a wonderful relationship with both my parents... we have come through it and today love one another so very much! We all have crosses to bear and I am truely Thankful for people like Dr. Phil & Oprah who have helped so many and done so much! Thank you for saying what I couldn't put into words, Viking mom!!! Thank-you!! :cp:

WUNDAWOMAN ~ You have my prayers... you have allot of issues to work through!!

God's Blessings!

09-03-2003, 11:24 AM
WundaWoman- I dont think anyone should go through life blindly believing everything any one person says as the only way it is....

While I dont always agree with what Dr phil or Oprah say I do thank them for bringing issues to light and making people stop and think..... because of the oprahs and dr phils issues that have in the past been behind closed doors are now out in the open and discussed.... I mean think about it????

I come from a very messed up family.... sexually abused by my grandfather from the time I was 4-13 years old, mother a drug addict from the time I was 8, physical and phsyiological abuse abounds..... but you think back to the 70's and 80's..... people didnt talk about it.... period..... you didnt bring it up....

I do think that because of these talk shows that had the courage (or maybe they were just after ratings) to bring these issues and others out and talk about them They quit being taboo to talk about....

I dont think that people like me (and maybe you) are going to be healed or fixed by these shows.... but I think it makes us realize that we are not unfixable.... that there is hope.... that it makes us look into healing ourselves.....

Also I think there are people out there that will never get help.... either because of money or pride or whatever.... and if they can get some healing from these shows then more power to them....

I wish you luck in your journey.

09-03-2003, 01:44 PM
Uh, brave girl for taking on the Phil thread.

You're right to feel cautious about any leader of a large following. I agree with Angel on that. I have to say that one-on-one therapy is probably a lot more constructive in the long run, though I believe Oprah and Dr. Phil are good for a kick-in-the-pants, feel-good, you-can-DO-it motivation. That's what I get from her magazine, anyway. Good on ya for thinking critically!

I don't know much about Dr. Phil - he's a brave guy to be tackling weight loss when he's an admitted non-expert in that field. Hope he's got a good nutritionist, personal trainer and an M.D. on the payroll!

Anyway, since I don't know that much about Dr. Phil, I guess I'll get off a thread devoted to him! :lol: I just wanted to say "hey" to my friend wundawoman. Good luck, ladies, on the new program coming out - I'll have a lood at the book, myself, of course. Can't hurt, can it? ;)

09-03-2003, 07:36 PM
I cann't wait til September 9th...I will be the first in line to buy the book!!!...I have several issues from my childhood~abandonment and sexual abuse being the worst..that to this day at age 34 greatly bother me...I have been to therapy once and it really did not help me..I came to some truths in therapy...but have never really let them gooooo!...I absolutely LOVE Oprah..she can speak to the heart like no one else can..She has been thru it all! Sexual abuse, weight issues, men issues, family issues..and she still is this big bright shinning star!...I have confidence in her ability to have even picked Dr. Phil for a show!..and Dr. Phil just seems to get down to the nitty gritty! (NC)...if you know what I mean!

I am so looking forward to his book helping me get over the issues as to WHY I really overeat!...I eat because I am bored..because I am lonely mainly..and because I want to hide in this big blob of fat for protection....so if someone like Oprah and Dr. Phil can remotely say anything to help me ~~ GET IT ~~ bring it on! Maybe I will never get it...but just maybe I will get skinny trying!

Young Grasshopper
09-04-2003, 12:40 AM
Hi All!


Okay, with that said now to go back to the posts. Wundawoman....have to applaud your post. Can't say that I agree with Oprah or Phil all the time. In fact, they can annoy me at times. However, with that said, as far as losing the weight I think he'll be helpful in cutting through the bull...at least for me.

I too have had similar reasons to keep the weight on. I've been in therepy on and off for sexual abuse for the last 10 years. It comes and goes with spurts. I know that I've got a ton of rage eating away from the inside out....and I know that I need to get it out.

However, I've also gained enough weight that it's dangerous for me...both mentally and physically. I've become a prisoner of the barrier I put up so many years ago...do you know what I mean? This is no way to live.

As far as Dr. Phil, Oprah, therepy, whatever....if it works use it! If it doesn't don't. The key here is to make progress whether crawling or sprinting toward it. I hope he doesn't have a nutritionist, cook, etc...ala' Oprah. We all know that fad diets aren't going to work. You need the mentality to succeed....the rest is all pretty obvious stuff if you think about it. Frankly, if Dr. Phil whips out a fad diet or cookbook I'll think he sold out.

Bottom line, losing weight and keeping it off isn't going to be easy and it's going to take a major committment. I can place blame on a lot of people, events, and circumstances but let face it...I'm the only one who can do anything about it. Use what works....

Okay, enough of my lecture. Sorry if I offended anyone....keep in mind that I was mostly lecturing myself...:)


09-04-2003, 10:00 AM
http://www.countrycolors.nu/graphics/cafe/coffeencandle.gifGOOD MORNING!
I must agree with you too, Young Grasshopper! I too watch them both, Oprah & Dr. Phil, and don't always agree. I just take it all in and then sort it all out. They aren't perfect people - we all have our false, so they will say some things that we all don't agree with. But most of the time... especially with, DR. PHIL, it is stated as a fact! Then he leaves the ball in 'our' court to play it out! I too look forward to his new shows and will give it a try. I am already doing pretty good in losing the weight, but really need to gain some confidence & self-esteem again... cuz even with the weight loss you can still feel yucky - if you don't feel good about yourself.

THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR THE "HEADS-UP" for tomorrow mornings show!! I will watch!

Take Care &
God Bless you all!

09-04-2003, 03:17 PM
Hello Everyone!!!!

Just found this on the Today show website... they are apparently looking for volunteers to be a part of this....


Thought you might be interested.... maybe someone from this board can become one of his volunteers....

09-04-2003, 08:20 PM
Thanks Angel!

09-04-2003, 08:42 PM
I just ordered the book.

I'm almost a bit afraid to start delving into what I get out of being fat and why I'm scared of succeeding! Sometimes I'm not sure I want to know that much about myself.

Young Grasshopper
09-04-2003, 09:25 PM
Mrs K....we're all in the same boat. Can't wait until the show tomorrow and when he starts it on his own show.

Deb :)

Great job on rejoining TKD :)

09-04-2003, 10:21 PM
Hi Skinny4baby. My name is Sheila and your post touched home with me. I was also sexually abused as a child ( my father from before I can remember till i was 16) I went through 7 diffrent therapists and two trips to the stress unit at the local hospital untill i found the right doctor for me. Please do not give up on therapy. It has made a world of diffrence to me. I now have a loving husband, great sex life and a decent relationship with my parents. My weight is the last issue that I am dealing with. If you would like to talk more please feel free to e-mail me at motorcyclemom40@yahoo.com or I am on aim screen name motorcyclemom40. Sheila Winnie

09-04-2003, 11:55 PM
No one philosophy is fool proof. I say, let's take from Dr. Phil what works for each of us. I like his no nonsense style. He's not perfect, but he does make some very valid points.

I was fortunate to not be a sexual abuse victim as a child, however I was a victim of a rape attempt, and had to deal with sexual harrassment from a distant family member for many years until coincidentally, I became obese. For me, being overweight is a protective barrier from unwanted male attention. I live in my cocoon. I'm not gawked at. I feel safer that way. There may be some rage buried deep down. But more than anything I just feel the need to protect myself. I pray that some day, I can shed my protective coating and be free!!!!! Summer:angel:

Stepping Out
09-05-2003, 12:14 AM
I'm a fan of Dr. Phil, and I'm looking forward to his weight loss challenge series. Wundawoman, you're right in that Dr. Phil doesn't have the magic solution to weight loss. But he does have some good insights into human behavior, and I like his no-nonsense approach. I'm an emotional eater-I use food as a comforter/transquilzer/friend; and I also use my weight as a shield from hurt (sounds strange, but it's something I've only recently acknowledged). I'm not so much interested in a diet per se as I am about dealing with the issues that keep me in this vicious cycle.

Thanks for the info about the Today show-I'll think I'll take a peek tomorrow.

Good night everyone :moo: !

Young Grasshopper
09-05-2003, 02:28 AM
Hi All!

Sorry, made a mistake on the Today show thing.....that's what I get for not verifying it for myself. Took some research but Dr Phil and Katie Curik are supposed to do their thing next friday.


If anyone knows anything different please post it. Sorry for messing up the times :(


Rowan Bailey
09-05-2003, 02:42 AM
I don't think that any one person has the answer, it will ultimately come from within. We are damaged in some way if we are medicating with food.

I myself am dealing with the inability to deal with anger without eating... I would just like to find a productive way to move forward, I would like to put my past behind me so that I can be here today and create tomorrow!! Anything that assists me in figuring that out hoorah.....one on one therapy,Dr. Phil, hypnosis, writing personally I am doing it all!! It will take a entire village to give me enough support!!!

As far as making money off the truth...I can get behind that! I support everyone's free choice, but why come to a thread that is excited and supportive about something and dish it? I don't get that...but everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

09-05-2003, 12:54 PM
I am so excited about Dr. Phil's new book and weighloss series I just can't stand it! The anticipation is killing me!

This is the reason why----A few years back, when he was on Oprah, he did a three part "get real with fat" series, three Tuesdays in a row. Anyone remember that? Well, I watched the first show, and he said something that made complete sense to me. Something clicked in my head. I remember I was eating ice cream at the time, and I put the spoon down! I stopped overeating all together and lost 20 lbs that year. I did tape the next two shows, but they didn't have the same impact on me as that first show did. I wish I had a tape of that first show! Now, I hope, he will have that effect on me again. I so badly want to have that click in my head again and get real with all this.


09-05-2003, 02:49 PM
DEB ~ Thanks for letting us know when to look for the show... I kinda figured it all out when I had the show on this morning and they said that Katie was 'on location'. ;) I am looking forward to seeing the interview and I too cannot wait for the shows to begin. I so enjoy programs that help you become a better person :)

HOMEBOUND ~ Miss you on CE-er's Hope all is going well with you today!

Take Care everyone...
God Bless!

Young Grasshopper
09-06-2003, 01:19 AM
Hi All!

Sorry again about the mix up. I even went out and bought VHS tapes at midnight to tape it :lol:

I remember that series from Oprah. Still have it on tape I think. What really got me is that I watched it, it clicked, then it didn't and then I was kicking myself when they did the follow ups. You know ...."if I'd only started"....type deal.

RB: What you said about eating to cope with anger rang a bell here. Had an awful day today....family fighting and all I really wanted to do was eat carbs. Sitting here with a bag of chocolate now. I know it's not making me emotionally feel better but it's numbing me. Not good.

Hmmmmm, aren't I Mary Sunshine today?! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have to go find a dress for a formal wedding....eek!

Deb :)

09-06-2003, 10:35 AM
FYI - I got my October Oprah magazine in the mail, and it has an exerpt from Dr. Phil's new book in it.

I haven't had time to read it yet, but thought I'd share this info for those of you who would like to preview the plan before you buy the book. Or for those who don't want to invest in buying the book.


Rowan Bailey
09-06-2003, 12:32 PM
Hey Deb!
What I am learning is that I have developed undesirable coping mechanisms to deal with my feelings of anger, rejection/accpetance and disappointment.

When I was younger, I was the perfect child -- and my parents made me feel that if I got angry that I was "bad". Therefore whenever I got angry, I was too afraid to express my anger, I had to suppress it.....depression is anger suppressed and how I eventually made myself feel better was to eat...or medicate with food.

Through years of therapy, and most recently the loss of my father I just realized that through my grieving process I was not able to be angry without triggering a food binge. So now, my commitment is to not only stick to an eating plan that works for my body and when I get angry to NOT eat......and I literally go insane....I say things that I don't mean, I yell and I really just want to jump out and down and scream (although I don't do that ---just a fantasy!!). My therpist says just "be with the feelings and don't fix it" frankly I want to bash her face in at that moment. But once I have taken the hours to breathe through that time I do get clarity, I love my therapist again and I am more relaxed overall.

Frankly, my friends are great and they are just so happy that I am getting angry...they say I should have been getting angry for years. They just think its cute...I am very lucky.

It is such a personal journey, but I can tell you that for me, a weight/scale/appearace goal oriented gal, walking myself through being angry and not eating is truly the greatest accomplishment.

And I really know that all of the years of listening to Oprah and Dr. Phil have contributed to my personal growth, I am very excited to read his new book.

Young Grasshopper
09-07-2003, 12:28 AM
Hi All!

RB: Good for you! I haven't been able to tap that anger yet. Just seems like it would overwhelm me...little afraid to be honest. Remember a friend asking me that once....I'd just broken off a 5 year relationship and I seemed okay. Said I was okay. Thought I was okay. My friend said to me, "With all the reasons you just gave for breaking off the relationship (he was a real jerk) where is all the anger? What did you do with it?" That question dumbfounded me.

Jana: Thanks for the heads up on the Oprah Magazine. Will go check it out!

Don't know if you guys know this but you can print off a weight chart from the home page of 3FC....pretty good way to keep track of stuff.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


09-08-2003, 01:37 PM
Wondering if Wal-Mart will have the book?...or will we have to go to Barnes & Noble?...does anyone happen to know?.. I hope Wal-Mart has it!..They usually have all of Oprah's Club books.

09-08-2003, 01:44 PM
SKINNY ~ I bet that Wal-Mart will have the book, I agree they usually do. If not... Sam's Club usually does or you can go to Amazon.com. I get my books within 2 - 3 days after I order them there (right to your door!) - they are so fast!! I love Amazon.com ;) Best of Luck! I am cheering you on! :cb:

"Goooooo Skinny!" :cp:

09-08-2003, 01:52 PM
I think I'll buy the cassette tape. I have a tape player with headphones, and I could also listen while driving in my car.

Does anyone know if the authors always read the books in these tapes? I think actually listening to Dr. Phil tell me to get off my a** and get real will be the most affective for me. Like he's personally talking to me. That would be the "ultimate" weightloss strategy!:lol:

One more day to go! I'm sure it will be in almost all the stores.


Young Grasshopper
09-08-2003, 06:54 PM
Hi All!

Think we might need to start a new thread...this one is getting pretty long! (which is a great thing!). Okay, has anyone found when the heck he's supposed to be on? Think he premiere's the challenge on friday but not sure...still wondering when the two hour thing is with Katie Kuric.

Does his book come with a workbook? Not sure if I'm going to buy it or not.


09-08-2003, 10:32 PM
Hey Guys- Sorry I havent posted in a few days was out of town....

Some people spoke of the series of shows that he had on Oprah a few years ago.... I took notes and had posted them recently on the other thread.... I will copy them here for everyone to get a preview.....

Here is what I wrote down about Dr Pihl's Weight Lose philosphy... this is from an Oprah show that he was on back in June 2001..... (I have a motivational journal where I write all the things that is going to make me do this.... OK I am anal retentive... lol)


****You are overweight because you set yourself up to be...
****You may have a fear of NOT Failing... Of being thin and then having no excuses....
****Being overweight is unnatural.... You have to work at being overweight.....
****The key element in being overweightis your emotions.
****You have designed your life to be this way. (IE: Your emotions, your lifestyle, your eating choices, etc.)

#2 You cant change what you dont acknowledge.

****When do you use 7 abuse food???? Know this and you will be able to start to have control....
****Its not what you eat so much as why you eat.
****You have to get real about why you eat what you eat.
****What is your payoff for eating?
****You are eating for a reason.
****If you have a need you will find a way to fill it.

Until you get rid of the fear, until you get real with yourself, you will continue to feed the monster.


****You have to changeyour internal dialog. You have to acknowledge that what you say to yourself will effect you.
****Put the food down and go heal that disfigurement inside.
****If you are overweight that means that you are out of control. Being overweight is an unnatural state.
****The magic is you. There is something in you when you make a life decision.
****Visualize yourself as thin & Beautiful.
****Visualize yourself daily doing what needs to be done.

Dr Phils Five Step Strategy

#1 Set a Very Specific Goal.
****Remember that losing weight requires a change in thought and behavior so set goals for your emotions and weight.
****Dont set vague goals. How much do you want to weigh? How do you want to feel? Visualize all of this.
****Use this visualization to feel your commitment & inner strength.

#2 Work out a very specific strategy.
****Willpower doesnt work. To lose weight and keep it off you must have a plan of attack.
****Plan ahead. get rid of expandable clothes, stay away from fast food, keep healthy food in your pantry, etc.

#3 Identify small measuralbe steps.
****Implement steps that will fit your lifestyle, not somebody elses.
****Be sure to move toward a positive goal, not just away from being fat. Every step you take will bring you closer to being what you want to be.

#4 Create a healthy, realisitc timeline.
****Where do you see yourself in a month? 6 months? a year? Fit your goals to your calender & Stick to it.
****Dont expect to see huge results overnight - take time to change your lifestyle.

#5 Create a meaningful monitoring and accountability.
****If you know you have to report to someone you are more likely to stick to it.
****Go public with someone you trust.


Do you keep alot of junk food around?
Is there no alloted time for working out?
Is your clothing expandable so that you can grow into them?

Ok I probably just summed up his whole book and he is going to hate me.... I am sure there will be alot more than just this.... These notes of mine came from a series of Oprah shows that he did for a few weeks one a week.....

It is going to be a great book and I think if you read the book with an open mind and actually do the things he recommends to find the emotional aspects of it all (and not just right the notes like I have so far) I think this will work for so many.....

He is apparently also going to focus on this alot this season on his show.... Supposedly there is an 80% success rate for those who truly follow his program.....

I dont know if he is going to have specific eating or exercise programs... it should be interesting....

I just wanted to also say thank you for bringing this up and reminding me I had these notes.... I am going to go look at them again.... and start trying to figure this out....

09-08-2003, 10:39 PM
Here is some info on the show we have all been looking for....

NBC News chews the fat with Dr. Phil McGraw


In an exclusive interview, live forum discussion and weeklong series, NBC News will chew the fat with self-help guru and talk show host, Dr. Phil McGraw about the components and lessons revealed in his soon-to-be-released book, “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.” Beginning on Friday, September 12th at 8 PM ET in “A Katie Couric Special,” Couric will sit down with Dr. Phil in an exclusive one-hour interview. The second part of the broadcast will consist of a one-hour forum discussion with a live studio audience about the issues surrounding weight. The following week on “Today” Dr. Phil will appear daily as part of a week-long series during which he will work with a “Today” viewer on their quest for weight loss.
The September 12th broadcast will examine obesity and address why the United States leads the world in this alarming epidemic. Couric will talk to McGraw about the personal reasons that led to his involvement in this particular issue. It will also feature people who struggle with weight problems, and McGraw will use them as an example to explain his plan to viewers across America.
In the second part of the special McGraw will use his familiar “no-nonsense” approach to talk with a live audience at New York City’s South Street Seaport about why dieting doesn’t work, the roles that family and the media play in how and what we eat and the differences in men and women when it comes to weight. McGraw will share his plan with the audience and viewers at home on what they can do to stop instinct eating, clean out their refrigerator and get rid of those “fat clothes.”
The special will also include an interactive quiz for viewers at home. Based on McGraw’s ‘Readiness Profile,’ ten questions will run throughout the live portion of show, and on NBC’s website (www.dateline.msnbc.com) which, according to McGraw will tell viewers how committed they are, and ready they are, to tackle their weight problems.
In addition, millions of radio listeners will have an opportunity to hear the special report on NBC News Radio, a joint venture with Westwood One, in selected markets on Friday, September 12th (please check local listings for times.)
During the weeklong series on “Today” McGraw will meet viewers who are struggling with their weight and could benefit from his plan. Each day a different viewer will appear on “Today” to sit down with McGraw and discuss their individual battle with their weight and try to develop a plan going forward. Each viewer introduced will be monitored by McGraw to see whether they could make the lifestyle change.
In McGraw’s new release, “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom,” he offers his philosophies about the no-nonsense, no-gimmicky way to weight loss success. He outlines them in “seven keys” that will offer people the tools it will take to “get real” and lose the weight.

09-08-2003, 10:49 PM
Thank-you so much Angel! The information you have posted is absolutely wonderful and very helpful. And it's nice to know when the special show is going to be aired --- Thanks so much! You have more then made-up for your days out of town ;)

We are on our way to a better & new day.
God Bless!

Young Grasshopper
09-09-2003, 01:09 AM
Thanks Angel! Don' t know about you but wish I had a cut of what he's going to make off this book! :lol: Got to go get more vcr tapes! Think I'm going to print off Angel's notes and work on them in my journal.


09-09-2003, 05:33 PM
Deb- Be my guest with all those notes.... I hope they help you....

Well USA Today had a story on the book... let me check there web site and see if they have a story there


I dont know if this is the exact story but yall might be interested....

Well I bought the book today and am excited!!!!

What about making a little book club thread about this book and what we learn and think about the different chapters.... where we could bounce our thoughts and ideas off each other?

09-09-2003, 08:20 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

Just curious....on what date does the series of Dr. Phil's own shows on weight loss start?
I have seen the ads but missed the date. Where I live his shows start at 5 p.m. and I don't get home until 6ish. I would like to tape the shows if I could.

Also in the latest monthly magazine from Costco (in Canada anyway-not sure if you get the same things in the States) there is an ad for some of the books they are getting in and I saw
Dr. Phil's book in the ad so I am assuming that Costco will be carrying it once it is released.

09-09-2003, 08:24 PM
Hey Mauv- Dr Phils New shows start next monday 9/15.... also there is a 2 hour special friday night with Katie Couric (I am not sure if you get NBC in Canada)...

The book was released today and it should be at Costco and everywhere for that matter.

I went to find the October Oprah Magazine today and it wasnt out at the store.... there is supposed to be an article there also....

09-09-2003, 08:35 PM
Wow! Thanks for the quick repy Angel! :) Yes we do get NBC up here- I will try to tape that show too.

Will the Dr. Phil show be about weight loss for the entire week or is it going to be only every Monday over a period of time?

I will keep an eye out for the new Oprah mag too.

09-10-2003, 01:23 AM
Hello people, I just wanted to comment on all the hubbub over Dr. Phil, especially when I saw the opposition from some of you, which was something I was very glad to see.

I had just mentioned elsewhere that I do not take well to Dr. Phil's approach. My sister had sent me one of his books earlier and I think it may have done more to keep me doing whatever I was doing or not doing than if I hadn't read it. The reason for this was his know-it-all attitude. His statements are often thrown out there as if they were absolute truths and I'm saying to many of them, "No, that isn't true!" Now, I realize that much of what he says is true for many people and that is undoubtedly the reason for his success and popularity. But, his opinions are simply that, opinions, not absolutes, not facts. It does bother me that he is being held up as an authority when he is not at all. An authority would not spout absolutisms. He or she would have a much more diverse, more all-encompassing view of things and his or her advice would reflect that. It bothers me more, however, that many people with issues, problems, are, because of the usually present lack of confidence, esteem, belief in themselves extremely vulnerable to this approach, vulnerable although it may not help them, and may hurt them. They are far more likely than most to buy into ideas when presented in an all-knowing manner. Yes, I agree, he surely has done a lot for many people. But preaching as if there was no other way, no other possibilities, no other realities, can also cause or fuel a lot of problems for many people. Many overweight people, or those with other problems, WANT to believe they are the problem, when that is NOT necessarily the case. It's those people I worry about.

What very much annoys me about his approach (and I admit I have not been exposed to the talk shows but I have read two of his books and now seeing Angel's notes see it's the same with the weight loss book). All these cliches, pop psych garble, such as "You either get it or you don't" are borderline abuse. No, I'm sorry, the human pysche is not a simple one plus one equation. It's not a matter of "either getting it or not." This kind of thinking is what brings about intolerance in the world and intolerance of others. Excuse me, but what is all this about being thin AND beautiful? What about chubby and beautiful, magnificently overweight and beautiful?! Yes, OK, there are health issues and I think the best reason for maintaining a healthy weight is to become healthy but health does not stop when bodyfat levels reach a certain percentage. Sadly, the idea of beautiful, in today's culture's very narrow view of things, does. This is what I hear from Dr. Phil and it angers me. He is adding to people's thinking poorly of themselves, wanting to gauge their value by their fat levels. He is actually adding to the images in the magazines. He is adding to the guilt felt by many who don't look like those images and a lot of his popularity is due to this I'm afraid. Why do so many people stay in abusive relationships? Because you return, you seek what you know. You seek what is familiar, EVEN if it's not good for you.

I could go down that list Angel posted and refute practically everything he has said. What he said is NOT wrong, meaning it IS a possibility, but everything he says could also NOT be the case. My God, people eat for many reasons, and some of them are very beautiful reasons, what is all this about "feeding the monster" and "getting real" -- negative terminology about something that is not necessarily ugly. "Real," what is real? What is his reality? Do I have to make it my own? Willpower doesn't work? You need a strategy? What do you think implementing a strategy takes? The will to do it. That's what willpower is. Being overweight is unnatural? Oh, come on. What is more natural than the body putting on fat when more calories are consumed than expended? What is natural about today's lifestyles? What is natural about sitting in a car or in front of a computer or TV for hours at a time? Heh, I don't need to work at it, believe me! Heal the disfigurement inside you? Now this is really arrogant! Excuse me, disfigurement? He could do so well as to have a fraction of the beauty that is in many overweight people. Much of their problems, if they are eating from pain, is pain that has come from the OUTSIDE, from the disfigurement of our society, our culture. The beginning to healing is to accept that they are OK inside, not disfigured.

OK, I better stop here. I DO think many people can benefit from a strong, in-you-face, bootcamp approach to things. Many people do need a good kick in the butt. But many don't and my heart goes out to them. Where is the gentleness for which they hunger? It's certainly not in the words of Dr. Phil!

09-10-2003, 11:16 AM
Red Ballon...although I do like Dr. Phil...I can see your point/view in some cases. I felt like you were rallying for me...the 380 lb overweight person who happens to have thyroid issues as well as insulin restistance and child abuse issues from age 5...


That is my problem....I guess sometimes we/I want to be healed or helped ...what ever I call it...because I do feel broken!!!!!..and I do feel like he may/can help? You are looking for guidance when you are in my weight range..and you try... and you try to get the junk out of your head..and you are dealing with physical pain EVERYDAY...and you have to push yourself..push yourself...not to be the overweight person who just sits on the coach..NO!..you push thru the pain and you live life..but sometimes you get so darn tired of pushing thru the pain..that you are always looking for that one thing/book/person who will say what it takes to click...and I know that I have the power inside of myself for it to click...but sometimes we need a little help making that voice inside us "WAKE UP"!...Thank-you for making me think beyond my sometimes distorted view of myself!:) Except that I am ok inside and not disfigured..100 times.

09-10-2003, 01:37 PM
Quote from Dr Phil's new Book (Page 29).......

"Psychologally, though, your get real weight has little to do with numbers on a scale or other device. It means:

*You like your body and live in it with pride.
*You are happy and truly at peache with your size.
*You accept you God-given uniqueness.
*You treat your body with respect, care, and love.
*You like what you see in the mirror everyday.
*You focus your attention on living well, rather that looking good.

So, lovingly accept yourself, your natural body frame, your height, your bone structure, your entire genetic makeup- and set your sights on goals that match these factual realities, goals that you can realistically achieve........ "

Hey Red- Good to see you over here and I always love your views and opinions...

With Dr Phil - I dont think he is for everyone.... although I dont think any one thing or one person is for everyone.... With Dr Phil his approach is an "in your face" "be responsible for yourself" "no one can change you but you" type of guy..... Is he always right? I dont think so.... I think that everyone has to take everything that anyone says and ask themselves "Does this work or apply to me????" For me sometimes I need the "Kick in the Face".... Sometimes I am in so much denial that having someone put it in front of me and making me look at it is what I need.....

Dr Phil doesnt think everyone can or should be a perfect size 6..... he does discuss the actual medical stuff also.... he does admit that there are few people with a condition and he advises people to get checked out so that they now whether it is thyroid or if that is just a great excuse......

He believes in people living within the bounds of the heredity.... if you are a 5'2" girl with big bones and big boobs and everyone in your family looks like this then you will probably never be healthy at 109# (like the weight charts start at).....

I think you had alot of valid points Red and I agree with you in alot of ways.....

I am someone that is always looking for something to make me think about things..... and if he makes me think about my weight and the emotional baggage I carry then I appreciate that...... Do I think he can fix everything that is wrong with me? Doubt it.... but if he can get me to look at one thing that is beneficial to me then I think the $15 was well worth it....

Also - most of the information that he gives is a common sense approach that even the American Medical Association says is good...

Have a great day everyone..... I do love all the discussion back and forth.... it means we have incredibly intelligent women with great insights and opinions...... YEAH!!!!

09-10-2003, 04:22 PM
Angel26, Thanks for the further quotes from the book and thanks for your kind words. Honestly, I don't think this makes it any better though to have learned this. In fact, this sounds like mere lip service. You (He) CANNOT be saying such contradictory things. If you delve deeper into the effect such contradiction will have on people you will recognize that one is highly unlikely to come away with a feeling of empowerment and love and acceptance for yourself, NOT if you really take the everything he's saying to heart.

These are the kinds of contradictions that people live with ALL the time and what has probably caused so much of the emotional confusion surrounding weight issues and issues of self-esteem etc. It's the kind of confusion that leaves people frustrated and feeling powerless.

It looks very much to me, unfortunately that here is someone trying to cover all the bases for his own interests, not those of the people who most need help.

Heh, but I'm not out to crucify the man. As I said before many people have been helped by his words. If we can get even some good out of something then perhaps the danger that some of it may be detrimental to us is worth it. Nobody, in reality, takes EVERYTHING to heart anyway. I'm just trying to point out the pitfalls and the inadequacies of his presentation. Everybody has to find what works for him or her. :)

Heh, Skinny4baby, Thanks for writing. I'm glad if I helped expand your thinking and I hope you find (learn to access) the power that IS within to heal the hurt that has been done you. That's what strength is largely about. Finding, no mobilizing, the power in you to reach a helping hand toward yourself despite what has happened in your life and what things you have had to and are dealing with. It takes a lot of courage. But courage is what is BORN of fear not what is there despite it. Power to you, Skinny! :strong:

09-10-2003, 05:41 PM
I am currently reading the book and am honestly not finding any contradictions as of yet..... I do feel empowered and lifted by this book though... it is making me think about things which is what I want from a book.....

Mind you if you are reading the notes that I took from his shows in the past I wrote notes that were things that he said that affected me or made me think.... maybe I was paying attention to the Harsher things that I needed to hear.....

Maybe just keep an open mind and take a look at the book if you would like.... I think that anything that will get me to the next level is what I need.... also I am always reading and looking at everything all the time.....

I am the one that has read Jorge Cruise, Jim karas, Bill Phillips, Adkins, Agatston, Bob Greene, etc...... I am constantly looking to expand my horizons.... and I may learn something from each one of these....

I also use common sense........ if someone tells me that all I have to do to lose 75#s in a day is stand on my head - I dont actually believe.... now I may try it but I know that it isnt going to work.... LOL

Have a great day everyone!

09-10-2003, 06:16 PM
Redballon.....you made me:cry: :cry: :cry: !!...In a good way. Courage is born of FEAR not what is there despite it. You are one of the BEST if not the BEST writers on this forum.

I would absolutely LOVE if you could suggest some books/readings that you have read or know of that would be beneficial to people dealing with weight loss issues/abuse/self-esteem issues. Come on now...I know you have some suggestions; at least your top two maybe. I was not at all surprised to see what your occupation is!....

Waiting for your book! ....redballon:)

09-10-2003, 09:04 PM
Dr. Phil has his fans and his detractors. I like his straightforward style and the fact that he won't let people make excuses for themselves. What he says is basically common sense but that is something a lot of people seem to lack these days.
He is basically not telling you anything you don't know, but telling you something you weren't listening to yourself about.

Just my take on things :) I will be taping his show and checking out his book.

09-10-2003, 09:34 PM
I agree, mauvaisroux. Dr. Phil makes a lot of sense to me as well. His straight forward, no nonsense approach is just what a lot of people need, and not just with the whole weightloss thing.

I think you have to be very courages to go on his show and to be prepared to hear things you may not want to hear. To parents with out of control teens to people who are in debt up to their eyeballs. Sometimes it takes a man like Dr. Phil to say "are you just that stupid?" He doesn't sugarcoat and tip toe around the obvious. I may not agree with him all of the time, but that's ok. He tells it like it is, no holds barred, and a lot of people out there, including me, appreciate the honesty. Some people ARE just that stupid, and need to see themselves for who they are and what they've made of their lives. Pretty or not. And you know what? If the guests of his show didn't want to get a dose of Dr. Phil, they wouldn't have chosen to go on the show in the first place.

I enjoy watching Dr. Phil, and I will continue to tune in everyday until otherwise. If I was someone who didn't appreciate his points of view or thought he was an all around jerk, I would change the channel. Dr. Phil has continued to touch me in a way no other person has, and I could care less if he was only out to make a buck or two. I wouldn't work for free either. He makes a lot of money because he is just that good. IMHO.


09-10-2003, 09:50 PM
When he did that challenge on Oprah -I think is was called Get Real or something like that- the one where he had a group of people stay in the same hotel and everyday they had to meet and talk about themselves and open up and do those one on one and group exercises was amazing. He really seemed to help those people and get them to face themselves and breakdown their barriers. Each episode made me cry for someone on the show because of what had happened to them in the past, and I am not someone who cries easily not even at weddings :lol:

I am not caring whether he is in it for the money or not, if he does help people then great. All you have to do is check out the local Chapters to find books about nothing - diet, exercise, relationships,religion, philosophy, moneymaking, and self help- to find any number of people that are just writing to make money and spewing useless, trite (sometimes dangerous) information. Granted some people do want to help save the world but with the glut of information out there it is hard to sort out the good from the bad.

I take everything with a grain of salt and decide for myself what I want to do.

09-11-2003, 10:37 AM
I realize he is making money on this (although I have read somewhere where the proceeds to the book and a few other things he is doing is going to fight childhood obesity...) but I do believe he has a passion about this.... in reading the first chapter of this book he dealt with obese people in his private practice for over 30 years (before tv and being famous)..... his father died from obesoty related heart problems.... so I do think there other motivating factors besides money............but I have to say that even though I have a passion for what i do for a living I wouldnt want to do it for free either..... he has spent years getting the education, training, practice, etc. to get his expertise... I havent gotten that training so yeah he should be paid for it.....

I believe his book is common sense stuff that I may know alot of but when he puts it the way he puts it - it clicks.... lights go on...

I am enjoying the book.... it is making me think.... that is what I want.... he is making no miracle promises.... he has said that it si hard work..... at least he is honest..... how many other diet gurus out there can you say the same for????

Also he had his book reviewed and edited by the American Heart Association, American Medical Association and several other very reliable health professionals....

I dont think he is for everyone.... i like what he has to say to me...

Young Grasshopper
09-12-2003, 12:54 AM
DON'T POST HERE! Started a new thread! Figured we need it once the Dr. Phil Special airs friday night!