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08-27-2003, 08:33 PM
Welcome to SAHM's a thread full of laughter and encouragement as we try to maintain a household and lose weight. All new posters feel free to jump right in and all regulars also. Have a great OP day!

08-27-2003, 08:47 PM
Wow everyone had alot to say in that last thread! I love it!

Karen the diet they gave me is just a low sodium and low sugar diet. It's really to help me get out of eating all this sugar. She seems to think that's where my weight is coming from and the size of the baby. I guess I'm really packing on the #'s. Hope your not to sore tomorrow. Oh I remember doing that. I actually miss it!

Spryng, does it allow you a "free" day on the adkins after you've done so many weeks? You totally deserve it girl. Have a great night out and enjoy yourself with Dh before he goes. How's Tanner resting? Hope he's letting you get some rest too.

Jen, I'm kinda with you on the adkins. Some ppl do so well with it and I admire their strength. But it's really not for me. And the putting my body into a ketosis state scares me. I hope you do great with your plan your working on. I know how frustating it can be to have to buy new "fat" clothes. I need to buy new fat maturnity clothes!

08-27-2003, 08:48 PM
oops! got cut off... I'll bbl to finish that post!

08-27-2003, 10:49 PM
I'm back!
Ricci glad you could pop in for a sec. Hope you are enjoying the vacation days with your Dh.

Well I did it. No refined sugar and I did pretty good avoiding the sodium soday! And I feel great. I was staying so swelled from the salt. It's amazing. I can actually see my ankles! Even tho I was so unwilling to follow this plan. I'm glad I am. I can tell a world of difference. It didn't even seem like I craved things as bad as I usually do.
Well I've had a pretty busy day I'm off to bed. Nighters

08-27-2003, 11:52 PM
Good evening all!
I understand completely that some are leery of atkins and aren't interested in it.. and I am fine with that. I agree that with low fat or low cal or just good food choices and portion control is the best way to go... but for me it wasn't working. I needed something more specific to stick to and get results. I get lazy on low fat or low cal diets and eat too much... whereas on this diet I can't over eat protein at all... and I am always satisfied. But no one needs to think I will be offended if you aren't in to atkins too... :) I'm perfectly fine with it :)
Misty, I'm glad you are doing the low sodium and low sugar... it will really help keep that baby from being huge. Of course I got HUGE with Tanner and everyone... including my midwife thought he was going to be 9+ lbs and she told me to stop eating sugar and lower my carbs and increase my protein to keep him from getting too big... and I didn't change anything and lo and behold! He was only 7 lbs on the dot. So maybe they are wrong about your baby's weight too. What did your other two weigh?
My day has went well. I had taco roll ups for dinner and I just had three slices of pepper jack cheese rolled up in chicken lunch meat for a snack. It hit the spot. What did you have tonight Karen? You are doing so well on your exercise too. i really need to start mine again soon.
Well, I'm off to bed. Have a great night all!

08-28-2003, 09:50 AM
Hi girls.........

Just a little note before I try to sneak a snooze in (I worked last night). I am glad I didn't offend you Spryng. The bottom line is that whatever plan motivates an individual to get to a healthy weight is the RIGHT plan, as long as it's not harmful (i.e. anorexia/bullemia). I am so glad you are doing so well, and that's all that counts. :)

Misty, I gotta agree with Spryng and think that guestimating a baby's weight before he/she is born is just not an exact science. Ultrasounds can be off up to a pound or more in either direction.... there is just only so much they can tell. My middle on was my smallest baby (7lb 6oz) but they thought he would be huge. And my third was predicted to be "average" and he weighe 8lbs..... 3 weeks early!!!!! What's important is that you stay healthy and feel well. If the salt was causing you to become edemenous (swollen) then it is probably good that you cut back. And I, too, had large weight gains in the middle of my pregnancies. Losses in the beginning, huge gains in the middle (9lbs one month, 8lbs another, etc) and virtually no gains towards the end. Everyone is different. I think you should try not to worry too much about it, as long as you're in a healthy range. You will have plenty of time to worry about your weight AFTER the babe is born! :lol:

Karen, I need to try to gleam some exercising inspiration from you.... you are a machine!!!! I'm glad you are feeling so well since your surgery. I need to get myself moving. It is very hard right now, but once the kiddos are back in school next week, I should have more time. Please remind me I said that, in case I have more excuses to offer next week! :D

OK, girls, gotta rest up..... kids have a big b'day party to attend this afternoon.... oh joy! At least it's not at my house this time! Have a great day. :)

08-28-2003, 09:52 AM
GM! Spryng I really believe you are doing fantastic on the adkins. It does seem like the diet for you. We've been around sahm's for good while and I've seen you go thru many diets and not get the results you need to keep you interested. I'm just so glad you are finding more variety this time and you have Karen to share ideas with. My babies were both just over 8#. Not to bad but big enough considering I'm not a very big person.
Oh yeah, I'm potty training too :| It's been really rough. Yesterday I ended up about pulling my hair out. And today hasn't started out much better. I did have a good breakfast tho :) Well I gotta get Dh's dinner packed.

08-28-2003, 10:52 AM
Good Morning all!
Boy Misty my heart is right there with you and the potty training. It's been over a week now with DS, and he is doing much much better. He still has to wear a pull up at night because he can't control his bladder while he's in bed yet... but at least it's progress. Yesterday we only had one accident all day long, so he' getting there. My dd was so much easier... she was completely potty trained in one week with no accidents after that at all. I knew my son would be more difficult... but yes wanting to pull your hair out can be an understatement... one day he went through 7 pairs of underwear!! Thank goodness it's summer and he can just run around the house in his underwear or I'd have tons of shorts and such to wash along with that. Are you using pull ups in the day or regular panties? I found that pull ups don't help much because they know they can go in them and not make a mess... they feel like a diaper to them. So I use only underwear from day one and pull ups at night to save their matresses. How old is the dd you are training? My dd trained at 2 1/2 yo, and my ds right now is 2 years and 8 months old... a little older than what my dd was but he wanted to do it. I would have let him wait longer but he came to me and wanted to go in the potty and not a potty chair... but the real thing. So I put him up there and he went both!! So I knew he was ready and started the next day. And here we are day 10 and he's getting much better at it. So good luck and remember... this too shall pass! :)
Well, I haven't been up long. Just got the kids some breakfast in them and now they are watching some cartoons so I thought I would sneak on here... Karen I did log all my food I ate yesterday into Fitday just because I was curious about my ratios too and it looks like my fat intake is far outweighing anything else I consume. I'm glad. I was worried I was eating more protein than anything else. And I about gasped when I saw how many cals I consumed... 1800!! that's alot in my mind. But I'm glad I don't have to worry about calories on this plan.
Today is DH's last day of trucking school. So bittersweet. Tomorrow is his graduation... he came out to be the top student in the class, making 100%'s on every exam and aceing his driving test... he'll be getting quite a few trophy's for it :) I'm proud of him. He's really enjoyed that experiance, now it's only 5 more days until he leaves... :(
Well I got to get Tanner fed now. talk to you all later!

08-28-2003, 12:54 PM
Jen - I am not offended at all! Infact, I am having a hard time adjusting to this way of eating myself. I was brought up on low fat, well rounded portions. It goes against everything I know and believe. But my main problem is that I have PCOS, and Insulin resistance, so low carb is the way I have to eat for the rest of my life. The thing about ketosis is that I wont be in it forever, just for a period of 3-6 months. Then I get to up my carbs a bit at a time until we find a maintanace point. most people run between 40 and 80 carbs a day although I will have to be on the lower side I am sure because of my intolerance to carbs. Veggies are my friends right now!! Fortunatly I love them anyway!

Spryng - How on earth do you get up to 1800 cals??? I would love to see one of your daily menus! I log in about 1200 most days. although yesterday I was at 1300 with 18 carbs. are you counting net carbs or all carbs? I started doing all carbs as I read a session yesterday with a nutritionist at Atkins that said they are having power sessions about makeing us include dietary fiber in the carb count again.. If I did net carbs it would have been only 9!

I am not too sore today! My legs were a bit stiff when I got up but not bad! One of the things about my exercise is that I am finding that it helps with the.. uh.. potty problem I have with this way of eating. The more I exercise the more I can go to the little girls room! At least that is what I am telling myself.

Also I keep thinking about my 20 year class reunion coming up. I want to start now and look my best then!! :) That is my goal in life! So exercise and Bon Jovi keep me going back to that treadmill or the gym!

Anyway.. I am off! Gotta get ready for my class tonight...

See ya all later! :):)

08-28-2003, 01:26 PM
Karen, why are they deciding to go back to regular carb count and not net carbs?? I love using net carbs... it gives me more things to eat. But you know... if I only counted regular carbs I'd probably lose weight faster... do you think? But I thought fiber doesn't digest and shouldn't be counted. Hmmm... can you direct me to info on this... I'm confused now. The reason my cals are so high is because meat has alot of cals in it and I eat a ton of meat a day. Pork chops for breakfast, chorizo is pretty high, ground beef... fried... etc... it adds up. I do get my veggies in though too. And as far as bathroom problems... I never had a problem with it. just as regular as always... I know.. TMI! lol, sorry. Well anyway.. can you tell me where that session was?
Got to go! TTYL

08-28-2003, 04:02 PM
you know what... maybe net carbs is the way to go.. this transcript was from 2000 and the newest information is 2002... but here is the transcript http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/chatranscript.shtml

08-28-2003, 05:50 PM
BAH! I'm having an awful day! My Dh left for the University after lunch and his beater for a car decided it would drop the front end. Well I was terrified. It just happened he could drive to the nearest car dealer and he finally traded it in. It kept me on pins and needles waiting for him to call and say he was alright. I hate the way he waits until the last minute to do things. And he refuses to drive one of our better vehicles because he swore that the beater got better gas milage. Shew!
Oh and my poor little Dd she's 2 and 6 mo. She goes insane when she has an accident. I feel so bad but I won't let her wear the pull ups during the day either. She plays and forgets then pees in them. I bought the cloth training pants but she still goes thru them. She seems ready. I mean she tells me when she goes sometimes after she goes. And she has interest in using the big potty and the potty chair. She's just the kinda kid that take her time doing things. I'm sure this isn't gonna be any different. Today its been so hot they have had to play inside and she has had so many accidents. AH! It's so hard to stay patient with her.
Oh and then I ate corn chips :( Stress eating. Geesh. My ankles have disappeared again and I have the worst taste in my mouth. I look like I have collagen implants in my lips too. Isn't it strange how salt can affect the body?
Well I've vented enough. Hope everyone is staying OP!

08-29-2003, 12:34 AM
Good evening all!
Well we are admist a huge thunderstorm right now... hopefully the electric doesn't go out. :) But anyway... just wanted to say hello.
Misty- sorry to hear about the car trouble and potty accidents. My only advice would be to take her in there every 30 minutes and sit her on the potty and see if she goes and ask constantly. That's what has been working with ds, and now he goes in there all by himself and goes! He hasn't had any accidents today, hoorah!! Hopefully you can get your little one trained completely before your new one arrives... it's tough having two is diapers at the same time. I did it with dd and ds because they are only 11 months apart... and then some now with both ds's but thankfully only one is in diapers now.
Karen... I have a confession to make. I'm getting tired of atkins. I still am cheat free and will remain that way until I'm done but I'm really thinking about switching back to low calorie. That is what got me to 10 lbs shy of my goal weight last time. I just had a rough day today eating. Every time I ate I cringed at my food even though it was all good. I'm getting burned out on meat....plus I am still bleeding and I read that ketosis can contribute to lengthy periods... but 21 days???! I'm tired of it. I feel so bad even saying anything because I know you are doing so well and it was nice to have someone to do this with here... ugh. I'm sorry. I'm still kicking it around. If I do switch it won't be until monday. Please don't feel like I am abandoning you... because I'm not. I'm just getting burned out and really starting to miss my breads and pastas. And I can't afford all those atkins products... too expensive. I'm actually thinking about joining WW online next month. I'm going to look into it tonight.
Well, it's been a long day.. Dh graduation is at 9 am so I need to get in bed. talk to you all tomorrow! :)

08-29-2003, 09:44 AM
Well, I have goen 2 full days OP! :D I know, it's not huge, but it's a start. Yesterday, the kids attended a birthday party. Well, I had eaten very lightly during the day because I wanted to save calories for a nice spaghetti and meatball dinner with dh. I went to the party and there was popcorn and chex mix and pretzels and pizza and cake and ice cream........... and I ate NOTHING!!!!! Not one pretzel, not a bit of pizza or even a lick of the cake frosting! I drank 3 bottles of water instead (60 oz)!!!! It was hard, but I was so proud of myself. Then I came home and had a fabo meal........ it was soooooo good!!! I really wanted something sweet afterward, so I had 1/2 cup of homemade ice cream (icemilk, really) and that satisfied it and I ended up the day well-within my calorie range. :D

Today, I am taking the kids to the beach for the day, so I will need to plan out my eating a bit so I don't get super hungry and end up eatinig a hot dog or pizza or something. I have some Luna bars, and some low carb protein shakes, so I will take one of each, along with some healthy food, and I should be ok. Of course, lots of water, too. :)

Misty, so sorry about your car troubles. But it did crack me up that your dh could drive his "beater" right to the dealership to trade it in! What did he get? I am right with you and Spryng on the potty training, too. My little guy will be 3 in November and boy is he stubborn! He will spend all day in his bathing suit and not have any accidents, but he won't go on the potty!!!! He holds it til he gets a diaper on. Or, he will stick his little weenie out the bottom of the suit and pee on the floor!:o This infuriates my dh, but I find it kind of humorous. It's all about control, and he is very stubborn. I know it won't be long before he's pottying like a pro.

Spryng, I'm sorry you're so down about your WOE. Maybe it's time for a switch. You've gotten yourself off to a great start. I think you can make a switch and keep on losing. You seem to have great motivation, so I know you'll do well, no matter what. And congrats to dh on his success!

Karen, hope you are well today, too. :)

K girls.... I'm off to the beach........ have a great day! :)

08-29-2003, 09:45 AM
Well today is a new day and I have a better outlook. I think alot of my emotions is this pregancy and being stuck inside all day. Oh how I wish spring would hurry and get here.
With Dd I try to take her to the potty often and remind her constantly but alot of the time she says no and makes it clear she's not going. I just don't want to make her sit on the potty and tramatize her. She's just like her daddy and takes her good sweet time to do things.
Spryng I'm sorry to hear you are getting tired of the adkins. I know it must be hard. And I feel so bad for you and the period. I really sympathize with you. I wanted to drop over when mine went for a month while I tried the patch. It totally drains you . Then with a new baby getting up all hours, I'm sure you are really worn out. Carbs are what you body uses to make energy too... so it seems like a triple whammy to me. We support you what ever you decide. Hope you are having a great time at your Dh's graduation. I know you are so proud of him.

Well we let everyone off for the holiday and gave them all a 4 day weekend. I'm so glad! I might sneak outside in my giant swim suit to get some sun. Maybe that will lift my spirit some. I've really missed getting out and playing with the kids this summer. Hope you all have a great op day!!

08-29-2003, 11:21 AM
Good morning.
Just popped in for a minute. I am about to get the same storms that spryng got this morning, and its supposed to storm all day. We need the rain though. Sounds like everyone is doing great today. I am trying to potty train my ds also. He is very stubborn about it. Ive tried the underwear during the day, but he just treats them like a diaper, and it being wet doesn't faze him at all. I am making him go to the bathroom every 30-45 minutes, and that doesn't seem to be helping either. It's frustrating, because I know he can do it. Even watching big brother go doesn't help him.
Sounds like everyone is doing good OP. Keep it up. I actually had to force myself to exercise today. Must be the overcast sky that makes me feel lazy. But I did it. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.

08-29-2003, 07:54 PM
Hi gang.... quiet today, huh?

Misty, glad you are feeling better today. Hope you got some sun.... sometimes just a bit of fresh air can change your whole outlook. Hope the PT (potty training) went well today, too. My ds spent 6 hours in his bathing suit at the beach, never pottied, then filled his diaper the SECOND he got it on.:devil:

Spryng, hope the graduation went well. Check in, when you can.

Ricci, thanks for checking in. Good for you for working out, even when you didn't feel like it. I could take a lesson from you!

Well, I had another great day! I planned out my eating and stuck to it, and didn't even sneak one fry off the kids plates at the beach! :D I will have a late dinner at work and I already logged it into Fitday, so I will come in within my calorie range, again.

Well, I gotta snooze a bit before I work tonight. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. :)

08-29-2003, 08:03 PM
I just have a minute, but I wanted to check in! I went to the gym and then had to spend 4 hours working on the kid's school website getting class lists up! What a pain! But that is done now! Time to think toward dinner.

Spryng - You are doing so well!! You really want to give it up? I'll be fine no matter what you do... but really think about it! :) I really dont miss the pasta and such.. but then again, I know what they do to me.

I better run and start dinner. Be back tmo!

08-30-2003, 09:36 AM
Jen for the past few days we were both posting at the same time. I finally got to read your posts! My Gf's son use to do that with the diaper! She would get so frustrated with him. But once he got the idea he NEVER had an accident on himself. I had a great day with the kids. It was exactly what I needed. Even tho I couldn't get down in the sand and the pool it was great to sit out. I even managed to get some sun. Sounds like you are doing really great on your plan. WTG on 3 days OP! Keep up the good work!
Wow karen! 4 hrs on a website! My momma can go for hrs doing things like that she loves it. Not me. I go cross eyed in minutes! That's great you are getting your time in at the gym too.
Spryng, hope you are enjoying sometime with Dh before he goes :)
Ricci, sorry you are going thru the frustration of PT too. How old is your Ds? Good luck to you too.
I'm doing pretty good. I think the girls and I are gonna go shopping today. It looks like its going to rain. So HOpe you all have a Great OP weekend!!

08-30-2003, 12:18 PM
Good morning all!

Dh Is gone for the day with the Miata Club Gang so the kids and I are planning a lazy day around home! I do need to get to the store though!

I am still planning to get on the treadmill later today. I am feeling kind of bloated today. Had one glass of white wine last night (only 1.4 carbs) but it was enough to knock me out! LOL. And I know that wine made me bloated today. LOTS of Water in the menu!

All you gals potty training. I am so glad that I am through that phase! DS was so easy. He was 2 1/2 and he was completely trained in 1 week (even night trained!) he rarely had an accident after that.. maybe once every 3 or 4 months. DD on the other hand... She was pulling her diaper off at 18 months and "playing" with it. I started potty training on her 2nd birthday and it took 4 months to get her pee pee trained and a full year to get her to poop on the potty. What a nightmare!! But the good news is that she NEVER had an accident since and we are in our 3rd year now!!

Well, Time to run and make break fast! Have a good day everyone!! :)

08-31-2003, 09:43 AM
GM! Oh karen I wish my Dd would train in 1 week! My oldest Dd was so quick to catch on. She was 2 when we started and did it in a wink. Dd #2 is just gonna be alittle more difficult.
Hope you got your time in on the tredmill and enjoyed your lazy evening.

We had a quiet Satuarday. Hoss worked on the house during the day and in the evening we took the girls ridding out to a friends hunting camp. I didn't ride tho I walked. It was a nice little hike. My legs are alittle sore today. I just couldn't resist. It felt great to get out and the tempature was just right.
So now I'm trying to get myself motivated for church. I think everyone is already but me. So guess I had better scoot!

08-31-2003, 10:05 AM
Just like the wart on your finger that keeps comin' back...........I'm back!!!!!!!!:lol:
No time for a long post.....or even to read the rest of the thread. I did skim- a real quicko skim the other thread- so Congrats to Melissa!!!! Myra is just beautiful. And I hope you are feeling good- takes a while after a section I hear. Big hugs!

I missed everyone of you- and actually thought of how I could sneak away to a computer. The vacation was good- weather HOT (and everyone knows how I love hot weather:dizzy: ). But I did miss this place and your smiling faces.
Gotta go- see ya later!!!!!!

08-31-2003, 01:00 PM
Good morning all!
Ginny! I am so glad you are back! How was your trip, besides hot?
Well DH's graduation on friday went great. He is now a certified lisenced truck driver. His dad, who has been a truck driver for all his life and now operates his own dump truck business was so very proud of him.
He leaves this tuesday for 6 weeks. And about my diet... well... I gave it alot of thought and decided after my WI on saturday to go ahead and change to low cal. I didn't lose anything this week and I did so good on atkins so I thought a change would be nice for a few weeks and then I can switch back if I feel I need to later. So right now I am doing low calorie but I'm hoping to join WW in the next few months. I keep scouring their site and it all looks appealing to me. I think I'd like to do the WW at home program. But it's expensive so I am going to save some before I join. And I have decided it's time to include exercise back into my daily routine. I am going to start doing my recumbant bike again and my denise austin tapes too. I'm hoping that in the 6 weeks DH is gone I can get some weight off but tone up this body too with exercise.
Ok, well... that's all the time I have right now. I'm sorry Karen to abandon you on Atkins but I was getting so burned out on meat cheese and eggs. But switching diets is better than getting tired of one and cheating and sabatoging it... so I'm still proud of myself for not doing anything drastic :)
Talk to you all later!

08-31-2003, 04:14 PM
Back again......I'll fill you in on the trip later. Right now, Dh is bugging me to check for some info on the computer.....he is having a tough time coming back after a week of relaxing and fishing........
Our trip was ok......I am not all that fond of the beach, so I spent a lot of time relaxing, working on my cross stitch and just hanging out on the deck (with a wonderful ocean view). My BIL and SIL came up from Fla for a few days. She is great company- I love her lots- and well we are a dangerous pair. Lots of similar interests, and well we married brothers so there is lots in common there!! Good thing that they live in Fla and us in NY-if we lived closer we would get into lots of trouble together;) . For the most part the trip was ok.....I will fill in with more details later.

Spryng- I am about to make you an offer that you can't refuse.....well of course you can if you like!:) I did get to the WW meeting in NC. They gave us all new materials- they started a new program nationwide last week (I knew about it). Well, I can send you all my old materials. There is not much different- the point values are basically the same and although the covers of the materials look different the basic principles still hold. Jackie and I (or anyother WW for that matter!) could coach you thru it- and you can still use their web site (with limited function) for free.
Let me know if you are interested...... The total cost to you would be the postage from NY.
Gotta go- see ya later!

08-31-2003, 04:51 PM
BTW, Spryng, Congrats to Dh on getting his license. I was awfully happy when I got my CDL- it is something you can do anywhere.....and is very marketable. And we will do our best to keep you going and happy while he is on the road!!!! Love ya lots-

08-31-2003, 04:59 PM
Oh Ginny! You are so generous!! Yes I am definitely interested!! Just let me know what the shipping costs are and I'll send it to you ASAP ok?? Email me and I'll email you back with my address and such spryng@classicnet.net I can't tell you how excited I am!! Can you tell me what all it includes?
I am doing very well today OP and I even got some weight training in and a few crunches so far. After the kids go to bed tonight I'm getting back on the ole' bike and peddling my way into a better tones bod... lol. I'm very excited.
Well I have to scoot! TTYL!

08-31-2003, 11:21 PM
I'm starting a new thread