South Beach Diet - Can we talk abt breads please.. Looking for advise

08-25-2003, 06:20 PM
Or thoughts for that matter. First a little history on me... I have PCOS, and I am Insulin Resistant. Currently on metformin to help control this.

I am really curious as to what types of bread to eat. I see in the Sticky for Phase 2, that is whole wheat that is mentioned ( is this the BEST ) choice for this type of diet?

What abt Light Rye Bread? I mistakenly bought Light Intalian Bread.

Here is what the label says ( 1 slice ) Total fat is 1 gram, Sodium is 230grams, total carbs 19 grams,sugars 1 gram, dietary fiber 5 grams, and protien 4 grams.. Is this *OK* to eat ?

I have NO PROB with wheat bread at all. I am just looking for the BEST choice of bread to eat. I am really dying for an oven roasted turley breast sandwhich. Most my sandwhiches are *DRY*, but I do add tomatoes & lettuce. I am not talking a whole sandwhich either, even Half of one will do me. Ijust am confused as to which bread would be best for SBD.. Id it Whole Wheat breads that are nest? If so can u recoomend one to me PLEASE:)


08-25-2003, 06:54 PM
I love talking about bread!

Generally avoid white flour breads and stick to the multi-grain or 100% whole wheat ones. I don't know where you live as you did not fill in location on your profile so cannot recommend a particular brand. Here in Ontario, I usually by Healthy Harvest 12 grain or 12-grain with flax and/or sunflower. It is 125 calories a slice with 20 carbs of which 3 grams are fiber so the net carbs is 17. I choose the lowest net carb brand most of the time.

Your light rye bread has 14 net carbs (carbs less fiber) so is a good choice. It is also lower in fat than my bread.

By the way, I have/had PCOS and am on metformin too. You will find that this way of eating really helps control your glucose levels.

Suzanne 3FC
08-25-2003, 07:24 PM
I tried to find some whole wheat buns for grilled portabello sandwiches, but all I could find were either white or a mixture that included white flour.

So I bought a bag of stone ground whole wheat flour, and made my own :)

08-25-2003, 11:32 PM
I'm sorry Ruth.. I am from Illinois :) And I know the exact bread you are speaking of. I will head off to the store tomorrow to get some.
Thank you so much.

08-27-2003, 08:04 AM
Nature's Own has a reduced carb, wheat bread. It contains no sugar, 7gr of carbs and 2gr fiber. It's good too.