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08-25-2003, 12:02 AM
I am new here and I had a question or two.
I will be starting the SBD as soon as I get the book. Looking forward to starting yet nervous too since I want to loose weight in order to make sure I am under the weight limit and since I will be the 41 year old mother of two under 3, as we are waiting to adopt DD from Korea. I have had such a hard time losing the weight since I had some medical treatments, went into perimenopause and have low thyroid and low blood sugar. Any suggestions or any one had similar issues with health and hard time losing because of it?

Would love any input that you all can offer!


08-26-2003, 06:59 PM
Mom, I don't low carb but the SBD looks like a healthy plan and I do believe people are finding success with it! I do lose weight very slowly, so can empathize with you there. It's great that you're about to become a new mom again (if I understand you have one child and are adopting a second) ... not sure what you refer to about being under the weight limit but if that refers to the adoption proceedings, then I empathize with the pressure such a limit might put on you. Wishing you the best!

This is a very supportive site! I currently hang out on the Seven-Days-At-A-Time challenge thread and on Laborious Losers, both of which would love to have you join us, but you are sure to find at least one, if not more, groups here that will suit your style and give you the support you need!!! Good luck! :wave: