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08-24-2003, 11:17 PM
Tomorrow Marks the End of Phase 1 for me, and I have lost a total of 9 pounds:) Not too Shabby if I may say so myself. I did fudge twice on Phase 1, but I added some exercise when I fudged:D

I think I may stay on Phase one a little while Longer, see what kind of results I get. I found it pretty easy to follow , I did not feel cheated, I was rather content with the things I was allowed to eat.. EXCEPT when PMS decicded to knock on my door:dizzy: So all in all. I am really LIKING this WAE.

I have tried others, but have really felt Cheated with other plans, or felt like.. If I see another piece of meat I will die:^: This is just more my speed.. I also find that I fill up alot FASTER.

I am so glad i found y'all. There is so much Knowledge and great support here. I *KNOW* I can do this:)

Just wanted to brag a little :)

08-24-2003, 11:22 PM
Good for you Melissa!!! 9 pounds is a fabulous start!!!:bravo: You go ahead and brag all you want!!

Don't be afraid to start easing into Phase 2. I've been doing that for the past 3 weeks now, and I've continued to lose each week. Just add one thing at a time and see how you react to it, and you should do just fine. Many of us here are in "Phase 1.5"....somewhere between 1 and full-blown 2.

08-25-2003, 01:10 AM
Way to go! I'm sure you are very pleased with your progress! Don't be too hesitant to start adding in a limited number of high quality carbs...just start very slowly and see what happens!
Good luck!

08-25-2003, 06:59 AM

Be proud. Missy.

Lady :flame:

08-25-2003, 09:09 AM
Great job Missy ... I've been on phase II a few weeks now and still loosing slowly but surely ...

08-25-2003, 03:45 PM
Congratulations on the 9 pounds! That's great! I too have just finished P1 and lost 5 pounds. I still have 10 to go and am planning on losing them slowly on P2. I have a few questions though about P2. Mostly about Bread, Tortillas, and Cereal. I see the cereals listed in the book but I am wondering if anyone knows of any other ones we can have or what we are supposed to be looking for when it comes to looking for a good one to eat. I get a bit confused about the fiber, sugar, and carbs.

I have been looking at a bunch of different kinds of bread that are whole grain and am also wondering how to pick the best bread to eat.

I used to get the La Tortilla Factory tortillas that are wheat and lower in carbs and sugar. Would these be OK on P2?

I also see Pita on the list and am not that familiar with it. Is that the bread that is open and you can put stuff in it? Or does he mean the flat type of bread that you usually get with hummus at a greek restaurant?

OK as if I haven't asked enough questions already, I remember reading something in the book about Sourdough bread. Can we have that on P2? Or should I wait until P3?

Sorry to ask so many questions, it just seems like parts of the book anre kind of vague and I want to make sure I am doing P2 correctly so I continue to lose.

Thanks again!