South Beach Diet - Let's do dome stretches on the Beach DAILY 8/24

08-24-2003, 07:12 AM
ONE TWO THREE FOUR now turn around and do 10 more!!

While sitting at your puter, Victoria Grace for me, you can do alot of different exercises.

You can do "butt" crunches, ankle twists and knee ups! You can do shoulder movements and neck rolls.

WE all have stairs to go up and down and you can start slow and work yourselves up to as many stair climbs as you want.

If you don't have dumbbells at home use cans and work out with them.

You don't want to walk alone, try walking around your house a few times.

You don't need a stair pad to use, just use one of your stairs and work it, ladies....up switch, up switch.

There are always a wall to use for the give and take exercises. Use the wall and hands, fingers to climb up and down the wall like an itsy bitsy spider.

You can use a towel or broom for stretches.

Make your home your own personal gym.

Put on some "oldies but goodies" and dance, move, kick, twist, bend and plain ole MOVE.

If you have trouble with exercises try Tai-Chi or yoga.

ANd best of all......use stairs at work, park further from doors and while waiting alone for something or chatting on the tele, or doing the dreaded dishes march in place.

On this Sunday, let's get the MOVE ON!

Weigh-in tomorrow. Have no fears about gettijng on the Metal Monster. If I lose, I lose, if I gain I gain and if I stay the same Hurrah!!
#'s are #'s and health is our goal. weight loss is our gift.

Have a great Sunday, Beachers.


Guess Who??

Lady M :flame:

08-24-2003, 08:17 AM
Good plan, Lady!! I've been slacking off lately. I think I'll do some stairs and some crunches today. :yes:

You've got ants. We've got a mouse. DH woke me up last night when he reached over and turned on my light. The mouse was in my (personal :lol: ) garbage bin beside my side of the bed. Searching through my empty pistachio shells. :rolleyes: I quickly dressed and came down here to sleep in the tv room. Must empty that bin today...

Franny, sending hugs and prayers your way. :( What a job you've got...
And I hope this weekend going well with your company. Never worry about the state of your house. It's YOU they come to see! :grouphug:

Sflake, your dear sister. :cry: What a wonderful girl you are to have her with you. I'll keep both of you in my prayers. :grouphug:

Twodogs, thank you for the hugs, and congratulations on the two pounds!! :hat: Keep it up, girl!!

Lizziepie, you are doing GREAT with the exercise!! :dance:

Nikki, we're having the same weather as you... isn't it divine!! I'm sitting here with a sweater on. :D My favourite type of weather.

Love and hugs to Ruth and Den and Sil and Linda, Didi and Whimsey, and EVERYONE!! :grouphug:

08-24-2003, 08:23 AM
Never start the day with Advil and Pinesol and Javex!
Never let your dog eat a pint of blueberries spilled on the floor!
I am going out for a mood change and will be back later!
(At least I don't have mice - although I've not checked yet!)
Sorry not to be cheery but I never fake it! Well, I did with my first husband but that's another story! )

08-24-2003, 08:26 AM
Oh, Ruthie... sending hugs down (up?) to Delta. :grouphug:

08-24-2003, 09:32 AM
It's a beautiful Sunday on my beach today! :sunny:

Lady, I love that you have a name for your computer! :comp: Good luck with your date with the Metal Monster tomorrow. You have such a great attitude about that little piece of metal, it's great that you don't let it rule your life or your mood....I'm better about that than I used to be, and will continue to follow your lead on that.

ellis, so you left your DH to sleep with Mickey (or was it Minnie) while you jumped ship?? :mouse: :lol: :mouse: I love all furry little creatures, but some of them just do not belong in my house!!! Hope you get him/her/them moved out of your house quickly!!

Ruth, I'm sorry that you had such a bad start to your day. But at least you still have your sense of humor! :lol: Can you go back to bed and just start the day over again? Hope your day gets better. :grouphug:

I'm going to my niece's baby shower today. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive each way....but it's worth it to see that new little family member....especially since I haven't seen him yet. :bb:

Have a Sunny Sunday Beach Beauties!!

08-24-2003, 10:38 AM

2Dog-Have fun at the shower!! I don't think I have said anything before, but I LOVE your new avatar.....what cuties!!!!!

Ruth-Sorry to hear you are having a rough morning. HOPEFULLY the rest of the day will be better!!!

Ellis-A MOUSE IN THE HOUSE?!? Do not grouse! I've got a plan to CATCH that mouse! With a pint of maple syrup you can douse the living daylights outta that mouse. If all else fails, give the job to your spouse. (Step aside Dr. Suess, there's a new chick in town!!!)

Marcie-I know you are right, but having had just one cup of coffee, I am feeling like a SLUG!!! Too many carbs lately, and I am just feeling AWFUL!!!

We are going over to friends' house today, which will be another eating fest.
Beforehand we are going to the visitation for our ex-neighbor since we won't be able to go to the funeral tomorrow. NOT taking the kids since I think it'll be too traumatic for them.....

Tomorrow is back on track day!!!

08-24-2003, 11:11 AM
Den, I hope the visitation isn't too difficult. :cry: Hugs... :grouphug:
ps... don't quit your day job. :D

08-24-2003, 12:08 PM
Den, it will be a hard visitation I'm sure. Yes, it would be too traumatic for the kidlets.

Ellis, the day is much better now. We had a three-dog Church service which always lifts me up! They are so happy and relaxed to be with all their two-legged friends that troubles kind of wash away. Hershey reverted to her perfect dog persona. I'm still puzzled over her Friday morning behaviour.

Twodog, a seven hour round trip! I'm impressed. They'd darn well better let you hold that baby a lot! You deserve it.

My pies for the BBQ today turned out well - 3 blueberry and 3 blackberry - and I will be delivering them plus 6 others to the BBQ at 2 today. Then I'll stay a while to cut them and put them on plates. That first slice always craps out! I promise NOT to lick my fingers. Right now I have two cakes baking - 2 layers, I should say - for an anniversary cake for Friday night. I am trying to get a jump on life as this will be a hectic week. I'll freeze them and do the icing and decorating on Friday afternoon. Doing it this far ahead means I can bake another layer if it looks skimpy.

It's a gorgeous sunny and coolish country morning. When the cakes are out of the oven, I'll walk Hershey down to the Lake and we'll sit on Pike Rock and watch the kingfishers dive for minnows.

Harry is in charge of lunch and I'm going to have bread in the form of a flax and 12 grain hot dog bun. He makes a thing called a "Riviera" sandwich with juicy tomatoes, olive oil, basil leaves and anchovies. It's kind of squished down and is juicy, runny and delicious to eat! They can be made only with garden tomatoes. A great Phase 2 treat! Dinner tonight will be spaghetti squash with clam sauce. Maybe I can persuade him to make the sauce. Quite frankly, I am a bit sick of cooking after this latest baking binge.

Have a happy Sunday afternoon, Beach Beauties.

08-24-2003, 03:26 PM
Hi everyone:

Sunday is my day off from exercise. Marcie I never thought of some of the exercises you brought to our attention. I'll have to try a few. Did you ever hear the old solution for getting rid of ants. My friends say it works. Put some cucumber peelings around the area where the ants are and where they are coming in. I always think something like that is worth a try. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work.:D:

Ruth: That sandwish sounds yummy except for the anchovies. That spoils the whole idea for me. :( I'd have to find some sort of substitute. Any ideas? I remember the first time I ever had a Pizza, it had anchovies on it, and naive me thought that was the only way one could get pizza. So I didn't have any for a long long time, until someone filled me in.;)

Will have a big test tonight at church. We are having a special celebration, and everyone is to bring their favorite dessert. Can't you just see the temptations by the table full.:nono: :fr:
I intend to be :strong: and not a :ink:. I refuse to let it :stress: me but I won't go so far as to :tape: my mouth. I don't even have to :crossed: my fingers, because I'm bringing a dessert I can eat, and I bet there will lots of others there that will eat it and not even know that it is part of the plan.:lol:

Frannie: Hope you are having a wonderful time with your friends.

Ruth: Tell me about the 3 dog church service. Please. sounds like something special. My imagination tells me about the way your day began. I remember when our dog got into a lb. of jelly beans.

Den: It is not an easy thing to have to have a visitation at funeral calling hours. One knows you have to do it, but it is hard. Hope all went well with you.

Hope this has been a great day for you all on this special beach of ours. Ann

08-24-2003, 04:15 PM
Lizzie, our little Anglican church in out village (1810) is very casual with a small congregation so folks feel free to bring their well-behaved dogs to Church. Hershey was the first dog to attend. They just kind of hang out and greet people as they arrive. (Coffee hour afterwards is their fave.) They also sometimes yawn or groan during the sermon so Mike knows to end up!

People think we are nuts but who the heck cares!

08-24-2003, 07:37 PM
Good evening all. The faire yesterday was wonderfull. We dressed for the occasion. my daughter was absolutly beautiful, like a princess. My poor son had to work.We walked all day and enjoyed jousting matches, Shakespeare, jugglers and more. Even our food choices were good ones. The 3 of us shared a cheesecake on a stick where before we would have each had one. Today was spent organizing my DD and getting her ready to go back to college. The house will be very quiet for the 3 of us when she is gone.Ellis I can sympathize about your mouse. When the weather turns cold the field mice move in and our cat starts hunting. Gets kinda crazy.Ruth you are quite the cook. Don't think I could resist.Love the fact that you could bring your doggies to church. Ann hope that everything went well for you at church. Aren't you glad that Ruth didn''t bake for you. Weigh in tomorrow. Moment of truth aproaches. Till then.............Julie

08-24-2003, 08:47 PM
Hi chicks!!

It was the perfect day in Rhode Island; a little cool and a beautiful blue sky. I don't exercise on Sundays so I didn't even break a sweat today ... back to the treadmill tomorrow morning at 5:00!!!

My friend christened his son today and had a party in his yard afterward ... the only thing I ate off plan was a piece of one of those spinach pinwheel things ... they were made with white dough but the day was so perfect ...

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!!

08-25-2003, 01:26 AM
Hi all! Just wanted to check in before I hit the sack. Our visit is going really well, we are all enjoying good food and even better company. I was making cookies for a school function and one of our guests said "You are such a great do you stay so lim?" I almost fell over! He must have a rotten memory, because I think I was a lot bigger last time he saw me! I had to tell them I had lost 40 pounds since February, and it wasn't by eating cookies! LOL! Nice NSV, dontcha think?

Had planned on cleaning house yesterday but instead had to play Josephine the Plumber!:( The sink in the upstairs bathroom had a broken pipe (which my teenaged daughter failed to tell us about) so the cabinet under the sink was flooded. Yuck.

I thought I would only have to replace one peice of the whole assembly, but I ended up installing a new sink and new faucets. I filled up the sink before I caulked around the rim, and let it sit that way overnight. Big mistake. Big, big mistake!

You are supposed to let the silicone sealant dry for 24 hours before exposure to water! So of course the contents of the sink drained into the cabinet! Argghhhh. I had to redo the whole thing this morning. Some plumber, huh?

And except for the fact that the sink still can't be used, everything is fine. :dizzy: So my DH cleaned while I played handyman.

I had planned on this being short, but had to vent a bit about my plumbing problem. I just hope it doesn't leak once it is good and dry. If it does my neighbors are liable to see a brand spanking new sink fly!

You all sound as busy as I feel...glad things are going well. I'll check in tomorrow if I get a chance!