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08-22-2003, 10:23 AM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter and encouragment. Feel free to join in all new posters and regular posters too. As we support eachother in family matters and dieting.

08-22-2003, 10:29 AM
Good morning ladies
Spryng, I hope you have a better day today. Quick question for you, where in Kansas are you? I am sure you have said and I have missed it. :goodvibes :goodvibes :goodvibes Maybe this will help.
As for everyone else it sounds like you all are doing good. As for me, I haven't been able to exercise the past two days cause I hurt my back some how. I wish I knew how I did it. I am staying OP with what I am eating though. Well, gotta go. Talk to you all later.

08-22-2003, 12:37 PM
Good morning all!
Well I am back to myself today. Feels nice. As far as your question about the bleeding karen, well.. I'm sure it's normal after an IUD gets put in. My midwife said that it will take 3-4 months to become normal because my body is trying to reject it right now (which is what is should be doing) and once that stabilizes my periods will get lighter and further apart until I don't get them anymore. Woo-Hoo!! I'm all for that.
I was never much of a potatoe salad kind of person so I don't miss it at all. but I will eventually miss pasta, but I checked out Dr. Atkins recipe book and he has a recipe for homemade pasta in it with only 2 carbs per serving!! It's made with soy flour and such. I may have to try it eventually. But I'm doing ok without it right now.
Ricci, I hope your back heals quickly. Just take it easy until it does. And good job staying OP!! And I live in Fort Scott Kansas. About 1 1/2 hours south of Kansas City. Where is Missouri do you live? I had my last son in Joplin. I love that town.
Well got to get off here. TTYL!

08-22-2003, 04:36 PM
ok I made it back for a sec. I'm trying to decide what to fix for dinner. Spryng did you hit your goal for 169 already?
Karen, I'm sorda brain dead. I guess I missed something. Are you trying to get pregnant?
I'm having such a busy day. So I'm going to get off here again. Ricci hope you are feeling better soon. WTG saying OP

08-22-2003, 06:40 PM
Good afternoon all!
Boy it's a quiet day here.
Misty, I don't know if I hit 169 yet. I WI tomorrow to find out. hopefully I did. But who knows. I've been really really good on this WOE so I know in my head that my weight should be going down but my pants don't seem any looser this week.
Well, I got my license renewed today. Don't have to worry about that for another 6 years. Yippee!
I have a whole chicken roasting in the oven right now, and since DH has done so well with all his exams this past week I'm rewarding him with stuffing and all the fixings. Of course I'll be having the chicken, my mock mashed potatoes, and some veggies. Mmmmm.... I am feeling hungry!
Well, got to go. Hope to see some more relies tonight!TTYL

08-22-2003, 06:48 PM
Yea Spryng ! I am glad you are feeling so much better!! I want to get that Cook Book! I do miss my pasta! I'm Italian after all! :)

Misty - Nope not trying to get pregnant. I have severe Endometriosis. A month ago I had a Laporoscopy to remove it and they discovered I was worse than they thought.

Which brings me to my appointment! Well, the good news is that I dont have to do the Depo Lupron! WOO HOO!!!! :):):) Can you tell how excited I am? We are going to see how I do the next 3 to 4 months and then in December when I go in for my pap we will talk about it again. THe bad news is that I was pretty darn horrible inside. I had endometriosis everywhere and adhesions from my 2 c-sections that casued my uterus and bladder to be stuck to each other and to other parts of my pelvis. HE told me that he had to work hard to get me unstuck and close to normal. I still have some endo on my bowels and if that gets worse, there is a chance they will have to remove that portion of my bowel. If any pain comes back at all, We will have to go in aggressively and do a complete hystorectomy.. Tubes, ovaries and all. Because of the way I am laid out, I cannot have the Vaginal Removal, but will have to have it done through the abdomen. So I would be in the hospital 4-5 days then on sudo bed rest for 4-6 weeks. But that isnt going to happen! I wont let it! Everyone keep me in your prayers for the next few months that I will do well. I am high risk as this was my second bout with a laporoscopy. It could happen as soon as 6 months from now and as long as 5 years.. We are hoping never as he is pretty happy with how the lap went.

He is thrilled with my progress on Atkins too! He said to stick with it and we will do more blood work at my next appt! WOO HOO!! I am hoping to be down 30-40 pounds by then! So Spryng, we have to keep each other motivated!! :) I also realized that my 20 year class reunion is in about 18 months... I want to look amazing for that. I was overweight my whole time there.. so it is time to go back and wow them all! LOL... I am even thinking about crocheting my dress for motivation... something that shows a little skin without being revealing... Beaded maybe... So I have something to keep me on the road for the long term too! :)

Ok I have babbled enough.. hope all are well! :)

08-22-2003, 10:01 PM
Good evening everyone.
Spryng, the only reason I asked where you lived was that I used to live in Lawrence (go jayhawks.) I now live between springfield and branson. It takes me an hour to get to joplin, and we go there very often. There is a flea market there that we like to go to, and I also love going to the precious moments chapel.
I went to the water park with my mom today, and we just floated on the lazy river for 2 hours. It was so nice. No kids to worry about. My back is still sore, but not as bad as it was. Hopefully I can exercise tomorrow. Its amazing how much you miss working out when you can't do it for a couple of days.
Congrats on all who have stayed OP. I will check in tomorrow.

08-22-2003, 10:22 PM
Gee- I missed posting for a part of a day and things sure got hopping here!!

Karen- that is wonderful, wonderful news from your Dr. Of course I will remember you in prayer- but for now, to hear that he is willing to go drug free with you is great. And, as most conditions are, the more weight that you lose, the better off you are. Hang in there, you're doing great!!!! And I am so happy for you.

Spryng- I remember one WW meeting, when Laura told us that she did not expect great weight losses from anyone due to high humidity and its effect on the body retaining water. Could that be what is going on? Also, another WWism- do not weigh yourself more than once a week. Daily fluctuations are so normal.
I remember a certain friend of ours.........who would weigh herself sixty times a day....then go on the recumbant bike.....weigh again.....several of us at the thread had to chew her out about that! (Jackie, where ya been hiding?) Stick with a weekly WI- try to make it the same time of day under the same conditions for consistancy. As far as Dh being away for so long- My Dh used to hunt a lot more than he does now- and I found (as someone else so sagely mentioned) that you can use the time to do things that you would not normally do, renew yourself with an old hobby, or read- take the kids to the movies.....the list is endless. I know, months (instead of days) seem long- military wives are used to this. I promise that I'll be here to help you cope- as I know the rest of these great friends we have here will be.

Ricci- I hope that your back gets better soon!!! Hugs to you, hon.
Great job staying OP today too. I hope you finished up your day well.:)

Michele- ya feeling better? Sounds like you had a bit of a meltdown. Stay inside, drink lots of water. Sorry to hear about your Dd being disappointed. I used to try to do something special with one of mine in that kind of instance- not something so special that it tried to overshadow Dh- just something to help soothe the hurt feelings. Even just a few minutes out for a little treat can help. Hope things worked out ok. It must be difficult with the type of work schedule that your family keeps. A friend of ours here is a dairy farmer- and this summer for her has been pure torture with the weather and some major equipment problems. Farming is rewarding.....but draining too. Hang in there!:)

Well, this is the last from me for a week.... Gonna miss me???:lol:
We leave for NC in 6 hours:yawn: . I am feeling a wee bit better about the trip, primarily because I did get most of the stuff done before we left. Last night I pushed myself and finished Dd's dress (you have no idea how happy that makes me!) - it came out so darned cute. She picked out the fabric- with kitties all over. So sweet.
As far as WW goes, I found a meeting in NC, a half an hour from our house. If it works out, I'd like to go. The leader I spoke to the other day encouraged me to go to another meeting- just to see the regional differences. Sure sounds interesting to me.
I have gotten some great walks int he past few days. I'll miss those......NC is just so flat......(we have rolling hills here). I did pack Leslie Sansone to keep me out of trouble, and of course my walking shoes. I'm really not worried about eating....most of what Dh is planning to do meals wize should not be much of a challenge. TOM is approaching (how nice, I'll have a friend for vacation!:o ) so I am retaining all kinds of water. I feel bloated.

Ok, nuff blabbering!!!! I had better go pay the last few bills that I wanted to do online and unload the dishwasher. Gonna miss you all, and my kitty!! Have a great week......and someone please fill in for me as thread blabberpuss (Spryng and Karen seem up to the challenge!) Adios!

08-22-2003, 11:49 PM
Oh Ginny we are really going to miss you!!!! but have lots of fun!! And I know you are right about the constant weighing. I only weigh in on saturdays now but my jeans felt so tight that day that I just had to get on and see what was going on. But I know it has to be water retention either from the heat or sodium or something. Hopefully though my WI tomorrow shows some sort of loss. I need to get a digital scale because mine doesn't show 1/2 lb losses or anything, it's a dial scale. And even seeing .3 lbs lost or . 6 lbs lost would make me happy.
Well we had an interesting and scary night tonight. My two older kids were playing in the backyard and my son threw a rock up in the air and my dd ran underneath it and got knocked in the head. It cut her open and she bled really really bad. I rushed her to the ER and after waiting forever in the waiting room and then waiting even more in the exam room it had stopped bleeding and dried up so they had to clean it up and it was about a 1/2 inch cut and needed one staple. She was so great (she's 3) she didn't cry or anything, just held my hand as tight as she could and they gave her a cute little handmade teddy bear to take home. She was proud of that. :) SO she is fine but she had my heart racing there for awhile. They said that the head bleeds alot and what could be a minor cut or scrape may make you think it's a huge gash by the way it is bleeding. So I over reacted but that is ok... I like to be safe than sorry.
As far as OP, I am fine today. After dinner I got a huge sweet craving and ate three of my LC pecan delights, (it only came to .8 carbs) and that seemed to satisfy it. So another cheat free day down.
Karen, glad to hear your appointment went so well and yes I am here to see you through on Atkins until you hit your goal weight and then some!!! And I know you are here for me too.
Well, I need to get in bed. Thank heaven it's friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow. Sometimes these weeks with DH in school seems to drag by. So rellief comes tomorrow!!! G'nite!!

08-23-2003, 04:40 PM
Missing you already Ginny!!! Have a geat trip!
How'd your WI go Spryng? Good luck! I'm sooo glad to hear dd's accident wasn't serious. Those things scare me to death!
Wow Karen. I'm glad things went your way at the dr. appt. I'll def. keep you in my prayers hon. But now that I think about it, seems we did touch on the subject before. I just forgot. I'm in total baby mode here. And to add to the fact that I only have one little brain cell ratteling around in this head of mine.
Well I'm baking a cake and getting things ready for dinner. I just thought I'd hop in and see how you all are. It's been a rocky day for us here. Between my hormones and Hoss's stress...SHEW! Look Out! It's ok tho. We just decided I needed sometime doing my own thing. Which w great. I started putting Baylans (we changed the spelling of his name) away. All those little onesy's and pj's gosh makes me want him here now! And I finished the quilt I was making for his crib started the one for the other bed in his room. He will have his own nursery btw Spryng. I forgot to answer that awhile back. Now I need to get started on the drapes and getting my rocking chair. The room is done in little baby cowboy theme. Did you ever see the precious moments cowboy with the big boots and the stetson pulled down to make his ears stick out? I just love it. My oldest Dd helped pick it out. Well I better go check on the kids they are being entirerly WAY to still. That usually means they are into something!

08-23-2003, 04:56 PM
Oh Ginny - I miss you already too! You wont get this until after you get back.. but I hope you have a great time!!!

Spryng - I was hoping to pop on here and see your new weigh in totals! :) how did it go???

Misty - I understand baby mode. I remeber well! I LOVE Precious Moments! I collect them! That room will be sooooooo cute!!! Take care of yourself!

I am off to get on the tread mill, I just wanted to check in and say HI! Kids and I are by ourselves today, so I will be able to get on more later.. when they are naping!

Have a good one!

08-23-2003, 06:22 PM
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I didn't get to say goodbye to Ginny....... <sniff sniff>

I am back among the living. My throat is still very raw and sore, and will be for a few more days. But thankfully, the fever and headache and body aches are gone. This virus was just plain ole nasty!

Spryng and Karen, you guys are the Atkins Queens! WTG! Karen, I am glad all went well with your appointment and you are able to stay hormone-free. I will keep my fingers crossed everything stays well for you.

And Spryng, I'm sorry you were feeling so emotionally rotten and that I was not here for you. :( But I'm glad things are looking better. I know it will be very difficult for you when dh is on the road. I won't lie and say that I could stand it, either. But I know you will find a way to pull through. :)

Ricci, so glad you are doing well staying OP. I am glad you miss your exercise when you don't get it.... I sure don't! :lol:

Michele, sorry you have been having a tough time with dh. Those things can be so draining. My dh and I had a really rough winter last year. Thankfully we were able to resolve things and get back on track. But it is so difficult having to interact with someone daily when you are rubbiing eachother the wrong way. As for dd, well I sympathise. My own dd is VERY emotional. I know I have posted a little about her difficulties in dealing with me working, even though I am gone at night while she sleeps. Well, today I took her out for a special Mommy-daughter day. We went to see Freaky Friday (it was great!) and then we went shopping and to lunch. While we were shopping, I bought her and I matching thin sterling silver rings with little double x's engraved on them. I told her the x's were to symbolize hugs from me, and that whenever she misses me she should touch her ring and "feel" a little hug from me. So, hopefully this will lessen her anxiety a little.

Well, last night dh went out with the guys. An Army buddy of his just returned from Iraq, so they took him out to celebrate. So, I took advantage of my evening alone. After I put the kids to bed, I treated myself to some red highlights for my hair, a long shower, and a pedicure. Then, I settled on the couch with some pudding (soothing to the throat) and a rented movie (The Hours) and lots of candles. Oh, and I had a late night phone call from a dear friend and we talked for hours UNINTERRUPTED!!! It was heavan. Dh is out again tonight (it is rare for him to go out and it just so happens he had two nights scheduled back-to-back) so I bought the Chicago dvd for myself. :)

OK, gotta go whip up some dinner for the kids. Glad to be back. :)

08-23-2003, 09:19 PM
Jen - I am glad you are feeling better!! and to see you back! :) I am jealous for your evening to yourself! I need one of those!! My DH is hardly ever gone in the evenings... so unless he has another trip soon... I wont get one.. WAHH!

I did really good today. Got back on the treadmil this afternoon. And I am finally feeling able to bend enough to shave my legs! That was a big deal. I havent shaved them since prior to my surgery! I feel human again!

Where is everyone today? I wont be around until late tmo. We are taking the kids to the Seattle Zoo after church. I will get tons of walking in there! :) it is 2 miles just doing the main loop... not to mention all the side trails to see the different animal "groups".. I want to see the new Jaguar exhibit! :)

Talk to you soon!

08-23-2003, 11:38 PM
Good evening all!
Sorry I didn't get on here earlier but after I got to sleep in today we went to MIL house and was there all day. But now I am home and kids in bed... ahhhh... the silence is beautiful :)
Ok, first.... I met my first mini goal!! I lost only one lb this last week but it gets me to my first goal of 169 lbs. So slowly but surely I am getting there. I'm just glad to see any loss after I weighed in the other day and saw a gain! So I am content with 1# gone.
Karen, have fun at the zoo!! I always love the reptile house. I'm a snake and lizard fan myself. I haven't been to the zoo in a couple of years... maybe next year we can go.
Jen, that is so sweet that you and dd got matching rings. That's something I would love to do with my dd. I love to have mommy and daughter days out. She is so good. Now that Tanner is here I feel that she doesn't get enough attention from me so I try to take her grocery shopping or something with me so she feels special too. She's a great big sister... mommy's little helper. :)
Well, I need to get some dinner in me and off to bed. TTYL!

08-24-2003, 11:02 AM
Karen, have fun at the zoo, and enjoy those smoooooooooth legs!

Spryng, congrats on the loss! WTG!

Not much doing here...... gotta clean clean clean as the house is a shambles from me being sick all week. And gonna make some healthy chicken soup since my throat is still a bit raw.

Have a great day, gang!

08-24-2003, 11:57 AM
Good morning all!
jen I hope you get your house in order... it's hard to stay on top of it when you get sick. For me I clean when I can. Tanner is pretty good about sitting in his bouncer on the table while I do dishes and sweep and all that in the kitchen and he does ok in his swing when I clean the living room and bathroom so my house stays in ok shape. Makes me feel bette anyway. :) Hope your throat feels better today.
Well I don't know what we have planned for today. right now Dh is making breakfast and I'll be having some fried eggs and bacon, so I'm looking forward to that. We'll probably go visit some family this afternoon. It's suppose to be HOT here. 106 degrees. Ugh. I can't wait until fall weather gets here. Our car doesn't have air conditioning so it's so miserable to go anywhere lately.
Well anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend and staying OP.
Jackie, when are you coming home??? I miss you!!

08-24-2003, 03:02 PM
Spryng, ugh, that is hot!!!! We are having fall-like weather here.... 68-70, breezy and sunny... it is wonderful! I have a big pot of chicken soup on the stove, and bisquits in the oven. :)

I have to be a worry-wart for a minute, though. Please be so so careful about putting Tanner in the bouncy on the table. I know he is still little and probably doesn't move around much, and that you are always right there with him watching. But, I can't tell you how many babies I've seen come into the ER with skull fractures because they flipped the bouncy seat off the table or counter, etc and landed face-first on the hard floor. It only takes a split-second, and happens when you least expect it. That being said, I was guilty of doing the same with my own kids. :o

OK, off my soapbox. I hope I didn't offend you, Spryng. I know you are a great Mommy. :)

08-24-2003, 11:45 PM
No offense taken Jen. I know that once he becomes more mobile I'll have to set him in the floor in the bouncy seat. But right now he can't even get it to bounce yet so he's pretty safe.. plus I never leave him unattended. But thanks for being concerned. That what friends do! :) I hope your soup and biscuits were great and your throat is feeling better.
my day has been LONG. I'm so ready for bed. We went to DH's cousins house and they don't understand LC at all. So needless to say I didn't get much to eat for dinner but I stayed OP. Tomorow I will eat much better. Well, got to get off here. TTYL!

08-25-2003, 11:52 AM
Good morning!

21 days solid OP! And I lost only .5 pounds this week for a total of 9 pounds!

Im really not complaining! Down is always better than UP! :)

I am heading to the gym today so I will post later! But I wanted to let you all know that I did weigh in and am down!! :) WOO HOO!

08-25-2003, 01:44 PM
Congrats Spryng on meeting your goal!! And WTG Karen on staying OP for 21 days! I'm so proud of both of ya!

Jen glad to see ya back and feeling a bit better. I hope you are getting your house back in order. I had a busy weekend and am in the process of doing the same. I loved the story of the xx rings. I'd like to do something like that with my dd too. It's hard for me to just get time for the 2 of us. I'm one of those mommys that take her kids everywhere with her. I know I'm insane. They shop with me and everything. Matter of fact I can't remember the last time I went somewhere and they didn't go. I really wish I could get some time just her and I.

Jackie! Are you here?? Are you there?? We miss you!

Well we had our annual Bluegrass gospel festival this weekend. It was great. The kids had so much fun and the music was great. I'm so tuckered today tho and my house is a wreck. Slow but sure I'm picking things up and pulling it back together. I put some pictures online this am is anyone wants to see, you can email me mistymichele74@hotmail.com. well I need to get for now and put lunch on :)

08-25-2003, 02:06 PM
Good afternoon all!
Whew! I finally got a small break. The kids are eating lunch and Tanner is napping at the moment. He's been very latchy all morning and I barely got breakfast in me... so now I'm taking a breather.
Congrats Karen on that .5 lb!! That is great. I know you probably wanted to see more gone as do I, but you are right, as long as the scale is moving down then it's great. What do you have in store for dinner tonight? I haven't decided yet...
Oh! Tanner is waking up, boy that was a 15 minut nap... o-well... maybe I'll get some time alone later. TTYL!

08-25-2003, 02:12 PM
LOL Spryng - I havent decided what is for dinner either! I am thinking chicken.. but unsure how I want to cook it! LOL!

Just got back from the gym! I love that eliptical! ANd I got some good abs and upper body training in too! I know I am going to be sore tmo.. but that is OK!

Hugs to all! :)

08-25-2003, 11:45 PM
Just checking in before I go to bed. It's so quiet... hope you all stayed OP all day! Of course I'm eating everything in sight;) I have an appt with the OB in the morn so hope that goes well... I imagine she will just measure my belly and weigh me. The usual. I'll let you all know how it goes.

08-26-2003, 01:18 PM
Who'd thunk it... Giny leaves and I take her place, talking to myself:lol:
My visit with the ob went ok. I've gained 11# since my last visit! Vikes! She said I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead of my due date. So she scheduled another ultrasound. Looks like I'm gonna give birth to baby godzilla. IMHO I think she was measuring wrong or reading the wheel wrong. I'm big but no way that big. We will see soon enough tho.
So I guess since I'm gaining so much weight I need to eat better. Its the sugar. I'm eating it by the truck load!
Ok well I gues I'll get Hope you all are having an op day!

08-26-2003, 02:00 PM
Hi Misty! I havent had a chance to check in until now! 11# in one month! Wow! That could be just a jump though.. I did that with dd, didnt gain more than a pound a month until 6 months then wham!! i gained 8 or 9 in that next month! and only up from there! LOL!

I am doing well but VERY VERY sore!! That upper arm routine hurt! Even with less weight than I usually do! But later I am getting on the treadmill to get in some cardio!

I need to run and deal with closet organizing now! Have a great morning everyone!

08-26-2003, 04:07 PM
Hi ladies,

I just got out of the hospital yesterday, we ended up going in unexpectedly on the 21st. I went to my regular OB. appt and my blood pressure had jumped, so she decided to put me in then, which was last Thursday! All is well though, just had to stay a bit longer because she has a high biliruben count, and I had a spinal headache, so they ended up having to do a spinal patch. Anyway, my precious baby girl is here!!

I can't stay now, but will try to check in again soon!

08-26-2003, 04:16 PM
Here she is!!!!

08-26-2003, 04:20 PM
Oh Mel!! Congrats!!! Wow for coming early she was a big one huh?? Please fill us in all about the birth when you are feeling up to it. I hope you are healing well... and welcome to the world little Myra!!
Misty, exactly how far along are you? I know you said you are expecting a thanksgiving baby but what is your official due date? I'm trying to keep track of your progress. Please don't let that weight gain get to you... in the last few months of pregnancy alot of the weight is water so it will come off fast afterwards.
Karen, good for you for getting so much exercise in. You are doing so great. What did you end up having for dinner last night? I crushed up some hot n spicy pork rinds and rolled my pork loin chops in them with some egg and fried it... MMMMM.... it was so good on top of a huge salad. I even had one for breakfast and even my Dh loved them. Tonight I think I'm having a taco salad or taco roll ups. I have some ground beef thawed out I need to use.
My day is going ok. My ds is finally doing better with his potty training. Instead of 7-8 accidents a day he now rarely has more than 2. Whew! I was about to lose it there for a couple of days. But he's getting it down.
Well I'm off to surf the web for some LC recipes. TTYL!

08-26-2003, 04:24 PM
Awww... so precious mel. Congrats again!

08-26-2003, 05:30 PM
MEL! Congrats! What a cutie!!! WELCOME MYRA!! I hope you are feeling well! It sounds like it from your post! I assume she was still a c-section birth? Take care of your self! And dont overdo it!!!

I'll be back later to post but Spryng this has some awesome LC recipes http://www.atkinsfriends.com Look up the bacon wrapped scallops! YUM! We are having them tonight! :)

08-27-2003, 10:52 AM
Aww Mel, She is adorable. What a beautiful baby. I'm so happy for you. Glad to hear that you both are doing well too. Congrats! I can't get over her. She looks alot bigger than 9#, wow. Can't wait to hear more about the birth. Glad you are back home:)

WTG Karen on getting all that exercise in. I'm more of a cardio kinda gal. But I know once Baylan gets here (and I have time to heal) I'm gonna need to do some serious toning. I hope you are doing better today and not so sore.

I'm so glad to hear you are loving this diet so much Spryng. I remember last time you did adkins it made you sick. You are doing great with it this time and sounds like you found alot more variety.
About my pregnancy, well I'm 27 weeks and measuring near 30. They joked yesterday and said I was gonna have baby godzilla. Which wasn't so funny to me. But IMHO I believe the OB assistant was reading the wheel wrong or my chart. I measured exactly at my last visit. So with my big gain and the godzilla baby she decided to put me on a pregnancy diet :D Unwillingly I'm giving it a shot. It's just funny tho because I have horrible cravings all the time. And you just know all the things I crave are not on the diet. Aw well. I guess I need to go, I have to clean house and shop today. Hope you all have a great day!

08-27-2003, 11:56 AM
Good Morning!

Misty - Really? THey are putting you on a diet at this stage in the pregnancy? I have never heard that except for when women get the pregnancy diabeties. Or when I had to go on the "NO FAT" diet when I had the gallbladder attack when I was 5 Months Prego with DS! Had my gall bladder removed 3 weeks after DS was born.

Spryng - how is the recipe search going? Are you recording your intake on fitday? I am because it keeps me accountable. I am having 75% of my intake as Fat though and that concerns me! :( Do you have any thoughts on this?

Where is everyone? Kristi? Jen, Ricci? Jackie?

I am off to fix breakfast then it is off to the gym again. Eliptical and lower body today.. and as always - ABS!! :) This makes 3 days this week with cardio! :):)

08-27-2003, 01:11 PM
Hi gang!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to Mel!!!! That baby is gorgeous!!! Enjoy every precious moment with her! And, I hope you are feeling well, also. Please check in and give details when you get a chance.

Sorry I've been MIA. I've had a hard time getting back on track since I was sick. My throat is still a bit raw, but I found some new motivation this morning when I was getting dressed. Everything is just too damn tight! (pardon my language) It won't be long before the cool weather gets here, and I just know my jeans are not going to fit. I am feeling the crunch and have to do something about it NOW, because I refuse to buy new "fat" clothes!!! So, I am going to try to eat very well for the next week. Then when the kiddos go back to school in a week, I hope to get into a regular exercise routine.

Well, don't have tme to get personal........ gotta make lunch for the gang, tne I promised them some pool time. I hope everyone is well. :)

08-27-2003, 03:31 PM
Hello everyone.
I haven't been on here much lately cause dh has been taking vacation days from work. So he's either on here, or we are doing something with ds's.
Karen and Spryng, you guys rock. You both are doing so well on atkins. I wish I had the will power. On the plus side, I have cut out alot of carbs, not all though. I need new ideas on exercising. my videos which I have had for almost two yrs are boring me. I forgot who had the baby, but congrats. She is adorable. Spryng, it looks like you guys have had a small cool down today. Not much I know, but better than 100+
Well thats all for now.

08-27-2003, 04:01 PM
Good afternoon all!
Thanks Karen for the recipe site. And yes I use fitday to keep track of my weight and to look up nutritional values for certain things but I don't log everything I eat in it. I use http://atkins.com , I like this site alot better. And 75% of your intake being fat is a good thing! The more fat you get in the more your body uses ketosis to clean it out. I'm always worried I don't get enough fat. So scallops tonight huh? I have that ground beef to use still, we ended up going to MIL for dinner and I had a bunless burger, which was very tasty. So I still need to use that ground beef from yesterday, so tonight will probably be taco salad or taco roll ups.
jen, I hope we can encourage you to get going on your weight loss. I know you said you feel the crunch to do it NOW, because of fall around the corner... well we are here to help you do it? And specific plans in mind? Check out that site I listed above for Karen and just read about the atkins diet. it will definitely get some weight off fast and you are not hungry. Just think about it ok?
Ricci, I know how you feel about being bored of your exercise videos. I am bored of mine too. I think I would like to purchase The Firm series. It combines weight lifting and aerobics for fast slimming results. I have a denise austin video that combines them and I got graet results from it. But it's too high intensity for me right now. I need to get on my recumbant bike again... what I really want is a good treadmill. Hmmm..maybe in a few months.
Well my day is going well. I must say though that at times I feel discouraged with this WOE. I guess I am really starting to miss some things... But I'm trying to stay strong and yes I'm still cheat free which I am proud of. DH leaves this tuesday though so monday he plans to take me out to dinner and all that and I may allow myself a little indulgence and then tuesday right back on plan. But I'm still debating that. I guess it depends on where he takes me.
Anyway... I need to get off here. I think I will steal a nap now. TTYL!

08-27-2003, 04:51 PM
Thanks for the encouragement, Spryng. I actually have done a lot of looking into the Atkins diet, and I did check into your link. For a little while, I thought I might be able to do it temporarily, just to get things kick-started. But, I found out today that in addition to cutting carbs, you can't have sugar either??? I mean sugar like no sugar in your coffee or you have to use sugar substitutes for baking, etc. Well, I just can't do it. All those artificial sweetners give me migraines. So, there is no way.

So, my plan is, fewer carbs, fewer calories, low fat (I pretty much do well to keep fat low anyway) and portion control. In other words, I just want to eat like a "normal" person and not do anything drastic. I know it may not give me quick results, but I think it's the best thing for me, in the long run. I am trying to do things like have only protein for breakfast, because anything with carbs leaves me feeling hungry an hour later. And I am trying to eat small, light snacks during the day, in place of a regular "lunch" meal. Of course, water water water. So, that is my plan, I guess.

gotta run.. kids and I are off to B&N for some books.... :)

08-27-2003, 05:51 PM
Jen - Atkins recommends Splenda which is made from sugar, with out the carbs. HAve you tried that one. Many people I have met online that have headages with artificial sweetners find splenda isnt a problem. I never had sugar in my coffee just cream so I find that using heavy cream is wonderful as it makes it a little richer!

I LOVE the Firm Videos! I have 5 of them! They are a little high intensity right now for me, but I can still do the Abs one. I use Kathy Smith's Lift Weights to lose weight too. That is the one that helped me lose 56 pounds in 1999!!! :):)

Ricci - I never thought I had the will power either, but the cool thing is that once you get past the first 3 days or so, your body is so cleared out of carbs that you dont crave sweets. Most dont even look good to me. Even popcorn which my hubby loves to make at night when watching TV... I used to LIVE on Popcorn when low fat dieting. What I like about atkins is that you can eat rich foods like my bacon wrapped scallops last night and still lose weight. The other thing I like is that I really dont have that blood sugar crash in the afternoons anymore! That is a major plus for me with 2 little ones!

I went to the gym again today. Did my lower body and man my thighs are killing me. I know I will be sore tmo. I think I have over done the abs a little as my incisions are a little sore today.. so I am taking tmo off the abs. WIll do the treadmill though as I know I will need to stretch my legs!!! :):):) :p

Well, I am off.. I am teaching crochet class tonight and have to get some stuff done around here... talk to you all soon! :):)

08-27-2003, 07:44 PM
Karen, I did try Splenda last year and did not care for it at all. I don't remember it giving me a headache, but I couldn't stomach it in my coffee.... I though it tasted just awful! I am a black coffee drinker, but like it sweet. I hate to sound so anti-Atkins, and I hope you and Spryng won't take offense to what I'm about to say. But Atkins goes against almost everything I know about good nutrition. Remember that I am in nursing school, and I have studied a lot about anatomy and physiology and how the body works and processes things and how all of the systems work together. It's just my opinion that ketoacidosis is not a state you want to purposely put your body into. If a patient comes into the hospital in metabolic acidosis, we do everything we can to reverse it because of the impact it has on the body. Now, I do have plenty of nurse friends who are on Atkins, also. And of course, there are plenty of doctors who sing it's praises. But, I don't see it as a way of life for me. I know that if I were to suck it up and try it, I probably would lose weight. But I could never stick with it forever, and once I was off it, I'd gain all that weight right back. I truly want to change my eating habits forever, by eating good, healthy food, not binging, and eating a well-balanced diet. I think moderation is the key, and that completely cutting out either sugar or carbs or any other specific thing is only a temporary fix.

So, that is just my opinion. You may disagree, and that's fine. If Atkins works for you, then I think that's great, because whatever works to help you get to a healthy weight and maintain it is wonderful! I'm just saying that it's not for me. Of course, I realize my argument has almost no credibility because I am sitting here FAT and you all are losing the weight. :D

08-27-2003, 08:28 PM
I'm starting a new thread :)