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08-22-2003, 02:04 AM
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08-22-2003, 02:05 AM
oops, I hope you all don't mind I didn't use all the colors in the new thread =

I just wanted to check in and see what was happening and it looks like there has been a lot of activity since I was here this afternoon....good night all!

08-22-2003, 02:18 AM
I wanted to get a quick post in; too busy for individual replies tonight. Couldn't post last night (Wed) due to a systems upgrade here at work that took about 5 hours.

It's just after midnight, hope you ladies are all snug in your beds with visions of sugar-free plums dancing in your heads :lol:

I had an OP day yesterday but not today. I had a very painful afternoon in my backside (or as some southerners say, my "hind end"). I started overeating this afternoon from the stress from the pain (nothing would relieve it) and wanting to get my mind off it. Also to comfort myself. Soaking in warm water didn't help. I finally started feeling better around 8PM. If this thing doesn't heal my doc said we would have to consider other measures. So please you guys send some healing vibes my way!!! Thankfully I have Fri night and Mon night off.

I hope you all have a good Friday. Check you later.

08-22-2003, 06:56 AM
OK Just a quickie here...I put the stop sign up on the last thread so no one would post there and since it moved that post up to the top I figured I better post and move this one back up!

Andrew slept from 5:15 last night until...well...he is still sleeping in my bed as I type this...geeeesh...why won't he let ME sleep like that!

Gotta run and get ready for work and working on a successful day 2 on this new program! I love it!

Oh Tina...I forgot to say last night...I read your post and cried...I want him! Please share! LOL

TTFN Michelle

08-22-2003, 08:20 AM
Still no cause on the rash and itching. I got some aveeno to bathe in it helps some.

Terri in MO
08-22-2003, 08:55 AM
Good morning! It's Friday!

Not much time, just wanted to jump in here and wish everyone lots of :goodvibes:. The weekends seems to be such a challenge to stay op. Why can't they be challenges to fall off program instead? Anyway, make some goals for tghe weekend that you can keep and that will you stay on track. Mine is to get two exercise sessions in a day to make up for what I haven't done this week.

Got to run now! Have a great day!

08-22-2003, 09:15 AM
Morning Ladies,

How is everybody?

Did not rest well last night, had crazy dreams, "unresolved" of course. Guess it was my "pre-bedtime discussion" with Jane. I know we will talk this weekend and work everything out, but the hurt is still there.....on both accounts, I'm sure. But, I still have not overeaten over it....THANKS 2 CUTE FOR THE SUPPORT AND GOOD THOUGHTS, I APPRECIATE IT.

Determined...the weekends are (fortunately) not a challenge to me because to me it is just another work day...guess that is one blessing from having to work Sat/Sun ;) , I do try one of those days to cook a really good meal, veggies and the whole nine yards, it makes a difference. (I don't get all the veggies in I need), but today is grocery shopping day, (when I get off wrk tonight, will go ahead and get it done)...off at 8p, back at 6:30a tomorrow, CRAZINESS!!:dizzy: Gives me a :hot: :headache: but I am grateful to be employed!

Mary take care, and enjoy your aveeno baths, and I am so pleased to hear there were no negative reports from your bloodwork. Let us hear from you.

Michelle, isn't it great to feel successful!! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!:cb: :cp: :dancer:

Dixie, my dahling....hope your hind end feels better soon, take care sweetums';)

MissMeliss...have a good day "y'all":lol: :lol:

sw 356/June 5th/331.4 August 7th
next weigh in scheduled 9/18 - appt with Dietician, will never make it that long, will be weighing soon I think, may try to hold out till 8/31 anyway. (If I can, I always get such a "thrill" seeing those #'s go down!!)
next goal: lose 30 lbs by 12/31
next goal: lose 50 lbs
final goal: 130ish!!:jig: :dance:

later chicklets:wave:

08-22-2003, 10:09 AM
Good Morning Gals!
I am happy to report that my Friday weigh-in has me down 2 more pounds!!! :D Today is a work at home day so I plan on going to the gym as soon as I get done this evening. Not sure exactly what I'll do - may just do some cardio work and try to get a feel for the place and the people. It's always nerve racking going to a new place. I may take my swimsuit and see if the pool is open. It's a small pool with only 2 swimming lanes. I think I have officially decided to go with the 3 month membership and as long as I like it I'll join longer term after that.

Jeff got home last night at 2am. He's already back up and at work. I'm tired because I had a hard time sleeping until he got home, but I'm sure he's exhausted.

Connie --- {{{{HUGS}}}} I hope you get to feeling better soon. Just remember that food is not going to help the pain. It might smooth it over for a couple minutes, but it's no fix. Hang in there!

Michelle ---- Are you still going to the Eagles game tonight??? Have fun!! I tried to get tickets through some people at work this week but no luck. Guess we'll watch from the comfort of the couch.

Mary ---- I sure hope you get rid of the itching soon.

Terri --- I'm with you, weekends are so tough for me. I am determined that this weekend won't get the best of me. I was so happy to see my loss today that I don't want to gain it back over a couple good meals! My goal for the weekend is to work out each day and go grocery shopping for some healthy food. That, along with a million other things on my "to do" list, but one thing at a time - those are my two priorities.

Pam ---- Sorry to hear that you and Jane are having a tough time right now. I certainly hope you are able to smooth things over this weekend. Good job not turning to food for comfort!!!

That's all I have time for now --- a big Hello :wave: to everyone else.

Make it a great day!

08-22-2003, 10:14 AM
Morning girls.

Tina: I just wanted to confirm what I have said ever since the first time I came to this thread and you spoke of your dear husband (see, he deserved to have it written out versus dh):) What a man, he is so romantic and caring and so in tune to you. I love my dh to death and he is my world and I am his I am sure because he does tell me once in a while, but to express it like that and to post it out there on the web:D (I am green with envy).
You are one lucky lady.....{{{HUGS}}}

Mary: I hope all gets better with the rash. Seems funny they can't tell ya what it is. Sending you soothing feelings.

Pam: I hope all is better between you and Jane. It is good to express your feelings, sometimes everyone needs a good old reality check of what is going on in their relationships. But, I am sure you two will work it out. {{{Hugs}}}

LoLa: I have never had them tell me that I had to fix something in my post? I have, however, lost many a posts to the posting monsters. They just seem to pop up and eat em sometimes. Good luck with the next one.

Michelle: I got the day off from work today, and my little one let me sleep.....then the phone rang at 7:45 and I had to get up. But it was nice while it lasted. Heres to wishing you another great OP day.....

Dixie: Hope it all gets better for you.

Well chicklets got a busy day ahead, so am gonna run..take care.


08-22-2003, 10:16 AM
Hi girls. Yesterday I finished well. Even though the beginning of my week was horrible. So, as expected today at weigh-in I maintained. No biggie.
My arms and shoulders are sore from adding on weight to my routine. I started with 5 pounds dumbells and I've just increase to 8 pounders. I can already see a difference in my arm muscle just after two workouts so I guess it was just the thing I needed. I'm so impatient so any results that I can see go a long, long way. Not a good personality trait but, oh well.
So I will start again this week harder than every because I really want to be under 200 by my 28th birthday on 9/22. Eek!

I'm sorry that you and Jane are fighting. I hate that, it always makes me feel like crapola when Tom and I fight. But it sounds like the two of you have a safe and healthy relationship, so I'm certain you'll be back to normal in no time. It's also great that you were able to open up to eachother, without opening the fridge! ;)

Good luck with your goals this weekend. I'll be right there with you working out too!

I just got an assignment that is due at 10AM so I'll be back to reply to the rest of you girls later!

08-22-2003, 12:17 PM
Hello again girls,

just had to pop back in and share my good news, weighed in just a little while ago, lost 5.1lbs since 8/7 - total loss now 29.7 lbs since 6/5:strong: :jig: couldnt do it without all of your love support and encouragement, I am so blessed to have this place to come and be with all of you, YOU ARE ALL THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!

no time for individual replies now, but did want to say to Tina, WHAT A MAN YOU HAVE THERE GIRL!! WHAT A SWEETHEART! YOU HOLD ONTO HIM!;)


Later chicklets:wave:

08-22-2003, 12:20 PM
Hey girls -

I'll do individual replies tonight, I just wanted to take a peek in and see what was happening :)

Justme: I need to start doing reps and stuff, once I get fully moved (I won't lie and say I need to get settled because we know how long it takes to get completely settled when you move). I've moved so many times in the past four or five years (college) that I seriously feel like I could throw all my belongings into garbage bags, plug in my computer and fee "settled."...Anyways..what sorts of reps do you do to tone your arms?

I have a project revisit at Wal*Mart today, just as soon as the :censored: package with the instructions arrive. I'm anxious for it to get here cause I need to do some food shopping as well and hey..I might as well wait and do it so I can get paid for gas mileage.

Meanwhile I'm having a cheese sandwich (wheat bread..Kraft low-fat singles) and SOY MILK for breakfast :gag:

I guess now I'm off to keep an eye out for UPS or FedEx...

Take care girls...until next time...


08-22-2003, 01:32 PM
Way to go Pam!!!!

:strong: :cb: :strong: :cb: :strong: :cb:

08-22-2003, 02:28 PM
Good morning my sweet chickpeas! I am SO happy I only have one more day at work and then I am out of here for two glorious days!! The only downfall is that I miss you guys for two days and I absolutely hate that. :(

I want to thank you guys so much for all the warm comments about my dh. Ron is truly precious to me. I don't know what I would do without him. I mean, don't get me wrong. He can be your typical man..... you know, throws underwear in the floor, (but, he also does laundry) makes a mess (but, he will help clean) and spends $$ without asking about what bills need to be paid. He's not perfect.... heck, who among us are? Things haven't always been fantastic between us and about 4 years ago, it took us almost losing one another to realize what we had, but I'm thankful it did. While I wouldn't reccommend the tough time we went through to anyone, it made us come out all the stronger and the better for it. We are truly blessed. :yes: I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

For those of you that haven't seen my sweetie, here is a pic of him:

(As you can see, I'm not the only one who likes Tony)

This is us from our last vacation to Thompson, CT.

FLASHBACK! This was our wedding day!!

I'm going to include more in the next post.....

MissMeliss: To answer your question, I work at a national dispatch/answering service. We answer calls from all over the united states. From the mundane everyday real estate call to relaying emergency messages to doctors, lawyers and law enforcement. We cater to your answering needs. Geez, did that just sound like a commercial? :lol: I really like it though because it is never boring and my boss is the bomb!

Pam: I am SO proud of you girl! You are doing such an awesome job! Congrats on your loss! I'm sorry you and Jane are having a hard time, believe me.... I have been there. Keep your chin up though, you'll get through it and be stronger for it. :cheers:

Sandy: You know, I told Ron that you were his biggest fan and he said, "Geez, what are you telling those guys?" :lol: Also, I just have to say this because I felt led to, so bear with me. I know you are going through a tough time right now, but remember.... we love you and want you to be happy and healthy. Together, we CAN do this. Just remember that.

Barb: Congrats on another loss! You are doing so well. Also, let us know how the membership goes. I've been thinking about joining the Y for awhile, but can't seem to get up the nerve. We've also got a Curves here that I've been looking at, but same thing applies. I've got to get the nerve up to work out in public.

Terri: Weekends seem to be a little harder on me too, but I am determined to succeed. I just noticed the little play on words there... You know, what I said and your user name? Ok...you get it. I'm ******ed. :lol: Anyways, before I babbled. I am challenging myself to stay within my points and exercise at least once.

Michelle: The new flex points program sounds so great! I can't wait to rejoin WW. I am following the program right now, but I do SO much better when I WI and go to the meetings. My heart tells me just to go pay the $30.00 to join and do the pre-pay later, but my pocketbook tells me to wait till I get that child tax credit check so I can go ahead and do the pre-pay and save $42. I know, it's just the bargainer in me. :yes: Once again..... I am SO proud of you. I just KNEW you could do it. :yes:

Mary: Glad to hear the results of the bloodwork were clear....hope the itching stops soon.

Connie: I am sending MAJOR healing vibes your way. :goodvibes :goodvibes I'm sorry that you're going through a tough time right now....I wish there was some way I could help you. On the other side though.....I know eating will take your mind off of it, but just for a moment. Remember in the end, you're just going to feel worse. Take care, ok? {{{hugs}}}

Lola: You never ever have to apologize to us for getting mad about losing a post. I can't even tell you the times I have done that and wanted to scream. If I had a nickel for everytime I sat for over an hour and worked on a post just to lose it.... well, I'd have enough money to re-join WW right now. :lol: I always copy mine. I've learned my lesson. :yes:

Kat: My heart goes out to you and your "moving day". I can't imagine. :no: As it is, my 15 year old wants to move out in our shed in the backyard so he'll have a "bachelor pad". I'm like, "What's up with that?" He just wants a place where he can sit and play video games nonstop. :lol: Here's a big hug to help you stay strong today. {{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}

Amanda, Lucky, 2cute, Thin, Steph, Joe anne, (both of you) and everyone else I missed, I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend and I will pop in tomorrow for one last post before I am off for a couple of days... :(

I love you guys.. :grouphug:

08-22-2003, 02:29 PM
We were dating here.... he was helping me wash my first car.

Yes, we both worked at Krystal while we were dating. (For those of you that don't know what a "Krystal" is....it's a fast food restaurant where they sell little square hamburgers. (kinda like White Castle)

Me and Ron on my 17th birthday

THIS is my goal! I want a piggyback ride again. We were dating here, this is at a local lake.

And last but not least, me and Ron on our 3 week "anniversary". Aren't we cute?

Geeez, I got kinda picture happy there, didn't I? :lol:

08-22-2003, 05:03 PM
Off to CURVES! See ya later! :D

08-22-2003, 05:58 PM
I'm back girls. It's 10 minutes until the weekend, I just wantedt to finish up my replies before I leave you for the evening.

OH MY GOD! You and hubby are so freakin' cute! I love those pics. :lol: He's such a sweet heart.

Good for you to pick up a lifting routine. A combo of lifting and cardio is supposed to be the most effective way to lose. I am only doing upper body for now, mainly because I'm lazy. I just do the basics. I couldn't tell you what the names of any of the workouts are. But if you check out Oprah's website there is a great section with Bob Greene. He goes over the proper form for 8 upper body movements. I've based my workout on those, and also what Tom helps me with.


Later girls!

08-22-2003, 09:11 PM
Tina those pics are soooo cute! I don't know about where you are but WW has the $20 special right now. Check the www.weight-watchers.com board and type in your zip code and it will give you the closest meetings to you and then click on the link for specials. It should tell you there. I still have prepay coupons plus I found 5 expired ones. I called them and they said to just send them to them and they will send me new ones! How cool is that!! So I have right now 13 weeks already paid! I am going to put $10 a week away in an envelope and when I use the prepays up I will have the $120 to buy 12 more!

Barb...no we didn't go to the game tonight. Our friend decided that he didn't want to spend the $3000 on the season tickets that they were offered...it was behind the goal post. So, John picked up a case of beer on his way home and he is lounging out there on the couch right now watching the game.

Pam congrats on the weightloss....right now you are my idol!!

Thin good job on getting back to Curves! I need to get this rump to the Y and start exercising again. I am signing Andrew up for swim lessons beginning in September! So hopefully that will motivate me!

Sandy...I am off tomorrow but want to get an early start grocery shopping...Andrew has a hair appt at 11:30....so no sleeping in for me tomorrow...but watch...he will want to just because I need to get going early! But now Sunday...he can let me sleep in but gauranteed he won't...he'll be up by 6 am watch and see! If he doesn't I 'd be surprised!

Hi Terri...exercise is a dirty word you know...I'm surprised 3FC lets us type it! LOL

Melissa isn't moving the worst!!! But at least its exercise!

Oh HEY BARB...are we on for this Sunday or do you want to make it two weeks from now? Choice is yours! Just let me know!

Connie...hope your HIND END is feeling better!!

Mary whats up with all that itching? Are they going to run any other tests?

OK where are the rest of you chickies today?? Come out and post now...I will be back before I hit the hay! I gotta go cut some coupons now!

TTFN Michelle

08-22-2003, 09:25 PM
The itching is getting better. But I am sstill broke out It maay be some better.

Terri in MO
08-22-2003, 09:42 PM
Wow, we have a couple of losers in the group.

:bravo: to Barb and Pam! :smoking:

I think I'm down a half pound myself. Still short on the exercise due to the heat and laziness but I WILL make up for it this weekend.

We lazed out and had Chinese for dinner. I had Shrimp Lo Mein - regular size - and only ate about a third of the noodles. We did have appetizers and did eat those. :o

It was only 96 today. I know 2Cute and relate to the heat. A cold front came through last night. Who'd think you'd be grateful for 96 degrees? The dog thinks its cool enough to play. :rolleyes:

Tina - Loved, loved, loved your pics. What a couple of cuties. Now we both have our goals for the weekend and let's not just be determined to succeed - let's JUST DO IT! We'll miss you while you're off.

Connie - I hope you get to feeling better soon. As others have said, don't rely on food for comfort. Its only a temporary comfort and then the guilt starts to seep in over what we've eaten knowing that its keeping up from our goals. Hang in there! :goodvibes:

Thin - I'm proud of ya! Good girl for getting back to Curves.

Pam - Good luck with resolving your issues with Jane. You too don't fall into the food comfort trap. You've worked too hard and you're doing great.

Melissa - Yuck, moving in the summer is not fun!

Mary - Good golly, wonder what you got into? Hope it continues to improve.

Kat - How did the move go? How exciting for your daughter, and scarey too, to head off to school. :grouphug: for you.

Seems like there was someone else I wanted to reply to. Sandy, 2Cute, Amanda, Natalie, and everyone else - hello and have a great evening and a successful weekend!

08-22-2003, 09:57 PM
Pam: I know what unresolved dreams are like...I always get those kind of dreams where you KNOW you are supposed to be doing something, but for something in the dream you get distracted and it NEVER seems to get done....once in a while when I am on the warpath trying to remember to do certain things, and I get distracted, I get the chills cause it makes me think of those nightmares I get sometimes...

Barb: Congratulations on the two pound weight loss :bravo: You're so brave to join a gym..I have a hard time with gyms because I am so self-conscious about my weight and I hate the thought of people watching me as I work out...

Sandy: What's this talk about "dear husband.."...I seriously always thought 'dh' stood for "damn husband..."....oops....LOL

Tina: Those really are the CUTEST pictures...ha ha I hope you don't mind me admitting to having a chuckle at the time warp those pictures seem to have come from..they totally scream 80's LOL..but you have grown into a beautiful couple.

Michelle: To respond to your comment..YES moving out is the WORST...gah. I know it is exercise..but I'm obviously not in the best of shape, so it IS hard for me.

Natalie: yay! thanks for suggesting the Oprah web page, I'm DEFINITELY gonna check that out and start working in my weights...I think that may be a reasonable first goal for getting my activities into my program.

WHICH brings me to my next point: the reason I started coming back here is cause I'm FINALLY deciding that I am SICK of being the way I am...I literally have let being overweight run my LIFE.
I don't know if anyone else can relate (is that an arrogant thing to ask? Surely I'm the only one with problems!!!;)) Lately I don't want to go anywhere because I don't want people to see how I look, or I'm afraid I'll run into someone I haven't seen in a while and they'll see that I've gained weight since I saw them last. Movie theaters SUCK because let me tell you..they are BUILT FOR SKINNY PEOPLE....AIRPPLANE SEATS SUCK...they are ALSO built for SKINNY PEOPLE. ...what else...AMUSEMENT PARK RIDES...DESIGHED FOR SKINNY PEOPLE....I could go on. I hate seeing myself in the mirror, and I hate feeling so achey and sore at the end of the day because I am carrying too much weight and being on my feet all day does a number on my legs and back. Sometimes I wake up with a sore back in the morning and feel like I need to roll out of bed like an egg :mad: ...not good.
I think the worst part about being overweight is the sleep apnea....I don't know if any of you ladies have had it..but it's a scary experiences because people like me (with overactive imaginations) wake up in the middle of the night and think they are dying because they are short of breath for no real reason.
These health concerns have scared me..and I think I've gotten to a point where I don't even want to lose weight for other people (like I used to feel)...It's finally coming from within me and it has taken me (quite literally) all of my life to learn this.

So...sorry for the morbid entry but I just had to get it out in the air..and I would like to know if any of you guys have had similar problems. :?:

Any rate...I'll probably check back once more before bedtime...

08-22-2003, 10:21 PM
Hey Chicks!!!

I did it --- I just got back from the gym!!! :strong: :cb:
Tonight was a trial work out. The girl took me through all the Nautilus equipment and I did 15 minutes on the eliptical machine and 10 minutes on the bike. I am going back tomorrow to join!!!
YAY for me!!! It wasn't too crowded tonight but there were all kinds there - young, old, skinny, fat, muscle heads, etc. I didn't feel like anyone was looking at me, everyone was doing their own thing! I think this is going to be great for me!!!

Then I stopped at Subway and got one of the lowfat Chix subs. Yummy. :T It was a little out of my way, but I like their subs better than Wawa -- those of you in the Philly area know what I mean. Wawa is a very popular convenience/deli store.

Now we are watching the Eagles!!!! They are struggling a little bit.

Michelle - I am glad now we didn't get tickets with this 'lovely' weather we are having tonight. Sunday sounds good to me it you are coming down this way. Looks like it's suppose to be a nice day - sunny and 78. Do you want to meet at the nearby park I mentioned? PM me and we can work out the details.
:sunny: Good job on WW!!!

Natalie - Good job on the workout routine and the maintained weight this week! You are going to be at your goal by your b-day!!! :yes:

Tina -- You and Ron and adorable!! Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures!! Yep, I am very familar with Krystal from my younger days growing up in FL. :) You're gonna get that piggy-back ride again one of these days. :D

Mary - Glad to hear the itching it getting a little better. Hopefully soon you'll be back to yourself and you can spend more time with us.

Terri --- Hope it cools off for you this weekend so you can get in your exercise. We've been in the 90s here as well, but it's suppose to cool off a bit this weekend. Thank goodness! Good job on the 1/2 pound --- every bit counts!

Melissa -- No need to apologize for your entry. You are only speaking the truth about many things that I am sure we have all thought! Don't try to do it all at once. A little at a time and you'll start seeing improvements and feeling better. When I first started exercising in February I could barely make it 10 minutes on the treadmill. Now I am good for about 40 minutes plus other exercising. I never would have joined the gym 6 months ago, but now I am feeling better about myself and am ready for this next step. I've learned that even 5 minutes of exercise is better than none!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! WE ALL CAN!!!! We are here for you for support! Set some goals for yourself, even if it's 10 minutes of exercise on the family room floor -- anything!! Keep us posted!!

Thin - Good job getting back to Curves today!! :D

Kat - I hope moving day went well and you are hanging in there!

Big hugs :grouphug: and Hello :wave: to everyone else!

Amanda, Lynne, Joanne, Joanne, who else? --- Where have you guys been???

Love you guys!

08-22-2003, 10:57 PM
Ok I'm here to report another successful day....I came 4 points short of reaching my target points...oh well....I was quite satisfied with all that I ate today...I actually feel like I pigged out. My new thing at work now is to chew gum as much as I can to keep my mouth out of trouble! Its been working!

Well I'm off to bed...want to get an early start in the morning so I can get back and clean and do laundry!

TTFN Michelle

08-22-2003, 11:03 PM
Hey girls! :wave: No time for replies tonight, I have been sleeping on the couch since dinner and have to be up early in the morning.

I did go back to Curves today. There was a post it note on my sign in sheet from the girl who signed me up saying she missed me. Awwww, wasn't that sweet?

I'm headed to Toledo, OH in the morning. I'm going to an all day Mystery Shopping seminar. Now, before you all crack up, I have to tell you that I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place with this. It appears that the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (which is made up of mystery shopping company execs) has determined that 'certified' shoppers would be a fun thing to have. So they've developed a certification program. To get Silver certified, you have to take a 35 question test online for $15. Then to get Gold certified (and you have to be silver certified first) you have to attend an in person, all day seminar somewhere for $99. Well the closest they've gotten to me is Toledo (about an hour and a half).

Now, after 10 years of doing this, I'm sure that an all day seminar is just the thing I need to waste my time and money on. NOT! But (and here comes the rub) some of the companies that I've 'worked for' for years are now taking newbie 'certified' shoppers over oldie non-certified shoppers like me. :( Also, any companies that are members of the MSPA, seem to be interested in the certification. Soooo, I'm thinking that it is in my best interest to attend this thing. I only pray that they will share some wonderful tip on efficiency (either for doing shops, scheduling shops, or keeping track of shops) that will make my day worthwhile.

Can you tell I have an attitude? I guess I shouldn't, afterall, I'll be on my own all day long, just me and my lonely. Could be fun! :D

Anyway, that's tomorrow's saga. I did as promised and went to Curves today. I had to have quite the argument with myself. 'You're going', 'I don't want to', 'well, you're going anyway', 'who's gonna make me', 'you told the chics you were going', 'ok, dang it, I'll go!' It was touch and go there for awhile, but I did feel like I accomplished something by doing what I said I was going to do. :)

I truly don't have time for replies, but I have to say to Tina: My gosh, what babies you two were!!! I thought honey and I were young! Too cute!!!

Gotta run and get some sleep. You all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

08-23-2003, 01:39 AM
I have been trying to read all the posts I missed ...but ... I keep falling asleep sitting here at the computer. I am going to have to go to bed and finish them tomorrow.
I love you all.

08-23-2003, 09:42 AM
Good morning gals!!
I hope everyone's Saturday is off to beautiful start! I just rolled out of bed and am still 1/2 asleep. My back is a little achy from last night's workout. But that's ok --- guess where I am off to. ???? Yep, the GYM!!!! I am going to see what the Sat. morning crowd is like and get my workout done so I can enjoy the rest of my day. I have a list of several errands to run and then DH just told me a bunch of people from his work are going to be at Delaware Park today so we are going to me them there. It is a Horse Racing Track and they also have slot machines. :D

I'll check in with all you lovelies later!!!

08-23-2003, 10:15 AM
Good Morning Ladies. I am going to try a little post.
I still itch some but not too bad. I still have a rash all over my upper body, but not my face. I have no idea what caused this.

Work is soso still haven't hired a new person yet. Maaybe soon we have had several good applications.

DH and I are going out to eat today we are going to Ryan's.

The Prednizone I am taking makes me hungry. I think I am up 4 lbs. since Monday.

Well I better run Need to do some hemming beefore I put my sewing machine in storage.

Tina the pics were good.

Love to all of you

Terri in MO
08-23-2003, 10:18 AM
Good morning!

I'm up! DH has headed off in search of tomatoes and Sam's Club. I made the dog go outside for awhile. I have the house to myself for a change. Its nice to be home on Saturday morning with no plans to go anywhere.

When I wake up and can see, here's what I plan to do today:

8:30 - do my morning exercises with the handweights, etc.

10:00 - do the WATP for 1 mile or do 20 minutes tae bo

1:00 - 40 minutes on the spinner

8:30 pm - walk the dog for 30 minutes

I know its ambitious but I'll do it at reasonable intensity so I don't pull a muscle. However, I know my body can handle it. I have to do a lot of sitting this next couple of weeks while I cram for a test on 9/5 (over Commercial Insurance) so I'll need the exercise breaks.

Now that I've typed my plan, I'll report in later.

Melissa - You are right about the stuff being made for skinny people. We were at the ballgame recently and the seats are so narrow and so close. Only a small boned skinny woman and kids are comfortable. They jam in the seats to make more money but never take a look at the size of most people. I can relate to how you feel about being tired of being overweight. That's a weary feeling. Focus on all the positive things you are doing for yourself and don't quit! But don't hide from people either. I used to do that - wouldn't go places, wouldn't wear shorts, wouldn't wear short sleeve...wouldn't..wouldn't..wouldn't. Life is too short for coulda, woulda, shoulda..embrace life now as you are and feel good about yourself now and you'll be surprised at how that helps you stay focused on your journey of feeling better physically.

Barb - Great job on going to the gym. You've inspired me to get up here soon and exercise! Have fun today!

Now, I must get up and get busy.


08-23-2003, 10:42 AM
Gah!! I hate my bathroom scale...it's one of those cheap scales where if you move in the slightest it changes, so it's hard to actually tell how much you weigh :( I got on a few hours ago and it said that I've gained 15 pounds which I KNOW isn't true...any thoughts or suggestions?? Maybe I should just get weighed every other week that way I notice some sort of difference because now I'm all depressed, and wondering if I started out this diet weighing more than I thought that I did.


-Melissa :(

08-23-2003, 11:01 AM
Good morning Chickie Poos!!

Well Andrew let me sleep till 7 am this morning which is an hour longer than usual! But up we got, I gave him a cup of milk and a mozzarella cheese stick and I got washed and dressed and got him dressed and then we went to the grocery store. Only spent $108...and got tons of stuff...that 10 for $10 sale is a killer. 10 jars of skippy peanut butter, 10 pks of the danimals drinkable yogurt, 10 32 oz bottles of gatorade, 10 8 pks of deer park bottled water, can't beat that...thats 80 bottles of water! I'm going back to get more. 10 cups of fruit naturales..cut up fruit in its own juice! I need stuff like that to get my fruits in. And tons of other stuff too!

I just finished a bowl of oatmeal w/peanut butter, oh so yummy and filling for 4 pts...its just 1/2 c of quick oats, 1 cup of water, 1 T of peanut butter and 1 pkt of sweetner, microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes and enjoy, if its too thick then just ad a splash of milk! That with a 16 oz bottle of water is enough to fill you up for a bit!!

OK I gotta get off of here for now...I need to give the boy a bath since I didnt' do it last night then take him for a hair cut and then to the credit union!

I'll be back!!

08-23-2003, 11:11 AM
Well, this is my last post till Tuesday, so it better be good. :cry: I sure am gonna miss you guys till I get back to work. My child tax credit cannot come soon enough. :no:

I had sort of an epiphony last night, so I thought I would share. What I'm going to talk about is "urges" or "impulses". An overweight person has these all the times. We have the urge or impulse to eat things that are bad for us or to overeat. What I have been thinking about though, is how we react to these urges or impulses.

I mean, how many times have we been sitting somewhere, (keyword: sitting) be it..... in the car, on the couch, whatever. Anyways, as we're sitting there, the urge hits. I want something to eat. Now, let's be honest. Usually when this urge hits, we don't head to the kitchen or local fast food restaurant for something healthy, do we? :no: We usually grab something quick or laden with fat.

So, I had already had a good dinner last night (within my pts) and the urge hit. I want something to eat. I don't want to count pts. or weigh my food. I want the icecream I just bought at the store today or maybe one of those chicken biscuits in the freezer.

I was actually on the edge of my couch seat about to head into the kitchen when I stopped. I sat back and asked myself, "Are you really hungry?" :no: I wasn't. I just wanted to eat. So, I did what I've read in WW articles and magazines for years, I occupied my time elsewhere till the urge passed.

I picked up the phone and called my best friend. I didn't tell her that I was trying to cut off my eating impulse, we just talked about silly stuff....ok, mainly Tony :s: and a few more things. We only talked for about 15 minutes....but you know what?! When we hung up, I was FINE!

Just by calling my friend, I bypassed that urge. I stopped that impulse in it's tracks. :tape: I think that's honestly one of the primary problems of people that are overweight.... It's giving in to those urges when they hit.

So, the next time you feel that familiar feeling, or hear that voice in your head, stop it. Go outside, even if it's just to walk to the mailbox and back. Go in the backyard and pet your dog. Call a friend. Take a bath. Go for a drive. Take a walk around the block. Take that extra 10 minutes to allow the urge to pass, it just might save your life.

This has been your inspirational post of the day. :lol:

I hope you all have a super wonderful weekend filled with love, life and laughter and most of all....healthy eating and exercise.

I will see all you lovely ladies on Tuesday.


P.S. Five whole days within my points. Three days of exercise. :cb:

08-23-2003, 11:50 AM
I feel good.....da na na na na na.....
:cb: :cb: :cb:

I know, a lousy attempt at trying to sing on-line. I just got back from a 1 hour workout at the gym. Mix of cardio and Nautilus. I am officially a member now!!!! Woohoo -- I took the plunge!!

It is such a beautiful day here. I can't wait to get outside! I am going to finish getting ready, run some errands and enjoy the day!

Mary - I am sooooo happy to hear that you are feeling a little bit better!!

Terri - Good luck with that ambitious workout today! You can do it!!!

Melissa --- Mean scale!!! Don't let it get you down --- you said yourself it's a cheapo and may not be right. If you are going to weigh yourself a lot (which I am guilty of) you need to get a good one. I have a digital Tanita which weighs to the .2 of a pound. It has a memory for 5 people and will remember your last weighin for you. It was about $50. I ordered it online, just cause I didn't have the time to go find it in the store. It's so easy to focus on the numbers, but try not to rely too much on them --- let your body be your guide --- focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit. :)

Michelle - Quite a deal you got on the grocery shopping. I've got to squeeze that in somewhere this weekend. Let me know about tomorrow. :)

Tina - Good Job and Good advice!!! It is so true -- sometimes it's just fun and yummy to eat, even if our bodies don't need it. Way to go on the points and exercise! I'll miss seeing you around this weekend, but have a wonderful couple days off. See ya Tuesday.

Alrighty Gals, time for me to go pretty myself up and get outta here!

Love ya'll,

08-23-2003, 12:39 PM
Tina! You two are so cute! I love the 'flashback' pictures!

Well...I've survived move-in day. I think it's a good thing that it takes place in August, when it is so blisteringly hot, that all you want to do is dump the kid and run for the safety of the car's AC! Okay, that's a bit of an exageration, but MY GOD, what a hot day!!

The day started out with me getting up around 7:15, only to find her car gone. :?: I should have realized that one final "Goodbye" to the boyfriend would be in order...but I panicked...where the **** is she? Why the **** is dh sleeping through my worrying? She had gone out to breakfast with the bf, it turns out. :rolleyes:

We took two cars, she and I in hers, dh and son in mine... (Dh's car is STILL in the shop...:o) They were extremely organized at the school...as we got to the dorms, a crowd of football players came over, asked what room, and proceeded to lug all her stuff up. They had carts, so in a very short while, everything was in her room...all we had to do was park the car once it was unloaded! (So I really shouldn't complain, since I didn't have to haul stuff in the extreme heat...that would have REALLY made me cranky!) NOT that walking the very HILLY and CROWDED campus didn't! Her dorm is on the sixth floor, they have a great view across NY Harbor, can even see the Statue of Liberty. The roommate, I can tell already, is going to get on her nerves! She sure was getting on mine! Long story short, we got her settled in, stayed for a few speeches, went back to the dorm, said our good byes...I was too tired hot cranky and dehydrated to cry much, but I sure squeezed my baby girl tight. I am SO going to miss her!

Oh sure...NOW I cry!

The boys are off to the beach with the Scouts for some fly-fishing merit badge thing...so I'm all alone. Today is GORGEOUS, by the way...only 75 degrees at the moment, low humidity...perfect day...I MUST get outside!

I can't think of anything else to say at the moment, so I'll just say, "Have a great day all..."

joe anne
08-23-2003, 02:11 PM
See ya there