100 lb. Club - Some helpful fitness/nutrition/emotional overeating books...

08-21-2003, 10:54 PM

I've noticed I have some books I frequently use for help on my journey. Maybe some of you would be interested:

Thin for Life and Eating Thin for Life: 10 Keys to Success from People who have lost weight and kept it off-by Anne M. Fletcher

I really like this one, because the author interviewed people who lost significant weight who have kept it off for years

Change One-(Readers Digest) John Hastings (how to change your habits to healthy ones, one new habit a week for three months)

Fat to Firm at Any Age (rodale press, Prevention magazine) by Alisa Harrar, health and nutrtion tips, and strength training routines, and overview of different types of exercise

Pefectly Fit-Selene Yeager-Rodale Press/Prevention magazine-great introduction to strength training, tons of strength exercises using free weights, resistance bands, fitness balls, and your own weight-also includes stretching exercises. It explains what muscles are worked with each exercise, and the benefits of strength training

Outwit your Weight-Cathy Nonas RD-Rodale Press-advice how to overcome common obstacles while on a weight loss journey

Thin from Within-Victoria Moran-emotional eating, etc.

The Solution-Laurel Mellin-overcoming emotional eating

Win the Fat War-Anne Alexander-Prevention magazine-145 real life secrets to weight loss success-I think there is also a book Win the Sugar War, and another one for moms trying to lose baby weight in this series (I don't have those yet)

Anything by Geneen Roth

When Women Stop Hating their Bodies-Jane Hirschman (hmm.. I can't find my copy!)

Hope these can help. I'd suggest checking your library, ebay, half.com, overstock.com or buy.com

Can you tell I've subscribed to Prevention magazine for many years?

Take care,


08-22-2003, 12:58 AM
Thanks for the great list.

And thanks for recommending Michelle Spring and Margaret Yorke. So far I've read one Yorke book and two Spring books, and I'm looking forward to reading as many as they've written. Had a great time on my vacation staying up late and reading a book a day.