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08-21-2003, 09:40 PM
Okay. My name is Erika and I'm a phase-one-a-holic.

I can't get completely on phase two. I'm scared of the number on the scale creeping back up. But I have only lost one lb. since I started phase two (only introducing yogurt, popcorn, and having bigger meals) two weeks ago.

Anyone else? I guess I'm just scared that if I have one piece of bread, I'll go crazy. Or if I have one piece of fruit, I'll go overboard. What will happen if I just keep eating like I'm eating? Will the scale eventualy go back up? If it does...I don't have a phase to really go back to...cause I'm pretty much on it. Right?

Some words of wisdom would be oh-so-helpful here.

08-21-2003, 09:54 PM
Hi Erica,

I'm pretty new to Phase 2 myself, so I don't know if I can give you a lot of good advice, but I'll share my thoughts.

One thing that is important is to start slowly (which is sounds like you have done), and learn which foods are your trigger foods....that is, which foods will bring back carb cravings or maybe cause your weight loss to stop. That will take a little bit of experimenting.

It's only been two weeks for you in Phase 2, and you haven't gained or stayed the same, you've lost, so you're doing great! One pound doesn't seem like a lot after the quick loss that many people see in Phase 1, but a loss is a loss, and there will be weeks when you don't lose, or even will gain a little. If you haven't seen it, I posted a link this morning to a great article that talks about how the scale "lies"....

One thing that I've found in Phase 2, I do better if I include some good fiber-rich carbohydrates like beans. I was afraid to try them at first (since I didn't eat any in Phase 1), but I'm glad to have them back in my life.

I'm sure some of the ladies who have been following SBD longer than I have can give you some good ideas and insight. Hang in there, and keep experimenting to see what works for you and what doesn't.

08-22-2003, 07:02 PM
Erika! I can relate! After reading your post I admitted to myself that I am on Phase 1.5! :lol: I haven't had a piece of fruit since the beginning of July! Oh yeah, except for the strawberry that was on top of the creme brulee' I had on my birthday:o

I think I am so hesitant because the first time I went to phase 2 I just about fell off the beach. I have been doing a modified phase 1 for the past couple weeks: I had barley in some soup, some grilled sweet potatoes, and a couple of pieces of bread. Well, maybe I AM on phase 2? Most days I stick to phase 1 though. It seems to be working for me, as my loss continues. I did add some pretty intensive (for me, at least) exercise, which helps me feel in control.

I am being very selective about adding phase 2 stuff, that's for sure. My biggest fear is I will go completely overboard...

Any other phase 1.5-ers out there?

08-22-2003, 10:27 PM
Franny that is a perfect way of describing what i am doing. phase 1.5.I am adding just 1 thing each day. Yesterday it was 1/2 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of milk. Today a cup of yoghurt. I am so afraid that something will trigger a binge and we have been doing so well.Erika if you feel that you are overdoing it you can go back to phase 1 for a week.The weight loss for phase 2 is supposed to be slower. Good luck........Julie

08-23-2003, 09:35 AM
Thanks for the advice and support. Phase 1.5 is the perfect way to describe where I am. I may just be expecting too much. You're right. After two weeks of rapid loss, it's humbling to then see the scale change very little over the next two weeks.

I guess I won't stress. I'm still moving down and my clothes are fitting so much better, so that's all I can ask for.

Glad you guys are here to hear me whine!