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08-21-2003, 09:33 PM
hi - started SBD yesterday at 154 (recently lost about 8 on WW and then went on vacation and that was the end of WW - couldnt seem to get back on it). A while back I did Suzanne Somers and I initially lost weight - but then it all stopped, I think because I ate a lot of "legal" deserts. (you guys are diet pros - you know the SS diet I figure). Has anyone else ever felt sick from very high protein meals? I find that if I eat lots of veggies I dont get that sick feeling I would get if I eat protein only. I am on day 2 and have not cheated except for one little creamer in my coffee today. But I feel like I am cheating. I am not hungry, and I worked out this morning and had lots of energy. Have other exercisers been weak on higher protein diets but ok on this one due to all the veggies? I am concerned about the huge container of part skim ricotta I bought today to make the deserts.... I would much rather forego the deserts and be down 10 pounds in 12 days!! I read the book and I think the beauty of the diet lies in that he does not give the strictest rules or food lists... but at the same time I have become so warped about food I feel I need more guidelines. Just a for instance - cashews are mentioned as an acceptable snack (15 of them) but they are not on the level one food list.... I guess I will know in a few days if this is working or not.....

08-22-2003, 08:49 PM
Janesays....somehow I never saw your post earlier! Sorry!

I hope you are sticking with it so far! When I first started SDB I did not have a ton of energy, but that faded pretty quickly. I do eat a ton of veggies along with all the healthy protein and cheese. I think this is a pretty balanced way of eating, and that may be why you aren't hungry or feeling weak.

The ricotta is good for you! You need your calcium, and since milk is out in phase 1 this is a great way to get it. Plus you need something indulgent to enjoy! You CAN eat 3 meals, 2 snacks, ricotta desert and a 75 cal treat and lose weight! So don't feel guilty about eating what your body needs.

If you don't eat enough you know what will happen...your bod will just hang on to the fat even harder! And that is NOT what we want! :lol:

SBD has really helped me develop a healthy relationship with food. The book does have quite a few inconsistancies, so come here and ask questions...we're all glad to put in our 2 cents worth!

Good luck!

08-23-2003, 09:14 PM
franny mae - thank you for the reply. I started on Wed. and today is Sat. I have lost 2 pounds only - have stuck with it except for a little butter and a few too many nuts.... kind of a slow start but I feel good. And that off the stomach bit - well mine came right off the chest !

08-23-2003, 11:03 PM
Oh my...I know the feeling...and I honestly don't have any "chest" to spare! :o I bought 2 new bras and had to give them to my 14 year old daugher! Yikes!

Oh well, the rest of me will catch up eventually, right? I sure hope so....:lol:

Glad you're doing so well!