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08-19-2003, 07:57 AM
Step up to the line and decide whether you want to cross it or stay behind it.

The choice is YOURS! Cross it and make yourself feel sad, angry and upset.

Stay behind it and know that although it will be hard at times you will LIKE what the results will be....Health, happiness and weight loss.

You know what your "rules" for yourself are. Keep a food/feeling journal. Add exercise to the journal as well.

Toeing the Line does NOT mean being strict or depriving yourself things, Remember the 3 bite rule. Don't allow yourself to think that you can't have something. Really, you don't NEED it all, just a bite or 2 or 3 ands NO MORE!

By toeing the line you will teach yourself self discipline and become stronger in will. This is YOUR life, YOUR plan and YOUR WOE. Do what you can and accept when you falter and move on.

Where are YOUR toes??

We had a downpour last night for one hour! The lightening was so bad we unplugged Victoria Grace, (my puter), and the TV antennas. It smelled so great I wish I could have bottled it up and sent it to you.

Going to make my Avacado sauce for the pistachio salad for tomorrow and cook the chicken. I will serve them both cold even though the book says warm. Can't wait to give it a try.

Here's to a Toe the Line Day for all of us.

Marcie :flame:

08-19-2003, 08:26 AM
Good morning, Marcie and all to follow. I love the smell of rain too. We need some soon as my garden is wilting a bit.

Stayed OP yesterday but did not get my afternoon or evening walk. My sister came for a visit with her 9 month old grand daughter who is just gorgeous. Georgia looks like the Gerber baby and even charmed grumpy old DH! Joan brought her over to introduce her to the dogs which went well - no fear, just giggles. I think she thought they were big black animated teddies.

This morning I am off to water the wilting plants at the fairgrounds, will drop Hershey off at the groomers and then go to town for a haircut at 10 so I'd better get cracking.

Toe the line today, chickies.

08-19-2003, 08:43 AM
Good Morning all! What a beautiful day up here in the Northeast! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Not much time to post today either. Started Beach combing Sunday and it went well. Yesterday started well, but by 4 pm- I'm really craving the carbs! Gave in and had some wheat crackers. I feel like a failure! is another day! I WILL SUCEED! Hope everyone does well today- and drink that water!!

wigglin and jigglin,

08-19-2003, 08:47 AM
My toes are firmly planted..and they're not going anywhere! :smug: I was OP all day yesterday and last night at work. Mondays are a challenge due to my schedule, but it went without a hitch. I did the 2 mi WATP tape and lifted weights yesterday, then walked 2 mi on the treadmill at work last night. Why did I ever stop working out when it makes me feel so good? :?:

Marcie, I am going to have to try that sounds good enough to eat! ;) But you can keep the rain...we have had more than our fair share this summer!

Ruth-awww, I miss having a baby around. I don't miss the diapers and midnight feedings, but the rest....I had to laugh when you mentioned your plans for today! You and Hershey are both getting groomed! :D Hope you love your haircut! It is always a hit/miss proposition for me. can do it! We are here for don't let a little slip plummet you off your plan! The first few days can be tough, so be strong!:strong:

Stand your ground, beauties! And have a wonderful, healthy day!

08-19-2003, 09:38 AM
Hi Chix....

Lady...thanks again for a great morning post!! It's gonna be a great day when I can really see my toes without bending over..LOL:lol: :lol:

Well, as I mentioned yesterday....I restarted Phase 1 for the 3rd time...and I'm happy to report...I WAS OP!!!! and it felt soooo good!!!!! I'm really gonna do it this time. It was funny, cuz on my way to work this morning the radio station had someone on talking about the SBD and how they loved it and lost weight on it.
It was like a reminder to me to really give it my all....

I hope all of you have a wonderful day at the beach....:cool:

Ruth...congrats on being OP yesterday:bravo:

Squishy....remember that this is a lifestyle change and wheat crackers did not make you a failure. We are all human...and it's only wheat crackers....could have been's move can do this!!! are the exercise queen:strong: Keep up the good are an inspiration!!!

To everyone that follows....and to all the newbies....:grouphug:

Ciao for now...

08-19-2003, 09:44 AM

Atta Girl.

I know you CAN and WILL do it.

We all are thinking OP thoughts for you.

Lady :flame:

08-19-2003, 09:48 AM
Today I am off to play cards....this is my hardest day....I always feel like if I can just get past Tuesday...I am doing great...I know what the cook is planning for today....I should be just fine. Have a good day on the beach ya'll.

08-19-2003, 10:42 AM
Good Tuesday morning everyone!!!!
Well, I am happy to report that I did not let the Carb Fest or the pity party get the best of me and I am 100% back on track. Thanks for the encouraging words yesterday. Last night I was back to my usual self and went to the gym for a circuit class. I can barely sit this A.M. thanks to the weighted squats and walking lunges...but I feel GOOD.

Whimsey- Have a good card game. Don't eat too many nuts!!!!

DiDi- Doesn't it feel so much better to be on plan?????

Franny- You Go Girl..with your Get in Shape Self!!!! All that walking is IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!

Squishy-- Those carbs are the devil!!!!! Keep up the great work and don't worry about those wheat crackers. It could have been a lot worse!!!( see my yesterday daily post about my carb fest)!!!!

Lady- Thanks for reminding me about the 3 bite is so easy to forget...

Ruth- Have a great day!!!!!

Talk to you all later!!!!

08-19-2003, 12:07 PM
Hey you guys!! You all are doing so wonderful this week!! Well, check day ONE Phase I off my list! I did it, unharmed!! I did have a carb fit after dinner...but twas really out of boredom and I sailed by....

Having a bit of a frustration today...Phase I book tells me I can have non fat milk with my coffee. I checked my non dairy creamer and although it has sugar, it has alot less than the non fat milk. :nono: Oh dear, I gave in before thinking about it too much. ... I am having a bit of trouble with the ambiguity of this woe as opposed to WW which is just such a no brainer...

HOWEVER...I will prevail, looking forward to all kinds of good things to eat today!!

Squishy-you go girl...Jackieo is right though, it could of been a LOT worse, you did great!!!

Jackieo - you guys really have the right attitude. This is a WOE, and going with the flow...dealing with the carb attacks and moving on in the right direction as the days go by can ONLY get us thinner and thinner each day!!! Great job!

Di - too funny. My sisters name is Diana, and we cal her Di Di for short, always have!! Congrats on day one, it does feel good to have such positive support being on this woe doesn't it?!! I hate the idea that this is a fad diet...I really think its the way to go...lets get thru these weeks together!!!

franny - my hero! I didn't get excercize in yesterday. I am using the excuse that my new step and videos that I bought on ebay last week havn't gotten here yet....oh well, I do plan on getting my blood flowing soon, I might have to take the whole family for a walk tonight.

Well all, I am up to my ears in baby's and kids. With 3 of my own all under the age of 6, I am watching my sisters kiddos today as well,she had TWO...under the age of 3. Whoo hooo!!

Have a great morning all, thanks so much for the answers to all my questions thus far...tootles!!


08-19-2003, 12:47 PM
Hey Slamminbod!! Welcome and congrats on an unharmed Day One. It does get easier and easier. You won't really need those exercise videos with those 5 rugrats running around!!! Have a great day..
P.S.- I was impressed with your stats and all the weight you have already lost. Great job!!!

08-19-2003, 03:00 PM
Kimberly: You will get plenty of exercise riding 'herd' on those 6 kids. Each day will get easier, and you will be so pleased with yourself.

Slamminbod: You too- if you got through day 1 you can get through all the other days of phase 1. It gets easier as you go along. The thing I like so much about this woe, is there is no counting points, no necessarily any measuring, and you can journal if you want, but it is not a must. I must admit, I had become tired of all the points counting, and not making anymore progress.

Marcie: I plan to keep toeing the line. That is the way to make progress. Thanks again for all your inspirational thoughts for us.

Squishy: Don't let 3 crackers get you down. You did choose whole wheat, so that wasn't so bad. Doesn't that go with Marcies 3 bite rule. :D: I'm sure they did no damage, and you are back OP.

Happy days on the Beach to you all. Ann

08-19-2003, 03:28 PM
Hi Beach Babes!
Day2 for me feel Great! Getting my excersize at work, no work Thurs or Fri. cause of the Blackout, so of course we have to make it up! 9hrs, 550 cars a night. That should burn some calories!:dizzy: Not only that , they added saturday (Our union picnic day) Now I do'nt have to worry about all that food & drink I would have been around!

Thanks to all of you for the Support! Enjoy the beach! Lenee.

172/Started SBD 8-18 164/ Goal 135:dance:

08-19-2003, 07:19 PM
Today DH and I went to the Milwaukee Zoo. We took a cooler that contained:

Wraps-lettuce wrapped around lean slices of ham or turkey with a bit of mustard.
Veggies with the dip (recipe in the recipe thread)
Hard boiled eggs
V-8 juice
string cheese
cherry tomatoes
We also had plenty of water and some soda.

After eating lunch, we felt great - not loggy at all. In fact, we didn't eat everything and munched a bit on our ride home.

The zoo was great. They have a butterfly exhibit that is awesome.

08-19-2003, 09:18 PM
Hello All, It was a beautifull day today, humidity seems less. We did some digging in the yard and since my DH had to go in to work this evening we took a nice walk before dinner. I have a problem. After 2 weeks of phase 1 it's time to start phase 2 but I'm afraid. I haven't strayed since we started and I'm really not craving carbs. If I reincorporate carbs will I be setting myself up? Couldn't I just stay where I am for a while?? HELP!!!Julie

08-19-2003, 09:48 PM
Julie, there is no rule that says you "have" to go to phase 2 after two weeks. The concern is that eventually people tire of the strictness of phase 1 and then they give a big way!

If you make a plan and start small, you should be okay. You might try adding back in a small piece of fruit every other day for a week and see if that makes you crave anything. Or try the same thing with some type of WHOLE grain, maybe a cereal?

I don't go "whole hog" on phase 2, that's for sure! I still haven't added fruit, but have added back whole grains on occasion. My DH made chicken soup with barley, so I ate that, for example. He also made some grilled sweet potato slices, so that was my "addition" for that day.

I think the trick is to pay attention to your body. If you add fruit then start to crave bread, that is a signal! :o

I'm sure some of the other beachers can give you some info, too!

Good luck...and congrats on getting through phase 1 in one piece!

08-19-2003, 10:44 PM
Hi all ... it's late but wanted to check in ... glad all is well ...

Glinda: don't stay on Phase I too long ... I did and ended up messing up and having to start all over again ... try like franny says ... something every other day ... if you like apples start with them ... good for fiber ... I started Phase II as scheduled this time and have lost with 1 or 2 carbs a day ...