South Beach Diet - It's Monday on this Glorious Beach DAILY 8/18

08-18-2003, 08:05 AM
If You're Happy and you Know it.............

I am HAPPY today to be here, to be able to post that I have lost 1/2 pound and that I am learning and growing by reading all your posts.

Happiness comes from within. It lightens our burdens by making us think differently about how to handle things.

We have to tackle life head on with courage and conviction.

Happiness is catching. We can choose to be happy today or wallow in whatever other mood we think we want to be in.

We can be upset that we have slipped or be HAPPY that we know that it was one slip and that it is ok.

Be happy that we are alive to see this glorious day.

If you are Happy let EVERYONE know.

Today is house cleaning, and cooking.

Mom and I are having a card party and I am making ALL reciipes from THE book. Pistachio chicken salad and for dessert...NO, not ricotta, but a SF Jell-O and FF cool whip "ice cream"!

Have a HAPPY day.


Lady Marcie :flame:

08-18-2003, 08:48 AM
Good Morning!!

I for one am happy that the weekend is over. I never thought I would be saying that, but there is just too much extra time and too many temptations.:devil:

Down 4.5 lbs for the first week and I am really happy with that.

Well, on to week 2 - day 8.

Have a great one everybody

08-18-2003, 09:15 AM
Good Morning Beachsters :wave:

I'm happy to have my morning work-out done and that I have a pal at my alternate gym who lets me work-out whenever he's there. I got to my 24 hour gym this morning and found it closed
! Yikes, what a revolting develiopment... so I just walked to my old gym and was greeted warmly by my gym buddies there. A fine start to Monday and the week, I must say!

Congratulations to ZuzeQ and Lady - yipee - aa total of 5# off between the two of you! :bnravo:

Have a glorious day on the Beach, Chicks - and thanks for those inspirational morning posts, Lady... your lunch menu sounds mmmm-mmmm good, too!

TTFN ::cool:

08-18-2003, 09:26 AM
Happy Monday Beach Beauties!

Today I am happy for Air Conditioning! :lol: It's supposed to get close to 100 today, with close to 100% humidity! I know that's normal summer to some of you, but here in ND that's hot! :hot:

Lady and ZuzeQ, congratulations on your losses!!! :bravo: Good Job!!!

Operadog, glad you found a place where you could get your morning workout! :strong:

I have a rather delicate question. Have any of you noticed a change in your TOM since starting SBD? I was due for my TOM on Saturday, and still nothing this morning (and I'm usually very regular, to the day!) Last month, right after I started SBD, the same thing happened, I was 3 days late, and it was quite heavy. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Of course, another possible cause, which I don't want to think about, is that I am getting to that age where some women start to experience hormone changes (I'm 45). But it seems like too much of a coincidence that I noticed a change at the same time I started SBD.

Well, I'm off to work. Have a Marvelous Monday at the Beach!!!

P.S. Wanted to add a big WELCOME!! to all the newcomers to the beach!!! It's great to see so many new people!

08-18-2003, 09:34 AM
Morning All! :dance:

I am usually always happy, people always coment on my mood I say you can always find something to be happy about no matter how small. Lady you are so right, it's your choice you can choose to be happy.

Today I am happy for reconnecting with an old friend.

I am happy that I am still at the weight I am at. Some would think I stalled. Me, I think WOW I didn't gain. I have not been real strict the past week and I stayed the same. It's all a matter of perception.

Glad to hear everyone has survived the blackout!

Have a HAPPY day!!

08-18-2003, 09:35 AM
Good morning!

I'm happy to have electricity, even if it's just for a while. It's a gorgeous day and will not be a scorcher so I won't be even tempted to turn on the AC. Doing laundry was a necessity this morning but I hung everything outside rather than use the dryer. We expect rolling blackouts this week so most folks are trying to conserve energy.

Dogs are barking up a storm so I'm off to check things out. Do you suppose it's Bruce SPringsteen knocking at my door? :D

Marvellous Monday to all!

08-18-2003, 10:25 AM
"....clap your hands" :cp: :cp: :cp:

I'm happy that the computer virus that I had is gone. I cleared it out Friday night and was afraid to log on for a few days (just to be sure). So, now i have lots of catching up to do.

Welcome to all the newbies :wave:

SuzeQ~~Congrats for finishing the first week and on your weight loss :cb:

Den~~ Happy belated Anniversary!!! Tell Ellis that I miss her and that I hope her Dad is doing well.

I weighed-in this morning and I'm down another pound , so I'm clapping my hands :cp:

Off to read all the new threads and posts from the past few days :cool:

08-18-2003, 10:27 AM
Good Morning to all..Hope you had a good weekend. I must admit (to make myself accountable), that I got way off track yesterday. I was nearing the end of week 1, Phase 2 when I got side tracked and ate popcorn and french fries. It was like Carb fest 2003. I have so much guilt this morning...I had been doing so well. On Phase 1, I dropped about 5 pounds and when I weighed myself on Sat. (before carb relapse), I was up 2. I got so frustrated at the gym that day, I could barely focus on my workout. I am just plain disgusted. I take hormone therapy, and I don't ever think I will lose my last twenty pounds. I guess I should just be grateful for my health and stop the pity party that I am hostessing right now. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent...I am back on track today. Even if I don't lose anything, I feel better when I eat this way.

Today I am happy for this forum.

08-18-2003, 11:01 AM
Good morning all.....Hope everyone had a good weekend!!! I did very well till last night....I had a bacon cheeseburger and Fries for supper and for dessert a large yogurt cone...:( Boy was it good!!:) God is good though and, this morning I show no weight gain....I am back on phase 1 for another week...I bet I would have lost more weight though, if I hadn't endulged....I just went a little crazy :dizzy: I will try to make up for it this week....

08-18-2003, 11:17 AM
Mornings, beauties! Marcie, your post is, as usual, very timely! Yesterday I could not get over how happy I was! I mean, just happy to be! :D And it seemed everything I did was a labor of love. I don't think I am an unhappy person, but lately I have opened myself up to more joy....and it works!:spin:

And this is despite the fact that I have not been OP, the scale isn't budging....nothing is raining on my parade! :cloud9: I even tried on a dress I bought for our wedding vow renewal this November...I bought a size 12 because I USED to wear that size. Well, I tried it on....and IT ZIPS! Mind you, I said zips, not fits! But at least there is hope!

Marcie-have a blast at your card party! The menu sounds delish!

ZuzeQ-don't despair over the weekends and all the challenges they present...just enjoy them, then get back on track! Congrats on finishing week 1 successfully!

Operadog-you sure started the week out right with a workout! I plan on doing the same in just a little bit! I need to shake out the cobwebs.

twodog-stay cool! :cool: I can't help with the TOM question, I'm afraid! My system is so goofed up there is no telling what is "normal" anymore!:o

sflake-love your attitude! NO GAIN IS A VICTORY! :cheers:

Ruthie-so glad you came through the blackouts unscathed! Oh, and tell Bruce I said "hi!" ;)

2BEFIT1-congrats on getting rid of your virus AND on continuing to lose! Neither of which is a small deed! :smug:

jackieO-honey, don't be so hard on yourself! Just pick yourself up, dust yourself know the rest! Sounds like you know the scale isn't the best way to gauge your success...try and focus on other "measures" instead! You are doing such nice things for your body...eating right, working out...eventually you will be repaid in one form or another! :goodvibes

Whimsey-girl, I know the feeling! But I'm not letting my lapses stop my forward momentum! Glad to hear you're not, either!

Have a great day and find your happiness!

08-18-2003, 11:25 AM
Good Morning!!!!

Marcie-You are absolutely right!!! Thanks for helping to spread the joy!!!

Zuze-CONGRATULATIONS on a VERY successful first week!!

Anna-WOW! THAT is motivation!! Way to go! I probably would have given up when I saw the closed sign!!

2dog-I have found in the past that my diet DEFINITELY changes my TOM. Mine is already kind of messed up (45 and on pregesterone) so i can't relly say how much SBD has changed it.

sflake-TOO RIGHT! Maintaining IS a HUGE victory. Once we get to our goals THAT will be our new goal. Also, our bodies sometimes need to readjust while we are losing.

Ruth-Are you still losing power? Ours seems to be permanently (you know) back on, but we STILL HAVE TO BOIL THE WATER!!! We are doing laundry and hanging it too, because our dryer is still kaput. I'm relying on my old food service days and sanitizing all the dishes with boiled/bleach water which is getting old FAST!!! The kids are supposed to go get school pictures taken today, so I bathed 'em even though they said not to. Was it Springsteen?!?!

Sil-Thanks sweetie!! Will do!! Glad that you managed to get rid of that virus. YUCK! Missed you and glad to see you back!!

Jackie-Something about pity-parties isn't there? I always end up feeling WORSE afterwards too!! You are right that the main thing is our health. I've been finding when i eat junk I swell up and feel hung over!! Also, week 2 seems to set a lot of people off. For example, I'm okay with the fruit, but as soon as i add a piece of bread I start having problems.

Whimsey-I had a bad weekend too. Trying to"use stuff up" before it went bad during the power outage.

We're leaving on vacation early tomorrow. I'll try to check back in tonight because I won't have time tomorrow morning. 2 nights at a cottage in Tobermory, Ontario!! I'm really looking forward to it. After the last few days it will be like a luxury vacation instead of a rustic get away!!!

08-18-2003, 11:27 AM
HI FRANNY! We were posting t the same time.....
If the dress zips now, it will DEFINITELY fit in November!!!

08-18-2003, 12:19 PM
Hi Everyone:wave: :wave: :wave:
Today is my 3rd...yes, 3rd attempt at Phase 1....:(
The last 3 weeks....some days are good, others not so good:mad:

yesterday I went to a party and ate like I've never eaten before, choc chip cookies, ice cream cake, choc mouse cake...yada yada..
you all know the drill....

Anyway, I did manage to walk 2 miles last night after the food fest and this morning at 5:30 when the puppy woke me up we went for another 2 mile walk.

So far today...had breakfast of 2 eggs...
lunch will be tomato salad and some turkey rollups...

I'm so glad you guys are here, cuz it re-motivates me...

Anyway...enough ranting...
Hello to all the newbies....I couldn't keep track before, and now..holy smokes!! It's great to see everyone here helping one another out...

Good luck to everyone!!


08-18-2003, 01:14 PM
twodogmom - You are probably right that your TOM change is due to SBD. The lack of sugar and carbs in your body has changed how the insulin works and insulin is a big factor in your cycle. I don't have any medical training but if you are concerned, check with your Dr. or PA. I am usually not the same 3 months in a row, but I do notice differences when I eliminate the sugar and refined carbs.


08-18-2003, 02:38 PM
Good Morning all. WOW, it is only 10am here and you all are so perky and full of life. Well, I am just into my very first meal day one phase one...going well. Seems that I may just be able to do this thing after all. Actually I got really lucky when 20/20 decided to air TSBD. It put it in a very positive light, and my husband was impressed that I chose such a diet (when previously he rolled his eyes at me when I bought the book at costco earlier that day!!) He is behind me 100% now, although he still thinks I should just stick to WW.

I am very comfortable with my decision that I am just plain BORED with WW and need something new and challenging!! I think I have found it!!!

Well I do have a few questions for you all, if you can help real quick...

Carrots, They are a no no. HOWEVER in reading thru phase one recipes I noticed a CARROT in the ingredients. the reason for my concern... I have some Brocoli slaw that I am just in LOVE with but it have some shaved pieces of carrot. I can take it out, but they are so small and dont really amount to anything really. I will take them out if I must, but whats up with the carrot in a phase I recipe??? (page 150)

Also, prepared salsa...can I have it? Is there a sugar rule in prepared foods I can follow?? 1% 2%???

Hope you dont mind the questions, I want to be picky cuz I want to do it right. THANK YOU ALL, and I am very glad to be here on the beach with you all, except I am not puting on my suit just yet!!

Hugs, Kimberly
My weightloss website and journal...

08-18-2003, 03:01 PM
Kimberly, best wishes as you move onto the second part of your journey! I checked out your website...very cool, very brave! I have pic of me but I am wearing nothing but a bra and way are those going on a website! I had to laugh at your comments about your son taking your pics...I recently had my 7 yr old take some of me! Although you may not see that big of difference...take my word for it...all your hard work really shows!

While I didn't do WW, I did the low fat thing for a while, and it worked...for a while! But I was not eating a healthy, balanced diet. Too many carbs! That is why I am an SBD convert! Welcome to the fold

Now onto your questions:

I think the carrot in the slaw would be fine. I know, I know...carrots are not on the list of "foods to enjoy", but as you said, this is such a small amount I don't think it will cause a problem. As for the carrot in the Phase 1 recipe...:shrug: There are quite a few inconsistancies in the book, so you'll have to use your best judgement and muddle through!

Salsa should be fine. The general guideline is 3 grams of sugar or less per serving for dressings and condiments. Unless the salsa was made with fruit that shouldn't be a problem. I don't worry about every little gram of sugar, to be honest! I just try and stick with the guidelines and, well, muddle through!

Check in often and let us know how you are doing!

08-18-2003, 03:29 PM and I could become cyber sisters!!! I have restarted phase one so many times I can't even count...even though I had a huge indiscretion last night I am not starting over...I started the second week of phase one today. I just can't start over another time. I have faith in us....:flow2:

08-18-2003, 03:39 PM
I often think of you..we do seem to be going along the same lines here...
At least we aren't alone...
I know we can do this....I know we can...

Every time I look at a slimmer girl, I think I have no excuse...I can look like that too...

Here's to us...:crossed: :crossed:
I don't care how long it takes...I'm going to get there..


08-18-2003, 04:04 PM
Indescretion! Do tell, Whimsey. How exciting!

Oh.... a food indescretion! They are easier to recover from than the other kind but perhaps less exciting. :lol:

08-18-2003, 04:06 PM
Marcie: Thanks again for the happy thoughts. I am having a happy day. We changed our I{ to cable connect and it is awesome. Can't get over the speed and no waiting.

I have to share how I got started on SBprogram. I too have been a WW and I just got bored, was at a standstill, and I think I had counte dpoints for so long that I just took my ability to judge for granted. Whatever- I decided that I had to do something, and South Beach was it. I find that something is in Prevention Magazine, I can pretty well trust it to be healthy. So here I am. Lost 5# on phase 1, gained back one as I started 2, but now have taken that off, and since I am not going on the monster until Sat. am not sure where I am. I just made up my mind that I would do whatever it took to make this WOE a success for me. I just made myself not cheat on Phase1, but I have to say now that I am on 2 I have slipped a few times. Especially with Pistachios. :D: Going out to eat is a challenge, but I have found almost every restaurant has some sort of big salad that will fit on the program. I'm glad I like salads.:lol:

So all of you beginner ladies - you can do it. You won't be hungry, you won't crave stuff, unless you cheat, and you will be really rpoud of your accomplishments. Just keep on keepin' on. That is my motto. Ann

08-18-2003, 10:23 PM
Good enening ladies. Wish I could be up with you early birds in the AM but I am up at 5am for work. I have a lot to be happy about today. My weight is down another 3 pounds. Also have a day off tomorrow with my DH. We don't get days off together very often so we cherish the ones we have. I am feeling very tired and headachy tonight but I'm hoping it's just from completing 4 very busy days at work. Planning to go to bed early tonight. Julie