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08-17-2003, 08:57 PM
I didn't know if anyone else is doing the Six Week Body Makeover plan and would like to get together here on this board. Anyone interested?


08-20-2003, 01:07 AM

I just ordered the program along with the SMART T echniques Program. Not sure when I am going to get itor when I am going to start it.

I will check back on this board and see if this thread gets bigger.


08-27-2003, 05:15 PM
I've noticed that on the boards, there are qute a few people who posted about the program (Either were on it or had questions about it)and were met with some mild hostility...I just wanted to address it.

While this board is wonderfully supportive, new programs are not always met with open arms...Many people have taken the program with them during their visits their doctors to make sure that the program is safe and healthy. And as far as I've heard/read, no one has been told that it was dangerous or unhealthy and to burn the book immediately.

Another reason some people are up in arms over this program seems to be the cost - in all honesty, if you tally up all the costs for WW (BTW, I think that WW is a great program - it just wasn't for me) you'd be spending the same (If not more) money. Yes, the people taking the orders do ask if you want to buy this...first one's free...cancel anytime...that's their job. At WW, aren't you asked if you want to prepay for your meetings? Don't they have products lined up on the way to the scale? All you have to say to the 6WBM people is "No thanks, I just want the product" I was asked four times for three different products..."No thanks, I just want the product." And that's all I got.

One more reason it seems people don't like the program is that it *IS* restrictive. It isn't easy, I'll say that - passing up cookies and soda and all kids of wonderful foods....but, it's because I couldn't pass up all those wonderful foods that I got all the way up to 275 pounds. I need to say "No" more often. I'm not 100% faithful to the program...some days I can't say no to a slice of cake - I have the cake, but I cut the cake REALLY small that I get a taste of it, and believe it or not, I'm satisfied.

The plan has things in common with WW as needs to be weighed and measured...fresh, unprocessed foods is preferred, support is provided, exercise is encouraged, and the importance of a balanced diet is stressed...WW gives a lot of freedom but not too much structure, which for some, is great. 6WBM gives structure - "Eat at this time", "This meal is to consist of ______ and _______." Sometimes, some people NEED the structure and rigidness of this type of program...When I was doing WW, I would have a couple brownies thinking of reverse banking for the rest of the week...I didn't have the self-disipline to stay on the program....a character flaw on my part...

Anyway, I'm not trying to sell the program.....whether or not you want to do the program or not is up to the individual...all I really care about is that I'M on it and I'm doing well. And to those who are doing it and feel like they must stay in hiding - as I've felt for the past two months, I'm heading out first and check and see if the coast is clear :lol:

Sorry this was long winded......I just wanted to get this off my chest......