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08-17-2003, 01:59 PM
We have all probably seen the capital one commericals saying what's in your wallet and making the claim that their card is better. What I am about to tell you know is this. If you do any type of exercise and you are not wearing some type of mostiure management shirt, then what is on your torso is not good enough.

These shirts often go by 'coolmax' a fabric developed by Dupont many years ago but individual shirt makers have their own names. Do they work? Without a doubt, no doubt whatsoever. I play tennis and I can instantly tell the difference when I am wearing a cotton shirt or a coolmax shirt. I am many times drier and more comfortable in coolmax. To the point where I literally will not play tennis in cotton anymore (and I love the feel of cotton). Same goes for just working out with weights and on the eletpical, playing basketball, doin a brisk walk, whatever. All coolmax all the time for me.

You do not have to spend a fortune either. The two best places I have found are http://www.sierratradingpost.com and http://www.campmor.com. Do a keyword search on coolmax or a keyword search on a Duofold which is a brand that both carry that is good quality and very affordable. A couple of people have told me they don't like the feel of coolmax stuff. I find it as comfortable as cotton when I first put it on and then WAYYYY more comfotable once I start doing any exercise. Also there is a type of coolmax called 'Alta' which is even softer and lighter and wonderfully :-) then regular coolmax. If you have read this, no excuses. You should never have the right to complain darn I get all wet, sticky, sweaty, and yucky when I workout. If you don't try coolmax, that is your choice, but you have the info now.