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08-16-2003, 02:50 PM
I'm back! I had hoped to do some soul searching and organization of my efforts on this WOE and have some very thoughtful things to tell you...I don't! As is typical when one or both of us go to Oregon it is a Working Vacation. I did post in the Daily Thread about how I spent too much time on the boardwalk. I can't belive what I ate -I felt like a rebellious middle schooler! But now I will get back on the beach and with school starting I will have a routine again which really is best for me. One of my goals is to set aside a block of time for my SBD internet activity-here and at Prevention. I only post here but the people at Prevention research like crazy and have tons of info about the workings of the SBD theories. I feel the need to adjust the plan iin regards to my likes, dislikes and lifestyle. Anyway, I'm thinking of making Sat or Sun my posting day.
How have things gone for you? I haven't seen my neighbor yet to find out if she has started SBD. I'm off to catch up on the posts from when I was gone. Enjoy the weather!

08-18-2003, 04:34 PM
Hi Highsierra,

I got back on Friday but have been having computer problems since then. I am hoping this goes through :)

I did horribly on vacation. I have no will power. I was not on program on day :( Good news is I didn't gain anything how I don't know. I finished off the Red Vines today, the kids ate the cheetos and so I believe all of my weakness are gone and I can restart tomorrow.

Someone is crying so I better go. Tahoemom