South Beach Diet - Day 5 Phase 2

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08-15-2003, 06:36 PM
Had my first slice of death today, must admit have not really missed the bread. Would of old, eat a sandwich every day at lunch. Lucky for me we have a bakery who stones her own flour!! Best bread I've ever had! [seed, rye, multi] no crap and it wieghs a ton!! I skipped the toast with melted cheese the other am[childhood issues] had egg sub with good old canuck bacon!! my sangy today was good. I'm just waiting to see if it causes hunger pangs. The ceral the other a.m. did. I'm dining out tonight, a first...susi....I'll have sashimi and maybe a roll,albeit has white death. then home for Puddin!! I feel great!!

08-15-2003, 10:44 PM
I just finished day 6 and even tho' I know I should wait another day or two to step on the monster, I did anyway and was disappointed as I have gained back 2 lbs. I havae not fallen off the program, I have made the recipes or used what I have which would be the equivalent. So do I need to go back to Phase 1 again. Cut back on the fruit, or what is your advice. Today I had egg beaters and spinach and mushrooms with a bit of low fat feta cheese for breakfast. Lunch was a big salad with one slice of turkey cut up. Dinner was smoke pork chop, veggies and salad, and chocolate Ricotta creme, and 4 strawberries. Dipped those in the creme. for snack time I had a cheese stick and a celery with laughing cow.
I have thought about doing phase 1 food everyother day. Would that be too confusing to my 'bod? :D:

I'll appreciate your advice. Ann