Exercise! - Do what on what day..How often?!!?

08-12-2003, 07:27 PM
I'm just starting to exercize and I know working out at home is the only thing I ever stuck to in the past. I have the Lisa Sandstone WATP tapes (1 mile, 2 mile, and 3 mile) and I just got my Pilates for dummies tape in the mail from E-bay which I watched today. I see that would definately help me with flexability. Today was my 3rd day in a row that I used the Lisa Sandstone WATP 1 mile tape. Hey...its a start. Its not easy to exercize at 260 pounds. I'm going to try to exercize every day at least to some form. I want to get in shape and work on flexability. I do have a swiss (exercize ball) also. What should I be doing to start? How long should I stick to that WATP 1 mile tape? I know its all about trial and error. I just don't want to waste time if I should be going at it a different way. I also have 2 pound, 3 pound, and 5 pound weights and a jump rope at home.

08-26-2003, 02:12 PM
Pilates is more of a toning exercise, and will help shape and strengthen your muscles, and WATP is a cardio workout...so I would alternate them-WATP one day, Pilates the next...for a while.
You should switch to a WATP 2 mile tape when it is comfortable for you...you have to be the judge on this one. I would stick with the 1 mile tape until you have done two things:
-established a habit of doing exercise regularly ( a lot of people go into a fitness program all gung ho, doing a lot overy single day and them are burnt out and stop altogether in a few weeks-I think it is best to do a little each day, and then slowly work up to doing more or working out at a higher intenstiy when you are consistently doing it.)
-you are ready for the 2 mile tape when you are no longer struggling through the 1 mile version...when you are no longer gasping for breath and your legs are no longer so tired that you can't move afterwards-then you are ready for the 2 mile. Considering your current weight...I would say if you consistently do the 1 mile tape-you may be ready for 2 mile anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months-it depends on how you are feeling personally.

Since you have hand weights at home-I wold start a light weight training program as well...a beginner's routine, such as Denise Austin's XtraLite toning video, Getting in Shape with Weights for Dummies...or another beginner total body strength routine. (Check out Collage Video's website for these titles) When you have aquired a tape of this kind, I would go for the following schedule:
Mon-strength training video
Fri-strength training video

This will give the 48 hours that you need inbetween the strength training workouts/Pilates that you need for muscle recovery.
Good luck!