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08-11-2003, 08:30 AM
Hey all you good people!

This is my first time to start a new general thread. Just want to check in with everyone and see how it's going out there.

I'm getting back into the swing of losing weight. We had TOO MANY celebrations the past two weeks - and of course, celebrated with food. After I made the adoption goal, we had a celebration dinner. I didn't go nuts with food, but certainly overate. Then, when we got Elijah's referral, we celebrated again. Too much dinner, dessert on a stuffed stomach, AND margaritas when we got home. It was fun! But it's time to face the music. I stepped on the scales today for the first time in almost two weeks. I was afraid to do it, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. 3 pounds up.

Weight Watchers isn't working for me. I eat too much at the end of the day. It gets to be 7:00 and I find myself out of points. So, I'm trying "thin within," www.thinwithinonline.com . I've had a successful first day. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

I've had a nightmare of a time with paperwork and BCIS (new title of the INS) stuff for Elijah. But, it's all worth it!

Hope you're all on your way to a successful week! WE CAN DO THIS!

08-11-2003, 09:37 AM
Angi.. be very patient with the INS - it took me 3 years to get my green card and I married an american. They are the worst people to deal with. And changing their name is not going to make a darn bit of differnce on their lack of efficency. (can you tell I'm a bit bitter!)

Not too much going on here... we have cut our spending budget by 75% so we can buy a house by the end of the year. We are so close to paying off the balance of Jim and he x's old bills from 10 years ago!!!
Single girls: don't only get a background check on your boyfriend - get a credit check too! :lol:

today is my last day at work then I'm off for the next 4 days!!! yahooooooo. I'm hoping to get alot of scrapbooking in plus on Friday Sara and I are going to have a garage sale.

That's it from here.


08-11-2003, 01:25 PM
i had no internet this weekend-- in fact, only ONE phone jack works in the house. the one in the living room. heh.

david worked on it for about 3 hours. he was stripping wires. he was under the house. we wrestled with a HUGE ladder and a not so huge spot, with a phone box 15 feet in the air. no dice. looks like we're going to have to pay from pacbell to come out. the *******s.

as for eating, wed, thurs, fri, and sat - perfect. as for yesterday - not so much. about 2000 calories: really high for me. it was 2 things mostly. one: candy at the movies. two: david deciding to go out for nachos on a whim.

it's ok though. back on track today. i'm going to be low on the calories, and do some jogging at the park. oh, my pedometer broke, dammit. i guess i'll buy a better one next time, and not slam it into the side of the bathroom stall.

hope you all are doing well. i'm not really ready to start the week... but it's going and i'm trying to hang on.


08-11-2003, 02:47 PM
My mom's best friend was here this weekend for their 30-yr HS reunion. She has gained some weight in the 10 years since I saw her last, and was asking me for weight loss pointers. Me! :lol: So I gave her a few. I'd like to try & get her here to 3FC, but she's computer-averse. :( Wish me luck girls!

Gotten about 15 hours of sleep in the past 3 nights, so tonight all I wanna do is sleeeeep, but have an appt w/my trainer, and a dinner date w/Mom, so we'll see what I can get done. *sigh*

DB's birthday is this week, so I'm also working on his gifts. :cheers:

Goddess Jessica
08-11-2003, 03:27 PM
I had a fabulous weekend of doing nothing! On saturday I actually took a nap in the middle of the day. Yesterday, I spent the day at the beach and got a sunburned where I had obviously missed spots with the SPF46. But the waves were great and we swam out past the boogieboarders and just rode on the swells for a good hour.

Dana - I swore after my first live-in boyfriend, I was never going to date someone again that didn't have a clean credit record. When I fell in love again, I found out I must be attracted to men with bad credit!!! ACK!

08-11-2003, 04:03 PM
i'm lucky david moved in with me, cuz i'm the one who doesn't pass any credit checks! eep. i'm working on it though.

08-11-2003, 04:34 PM
This was a big up and down weekend for me (emotionally and with my weight!). I saw my doctor on Friday and finally got confimation that I probably do have PCOS. I have been asking questions about my symptoms since I was 16!

Now we are talking medication so that my husband and I can have another baby. She thinks it will probably be fairly easy for me to get pregnant! That's the good part of the weekend!

In addition, I have been reading about the importance of following a low-carb diet when you have PCOS. I read about these diets years ago and decided that they were not for me. I don't eat much meat or eggs and I prefer to try a low-fat, low-calorie approach to dieting. I guess it's time to reconsider the low-carb approach, but I really dislike the idea.

Unfortunately, the stress of all of this weakened my willpower and I gained back 2 of the 5 pounds that I lost last week. It's a bit of a depressing Monday.

08-11-2003, 05:04 PM
We went to the zoo yesterday for my birthday, and then we went out to dinner (Chinese). We walked for over 4 hours, and a had a child-size chocolate softie. I filled my plate at dinner, and ate the vegetables first, and then had the waiter take the plate away when I was full.
I probably didn't lose any weight yesterday, but I didn't eat a whole cake either. So I'm Okay, and I had a wonderful time with my family.
Today, I HURT. That's how out of shape I am. But I did go to my water aerobics class, and I swam .25 miles of laps afterward. I hurt more, but tomorrow I am going to my yoga class. And I have stuck to a good eating plan today.
My, but that Ibuprofen feels good.

Alana, my weight fluctuates up and down a pound or two during the week. But I'm steadily fluctuating between lower numbers. Our body's water content changes, we have full or empty stomaches, there are all kinds of reasons. Be gentle with yourself, just do the best you can today.

08-11-2003, 06:22 PM
Hey Alana,

I can fluctuate 3 pounds in a day...even when I am eating really well.

I have PCOS too, and have been loosing weight over the last 2 years (sloooowly - but surely), if you would like to PM me with questions, please feel free. I have not been following a completely low-carb diet. I have found that if I cut out most pure sugars (candy, pop, etc!) and limit bread and pasta, I seem to do alright with weight loss. Not sure that I would be able to give up carbs completely! Glad to hear that you had good news about your chances of getting pregnant from the doctor! That is great!

Take care,

08-12-2003, 01:33 PM
Asuldoma: There's a lot you can do with a low-carb diet. It doesn't have to be as strict as Atkins to help. I have PCOS, too, and did the real strict low-carb thing for a while. It drove me batty. I had to do some experimenting to figure out what level of carbs worked for me, and it's higher than Atkins maintenance and lower than the AMA's highest suggestion. Actually, I've found their suggestions to be a good estimate for me. They say Fat 20-35%, Protein 10-35% and Carb 45-65%. I aim for the higher ends of fat/protein and the lower end of carb, and that works best for me. And I try to get most of my carbs from veggies, fruit, and dairy, with some from pasta and whole grain bread. I don't eat many potatoes anymore, and have really cut out the sweets. That's helped a LOT.


/grumble at houseguest. Sunday I told her and told her that after I put Gem to bed I wanted to work out. Unfortunately, Gem wouldn't settle, so it was almost 8:45 before I could even think about it. I ask houseguest what time she wanted to go to bed, so I could figure out what sort of workout I could do (45 minutes is lifting. An hour is lifting and yoga/stretch or cardio. An hour and a half is lifting and cardio). She said "9:00". Argh!! I fumed for fifteen minutes while she tried to apologize and guilt me. She was drunk, too, which didn't help my mood. Finally, I said, "Look, I need to work out. I'll pick a short workout and you can be in bed by 9:30. How's that?" We agreed. I did Tae Bo, since it's only 30 minutes. Then she got a phone call and watched TV. She didn't even GO to bed until 10:30. /grumble

But I DID get my workout. Thirty minutes of Tae Bo gets the blood pumping like none of my other "short" workouts. And after the first five minutes, I was able to ignore her and my anger and focus on my body. By the time I was done, I felt SOOOOOOO good. Even her interminable chattering didn't bother me. /grin

Yesterday's trip to the county fair was fun, but not the healthiest of ventures. /grin Got a lot of walking in, though. And I DID do a pseudo-plan for eating. I ate a light breakfast with lots of protein before we headed out. I took a water bottle so I wouldn't want soda. I looked up the calories on funnel cake ahead of time, because Hunter can't go to the fair and not get a funnel cake, and I wanted to know how much of his cake I could allot myself (not as bad caloricly as I initially thought). I ended up getting a ham and cheese sandwich instead of a corndog or pizza. And a nice fresh lemonade instead of Coke. The surprise was how many calories were in the caramel apple. I had expected it to be like an apple and a candy bar, so about 300 calories, and it was more like 500. But I at really light when I got home (and lots of protein to offset all the sugar) and actually still made it in under 2500 calories. (I aim for between 2000 and 2500 a day.)

Gem loved the fair. We saw pig and duck races. The ducks were the funniest, because they stopped halfway 'round the track to "converse", then continued on. The pigs were really fast. We went through the cow, goat, sheep, and rabbit barns, then saw a lion/tiger show done by a big cat conservationist from Florida. He's the youngest Lion Tamer in the world at 23, and is an eighth generation Lion Tamer. (http://www.bigcatencounter.com/) Very fun. And Gem LOVED it!

Then it started raining, so we ducked inside to check out the arts and crafts, the old-timers exhibits (historic farm and settler equipment), the many booths set up by churches, political parties, merchants, etc., and the produce and items judged during the fair. I knew we'd see knitting and lace-making and vegetables and canned goods, but I didn't expect decorated cakes (some of which were amazingly lovely). Makes me want to dig out Rodgers and Hammerstein's "State Fair" and watch it again (the version with Dana Andrews -- NOT the one with Pat Boone and Ann Margaret). Our favorite exhibit, though, is the Great American Railroad -- a HUGE model train set. It has three or four trains running around it, and each side of the table has little signs. "Can you find the man climbing a ladder?" "Can you find the firetruck?" Fascinating!

We got a chance for Hunter to take his nephew (who was with us) through the Fun House, and for the boy to win a stuffed animal (which he gave to Gem) and a goldfish (which he took home) before the rain started up again in earnest. By the time we got to the car, we were all soaked to the skin. We got a dry baby blanket out of the trunk and wrapped Gem in it in her car seat. She was asleep by the time we hit the highway. Poor girl. But all evening all she could talk about was the tigers and lions. And the train.

Today it's back to work, and we couldn't do anything because of the virus this morning. It's hard to not have use of your computer when you're a webmaster. Kinda goes with the job, doncha know. /grin But now we're up and running again.

08-13-2003, 05:01 PM
Aloha, Everyone...

How are we today? I'm doing pretty well, already did Tae Bo and I'm going to babysit for an hour (that's a good workout) and take a little walk later. Tomorrow I have to babysit for about 12 hours!!!!!! Two kids, ages 3 and 2. It's VERY special. :lol:

Synger: What a busy day at the fair!!! Oh my word, Gem must have had the time of her life.

Sounds like everyone else had a fantastic weekend. What's going on this weekend? On Friday (Ben Affleck's birthday, may I add. :lol:) I have to babysit for a bit, then I'm having a friend over for lunch (what should I make? lol) and then we're spending the night at another friend's house. It will be so fun, but a fantastic challenge as far as eating healthy goes. Saturday = church, but no other plans as of yet.

Have a good one, ya'll. -Apryl

08-13-2003, 06:09 PM
I ate like crap for lunch. Blehhhh.

My workout @ the gym Monday has left me very very very sore. I'm not sure I'm going back for more torture tonight, but the thing is, I can definitely feel that it worked. I will just pace myself and take it easier this time, but might not get back there until tomorrow. Tonight I will take a 2 mile walk, to get my legs mellowed out. I also banged the :censored: outta my elbow @ my mom's Saturday night & it hurts like a somb*tch.

My stepsister's wedding shower is Sunday & DB's birthday is Saturday. I made him a really awesome gift box, and for Rachel I still haven't been able to shop. I want to spend about $50, can't do that til I get paid Friday. Busy busy. I already have my outfit for Sunday picked out & truthfully, that is the most important part. ;)

Your day @ the fair sounds great, synger!

Apryl, I think you & your friend need to celebrate Affleck's birthday w/some cupcakes. :)

08-13-2003, 07:15 PM
Apryl, I think you & your friend need to celebrate Affleck's birthday w/some cupcakes.

Well, if it's gonna be cake, it must be CHEESECAKE. That's the only thing that's appropriate for Ben Affleck. :hb:

08-15-2003, 10:10 AM
AMEN! to Ben Affleck!! :love:

Well, it's Friday and I have had a good week. I feel very in control. BUT, next week we are on vacation. I have made it clear to hubby that next week CANNOT be an eatfest. I am not doing this good all week, just to gain it back next week. Plus, that'll majorly mess up my baby goal! The problem is that in my house when it comes to food, I am the leader of the pack. Since hubby never knows if I am on or off, he follows my lead. That means I only need to say the word and off we go. I am trying to head this off by making a big deal about doing decent next week!!

So, if I am not around much next week, it's only because I am on vacation. But I'll be sure to post my weigh in on Monday!! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

08-15-2003, 12:06 PM
The last two days have been a bust for me, pretty much. I wasn't feeling well, and I lean toward easy comfort food then. Wednesday we had pizza at work. I knew about it ahead of time, and budgeted the calories for it. But someone brought in chocolate cake for dessert, and I indulged in a small slice. That's all she wrote. I ate candy all afternoon (probably to try to keep up the sugar buzz from the cake), and by the time I got home I was tired and cranky. And Gem is going through this phase of not wanting to be in her car seat in the car, so she screamed during the whole 20 minute drive from Grandma's to home. I was ready to scream, too. And it was Hunter's late night, so it was just me and the usually-angelic-but-now-monstrous girl all evening long.

I had brie and Cheez-its and beer for dinner. Then topped it with fudge from the fair. Then the next day my throat was sore and head hurt (allergies, I think) so I stayed home. Ate the rest of the brie and more fudge, and watched the extended version dvd of Fellowship of the Rings, with all the "making of" stuff.

So, today it's back to cottage cheese and veggies, and a healthy lunch.

And what did I learn? What is my plan for next time this happens?

I need to insist that Hunter not bring home more fudge than he can eat himself. And no more buying super-size brie and Cheezits at Sam's Club. /sigh If all we have to snack on is beef jerky and cottage cheese, it won't be quite as bad.

When I'm in that sort of mood, I need to calm down before I eat. Even if that means sit Gem in Daddy's chair with her monkey and put the Wiggles in the VCR while I go take a shower.

Start with soup. I keep cans of healthy soup in the pantry for just this sort of "emergency". If I can get something in me to start filling me up, I'm less likely to binge on junque.

Once I got beyond my guesstimate of 2500 calories, I distinctly heard my mental self say, "oh, well, what's the use? Might as well keep going." And I did. I need to figure out some ways to ignore that voice. I KNEW it was stupid, but kept eating. And I wasn't even hungry!

08-15-2003, 12:16 PM
Worked out @ the gym again last night; he wants me to do 3 circuits, but I only did 2. I didn't want to kill myself after how sore I was from just the one circuit on Monday. There are a lot of boys @ this gym. It's the YWCA, the whole reason I joined there is to not have to work out in a room full of grunting gorillas. :lol: My friend explained to me that boys are cheap & that gym is only $35/month which is why they are all there. So now after hearing about the cute gorillas, she wants to join, and will be working out w/me on Saturday. (Her divorce became final yesterday, yayyyyy!!)

Today we decorated Brandi's office for her birthday. When we ran out of balloons, I went & stole a bag from our warehouse. When we ran out of helium, we blew up the balloons using our own hot air. Now I am light headed & have a slight headache. My mouth tastes like latex and my fingers are sore & stinky b/c apparently I am the only one in this office who knows how to tie a balloon. :lol:

We're having a Mexican lunch, but I've planned for it, have a veggie dinner waiting for me @ home.

Goddess Jessica
08-15-2003, 07:17 PM
SPF - Hmmmm, that sounds kinky, "I spent the whole day blowing and my mouth tastes like latex and my fingers are sore..." LOL!:lol:

I've been under the doom doom doom clouds of depression lately. The Cute Boyfriend and I have been mildly fighting. Nothing serious just the "too familiar" fights, "You know I hate it when you leave your underwear on the lampshade," or "when the last time YOU saw the bottom of the kitchen sink?" Makes me feel like an old married woman. Grrrr. I think a bit of it is the psychological stress of me going back to school this semester. We've had the whole summer to ourselves and now we're only going to see eachother on the weekends. I mean, sure we live with eachother but watching him sleep is not quality time. He keeps saying, "It's only until December 20th." But I'll miss him and I know it.

Eating... my god I can't stop. And it's been making me even MORE depressed. Yesterday, I crawled into bed and stared at my white-never-seen-the-sun belly and felt it's opressive weight on me. I feel sooo fat. Sigh. :?:

On the bright side, with my yoga classes three days a week and absolutely no time to eat between school work and homework, I'm trying to plan a good eating plan-o-action. I bought a cooler for my lunches and a grocery list. Go me.

08-15-2003, 07:37 PM
i liked that you had that bright side, jess. i'd love to see you making some progress and i think that those yoga classes are gonna do it!!

Goddess Jessica
08-15-2003, 07:44 PM
Thanks Holly, you've been a big part of the inspiration. Even if I am a bit jealous that your hard work has paid off (imagine that!). ;) Keep pushing me along. Don't give up on me!!

08-18-2003, 01:18 PM
Originally posted by Goddess Jessica
SPF - Hmmmm, that sounds kinky, "I spent the whole day blowing and my mouth tastes like latex and my fingers are sore..." LOL!:lol:

Hey, how did you know it was also DB's birthday this weekend? hahahahahaha :s:

Goddess Jessica
08-18-2003, 03:24 PM
Oh you are soooo naughty!!!

08-18-2003, 08:12 PM
Spent the afternoon walking and shopping in Harper's Ferry, WV with Hunter and Gem. http://www.nps.gov/hafe/home.htm

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant on the way there. I had chicken and dumplings, but I ate the chicken pieces (two tiny ones) out and only ate a few dumplings. It wasn't good enough to eat the whole thing. I shoulda gone with the roasted chicken and gotten more protein for my money. The turnip greens and carrots were good, though.

Once we were in Harper's Ferry proper, we had lots of walking up and down hills and steps, pushing the stroller. We did some shopping, and I splurged and got a root beer float. Then we went down by the river and let Gem out of her stroller to walk the paths to Virginius Island. By the time we loaded up the car and got back on the highway, Gem was asleep.

Personal note: While we were walking by the river, Gem was showing us how she could "run." (at 2 and a half, it's more like a duck's waddle, but she's proud of it) Hunter would run a few seconds ahead, then Gem would run after him, giggling all the way. They did this a couple times, then she started saying "Momma run! Momma run!" Well, I haven't gone beyond a walk in over ten years, but for my baby I broke into a jog. That was good enough for her! She and I played the "run and catch" game for a few minutes. And this fat body was able to jog for a few seconds at a time. Surprised me to pieces. /grin

Then when we got home, we put on our swimming suits and played in the pool. She and I do a dancing, jumping game in the pool, where I hold her by the arms and dance/jump around in a circle while singing the Hokey Pokey. She thinks it's GREAT, and keeps saying, "Ghin, Momma?! Ghin!" (ghin = "again" in Gem-speak).

So I had really fun exercise today. And we had a great time.

08-18-2003, 11:13 PM
Isnt it amazing what you find you can do that you didnt think you could?? I have ran alot more with the kids and a major thing this weekend was i had my neice here and i went to show her how to do a split thinking i could only go a little ways and i went ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR!!! It was stretching when i hit the floor but i was soooo amazed! i guess all the leg stretches i have done are doing something!

08-19-2003, 12:03 AM
YAYYYYYYY!!!!! Go Julie!!! I am so proud of you!!!! :D

08-19-2003, 09:35 AM
Wow, Julie! How exciting! I can't imagine doing the splits. But I AM doing much more stretching than I have since... well.. since PE in middle school, I think. /grin

Eventually I may be able to join you on the floor.

Goddess Jessica
08-19-2003, 01:42 PM
Julie, I may join you on the floor one day but you'll have to help me get back up! :) Congrats! Very cool!

08-19-2003, 03:49 PM
cooking class was funny. the highlight was when david told me to shake the pan harder, the lid fell off, and popcorn started shooting out everywhere. the teacher cracked up, and i laughed so hard i hurt (especially with those sore tummy muscles!)

looks like we'll learn a LOT, including stuff about spices and veggies and i can learn healthy things. woo!

the teacher is pretty famous and stuff. her site (http://www.micheleannajordan.com) talks about all her books (14 of them!) including one on salt and pepper and one on BLTs. only. all BLT. crazy. and she's building a 100ft BLT in a few weeks. even more crazy.

all in all, a success!

wish me luck on my weigh in tomorrow....

(p.s. i can ALMOST do the splits. it's a goal of mine i had forgottom about! congrats julie... and you've re-inspired me!)

08-19-2003, 03:49 PM
Hello all,

I made a big decision this last week. I am going back to school. I am going to get my Bachelors in Accounting. I found out yesterday I don't need to retake alot of classes. I have all the generals out of the way but 2 and I have 20 credits from the Accounting field taken. I am taking 1 class this semester and next semester I will take 1 or 2 I am not sure yet. Talking to the lady I am half way there. I can take 2 classes this semester if the Financial aid comes in but I won't really know for awhile.

In the other front of my life the new BF and I are doing great. it will be 2 months tomorrow and still going good. We sat down this last week and had a long talk. He put me on the spot though and asked me what I like about him. Wow that was an eye opener. After I answered it I told him it's his turn and turned the question around on him. I think this guy is a keeper and he told me the same thing to me. He sat down and talked to my little guy Sunday after he came back from his grandma's house and told him he didn't want to take the place of his daddy. My little guy really looks up to him. I think of the country song about the little guy and the mom and a stepdad. I hate to say this but I foresee a wedding in the future between the two of us. He also feels the same way. I am scared because things have moved so fast and my ex is still being a jerk but I am so comfortable with Richard (BF). well I guess I should get going. Take care all.

08-20-2003, 03:48 AM
Wow That's great Tamara, as hard as breaking up with the ex was there is always a new beggining. Takes things easy and don't rush into anything but it sure looks like you've finially found your happiness you so deserve.
Great your going back to school as well. I am so happy you've finially turned the corner and have bright happys days once again :)

08-21-2003, 02:02 PM
We've discussed this phenomenon quite a bit here, but I'm having one of those days of thinking, "Hey, wait a minute: I'm still FAT." I should be focusing on how far I've come.

I swing like a pendulum. I think, "wow these jeans are so loose - they look like clown pants! I'm so skinny!" or "I've lost quite a bit of weight and darn it I'm still fat."

Is there somewhere in the middle that I could live?

08-21-2003, 03:16 PM
Hey Angi - If you find that middle ground, can you please take me with you?? ;) So hard to give yourself credit for all of your hard work....maybe you can take acclaim from the 3FC ladies & gents? I admire your long-term dedication to getting to your goal. I'm drawing some inspiration and strength from your persistence and success!


Goddess Jessica
08-21-2003, 03:45 PM
Angi -

Okay, let's pretend that the road your travelling is the road to be on. I mean, look at all the advantages. If you were happy, you might not try as hard. If you were sad, you wouldn't appreciate what you've already accomplished. Let's say that this mind set allows you to keep on your jouney without getting comfortable and quitting and not getting frustrated and quitting. I don't know, that sounds like a middle road. :)

I think it's great that you can see your accomplishments already but still know there's room for improvement.

08-24-2003, 06:41 PM
So this is where you all chat!

I am married to the most wonderful man on the continent, at least until he leaves all the dishes in the sink for a week, as though he doesn't know how to put them in the dishwasher.
We got married when we were 39 and 44. He is from Mississippi and I am from New York City. We live near Ann Arbor Michigan. Our friends joke that God had to work really hard to get us together, and that's why it took so long.
I have a gifted 13-yr-old daughter with ADD and learning disabilities. This means she;s doing 10th grade math (geometry) this fall, but she cannot spell. She can memorize a spelling list, get 100 on a test, and three days later cannot spell any of the words from that list. We have her in a private school that specializes in LD kids. She is the love of my life, although having a new teenager is an interesting experience. She has the strongest will of any human I have ever met, except some of her friends from school. But it's so wonderful to go to a parent-teacher meeting where the teacher says "I just love teaching gifted ADD kids," and there's no but at the end of the sentence.

Next week is her last week before school starts -- so she's upstairs catching up on her anime tapes.
I was laid off last spring from my job as a tech writer, and next week I'm doing one week of MilSpec formatting. I'm pretty nervous about getting my feet wet again. Keep your fingers crossed!
Well, I'm off to cook the meat loaf for dinner. I love my meat loaf -- I use low fat ground sirloin, and wheat germ for bread crumbs, along with lots of herbs and spices and Worchestershire sauce. The great thing is, if you slice it up into thin pieces, you can have lots of different meals over a month or so, depending on what you eat it with.

Angi - my favorite expression about the middle of the road is that I only pass through on my way to the opposite extreme. But this time I'm trying to make eating healthily and exercising a part of my life, because I want to see my grandchildren (hopefully, not for a few years).

08-25-2003, 12:31 AM
Angi, I feel the same way. 50# gone, at least another 100# to go. Sometimes I feel like "What's the point, anyway?" Then I remember about my health & those grandchildren my mother wants so desperately. And I see that I'm actually making progress at the gym. *sigh*

This last month @ work has been nuts. The organization I work for is not authorizing overtime after 9-1, so I'm getting it now while it's available, but it makes for people barely seeing me, and no time to do housework.

I've retracted my previous beliefs on McDonald's new salads. I get them w/o the chicken & they are fine. I only use a smidge of the dressing, or my own. I get a meatless salad & a fruit & yogurt parfait & I'm good to go. I've got to stop w/the orange drink though. I swear they put crack in it!

Hope everyone's having a good week.

08-25-2003, 08:58 AM
SAPF, 50 pounds may not sound like a lot right now, but it is really a huge amount. I look at my son that weighs 50 pounds and imagine putting him on my back and walking around with him there all day and it would really be awful. Taking that 50 pounds off is a huge accomplishment and you should be really proud of yourself! You will reach your goals!

Goddess Jessica
08-25-2003, 07:37 PM
Hello all!

School started! School started! *doing a little dance around the room* It was so nice to be outside and on campus, away from the mean ol' work. I came into the office at 1PM and it looks like they're "testing" me (i.e. piling a bunch of work on me to see if I'll put more hours in, instead of going to school). But it won't sour my mood! I'm so much happier when I'm at school. 17 weeks of bliss (don't remind me of that statement come midterms, okay?).

I'm using these 17 weeks as a marker for food and exercise too. I'm taking measurements, planning out menus and I'm hoping that come Dec 20th, they'll be a marked improvement in my weight.

KristasMom Welcome! I'm a gifted ADD student myself (a 27 year-old college student). It's a interesting challenge. When I was in high school, I won the highest marks in the state of Ohio on a new essay test but got a 16 on the math ACT. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I think it makes me more creative and gives me a passion that wouldn't be there otherwise. Now, of course, there's a lot of times that I'm in tears because it's not as easy for me than other people but I maintain a 4.0 despite it all. (PS I use spell check ALL the time).

08-25-2003, 09:41 PM
Jessica -- You go, girl! Sometimes I wish I had waited to go to college. I think adults appreciate their educations, while I went to college because my parents expected me to. I've learned so much more from the classes I've taken since I got out of school.

Don't I wish spell checker worked for my daughter! Spelling is so bad that we're saving up for Dragon Naturally Speaking -- a voice recognition program. Like you, though, she is a gifted writer. On our vacation, she took a pad of paper, and she is now transcribing the 2 chapters she wrote while we were in Wisconsin. It's funny, I write computer manuals (when I'm employed), and I rarely write for pleasure, and she does it all the time.
Speaking of employment -- I got a 1 week contract, and so will have a little extra for the budget this week. This is my first job for this agency, and it means that my resume is in the door, and on their "employee" list. But I think I may go back to library school to refresh my MLA. I think this job might be more portable when DH and I retire (yeah, after we get the 13-year-old into college).
mthrgoos68 - you are so right about the weight thing. My knees are much happier with me now that I've lost 25 lbs. The other day I doing a bunch of reps with 4 lb weights, and I thought, my God, I was carrying around 5 of these things around my waist for several years! I deserve to take them off.
And I deserve to get more off too. It'll be interesting to see how I do with a one-week job -- I ate well today from my brown bag, but we are still unpacking, so I haven't been swimming since we got back. Sometimes, it seems like we get the greatest opportunities to take care of ourselves, if we are only willing to take the chance.

Sue (Krista's Mom and Terry's Wife)

08-26-2003, 02:28 PM
So far today is a great day, on the heels (pun intended) of some rather intimidating news. I went to the doctor yesterday, since I have this tendonitis in my left heel and I'm joining a health club in a few weeks. I'm going to be increasing the intensity of my exercise and wanted to be sure she knew about it and I knew how to do it safely. Well, the doctor checked my foot, and looked at the X-rays they did last fall, and said "It's an achilles spur." What? They told me tendonitis last year! Now granted, the X-ray technician had said that she saw a shadow on the plate and wanted to send it to someone else for a confirmation, but I didn't hear anything back so I had assumed the original diagnosis of tendonitis was correct. Now I need to go to a podiatrist to discuss "treatment options." Why is that always such a scary phrase? I'm just getting into this exercise thing on a regular basis. I REALLY don't want to be sidelined for a couple of months with surgery and a cast, before it becomes the normal, ingrained habit I am striving for. /pout

Well, no use worrying about it until I talk to the expert, right? On to other stuff. I was able to walk all five floors of my building (actually, floors 3-7, 'cause they're the only ones that connect all the way around) while hallwalking today. I kept up a good pace, and was even able to carry on a short conversation with a co-worker I met on the way. I had to add it as an entry to my Milestones log, because only a few weeks ago I had to stop between every floor to stretch out my calves, and my pace was SOoooo slow. Now it's a pretty good clip. It used to take me 10 minutes per floor. Now I do two floors in a little less than 15 minutes.

Goddess Jessica
08-26-2003, 03:44 PM
Synger - First, let me assure you that surgery is not the first option. And further more, neither are cortizone shots. Do your own research, there's a lot of it out there on the net.

In my own experience (with two heel spurs and achilles tendonitis), the only real help was physical therapy but it wasn't until I saw an orthopedic surgeon that I found out. My podiatrist was much happier just to give me cortizone shots until I complained they weren't working and then he fit me with orthopedics (for about $200).

There's a thread around here somewhere with some physical therapy exercises specifically for the feets. :)

Remember, it's not the actual spurs that are causing the pain, it's your tendons inflexibility to the new spur. Physical therapy encourages your tendons to become more flexible and adapt to the spur.

08-26-2003, 04:49 PM
Well all today was the first day of classes for my little guy and me also. I had a good class and will find out when I get home from work how my little guys day was. Homework yuck I have to rearrange the schedule to fit in homework. I just have to change 2 days right now. I have gotten 5 days out of the last 7 days of exercise. I am so happy with myself for staying on schedule. I have a goal of a whole month of 5 days a week. I am going to do it. one week down and 3 to go. It will happen. The weight will follow with that. Take care all